Elfen Lied: A Tale of Twin Blades

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Elfen Lied: A Tale of Twin Blades Empty Elfen Lied: A Tale of Twin Blades

Post by crane476 on Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:56 pm

Premise: This fanfic is a reboot of the RPG following Kenshi. As you'll probably notice, the first few chapters will be pretty much identical to the RPG with only a few minor changes. Its only when we reach points where Kenshi started to interact with other characters that the story will be different. Now, with that out of the way, enjoy!

OOC: Please post in the discussion thread if you have anything to say or want to give criticism. I'd like to keep this thread as uncluttered as possible. Thanks! Very Happy

Chapter 1

Kenshi sat close to the campfire, leaning back on a log he had found while eating some of the nuts and berries he had scavenged earlier. He couldn't help but stare into the flames, its movement and warmth was hypnotic. Another day had come to an end, and yet he was still here. He took one more bite and stood up. The full moon was out tonight so he decided to go for a walk. He took the path that he had taken many times before and began to make his way through the maze of trees that surrounded him. With the light from the moon, finding his way wasn’t difficult, and after a few minutes of walking he reached a small clearing. Just a few meters ahead of him the ground disappeared. It was a cliff. On it stood a lone tree, its figure silhouetted from the light of the moon. Kenshi walked up to it and leaned back on the tree for support, gazing at the many lights that shone down below. It was the village he used to live in, though he knew better than to call it that anymore. It was big enough to be a city now. Still, no matter how big it got, Kenshi could only remember it as the place where everything he ever loved had died. Drawing his master’s sword from his back, Kenshi stared at it as the moon’s dull light reflected off the steel blade. He couldn’t help but feel anger every time he looked at it. His master had died a dog’s death, all to save his pupil’s life. He would never forgive those responsible. That’s why, for the past 12 years, he had lived on this mountain, training himself, forcing himself to become stronger so the he could avenge his master’s death.

Sheathing his master’s sword, Kenshi began to make his way back to camp. When he returned everything was as he had left it, though the fire had begun to die down a bit. He threw a few sticks on the fire to keep it going and sat down. He was about to get some rest when the distinct sound of voices reached his ears, and it sounded as if they were getting closer. Judging from their idle chatter and frequent laughter, he guessed they were probably teenagers.

“Hey look, theres a camp fire!” one of the voices said.

“Maybe he can tell us where we are.” Another said.

By now, Kenshi could hear their footsteps. He waited until three people emerged from the shadows and into the light of his campfire. There were two girls and a boy. The first girl had long blond hair and sapphire blue eyes. She was honestly one of the most beautiful girls Kenshi had ever seen. The next girl had shoulder length pink hair tied up in a red ribbon, and beautiful green eyes. Next to her stood a boy with spiky black hair and a smug look on his face. It was obvious he was very fit, and Kenshi noticed he was holding hands with the pink haired girl.

“Hey mister, you mind telling us where we are?” the boy asked. “We were taking a walk and we got lost and-“ The boy’s voice froze and his eyes widened. Kenshi knew this look all too well. The pink haired girl looked frightened as well. Keeping the same stoic look on his face Kenshi stared at them, waiting to see what they would do.

“It…It’s… It’s the black demon!!! RUN!!!” the boy shouted as he and the pink haired girl bolted in the opposite direction. Strangely, the blond haired girl hesitated and stared at him for a moment before heading off to find her friends.

“Black Demon…” Kenshi said, almost in a whisper. That was the name the people from below had given him after hearing the stories and rumors travelers would tell after seeing him.

“Even up here I cannot escape their fear and discrimination…”

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Elfen Lied: A Tale of Twin Blades Empty Re: Elfen Lied: A Tale of Twin Blades

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It's going to get epic!

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