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Post by Reric on Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:00 pm

The first part of the RPG, brought over from "ELF" this is merely a location for you all to read the RPG up until now and all posts are intended to go into the other RPG section that will continue it.

The sound of the city was as it should be, a bustling, noising and overbearing place in which the people of all types came through. It was the central place of the world, the place where those who got there joined, talked, even a fight or two would break out to the point where it was considered normality. In a world such as this, where such things as the impossible become possible, there is often need for extra support.

A rambunctious diner sits on the edge of the major city, old but fair there sits in the second to back seat four fellows. Three of them would probably have been uninteresting, the other; his looks alone could gather eyes of his massive appearance as well as the giant weapon he currently had strapped to his back, the golden axe gleaming in the sunlight from the window as the silver edged gleam.

Captain Hector Schlenzaner drained his class in one gulp and as he went for a second, one of his members stopped him.

"Hahaha, don't be absurd, I've got more than enough room in me for twenty drinks! Oh...alright, but you're paying for the meal. Eh, no money, but I just paid you all. Hahahaha, silly kid..."

Sitting there, conversing with his fellow members in that diner.

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Have fun everyone!

It was a clear night, not a cloud in sight as the full moon cast its dull glow unto the Earth. Flickering shadows were cast across the ground as flames from a campfire danced in the darkness. Kenshi just stood there, overlooking the bustling city below full of the people he hated so much. It was hard to believe that city used to be the small village he lived in. For a split second, he wondered what it might be like to be down there in the city as a normal person with friends and a family.

"What am I doing?" he said to himself. "I have no time for such trivial thoughts".

Drawing his master's sword, he stared at it with anger in his eye's as the moon's light reflected off the steel blade. Thinking back to when he lived in what used to be the village, Toshiro had been disowned for taking him into his home. No one came to visit, and no one would buy his swords or come to him seeking instruction on the way of the sword. Despite all this, Toshiro was still kind and gentle to him, becoming the mentor and Father-figure Kenshi never had.

“If only one of those 'people' had come to help that night.” He thought in disgust. “Then you might still be alive right now... Toshiro.”

Kenshi changed his mind about being a “normal” person. He never wanted to be anything that cruel and heartless.

Walking down from his perch, he sat at his campfire eating a quick meal of fruits and berries that he had picked. Suddenly, a twig snapped and there came the sound of voices coming closer. Soon three figures appeared out of the tree-line. They appeared to be teenagers from the city, two boys and a girl, on a late night stroll through the mountains. As they came into the light, they saw him and froze. Mouths agape, and their eyes wide with fear, Kenshi just sat there looking at them waiting to see who would make the next move. Suddenly, one of them yelled "Its the Black Demon! RUN!!!!". The trio ran as fast as they could down the mountain, screaming as they went. Still Kenshi just sat there, unmoved.

“Black Demon” Kenshi said, almost in a whisper. That was the name the people from below had given him after hearing the stories and rumors travelers would tell after seeing him.

"Even up here... I cannot escape their fear and discrimination" he said as he stood, drawing his swords to continue his training.

In the gentle morning nothing could be heard except for the sweet scented wind that whistled past Zero's hair as he lies on the field, feeling at peace after a long night of hunting.

"I haven't found it this peaceful in a while....." He whispered letting the quietness take over.

Although that peacefulness ended quickly, as a shadow approached. Zero jumped up, weapons ready and with a fighting voice said "Who approaches?"

3 men appeared from the shadows, each holding a two-handed sword, fellow bounty hunters of the group that Zero has been getting assignments from, and although their armour show that they are the lowest level of the bounty hunters, novices, they look like they are ready to fight.

“So you’re the ‘almighty’ Zero that we have been hearing about” said the man in the middle, looking like the leader of this little group.

“What do you want?” Zero said with a monotone voice, lowering his weapon as a sign that they are no threat.

“Get ready to fight you little shit, we are here to kill you and claim that bounty that has been put on you.” Said by the man on the right, as he draws his blade towards Zero.

“hehehehe……heehehehe…..” Zero laughed quietly.

“What’s so funny?” They said preparing for battle.

“hehehehehe…..hehehehehe…..What do I find so funny?” Zero replied “hehehhe……YOUR DEMISE!!!!” Zero said with a lowered voice.

“ENOUGH!!!!” replied by the man in the middle as he lunges towards Zero.
The man takes a giant step forward and attacks with his sword, but to his dismay, Zero has vanished and his sword connects with the ground.

“Huh? Where’d he go?” the other men said with a look of fear on their face.

As they look around for Zero’s location, their leader sees Zero behind one of his men, blade at his men’s throat and whispers to his men “….die!” and decapitates him resulting a spray of blood to come out of his head, going everywhere from the ground to Zero’s mask, fuelling Zero’s insanity as he lusts for more blood. The other man, trembled in fear tries to run away, but is stopped as Zero confronts him, with his tremendous speed, and with his duel blades, stabs the man over and over in the chest until blood is everywhere, and then proceeds to cut off his head with precision.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA” Zero laughed “MORE……MORE……I NEED MORE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Zero said as he slowly walked towards with a maniac type voice.

The man in charge paralysed in fear, seeing how easy his men were killed by Zero’s hands and falls on his back and tries to crawl away.

“WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?” Zero shouted as he stabs one of his blades into the man leg.

The man let out a loud cry of agony, he turns around slowly trying to crawl away pleading for forgiveness and for Zero to let him live, but Zero had other ideas. Zero holds up his remaining blade and slices the throat of man, letting the blood spray on his mask as he laughs. Once the blood begins to stop, Zero pulls out the blade from the man’s leg and moves his head down, and then in a monotone voice, said “Was that all? How boring…..” seeming to calm down and putting his blades back in their positions. He now seems to be at peace as to say that the battle had disrupted him and he had to return it back to what it was before.

“Well…..I better move or I’ll won’t get my revenge” Zero whispered as he places his hood over his head and walks off into the distance to find the next town, hoping to find the whereabouts of Lord Excalibur and end his insanity, but it seems that as days go by, Zero begins to enjoy his insanity up to a point where it will be his only emotion left in him and the man that he was will be forever gone.

Kruger watched as his fellow mercenary, if he could even bare to call him that, continue to gulp down one drink after another. A disgusting habit to be drinking this much as most of it would be vomited back out soon enough, a waste of good alcohol he thought to himself.

“So are you going to tell me exactly why in frikkin hell did I need to come down to this backwater ass end of the world?” As he already expected the piece of shit in front of him that the bore the rank of captain no less just kept drinking. “You officer types really are a nice group of addicts aren’t you?” ”Tell me is there anything else you can do besides drinking sir?” He joked as he punched the table.

He grabbed one of the flasks that hung from his belt, opening he gulped in the liquid it contained himself. “Ah this tastes much better than the crap your gulping down, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it from rat piss or whatever vermin they keep in this city.”
The only thing his comment got him was a short glare from the others, go figure he thought to himself. “No one else up for a little schnapps?”
Again no reply and just a few more short glares at him. “Fine have it you ways then bunch of idiots, don’t complain to me when you are puking your guts out later.” He took another sip himself before he closed it again. “Giving this wonderful company I find myself in I’m going for a little walk through this dump and see if I can break a few noses.” He waved them good night with a nice middle finger as he took off.

Still cursing he looks around for the nearest place when he could pick a fight with someone, someone preferably ugly but then being such a handsome person like himself that wouldn’t be difficult in the least. “The people here really smell awful as some other ugly blokes walked past him.” He felt disgusted as he looked at them again. “You bunch of filth could use a bath badly and try some cologne, it won’t kill you!!”
He smiled as the group halted, just as he had hoped they would. “That’s right filth, I’m talking to you or is it that with all the filth in your ears you can’t hear me!!”

Kenshi began the morning like he did every other morning. 200 push-ups, followed by 200 sit-ups, and finally 200 pull-ups. His Furotingu-ken style wasn't exactly taxing on his body, so he needed to find other ways to stay in top physical form.

After his morning exercises, Kenshi began the walk to his usual training grounds. It was made up of a clearing Kenshi had found near the summit, surrounded by trees. A fog had just rolled in, reducing visibility to almost nothing. Kenshi had walked this path so many times, however, that he didn't need to see. Finally, after walking through what seemed like an endless void of nothingness, Kenshi emerged from the tree-line and into the clearing as the fog began to lift. Sending out two vectors, he drew his two katana from his back and prepared for another day of refining his Furotingu-Ken style.

Furotingu-Ken style, invented by Kenshi, can only be used by a diclonius. This is because it requires the use of vectors rather than one's physical body, making the swords appear to be floating in mid-air. Using his vectors, Kenshi can swing a sword many times harder than normal, with enough force to completely bifurcate a tree.

Kenshi put all of his focus into his training. Although it appeared that he was just standing there, his two swords danced through the air, cutting and slicing imaginary foes. Through many years of practice, Kenshi had mastered extreme vector control, allowing him to perform complex sword techniques with both blades at once.

“All right, time to review.” he said as he took his stance. “Furotingu-Ken Style: Surasshu o tachi”! Using his two free vectors, he launched himself high into the air. Aiming for a fallen log, he brought his blades into a downward slash cutting it into three evenly sized pieces.

“At least I've got some firewood for tonight” Kenshi said with a hint of satisfaction in his voice. He had just perfected a new technique. Sheathing his swords and picking up the firewood with his vectors he headed back to camp, unaware that someone had been watching him this whole time.

Hector smirked broadly at his fellow soldier, his grin wide and broad though surprisingly not of animosity. Instead it was lighthearted and proud, almost friendly in any regards with little anger in it. He gulped down the so called "rat's piss" and shrugged his shoulders almost indifferently. If this was rats piss he might have to find himself a rat and make himself some more. Then again, when it came to drinks, he never had much of a picky taste.

Except for that Greek Ouzo, that stuff never went down with him, nor did hard bitter liquor. Really he liked his drinks fresh, cold and with a good taste to them. He also couldn't really stand hot drinks except for the occasional hot chocolate in the cold winter. In the end, drinks were meant to be cold and refreshing.

"Kruger!" He called out, his expression hardly changing but his voice lowering just enough to indicate that he was a being a bit serious. He looked over his shoulder at where his merceneary and gone, noticing that problems might have already have been starting.

"I don't mind if you take out the criminals, but don't..." He didn't even get to finish before his man left.

"Ha, dear me. I hope he realizes that in the end, I'm the one who has to write the reports to Headquarters."

"Why do you deal with him?" One of his fellow members asked angrily.

"He's a good soldier, as long as you get the job done that's all that matter. The only thing I ask for in the end as that you have the determination and strength to go on no matter the cause. Then I must exemplify that strength." He raised his hands to head leve, grinning broadly as his silver eyes narrowed. "I must take all those who I lead, all those whose determination is great, take it and exemplify it a thousand times. I must take all the hardships that my fellow members take and exemplify it upon myself a thousand times.

That's what it means to be a leader, to hold this great world into the palm of my hand I must lead by taking all the greatness and hardships that I have faced and that my members have faced and take it upon myself in the end.

This is why I....will never surrender."

He ended his short but high winded speech and pulled out the piece of large parchment, spreading it over the table. It was a map of the city as well as a good portion of the location outside of it as well. Many lines were traced around it, leading to a circled point near a wooded area just outside of the bustling metrolopolis.

"Here, this forest, word has it that some sort of demon is living there. A few problems have arose because of this. Our job in the morning is to head there and see if we can't fix this problem. Well then, all of you get some sleep, we've got an early morning to get to." He waved his officers off, paid the tab and left, perhaps getting a few relived sighs along the way when they didn't have to hear his robust speeches again. It didn't take too long for him to hear sound of a certain someone doing what, honestly he couldn't be suprised, he did best.

With an upbeat, proud and arrogant walk he came over to Kruger and suddenly put his arm around his shoulders, bending low consideirng the size difference between him and his fellow men. His smile was haughty, arrogant and strangely enough friendly enough. It honestly probably wasn't really returned with the same satisfaction.

"Yo Kruger, what cha doing here making problems at the night? Didn't I tell you, you can't just go around beating the crap out of anyone, save it for the criminals. Remember in the end I've got to write the reports and luckily enough you're a good soldier which is why I let you off the hook every so often.

Hospital bills don't pay themselves you know and the last one you racked up on the poor soul cost me a forture." He brought his head closer to his ear, more or less to make sure those around weren't listening.

"We're heading to the forest this morning, so called demon there you know. Save your strength for those who truly deserve judgement." He let go and went off, waving happily at those that Kruger had come towards and then called loudly.

"At the very least Kruger, if your going to cause problems, try to leave the damage cost to under 1,000. Go over that and I'll be docking your pay."


"LADY ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Zero screamed, as he awoke from the nightmare that he has been having ever the destruction of his kingdom and the death of Lady Rose.

Zero continued to breathe heavily, as he sits there on a made out bed in some dark area that he has been using as a hideout while he was in this town, the darkness hiding his face, only showing Zero’s eyes which seemed different from before, as the left eye still had his emerald style green eyes but, but the eye on the right was different. His right eye was red, as red as blood and had a demonic look as he was letting out an angry type response from his nightmare, but as he began to calm down the right eye started to return back to his emerald green eyes, which could be a sign that his insanity is having a physical effect on him.

Zero put on his mask and hood, left his little hideout and made way towards the bounty hunters hideout, carrying a mysterious bag possibly going in to claim in another target…..or so it would seem….

Zero walked in to the hideout and was greeted by their leader, who always seemed happy when Zero turns up as he knows that whoever he wanted to kill, Zero was the one.

“Ah, Zero, Welcome back! Hmm….What’s in the bag?” The leader said confused of what Zero has brought.

“Just the three of your novices that learned the hard way when they think that they could kill me for some ‘bounty’” Zero replied as he places the bag over the desk revelling the three heads of the men that attacked him yesterday morning.

“Which I would like to add, WHAT IS THIS BOUNTY ON ME HUH?” Zero added with an angry tone holding one of his blades towards the man’s throat.

“ Err…Err….Err….” the man replied scared by Zero’s blade. “IT WAS MADE TWO DAYS AGO BY AN ANONYMOUS TIP” the man answered with nothing but fear of death. “SOME MAN WALKED IN, CLAIMED THAT HIS LORD HAS PLACED A BOUNTY ON YOU AND WHOEVER TURNED UP WITH YOUR HEAD WOULD RECEIVE 1 MILLION GOLD” the man said before being chucked back In his chair by Zero.

“A Lord you say?” Zero replied “Where is this man? What was his name? He might be the lead I am looking for”.

“HE DIDN'T SAY!!!” the man quickly replied.

“YOU’RE USELESS!!!!!!” Zero shouted, slamming the desk, breaking it in two before leaving. “1 million gold for me? Oh how so cheap of a bounty for someone like me” Zero said to himself laughing as he made his around the corner.

“Although, with a bounty on my head, I can’t simply walk freely no more until the bounty is as dead as Excalibur will be when I find him hehehehe……..huh?” Suddenly Zero fell on one knee, clutching his head in pain, letting out an agonizing sound.

“arrrg….what’s going on?” Zero said as he tries to get back up on his feet.

“Jamie……Jamie…….Save……….Me……” said by a female voice which seems to be coming from Zero’s head.

“No…..Not…..Now….” Zero said hearing the sound of footsteps drawing near.

Zero looks up to see men approaching with weapons, planning on to attack while they see a chance opening for them due to the current situation.

“I can’t fight them like this……I have to get out of here.” Zero whispered and with his super-fast speed, managed to get away from the current situation.

“Where’d he go?” They said, confused of what just happened.

Zero appears at the wall that exits the town, sitting there in pain watching over as he sees a man, holding a box.

“We must get to Orisaka, my Lord needs to know of my progress as soon as possible.” the man said before getting into the vehicle, then headed off for Orisaka.

“Orisaka eh?” Zero whispered, seeming to know the place as if he has been there before. “After two years, we finally get to meet again…….traitor!!!” Zero said as he gets up and begins his walk towards Orisaka, hoping to find the man who he calls ‘traitor’ as well as wondering what caused him that pain a few minutes ago and what is going on at the moment.

When Kenshi returned to camp, it was all he could do to hide the surprise on his face. A camp fire had already been started and right by his usual sleeping place, was a freshly cooked meal. Alert, Kenshi scanned the area for whoever might have done this. He found his campsite and the surrounded area empty, yet this was all done very recently. Not knowing if the food might be poisoned, he didn't eat it just to be safe.

“Who could have done this”? He wondered. Surely it must be some kind of trap. Maybe enough people had found out about him that they were trying to get rid of him? “Well it won't work”. He said to himself. “If they think I'm stupid enough to eat poisoned food, they've got another thing coming.”

For the next two weeks, the same thing kept happening. Kenshi would leave to train in the morning, and when he returned a fire and freshly cooked food were waiting for him.

“They certainly are being very persistent”. He thought.

Tonight, however, would be a bit different. As Kenshi sat eating his usual meal of fruits, berries, and the occasional squirrel, he heard a twig snap. Jumping to his feet, he scanned the area for the intruder. “Maybe they're beginning to take more drastic measures, and have decided to deal with me themselves.” he thought. However, what appeared took Kenshi completely by surprise. A single girl appeared from the shadows and said with a soft, almost shy voice “You know, when someone give you food you're supposed to eat it”.

She had long, flowing blonde hair that reached about midway down her back and bangs that came down just above her eyes, curved to the right just a bit. Her eyes, were the deepest blue he had ever seen. A sapphire blue, it was like staring into the ocean. Her face was nothing short of beautiful, and here body was somewhat small and petite. This was definitely the prettiest girl Kenshi had ever seen. Still, he kept a cool, stoic look about him.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Kenshi asked.

“You really don't remember me?” the girl asked.

Thinking about it for a moment, Kenshi realized something. “You're that girl, from the other night. The one with those other two. The one who ran away screaming.” he said, with disgust in his voice on that last part.

“Yes, that was me. I'm terribly sorry, I just didn't want to make them look bad.” she said with a sly smile. “You see, when I saw you that night I was not afraid of you. Rather, I was curious. Oh! Even now my manners fail me. My name is Rei. Nice to meet you.” she said with a stronger voice this time, with a smile too.

Not believing her, Kenshi walked closer to her and said in low, cold voice “Look me in the eyes... and tell me you are not afraid.”

Looking into his eye's she saw so much anger and hate, a fire raging in his eyes. “I am not afraid.”

Satisfied, Kenji walked back to his spot beside the fire. “In that case, Rei, why have you done all this?”

“You looked so lonely up here, and there isn't much to eat up here, so I thought I would bring you some food.” she replied in a pleasant voice.

“I don't need you're pity.” Kenji said as he sat back down.

With a flustered look about her, she asked “Is this how you repay someone who has gone out of the way to do something for you?”

Kenji simply looked at her and said “I can take care of myself.”

“Well fine, I'll go then” Rei said with a hurt look, leaving Kenji alone with his thoughts.

Making sure she was gone, Kenji looked at the food. It did look very good. Maybe one bite wouldn't hurt. Before he knew it, the entire plate was empty. It was the most delicious meal he had ever tasted. He hadn't realized how long it had been since he had a proper meal.

The next day, during training he noticed a figure watching him in the distance. Not being able to see who it was he moved closer. After walking a few meters, the figure ran away before Kenji could get close enough to see.

“That was strange.” he thought to himself.

That evening when Kenji returned to his camp. Not only was food waiting for him again, but Rei was as well.

“I see you did some eating last night.” she said with a smug look on her face.

“Well I must admit... It was very good.” Kenji said begrudgingly. “Thank you.”

“Well if you would like... I could come visit you in the evening and bring you food.” she said with a cute smile. “It seems lonely up here.”

“You would do that? Even though I have... horns?” Kenji asked cautiously.

“Well to tell you the truth, that's one of the things I like most about you. I think they're kind of... cute”

“Cute?” Kenji thought. He was a man. He was not 'Cute'. Yet as he thought this he turned away to hide the small blush on his cheeks.

“If you feel you must come, I have no problem with it. Just don't get in my way. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bed.”

“You sure do have a strange way in thanking people.” Rei said sarcastically. “Well, see you tomorrow!”

Laying there in the dim light of the campfire, Kenji had no idea what just happened. A girl was going to visit him and bring him food? Surely there was some ulterior motive. Humans aren't nice, he kept telling himself. There had to be something else going on.

For awhile things were going smoothly. Kenji would tend to his training during the day, and in the evening Rei would visit and bring him food. She would tell him all about herself, and about life in the city, all the while complaining about how he didn't talk very much. He thought she talked a lot, but it was nice hearing someone else's voice for once. She was right, it did get kind of lonely up here. “I cannot let myself become distracted. My training always comes first.” he thought to himself.

As it the night drug on, Rei eventually said goodnight and Kenji tried to get some sleep. However, sleep would not come so easily to Kenji. Two hours after Rei left, he heard the sound of someone running, coming closer and closer. He drew his swords ready for a fight. Soon Rei came bursting into the camp, panting and out of breath.

“Whats wrong?” Kenji asked, slightly alarmed.

“I... I have to warn you!” she said in halting breaths. “On my way home, I passed a HUGE man talking to someone who looked like a soldier. I overheard him saying something about a demon in the forest and that they were coming here in the morning to 'pass judgment'. Kenji you have to hide, they probably won't be coming alone!”

Jumping to his feet he grabbed Rei by the shoulders and said in cold, angry voice “What did they look like?! You HAVE to tell me!”

Halfway startled by Kenji's ferocity, she said “One of them just looked like a regular mercenary, but he had just beat up a whole group of people by himself! And the guy that was talking to him... He was gigantic! He looked like a monster! I would have to look straight up just to see his face! Not to mention he was carrying an ax bigger than me on his back!”

Kenji just stood there, with that cold look in his eye's that she remembered from the first time she saw him.

“There's no way to tell if they're DEF or not.” he said.

“So I say.... Let them come.”

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Elfen World (Part I) Empty Re: Elfen World (Part I)

Post by Reric on Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:01 pm

“The hell with the frikkin reports, those thnigs are just for some administrative schmuck who think he’s better than us, well here’s a newsflash he’s not!!” Kruger yelled at the top of his lungs. “Besides that guy looked funny at me, that guy had a really bad breath and that last guy way over there well I just didn’t like him at all.” He coughed a bit as he pointed to the man hanging in one of the trees. “Really didn’t like the smell either, it’s a bad smell sir!!”

He threw his hands in the air once more trying to add extra punch to his word. “There’s not a single thing to do in this hell-hole, the people are ugly hell even the lovely girls are ugly here!” He kept pointing at people disregarding that in most cases he actually looked worse than them but then would could the rest expect from him, they had gotten used to it, well most of the time.
“I hate being stuck here doing nothing , I should be out there dealing pain and taking names.”
“I f you want me to lay low for a while my good captain then at least make sure there are some criminals nearby so I can crack a few skulls, I’m bored like hell!” He raised his middle finger to another group of people walking by trying to provoke them into another fight.
“Yeah that’s right, I’m aiming at you ugly!” He yelled at another person taunting the man to come forward, then he suddenly felt how the rest of his own group jumped him.
“Get off me you fucking bastard, I’m supposed to be on top.” The ret all to knew the look he had in his face, he had gone over again and it was going to take a hefty blow to head to snap him out of it.
“Come on sir, I was only kidding, you know me right.” The look on the man’s face told more than a thousand words. Picking himself up again he look at his clothes, he was about to pick another fight when he heard he words “demon” and “job” reach his ears.

“so this job you’re talking about sir, what kind of demon is it exactly?” He was starting to smile, the thought of finally getting some real action ever since he got to this miserable place. “Do tell me we get the chance to actually hurt somebody right.” He pulled the machete from the scabbard. “You see my little friend here is really thirsty for some action.” He chuckled thinking about slicing somebodies throat with it. He then waved them good bye with his traditional middlefinger. “Wel;l then a pleasant night you wankers as I’m off to do something useful, I’m taking a good rest for tomorrow’s big hunt.” He halted and swiftly turned back pointing at them. “First moron who tries to wake me up to damn early gets a bullet.” He then looked at the captain. “With your permission sir.” He chuckled once more before setting off.

"That's what they're calling him, more than likely its only some fool causing trouble. it may even be a false alarm and just crazy talk. But our job isn't to question the sanity of people, our job is to go to the location and check out the problem. If there is no problem then no harm done, I'll return back and make the report so that we won't be bothered by it again. If it is an issue, if there is a criminal there, we will put him to justice.

Medic, get these guys some treatment." He called over to his medic who signed relentlessness and went to help Kruger's victims. Really that man had some issues and priorities he needed to work out soon. The others waved their Captain goodnight, in a much more suitablble way than their teammate. Captain Schlenzaner also waved them goodnight, heading off to a motel they had booked about two days ago where they would rest.

Although he gave his men rooms to sleep in, he actually never ordered himself one. Instead he slept in one of the chairs on the first floor by the reception, his hand resting upon the hande of his axe which gently leaned aginst the wall undisturbed. It was easier for him, beds were never really his thing except for those days of sex and love which had long since past him. Now he was an old but powerful person, leading his men through the world to make sure justice prevailed and criminals were punished for their wrong doing.

It didn't take long for him to turn his thoughts into nothing, the blank feeling of sleep overcoming in so that the onlly sound that emerged was that of his deep snores.

The next day Hector loudly woke them up in the bright morning, his gruff voice booming. "Wake up ye little children, it's time to get moving. Wake up, do not fall asleep little children, the morning sun is up and we have a job to do." Hector had already gotten dressed before everyone else, wearing his usual uniform with the stars upon his chest, that proudly stood out upon his large chest. The silver coat hung over his shoulders and his axe stood poised on his back, he and assuming the others finally woke up and got ready too, headed up the path to the forest.

"Demon eh? This should be interesting." He thought heftily, glancing around his location. Compared to the city, the forest was rather untouched, pristine in most cases though whether this was intentional or the work of the demon he didn't know. He got out his piece of parchment, looking over and though to nobody in particular he began speaking loudly.

"A few bodies have appeared here...here...and there." He pointed to different locations and showed the others behind him exactly where he was referring to. They continued up the slope until finally heading to more level headed area, the sunlight coming into a brisk sections over the forest canopy. Stopping at lonely river, he sat down at a large boulder, taking his pen and marking the map again while making a small scribble on it to note their location. He had a habit of doing that, making it so that most of the map was drawn on all over by his writing, and in some cases, almost childishly he had even doodled a bit on the edges. It got to the point where if he hadnt been using a different colored pen, the man would've been nearly illegible and even then it seemed like only he was the one able to read it.

"Hm?" Something, the sound of something in the forest beyond an animal. His men raised themselves, ready for a fight that could happen at any moment while Hector calmly raised his head looking carefully around the wooded area.

"Demon...huh?" He though sardonically, sporting a small grin. " He thought he saw a sliver of golden hair and a small body belonging to a young girl. He couldn't be certain and he may have just been seeing things, after all he did have a few drinks last night, more than enough to make most men sick. For him though, a few drinks was like guzzling down a bottle of water, those simplicities like hangovers just didn't occur to him. Of course this was due to the years of training his body had been put through, years of pain intolerance that had kept his physical and mental strength strong throughout the many years he had worked.

In age, he was 48 years old. In mind, body and strength, age had no meaning to him.

"Yo!" He called out in his usual robust but overall friendly voice. "Are the children playing in the woods this morning? Will the little children come out and let me speak to them?" His tone, it had the air of both friendship and authority, it was hard to tell if it was a demand, that if anyone was there was to come out immediately, or if it was just a remark, silly and careless as if he truly playing with kids.

"Demon huh?" Zero whispered, looking at the poster placed on the tree that stood in front of him. "Well if this 'thing' is a demon, then he must be good........but I can't get distracted, I must get to Orisaka." Zero said as he rips off the poster and tears it to shreds.

Zero took the more hidden route by going through the forest, cutting his way through trees and bushes until he felt that nobody could kill him anyway so he decides to go on the path that leads to Orisaka instead.

Although he knew nobody could kill him, he knew that he was being watched. After being bored of playing the 'not knowing' role, he pulled out one of his blades, turned around and with a tone ready to battle said "Unless you want to die.......show yourself."

As soon as Zero said that a girl appeared from the tree, she looked around Zero's age, red medium short hair, beautifully bright emerald eyes, looking very shy, blushing and with a soft voice said "How.....how did you know I was there?"

Placing his blade down Zero replied "You made it too obvious that you were......but a better question is......why are you following me?" Zero then placed his blade back up.

"Well.......um....um......." The girl blushed even more. "Um.....I was......wondering .....if.....I could join you......." the girl continued with a very shy and soft voice.

"Why should I let you join me? Where I walk is only leads to chaos....." Zero said in a monotone voice.

"I know what you did yesterday to those men........." the girl quickly replied. "I want to help you.....I want to make you happy rather then watch you in pain......I know you are in pain.....I saw it when you fell down outside that bounty hunter place" the girl continued as if she is saying these as a sense of justice upon her.

"How long have you actually been watching me?" Zero asked the girl, confused of how capable this girl really is.

"Since you came into town......please let me join you, I wanna help you, please, please, PLEASE!!!!!" the girl pleaded getting closer to Zero after every please.

"Well.....err....*sigh* fine you can join me, I could use with some company anyway" Zero replied, finally giving into the girls plea.

"REALLY?!!! YOU MEAN IT?!!! YAY!!!!" the girl jumped for joy and fell onto Zero causing him to fall to the ground.

"Hey..hey get off me!!!" Zero said as he struggled to get free from the girls grip.

"Awwwwww don't you like me being up close to yooooouuuuuu Zerooooooooo~~~" the girl replied using her pretty looks on him.

"N-n...no that's not it at all......anyway....what's your name?" Zero asked as he blushed behind his mask.

"My names Suzuki~~~" the girl happily replied.

As soon as she said her name, Zero used his speed to get off her and appeared two trees away.

"well we better get a move on" Zero said as he walked away.

"Huh? HEYYYYYY THAT'S NOT FAIRRRRRR~~~" Suzuki replied getting up and chasing up to Zero.

As Suzuki catches up to Zero, they begin their walk to Orisaka where Zero hopes to find the 'traitor', and get him to give the location of Excalibur so he can get his revenge.......while Suzuki....well Suzuki wants to be with Zero.....so she is already happy but the question is.....is being with Zero what she really wants? Does she have other motives?

Rei awoke to find herself surrounded by trees. Drowzy, she thought “This isn't my room... oh that's right! I must have fallen asleep.” Thinking back to last night she had rushed back to Kenshi, to warn him of the things she had heard. Kenshi! She got up in a rush to look around and see if they were here yet. All she found, however, was Kenshi's cold stare watching over her.

“You fell asleep last night, and didn't want to wake you.” he said. “Its still early so you should go. If they come, I don't want you here when the fighting starts.”

“But what will you do if get hurt?” Rei asked with concern in her voice. “One man can't take on a whole squad of mercenaries by himself!”

“Rei, there are things you don't know about me.” he said in reply. “My horns are not the only thing different about me. You need to go, theres not much time left.”

“Alright but.... be careful.” she said with a fearful look in her eye. Turning around, she started down the path back to the city, looking back as Kenshi disappeared from view.

Walking home, Rei couldn't help but worry about Kenshi. What did he mean, “my horns are not the only thing different about me”? But that wasn't important right now. What was important was that Kenshi was about to take on a squad of mercenaries all by himself! She didn't want to think about what would happen to him. Ever since she met Kenshi, she had grown fond of visiting him. Sure, he didn't talk much, sometimes not even at all, but she could tell there was something going on beneath the surface. Something he wasn't telling her about. There had to be some reason he was living alone in a forest in the mountains.

Deep in thought, Rei almost didn't notice the group of men walking up the path towards her. Looking up, her heart dropped. At a glance, there looked to be over a dozen of them and they all had guns. In the back of the group stood a man that towered over the rest of them. It was the one she had overheard talking last night. And beside him, was the loud obnoxious one who beat up all those people. Thinking quickly, she darted behind a clump of bushes between some trees. She had just hidden herself when the mob stopped right beside her. She didn't dare to even breathe.

Crouching there, hidden in the bushes she heard a booming voice call out to her. “Yo! Are the children playing in the woods this morning? Will the little children come out and let me speak to them?”

Frozen with fear, Rei didn't know what to do. She had been found! There was no telling what they might do to her!

“Wait a sec.” she thought. “Why am I afraid? They don't know anything about me. I'll just tell them I was on a walk through the woods this morning.... no that'll never work! What if they don't believe me? Gah! Maybe I'll just stay hidden. I don't think they actually saw me. Maybe they'll think it was just an animal in the bushes!”

Farther up the trail, Kenshi stood at his camp deciding what his strategy would be. A head-on attack? Stealth and Deception? He usually wasn't one for just watching, but he needed to find out who these guys were first. Using his vectors, he lifted himself high into a tree just off the path, and waited. It was so tempting to just meet them half-way and roll some heads. Especially if they turned out to be the men he was looking for. But “dead-men tell no tales” as they say, and he needed information. This could finally be the break he needed to find out who was responsible for that night 12 years ago.

Sitting there in the tree, he began to worry about Rei. “What if they find her before she gets home... they might question her. Surely they wouldn't do anything else.”

It was a chance he would have to take. Putting his worries at the back of his mind, he readied himself for the mercenaries arrival.

"Heyyyy Zeroooo......Why we going to Orisaka?" Suzuki asked with a confused look on her as they walk down to the city.

"Let's just say that there is someone in that city that I need to see and.....well...." Zero replied "And what I did to those men....might happen to this guy as well......." Zero continued with a monotone voice.

"Well whatever happens, I'll give you a biiiiigggggggggggggg huggggg to make you feel better~~~" Suzuki cheerfully said as she lets out a big smile at Zero.

"I don't think a hug will make me feel better after I kill him...." Zero replied with angry tone. Zero then calmed down and continued "Anyway, how come you so happy and cheerful? You were shy just a few hours ago when you just met me."

"Well I was worried that you would say no......but you said yes......SO I'M HAPPY~~~~" Suzuki lunged onto Zero's arm, holding tightly, Zero giving out a little sigh, not bothering to fight her off as they continued their walk towards Orisaka.

"Hey Zero....I've always wanted to know.....How come you wear a mask?" Suzuki asked while still holding Zero's arm.

"It's a long story and I don't want to talk about it at the moment......" Zero replied, looking up to the sky, seeing the sun falling, a sign that nightfall is coming soon, Zero pulled his arm off Suzuki and said "We better find a place to set camp before it gets dark....." Zero continued with a cold voice as if Suzuki has annoyed him.

"Oh.....yeah....we better yeah...." Suzuki replied softly, shedding a tear after Zero pulled his arm off her, possibly upsetting her that he did that.

As nightfall came upon, Zero had setted the camp, Fire so warm that it could make the harsh winter seem easy, a log that was big enough for more than two to sit upon. Zero sat on the log placing his hands near the fire to keep him warm, while Suzuki sat next to him, doing the same.

"So why do you like me Suzuki?" Zero asked while still keeping his hands near the flames.

"Well.....I....don't really know....." Suzuki replied, blushing "I....just....when I first saw you....I feel warm inside, you make me feel happy and I want to return that happiness to you...." Suzuki continued, blushing even more. "But....what do you think about me?" Suzuki quietly asked, worried that Zero would not feel the same.

"Well....I think you're a pretty girl, who has made me feel something that I haven't felt in over two years.....happiness" Zero replied in a calm voice.

"You haven't felt happiness in over two years???" Suzuki replied shocked.

"Yeah.....what happened back then has changed who I was....It's why I wear this mask, to help me forget the past, I don't want to talk about it as I don't want to relive it....." Zero calmly said, looking at Suzuki. "One day I'll let you see my real face, but now is not the right time for it"

"You promise?" Suzuki replied, giving a big smile.

"I promise." Zero calmly said to Suzuki, before getting off the log and laying down. "It's getting late, we need to get up early tomorrow so I can get in to Orisaka when there is less people around."

"Alright!" Suzuki replied happily, but began to feel a cold breeze run past her, causing her to shiver.

"*Sigh* Alright....come here" Zero said, opening his hooded cloak, inviting Suzuki over.

"Huh?!!....W-w-what are you suggesting???!!!" Suzuki replied blushing really brightly.

"Look....you're going to freeze to death, my cloak can keep you warm for the night, so get over here, you don't want to die...do you?" Zero asked, showing some concern for the girl.

"N-n-no I don't w-w-want to f-freeze" Suzuki replied blushing, walking towards Zero, placing herself in Zero's cloak. "He....he really likes me!!!!" Suzuki thought as she snuggles in with Zero and his cloak. "He....he really REALLY LIKES ME!!!!" she continued in her thoughts.

As she lays there, Zero closes the cloak over the two and calmly says to Suzuki "Goodnight" to which Suzuki also replied with, as the fire goes out the two lay there in the moonlight, Zero falls asleep first, while Suzuki is struggling to sleep, as she is blushing too much being next to Zero.

She looks up at Zero, who is fast asleep, wondering what he looks like under the mask, she thinks to herself "He is asleep, I have a chance to see what he looks like!!!" As she says this, she slowly starts placing her hands near his mask, but she stops. "No, Zero said that now is not the right time to show his face, I have to respect that or he will hate me" she thought putting her hand back, she calmly lays there next to Zero and whispers "I...love...you.....Zero...." before closing her eyes, ending the night.

The burly man craned his neck, looking around and though his smile never changed, as though he knew what was really happening, he shrugged his shoulders and turned to the side, leaning against one of the large trees as a bit of foilage fell around him.

"Are you not going to check on it?" His medic asked urgently.

"Let the children have fun in the forest, there is no trouble with that. Although..." He called out suddenly. "Little children should be careful in the forest though, they say demons roam the area. Do not get into trouble and if you suspect anything, please tell me, it would be greatly helpful."

He didn't really expect a response in return, otherwise he'd probably have gotten one earlier.

"Captain, do you honestly believe in demons?"

He looked over at the questioner. "Do I believe in demons? I supposed you mean it in a more literal sense. Before I didn't, I thought demons were nothing more than the monsters we knew of in real life, murderesr, rapists, demons like those." His expression seemed to darken suddenly, his smile which once signified haughty happiness, now became almost twisted.

"...But there are demons out there, true monsters attempting to wreck humanity and its cause. But what we're probably dealing with here, is nothing more than a simple problematic case that can be resolved easily. Who knows, its this kind of thing that makes it all the more interesting.

All of you, rest is over...we continue on the path." He concluded before adding loudly. "If the little children are still here, take care and not to get into any trouble."

They continued up the path, Captain Schlenzaner's feet hitting the rough dirt floor so that small imprints of his boots could be see as well as the cracks of twigs and the crunches of leaves that his boots happen to hit. The small, his shadow spread over, twice as tall as he was thus creating a behemoth that made a few of the smaller creatures scurry away in fright. Hector noticed some changes within the forest area as the entered into the next area. Where before it had been untouched, now there were indications that a person other than them had been here.

"All of you, be on your guard." Hector strongly said, his eyes peering around. As they finally stepped into a more open area, their eyes saw the place where the small firewood camp had been. So there had been more people here. He wondered silently if this was where the so called "children" had been. Walking up to it, he bent low on his knees, passing his hand over the area before getting out his map. This was a very specific spot that had to be marked immediately.

"What can you tell me about this place, Veter?" The person named Veter appeared, checking the area along with Hector.

"The firewood is probably recent, though that isn't any surprise. The location around it however does appear to be older though, whoever was here probably has been here for more than a few days, though I couldn't be certain."

He nodded calmly and spoke, "I understand, all of you remain here and again, be on guard, I will not be far away." True to his word Hector did not leave far enough so that their eyes would miss him but only walked away to check around the area. When his eyes finally glanced up to the tree tops, something black flew away. He followed it, noticing the wings flapping and smiling while the bird shrilled loudly away.

Even now, he did not notice the possibility that anyone would be up in the trees. In truth, it wasn't his specialty. If this so called demon had the air of surprise, there was little he could do about it in the end. For him, he was a man who fought directly, with an opponent he could see before his eyes. He did not have the necessary skills against those who used reconnaissance as their measure of tactics.

But maybe it was the gut feeling in him. Hector's right hand gripped the hand of his Cresent Sun Axe and lifted it off. It passed through the air and he finally held it to the side with one arm, signifiying his muscular strength. Then he quickly released it, allowing the handle to slip away from him until he grabbed it again closer to the center. The mechanics whirled inside, churning loudly like metal cogs grinding together. The blunt end of hte weapon, usually bright gold was now turning red as if under a fire.

Then with a grunt he threw the weapon through the air in a wide arch, the blunt end facing the sky as small but resounding explosion erupted through the canopy. No damage had been done, the only thing he had hit after all was the air nor did he intend any sort of damage in the first place. The entire point of his actions was to create that loud boom, which caused the creatures of land and sky to hurry away. Maybe this sound would cause the "demon" to show himself. Perhaps he would move unseen through out the forest, Hector had no idea but kept his eyes peering.

Or maybe it wouldn't, but he could only wait and see.

There was no telling what would happen as he waited. The grip on his axe lowered so that he held it closer to the end now, the edge hitting the ground hard so that it sunk into the natural floor of the forest and the blunt end returned back to its normal golden sheen.

OOC: Don't sweat it Crane, happens to the best of us.

The sound of birds chirping meant that it was morning; a brand new day is upon us.

Suzuki wakes up to find she is alone in Zero's cloak, when she realises this she sits up faster than she has ever gotten up before, only to see Zero right in front of her.

"AHHHHH!!!!!" Suzuki screamed from her reaction of seeing the mask that Zero wears.

"Ah......you're finally awake, good morning Suzuki" Zero said with a calm, happy voice, smiling behind his mask.

"Wahhhh!!!!!" Suzuki got up and started hitting Zero in the chest over and over, "DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!!!!" Suzuki screamed, shedding some tears in the process.

"Awww....did the big bad Zero scare you? Hmmmmm?" Zero replied, letting out a little chuckle as he lets Suzuki keep hitting him.

"I'M NOT A CHILD!!!!" Suzuki quickly responded, starting to hit harder.

But Suzuki stopped when Zero placed his hand on her head, started patting her and said "I'm kidding, I'm kidding, you're not a child. But if you keep acting like one, I will treat you like one" Zero said as he gets up and puts on his cloak. "Now come on, we have to get to the city."

Suzuki gets up while Zero gets rid of everything that would make it look like someone was here, Suzuki then latches onto Zero's arm as they make their way to Orisaka.

"Why do you keep holding my arm?" Zero asked.

"Mmmmmm........Cause I can~~~" Suzuki replied in a cute. "And I want everyone to know that we are a couple~~~" Suzuki added with possibly her biggest smile she has ever made.

"SINCE WHEN WERE WE A COUPLE!!!" Zero quickly responded after hearing what Suzuki has just said.

"Since we met, so either you like it or not, we are a couple, OK?" Suzuki says as she winks towards Zero holding his arms tightly.

"...*sigh* Fine.......huh?" Zero quickly felt a presence hiding somewhere near them. "Suzuki, stay close to me......there is someone watching us....."

Suddenly two men approached, carrying weapons, one person bigger than the other. The bigger one stepped closer and smirked.

"Well look here, some coward behind a mask and his girlfriend haha" The man laughed, trying to act tough in front of Zero, not knowing what Zero can actually do to him. "Looks like after we kill this guy, we can have some fun with his girl hehe..."The man continued thinking of perverted thoughts as he looked at Suzuki.

"Touch her....and I swear I will......." Zero replied with an angry tone.

"Or what?" The man responded with a smirk.

And within a second, Zero vanished; causing confusion to the man as he is wondering what is going on. Suddenly, we hear the sound of a blade piercing someone's body and sound of the other man crying in agony. Zero was behind the other man, both blades in the man's back and then, with a angry shout, screamed "I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!". The bigger man fell on his knees in shock, scared of what just happened. Suddenly Zero has both his blades across the man's neck, the man is pleading for him to live.

"P-please don't kill me, I wasn't going to hurt you I SWEAR!!!!" the man said as he began to cry.

"Zero.......Kill him......." A soft voiced was heard behind the man, it was Suzuki.

For some reason now Suzuki is different, she isn't as cheerful as she was just moments ago, her head was down, only able to see her mouth, which showed anger all over it. She looked and shouted "KILL HIM ZERO!!!!!" she screamed with pure hatred "ANYONE WHO IS A THREAT TO ME IS A THREAT TO YOU ZERO......AND WHOEVER IS A THREAT TO YOU MUST DIE!!!!!"

"Hmph she's right....." Zero calmly said, agreeing with Suzuki. "ANYONE ONE WHO IS A THREAT TO ME SHALL DIE!!!!"

"N-N-NOOOOOO!!!!!" the man cried, but it was too late, Zero had used his blade to cut off the man's head clean off his body, blood spraying everywhere. Zero begins to laugh as he sees the blood, Suzuki begins to join as well, laughing in unison with Zero.

As the blood begins to stop, Suzuki begins to calm down, now back to her usual self.

"Now that's over with, lets go." Suzuki said happily looking at Zero. "We are so close to the city, so we better get a move on."

"Yes....lets go" Zero replied as Suzuki holds on to his arm. "You know....I think us being together could be a good thing." Zero happily said looking at Suzuki.

"I told you that you will like me being around~~" Suzuki responded with a smile. "Now lets gooooo~~~"

Zero and Suzuki head off down the path to Orisaka, only an hour or two from the gate, once they arrive they will look for a place they could stay for the night before Zero goes out to look for the man who he calls a 'traitor' while Suzuki, well we don't know what she wants to do. She wants to be Zero's girlfriend but after what has just happened, what is she hiding, as what she showed back there was not the person we first saw.....

(This took me longer to write then usual :/ )

Kruger just moaned as he watched the little kids play in the forest. “They frikkin annoy me, brats don’t belong on a battlefield.” He snarled at the others. “Just scare them away or they might find themselves dead soon.”
He kept on walking, keeping pace with the rest of the group who was studying the campfire while he kept looking around, the hairs on his neck were upright, this felt like the perfect spot for an ambush.
“I don’t like this place, too much vision is blocked.” He checked the magazine on his weapon, still fully loaded and ready for action. “No sign of your frikkin demon sir!”
He took another one of his tobacco’s as he bit the tip off, spitting it on the ground. “Seems like you led me on yet another pointless excursion!” The rest of the group could hear him chew, to them it was a disgusting as what came after it.
“This place just sucks.” He almost yelled as he kicked some of the stones, the rest gave him a bad glance any element of surprise they might have managed to keep was now certainly gone.

"I understand, all of you remain here and again, be on guard, I will not be far away." He could hear the good captain say, sure the bastard was just going to leave them here. In his long life Kruger had seen enough officers who would flee at the first sign of trouble leaving the others to fend for themselves. “Yeah you just walk away you little bastard, trying and screw with me and were going to have a nice little chat when I find you.” He put down the weapon next to, it was along with the machete the only items he trusted once a battle started. “I really hate this place.” He mumbled to himself as he tried to make it comfortable to lie down, sure enough the place was still a dump.
“Hey Veter, care to tell me just how many assholes were camped at this place?” He shouted to one of his fellow soldiers. “Hate to be caught out here outnumbered eh!”
No surprise he didn’t hear a single word from him, guess that meant that the bastard most likely didn’t know it himself. “You really are a worthless tracker.” He sighed making sure his voice was still just loud enough to be heard by the man.
He chuckled as he his mind began to drift further, thinking back about the good old days which really weren’t all that good either. So many messy jobs he was given back then, kill this guy, kill that girl.
It was always the same some big shot in his fancy suit always picked him for a dirty job and when it didn’t went their way they sure got their panties in a bunch.

He looked back at the children still playing, how much they just annoyed him by just being there.
“I really hate brats, especially happy go lucky brats.” He never had much of a pleasant childhood himself, it was always just a fight to get enough to eat and then there were the bullies who picked on all the other kids. He always got chosen by them just because he was a disgusting wimp back then, that was until one of the was dumb enough to look the other was just as he grabbed a rocket and smashed it into the kids face. He grinned thinking back how good it had felt to pulverize that kids face into a bloody pudding, he could still see the terrified faces of the other bullies as he savored the moment. He could hear the joyful scream of the kids as they kept on playing. He could just shoot them and be done with it, or offer one of them a candy before choking the little vermin but surprisingly he wasn’t in the mood for any of that, seemed like he was going soft.
He spat on the ground as he cursed that thought, he was a born killer and he relished in the fact that he had killed so many people and not like a coward for hundreds of meters away but up close and often with his bare hands. There was something so satisfying to look our opponent in the eyes as their life faded away, the sensation of your skin to their as their heart desperately tried to beat one more time, the sweet aroma of a woman last dying breathe. He let out a low growl as the forest started to shake, no doubt the good captain he used that stupid oversized axe of him.
Really why did any person needed a weapon that size, almost made you think the lousy bastard was trying to overcompensate for something else.

It was certainly no “animal in the bushes” that saved Rei that morning. Rather, two children playing carelessly in the forest ran past her.

“Children!” Rei thought. “So that's who he was talking to!” She hadn't been found after all! After saying that louder than she wanted to, Rei quickly clapped her hands over her mouth. “If I don't keep quiet, its my big mouth that will give me away, not those kids!”

Fortunately, the mercenaries decided to move on and ignore the two playing children. It had been a miracle they had shown up when they did.

“Ohhh.... there are so many of them... Kenji, I hope you're okay..” Rei said softly to herself, face tense with worry.

It wasn't long before the mercenaries made their way into Kenji's camp. They all appeared to be normal soldiers, however they weren't SAT. Unfortunately, they weren't DEF either. They were something else. But that wasn't even what surprised Kenji the most. Among all those soldiers, was a man who towered over the rest. He had never seen anyone grow to such a gargantuan size. He had to be their leader, and was probably the man Rei had seen last night.

Walking over to what used to be Kenji's campfire, the behemoth of a man bent down to inspect what was left as the rest of his soldiers searched the surrounding campsite. Pulling out a map of some sort, he wrote something on it before standing back up. After speaking with a few of his men, he wandered away from the group a bit searching the surrounding forest and treetops. Kenji had to be extremely still to remain hidden. With someone watching the treetops, he could be spotted any moment.

Meanwhile, the loud one was cursing, and complaining. He even kicked over his pile of rocks. This slightly annoyed Kenji, as he used those as heating rocks on cold nights, as well as to cook food on since he had no pots or pans. “You'll pay for that.” Kenji thought.

Still watching the mercenary leader, the man suddenly came to a stop. Reaching back, he grabbed the monstrous ax on his back, lifting and holding it out with only one arm. An amazing feat of strength considering its size. Adjusting his grip to the center of the handle, something began to happen to the ax. Its golden blunt edge began to glow a bright red, and what sounded like some sort of mechanism inside the ax whirred to life. Throwing it through the air, what happened next took Kenji completely by suprise. An explosion came from the ax loud enough to make his ears ring. Birds and animals of every kind scurried away en masse, leaving everything quiet as the shock of the explosion wore off.

“Since when did ax's explode?” he thought in amazement. Even more amazing, was the fact that the ax itself was completely intact. Not to mention, for some reason, there was no damage to the surrounding area that he could see.

“I could kill any one of these men in an instant.” Kenji thought. “But him.... he's different. He might actually put up a fight. I had better lead them away from the campsite in case the big one decides to do anything more drastic.”

Using his vectors, Kenji moved quietly through the tree tops until he was at the opposite side of the camp from the soldiers. Then, he dropped down into view slamming two vectors into the ground. Making sure every one of them saw him, he drew his swords.

“Furotingu-Ken Style: Tsuinsurasshu!”

Crossing both of the blades, he swung them out full force on each side, cutting through the two trees to his left and right causing them to plummet to the ground with a thunderous boom.

Sheathing his swords, Kenji used all four of his vectors to propel himself down the trail and away from the soldiers, hoping they would take the bait and follow him.

READER'S NOTE: Hey guys, here's a rough profile sketch of Kenji I drew up last night so you have a face to put with the name. Sorry if its kind of hard to see, I didn't really make the lines very dark since this is just a first sketch. Give it a look and tell me what you think! I'll be putting this link in the character sheet too.


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Kruger was caught off guard as something as one of massive trees landed just inches away from him, he checked himself quickly before getting up.
“CONTACT!!!!” He roared as he racked the arming slide of weapon and pressed the trigger sending a stream of 12 gauge shell flying in the direction the trees had come down from. “OPEN FIRE YOU LOUSY MAGGOTS WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!” He continued to yell as he signaled for the other to get up as well, he cursed himself as he didn’t see the captain anywhere.
Smaller trees burst apart as shell hit them, small animals disappeared in a explosion of blood, gore and body parts. The hammer coked signaling he had run out of a magazine, he slammed another fresh on into the gun as he raked the slide once more.

He stepped forward while still laying down suppressing fire, firing on anything that either moved or was dumb enough to get in his way. “SHOOT THE FUCKING BASTARDS!!!!!” He yelled once more as he ducked behind a three, looking over it carefully he could just barely see a figure running of in the distance, no doubt this was the bastard that had attacked them. “YOUR ASS IS GOING TO BE MINE, YOU HEAR ME, MMMIIINNNNNNNNEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!”
Vaulting over the three he set off after the target, in the distance he could hear shouts from his fellow soldiers but they meant nothing to him and unless that worthless captain was going to haul his sorry ass over he was even going to listen.
“Just shows once more who the real man are around here.” He spat as he jumped over puddle.
He had to keep up the pace as the person he was chasing was increasing the distance between them. “Damn this coward is fast, but then what can I expect from a wuss who won’t even dare to face me.” He grinned as he could imagine cutting the man’s face off and having it used as the latest addition to his trophy rack.

“COME ON YOU COWARD, STOP RUNNING AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!!!!” He yelled as loud as he could which for him was very loud and to most other who had once fought next to him sound comparable to an approaching jetfighter.
He looked back over his shoulder nothing that his supposed comrades was coming after him though it was to be expect they sure took their darn bloody time doing so, god he couldn’t imagine what these clowns would do in a real warzone. “Bunch of amateurs.” He cursed once more as he spit some of that tobacco on the ground, of all the people had he to work with on this cursed mission.
Be couldn’t wait any longer and he vaulted over yet another three as he landed hard on the carcass of a dead animal, he couldn’t care what animal thought as it looked ugly to him. Running as fast as he could to keep up he was starting to notice his condition wasn’t what it had once been, damn he really needed to go back to training after this run. He cursed and yelled as he almost tripped over a rock.
He cast another angry glare over his shoulder, finally he could see that excuse of a captain making his way to the front.
“IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU GOT THAT LAZY OFFCIER BUTT OF YOUR INTO GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!” He laughed as the man was starting to gain on him, perhaps he could at least work with this one.
“WHAT’S BEEN KEEPING YOU SIR, BEEN TOO BUSY LIFTING REPORTS THAT IT MADE YOU SOFT!” He joked to himself as he leaned against one of the rocks in front of his, he needed to something else as the guy they were chasing was just too damn fast for a man to run through this wood.

He looked back over his shoulder one more time to see what was holding the others up, he was still alone and without any noticable backup from the rest.

"And what is...?" Hector may have been caught off guard by the falling trees in most cases had he not seen the person. There was something, an explicable something about the person that he saw that made his heart clench tightly. It wasn't fear, no fear would've been a much better response from the sensation that had felt coursing through his body. His smile didn't leave but it became strangely fixed, lopsided almost as he collasped forward, leaning against his axe the man's silver eyes were transfixed into a state of chaotic disjunctionn.


Each breath came out terribly, in the distant Kruger had long since gone off almost on a rampage. His men who would have followed suitly behind along with their Captain instead they reached for their leader.

"S-Sir, what's going on!? What's wrong with you!?"

"...Haa...Haa...Keh...Kehehehe..." Something of a deep strained hcuckle managed to excape the man' slips as his head bent low, a shadow covering his face. the large hand reached up and clasped his face, the finger griplping the skin tautly as the sweat poured down his face and neck.

"Sir! What's...?"

"Demons...exist don't they?" He said softly, his voice much different from its usual jovial tone. "This world is filled with demons, that must be stopped. Hehehehehe...Heheahahaha! KYA HA! HA! HA! HA!" He broke open, suddenly bursting out laughing he swung the axe of power let the blunt end explode widly.

"The rest of you stay here, I will handle this. I must handle thi snow, this is no longer a point of teamwork, do not go now, do not follow me, do not...do not...do not..." Again the nots of what to do were ordered, his men having never seen their Captain behave in such a wave nodded at the order but remained concerned when he turned around.

"This world has no need for demons such as you! This should be quite interesting shouldn't it...eh?

...Horned Demon...


Hector burst forward, his eyes suddenly manic as if he lost all sense of him. In truth, he was just as mentally stable as before except towards one person. The moment he had seen the man's horns, Hector had completely lose it towards that one being, the axe which was susually a symbol of justice and authority was now an instrument of pure destruction and murder. He tore through the trees, slashing and hacking away at them for the purpose of getting in his way.

Now there was a point to being here, for him to stop this demon and his kind, he must destroy him on the spot. Humanity could not lose its focus on this time, with the evils of these horned villains he would purge them from the world.


Kill them!

There were a few things Hector disliked, but there wa sonly one thing he absolutely hated beyond anything else.

The horned people, commonly referred to as Diclonius.

Compared to Kruger and the assailant, Hector would probably never have been able to catch up with his speed. But there was something else that he had, the endurance beyond inhuman. He might not be able to run as fast as them, but he may be able to run much longer. At some point, whether soone or later he would eventually catch up to them.


Another tree is cut down, the timber falling and crashing loudly. there was no mistaking the bloodlust in those silver dollar eyes now, like a man bent on revenge Hector's focus was on the soul porpose of killing the demon. Even if his heart suddenly stopped, he would continue going on. Even if all of his limbs werere broken, he would refuse to back down.

Even if his mind was broken, his own body would probably continue on out of sheer force of willpower.

He could already hear Kruger's voice, screaming about something that may have been related to him. In his mindset what more else could be said but an insane man chasing the criminal for justice.

If Kruger had expected a reponse from The Captain, he would sorely mistaken. Hector didn't even pay a glance at him although he might have seen the man's look when did pass by. The wide, crazed grin, blood lusted with the axe held with one hand trailing in midhair behind his back.

If Kruger wanted a leader who would get into the action and not run away like a scared little child. Then he would probably have gotten his wish just now. What was plastered on the face of the 48 year old man was something could only be described as perfect determination.

Yes there was hate in those eyes, hate in the voice, hate in the function. Yet there was also that sense of grudging enjoyment in his heart, almost as if he was, in the deepest part of him, greatly anticipating the challenge of his possible upcoming fight.

There was a chance...that one hell of a fight was about to break out now.

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Tree's whizzed by as Kenji flew down the trail away from his camp. Looking back he saw two men following him.

“Only two?!” he cursed. Kenji had hoped the whole group would come chasing after him. Things weren't exactly going as he planned. Even more so once he realized who it was that was chasing him. It was the huge mercenary leader and the angry one who kicked over his rocks. Of all the “regular” soldiers, he seemed the most skilled and ruthless.

There was no way a human could keep up with him while he was using his vectors. He slowed, just enough to make them think they had a chance. He wanted to get them as far away as possible before he made his escape. With possibly the most skilled mercenary of the squad, along with their leader chasing him he didn't want to risk taking them both on at once. Being a diclonius, Kenji was very strong but he wasn't invincible.

After carrying on for quite a bit farther, Kenji decided they had gone far enough. Drawing his swords, he began slicing trees left and right hoping to slow them down. Finally he grabbed a branch and, after shearing all the limbs off, sharpened one end to a point to make a spear. Taking it with one of his vectors, he launched it full force blindly behind him hoping it would at least hit one of them.

Thinking he had done enough, Kenji slammed all of his vectors into the ground launching himself high into the air. Landing in a tree, he waited for his pursuers to pass by before making his way back to the camp. Luckily, they hadn't seen him up here. Waiting for them to disappear from view, Kenji dropped to the ground and used all 4 vectors to propel himself full speed back where he'd come from.

When he arrived back at camp, the rest of the mercenary squad was waiting there. Seeing him, they raised there weapons preparing to fire, but they weren't fast enough. Quickly drawing his swords, Kenji used his two free vectors to jump from soldier to soldier. He sliced all their weapons in half, and a quick jab to the head with the hilt of his swords knocked each man unconscious. As much as he wanted to, there was no need to kill these men. They weren't the ones he was looking for.

As soon as she heard the explosion, Rei started running back to Kenji's campsite. She was sure something terrible had happened! They're using explosives? On one man?

“These guys must be crazy!” she said aloud. Running as fast as she could, she didn't know what she was going to do when she got there. Those men had guns. What could she possibly do? Still, she pushed ahead. She had to see if Kenji was alright.

Coming up on the campsite, Rei ducked behind a tree when she saw the group of mercenaries patrolling what used to be Kenji's camp. She arrived just in time to see two towering tree's come crashing to the ground. One of them came inches from hitting one of the soldiers. She recognized him as the one who beat up all those people last night. He started yelling and cursing before ordering everyone to open fire. The surrounding forest erupted in a hail of gunfire, yet Rei couldn't see what they were shooting at.

“Ohhh! Where's Kenji?” she said softly to herself. “It had to be Kenji they were shooting at, but what could have made those tree's fall like that?”

Soon, the loud one started running after something, with the large man she had seen last night not far behind. The rest stayed behind, keeping watch over the camp. Rei sunk to her knees not knowing what to do. She waited there for what seemed like forever, wondering what she should do.

“Those men are probably waiting here to ambush Kenji when he comes back! I have to find someway to distract them, or else Kenji might be killed!”

Rei never got the chance to carry out her plan, however. As she walked out from behind the tree she saw Kenji standing at the edge of the camp opposite from her. In what seemed like a blur, he moved from soldier to soldier, each one of them collapsing to the ground in his wake. He moved so fast, she could barely follow his movements. Soon it was just Kenji standing there with limp, unconscious bodies scattered around him.

“Kenji!” She called out, running up to him as fast as she could. Throwing her arms around him she started sobbing uncontrollably. “Don't ever do that again!!” she all but yelled. “You had me so worried! I thought you might die!”

Kenji just stood there dumbfounded. Rei was the last person he expected to see here, and he certainly didn't expect to find himself in this situation.

“Rei... its going to be alright.... I'm glad you're okay.” was all he could manage. “Look, we need to get moving. Those two that were following me have probably already figured out I'm not there anymore and are headed back here. We can't come here anymore. They know where this place is now. They'll just keep coming back if I don't find somewhere else to lay low for awhile.”

“Hmmm... I know! You can stay at my place! None of those men ever saw me, so no one will suspect a thing!”

“It would be dangerous to live in the city with my horns. It would just attract attention.”

“Trust me, I've already thought of a way to deal with your little horn problem.” she said with wink.

Hearing large, heavy footsteps approaching, Kenji said “Looks like I don't have a choice. Rei, jump on my back, they're almost here.”

“I can run by myself! I'm not a child!” she said with indignation.

“Look, we don't have time to argue. Just get on by back.” Kenji said with an edge in his voice.

“Fine, lets go.” Rei conceded. Jumping onto Kenji's back, it felt like some invisible force was holding her in place.

Using two vectors to hold Rei in place, Kenji slammed his two free vectors into the ground launching them high into the air. Down below, he could see the two chasing him had finally caught up. Seeing them, the smaller one opened fire.

In a hail of gunfire, Kenshi made his way through the forest and down the mountain. While in the air, he tried to use his vectors to block as much of the gunfire as he could.

“Kenshi!” Rei yelled. “I didn't know you could fly?!”

“Not exactly! I'll explain everything later!”

“Alright! Quick, go to my house! We can hide there for the time being!”

Following Rei's directions, Kenshi made his way to the outskirts of the city before deciding to walk the rest of the way to avoid attracting attention to themselves. Ignoring the strange looks they got, the two finally arrived at Rei's home and rushed inside.

“We should be safe here for now” Rei said with a sigh of relief. “We can hide you in the basement if anyone comes looking.”

“Rei... I'm sorry.” Kenshi said in a low voice.

“Sorry? But why? You just saved my life!”

“I should have never gotten you involved. Things would have been better for you if you had just stayed away from me.”

“Don't say that.” she said as she moved closer to comfort him. “If I had stayed away I would have never...”

Before she could finish her sentence Kenshi collapsed onto the floor. There was a bullet wound in his shoulder.

Hector could only manage a soft "eh?" before the makeshift spear slammed into his lower abdomen. Had he had not been the size he was with the muscular mass probably two to three times as large as a normal human, it might have shot straight through him. Instead it puncture through the flesh, stopping midway his feet skidded to a halt.

"...Hm?" He mumbled slowly putting his hand around the branch and smiled then ripped it out, letting the small bush of blood pour out before tossing the stick aside. Damage to his flesh aside, there didn't seem to be much harm and any damage internally only appeared annoy Hector more than halt him.

"Interesting. Very interesting demon, you truly are one of your kind. You are a very quick one, but I will find you..." He thought heavily, closing his eyes to get a good feeling of the surrounding air for finally having a good idea to where his opponent had gone of towards. He rushed that way, the wound in him doing seemingly little to actually hinder his movements. Of course it would take more than just a sharpened stick to bring down him, not when his opponent was this demon.


This was a good time to call his men and get them prepared or at least get them notified. But as he did, nobody seemed to answer him. "Respond! All units respond...hmmm." His expression fell looking over at where he thought the demon had run off to and where his men were supposed to be, he cursed loudly. He wanted to find that demon and bring him to justice. But no matter how much his desire for fighting that person might be, he had an obligation to take care of his men.

"Kruger!" He called out on to his radio as he went back to the base, assuming the man wasn't even near him at the moment. "I'm heading back to the men, keep chasing them I will contact you at a later time." He also added in a much sterner tone, the kind in which he did not expect any back talk from, not even from Kruger. "This is an order, you will obey it immediately."


When he saw his men on the floor, his face fell. Hurryimg to each one, he placed his hands on their bodies, relieved at the very least that they were alive. The only harm that appeared to be doen to them were blows to the head that had knocked them unconscious and besides that, the blows themselves hadn't even been that dangerous. For the strangest reason, the person who had done this, had not intended to kill them, but for him, knowing how he felt about the horned people, this was impossible.

Was there another person out here? Maybe the children were playing more than just kids gamesnow. He had no idea and besides it was time to get his men back up and ready.

"Where's Kruger?" Veter asked.

"I sent him off to keep going after him, although I don't know if he even heard me. Either way he'll probably keep going anyways...ah thanks." He said as his medic quickly tended to, as far as he was concerned, small wound. Without much warning a rang came out, forcing him to walk away a bit pull out the phone, flipping it open and answer in a gruff tone.

"This is Captain Schlenzaner..."

He spoke calmly.

"Yes , I understand. We're currently...correct...that's right. So you want us to return back there? I understand." He hung up yelling over at his men. "We're heading back to headquarters, apparently the boss wants us to return there.

"What about Kruger?" One asked.

"He's skilled enough to handle things by himself, besides he has his contact radio with him. As long as he has that I can make orders whenever I have to. He also knows where headquarters is as well so there's nothing to worry about. Besides he knows very well that he has to obey my orders, no matter how much he may hate them.

Heading off after a brief break, Hector wondered shortly to himself.

"...I wonder...what the boss, Shuhei Yamamoto has up his sleeves now."

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Seeing Kenji lying there, his blood oozing onto the floor, was enough to send Rei over the edge.

“Kenji?! Kenji what happened?!” she begged. Rolling him over onto his back, she tried to find the source of the blood. It didn't long to see the gaping bullet wound just below his collar bone. It had hit him in the back, beneath the shoulder blade and passed through underneath the collar bone. Kenji wasn't going anywhere for awhile. Rei grabbed some rags, and removed his kimono so she could cover the wound.

As Kenji opened his eyes, he saw Rei above him with tears in her eyes as she put rag after rag to his wound trying to stop the bleeding. Gently, he reached out to her, and grabbed her wrist.

“Stop.” he said in a calm voice.

“Stop?! Why would I stop? Kenji, you'll bleed to death if we don't do something fast!”

“Calm down... its going to be okay. Just watch.” he reassured her.

Taking one of his vectors, he began changing its shape from its usual form as a hand and straightened it out into a thin tendril. Inserting the tendril into the bullet wound, he used his vector healing to begin sealing the hole in which the bullet traveled.

Rei watched in amazement as the bullet wound began to close all by itself.

“H.... Ho.... How is that even possible?” she asked with shock and awe in her voice, her eye's wide in amazement.

In a soft, weak voice Kenji answered “Like I said, my horns are not the only thing that is different about me”. Right as the last word escaped his lips, everything went black.

Several hours later, Kenji awoke to find himself in a futon in another room. The smell of delicious food floated through the air as he stood to find out where he was. Emerging into what seemed to be the kitchen, he saw Rei standing there in a cute little dress and an apron, cooking up something that was sure to be delicious.

Turning around, she exclaimed “Kenji! You're awake! Here sit down, dinner is almost ready.”

“How long was I unconscious?” Kenji asked.

“Oh, it had to be at least six hours.” She mused. Suddenly, Rei walked closer with a darker, almost sad expression on her face. “Kenji.... you really had me worried. You can't do that anymore, promise?”

“I don't make promises I can't keep." He repied. "But... I will try my best in the future.”

“Oh... well alright. I guess that's all I can expect coming from someone like you.” she said in a teasing voice. “Come on let's eat. The food is ready.”

Kenji ate ravenously, devouring everything Rei could throw at him. He had to admit, he did have a soft spot for Rei's cooking. Yet even as he ate, a nagging thought entered the back of his mind. He knew he couldn't stay here forever. He needed to leave as soon as possible, to find out who was responsible for yesterday. Not to mention, staying here would put Rei's life in danger, and he would be lying to say he hadn't grown fond of the girl in the few months he had known her. So, he decided. Three days in this house to finish healing and recover. Three days. Then, he would leave to find the answers he needed.


That's just fine with me Reric! I think it will be rather interesting.

"Ah, We're finally here!!!" Suzuki cheerfully said as her and Zero reach to the city of Orisaka.

"This place is beautiful, can we see the sights, can we, can we?" Suzuki asked with eyes glittering as bright as the lights that surround the city.

"Maybe tomorrow, we need to find somewhere to sleep for the night" Zero replies as he looks around to see if there is somewhere that they could stay. He then notices a hotel not too far from them.

"Oh hey a hotel! We can stay there." Zero said as they make their way to the hotel.

"But I don't have any money........" Suzuki replied with a soft, quiet voice.

"Don't worry I can pay, I've got enough money for us to live here." Zero anwsered

"W-w-w-wait....are you saying.....that we are......GETTING MARRIED!!!!!" Suzuki began to blush redder then she ever done before. "I-I-I didn't know we were going to get that far so early......"

"H-H-HEY I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT GETTING MARRIED OR MOVING IN TOGETHER!!!" Zero quickly responded, shocked by Suzuki said. "I wasn't.....I...... never mind that, lets get a room." Zero pays for a room and with Suzuki, heads down to the room.

"What room did we get?" Suzuki asked Zero, wondering what type of room Zero got.

"The lady told me that there was only one room left for two." Zero answered. "It's a room with a double bed, so it looks like you are sleeping with me again. She also said that the room was special, whatever that means." Zero continued, confused by what 'Special' meant.

"A....double bed......thank goodness" Suzuki quietly said, blushing.

Zero and Suzuki arrived at the door of the room, opens the door and at this moment, Zero found out what the lady meant by 'Special' as the room was no ordinary room, it was a romantic couples room, everything shaped like a love heart.

"Oh no....." Zero quietly muttered under his breath as he looks at Suzuki, who was blushing and heavily breathing.

"Z-Z-Zero.....I-I-I didn't know.......you were.......such a romantic.....AWWWWWWWW ZERO I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Suzuki suddenly jumped onto Zero, causing him to fall on the bed, Suzuki above him.

"I KNEW YOU LIKED ME......BUT I DIDN'T KNOW YOU LIKED ME THIS MUCH!!!!" Suzuki continued, blushing even more, especially as she is on top of Zero.

"H-H-HEY JUST CALM DOWN, DON'T GET THOSE IDEAS IN YOUR HEAD!!!" Zero quickly responded, trying to get Suzuki off him. "Come on it's late, lets get some sleep, I got someone to meet tomorrow." Zero said as he takes off his cloak.

"I'm going.....to sleep...with Zero? MMMMMmmmmmm" Suzuki started blushing again, possibly thinking of something that Zero didn't want to know.

"We are just going to sleep, nothing else" Zero quickly responded.

"Awwwwwwwww" Suzuki frowned as she got into the covers.

Zero turns off the lights, lies down in the covers, being tightly hugged by Suzuki, as she is thinking of whatever she is thinking, staring out the window that has a view of the sea, calm and peaceful, something Zero hasn't felt since what happened two years ago. That was until he met Suzuki, a girl who started out shy, for about an hour and is now the cheerful, happy person she has been since joining with Zero.

"This girl can be crazy sometimes...." Zero thought as he reminded himself of what happened earlier when those two men attacked them.

"She acted just like me when I get crazy....just what type of person is she?" Zero thought as the sea began to make him feel dizzy, thus making him close his eyes and falling fast asleep for a new day will begin tomorrow, a new journey.

Although, there are some questions about Suzuki that he wants to know the answers to......

(If anyone is wondering, the Zero that was in the first part, you know the killing one, he will be back soon, this bit is just showing that even with the past, Zero can still be a loveable person to others and act normal. I'm also planning on adding a back story for Suzuki, which is why her character acted different when those men attacked.)

Kruger looked around him, just as he expected the rest of the group had deserted him. He could still hear the orders that damned captain had given him.
"I'm heading back to the men, keep chasing them I will contact you at a later time." Sure he thought to himself, just another wimpy excuse to save one’s own hide.
"This is an order, you will obey it immediately." Yeah he was going to do just that but not because the man ordered it but because he wanted it, he still needed to find and fuck up this person who attacked them. Once he had done that he would make his way back to camp and regroup with the others or what would be left of them anyway.

Walking on what seemed to be like hours to him he stopped as he realized he had finally lost the trail, damn this person was good if he managed to escape him. It was all the more reason for Kruger to eventually find and kill this person and exact a measure of revenge.
“I will find you yet my dear prey and when it do.” He grinned as he pulled the machete from his hip. “I’m going to cut and bleed you like a pig.” He swiped the blade around imagining himself cutting his opponent into little pieces.
“I really going to enjoy this.” He laughed as his thoughts went further and more macabre.

His body was aching as it became clear he had been walking around for far too long, he needed to get some rest before resuming with this wild goose chase. Finding a spot that look comfortable he sat down placing the gun next to him. “I am getting too old for this.” He groaned as he could feel old injuries coming up again, just what he needed right now being deserted in the middle of bloody fucking nowhere.
He grabbed the flask from his side, luckily he had been smart enough to feel it with some drinks from the café before they left. “Bottoms up and a cheer to you bastards for leaving me here to rot.” He raised the flask before gulping down was remained inside it. “Oh boy I need to remind myself to get either a bigger one or an extra, starting to run out already.” He burped as took one last sip from it.
Perhaps if he closed his eyes for an hour or so he could get some rest and then resume again with the hunt. He placed the radio next to him just in case any of the idiots that made up his team got smart and contacted him. Still didn’t surprise him they had gone off on their own, they were after all just cowards to scared of a real fight, though the captain had shown some remarkable willingness to fight.
“So that old dog hasn’t lost his teeth yet.” He smiled thinking about it, hating himself for almost admitting it but perhaps the captain wasn’t the kind of asshole he thought him to be but then just about every officer he had me in his life had proven to be a royal asshole in the end. Bastards more concerned with making a name for themselves, thinking about only their own lives and letting the grunts like him just rot when the going got too tuff for them.
“I’ll find out exactly what kind of person you really are sir, an officer or a man.” He spat as he took another slice of the tobacco, damn this stuff was really starting to tastes like shit. “Guess I’ll need to get some fresh one once I get back to base.” He stretched his back as he got himself into a more comfortable position to lie down, no point to waste any rest because of a damn rock poking in his side. “Well boys let’s have some rest before we go back and find that asshole.” He said to both the gun and the machete.

He woke up as daylight starting to break into the forest, damn he thought to himself. Seeing at it was already the next day he realized he had taken a rather long nap all right. “At least that did the trick for me.” He said as he got up again, he felt rather good even though the bed hadn’t been as pleasant still it sure had beaten that piece of junk they had the rest on at the base or that frikkin hotel.
“Let’s see what I can get for breakfast, sure could use some bacon and a bratwurst.” He scoffed as he looked at his rations, not much but an energy bar.
“Just fucking great.” He growled as he ate it, damn thing tastes even worse than his tobacco. He looked around to see if there was anywhere else he could grab some food or at least something that tasted better than this piece of crap he was holding, disgusted he threw it away.
“What does a man have to do to get a really good breakfast in this ass end of the world.” He asked himself as he looking around trying to find something or at the very least regain his bearings. He’d hate to be lost at this point but then he wasn’t born yesterday, having done so many dirty black ops he had grown used to being in the middle of fucking nowhere and yet he always managed to come out just fine.
“Okay let’s see.” He opened the map he had with him, next he took the compass he’d always keep with him, and old good luck charm from the only man he had ever considered to be a friend. “Poor Otto, how I wish you were here, we’d be having so much fun right now.” He shook away the old memories, no point in going soft or senile in a place like this. “Seems like if I head in just that direction I should be able to make it back to base.” He mumbled as he kept looking at it, still this was going to be one hell of a walk.

Hector and his men walked the clear but rocky path of the walkway, his men following him in an orderly fashion as always. It had pained him greatly to leave the battle so early, his desire to take the demon out burning like a raging fire throughout the entire ordeal. But his men came first and he knew that seeing their safety outweighted his own desires to seeking justice. For now, he would have to leave it up to Kruger.

What matter more was what their head boss wanted. For the most part he and his men were a private organization that had been called in by Yamamoto. As for as their job description, it had been rather bland but it seemed to be a point of a localized police force that would head to different areas on specific jobs. It wasn't much different from what he usually did but he felt like there was something incredibly strange about Yamamoto, a feeling of disconcern that made him untrustworthy right now.

Arriving at a small town, he checked the motel, getting the message that the last room had been taken up by a man and a rose haired girl. No point in seeking vacancy here then, he checked the next motel and then the next until finally getting one with rooms though the main room where they would check in lacked any chairs or cushions. As usual, Hector never got a room but after some quick paperwork, he got his men settled and left them off deciding instead to sit on a large wooden crate, his body leaning forward and the shadow of his girth passing over. Arms crossed he wondered silently of the chances of what would be happening the next day.

Leaning back against the wall, he thought about these things, having no idea when it was that he finally went to sleep.

Rei busied herself cleaning the kitchen and the dishes, when she heard Kenji approach from behind.

“What can I do to help?” she heard him ask.

“Don't worry about it, really! You should get some rest, you look tired.”

“You prepared all this wonderful food... its the least I can do.” he insisted.

“Well, alright then. Thank you!” she said smiling at Kenji. She honestly didn't mind. Kenji was actually doing something together with her. Who cares if it was just washing dishes. Not to mention he was actually talking to her, something he rarely did.

Rei began by showing Kenji the proper way to wash dishes. Since he had been living in the mountains for the majority of his life, even something like washing dishes was new to him. She thought it was cute how he hung on every word, wanting to get everything right. It was fun to watch him work so hard, even at such a small task like this.

“Wow! You're even better at this than I am!” she teased. “Come on, I'll show you where to put them now.”

Pointing to different shelves and cabinets, Rei ordered Kenji on what went where. If she was honest with herself, she was probably having a little too much fun with this.

“Oh hold on Kenji, let me get a stool. I can never reach there.” she said as she pointed to the very top cabinet.

“There is no need for a stool.” Kenji said. Sending out a vector he opened the cabinet lifting each plate or bowl one by one, carefully placing them inside.

Rei was speechless. “Did those plates... just float into the cabinet by themselves?! Alright Kenji! You've got some explaining to do. What did you mean your horns 'aren't the only thing different about you'? How were you able to fly? And how did that bullet hole suddenly disappear??”

“Come with me, and I will explain everything.” Kenji said after the barrage of questions had ended.

Leading Rei behind the house where no one could see, he stopped at a large stone.
Turning to her, he said “I am what is known as a Diclonius. Diclonius are humans born with horns that have what are called vectors.”

“Vectors? What are those?”

“Vectors are like your hands, except you cannot see them and they are very powerful. Watch.”

Turning to the large stone behind him, Kenji shot all 4 of his vectors out full force, shattering it into thousands of tiny pieces.

“As for flying, I'm afraid that is one thing Diclonius cannot do. It only appeared that we were flying because I was using my vectors to walk. Its much faster than running.”

“But that still doesn't explain your wound sealing up on its own. Do Diclonius have some sort of healing powers as well?”

“I”m not sure if all Diclonius have the ability to heal... Its just something I discovered over time as I learned to use my vectors.”

Rei just stood there letting everything she had just seen and learned sink in. Vectors, healing, the ability to crush or manipulate anything? It was like Kenji had superpowers! To think, out of all the people she could have met in her life, that she had met someone like this. It was surreal. She had to be the luckiest girl on the planet!

“Kenji... this is amazing!” Rei exclaimed. “I had no idea people like you even existed! You're the most amazing person I've ever met!” Realizing what she just said, a small blush appeared on Rei's face.

“If only everyone in this world thought like you, Rei.” Kenji said in a sullen voice as he looked at the ground. “Come, lets go inside. Its getting dark.”

“Well now that that's taken care of, theres one last thing left to attend to.” Rei said as she turned to Kenji. “Kenji..... oh how do I put this... Well, to put it bluntly you need a bath.”

“A bath?” he asked, with confusion in his voice.

“Don't tell me you don't know what a bath is Kenji!!”

Kenji blushed as he realized his mistake. “Oh yes a bath... It has been so long since I've heard that word I had forgotten its meaning.”

“Whaaaat?” Rei asked in shock. “Kenji, just how long have you been living in those mountains?”

Rei almost wished she hadn't asked that as she saw Kenji's face darken.

“I'd.... rather not talk about it.” he replied with sadness in his voice.

“S..Sorry! I didn't mean anything by it!” She was afraid she had hurt his feelings.

“Its alright, its not what you think. It was nothing you said.”

Relieved, Rei lead Kenji to the baths. “Well here we are! Wait here while I prepare a bath for you.”

“A bath... how long has it been since I've had a bath? Up until now I've always had to wash myself in the river.. I haven't had a warm bath since...”

“Kenji! The bath is ready!” Rei called from inside.

Woken from his daydream, Kenji entered the bathroom to see Rei standing by the bath full of warm, steaming water.

“All ready!” she announced.

“Thank you. For everything.” he said as he started to remove his clothes to enter the bath.

Rei's heart started beating fast, and her faced turned a bright shade of red when she realized what Kenji was doing.

“KENJI!!! WAIT UNTIL I LEAVE BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF!!!!!!” she screamed as she ran from the room.

“Sorry! I guess I'm really not used to having other people around that much. Especially not girls..”

Turning to the baths, he stepped in. He let the warmth surround him as he leaned his head back and drifted off into a warm stupor. He couldn't remember the last time he felt this good. For what seemed like an eternity he just sat there, eyes closed as he rested his tired body.

Rei was starting to get worried. It had been two hours since Kenji had gone into the baths and hadn't emerged since. Walking to the door she knocked and said “Kenji? Its been two hours! Are you alright in there?”

Hearing Rei's voice awoke Kenji from the trance-like state he was in. “I'm fine. I'll be out shortly.” As much as he didn't want to, he forced himself to stand up and get out.

Rei was taken by surprise when the door suddenly opened. Standing there was Kenji, with a towel wrapped around his waist, his body still steaming from the hot bath. She couldn't help but notice how built and muscular his body was. His hair, messy and slightly damp partly covered his crimson red eyes. And, as always, Kenji had a cold, stoic look on his face.

Kenji couldn't figure out the look he was getting from Rei. She was blushing, and stammering but couldn't get any words out. Walking past her he said, “I'll be going to bed now. Goodnight.”

“G....g...Goodnight.” was all she could manage.

Lying there in the darkness, Kenji thought about everything that had happened that day. It was crazy to think that just this morning he was living in a forest up in the mountains. Now, he was living amongst humans, the vile creatures he hated so much. Yet, it was strange and ironic that he couldn't bring himself to feel that way about Rei. She was only the second human to ever show him any kindness. For months she had been visiting him, bringing him food and keeping him company. And for that, he was grateful. Even now, when she could be in danger, she shared her home with him without wanting anything in return. She even cooked him dinner and drew a bath for him. He still longed to return to its warmth. Yet, even with everything that had happened this evening he never forgot. Never forgot what he was after. With a roof over his head, good food, and a warm bath waiting for him each day, it would be tempting to stay. But he knew what he had to do. He couldn't allow himself to become soft. Not to mention, he needed to get back to his training as soon as possible. As he drifted to sleep, Kenji's thoughts were focused on one thing. Revenge.

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He kicked in the door to the old cottage as he led off a short burst from his gun, furniture splintered, glass fractured and anything that stood upright just vanished in a hail of 12 gauge shells. He had come across this hut after making his walk for what seemed hours, it had been ones they had passed during the hunt the other day although back then it seemed deserted.
“Knock knock.” He joked as he stepped inside while inspecting the damage, it was clear that until very recently somebody had made use of the hut, he could smell the burned coal in the old stove.
He squatted down on his haunches as he inspected something he noticed lying there on the floor, some old clothes it seemed to have been discarded. “Great more useless junk, can these people just get something that isn’t so god frikkin useless.” He growled as he threw it away, not much point in wasting more of his time over junk. He searched further through the room but disappointed there wasn’t a single useful item he went to inspect the kitchen or at least the sorry pitiful excuse for a kitchen in this dump.
“Great this place is even worse than that shitty motel I had to stay in back in that city.” He cursed as he kicked over one of the crumbly chairs. It was obvious that someone had occupied it briefly before leaving in what seemed like a hurry. “More useless crap what a surprise.” He turned over the whatever he could find in an attempt to find something to eat, to his dismay at that was left was an old can of beans. “Just frikkin bloody great.” He tossed the can away as he hated beans.

Stepping outside the hut again he shook his head as he left, back on his path back to base and link up with his fellow hunters. Perhaps he would also visit that crappy bar and get a few drinks and start a good fight. “I do really would like to crack some heads at this point.” He kept walking making sure to keep his eyes on the compass and any landmarks he could find, compared to what he was used to it turned out to be a mildly amusing hike for him if it hadn’t been for some local farmers trying to ask him for help, the bastard had just kept on bothering him, that was until he slid the throat of the old hag who annoyed him the most. He had taken a certain delight in seeing the terrified look in her eyes and those of the others farmers as they ran as fast as they could. “Well thank you kindly for your contribution to our sacred cause.” He grinned as he picked up some of the food they had dropped, wasn’t much but it sure beat the damn energy bars which tasted now more like cardboard.

He finally arrived back at the city and boy what a shithole it turned out to be, it had gotten even worse since the last time he was here, reluctantly he turned into the nearest bar and as he sat down he could already smell a whole bunch of stinking odd looking drunk tourists sitting at one of the tables, even now they were already really starting to annoy him.
“Perfect, they should do just fine.” He told himself as he waited for his drink as he kept waiting for the first idiot to take a step towards him. He crackled his knuckles as the dumb tourist stood next to him order more drinks, watching the man go he gently led him trip spilling all the drinks over the floor. “Drunk people really shouldn’t be walking, waste of fine drinks on a bunch of idiots.”
“Who are you calling an idiot?” The man said as he got up, sure he was slightly bigger and bulkier than Kruger but that wasn’t going to stop him. “The idiot who is about to get a bottle shoved up his eye.” He snarled as he rammed the broken glass into the man’s eye socket. The others got up as fast as they could to help him and to give a well-deserved beating. “You’re going to pay for that.”
“And who is going to make me, you and your little band of rats.” He kicked the man hard in the groan and as the man went down moaning he already turned his attention to the next dummy.
The man tried to swing for him but Kruger was just slightly faster as he broke the man’s elbow before slamming his head into the nearest wall. “So who is next?” More people got up as it seemed he now had the whole bar against him, terrified the man behind the counter just ducked.
Another person came for him and in one swift move he brought up his machete slicing of the man hand while gutting the man in front of him. He rammed one of the pool stick into a man’s gut and twisted it hard enough to make the man scream like a pig.
Looking at one of the people knees he had broken he stomped the man in the face breaking his nose and cheekbones in the process. “Well that certainly felt most satisfying for me, care to scream a little more for me.” He spat on the man as he now kicked him in the chest breaking several ribs.
More people had by now gathered into the bar as word of a fight had broken out. “Cool it bro, you don’t want to go through with this, besides man your outnumbered.” A big man told him as he stepped forward, no doubt a gang leader of some sort.
“You clowns just don’t get it, I’m not stuck in here with you, you’re stuck in here with me!!” Kruger laughed as he unslung his weapon and pulled the trigger, at this range and in the confined space the weapon caused nothing more than utter dismemberment. After a few minutes of firing he watched with delight to the carnage he had brought on these idiots, mutilated corpses now littered the place.
“Bartender, where is that second drink of mine and you better make it fast.”

"What is that power" Zero thought as he awoke from his sleep during the night, curious, he headed out of the room to find out what it was.

Zero stopped at the door and peered through the gap to see a man at the desk, who wasn't alone as he saw a few other men by the exit, over hearing the conversation.

"I'm sorry, there are no rooms left. The last one was taken by a man and a girl with rose coloured hair." The woman said as she apologises to the man.

"Should I kill him?" Zero thought to himself, drawing up his weapon, then a few seconds later dropping it. "No I can get distracted, he is not my target, also I would cause a scene.....and I don't want that do I?" Zero continued as he saw the man leave.

Zero headed back to his room and went back to his bed, feeling tired after heading downstairs.

"That power......." Suzuki thought as she was also awake, possibly cause of the presence of the power, hiding away from Zero to make it look like she is sleeping.

As Zero got in the covers, he got close to Suzuki, placing his hand near her hips, got close to her ear and whispered "I won't let anyone hurt you Suzuki, I'll protect you with all my life."

Suzuki blushed as Zero placed his hand on her hip, but tried to not react. After some time Suzuki quietly whispered back "Thank you....." As she closes her eyes, falling asleep.

It was morning and Zero awoke to the smell of some delicious food on the table next to him. "Who made this?" Zero thought.

"Ah! You're finally awake~~" Suzuki responded as she turns around seeing that Zero has awoken.

"Did you make this?" Zero asked yawning, sitting up.

"Yep!!!" Suzuki quickly replied, giving a wink to Zero. "I hope you like it~~"

Zero took a bite from the food, it was delicious, he hasn't tasted something this good in his life. He quickly finished the plate, looked at Suzuki and said "You are a really good cook, I haven't tasted something this good in my life!"

"Awww, Thank you~~" Replied blushing as Zero complimented her.

"But I have to ask.....what is up with the outfit?" Zero asked, questioning the clothes Suzuki was wearing as she wasn't wearing her normal clothes; she was wearing a maid outfit.

"What this?" Suzuki replied "I found it in the wardrobe with the other outfits, I don't get why they are in there though" Suzuki continued confused as she opened the wardrobe revealing the other outfits, a schoolgirl outfit, a nurse one, a bunny outfit and what seemed to be a cat suit.

"She can't know the reason why, I need to change the subject." Zero thought to himself, blushing at the sight of the outfits.

"Ummm they are not important." Zero quickly said "Anyway I want to ask you something referring to yesterday, and what happened to those men......"

"I.....don't want to talk about it......." Suzuki quietly responded as if she didn't want him to even mention it.

"Well I do, because I want to know who I am with." Zero quickly responded, but as he turns his head around, he notices that Suzuki is running towards him. Suzuki jumps onto the bed and starts to hit him while crying.


"Ok, I won't ask, now calm down will ya." Zero calmly responded, placing Suzuki's head on his chest trying to comfort her.

"Really?" Suzuki looked up as she tried to wipe away the tears. "Then can I ask you something?" Suzuki quickly asked.

"Yeah sure, what is it you want to ask?" Zero asked.

"Can.....can I finally.......maybe.......get to.........see.....you're.....face please? Suzuki quietly asked, blushing like she did when she first met Zero.

"*sigh* Well you're not going to stop bothering me about it, so I might as well do it." Zero responded with a calm voice.

"Really??? You mean it???" Suzuki replied shocked by the answer.

"Yeah....and I'll let you take off the mask....unless you don't want to?" Zero asked Suzuki.

"O-of course I do!" Suzuki quickly responded.

Suzuki slowly placed her hand on the mask, pulling it away from Zero's face, revealing Zero's bright emerald green eyes, as beautiful as she thought they had been. She then placed her hand on his face, to which was smooth, smoother than anything that Suzuki has ever touched.

"W-w-wow........" Suzuki quietly said, amazed by Zero's face.

Zero gave out a smile before saying "Ok now that you have seen my face, get changed, we need to head out." As Zero says this he kisses Suzuki on the lips before leaving the room with his mask and cloak.

"He.....he kissed me" Suzuki thought, blushing while placing her hands on her lips. "It felt so good......I hope that isn't the only time he kisses me...." Suzuki continued as she smiled before getting up and getting changed.

"That.....that felt good...." Zero thought to himself, sitting outside the door. "I never got to feel that with...................her......................."

"Do you know what a demon is? They're the abominations of the world, crafted by evil they understand nothing of purity. They understand nothing but the procavations of torment, insanity and blasphemous torture. Demons come in many sizes and shapes, many colors and attributes, do not be mistaken, they are of horrific descent.

Madness, like the blind idiot god Azathoth, they lurk in, gibbering, squirming in the world, insane inducing behemoths that squander aimlessly around in their pitiful states. But they are not idiots, no, they are intelligent, crafty devils that will destroy you insantly like a true mad god would in the torrential abode of agonizing filth.

That's what happens to some, when a demon has their way. Your mind is blown away, rotted to the core nad your consciousness is oblireated into a puddle of mud. This mud will leek out of your eyes, nose and mouth, slipping into the sea of everything and growing. That's why you must fear the demons, fear their power yet be brave agains them. If you do not, you will fall into their grips and you won't die, you won't even go insane, oh no that would be good. So many people see the mindless as a problem but it only means you have no need to worry about anymore.

No, do not be mistake Hector, it is much worse than that. You will return to their point of origin, a part of them, scourge of the hellish planes, their bodies fused together will bubble, and you will ferment along side them.

And that will be eternity. No longer wlil you have your body and mind, but you will know it and you will scream. Your scream will be their voice, a cacophony of disturbances as you purge yourself from all reality. Away, far away you will squirm like a worm on the hook of despair, still screaming.

You will never stop screaming.

Do you kno why Hector? Becaue they have never stopped screaming. Do you hear that, sometimes if you close your eyes you even hear it, the gurgling forth of the ichior lips dripping down. Pray you do not face this fate, pray to the heavens you do not lose to the demons.


Hector awoke, his back against the wall, still sitting on top of the crates where he had been before.


This was why he existed, to be stronger, to be better and to take these demons out. He could not lose to them...not ever.

There had been a man long ago, long before he became a Captain, a man he had looked up and called father. Father had said many things but this had been the most serious. His father had been a key reader of HP Lovecrafts work although it was only a few years after his death that Schlenzaner actually decided to read some of the works. The details were most horrific and yet it also brought him a sense of purpose in his life.

That no matter what happened...

Not matter if his body was melting into a sea of chaotic insanity, and his lobes bubbling slowly, he would never give up. He would never surrender to the demons.



It was earlier in the morning, much earlier than he would usually have awoken his men up at. The sun was up though only just, and the air was cool and nice. There was no point in trying to sleep anymore. Most of the places around the place weren't open yet but a small restaurant where he quickly ate breakfast alone, his figure obscenely large to the small townfolks.

When he was alone, he looked quite somber, his usual robust smile was instead replaced by a timid frown, his eyes usually wide with excitement, were now soft and tranquil.

Ending his meal, he got up and left, prepared to wake his men up when he saw two figures walking away. Usually he would not have bothered with them, but the small girl had caught his attention, the radiant hair color eye catching after all.

"Hm, excuse me!" He called out in his robust tone. "My name is Captain Schelnzaner, do you mind if I ask you two just a few questions, I'll try not to take too much of your time."

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The drinks had been good, the fighting had been even better and by the time he left the slaughterhouse he was really looking to getting a good nap but first he needed to go back and look for the lame excuse that made of the squad and off course that piss poor excuse of a captain.
“Oh captain, I’m coming for you next.” He grinned as he pulled the machete, it still had blood left on it. Taking some cloths from a nearby washing line he starting to clean it, making sure it shined like it always did. “Ha that is much better looking now isn’t it.”

After some time he finally arrived at the motel, having a little chat with the man at the counter h found out which room belonged to the good captain. “time for a little chat my good sire.” He joked as he kicked in the door. “GOOD MORNING THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL!!!” He yelled at the top of his lungs but much to his disappointment the room was already empty, he cursed as the captain must have already left but into which direction could he have gone. “Well that is certainly disappointing.” He walked back down the stairs and past the man at the counter. “You when did that man leave?”
“I don’t know sir, it must have been like 30 min ago.”
“Where did he go to?”
“He didn’t say a thing but I think he went to the restaurant at the edge of the village square.”
“Thank you very much.” He snarled as he pushed the man away and left the, guess it was not that bad to have a nice breakfast himself before his little talk with the good captain, he smiled once more.

The square was mostly deserted which suited him just fine, the less people around the more at ease he would be but then again it made picking a fight a bit more troublesome. Shaking his head he thought to himself that first he needed a breakfast and then he could pound some skull. Ah the thought of a sturdy breakfast with bacon, toast, eggs and sausage made him all smile. “I’ll certainly take a double portion and please don’t go easy on the damn coffee.” He said to an imaginary waiter as he could already see himself sitting them.

When he finally arrived at the restaurant he could already see the man sitting there, stuffing himself with whatever it was he had ordered, couldn’t say he blamed the man a soldier with an empty stomach was a worthless soldier he knew that all too well himself.
What did caught his curiosity where the people the captain was talking to, seemed like two people one a boy and the other a girl with some weird hazy neon looking hair color. “Kids these days and the junk they rub all over their bodies.” He spat as he found it disgusting to think how much kids these days were spoiled with some pointless junk to poison themselves with.

"If you have that bounty on you, you can't just walk around town with that mask." Suzuki said to Zero as they made their way out of the hotel.

"Well, what do you suggest then?" Zero asked Suzuki wondering what she had planned.

"Well, how about this?" Suzuki replies as she walks over to the hotel shop, pays for something, then comes back.

"Wait, what did you buy?" Zero asked, puzzled by what Suzuki just did.

"This!!~~" Suzuki replied as she took Zero's mask off, then placing some sunglasses on him. "How's this? I thought that since wearing the mask would cause trouble, and you don't want people to see your real self, I thought you could wear some sunglasses to hide your eyes, since some people might know you because of your eyes." Suzuki continued, hoping that Zero isn't mad at her for what she did.

"Well, this could work." Zero answered. "But to be safe, I will hide my mask in my cloak If anything bad happens." Zero continued as he placed his mask in his cloak.

"YAY! Any way you look cool with those sunglasses~~." Suzuki said, giving a smile.

"Hmph! Well come on, let's go." Zero replied as he let out a smirk.

Zero and Suzuki walked out the hotel, Suzuki holding onto Zero's arms, looking like she didn't want to let go as they made their way through the city. They walked past a restaurant to notice two kids talking to a man, it was the man Zero saw yesterday.

"It's him again, I don't have to worry, he doesn't know me and he wasn't after me to begin with..... at least I don't think he is, I better keep my eye on him if he stays...." Zero thought to himself as he walks past the restaurant.

He didn't know what the man was doing here and shouldn't bother like most others, but he felt a power inside the person, a very strong power, something close to what Zero had inside himself. The power he felt was like if it was screaming, being held back by the person as if he didn't want it to come out. Zero also feels like he has seen this person before, he can't put his finger on it but maybe someday he will remember.

Zero notices a building, far from the others, guarded by two men who were wearing armour similar to the ones that The Legion Of Excalibur wear.

"Wait I recognise those suits....." Zero thought to himself as he looked on, but then it hit him. "WAIT! That's The Legion Of Excalibur armour. Then that must mean.......THEY NEVER DISBANDED!!!" Zero thought as he began to put on his mask.

Zero waited till him and Suzuki were far from the crowd, then as they got a good distance from them, Zero used his speed and knocked out the two guards.

"What are you doing???" Suzuki said as she ran over concerned for Zero.

"I've found him...." Zero replied with a cold angry voice. "Here, take one of my blades and protect the entrance, I don't want anyone ruining the reunion...." Zero continued with a cold voice as he walks into the building.

"Ok Zero. I will not let you down!!!" Suzuki thought to herself as she waited by the door, blade ready for anyone who came nearby.

As Zero walked into the room, a man got up from his chair that was on the other side of the room, shocked and said "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

As the man says this, Zero smirks to him and coldly says "So, we finally meet again after all this time..................TRAITOR!!!!"

"Alright then, thank you!" Hector beamed appreciatively waving the two people off and looking over his shoulder. His eyebrows raised before calling out nonchalantly, "Yo Kruger, I didn't expect to see you here so soon. What happened with our little friend?" Before he could wait for an answer though, Hector heard the sound of commotion coming from somewhere else within the city.

"Hm...?" He muttered lowly to himself, peering over the crowd who also looked over at the sound. Some of them may have assumed it was nothing unusual and kept on their daily business and even if they did, right now it didn't even concern them. But for Hector, he who was an officer of the law, could not just sit idely by while potential trouble emerged.

The massive axe which he always held by his side was release, he slowly swung it out held it high above his head at the very bottom of the black handle. Not only was it a testament to his physical power, but it was also a testament to spectacular balance he with his weapon. Most men, even stronger than Hector, would not have been able to keep the weapon in such balance by holding it in such an obscene way. Releasing his grip, he let it slid through his hand, catching it just before the main part of the weapon could reach it, there he flipped it around so that the weapon was now facing dowards and released his grip again, catching it more by the middle section ths time so that it barely remained above the ground.

As he finished, he thought he could heard the muffled yell of "TRAITOR!" from over in the vicinity.

"Looks like we've got some trouble brewing over there, huh Kruger? I'll have to listen to your story about the demon later, it looks like we've got another problem going on.

"Let's go...I'll contact the others while were heading over there." Hector ordered, making his way over to the destination while pulling out his radio. His men would have to enjoy breakfast later, when trouble emerged there was no time for games and rest.

The first thing Hector ran into was the two guards, knocked
out and unconscious. It was also the place where a bit of the commotion had been coming from though it seemed like nobody knew how it had happened or who had been responsible. Some people were even claiming that alcohol was the problem. Well when he got the official report he'd believe that, until then he had other ideas.

And there he saw her, by the door with a sword, a young girl that seemed ready for action. Her bright hair was similar to the one he had talked to before. She looked awfully serious from what he could tell, almost like she wasn't just there for no reason, oh no he could almost tell that she held that sword for more than just decoration. he wondered if the guards that had been knocked out by her. Understandably he doubted the girl could have done such a thing but there was no reason he shouldn't at least check out the building.

"Hello girl, that's a very dangerous weapon you've got there." He said, walking up to her. He placed his axe back onto his back, no need to frightened the girl, although with its size, having it out or not out probably didn't matter too much.

"Please move aside, I need to make an inspection of this building." Hector replied, showing off a brillain smile as he stepped up to the girl with the sword so that he now towered over with his massive size.

"There seems to be some problems inside there, please move aside girl, so that I can check it out."

It was still early in the morning as Kenji walked through the house. A dull ray of light appeared above the horizon, signaling the first signs of daybreak. Kenji couldn't sleep any more. He was too eager to get back to his training, yet he knew it was still too soon.

“Grrrr... I wish there was something I could do!” he whispered. He couldn't stay cooped up in this house for three days.

“Kenji? Is that you? What are you doing up this early?” Rei said as she approached.

“I could ask you the same thing.” Kenji replied as he stared out the window at the empty streets.

“I always get up this early, so I can get ready for work.”

“Work.... ah yes, I remember now. A task you complete for money, correct?”

“Thats right. I work at the bakery downtown. You should come with me today. You would love the food we make there.” Rei said as she smiled.

“There is one thing you are forgetting. I cannot go outside where other people can see me. It would attract too much attention.” he said in disgust. He always felt disgust when he talked about humans.

“Hmmm.... I almost forgot about that.... I know! Wait for me until I get back from work. I've got an idea.” she said with a wink.

The wait was excruciating for Kenji. With nothing to do, he sat there for hours. It was frustrating, as he would rather be training. He felt utterly useless at the moment.

“Gah! I've got to do something!” he said in frustration. Then it hit him. This house may not be large enough to train with his swords, but he could work on his physical training. He needed to stay in top physical form at all times.

. . .

Walking down the street as she returned from work, Rei couldn't wait to show Kenji what she gotten for him. With this, he could go outside and visit her at work! As she approached her house, she unlocked the door and went inside. Kenji was nowhere to be found. He was neither in the kitchen, nor the living room.

“Kenji? I'm home!” She looked around some more, unable to find him. “Kenji!” she called again. Nothing. “Maybe he's in his room.” she wondered. Walking to Kenji's room, she knocked and entered. There on the floor was Kenji, doing what seemed to be one-handed push-ups. He was intensely focused. A puddle of sweat had begun to form as it dripped from his face.


“Kenji, I'm home!” Rei called again.

Noticing Rei, Kenji got up to greet her. “Rei, you're finally home.” he said with relief.

“Yep! It looks like your recovery is progressing nicely!"

"Yes, I should be fully recovered in just a few more days."

"Great! Oh, Kenji, I've got a surprise for you!” she said with excitement. “Close your eyes, and I'll go get it!”

Closing his eyes, Kenji wondered what it might be. He honestly had no idea.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now!” Rei announced.

Opening his eyes, Kenji saw Rei standing there holding..... something. He had no idea what it was.

Confused, he asked “what is it?”

“It's a sakkat silly! A straw hat you can wear to hide your horns when you go outside!”

Intrigued, Kenji asked “This will hide my horns? Let me see it.” Placing it on his head, he walked to a mirror to look at himself. Just as Rei said, with this hat on his horns were hidden from view. He looked like a normal person.

“This is just what I needed. Thank you, Rei.” With this he was free to roam the city and gather information without fear of suspicion.

“No problem!” she replied . She couldn't help but to smile. Even though Kenji wore his usual cold, distant look Rei could sense that she had made him happy, and knowing that was all that mattered.

“Theres one condition though.” she said, that big smile still on her face. “Now that you can go outside, you have to visit me at work!”

“I suppose that would be fine. It's the least I could do to repay you.”

“Then its settled. Tomorrow, you get to walk me to work!” Rei almost couldn't contain her excitement.

“It looks like I don't have any choice.”

. . .

That night, with his stomach full of Rei's amazing food and still warm from another wonderful bath it didn't take long for Kenji to fall asleep. He had two days left. Now that he could wander freely throughout the city, he could look around for some answers. Maybe find something out about the men who attacked him. With a leader that huge and imposing, people were sure to notice.

“They always notice those who are different...” he said softly in the darkness.

He was going to get the information he needed, and someone was going to give it to him.... by force if necessary.

"Traitor? Who you calling a traitor?" The man replied, confused by what Zero.

"Hmmmm? You don't remember me? How could you forget someone like me?" He said giving out a little chuckle. "I mean, you left me for dead 2 years ago...."

"2 years....ago.....???!!!" The man facial expression changed once he had realized. The man began walking backwards in shocked, saying "no..." over and over as he made each step back.

"Hmm? So you do remember me." Zero replied in a cold voice, as he walked closer and closer to the man, soon over towering him as the man fell over onto the floor and leaned against the wall, scared every second. "Because I always remember a face.......Itachi...." Zero continued in a cold, angry voice as he began to take off his mask.

When Zero took off his mask, the man become so scared that he became paralyzed at sight of Zero, because he remembered that face, the face from 2 years ago, the man he betrayed to kill his beloved Queen and burned down the kingdom.

"J-J-Jamie!!!!" Itachi responded, in complete shot like he has seen a ghost.

"Yes, the one and only" Zero replied with a little chuckle. "Now....you will tell me where Lord Excalibur is hiding or I will slice you throat!" Zero continued, pulling up his remaining blade towards Itachi's throat.

"I-I-I don-don't know where he is!!!" Itachi cried. "Ever since he went into hiding, he has been keeping his distance from all his men, even me!!" Itachi continued as he cried even more.

"Don't lie to me, I would be happy to kill you right now......what the?" Zero stopped in thought as he felt a presence, It was that man and he could feel him near. What made it worse was that he could feel that the man just outside that door, that Suzuki was guarding.....

"I-I-I can't let you in!!!" Suzuki replied to the man, holding up the blade, shaking as she was scared by the man, as even though he was smiling and said he was of no harm, she could also feel the power inside this man, and she is worried if the man got close to Zero....

"No....Not now, I'm so close!!!" Zero thought to himself, trying to figure out what to do, find out where Lord Excalibur is and get the revenge that he has been waiting for after 2 years of agony, or does he let all that go for a bit to save Suzuki? Because up to this point, Zero has become to like Suzuki more and more as each day has gone by, and If she dies.....well Zero would go insane, and how would that help keep a low profile when you lose all emotions except anger? It was going well for Zero at the moment, but he finally made a choice.

Zero pulled away the blade from Itachi's throat and placed it back. He then put on his mask and got up saying "Today's your lucky day Itachi.....you don't get to die today." giving out a little chuckle before vanishing using his speed.

On the outside, it looked like the man was becoming to lose patience with Suzuki as he became annoyed with with Suzuki's desire not to give up her ground. But before he could do anything, the door Suzuki had be guarding, swung open at full speed, knocking the man over and seeing Suzuki disappear in an instance. The man looked shocked and said "What was that?" as he sat there confused of what has just transpired.

Zero found an area that was hidden to stop and let Suzuki down, he looked at and said "Are you ok? Did he hurt you?".

"I'm ok" she replied as she gets down from Zero. "But it looks like it isn't safe here, is is now Zero?" Suzuki asked with a bit of an upset look.

"No....it looks like it isn't, but I still need information out of Itachi....." Zero muttered under his breath as they stand there, thinking of what to do next.

“What is it with this disease infested cesspool.” He snarled as he followed the captain, truth be told he couldn’t care about it all, any fight was always a good reason to bash some skull. He kept pace with him as they approached the building, to him it was just an ugly over decorated structure. He noticed the girl standing at the main gate, holding her weapon as the stood next to a pair of knocked out guards. “How interesting.” He mumbled as he drew his own weapon in response, even then he knew that in a firefight the guard would have no chance as he slammed a fresh magazine into the chamber and coking the slide. Taking a bit from the tobacco he spit on the ground perhaps she could amuse him for just a few seconds.

He could hear the screams and cries of agony coming from inside, whatever was going on some poor dumb luck bastard was getting his ass whooped by some other poo dumb luck bastard. That would be become even unluckier if Kruger managed to get his hands on the man or woman for that matter.
He watched as the captain began to question the girl, making it clear they needed to enter the building. Surprisingly for such a young one she showed some remarkable skill by standing her ground although he wondered if it was courage or fear that propelled her. “Just let me gut her and be done with it, we don’t need to ask for this stinking brat to move aside!” He snapped at her as it became obvious she wasn’t going to let them pass just like that, he slapped her in the face just enough to make her head spin. “I said move it you filthy little brat!” He spat at her again as he raised the gun. Aiming the barrel at her chest at this range the shot would simply turn her into a bloody pool of bits. “That was your last warning whore, now move it!”

Still she wasn’t going to move, it was almost admirable. “Sir, either we waste this bitch now or we just walk away from this as that guy inside is likely gone by now!” He was becoming annoyed by this little girl who even now stood there and although her face her stricken by terror she was also determined to keep her ground. “Your funeral.” He snarled as he started to count.
“5…4…3…2…1…” He didn’t make it to 0 as the doors were flung open with such force both he and the captain were thrown back. Dazed for a moment he saw only a fleeting glimpse of somebody going very fast with the girl in his arms.
“Now what the frikkin hell was that!?” He cursed and ranted as he got himself up, looking over the captain had already recovered and was looking at him.
“Well my dear sir.” Kruger remarked in the most sarcastic tone he could manage. “What are we going to do now?”

Hector sprung to his feet, his grin wide spreaidng from ear to ear and showing his teeth. "Hahahaha, what was that? How interesting eh Kruger...isn't it obvious what were going to do?" He pulled out his radio, called out to his men who should have already have been well prepared.

"Listen up, we've got a problem. Two people suspected of criminal activity have just ran off, here there description." He gave a quick but vivid account of the girl, having seen her himself, it was easy for him to give detail accounts of her appearance. He was specific in naming her hair color as well which most likely would have made it easier for her to spot.

As for the other guy, having been knocked away before he could get a good luck, the most he could give was his hair color and that he had been wearing some sort of mask, one he didn't even get to see directly so he had no idea what it was supposed to look like in front. Still though, how many bright haired girls and masked men were running around?

"Split up...and find them!" He ordered loudly, turning his radio off and then turning to the door way. Gazing over at the man named Itachi. From the way he looked, fear and prespiration flowed down his flesh, apparently he had just come in the nick of time because he had seen looks like those before, from those who were about to get killed. However there was a sense of disgust on him, like a rat that had been found out and was only relieved that his own hide had been saved. He looked like the kind of man who probably did cause trouble, may have even been a criminal, no he looked worst somehow.

But unless he wanted to waste his time talking to a man who may or may not have been a problem, he would have to leave him. "Let's go Kruger, I know you don't want to take getting knocked on your hind end by some punk right?" He grinned manically..."You go on a head, start searching...if anyone finds something...I'll catch up."

Sclenzaner's men had already broken up even before Hector's orders. The one named Veter kept his peered, rushing through the crowd and looking out for any strange haired girl and masked man running around. Really these days just kept getting weirder and weirder by the moment although compared to yesterday it may not have been that strange. At the very least trees were being cut down by some random, unseen force, had he not seen it himself he would never have believed it.

He cut the next corner

Then the next...

And finally he saw them, firstly the girl whos appearance was to vivid to miss and then him the mask. If these weren't them then Hector would know, he had seen the girl directly so once he called him over, he could get detailed accounts. For the two, their moment peace would have to be broken for now.

"Freeze!" He roared, raising his gun and pointing it at them. "You two, the girl and the man in the mask, stay where you are and don't move! This is the G.O. Police, you are under surveillience for potential trouble." His actions were getting the attention of the crowd who looked at them suspiciously. Veter ordered them to go away, having no need for them to get into anymore trouble, some only half obliged, leaving but only so far as so they could see what was happening.

Veter glanced at the man's blades and kept his gun ready. "Don't do anything foolish either." He muttered, not knowing the abilities his opponent truly had. With his weapon stil poised to fire at any given moment, he pulled out his radio and called the Captain and the others.

"I believe I've found them, I'm here at..." He gave the coordinates and hung up.

"You know I've already given them our location, they'll be here in more than 3 minutes probably. Please, don't do anything crazy and just stay there, put down your weapons and I promise I won't hurt you. If this is just a mistake, then we'll let you two go but until then, you must stay here.

Again...don't do anything stupid, its not worth dying over."

Getting the call, The Captain laughed loudly. "Kehehahahaha! Perfect Veter, I can always count on you!" He made his way through the crowd, his bulky body racing through the streets without stopping, sliding to the next corner and then going down a narrow alley way to get to his destination. With what basically looked like a monster racing through town carrying a axe even bigger than himself, he was sure to draw attention. So what, he didn't care about that, he had some other places to be anyways. As he cut the next corner, he slid to a stop, placing his hand upon a table.

"Let's see then, where is it...that a way I believe, yes, that's right." He muttered to himself. He stood there, his figure seen by all, the golden axe that could not be mistaken. If she was there, there was no way Rei wouldn't have known that the huge man who just attacked Kenshi the other day was now standing right there in front of her bakery shop.

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Post by Reric on Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:04 pm

Rei awoke with a quick start, already excited about the day. She was going to get to spend some time with Kenji today, and she wanted to get an early start. Carefully, she brushed her golden hair letting it fall down her back and over her shoulders. Finally, she put on her cute bakery uniform that she would wear at work.

Meanwhile, Kenji was up early as usual eager to get out of the house. It wasn't long before Rei emerged from her room, ready to start the day. He couldn't help but notice how cute she looked in that uniform. Still, he had no time for such thoughts. Today he had work to do.

“Alright Kenji, I'm ready when you are!” Rei said walking towards the door.

Kenji grabbed the sakkat Rei had bought for him yesterday and followed her to the door. Before he could leave though, he was stopped.

“Kenji what are you doing? Carrying swords in this city is illegal!”

“But... I don't go anywhere without my swords.” he argued.

“I know this will be hard for you, but if you go out there with your swords you could be arrested!”

“Fine. I guess I have no choice.”

With an irritated sigh, Kenji removed the two swords from his back. After placing them in his room, the two were off. At first, the streets were mostly empty as most people were still asleep. As they made their way through the city, however, streams of people gradually joined them as they too were headed to work for the day. Kenji felt strange. Never before had he been in a crowd of people without having cold glances cast toward him, or people abusing and mistreating him. In fact, no one even seemed to notice he was there as they focused solely on their journey to work.

“Is this what it feels like to be a normal person?” he thought to himself.

“Whats wrong Kenji? What's with that strange look on your face?” Rei asked in concern.

“Its nothing. I've just never been around this many people before.” he lied.

“Oh is that it?” She said with a giggle. “Trust me, you'll get used to it eventually.”

Kenji didn't know if he ever would. He had suffered through years of persecution and abuse by normal people. Now here he was, walking amongst them as if he was one of them. It didn't feel right. He would never forget how he was treated, nor would he forget how he would be treated if he wasn't wearing this hat right now. Pulling the brim down to just below his eyes, he lowered his head and kept walking. He listened as Rei told him all about her job and about the city she lived in. It sounded like she was really enjoying herself. He as glad. For some reason, whenever she was happy he got this strange feeling. A feeling he didn't rightly know how to explain.

“Well, here we are!” Rei announced.

Kenji looked up to see a quaint little bakery, noting it wasn't exactly huge. In the window, he could see all kinds of cakes, pastries, and other desserts. There was enough to make a man's mouth water just looking at them.

“Come on in and I'll show you around.” Rei said as she noticed Kenji looking into the front window.

“This is the display stand you were just looking at.” she said as they walked inside. “Every day we bake samples of whatever we're making for the day and place them there for people to see.” “And over here..” she said pointing to the back of the store “is where all the magic happens!”

Walking through another door to the back of the bakery, Rei brought Kenji back to where all the baking happened. Giant ovens lined the wall, and tables and shelfs were filled with ingredients.

“Ah, Rei you're here!” they heard a voice call.

Kenji turned to see a plump older man wearing a white bakers uniform walking towards them.

“I'm glad you're here Rei! Sakura called in sick so we're a little short handed. We've got our work cut out for us today!” he called. He had a particularly loud voice that carried all the way across the room.

“Oh hi Mr. Nara!” Rei called back to him.

“And who is this young man you've got with you today?” Mr. Nara asked with a hint of suspicion.

“Oh this is Kenji! He's a good friend of mine! Kenji, this is Mr. Nara. He's my boss!”

“Pleased to meet you.” Kenji said. “I am Kenji.”

“And I am Mr. Nara, best baker in the city! Nice to meet you as well!” he said. His voice was even louder up close. It reminded Kenji of a certain someone he knew of. “Kenji, you look like a strong young man. You listen to me. You take good care of my Rei here. Wouldn't want anything happening to my star apprentice!”

“Oh stop it, you embarrasing me!” Rei said as a blush appeared on her cheeks.

“I'll do my best.” Kenji said. Rei blushed even more after hearing Kenji say he would take care of her. It made her day.

“I'm glad to hear it! Well if you'll excuse us, Rei and I have quite a bit of work to get done. Good day to you sir.” he said.

“Well, I've got to get started Kenji. Come on, I'll see you to the door. You should get out and explore the city today! I'll see you after work.” she said as the two walked towards the front of the bakery.

Suddenly Kenji stopped frozen in place, eyes wide. Right there, in front of the bakery was him. There was no mistaking it. His towering figure eclipsed every other person around and that giant axe on his back was a dead giveaway. Instinctively, he sent two vectors out to draw his swords, only to find they weren't there.

“Damn! The one day I don't have my swords. I knew that was a bad idea!” he cursed under his breath.

“Kenji whats wrong?” Rei asked looking at him. He didn't have to answer. Looking to the front of the bakery to see what had upset Kenji, she saw him. It was that man! The leader of the mercenaries who had attacked Kenji!

“Rei, stay here.” Kenji said as he began walking towards the door.

“Kenji what are you doing?! You don't have your swords, theres nothing you can do! Not to mention we're in the middle of the city! People will see!”

“I know what I'm doing. Stay here, and don't get in my way.” he said as he went outside. Rei knew not to follow him. Kenji had that look in his eyes. Those cold, angry eyes the she remembered from the attack.

With his swords at Rei's house, Kenji's only option was to wait and watch for now. Pulling his hat down low, he kept his distance as he followed the large man. For a someone of his size he moved surprisingly fast. Yet, Kenji was able to keep up. He followed him for several blocks until they arrived at what looked to be a crowd of people. Blending into the crowd, Kenji made his way forward. At the front he saw the large man standing by one of his soldiers. He recognized him from the other day as well. He had his gun pointed at someone. Looking, he saw that it was pointed at a man wearing a mask, swords drawn and a girl with bright, rose colored hair. Moving closer Kenji waited, watching to see what would happen next.


I finally got around to finishing that profile sketch of Kenji I posted a while back. I have to say I'm pleased with the result. Heres the link if you guys wanna take a look: http://dl.dropbox...nal%5D.jpg

"Looks like we are surrounded......" Zero muttered, looking at the crowd and the men that have them cornered, Zero and Suzuki only just got away from that man and the person he was with, but now it looked like that man had called for backup....

"I said drop the weapon!" The man said again, continuing to point the gun at Zero, showing no signs of letting him go.

"Alright......" Zero said to the man, acting like he has given up and is turning himself in.

"Wait Zero, what are you doing?" Suzuki quietly asked Zero, confused by what he is doing.

"Don't worry I got this" Zero quietly replied, hoping to give Suzuki a sense of safety.

Zero placed up his blade and dropped it, but Zero dropped into action before it got to the ground. Before it touched the ground, Zero used his super speed to crouch down, grab the blade and made a run towards one of the man's soldiers. The man in quick reaction to this started shooting, but it was to no avail as each shot would hit his men instead. The man then noticed Suzuki, who was still where her and Zero were standing. The man then pointed his gun at her and fired, only for Zero to save Suzuki in time, but the bullet had hit Zero's mask, breaking around where his right eye is, showing what has become of him.

Zero turned to look at the man after saving Suzuki, the man seeing Zero's eye and going into a bit of shock looking at it, as Zero's eye was red and demonic looking.

"Don't.....you dare......TOUCH HER!!!!!" Zero let out a cry of anger, speeding towards the man, aiming for the arm that was holding the gun.

Zero missed the man's arm but still knocked him down. Zero was now towering over the man, laughing louder than anyone, placing the blade near the man's throat he jokingly said "Unless you want to end up like your fellow soldiers, you will leave me alone......NOW!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" the man then crawled away in fear, looking at what had happened to his men, by his hands and Zero's.

Once the man had gone, Zero walked back to Suzuki, checking to see if she was alright, then turned his attention to the people that stayed, looking at them with his demonic eye, staring at them as if he wanted to give out more pain. The people all ran for their lives from Zero, in fear that they could be next after seeing what had just happened right in front of their eyes, all but one, a man who was wearing a hat, standing outside a bakery, staring back at Zero. The man was not afraid, even after what happened in front him. The man saw Zero's demonic red eye and was sort of in shock at the sight of it.

Zero went into his pocket, looking for something, found it and chucked a bag containing something inside at the man and said "Good day to you sir!" giving out a little chuckle before grabbing Suzuki's hand and running into the shadows of the alleyway. For Zero, it was now just trying to find somewhere safe, today was an eventful day and nothing would make Zero calm down then finding somewhere to hide, lucky for him, he found an abandon house that him and Suzuki could use, now it was time to wait and figure out what to do.

Reric: Sorry about that, while I was writing it I began forgetting what happened in a few bits and confuse myself with the characters involved and now looking back I had notice that your character was nowhere near my person, so I apologize.

OOC: A Mod can erase my previous post if they want. Also Jamie, thanks just another thing the same thing goes for the emotions of the characters as well. For example, I probably would've just had Veter (The guy you attacked) tremble in fear anyways, but I may have also have had him stand his ground and be brave.

When it comes to other people's characters, unless they don't mind for some reason, don't mess with them. Physically, mentally, basically never control them directly. Anything you do to them, the consequences will have to be decided by those who control them.

By the time Captain Schlenzaner arrived at the scene, his enemies had already vanished. Veter was on the ground, hurt but alive as the rest of the men (barring perhaps Kruger) also finally arrived. Their medic attended to him as the large man rose up, his face set into a small grin.

"Those bastards are making fun of us, aren't they?" He said, mostly to himself. Veter groaned and replied to him.

"You have to be careful Captain, this guy isn't normal."

"Hm? Did he also have horns?" Hector asked.

Veter thought for a moment. "I don't believe so, but I wasn't really looking for those, beside I was more aware of his mask if anything." Hector nodded. "I see, good work soldier, I'll be taking control now, I won't stand for this atrocity against my men. If these fools want to pick a fight then I'll pick a fight."

Hector gathered his men, walking to the end of the of the town until they finally got to the exit where the man of gigantic size stopped.

"Sir?" One of his men asked.

"You head back to base as we were instructed, but I'm staying here. You see this location is the only way in and out of this town. People have already seen the trouble this guy has caused so he won't be able to stay in this place very long. Even if I have to wait a little bit, he and that girl will be coming here. They are criminals now, established at Criminal Level 1 and the guy with the horns we met yesterday, Criminal Level 4.

I'll show them what happens, when they go against The Great Order and more importantly, I'll show them what happens when they underestimate Captain Hector Schlenzaner. I don't care who they are, I don't care if they're human or demon, I'll defeat them and make this world a better place.

That is after all, my purpose."

"Yes sir! We hope to hear back from you soon, sir!" They saluted, leaving Hector as he stood by the archway that lead into and out of the town. He stepped in closer then went to the left side near the wall and crossed his arms, looking at al lthe people coming and leaving.

Unless they tried some new way he wasn't aware of, he would spot them. and he would make sure that justice was delivered. There was one thing on his mind though, something strange that he couldn't quite put on the tip of his tongue. It was a feeling as if he had been followed by someone else.

Besides the man in the mask and the girl, was there also someone else who had been following that short battle between Veter and the masked man?

Maybe he would find out soon enough.

OOC2: The Criminal Rankings is something that Hector's organization uses that ranges from 0-5

0: Petty Criminals

1: Low end criminals (Stealing under $500)

2.) High End Criminals (Stealing Above $500, slave owning, mobs, assault, etc)

3.) Dangerous Criminals (Killers, rapists)

4.) (Specialized Dangerous Criminals) (Things like Diclonius)

5.) (Unknown Dangerous Criminals) (Criminals that in all honestly are far too dangerous to be dealt with by his men. Anyone of this category Hector deals with himself.

Since he already knows that Kenshi is a Diclonius, he automatically puts him at Level 4 and since he has yet to fight Zero yet or knows exactly what he can do, he only puts him at Level 2. A rank that will certainly rise once Hector actually meets the guy.

Despite the mercenary captain's size, Kenji lost sight of him in the ensuing chaos. The masked man moved so fast he almost couldn't follow his movements. This was no ordinary man. Kenji could feel the killing intent emanating from him, and his maniacal laughter hinted at some form of insanity.

“A diclonius?” Kenji thought. “No, he doesn't have horns and I cannot sense him. Still, it looks as if he would be a challenging opponent, even to a diclonius.”

The soldier pointing his gun at him was no match for his speed and power. The bullet that struck the man's mask was nothing more than a fluke. It was what happened after the mask was broken, that concerned Kenji. Just looking at the crowd caused them to run in fear. When Kenji met the man's exposed eye, what he saw did not seem human, but it did seem familiar. It was almost demonic looking, cold, and filled with rage. It reminded him of himself. It reminded him that he had already spent too much time here in this city. He had a mission. He was an avenger.

Reaching into his pocket, the masked man threw a bag towards Kenji saying “Good day to you sir!” before disappearing into an alley with the girl he was with.

Picking up the bag, Kenji didn't know what to make of it. Not knowing what it might be, he refrained from opening it for now. He had more important things to worry about. With what had just happened here, the rest of the mercenary squad would probably be arriving any minute and he didn't want to be there when they did. Making his way around the block, he doubled back and crossed the street to observe the area. Sure enough, a squad of mercenaries came running up. What was more, that large man was with them. The squad inspected the area, and medics tended to the soldier that was defeated by the masked man. They talked for awhile before regrouping and headed toward the edge of town.

“This is my chance.” Kenji thought. “Maybe they have a base or an outpost near here. If I follow them, they'll lead me right to it.”

Making sure to stay well behind them, Kenji followed the squad. They eventually stopped at the town exit. Walking past them, Kenji was close enough to hear what was being said. He stopped to look into a shop window so he wouldn't look suspicious.

"You head back to base as we were instructed, but I'm staying here. You see this location is the only way in and out of this town. People have already seen the trouble this guy has caused so he won't be able to stay in this place very long. Even if I have to wait a little bit, he and that girl will be coming here. They are criminals now, established at Criminal Level 1 and the guy with the horns we met yesterday, Criminal Level 4.

I'll show them what happens, when they go against The Great Order and more importantly, I'll show them what happens when they underestimate Captain Hector Schlenzaner. I don't care who they are, I don't care if they're human or demon, I'll defeat them and make this world a better place.

That is after all, my purpose."

“So the big guy's name is Hector, and I'm a 'Criminal Level 4', whatever that means.” Kenji thought. He had heard the plan to capture the masked man and that girl. While his power did concern Kenji, he couldn't care less what happened to them. What piqued his interest, however, was the part about the “Great Order”.

“I'll have to find out just what this, 'Great Order' is.”

Walking by, he knew the other mercenaries were headed towards their base. But with Hector patrolling the town exit, there was no way he'd be able to follow them without arousing suspicion. Kenji continued walking past the town exit and headed back towards the bakery. He had gathered more information than he expected, and he wasn't going to let it go to waste.


@Reric: Post deleted

He looked down at Veter still being tended by the medic, the idiot had allowed himself to be overpowered by their opponent. Behind him the captain was busy issuing orders to the rest. He could hear the criminals being classed as a lvl. 2 and 4, the 2 didn’t really interested him anymore but the 4 did catch his interest. “That is an interesting choice my dear captain, would you care to explain that to us.”

He grinned as the thought of finally facing a worthy opponent fueled the fires that were burning inside of him, he could feel the desire for glorious combat emerge. This was such an exciting news to him. So far he had been bored on this trip hunting down what appeared to be mere petty criminals but now with one being a lvl. 4 things changed.
“Ah this will be so much more fun for me.” He laughed while looking around. I did seemed odd that their opponent had gotten away so easily and so swiftly. This was good he had to admit that but still he wanted to get to grips with the lvl 4 bastard first.
He turned to look back at the captain was still discussing several matters with the others of the group, he wondered how much their commanding officer really knew that he wasn’t telling them.
“Sir with your permission I would like to lead the hunt for this lvl 4 target?”

His question was met with glances of awkwardness, nobody had made such a request before and certainly not without being resupplied back at the base. “I would really like to have some fun, do tell me sir what are we exactly going up against.” He laughed hard as he slung the shotgun back on his back. “It would seem with such a high classification that it has to be someone really dangerous right?

"Oh that's right, you are a hired hand for us..." Hector said. "There are six rankings for criminals that we go by, zero being the weakest and five being the strongest.

What are we dealing with? You already saw him in the forest, those uncanny abilities he has. When you've lived as long as I have, you see things you thought you may never see. You saw them on his head right, those horns? Well you should know now that those horns aren't the only thing strange about him, no these beings are much more dangerous than that.

They call them Diclonius, the so called, evolutionary advancement of the human race. Bah, I don't care what they are, they are troublesome to the human race, more so they are criminals that must be stopped and that man there was no exception. Although it is surprising in some cases, most of these horned people were girls. It’s rare to see a male, the first time I've actually ever seen one myself. But yeah..." He muttered at the end. "...That's what they are."

He leaned forward a bit and stated, "Some time ago, there was an incident on an island somewhere in Japan. Some crazy horned woman went on a massacre and killed about a dozen people in there. She escaped an entire man hunt was put out to find her, apparently even more people died after that.

You see, this is the potential threat were dealing with right now, but..." He took his axe and held it outwards. "I have trained myself, body, mind and weapon in dealing with these beings. I won't give up, no matter how far beaten I may be.

...But as for your other suggestion, you want to lead the search? I've sent my men back to base, apparently Yamamoto wants us for some reason, I'm staying here to deal with the masked man and the little girl.

But sure, I give you permission to seek out and kill this Level 4 criminal. But there are a few things I must insist on telling you, so that you don't do anything foolish and get yourself killed." Hector then went on to give a length explanation of Diclonius and vectors and the type of weapons that should be used.

"Oh...and another thing Kruger, don't cause unnecessary problems, I still have your radio and I expect contact at least once a day.

You have my permission and my order, to search for this criminal and deal with him...as you see fit. However, you are still under my command, if I call you to come back, then you are to return without question, understood? Well then, go on a head and search for the demon."

Ending his talk, Hector continued to look at the people, his eyes peeled for anyone wearing a mask. He was about to let Kruger head off on his own when an ear piercing scream reached his ears. Hector jumped up, swerving around to face the town. Two women were running away, sheer horror etched on their faces as if they had seen the most cruel and terrifying of things. Hector's hand reached out, grabbing one of them by her arm and stopping her.

"G-Get off of me!"

"Calm down, my name is Captain Schlenzaner. I am an officer here, what happened?"

"M-Murder. There were...oh god...oh god guts! So much guts! IT WAS BLOOD!" She went insane, clawing at her eyes as her face went gaunt. "OOOOH! OOOH! OOOOH!" There was no helping her, he let her race off, screaming into the sky. She was probably completely insane now, there was no point in helping her now. There was one thing that did matter though and that was figuring out what the hell just happened.

"You heard the woman, looks like we've got a problem. I don't know if this the masked man's doing or someone else, but you'll have to wait and deal with this problem first. Head back there and see what's going on, I'm going to stay here, I can't leave this place as long as I know that the man in the mask is still somewhere in that town.

That's an order...go Kruger, and deal with this problem!"

“Ah what!?” He asked, “What in the frikkin hell is a diclonius, are you making this just up!?” The captain was telling nonsense right now, none of it made sense. How the hell could a little 19 year old girl just slaughter her way through 26 armed guards and then even survive getting hit by a 50 caliber anti-tank round, this was complete and utter bullshit. It seemed that even the much vaulted SAT, the Japanese version of the special forces had been unable to capture or subdue her on no less than 3 separate occasions, really if they couldn’t handle a little frikkin girl they had to be amateurs. “Why the hell do I keep working with such clowns, it’s always the same damn thing!!” He yelled to the captain. “some high assed official screws up badly and like the little children they are they let somebody else clean up their god damn mess!!”

He was getting rightfully pissed off now, just like he expected he was tasked once more with cleaning another man’s mess. “Are you seriously expecting to go and deal with this, I will go after that lvl bastard but only because I have a score to settle. I won’t be doing this for some little shit assed coward in a suit that is too scared to het stains on his frikkin tie!!” He kept on ranting how pathetic and how fucked up this entire situation was starting to become. The captain pointed to the radio as he made it clear he wanted to be informed on a daily base. “Yeah, yeah I will keep your sorry ass informed sir. Now if you will pardon me I have a little bug hunt to undertake.” He had only taken a few steps as he could hear a woman’s scream, for a moment he thought that it might have been that wimp Veter as no doubt one of the medics rammed a needle into him. He had to laughed hard thinking about it and the insults that he could come up for when he met the man again.

The captain had left him as he went after to woman, her face said more than enough to him even from this distance, she was in a shock. He wondered to himself if they had found the people he had left at the bar the previous night, he couldn’t care at all, those people got what they had coming to them. “Yeah you just go and run after them.” He growled as he watched the captain follow them. “Damned officers are all the same.” He pulled out the tobacco he still had in his vest, it wasn’t much which did give him a good reason to go and restock at the nearest store, he couldn’t be found without it when he needed to suit his nerves. “Off for a little shopping trip then it seems.” He grinned as he left off looking for a suitable place to gather some items he still needed.
“I should have never accepted this job, they had better make sure the frikkin pay is good enough.” He shook his head as he kept walking further, this whole job had gone from bad to worse and even the prospect of finally facing a worthy opponent after so long was enough to lift his dark mood, he needed to kill somebody and fast lest his anger build up. Perhaps he could visit the local jail and see if he could have some time with one of their convicts. A nice pedophile should do fine for the moment and perhaps if he was lucky they might have a man set or the death row, he cackled as the thoughts of what he could do to such a man were just too good to pass up. “Ah yes I think I am really going to do just that, off course right after I found these little items on my shopping list.” He looked at the sign next to the store, it definitely was the right place to buy what he needed. Eyeing the man behind the counter he gave a quick description of what he wanted. “Send the bill to captain Hector Schlenzaner.”

"Damn it!" Zero said, punching the wall repeatedly, after finally getting away, from what seemed to be the police of the city. "All I needed was to know where Excalibur was.....not all this bullshit police after us ARRG!!! Now I can't take one step without someone noticing us and getting the police on us."

"What also makes it worse is now that man knows what you look like, so you are not safe either...." Zero continued, looking at Suzuki with concern for her well-being.

"But Zero, they don't know what you look like!!!" Suzuki quickly replied, "They know that you wear a mask but not what's underneath, so you can still walk around unnoticed, me on the other hand...." Suzuki continued, getting quieter and quieter as she spoke.

Zero was deep in thought, how is Suzuki going to get around the city unnoticed? Zero was fine as no one has seen his face, but Suzuki.......the police have a good description of her as they saw her in front of the door, guarding for Zero as he talked to the 'traitor' who was called Itachi, but their little reunion was interrupted when those two 'men' turned, completely ruining everything for Zero, which is why he is now in hiding instead of freely walking around like he was only a few hours ago, then an idea hit him.

"I got it!" Zero said, calmly as he took off his mask, putting it in his cloak before taking that off as well. "Here put my cloak on, It will hide you identity for the time being, also take my blades and hide them inside the cloak, as long as they don't see the blades we should be fine." Zero continued, passing his blades to Suzuki.

"But what if someone wants me to show myself?" Suzuki asked, worried if they get caught.

"Don't worry, you will be fine. Just keep the hood up and follow my lead and we will be safe, ok?" Zero replied, walking over to Suzuki, holding her to comfort her in their situation. "I won't let anything happen to you, I promise" Zero continued, placing Suzuki closer to him.

For him, Suzuki has become a beacon of light to him, she was the only thing that was stopping him from fully going insane, she was making him happy, something he hadn't felt in so long.....and he doesn't want that to stop any time soon.

"For now, it would be best to wait out till it's dark before we head out, to make it easier to hide in the shadows." Zero said looking at Suzuki, to which she replied "Ok" as they hide in the abandon house, away from any danger as no one knows about their location as they were able to get away from trouble thanks to the crowd running from Zero when he looked at them, they now fear him to a point that seeing him will cause shock to run up their backside and get as far from him as possible.

As they lie there on the wall, Zero began thinking about the guy that stood there, not afraid of Zero, "he was something else, for someone to not be scared of the events that transpired, it wasn't human, that's for sure" Zero thought "Maybe that hat was to hide something? Make him look human to blend in maybe? Whatever he is, I hope what I chucked to him helps him at some point......and if not.......well........."

It was late in the afternoon when Kenji finally arrived back at the bakery. As he walked in Rei and Mr. Nara were cleaning up for the day. When Rei saw Kenji come in, she all but knocked him over as she threw her arms around him. Not knowing what to do, Kenji just stood there enduring her tears.

“I thought you said... that you wouldn't worry me anymore!” she said sobbing. “I've barely been able to hold it together today! When I heard gunshots, and saw people running I could only think of the worst! I thought something terrible had happened!” She buried her head in Kenji's chest and cried. Kenji, just stood there, a shadow over his eyes.

Placing a hand on her head, all he could say was “I'm sorry.”

Mr. Nara just looked on in concern. It was obvious to him that Rei cared a great deal about this man. All day he had had to correct the mistakes of a distracted Rei. She had been a nervous wreck. Looking into Kenji's eye's, however, concerned him. Through his many years, Mr. Nara had prided himself on his ability to read people. But looking into Kenji's cold gaze, even as the woman who cared so much for him was falling apart in his arms, he could not tell what he was feeling. All that filled those eyes was anger and hate.

As the two turned to leave, Mr Nara stepped forward. “Rei, if you'll excuse me for a moment... I'd like to talk to Kenji.”

“...alright.” she replied as she let go of his arm.

“Come with me young man.” Mr. Nara said as he led Kenji to the back of the bakery. Closing the door behind them, he turned and said “Kenji, today I have seen a few things that concern me a great deal and I'd like to ask you one thing. Just what are your intentions with Rei?” he asked with concern and a hint of suspicion.

Keeping his icy stare, Kenji replied “I'm not sure what you mean.”

“It's obvious that Rei cares a lot about you. The question is, do you feel the same? What exactly is your relationship with Rei?”

“My relationship with Rei? ...I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. I don't have time for relationships. Yes, Rei has shown me a great deal of kindess and I am grateful. But I have only one desire. The path I follow has no room for such things as relationships.”

“I'm not sure I understand everything I've just heard.... but I do know one thing.” Mr. Nara said as he was becoming angry. “I know Rei cares so much about you! For the past month I've noticed her making extra food. It took awhile, but I finally got her to tell me why. It was for you! She told me all about you, how you lived alone in the mountains, how everyone was afraid of you. She brought you food, and her company, all to a complete stranger out of the goodness in her heart! Everyday, she'd tell me stories about you, about how she thought there was something about you that made you special, despite what other people thought or believed! I could tell, that she was falling for you, and now its obvious that she has! So that's why I won't stand for something like this. You're causing her so much pain, and for what? That girl was almost in pieces today, worrying about you! Rei means a great deal to me. She's like the daughter I never had. I won't let you do this to her. That girl has already been through too much already. To think that after being alone all this time she thinks she's found someone. You either tell her now, or I'll tell her myself.”

Kenji just stood there. Walking closer, his eyes narrowing, Mr. Nara became afraid. Kenji was mere inches away from his face, and he could see the fire burning in his crimson eyes. “Mr. Nara, you do not know the first thing about being alone, about true loneliness. You do not know anything about real pain.” Kenji said with acid in his voice as he thought of his childhood.

Mr. Nara just stood there, frozen, as Kenji walked away. Walking to the front of the bakery he walked past Rei saying, “Let's go.”

Grabbing his arm, she walked with him. It was dark now. The streets weren't as crowded as usual, and the street lamps cast a gloomy, depressing light over the city. They walked home in silence, with neither saying a word. Finally, they arrived. After what had happened today, neither of them felt hungry.

“I think I'll be going to bed now.” Kenji said, retiring to his room.

“Alright... good night.” Rei replied in a sullen voice.

Kenji just lay there for awhile, just staring through the darkness. All he could think about was that masked man and how powerful he was. And what had he been doing? Wasting time in this house, in this city, when he should be training and preparing to take his revenge. His thoughts were interrupted, however, when his door opened. Standing there, in a silk nightgown, was Rei.

“Kenji.... please... I don't want to be alone tonight.” she said as she walked to him. “Please I...”

She couldn't finish her sentence before Kenji pulled her into the bed with him.

“Shhh... it's alright now.... just sleep.” he said in the most soothing voice he could muster. “I'm here now.”

Rei wrapped her arms around him and cried herself to sleep. Kenji's thought's drifted to memories of Rei. He remembered the first time he had met Rei. With two other boys, she had ventured into the mountains and found him. Screaming, they all ran in fear. But then in the following days, the food started appearing and thats when Rei revealed herself. It had been almost a happy time for Kenji. Someone was actually showing him kindness. He remembered all of her visits in the following month, how he began to enjoy her company over time. Then came the attack. His first real battle. To think, if he had never met Rei, she would have never been there to warn him and he would have been taken by surprise. If he had never met Rei, he would have had nowhere to go afterwards. She offered him a place to stay for nothing in return, and cared for him expecting nothing. Finally, he remembered all that had happened in this house. Great food, his first bath in over 12 years, the revealing of his diclonius heritage to Rei. He had discovered that he was indeed developing feeling for Rei. Then today happened. Today had reminded him, that it was for that very reason that he could not stay here. He was becoming soft and too attached. Things like feelings and relationships would only get in the way. He was an avenger. He had a mission to carry out.

Making sure Rei was asleep, Kenji quietly slipped out of bed. Caressing Rei's cheek, he quietly said “Thank you... for everything.” before retrieveing his swords.

Walking into the Kitchen, Kenji left a note on the table to Rei. She would find it in the morning. Quietly slipping outside, Kenji headed towards the city exit. With newfound resolve and a fire burning in his eye's he said “It's time to find out just what this 'Great Order' is. Then, I continue my hunt for the D.E.F."

Much to his word, Hector remained at the same location, looking for any sign of the masked man and the girl herself. Maybe he had overlooked the fact that a man of his size was easily noticed and that they were waiting for him to leave. Mostly, he didn't realize how absolutely bored he was just sitting there, looking at people, waving to a few, doing his best to show that despite looking like someone who would go on a murderous rampage with his axe, was really a nice guy and a man of the law.

It was already afternoon when he began to yawn, not of tiredness, but of pure boredom, one that was unsettled by the rumbling of his stomach. Of course, some lunch would be good now. Right now his men were gone, Kruger was busy with the issues of the apparent murders that had happened and he wasn't about to call him for such a mundane order like picking him some lunch.

The truth was that, he couldn't stay here forever. Really at this point, he was wasting his time, he might as well get something to eat. At least then he could focus on a full stomach. Rising up, he placed his Crescent Sun Axe on his back and walked back into the city, peering over his shoulder he could only hope that the man in the mask and the girl were still around.

"What to eat, what to eat...?" He muttered looking around. He could hear voices of the town's own police force somewhere over the horizon. He wondered if Kruger was there with them, or more likely, he wondered if Kruger was the reason they were there in the first place. He definitely hoped it was for the murder and not for his crazy colleague. The man was a good soldier but damn if he wasn't an over the top lunatic sometimes. It was a bit ironic too, when the right time came, even he could go into a frenzy, like he did with the Level 4 criminal in the forest.

"Oh...what's this?" He said, finally spotting something to his liking.

"Good afternoon!" He called out heartily, bending down and placing his hands on the edge of the booth. "This is some wonderful looking bread..." He said aloud, not really looking at anyone but focusing his attention on the loaves themselves, waiting for someone to answer him at the bakery.

Rei awoke to find herself alone in Kenji's bed. She looked around the room and saw that everything was normal, except for one thing. Kenji's swords were gone. She got a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach as she got out of bed. As she walked into the kitchen she saw a note on the table. Walking towards it, she didn't want to read it. She was afraid of what it might say. With trembling hands, she picked up the note.


Before I met you, I had forgotten what kindness felt like. I had forgotten what it meant to have someone precious to you. You helped me remember, Rei. But you see, that is why I must go. I am an avenger. I cannot rest until my revenge has been achieved. It is for that reason that I cannot let my path be clouded by things such as emotions. My path is clear, and I have only one goal. This is goodbye Rei. I will never forget the kindness you have shown me, nor will I forget you. At least with my absence, your life will no longer be in danger.

Thank you... for everything.

- Kenji”

Rei just stood there with a shadow over her eyes as tears fell onto the note she was holding.

“Kenji, you idiot...” she said as tears streamed down her face. She walked into Kenji's room and collapsed onto his bed. She could still smell his scent. It was at that moment she fell apart. Uncontrollable sobs wracked her body as she just lay there, not knowing what to do. She thought back to all the memories she had of Kenji. Bringing him food, visiting him in the evenings, even the attack and bringing him home afterwards. Though she had only known him for a short time, she had fallen in love with him. He was quiet, and kept to himself most of the time, not to mention he was angry a lot... but there was a gentler side to him that showed itself every once and awhile. She liked him just the way he was. And just like that... he was gone and she was alone again.


Mr. Nara was becoming worried. It was already lunch and Rei still hadn't come into work. He thought that something probably happened between her and Kenji after they left last night. He felt bad for letting her leave with that man after seeing the look in his eyes. He couldn't have done anything if he had wanted to though. The fear he had felt was unlike any he had felt before. He was frozen, unable to move. It was as if those eyes didn't even belong to a hu....

Mr. Nara's thoughts were interrupted as the largest man he had ever seen approached. He had to be at least double his size, and he carried an ax larger than himself! Strangely enough, however, the man seemed friendly. Building his confidence, Mr. Nara approached the front of the bakery and greeted the man saying “Welcome, welcome! I am Mr. Nara, best baker in the city! What can I do for you?”

As the sun began to set, it was getting closer and closer to nightfall, but Zero still believed that it wasn't the right time to move out, people were still walking about, if anyone recognised them, then their cover would be blown and Zero is getting too annoyed to keep running around to be safe. He looked down at Suzuki, who was wearing his cloak, it was the only thing that could hide her identity as they know what she looks like, Zero on the other hand is fine since he hides behind a mask, meaning he could walk freely without the mask....but, he couldn't leave Suzuki by herself, he cared too much about her.

He noticed that she was at peace, so he decided not to ruin her peacefulness. As they lie there in the shadows of the house, so no one can see them, Zero became deep in thought, "Who is this horned demon?" he thought, hearing two people that went by the house earlier, talking about how the police are after some guy who has horns on his head. "Wait, could it be that guy I saw earlier?" he asked himself, thinking of the guy from before, who he chucked a little bag to. What was in the bag is a mystery to that man, but not Zero, Zero knew what was in the bag. "Well if he is that 'horned demon', then what I gave him will help him at some point" Zero continued "But if what they said is true, then I might struggle getting out of this city so easily...." Zero thought, also hearing how that a big man with an axe is guarding the exit. They didn't know why he was guarding; they thought it could be because of the horned demon or the recent 'masked man' and girl that caused a commotion earlier.

"Hmph, if he is after me, then he better be patient if he wants to find me.....but, if he is after the 'horned' guy as well then maybe me and him could co-exist perhaps? Maybe we both have a similar goal?" Zero thought to himself, thinking of possibly an alliance with the 'horned demon'....well that's if that guy would accept the extra help.

Zero looked down and noticed Suzuki staring at him, tears running down her face, as if she was worried for him. Zero placed her head near his face, gave her a kiss and quietly said "Don't worry, I will be alright.....and so will you, so please stop crying." Zero then placed his hands near her eyes to wipe away the tears. Suzuki stopped crying and smiled at him and said "Thank you" before giving him a hug.

Protecting Suzuki has now become Zero's main objective, mostly due to the events that have transpired in these few days, because if Zero never met Suzuki then he would possibly be somewhere near to Excalibur's location, but Zero wasn't angry that Suzuki has slowed down his revenge, instead he is calm. Suzuki has made him feel happiness by just being around him, without her, he would of become colder then he usually would be.....and possibly would of gone insane if he did get to kill Itachi.

Zero looks out to the window, waiting for the sun to finally set, so him and Suzuki can begin their escape out of the city and hopefully to the path that Zero has been walking towards for two years, that's if nothing gets in their way.......

He kneeled at the place that Veter getting his ass whooped by the masked man, he studied the place carefully trying to gain a deeper understanding of the prey. There was no point in blindly racing off like he had done the last time, no this prey was more cunning so a new strategy would be required.
“I’m going to find you horned freak.” He grinned wondering how a horned freak could actually look like, could it be the same as that odd looking girl he saw earlier, the one with the bright pink hair. Back then he had thought it was just a little brat using an excessive amount of dye to color her hair.
That was until he got a full explanation from the captain, seemed the hair was tied to this species amongst a few other telling attributes, namely a pair of horns protruding from the side of their head.

He focused back on the tracking, this person needed to be found first before he could fuck them over. Suppressing the thoughts of sweet and bloody revenge he looked further for more clues, although not easy to find he managed to find a few that gave a hint to where this person had went, it seemed so far they were all pointing in the same direction moving closer towards the outskirts of the city. “Very clever I must admit.” He mumbled as he checked upon yet another clue, right now this person was starting to become sloppy as the hunt was being reduced to just following breadcrumbs now, he admiration for this man was starting to fade as now he wanted just nothing more than to get it over with.
“such a disappointment.” He growled, this last one was downright stupidity as no experienced soldier could be so sloppy to leave a clue that was this obvious to even the most mediocre tracker. “Well you have wasted enough of my time already, I am so going to make you pay for that.”

Looking up he could tell the sun was already starting to set, it wouldn’t be long now before it would be dark and from experience he knew that in the closing twilights hours most would flee. It made sense that his stupid prey would try to leave the city during the cover of the night. He needed a good vantage point to overlook the direction the trail was leading him, a good field of view but also a place that he could easily give chase from. He needed to find it fast as well if he wanted to be ready for them. Noticing a suitable building he walked towards it, he kicked in the door as he noticed it had been locked. Going up one of the ladders he reached the top floor and upon noting the view from here he was satisfied with it. “This shitty place should do for now.” He had an excellent side on the road leading out of the city though getting down was less easier than he had hoped.
He grabbed the bottle of liquor he had taken from that bar yesterday, it was at least some decent shit and it would be spent far better on him than on the bloody tourist and low lives.
“Bottom’s up.” He laughed as he took a huge sip from the bottle, boy did this stuff have a wicked after bite. “Oh damn that is some good shit.” He coughed as he sat down again, leaning so he could still watch the road he took out a fresh batch to tobacco. Damn it smelled good, probably better than what he was used to chew on.

Hours had went by and still nothing had happened, he was starting to become bored with this. “Just another useless night wasted on another useless lowlife.” He cursed as he could imagine how the rest of band of merry misfits were probably having a good time back at the base, getting drunk no doubt. Starting to pack his equipment he suddenly saw movement on the road, he had to use the night vision binocs to get a good view but it was unmistakable, on the road ahead of him were what looked like the masked man, he recognized the cloak walking with another person, a male it seemed.
It was odd to him that the little female couldn’t be spotted but it didn’t matter to him now, he would grab this asshole, kick his sorry ass and then drag the man’s ass into the nearest cell to collect his reward. “Time to go.” He joked as he slid down the ladder fast, landing hard in a pile of boxes he cursed the people here for making such a lousy ladder.
Picking himself up he hurried to not lose track of the two people walking out of the city.

"Best baker in the city huh?" Hector called out, smiling broadly. "This must be some great bread you've got here. Let me see for a moment..." He looked at the loaves and pointed out one that suited his interest. "This will do, I'll probably have to find a butcher to get some meat, a sandwhich would be nice. Here..." He handed the designated amount of cash Mr. Nara.

"There is something I do need to ask though. You see I'm part of a group of a self hired police force who goes around the world. There have been a couple of incidents going on that I must insist that if know anything, you be truthful.

I'm looking for four specific people.

One of them is apparently a man in a mask.

The other is a young bright haired girl who was with that same man.

I am looking for a man with horns on his head...

And lastly, I am looking for another girl, who..." And he proceded to give a short description of Rei that he had remembered seeing before.

"So..." He proclaimed, bending over so that his size sent a looming shadow over Mr. Nara. "It would be great if you give me some help if you know anything."

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The giant of a man standing in front of his bakery seemed nice enough to Mr. Nara. They exchanged pleasantries as the man picked the bread he wanted. Looking into his eyes, Mr. Nara had a striking suspicion that there was more to this man than he was letting on. At any rate, it was still intimidating to be standing in front of a man so large.

"This will do, I'll probably have to find a butcher to get some meat, a sandwich would be nice. Here..." he said as he handed Mr. Nara his payment. What he said next, however, confirmed Mr. Nara's suspicions.

"There is something I do need to ask though. You see I'm part of a group of a self hired police force who goes around the world. There have been a couple of incidents going on that I must insist that if know anything, you be truthful.”

He went on to give a description of a masked man and the girl that was with him. Mr. Nara obviously knew nothing about those two. He had never even seen such a pair, much less heard of them. All he knew was that there was some sort of incident yesterday. Next, the large man told Mr. Nara about a man with horns on his head. Mr. Nara had definitely never seen a man with horns on his head. Such a thing sounded nothing short of ridiculous. It was the last description that sent chills down his spine. From what he was hearing, it sounded as if this man was describing Rei to him.

“What could Rei have done to warrant the pursuit of an International Police Force?!” Mr. Nara thought to himself. He didn't want to tell this man anything, seeing as he knew nothing about him or this “police force”. He knew Rei's life could be in danger. She was lucky she decided not to come into work today.

“Hmmm... I'm sorry to inform you that I've never seen any of the individuals you've spoken of. “ he lied. But if I do hear anything, I'll be sure to tell you.

Speaking of which, I don't think I caught your name.”


The previous night, Kenji carefully made his way through the city. Although the street lamps only cast a dull glow, he made sure to stay in the shadows. Not knowing the city very well, it took him awhile to find his way but eventually he found it. There, in front of him, was the city exit. Scanning the area, he saw no one around, save for a giant hulking figure leaning against the left side of the exit. With it being so dark, Kenji couldn't tell exactly who it was. But he didn't need to. He didn't know of anyone else that big. It had to be Hector. He was still there.

“Theres no way I can get through there without being noticed.” Kenji thought. As much as I wanted to travel by night... looks like I'll be waiting for awhile.”

Kenji stayed hidden in the shadows for as long as he could, but eventually the sun started to rise. He couldn't stay in one spot forever or he risked attracting attention to himself. Walking through the city, Kenji killed time while at the same time making sure to stay far away from Rei's house and the bakery. He checked back at the bakery periodically, and each time Hector was still there, carefully observing each person that passed through. The day dragged on slowly for Kenji, as he aimlessly walked through the city.

It was late afternoon when Kenji finally checked back at the exit again. This time, he noticed a change. Hector seemed different. He was even yawning.

“Good. Maybe he'll fall asleep.” Kenji hoped.

Hector never fell asleep. Rather, he stood and began walking towards the inner city. It looked as if he was heading in the direction of the bakery.

“This is my chance.” Making sure Hector was out of sight, Kenji walked to the exit. Making his way through he emerged outside of the city and, recalling what he saw yesterday, faced the direction he saw the mercenaries travel towards. Casting one last glance back at the city, Kenji started off on what was sure to be a long road ahead.

"My name good sir, is Captain Hector Schlenzanner. Like I said I'm am the leader of a specialized self for hire international police force. We've been having some dififculty with these people I mentioned so it would be really great if you knew anything that you tell me.

If you don't know anything I won't bother you but I would like to make one thing clear."

Hector bent over the counter, his smile widening while his silver eyes narrowed. "If you do know anything, the whereabouts of where or who these people that I just mentioned, you should tell me now. If you don't, I will see that as an obstruction of the law and I may have to take you into custody...Mr. Nara. And I don't think you look like the kind of man who would enjoy prison, and it would be terrible for you to go to such a place for such a foolish reason.

I think..." Hector said, no longer keeping his gaze on Mr. Nara. "...I'll take a look around your place." Without warning or point, Hector had already stepped away from the counter where the bread was being sold and found the entrance way to the baker's shop. He gave no knock, he just entered it as if was his own home.

"You see, I am searching for dangerous people right now, I can't take any risks while I'm here." Hector spoke. "Don't worry I don't plan on doing anything to your shop...if I can help it...this is merely a search mission.

I do have another qustion for you though...Mr. Nara.

Are you the only one who works here?"

Away from the bustling city, walking to their base, the members of Captain Hector Schlenzanner's group had no idea that their trail had been followed by the very person they seen before.

Maintaining his pace while keeping a low profile he had been following the odd couple he had was going deeper into the woods now. It was getting pretty dark as the lights of the city were starting to fade in the far distance, it didn’t matter all that much as he didn’t need all that much light anyway, besides the night vision goggles he was carrying would enable him to continue with following these people even in pitch black.

He jumped behind some bushes as the couple seemed to stop, had they noticed him or where they just looking around. He chuckled at the thought that they might have been lost but given they had been keeping to the main roads the chance of that wasn’t very likely at all. No they were most likely just stopped by looking at some of the flora here, he knew the region had some wonderful examples in this time of the year.
Even then he had to take into account that things could go wrong, he unslung the gun as he raised the barrel, at this distance he couldn’t miss them at all nor would he need a direct hit. They just kept standing there which was now really starting to annoy him, he could just run over and start blasting them to small pieces, collect the heads and go back for any eventual reward.
But then he wouldn’t be able to any satisfaction from that, no he wanted to face them in open battle where it be decided who was the better warrior. He took some of the chewing tobacco to calm his nerves, these people just standing there were just getting to him, why the frikkin hell weren’t they moving again. “Just my kind of luck, I’m probably just following a couple of deranged hormone loaded sexually addicted teens.” He silently cursed as he kept his eyes on them. He could well imagine how his dear captain was now sitting comforterably in his sofa with his slipper while sipping from whatever it was that lazy officers drank at night. He was stuck out here alone in the middle of the night following two possible dangerous suspects. “Just get those sorry worthless asses of yours moving idiots, you are simply testing my patience here.” He spat, oh he should just shoot them right here and now and be done with it.

It took some time but finally the couple decided to continue with their walk though he still have a clue as the where they were going. He needed to keep following them until they came at a rest point at which he could take them both by surprise and overtake them. He didn’t even need to get close for it as he could just use the scoop of his gun which would provide him with a clear picture anyway.
Making sure they were indeed keeping up the pace he got up from his position and followed them slowly, it surprised him to how lax people where, never taking notice if a person was following them.
Guess it couldn’t be helped, most humans were too lazy anyway as they had gotten so used to their lives of comfort. People who didn’t have to fight for their very lives never knew how to fully appreciate such matters nor did they deserve them, they would always be the first to complain when a government would take a few slices of money from them but they would never volunteer to do something about it. How he hated these people who could do nothing but whine and always refused to take action.

Nightfall fell upon the sky, meaning it was time for Zero and Suzuki to move out and get out of the city, Zero knew that this would be no easy task considering that the man with the big axe was guarding the exit, but that didn't matter to Zero; he just wanted out of the city and do it as soon as possible, but with the certain events that have occurred, he can’t just simply walk to the gate, that would be too easy and he wouldn't need to sneak by.

Zero slowly opened the door, looking to see if anyone was there, once the he looked he grab hold of Suzuki’s hand and began making there walk through the empty city. As they walked Zero knew they were not alone, he could feel a presence, watching them as they walked from house to house. Zero decided to stop moving, Suzuki confused of what Zero was planning, Zero was going to see how patient this ‘follower’ is, it was also a chance to see how he can get away from this person.

Time went by, as Zero continued looking for a way to get hidden, also making it look like he was lost to the ‘follower’, trying to make it look like they didn't know what they were doing. Eventually Zero saw an area where they could get away and began moving towards it, when he saw the opportunity he grabbed Suzuki’s hand and ran through the alleyway. Whoever was following them, was no longer following them now as the alleyway proved useful as it had many paths, one of the paths which Zero and Suzuki used led them to the exit, but the man with the axe was there.

Zero and Suzuki stayed in the shadow of the alleyway, seeing if the man could see him…he didn't, which was good for them as they got this far, to be found now while being near the exit would be heartbreak for them. Suddenly they heard a thud, Zero checked and saw the big man on the floor, sleeping.

“He must have been awake all day.” Suzuki quietly whispered.

“Yeah…but we have to be careful…this is our only chance to get out.” Zero replied, holding Suzuki’s hand as they slowly and quietly make their way to the exit.

They finally made it out of the city and quickly began moving faster till they could not be seen, once they made it far enough from the city, they began walking on the path to the next place.

“ I'm beginning to feel sleepy” Suzuki said, giving out a yawn. Once she said that, Zero went into the cloak pocket, pulled out his mask, putted it on, and then picked up Suzuki on to his back.

“Won’t you also get tired?” Suzuki asked, feeling concerned for Zero.

“ I've had many sleepless nights and still felt fine after so don’t worry.” Zero replied, “But you need to hide your face, even with my cloak it is still possible for people to see your face…Ah yes there is something in my cloak pocket you could use…” Zero continued, putting his hand in the other cloak pocket, which revealed another mask. This mask was different to Zero’s mask, same shape but different design and colour for the mask was completely pink with rose flowers designed over it. “ I've had this mask for 2 years…I was never going to wear because It doesn't suit me…but I didn't want to get rid of it…because I thought it could be useful at some point…looks like tonight is the night it will be used…here put this on and sleep, I’ll carry you till we find a safe point ok?” Zero asked, handing the mask to Suzuki.

“O-ok…” Suzuki quietly replied, putting the mask on and closed her eyes, falling asleep on Zero. They were free from the city, which meant they could continue their journey, but Zero knew it wasn't the end from those ‘men’ they would be after him and Suzuki, just like they are after that ‘demon’, but who are they after more? That man with horns or him and Suzuki? It didn't matter to him though, they were safe and that was all that matters.

“Go right ahead Mr. Schlenzanner! I don't believe you'll find anything out of the ordinary here. This is just my humble bakery after all.” Mr. Nara replied smiling.

Mr. Nara had nothing to hide in his shop from Hector, so he had nothing to fear. It was his last question that sent a chill down his spine, however.

“I do have another qustion for you though...Mr. Nara. Are you the only one who works here?”

“Oh, not quite. I have a wonderful young lady named Sakura who also works here as my apprentice.” Mr. Nara couldn't bring himself to tell Hector that Rei also worked here. He feared too much for her safety. There was no telling why a man like this had business with a girl like Rei all of a sudden.

“Its quite fortunate that she chose today of all days not to come in for work.” Mr. Nara thought to himself as he followed Hector to the back of the bakery. He stood back and let Hector begin his search. While he was busy with that, he called Sakura over. She had frozen in place when she saw Hector enter the room. She was still quivering with fear as she walked over to him.

“Who is that man?” she asked in low, trembling voice.

“Theres no time to explain. Listen, whatever you do, DO NOT tell that man that Rei works here. You are the only one that works here. Understand?” he whispered to her.

“Yes, I understand.”

The two of them separated when Hector began to get too close. Standing there, they waited for him to finish his search of the bakery.


Kenji kept his distance as he followed the group of mercenaries. Without Hector around, if anything went wrong taking these guys out would be a easy. The path they had been following had little to no cover so Kenji had to stay very far away to avoid notice. But now, the trail was leading them into a forest. It was the perfect environment for Kenji. Seeing the tiny figures of the mercenaries cross the treeline into the forest, he used his vectors to propel himself at high speed so as not to lose them. As he approached he launched himself into the treetops to continue his pursuit. Quietly, he jumped from branch to branch following his clueless prey.

As the sun began to set, Kenji kept waiting for the group to stop and make camp.

“Surely they won't travel during the night as well...” Kenji thought to himself.

It wasn't long before Kenji discovered why the mercenaries weren't breaking for camp. There was just enough daylight to see the clearing up ahead. As the mercenaries approached Kenji saw some sort of checkpoint. There were two towers containing armed guards, and in-between was a chainlink fence topped with barbed-wire. The group was stopped and, after flashing I.D.'s they entered into the compound.

Looking beyond the checkpoint, Kenji saw what he could only describe as a huge fortress or compound.

“What in the hell is a thing like that doing all the way out here?” he said to himself.

It didn't matter to him though. All that mattered was the he had discovered the location of the mercenary base. Now that he knew that, he had all the time in the world to train and prepare a plan of attack. Traveling deeper into the forest, Kenji found a secluded spot to make camp. Laying there by the fire, Kenji waited for daybreak so that he could begin his training.

Several times now he had to duck to make sure the couple didn’t spot him, at moment he swore he could see a mask looking his way while the other cloaked figure just kept looking forward. He cursed them as this was starting to annoy him. “I am so going to take out my frustration on you worthless bastards if you don’t get a move on you rodents.” He spat while he kept chewing the tobacco, so far it was the only thing that was preventing him from jumping out of the cover and just starting shooting them. “I really hate you people.” He growled again, they had been walking for god knew how long and truth be told he just about had it with them.
He could barely make out one of the figures taking something from the cloak, he couldn’t tell what kind of object it could possibly be which meant for him to exert more caution in approaching them.
Keeping his eyes on them he could see it was given back to the figure wearing the cloak and for some the figure placed it on, it looked like it fitted to their face. No doubt this was an attempt to disguise themselves which made him all the more suspicious.
The figure with the cloak now hauled themselves onto the back of the other person, it seemed that at least one of them was already exhausted. He smiled as he knew his chances had gone up by a considerable factors, having to focus on only one person made it so much easier for him to overpower them. Besides this person would now also suffer quicker from exhaustion as well due to the extra weight they would be carrying with them. He smiled at his good fortune as he picked up the pace again.

He pulled the radio from as he looked to contact the captain and the base, right now it would be better if he informed them of his discoveries if not for just letting them know where to find the bodies in the morning. “This Kruger calling command over, profile low.” He waited for some time before he got his reply, it was a good thing he had kept the volume down to the bare minimum as the idiot on the other side of the line was far too loud. Just when things were looking his way he got stuck with another brain-dead radio operator who didn’t even have the slightest idea on the frikkin codes meant. He took a mental note that should he return to base that he would pay that incompetent idiot a little visit and educate him a bit on such crucial matters.
“I said profile low idiot.” He hissed into the microphone and finally after a few moments it seemed the idiot was realizing what he was saying. “Understood, pass your message.”
“Located 2 bogey’s, moving towards point charlie-delta, possible hostiles.”
“Understood, we will notify.”
You just do that he thought to himself, the idiot had no idea or at least he gave that impression this message was to be forwarded with all haste to the good captain. “Just pass it to captain Hector and keep your mouth shut.” He turned the dam thing off as he wasn’t in the mood to listen to this idiot for one more second.

Looking up he could see the distance between himself and the couple was starting to get a little too long so he increased the pace with which he was stalking them, it only took him minutes thanks to their poor pace, this was going to be so easy for him.
Having crept up close enough he raised the barrel of the weapon as he unloaded a shot in front of them.
“Good evening, what a nice night for a walk isn’t it. Now turn yourself around nice and easy and perhaps I might resist the urge to shoot you both on the spot.”

"What a lovely young lady we have here...Sakura was it?" He asked giving a bow that either came off as politeness, intimidation, strangeness or a combination of all three. In truth he meant it but the way Hector always carried himself, talked and acted it probably got to the point that maybe he didn't realize the kind of aura he gave when around people even if they didn't think he was looking for someone important they knew.

As his search continued he spoke out to no one in particular, "It must be hard for just two people to work here though, you sure have a lot to do. Maybe you should think about hiring one more hand to help out around here." He gave them what looked like a knowing, quizzical gaze again amplifying that intimidating aspect of him that he almost seemed unaware of.

During his search he received contact from Kruger about his findings. "Hm...understood, I will report in A.S.A.P." Turning off his radio, he turned back to the proprietors of the shop and bowed deeply. "I apologize for keeping your time, and I thank you for the bread." With a smile as if he had heard a great joke, Hector left the bakery and unraveled his bread. Now that he was out his stomach was churning from not having anything to eat and with no time to pick up some meat for a sandwich he just decided to gobble down the wheat in huge chunks. It took no more than ten full bites for him to finish the entire thing now heading up towards Kruger's location.

"I do hope that crazy man hasn't done anything too wild yet..." He said. Before heading towards the exit, knowing full well anyone he might be searching for could easily have left and probably did he checked up on his account and noticed that Kruger, bless the crazy bastard, had gone up and made quite a purchase and then had it put on his, Hector's account. He smiled at the four digit number, or was it five he had to peek closely and laughed to himself before leaving, his massive figure finally leaving the town.

There it was, the fortress base that Hector Schlenzanner's men had been going to. While it was their base it wasn't exactly their go to home for all things. Being employed by the man named Yamamoto, this fortress was unknown to them if it was Yamamoto's main base or just some subsection. Regardless though it was where they were assigned to come to and that was all there was to it.

The guards, men and other people there wore similar outfits it seemed or at the least carried themselves in a way that they had been in the place for a long time. Compare that to Hector's men who acted as hired mercenaries were easily different from the rest.

They flashed their IDs, getting it checked and were allowed entrance. Now that they had arrived it was time to get in touch with their captain. Getting the message from them he was glad to hear that they had arrived safely in truth he had worried a bit about them being out there even as a group without him. Captain Schlenzanner might have been a very overbearing man with a nack for unknowingly freaking the heck out of people. But he always cared very much for the people he was in charge of.

None of them had the slightest clue that they had been followed. Of course the so called "demon" that Hector referred to was a master of stealth so really, how could they have been prepared in the first place? There was one thing for sure though.

Without Hector or Kruger with them, they most likely stood no chance if Kenshi tried to attack them.

The shot just misses Zero, hitting the ground next to him, causing a strong gust of wind to blow right next to him, the wind going through his mask and hair. Zero knew that this man wasn`t a bad shot, the hit to the ground was nothing more than a warning, but this warning didn't scare Zero in the slightest…

“Good evening, what a nice night for a walk isn't it. Now turn yourself around nice and easy and perhaps I might resist the urge to shoot you both on the spot.” The man said after firing the shot, his voice, sounding more like he wanted to just kill Zero, rather than turning him in.

“Why yes, yes it is a good evening now is it?” Zero replied, giving out a little chuckle, refusing to turn around. He knew the man would shoot once he turned around, so what would be the point? “I see you have been following me…how cute…I don’t see why you are following me…I have not caused any crime…yet hehe…” Zero continued, toying with the man, trying to lead him into confusion. Whatever organization he belongs to, it seemed that they can do whatever they want.

“If you planned on following me…then you should have done better…” Zero jokingly said “I mean…with your size it would be hard to hide in a simple bush haha.” Once Zero said this, he used his speed to get behind the man.

“Do not worry my big friend…I will not kill you…as long as you don’t get in my way haha” Zero jokingly said to the man. Zero could kill this man right now, but where would be the fun in that? Also Zero felt tired and could not be bothered to fight. There was also the fact that Suzuki is sleeping on his back, any fighting movements and he might hurt her, and he didn't want that.

“But I do bring a warning…which also goes for your fellow man by the exit, who fell asleep…how amusing!” Zero said giving out a chuckle. “But seriously, my companion here, who will remain anonymous, means a lot to me…and I notice that you are after both of us…which I would like to say is a bad idea…” Zero continued with a cold voice. Zero’s charming talk had slowly become a more hatred threat to the man with the gun; Zero was becoming more serious as each word was said.

“It’s a bad idea because I don’t like it when people try to hurt the ones I care for…” Zero coldly said. “Anyone who has tried to hurt the ones I care for…has never survived facing me…So It would be best If you stop following us…for your own good…and for your own life…Ok?” Zero continued. One Zero said this; he smiled behind his mask and began to laugh.

“Saying this, I now have to depart, so good whatever to you sir…but I leave you with this, a question if you will. Riddle me this, riddle me that, who is afraid of the white blood mask? HAHA!” Zero gave out a big laugh before using his speed to disappear. The big man turned around to see that Zero was gone, nowhere to be seen. The man got angry at this, hitting the things around him, he thought he had Zero, he could have killed him, but Zero was able to escape his grasp, disappearing into the woods.

Zero ran through the woods, still using his speed and found an area, hidden for anyone to see, that he could use for shelter for the moment. He walks into the littler shelter, places Suzuki down on a soft part inside and takes out one of his blades, he then sat inside, close to the exit and began to guard, for even though this place was well hidden, it was still possible for anyone to find them.

“What an annoying day it has been.” Zero thought to himself. “Oh well, I better guard this place from anyone who thinks about getting close here…” Zero continues as he looks over towards Suzuki, who is somehow still asleep even after what happened a while ago. She must be really sleepy to have slept through that, but it didn't matter to Zero, she was safe and that was it. Zero continued to guard the exit as the night was slowly becoming day, he wasn't going to let anyone near, even if it meant staying up all day and night to do it…

He stood there stunned for a moment, had this clown under gunpoint just asked him a riddle. God this guy had to be stupid or retarded or maybe even both. Didn’t matter much as he was going to shoot him anyway. There was a sudden flash of light that blinded him for a second, he turned around as he heard a noise but the man had simply vanished. “COME BACK HERE AND FACE ME COWARD!!!”
He starting to yell even more as kicked anything within reach. “THIS ISN’T OVER…… YOU HEAR ME THIS ISN’T OVER!!!!” He couldn’t believe he had been fooled by such a simple low trick. “WHAT KIND OF COWARD USES SUCH CHEAP TRICKS TO AVOID GLORIOUS COMBAT!!!”
He knew the person couldn’t have just left, that was impossible but if he was hiding in the dark now he could the night vision goggles he carried with him. Reaching down to grab them he cursed once more as he could already tell they had been wrecked, curse this bastard and his tricks. “When I see you the next time I will be certain to skin that cowering face of yours.” He spat as he threw them away, no more need to carry that dead weight around with him.

He gave a thought to the options he had to himself now, either he could continue with the hunt but that would take time in this darkness to find another usable clue and I was likely the man had taken steps to cover any further steps he had made. The other was going back to the base for some supplies and to bring in some back-up. It was likely for the best if he did went back, there was little need to waste his time on a fruitless hunt this late in the evening. He grabbed the radio to let them know he was coming back but upon feeling it he already felt his ire rising again. The coward had wrecked this as well, that was just frikkin great he thought to himself. “CURSE YOU!!!” He just simply couldn’t believe it, this asshole had just made it on his blacklist and he would be certain to kill this guy even if it was the last thing he ever did in his life. “Okay than, this is no longer about a paycheck bastard, this has become personal.” He balled his fists as he really wanted to strangle the first person he came face to face with. “You just wait and see rodent.” With those words he packed his stuff and left for the headquarters, it was going to take some time but if he kept up the pace. He took a bite from the supplies he or rather the poor captain had purchased in town. He had to admit that it was some pretty good stuff and he would be bound to acquire some more of it the next day.

It had taken him several hours but eventually he made back to headquarters, it was still the same ugly building as he remembered it to be, it breathed no personality just nothing more than cold numbers. The perfect hiding places for lousy officers and no good for nothing suites and ties.
Disgusting people there always were with their fancy clothes, their poor manners and no understanding on what it took to get a job done. Always scared to get any dirt on the fashion designer clothes or their precious make-up. Just setting food on the compound ground made him already sick thinking about it. He would stay here for as short as possible, just to get some supplies, replace some broken equipment and then unless they had another assignment for him he would be out hunting again for that cowardly bastard and that companion of his would also be getting it for sure. Perhaps he could have some fun with that one as he did wanted to try and scalp a person. He grinned as the perfect chance had been giving to him.
“Well it seems like a most befitting way to have some revenge.” He laughed in a sickened way as he grabbed the machete allowing the light to reflect of it.
“I will have my fun with you, just wait and watch.”

Mr. Nara and Sakura breathed a collective sigh of relief when Hector finally left.

“Who WAS that!? Sakura almost shouted.

Giving his explanation, Mr. Nara spoke. “That was a Captain Hector Schlenzanner, and from what I gathered he's looking for several dangerous people loose in or around the city. But for some reason he has some sort of business with Rei. That's why I told you not to mention her. I have no idea what this man's intentions are, and I'd like to speak with her myself.”

“What would a man like that want with Rei?” Sakura said with fear and worry in her eyes.

“I don't rightly know... but I'm going to find out. You stay here and watch the bakery for me. I'm going to pay a visit to Rei's house.”


The first rays of light were just beginning to peek out over the horizon as Kenshi began his training. He would have to work harder than ever if he wanted to take on a guy like Hector. As he was now he could hold his own against him, but the cost of victory was still to high. He needed to become stronger.

Sending out two vectors, Kenshi drew the two blades from his back. He was far enough away from the mercenary base that he could train undisturbed. It was calm and serene out here. It reminded him of his time in the mountains. The first swing of his blades broke the silence as he began his training. Trees fell one after another. The force a vector could put into a swing was enough to cut through them like hot butter. Soon Kenshi was standing in what was now a clearing. All the trees around him lay destroyed on the ground.

“This level of training won't be enough...” he said to himself. “...I need to develop a new technique. Surasshu o tachi and Tsuinsurasshu alone won't be enough anymore. At least not against Hector.”

Drawing his late master's sword, Kenshi gazed at the blade looking for some kind of guidance as to what he should do. He thought back to all the things Toshiro had taught him.


12 years ago -

It was mid-day as Toshiro and a young Kenshi walked into Toshiro's dojo. It hadn't been long since Toshiro had begun instructing Kenshi on the way of the sword.

“Today Kenshi, you'll be learning all the basic and fundamental strikes that are used to make up more advanced techniques.” he said in his old, but knowing voice.

“But sensei! All that stuff is easy! Show me the advanced techniques, I'm ready!” Kenshi said with a youthful indignation.

Toshiro let out a soft chuckle. “You've still got a ways to go before you're ready for the advanced techniques. I myself couldn't use them until I was a man. You are still much too young.”

“Ohhh.... alright” Kenshi said in defeat.

Kenshi stood at attention as Toshiro instructed him in all of the basic techniques. There was one, however, that caught his attention.

“This, Kenshi, is the overhead strike. It is one of the most fundamental and important techniques for you to master. Draw you sword like this, and raise it above your head. When you see an opening, with all the force you can muster, bring the blade down on your opponent's head.”

“Okay, let me try Sensei!” Kenshi said as he raised his practice sword above his head.

“Alright Kenshi, come at me with everything you've got.”

Kenshi charged at Toshiro and swung with all the strength he could gather. Before he knew it, he was on the ground in a daze.

“You're swing is very good Kenshi! But you're too slow, and your strike needs more force behind it!”

“I'm not done yet!” Kenshi yelled as he sprang to his feet.

For the rest of the day Kenshi trained as hard as he could, practicing all of the basic techniques. Being a natural, he got the hang of them very quickly.

“That will be enough for today Kenshi.” Toshiro said. “You've done well. I believe its time for a break.”

“That's okay Sensei, I think I'll stay here and train a bit more.”

Walking over to Kenshi, Toshiro placed a hand on his head.

“Kenshi, I know you want become the best you can be... but there is such a thing as too much training. You need to give your body time to rest.”

“But... okay...”

“Don't worry! There will be plenty of time for training. From what I've seen, with enough time and practice you'll even be better than me someday Kenshi.” he said with a gentle smile.

“You really think so Sensei?” Kenshi said with a smile.

“I certainly do! Now, how about we go get something to eat?”

“Alright, let's go!” Kenshi said as he ran ahead.


Waking from his memories, Kenshi started off deeper into the forest.

“I remember now. I know what I need to do.”

He had a new technique to master, and there was much work to be done.

For Hector his insight gave him that peculiar feeling that Mr. Nara nor Sakura was telling him the entire story. It was that gut feeling, the look on their faces expressed worry. Though to be honest even if they weren't hiding something from them their expression might have been the same. It was the case when a guy like Hector looked like he might eat somebody.

But without direct proof he had no way to tell and for now, he would just assume that they were telling the truth. He did give them a warning though that if they had any knowledge on these people and refused to tell him, he would see that they were imprisoned for obstruction of justice. That was his life, his very life, to make sure order was given throughout the world.

They knew something. He could tell, it was clawing at him, so close yet so far he knew that maybe if he had interrogated a bit longer he might have gotten some answers. He faltered in his footsteps, keen on turning back and he almost did. But it would have to wait, he had to meet up with his crazy secondsary hired mercenary and make sure Kruger didn't do something crazy...or crazier than usual.

"Hm?" As he got to the location of where Kruger was at, he startled to see that the man was no longer insight. Well that was obvious, he had spent too much time at the town.

But as he looked upon the scene with careful eyes, he knew that something had happened here. Some of Kruger's equipment was laying around, broken. Clearly from the marks on the ground a fight had broken out. Had Kruger met one of the assailants and who it would be?

Was it the man in the mask? Or was it that horned Demon?

Hector quickly called the man.

"Yo Kruger!" His booming voice said. "Where ya at, I've lost ya? Did you head somewhere else ya magnificent crazy bastard? Hahahahaha!" He let out a jovial laugh.

"Greetings Cap..." The mercenaries said then stopped himself when they saw Kruger enter and went quiet. When Hector didn't appear they began to worry. Knowing Kruger, they probably had this expectation that the man slipped behind their leader and slit his throat. Really, none of them wanted to be in the same room as this man.

"Where is Captain Schlenzanner?" One of them finally asked. It was their medic, his black eyes piercing which may have been intimidating if not for two things. For one he was the lightest of the group and two, he couldn't seem to stop his eyes from twitching making any sort of intimidating factor, obsolete. It might have been better if someone else had asked.

Actually it might have been better if they had just been quiet and pretended Kruger wasn't there. Then he started getting out the machete and two of them visibly moved away until they nearly fell out of their own seats.

“Aw how nice of you all to welcome me home, I didn’t know you guys cared for me that much.” He laughed as he entered the room and the rest of the men standing there, the look on their faces was sublime to him, clearly they were not expecting him at all. Seeing their nervous staring back at him he couldn’t help but wonder. “Don’t give me that look you whimps, it’s not like I killed somebody….. yet.” He grinned as he took a step forward.
He could already smell it, the scent of fear was lingering on these people. It was a scent unbefitting of professional soldiers but then he never considered any of these to be a professional at all. He sat down next to a couple of them as he decided to scare them a bit, it would be a good lesson to them. He slowly pulled out the machete as he held it up for them all to see. Already it had the desired effect on them, a few started to lean heavily into the other direction. Perhaps it would be nice to swing it in their direction. He chuckled at the thought as it would give them one hell of a scare alright, the real whimps would likely also piss their pants.

“Oh you brats missed one hell of a fight I had in the woods by myself. You wouldn’t believe how many of them there were.” He boasted as his voice started to fill the room. “Must have been over three dozen of these bastard all coming for me with these blood-filled eyes staring at me.” He grinned as he continued with his story. “Ugly bastard as well I should add, they had this terrible stench around them. I dropped the first wave with a volley of my gun but they just kept coming.”
He jumped up from his chair as he swung the machete from the left to right narrowly avoiding some of the other. “I took my little friend here and charged them as I started to slice down one bastard after another.” He swung again with the machete as more men ducked to take cover underneath the table. “Ha you should seen the looks on their sorry excuse for a fuckfaces as their second wave fared just as poorly against me as their first.” By now he had climbed on top of the table as his boasting got even worse. “I saw this group of really ugly ones clustered together so I grabbed one of these little ones and tossed it right at them!” He mimicked the toss he supposedly did but as the men looked closely they saw he had thrown an actual grenades, they all screamed for their lives.
“Hahhahahaha, ow you sorry lot of excuses. Have you gotten your frikkin panties so much in a bunch you can’t even tell if the pin has been pulled.” He jumped of the table to pick up the grenade.
“And then came their leader, the biggest and ugliest brute I have ever seen. I kid you not!!!”
He punched both arms into the air as he showed to them how he wrestled with this gargantuan opponent as he kept delivering punched. “He kicked and punched him so hard it would have felt any lesser man or reduce him to a whimp like you lot!!” He grabbed one of the nearest chair. “I grabbed this big block or wood and then I slammed it on this fellow foot!!” He threw the chair on the ground breaking it in the process.
The machete was back in his hands before any of the men knew what the hell was happening as Kruger got ready for the grand finale of his showcase of this epic struggle. The man was pumped that was certain to them but why did he have to be so destructive about it. “The bastard let out a bellow as he charged me and I met him head on.” He lunged forward off the table and leaped for the closet opposing him as he raised the machete high for them all to see. “I jumped forward and I plunged it right down his face!!!” He bellowed he rammed it with all of his might into the object.

Lily strolled around her warehouse. It had been six months since she moved in and she was quite happy with how things were turning out with it. A couple of her brother's art works were placed in various places throughout the building. Oddly enough, he wasn't anywhere to be seen. Unlike Lily, Donald was an introvert and almost never left home. She wondered if he left to get more paints or something like that, if so then he'd be back in no time.

She walked over to her part of the warehouse, which was a mess of tools, spare parts, computer parts, and other technological oddities. The neatest parts of her side were he bed area which was neatly enclosed by a wall she built herself, and the computer area where her laptop, and two desktops waited for use on desks that she found at the junkyard. She had built both of the desktops and many of the things the laptop could do she programmed herself. Only recently did she get internet here so she had to go to places with public internet, which in some cases was OK considering the last two jobs she had would have gotten her into deep trouble with the authorities if she had used her home internet for them.

She started up one of the computers and opened up a program that accessed the cameras that she had set up around her warehouse. She was curious about when her brother left and wanted to be able to guess when he'd return. She found out very quickly that he had left shortly after she did at around noon and hadn't come back since. This left her with an uncomfortable feeling, because it wasn't like him to be gone for more than an hour unless he had gone to paint a scene or an outside portrait, which were rare for him to do. Not only that, but he didn't have any of his art equipment with him when he left.

She decided that she'd have to go and look for Donald, and hopefully nothing bad happened to him. She grabbed an mp3 player, a headset without any muffs on them, a few more bobby pins and hair bands, and an empty 9mm handgun. She didn't have any ammo for he gun, but its parts would be more than enough for anything she might need and just having it would be intimidating if she used it well enough. She shoved most of these items into her pockets, wrapped the headset around her neck, and slid the gun into waistline of her pants safely resting it against her back. She started playing the mp3 player and left the warehouse in search of her brother.

Lily decided to begin searching Donald's usual haunts. First she went to the beach which was often times Donald's favorite place to go for drawing sketches. Being the evening not too many people were at the beach. There were a few that looked to be college students and maybe a dating couple. Donald was nowhere to be seen. Next she wandered to the gardens which was another favorite of Donald's except for painting instead of drawing. A couple sat at the bench he used most often and Lily though that it would have been a heart-warming scene for him to paint. Unfortunately, he wasn't here either. Lily was a bit frustrated considering there weren't even any signs of his being there. Finally, she decided to try the local graveyard. It was an ominous place with a scary feel, but some of his most powerful works were done in the graveyard. She went to his usual spots within the graveyard and found a slip of paper at the foot of Donald's favored tombstone.

It said "Orisaka". The note was definitely written by Donald, but why would he go to Orisaka? Lily grew confused and worried. This behavior was not like her brother at all. What had he gotten into that made him do this? She hated the idea of leaving the place that she had hoped would become her home, but her brother was more important. She returned to the warehouse with the note and began packing as quickly as she could. The brevity of the note fit her brother's typical style of communication. Unlike her, he liked to be short and often times blunt with his speech, and he never carried on long conversations with anyone. If she hired a driver, she could get to Orisaka in one day. There she'd find a place she could stay and begin the search for her brother.

She packed her laptop with its charger, a week's worth of nylon clothing, tons of bobby pins and hairbands, the empty 9mm, all the money she had from her last job a week ago, and a few tools she thought might be useful if she needed them.

OOC: I have an idea as to what her brother is doing: looking for someone he's been having correspondence with that Lily helped in the past. However, I don't know what has happened to this person or if this person is a npc or a pc. The person suddenly stopped communication and he left to find out what happened which is something he only does if he really cares about the person. If one of you feels up to it could you please help out with this in game maybe? Thanks.

Sirens followed Itoe everywhere as she escaped from the facility. Her memories regarding this incident were only a blur. She couldn´t clearly remember it and didn´t want to. Her first objective was to get as much space between her and her Persecutors as possible. Her lungs were burning and she was reaching her Limit. But she wouldn´t return there. Never! The cold cells and the cruel treatments would last for two lives. Now she had the only thing she ever dreamed about: Freedom!

The other thing was: She was never outside the Facility and didn´t know anything about social rules or hiding spots. The girl was alone, scared and hungry. At the moment she was hiding in some bushes, which lined the street. What should she do now? Itoe had no clue.

Suddenly there was a sound behind her and she winced. Where they here to capture her again? Had they finally found her? Loosing her nerves, she just ran as quickly as she could down the streets. Itoe could hear voices but she didn´t unerstand what they were shouting. The girl was sure these people would try to get her back or - worse - kill her. There were more than enough subjects they could experiment on. What difference would make a killed one or two?

"Where should I go?" were the desperate thoughts running through her mind. Again and again the question popped up without an answer the girl could give. If they were able to find her, Itoe would be forced to fight. To injure and maybe to kill! She swore to herself to never do that. No matter, what the circumstances were. It seems, that this promise to herself would be hard to keep.

Morning arrived and Suzuki awoke, trying to rub her eyes, realising that she was wearing a mask that Zero gave her. She wore the mask because since being with Zero, she was no longer safe since the people after them know what she looks like, but she didn’t care, being with Zero is what she wants to do, and even if it meant that she couldn’t show herself to the public no more then she didn’t care. She looked up and saw Zero at the exit of the shelter; she crawled up to him and grabbed his shoulder.

“Oh, good morning Suzuki” Zero said, reacting to being grabbed by the shoulder, it seemed that he fell asleep only an hour or two ago but he didn’t seem bothered.

“Did you try to stay up all night to protect me?” Suzuki asked, worried for Zero’s health.

“Yeah…guess I didn’t stay awake all night though, maybe slept for an hour or two don’t really know, doesn’t matter though, you are safe and that is what is important” Zero replied, giving out a little chuckle then yawned. “Now come on, we need to get a move on, the guy that followed us last night probably laughed at my ‘question’ and ‘joy like’ threat, judging by his reaction…” Zero continued, giving out a chuckle of joy.

“Why? What did he do?” Suzuki asked, confused since she was asleep throughout most of it.

“Well my darling Suzuki, his reaction to my little ‘question’ was all so enjoyable, throwing himself around and shouting like a kid, chucking his toys out of his pram, it was so cute” Zero replied, giving out a chuckle. “He then claimed that I was a ‘coward’ because I wanted to protect you, saying that I was a coward who was ‘avoiding a chance for glorious battle’” Zero continued before becoming serious. “People like him make me laugh, I can’t wait till the day that we fight…because on that day I will kill him…and I will cut off his head…AND TEAR HIM LIMB FROM LIMB HAHAHAHA!!!!” Zero began laughing manically; Suzuki started to become scared and tried to calm him down.

“Zero…Zero calm down…you’re scaring me…” Suzuki tried to calm him down, but she was too quiet to be heard.

“YES, YES, I WILL GUT HIM, THEN I WILL CUT HIM OFF…ARM BY ARM, LEG BY LEG…AND THEN WHILE HE IS SCREAMING IN AGONY…I WILL STAB HIM OVER AND OVER IN THE CHEST HAHAHAHA!!!” Zero was shouting so loud that he could not hear Suzuki, who was trying to calm him down. “AND…AND IF HE IS STILL BREATHING AFTER ALL THAT…I WILL BEGIN CUTTING HIS HEAD OFF FROM HIS BODY LIKE A KNIFE SLICING BREAD HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Zero began laughing even more, not looking to stop, but Suzuki finally had enough and let out a giant shout.

“ZERO STOP IT!!!” Suzuki shouted as loud as she could, it worked, for Zero stopped laughing and finally came back from his little outburst.

“Huh? What happened?” Zero said, trying to realise what just happened. He looked down to see Suzuki and he saw tears dropping from under her mask, he then realised what he did.

“Oh by the lords, I am so sorry Suzuki, I don’t know what happened.” Zero apologized to Suzuki, tightly holding her; he knew what he just did, but he couldn’t help it, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t stop these emotions from happening, if those events from two years ago had never happened, then he would be a better person, but sometimes he enjoys this, being able to let out his anger and feel good about…but then this could be his insanity, it has been so long that he couldn’t figure which it was.

“It is ok…let’s just get going…” Suzuki quietly said, stopping her tears falling down her face.

“Ok…but first” Zero got on one knee, arm across in a serving manor and then spoke. “I have decided on something…and that is I want to protect you with all my life…so because of this, I will become your loyal knight, you would be my Queen…if you will and I will protect you till my last breathe.

“Then…then arise…my knight and protect me from all that want to hurt us” Suzuki responded, slightly puzzled by what Zero is doing, but it didn’t matter, he wanted to protect her and that is all she ever wants.

“Yes…my lady…” Zero got up and offered his hand. “Now…let us head on to the next town and end this adventure, so we can live a happy life” Zero continued.

“Yes…let us lead to a happy life” Suzuki replied, taking Zero’s hand and grabbing tight on to his arms as they head to next town. What lies beyond the next town is a mystery, but for them, it did not matter, being happy together is what they want and no one is going to stop that…

Lucky enough to find someone willing to drive all night, Lily arrived in the morning. The was the second time she'd even been here, last time she was working a job breaking into a high security vault. The cracked vault was all over the news for a while, but no one was caught and she was not seen. Reminiscing about her last job here she realized self-consciously that the last job she had that wasn't breaking the law was with the police force of the Great Order and that was five years ago. It was a two year contract job and she spent it working with their weapons and within garrisons improving their security measures. She was pretty sure that they hadn't updated too well since.

She stopped at an internet cafe and began searching for condemned buildings using her laptop. She found using them to be cheaper and easier than renting an apartment or using a hotel. If she needed to it would give her a place to lay low and sleep nights. Lily knew her brother would be difficult to find considering how little evidence he left behind and usually when he set his mind to a goal he'd not stop until it was done. Whatever reason he came here for she'd have to look to find him, and that would take time.

The waitress approached her with a menu and a notepad. Lily smiled. "I don't need the menu, dearie. A hot chocolate would be lovely. Thank you."

The waitress appeared surprised at Lily's accent, but nodded and placed the order.

She found a mansion in the government archives that was scheduled to be torn down in a week. She then hacked into the system to reschedule the demolition for next month. She smirked thinking about how government was always behind schedule and such. She then took the time to look through police records about strange events going on. She was really quite disappointed that the codes to access their information hadn't changed much since she last worked for them. Skimming through she noted points where her brother might be involved plus a couple other things that caught her eye.

Apparently diclonius activity was going on here; that always resulted in a show. Plus very recent Order reports noted about a masked man assaulting some of their forces with a woman. She thought it very bold for such an action to be taken and grew quite curious about what other things might be happening, but getting into the highly confidential information would take more time than she wanted to right now, and her brother might not be able to wait for her if she did that.

She heard a clink and saw the waitress had brought the hot chocolate over. "Have you any peppermint leaves or any sort of mint leaves at all?"

The waitress looked confused at the question. "Um, sorry we don't."

Lily frowned and shook her head. "Shame, would have been good in the drink. Thank you anyway, dearie."

Lily spent the rest of her time in the cafe watching a couple episodes of Clannad while sipping away at the hot chocolate. She was grateful that she wasn't allergic to chocolate or caffeine, such wonders they were. After she was done, she took some money out of the duffel bag she brought with her and paid for the hot chocolate with a really good tip (at least twice the drink).

Her next stop was that mansion. If anything, she'd set up camp and maybe the neighbors would have internet so she could start hacking into security cameras to look for her brother.

Many thoughts raced through Mr. Nara's head as he headed towards Rei's house. First of all, Rei was going to give him an explanation of todays events whether she wanted to or not. He would find a way to get her to tell him the truth. Secondly, there was the matter of not coming into work today. Rei never missed work and it was for that reason that Mr. Nara was quite worried.

As he approached Rei's door, Mr. Nara gave a sharp knock and called out to Rei. There was no answer. He knocked again with the same result. Becoming worried, Mr. Nara tried to open the door and found that it was unlocked. Taking a tentative step inside he called out once more to Rei. Once again, no answer. Walking further into the house he came to a bedroom. Seeing that it was empty he moved on. When he reached the kitchen he saw that it too was empty and that the lights were off. Walking past the kitchen, he came to Rei's room. The door was cracked open slightly. Slowly opening the door, Mr. Nara peered inside. There, lying on the bed, was Rei. She was lying on her side, with one arm hanging limp off the side of the bed. There was a lifeless look in her eyes as she stared off into nothingness.

“Rei!” Mr. Nara called as he rushed to her side. Fearing the worst, he checked her pulse. Thankfully, she was still alive.

Sitting up, Rei looked at Mr. Nara. With those same lifeless eyes, and a monotone voice she spoke. “Mr. Nara.... what are you doing here?”

Mr. Nara could tell something was wrong. This wasn't like Rei. He looked at her face and saw that she had been crying. “When you didn't come into work, I became worried. Even more so after what happened today....”

“Oh... I missed work... I'm sorry.”

“Rei whats wrong with you? What happened?”

“... I'm all alone again.”

“What do you mean? Rei, I'm right here. You are not alone.”

“He's gone... and he's never coming back.”

Mr. Nara knew what had happened at that moment. To think that someone could do something to hurt a sweet girl like Rei so badly. It made his blood boil.

“Alright where is he? I think its about time I give him a piece of my mind!” Mr. Nara stated with much gusto.

“Where Kenshi has gone... we cannot follow.”

“So Kenshi left Rei huh?” Mr. Nara thought. He thought back to their previous encounter at the bakery. The image of those eyes in his mind still gave him chills.

Taking Rei into his arms he comforted her as best he could. “Rei, you've got to realize you are never alone. I will always be here for you.”

Resting her head on Mr. Nara's chest, Rei felt a little better. He reminded her of her father. “Thank you, Mr. Nara.”

“Now, come with me into the kitchen. I've got some things I need to discuss with you.”

Turning the lights on, the two of them made their way to the table. Mr. Nara started things off.

“Now Rei, normally I would be very unhappy with you not coming into work. But considering the circumstances I think I can let things slide just this once. In fact, its quite fortunate that you didn't come into work today.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You see, a man came to the bakery today. A Captain Hector Schlenzanner of the Great Order. He said it was some sort of international police force and that he was searching for some dangerous people in and around the city. That much didn't concern me... It was what he said last that has me very worried about you Rei.

“Why what did he say? Rei said, slightly concerned.

“He gave descriptions of the people he was looking for. And one of those descriptions matched yours exactly! Please tell me I'm imagining things!”

“What!? But I haven't done anything!” Rei exclamed. “....wait. Mr. Nara, tell me what this man looked like.”

“Well you probably won't believe me. He was a huge brute of a man! 2-3 times my size even! And he had a fearsome looking ax on his back, the size of a full grown man!”

Rei's eyes went wide as she realized who Mr. Nara was talking about. “To think he's still here... and looking for me no less!” she thought. But what was more important was that he was probably looking for Kenshi.

“Mr. Nara.... I'm afraid what you said is correct. That man is indeed looking for me.”

“What!? Rei... what have you done to garner the attention of an international police force!?”

“It is because I was with Kenshi. They've been after him for awhile now, and they've seen me with him.”

“... I don't understand. Just who is Kenshi?” Mr. Nara said in confusion.

Rei suddenly became nervous. She didn't know if she should reveal that Kenshi is a diclonius. Mr. Nara still thought he was just a regular human.

“But Mr. Nara wouldn't tell anyone.” she thought. He was like a father to her.

“Kenshi is.... Kenshi is a diclonius. I think they are hunting him because he is a diclonius.”

Everything became a blur to Mr. Nara. Rei... his Rei....was associated with one of those things? It was unacceptable. He wouldn't allow it. He would have to do something to make Rei forget all about Kenshi.


Kenshi just stood there looking at the destruction in front of him. As far as he could see, trees lay on the ground as if they had been blown over by a hurricane. He was getting close. It wouldn't be much longer now. Soon, he would begin his attack. It was his turn to go on the offensive.

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After much screaming, startling and all around freaking the holy shit through the furnace and what not, the men had finally calmed down after Kruger’s…excessive story. For certain nobody was standing more than ten meters near him now.
“What a bunch of bullshit…” One muttered under his breath. Seriously if was going to brat, at least let him brag realistically. Nobody believed him and honestly, nobody really cared. It was just like Kruger, getting all high and mighty over his own delusional little tidbits. Oh and then adding as much gore and death and slaughter as he could, seriously the man had problems. The man had some serious mental issues that needed to be looked at. It had more than once been wondered why their Captain had hired him, even if he was a supposedly adept with military points.
“You know Kruger, you really don’t have to prove a point…” The response came from an Lureus Asforth, the only one who did not freak out over the whole ‘waving a machete around and then tossing a pinned grenade.’ “…I think we already asked you, where is Captain Schlenzanner? You were the only one left with him and so we want to know where he is and what you’re doing here alone without him.” His voice was calm, collect very well hiding the disgust he felt for his, if he had to call him as such, colleague. “Also I would appreciate it if you didn’t wave around your weapons like that. If you want to act like your usual crazy self, do it somewhere else, not here.”
He crossed his arms and looked up into the ceiling, the others feeling at least a bit relaxed. Lureus was the oldest one their besides their Captain himself and though never officially designated as such, many of them. At the age of 40 he was only a few years younger than Hector and was now beginning to have the lines of age plastered on his face. His hair which was once a proud golden huge was graying along the sides effectively making slightly older than he already was. He wasn’t muscular or overbearing like their Captain, in fact he was actually someone who probably be quite easy to miss.
But he always kept his calm although more than once he could be startled, though not in the sense of fear, just in the sense of natural reaction. If someone blew a loud horn, of course he’d jump that was the reaction anyone would have right? And maybe also, with Hector not insight and the crazy bastard waving around knives like the lunatic that he was, somebody had to take control. Of course after taking such control, he wondered if Kruger would just listen for once and lie down.
At the very least, go somewhere else and act crazy there. This might be a bad idea usually but they also knew that as long as Kruger was in work with them and under Hector’s strict supervision, he might pull a lot of crazy ass stunts and say a lot of stuff, bullshit as they mostly thought of it, he wouldn’t dare pull something that could get Hector on his ass. Well that’s what they hoped to believe and there was a small part in Lureus, that kind of part where yeah, he wanted Kruger to throw a real punch at one of them and then see how it felt when someone struck back. But then again, as much as hoped that, he knew that the best thing to do was to remain calm and just ignore him.
“Damn…problems with the network all the time! Seriously I’m sure I made changes to this, it’s like the stupid things being hacked or something.” One of them muttered silently under his breath, typing away a small laptop.

“I wonder if he’s at the headquarters already, better get going I need to head there anyways.” Hector thought, taking a shorter but much more obscured route to reach his destination quicker. It was as far as he knew, an uneventful journey, the only thing to accompany him was his startling happy whistling as he trudged along his boots leaving imprints into the ground. The world was so very interesting sometimes, with many very interesting people in it. His honestly made a smile creep on his face, as if he had heard an amazing joke. But the people in the world must also follow the rules of justice and if they could not do that, if they were a danger to the world, the he would put a stop to them no matter what.
No matter who they possibly were, he would be the one to deliver the law.
That’s what his mentor had told him, the very ideology that he had picked up and hoped to pass on from generation to generation.

It didn't take long for Lily to find the mansion and setting up camp was as easy as searching the place to make sure there were minimal allergens and putting her duffel bag in what was a master bedroom. She thought to herself how nice it would be to permanently move into a nice place like this, and wondered why the government would want this place to be torn down. The archives oddly didn't mention why. They only said when it was scheduled to be torn down. Some secretary was probably being given hell because of the change in schedule. However, she knew mix-ups happened all the time and had no trouble causing them.

The mansion was really far out of the way and the closest neighbors were at the end of the street, so the option of stealing their internet was a bit out of the question. Setting up a router here would rouse suspicion with the authorities, and knowing how they worked Lily didn't want the Order's fist crashing down on her investigation if she could help it. A particular member, Kruger she remembers, gave her the chills. She wasn't scared of him, but the thought of a man like him running around working for the law made her feel sorry even for the smallest criminal that crossed his path. Of course she also remembered that the group he operated with often times went up against the bigger bads leaving the gentler squads to the lesser ones. Except, with some of the jobs she did: assassination, big-time robbery, saving diclonius fighting against their genetic instincts, and several other things, she knew that if she ever was caught she'd be considered one of the "bigger bads". That thought excited her a bit, but it also worried her.

She rested for a few hours deciding that she'd begin a search for her brother tonight. He was always a late-night person working on his projects alone. She packed up her laptop in a backpack along with a flashlight and chocolate bars.

The first thing she did was find a wireless hotspot and check her brother's email to see if there would be any clues there. She didn't think much would come out of it, although he used his email a lot it was mostly for art projects collaborated over long distances. His emails were often short too. However, something surprised her: her brother had been having correspondence with a Yuki Ryuusei for the last two years. Yuki was a diclonius both Lily and Donald helped into society... she lived here. Yuki had suddenly stopped talking with Donald and he had sent a couple more emails after each with growing concern. Now she had his reason for disappearing.

She sighed frustratedly. "I wish you just talked with me brother. You were always a gallant soul... I guess I've always supported that. I would've been more than happy to help."

Wait... Increased diclonius activity. She remembered that notice when she was hacking into the Order's database. She hated having to double dip, but at least she was at a different IP address so tracking the hacker would be a goose chase. Maybe if she could find out if Yuki had been found out, just maybe Donald would be close behind. If anything, she could help Yuki disappear again.

She found out about a scrap between Captain Hector Schlenzaner's squad and a male diclonius. Male? Definitely not Yuki, but interesting. Hector was a familiar name, and if he was here then they might meet, hopefully she'd not be under arrest, but she'd have to prepare for that. Another diclonius was put down by a different squad a month ago, but the pictures that were available were not Yuki. No other diclonius incidents were reported. Just two is increased activity? Unless there were other hidden incidents that seemed kind of boring.

Off in the distance, Lily heard sirens going off. She hadn't noticed this before because she was so focused on her laptop. She heard a rustle in the brush a fair distance to her right and glancing behind her, she saw a few figures approaching and they were armed and seemed to be searching for something... or someone. She casually closed her laptop and packed it away into her bag. She pulled out her flashlight and then put her backpack on. Maybe she could find out something from these guys, if she was clever. If they were looking for something like a diclonius she knew they'd be vague or evasive and that might be enough for her. Find Yuki... Find Donald.

She flicked on the flashlight and approached the men casually. "Can I help you gentlemen with something? It looks like you're on a hunt for something dangerous."

She barely heard from one of the men. "What do we do, sir? She's a civilian."

Another one cleared his throat. "We're trying to capture an escaped prisoner, and she's quite possibly dangerous and armed."

She was a good five feet away from them and the word 'she' felt like she was on the right track. "Oh dearie, well I haven't seen anyone come this way aside from you lovely men. Maybe she went off somewhere else?"

She counted five armed men and definitely trained considering how they held their rifles. A couple of them looked around nervously. Whoever she was, he wasn't lying about dangerous. Their uniforms were completely black and they definitely weren't a part of the Order, which meant that she only got some information on the local diclonius incidents.

One of the men looked at the guy that spoke to her. "Sir, maybe we should regroup."

The leader hesitated and then finally cursed. "Damnit."

He waited a while longer, probably assessing the situation. "Alright, lets move out. I suggest you go home for the night ma'am."

After that all five men turned around and started walking toward where the sirens were coming from. Once they were out of sight, Lily turned around and pointed her light at the bush the sound came from. "Alright, dearie, I know you're there. You can come out now."

She braced herself for the possibility that this girl they were after wasn't Yuki and would attack with vectors. The back of her mind readied her anti-vector field to call on at any instant and the haunting memory of a terrible migraine crept into her thoughts.

“Ah so the old senile fool finally opens his mouth, I have been wondering ever since we met if you could actually speak.” His arms were spread wide as he approached the man. “All this time I have been asking myself if you actually could and behold you do have a voice. A highly annoying voice that I wouldn’t mind silencing.” He stopped in front of the old man, he was older than Kruger by a good amount of years as well but despite that his body still spoke of a good condition.
“If you have a problem with my story telling then perhaps you and your little band of hippies should go out and fight instead of cowering within this compound.” He snapped at the man as he felt the need to lecture him as far as he could. “I don’t recall either you or your men going out in pursuit of the suspects, you all just went back to base.”

He turned on the spot as he walked towards one of the windows. “You all just sat here on your lazy arses sipping coffee and having sandwiches. I didn’t see you and go fight a possible level 4 criminal.”
He allowed himself to sink nicely into one of the chair. “Boy you wussies have some cozy chairs here, is it any wonder you like to spend all of your time here.”
He could see the man managed to keep his composure, this would be a difficult one to push the buttons on but he knew that this one was no fool either even if he did call him that.
“As for your little question. “ He took another slice of the tobacco. “I don’t have the single lest shittiest idea on where our dear captain could possibly be at this hour.” He placed the new radio he had acquired from the storage room in front of him. “You see this bastard I had to fight on my own, no thanks to you cowards.” He looked at the other men. “Wrecked most of my equipment including my radio which means that even if I wanted to contact the captain I couldn’t you senile old fool.”
He kept chewing as he studied the man’s face, certainly an ugly fellow in his opinion.

“Damn…problems with the network all the time! Seriously I’m sure I made changes to this, it’s like the stupid things being hacked or something.” He could hear one of men mutter silently under his breath, the man was sitting on the opposite side of the table. He had to laugh as the man cursed again. “Ah what’s the matter boy, does your little toy no longer work?” He laughed about it as the man franticly tried to correct the problem with not much luck to it. “You clowns rely too much on your modern technology.” He let out a small growl as he was growing irritated of the man’s tinkering with the laptop. “Has it even gotten into your thick skull that If it seems to be hacked it is likely being hacked.”

Zero and Suzuki continued their walk through the woods, Suzuki still holding Zero’s arm, not letting go, but Zero suddenly stopped, Suzuki was confused.

“Zero, why did you stop?” Suzuki asked, they were in the middle of woods, she didn’t understand why Zero would just stop here, there is nothing here…or was there?

“It’s nice to finally meet you in person…you were the person I wanted to see…” Zero said out loud before turning around, now being face to face with the person who was behind them. It was the big man with the axe from the town, the one that was following him after hearing the sound of Itachi crying in fear when Zero was there. “Hector…isn’t it? Anyway there is something I want to ask, help you if you will” Zero continued, the man’s presence didn’t scare him and if the man wanted him dead then he would have done it by now. “For you see, I am looking for a man, he is called Excalibur and he is the reason that these ‘Diclonius’ are roaming this land, doing what they want, he is also why they are so strong…finding him will save this world and bring justice…which is what I want…after what he did to what I care for two years ago…” Zero continued, slowly becoming serious, thinking of the past made him mad, especially when it is about Excalibur, he wanted him dead and this man ‘Hector’ is his only chance he has of finding him. “So that is why I would like to join your group, you seek out justice, something I have been waiting to do for two years...but my conditions are that I only work with my companion here…not that ‘man’ you have on your group, we wouldn’t get along…like most people wouldn’t.” Zero said, mentioning the man from yesterday. “In return I will offer my services to you, meaning I will help in any mission that would need my specialties, which would be speed and stealth, something you might already know from the town before…also some of your men will know how good I am in a fight, so I am a perfect candidate for your group.” Zero then took a bow. “If you accept to this and let me join then meet me by the gate, outside of town before dark, I shall be waiting for you there” And as soon as Zero said this, he took Suzuki’s hand and used his speed to vanish, leaving only a strong wind to go by the man.

Zero and Suzuki reached outside the towns gates, Zero then sat down by the wall, Suzuki was still puzzled.

“Why did you ask that man to help…and to join his group?” Suzuki asked Zero, confused on what he is doing.

“Do not worry my dear lady, that man could help make our adventure short if he helps me find the man I am looking for, once we find him and he is brought to ‘justice’ we can start our happy life together, do not worry, I’ve got this.” Zero replied, trying to give comfort to Suzuki. “Now we need to wait for his response…” Zero continued before looking into the air. “Huh? Has it really been that long? Today would have been a special day for me…” Zero thought to himself, looking into the sky.

~2 years, 3 months ago~

It was a beautiful day at the Azure Knights castle, the birds were singing, the flowers around the castle were beautiful and blooming. Jamie walks out to look out to the world. “Ah, what a beautiful day it is, isn’t that right my lady?” Jamie says turning around to see his Queen, Lady Rose.

“Why yes Jamie, the day is beautiful, it is so magical.” Lady Rose replied, giving out a smile.

“Can’t believe that our wedding is only 3 months away, I wish it was sooner, the wait is killing me.” Jamie said, frowning.

“Do not worry my dear Jamie, once the day comes, you and I will be married and we can finally bring hope to this world and make it a better place.” Lady Rose said, placing her hand on Jamie’s face.

“Yes, once we are wed, this world will have a king and queen that they can believe in, they can finally have hope that the world will be better place for them.” Jamie replied, giving out a smile before hearing a voice from the other side of the room.

“You wanted to see me Jamie?” The man said before Jamie let him in.

“Yes, Itachi, I wanted to bring you here to say that you are doing wonderful, you have what it takes to be a great knight in the future.” Jamie said to Itachi.

“Thank you sir” Itachi replied, bowing to Jamie.

“I think that it is best that If I go talk to the rest of the knights to let them know what is going on” Lady Rose said before kissing Jamie on the cheek and leaving the room.

“Ok, now Itachi I need to tal…” As soon as Jamie says this, an explosion was heard from the other side of the castle. “Quickly, Itachi get the other knights an…” Jamie suddenly fell to the ground, becoming unconscious, as if something had hit him.

Jamie awoke to the horror, his castle was burning to the ground, blood and body parts were everywhere. He tried to move, but his hands were tied and his legs felt weak.

“Itachi, quickly, untie me now” Jamie said to Itachi, but Itachi just stood there, then a voice was heard.

“I’m afraid he can’t do that Jamie…” It was Excalibur, who had Lady Rose laying there next to him.

“L-L-Lady Rose!” Jamie cried, trying to untie himself. “ITACHI YOU TRAITOR, IF I LIVE THROUGH THIS I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU!” Jamie continued, showing anger to Itachi, who just walked away from him.

“Hmph…number 7…kill her” Excalibur said and as soon as he says this, a man with horns on his head walks up to Lady Rose and her head rips off. Jamie looks on in horror, seeing his beloved queens head come off by itself, he didn’t know what had happened, did that man do it? But how? He didn’t touch her, what is he hiding? Excalibur let out a laugh before leading his men out, leaving Jamie there to die in his castle. Jamie did his best and crawled over to his beloved queen, found something sharp to cut the rope, and picked up the remains of his queen and made a dash to escape.

“No…no…NOOOOOOO!” Jamie screamed as he looked on as his castle burned to the ground, covered in the blood of his queen, he wanted vengeance, he wanted justice, and he won’t stop till Excalibur gets what he deserves. Jamie carried his queen’s body till he found a suitable place for her to be buried. After doing this he places a rose on top of her grave. “I promise I won’t stop till Excalibur is DEAD!” Jamie said on one knee and he sheds a tear on the grave before getting up. “Now…as Jamie Dark, the loyal knight of the Azure Legion…and was soon-to-be King to his Lady Rose…dies…” Jamie says, getting up with a monotone voice, placing on a mask and cloak. “Zero…the Blood Mask is born…” Jamie continues before walking away.

Jamie, now under the name ‘Zero’ has only one thing in mind, revenge and he won’t stop till he gets it.

~Back to Present Day~

Readers note: I've found a song that sort of matches my story between Zero and Excalibur, it's called Johnny's Revenge by Crown The Empire, here is the lyrics that match it:

I've come for
Blood blood blood
And I'm not leaving till I
Have your heart
You're going to pay for all that you have
Done done done
I'll feel alive when I have
Blood, your blood (Blood, your blood)
Because revenge is all I haven't lost

You thought I was through
You may have killed me but now I'll come for you

You thought I was through?
Well that was far from your first mistake...

I have a twisted mind
And I have seen your fate
You think the end is close for you
When really, you're fucking late.
Your reign is over

There's no forgiveness
There's no forgiveness for all that you've done.

I've come for
Blood blood blood
And I'm not leaving till I
Have your heart
You're going to pay for all that you have
Done done done
I'll feel alive when I have
Blood, your blood (Blood, your blood)

Because Revenge is all I haven't lost
You've taken everything I've ever loved
So give me blood blood blood
I'll feel alive when I have blood
Your blood
I want it all
I want it all

Also I would like to ask you guys, What do you think of my character?

OOC: I like your character Jamie. He has a really well made back story and while vengeance is on his mind all the time he's got more to him than just that. He's not heartless, just very angry. I like how you use Suzuki as a bit of a compass for him and the interaction between the two is very well done. I'm looking forward to what happens when my character and yours meet, but that'll have to be another day because right now I'm waiting for DarkChiyo to react to my last post. If I can figure out how to start about Lily's brother then maybe I'll work with that while I'm waiting, but I still don't have much to work with in my mind yet for him.

He sat in the dinning hall. Pencil and paper on the table before him. Defeat pulsed through his veins. Donald had found Yuki, but not five minutes later were they captured by armed men in black uniforms and hauled to this facility. He had no idea where he was, but he estimated it took only a day or two for them to take him here at most, so he hadn't left the country. From what he could tell they were a diclonius reasearch facility and they had been collecting for a while now.

They had been kind enough to let him walk around the facility, but he had at least one guard around him at all times. He had a short meeting with the facility's director, a man called Excalibur, odd name. From what he was told by him, his family was famous in some circles and his sister in particular was a big threat to them, making him possibly as dangerous. No one he knew was as dangerous as his sister, especially if she had time to prepare some of her contraptions were terrifying.

The amount of people here was unsettling. Donald didn't like being around too many people, but he'd have to grin and bear it. He had asked for art supplies to maintain his sanity and after some deliberation they allowed it. They'd destroy all of his drawings and paintings of this place of course, which was a damn shame in some ways, but he expected that. Yuki was taken to a part of the facility they only allowed him to visit once a day and only to see her. Whatever they did to her was awful, but he had to stay in the facility if he wanted to help her get through to the next day. He had been planning on proposing to her in a few months, but now it looked like that would never happen.

The alarm went off and a diclonius apparently escaped last night. Donald had a couple chances to escape himself that night, but he was needed here and he believed Lily could do better than he could to save the both of them. For now, he'd work on his art and do the best he could for Yuki.

OOC: Well hey, I figured it out... I hope you don't mind my using Excalibur there, I figured it might be a decent idea from reading your last post if he was the director of a secret research facility.

Kenshi crept through the shadows of the treetops as he cased the mercenary compound. One thing he noticed immediately was that the compound was heavily guarded. Multiple layers of chain-link fence topped with razor wire surrounded the entire compound. The compound itself was made of heavily fortified steel walls. It would take a considerable amount of force to cut through them. The second thing he noticed was that there appeared to be two factions operating inside the compound. He saw mercenaries with the typical uniform he had seen before, but he also saw some wearing a different one. It was adorned with a different insignia than the Great Order uniforms. He would have to find out what this other faction was.

Kenshi watched the compound for several hours. Mercenaries scurried about below him while guards kept a careful watch out for any intruders. He even saw the loud mercenary that was with Hector the day they attacked him in the mountains. He could pick him out because all the other mercenaries kept well away from him as he walked by. It was like they were afraid of him. Thinking back to that day in the mountains he could see why. The man was insane.

Kenshi watched the man as long as he could before he entered inside the fortified steel walls. Recon and Machine Gun towers were spread across the perimeter of the compound. Each one was equipped with a spotlight, and as the sun went down each one came to life. Kenshi prepared to make his exit. Not even the treetops could protect him from spotlights that bright. As the first beam started to come his way, Kenshi fell back. Using his vectors to jump through the trees, he headed back to his camp. When he arrived it was completely dark. Luckily he had prepared and made a campfire before he left. All that was left to do was light it. Soon all was visible as the light from the fire illuminated his camp.

Kenshi thought back to everything he had seen today. Security would be a challenge. The chain-link fences would be no problem, nor the guards posted at each layer. He could cut through them without any problems. It was the machine gun towers that worried him. Each tower had a .50 caliber machine gun. Regular machine gun fire was no problem for Kenshi. But .50 caliber rounds were extremely heavy, and he couldn't deflect them very effectively, especially at rapid fire. Then there was the steel walls he had to worry about. It would take considerable effort to cut through those. Especially in the middle of a fight. He could forget about getting into those walls if Hector was around. However, the entire time Kenshi was at the compound he never once saw Captain Hector. If he wasn't around, he just might have a chance. He wasn't there to fight Hector. No, that could come later. What he wanted was information.


Yamamoto sat quietly behind his desk, smoking a cigar and contemplating his next move. The room was dimly lit and his face was partially covered with darkness and smoke. Armed guards were placed strategically around the room and at the doors. One couldn't be too careful. Even if someone were to find one of his many secret underground facilities, they would have to go through his army of private mercenaries, the D.E.F, just to get to him. He looked up from his desk just in time to see one of his assistants approaching.

“What is it?” he asked in a cold, demanding voice.

“Sir, status report.” the assistant replied.


“Compounds 1, 3 and 4 are running at 100% efficiency. Compounds 2, 5, and 6 are understaffed and need more men deployed to keep up with the demand. Finally, Compound 7 is reporting unusual activity. Records show that a Captain Hector Schlenzaner of the 'Great Order', and his Lieutenant Josef Von Carius, A.K.A 'Kruger', are the commanding officers stationed there. Reports filed by Captain Schlenzaner indicate that there are possibly two level 4 criminals in the area, with one reportedly being a Diclonius. In other news, there are also reports of a hacker trying to access system files within Compound 7. We still haven't been able to pinpoint the origin of the attack.”

“I want to know just what the hell is going on over there, and why there is a damn Diclonius on the loose that hasn't been captured yet! Yamamoto growled. “You tell Schlenzaner to contact me immediately!”

“Yes sir! I'll contact Compound 7 right away!”

“I knew I should have sent the D.E.F instead of those fools from the 'Great Order'” Yamamoto grumbled under his breath. The world didn't need any more Diclonius on the loose. That's why he made sure to lock them up in his underground facilities.

“Sir I just raised Compund 7!” The assistant called. “Captain Schlenzaner has yet to return to base from his previous mission. I've let Kruger know that he is to tell his Captain to contact you immediately upon his return.”

“Fine. Meanwhile, mobilize a D.E.F squad to be sent to Compound 7. I want more of our men on the job.”

“Yes sir!”

Yamamoto knew exactly what squad to send. He would be sending Squad 0. They were equipped with the latest Anti-Diclonius weaponry. As he recalled the weapons were made on a contractual basis by a genius of a girl. He could still hear her annoying Irish accent in his head. He was glad she was gone. All he cared about was the weapons. He leaned back in his chair, imagining his squad slaughtering yet another Diclonius that needed to die. It brought a chilling smile to his face.

Lureus looked up at Hector his expression at first stern now looking quite bored and uninterested. He kept eye contact but didn’t show the same aggression as before. It was hard to tell if passive-aggressive was even possible in this situation. Then he leaned back said quite loud and clear, with a very small demeaning smile on his face. “Kruger my young boy, we were just following orders. Our Captain ordered us to go to base, so we went up and went to base. Is it not the right of the soldier to listen to his leader’s orders?”
His face fell, casting a shadow over it.
“Don’t you bring your bullshit excuse of what is or isn’t a fight. You call yourself something special boy, don’t make me laugh. You’re here for only one reason and that’s because we require your skills, nothing more, nothing less. To us, you are a pain, a pitiful, cock sucking little shithole who’s head is so far stuck up his ass I can hardly believe you can breathe with the stench coming up your nose. Don’t talk to me as if you know jack about anything, I’ve been doing this stuff longer than you’ve been sperm in the sack.”
Lureus leaned forward , a mocking glint in his eyes.
“Come on weakass, why don’t you fight me then. Show me that so called strength your so goddamn proud of. You don’t, you can’t, and you can’t do a single thing. You’re nothing more than a beaten lonely little coward who can’t do anything for himself or others.” What was once mocking was now revulsion in the old man’s voice.
“You’re constantly going on with your bullshit, always going through the same crap. But the thing is, we don’t care about that. Your personality is atrocious but we don’t care about that, there is only one thing about you that truly pisses us off. You see, all of us have been together for years, always working together, always fighting together. I have seen friends die, killed in cold blood. I have watched these men become stronger, faster, braver…and even smarter. And all of us, every single one of us have been led by that man.
Hector is like a father to us, someone we all look up to, he’s an inspiration to us. To us, he is the strongest and greatest man we have ever known; to us he is our father that we go to, who is always there for us. But you…you’re just another person walking around that we really wish to forget. You’re not like us; you’re only for yourself, just alone, trying to hide your true self under that little fake personality.
And you know what…Kruger?
…You couldn’t beat a single one of us in a fight and we wouldn’t have to throw a single punch either.”
On his word, Lureus leaned back and folded his hands over his lap, just before one of the guards came in. He would get his message across and the message would be sent but what would happen afterwards, all depended on just how much Kruger could control himself.

Hector stood there, hands inside his pockets as he listened to the man in the mask speak. At no point did he interject, only at the end did Hector slowly come forward but only after two steps did the masked man disappear in a flash of inhuman speed. The gust of wind left over blew his hair and coat lightly around only to have a small grin spread over his face. “Is that so? Interesting, very interesting.”
It was then that he got a call from base, indicating that “The Boss” as he probably referred to Yamamoto wanted to see him. Hectors eyes moved over to the area where the man and girl had once been and then sighed. “So many things to do, so little time.” He quickly contacted the boss to give him his report.
“Yo Yama-Boss, it’s me Captain Hector Schlenzanner of the Great Order. I hear you wanted me to get to the base eh? Sorry man, going to be a bit late, got something I need to do right now. I’ve got men stationed there, if anything is urgent go up and seek their help. I’ll be back sometime later.
Over and out…Yama-Boss.”
Having to go back to the nearest town was a pain but he was far too interested in this so called deal, and the possibility of new information that he couldn’t resist. He did wish the man had at least waited for a response for vanishing like that. Such speed too, something he never had expected, he would have to look out for that the next time, just in case they got off on the wrong foot again.

It had taken another hour to get back to town, about 30 minutes longer since the sun had gone down, he hoped the guy and girl were still waiting. Hopefully he understood that not everyone could travel 60 kilometers per second and that some people had to actually walk to their destination. Luckily enough for him the guy and the girl were there, how long they had been waiting he had no idea.
“Good evening, masked man and my young little fluffer pop tart.” He bowed his head over to Suzuki while still sporting the same smile that was almost eternally plastered over his face. He brushed his hands through his hair and spoke out.
“Your suggestion is interesting, but I want to know more. This Excalibur person, the horned people, tell me more. Right now we haven’t made a deal yet, to me you are still a criminal that needs to be brought in, as is the girl who is your accomplice but your story has tweaked my interest and I’m willing to listen. So please my young masked man who I have seeking…and now have finally found. What exactly is going on in the world, who are these people you mentioned and at the end, I may think about your suggestion to me.
Also…next time, let me pick the place, it’s hard having to walk all the way back here. Not all of us have super speed you know.

@drewccapp: DarkyChiyo often has a few issues getting on the network. Give him about 1-2 days, if you can try to post some things with any other characters you might have or have character do something. But if he doesn't reply by then, there's nothing much I can do for him there so do as you please then.

@Jamie Very good character, I think a great character should always have an interesting background that really allows you to understand them. It also helps them from being bland and uninteresting.

OOC: Thanks Reric I can understand network problems, before I moved out my home had unreliable internet... Other characters will be a bit odd as mostly they'll be one-time shows until somebody saves them.

Yuki had been so happy when Donald arrived, the man she loved had found her even though she was in so much trouble. Somebody powerful had found her out. When she stopped by her apartment after work the place was a wreck and from there she ran. Tried to hide. She had been successful for a month, and then Donald came looking. She was overjoyed, but then not five minutes after their reunion were they both found and captured. She knew it wasn't his fault, after all he spent so much time with his sister working so hard to protect her and give her a new identity. Two beatiful years of freedom swept away in an instant.

Now, she had no hope for either of them. At best she would be a test subject for years in a prison isolated from the rest of the world, and Donald would be a prisoner until whatever goals this Facility's director had were met. Once those goals were met she had no doubt they'd kill her and every other diclonius here. Whenever they left her alone, tears flowed down her cheeks freely. She wished Donald had never found her, never fallen in love with her, never saved her in the first place.

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He kept listening to the old man and his tirade on how good their beloved captain really was, how they were better than him. He scoffed at those thoughts as he knew he had seen the darkest depths to which the human mind was capable off when one’s life was at stake. He had been deployed to some of the world’s most biggest hot spots and he had managed to survive there.
“You like to talk big Lureus but I know that you and your fancy group of men here haven’t seen all that much action and no I don’t need a group to watch my back.
“I learned the hard way that the person one can trust is himself. I also know that officers and following their orders blindly is the quickest way to get yourself killed and I have been on too many missions with paper pushing assholes to listen to anymore suicidal ideas.”
He looked the man in the eyes as he felt his ire rising even higher, this old fool knew nothing of hell.
“Keep to your petty dreams if that is what makes you and your men sleep better at night for all I care and don’t dare to get all high and mighty on me.”
He slammed his fist on the table. “I have seen more people die than I care to admit, god knows how many of them I have killed myself. I have watched the only person in my life that I ever considered as a brother die because of some shitless brat holding a bomb, I got covered in his entrails and god knows what other body parts.”

By now he was looking at the rest of the men. “If any of you really think you can take me on then by all means let’s go outside, I have never walked away from a challenge and I will certainly not grant any one mercy.” He kept looking but for whatever reason, be they fear or simply not caring none of the men stepped forward. “Be that way then assholes.” He grabbed the rest of his stuff and left the room, he needed to get some fresh air. “Oh and Lureus, I will be certain to watch your back from now on as I won’t help you when the shit hits the fan.” He said through gritted teeth as he left the room and the sorry lot inside. He didn’t need any of them and he would make sure that before this job was over he would have some bloody revenge on them. On his way out he almost knocked down the guard that walked into the room. “Watch where you are going idiot.” He snarled as moved on.
Looking down one of the doors he could see his own quarters though at the moment he didn’t feel like grabbing any rest, his anger had been raised and right now he just wanted to vent it by either killing someone or finding something decent to drink.

As he expected, Donald's drawings were taken from him almost immediately after they were finished. Each time it was a bit disheartening, an artist's work is his life after all, but complaining wouldn't help him any at all.

There were no further meetings with this Excalibur fellow, if that was his real name. From what he could tell he was working independently from any other organization, but he held a lot of power... and paranoia. Of course, working independently meant that they had no outside support, so this facility's controller must have some real power to do that. The paranoia meant that there were some real enemies out there, which gave Donald some hope of being saved by somebody, even if it wasn't his sister. Liliana was definitely looking for him; he believed that with all of his heart.

Nobody except Excalibur's most trusted ever met him more than once. He asked a few questions, but mostly got no answers or very indirect answers. Most of what he did learn he figured out himself, although one of his guards did inform him about the one-time-only meetings.

He still visited Yuki once a day, but he quickly learned that while he could see her, the glass was only one-way. He felt misserable about how lonely she must feel. He wished he could at least speak with her.

OOC: Well crane, it seems like we're giving DarkChiyo a choice with which facility Itoe escaped from. I figure what's written shouldn't be unwritten, therefor a new npc probably will be made from this.

Inagi received an email from one of the bots he uploaded into the public network routers. It was designed for one purpose: find the person that destroyed his life. A year and a half ago, a heist was pulled on the bank he and his brother owned. His brother fell into a depression then committed suicide and Inagi flew into a rage trying to salvage what was left from the wrekage of their business. No suspects were found, but a few hacks were done by a computer with a very specific and peculiar ID, meaning it was custom made and not by any amateur.

Over the time since then he joined a criminal organization called the Rosary. Much of what they did were cyber-crimes, but often times they pulled heists and robberies. He had hoped this individual would be a part of their group, but he never met anyone with the same computer ID. He quickly took over this group and focused their goals on finding this person. He had people install bots into the public networks of every major city he could think of. Now, this person had returned to Orisaka. He would have his vengeance, but first he'd need to find out who this person was and then capture him or her. Of course, the chase was the most exciting part.

“Have you heard from Captain Schlenzaner yet?” Yamamoto demanded.

His assistant slowly approached. He knew how Yamamoto got when he was angry, and he had a striking suspicion that what he was about to tell him would do just that.

“Yes sir. But... I don't think you'll like what he had to say...”

“Well? Out with it!”

“Yes sir. Here, why don't I just play you the recording?”

“Fine, but hurry up! I don't have all day!” Yamamoto said. He was becoming annoyed.

“Yo Yama-Boss, it’s me Captain Hector Schlenzanner of the Great Order. I hear you wanted me to get to the base eh? Sorry man, going to be a bit late, got something I need to do right now. I’ve got men stationed there, if anything is urgent go up and seek their help. I’ll be back sometime later.
Over and out…Yama-Boss.”

Yamamoto just sat in silence for a moment as the recording sunk in. Did one of his subordinates just blow off a direct order? What could he possibly have to do that was more important than a direct order from himself? Yamamoto was livid, yet despite his anger he tried to keep his composure.

Through clenched teeth he said “If Schlenzanner doesn't contact me by the end of the day, he is going to regret it! Hurry up and mobilize squad 0 then get out of my sight!”

“Ye... Yes sir!!” The assistant said trembling as he left the room. He hated it when Yamamoto was angry.


The first rays of sunlight were just beginning to peek over the horizon when Kenshi awoke. Today was the day. The day he would get the answers he needed. He had decided to wait until night, so that he could commence his attack under the cover of darkness. People always called him the black demon, so what better way to attack than when he was shrouded in darkness?

Putting out his campfire, Kenshi began walking towards the compound. He would spend the day doing more reconnaissance as he formed a plan of attack in his head. As he got closer to the compound, Kenshi moved to the treetops to avoid being spotted. He couldn't avoid blowing his cover when he was this close. Silently, he moved from tree to tree until finally he arrived at Compound 7. It was so out of place in this forest there was no mistaking it. Taking up position in a nearby tree, he began observing everything he could: Squad formations, Patrol patterns, weapons, and checkpoint locations at each layer of security. By the time night fell, Kenshi had his strategy all figured out in his head. It was time to go to work.

OOC: @drewccapp: Yes it looks like you're right. I really don't mind if darkchiyo's character escaped from one of Yamamoto's facilities. Doesn't make me any difference if its from Yamamoto or Excalibur.

“Hmm, sometimes I forget that not everyone has super speed like me” Zero said before giving out a little chuckle, He noticed a man from the distance; he could tell from the sheer size that it was Hector; He got up and was greeted by the man.

“Good evening, masked man and my young little fluffer pop tart.” Hector said, bowing to Suzuki. Hector talked about how he wanted more info on Excalibur and the ‘horned’ people, saying that the deal is not complete yet because he believes Zero is a criminal that still needs to be brought in, Suzuki as well for being with him. He then jokingly said that he picks any future meet ups for not everyone has super speed.

After hearing this, Zero gave out a chuckle “Yeah sorry about that, sometimes I forget not everyone is as fast as me haha! A criminal you say? Oh how you are wrong…the real criminal is the one you let get away.” Zero continued. “The man you let get away was called Itachi, the pitiful dog servant to Excalibur, you ‘rescued’ him a few days ago and decided to chase after me, how silly of you!” Zero said giving out a chuckle. “For you see, he was my lead to find Excalibur, but you ‘saved’ him and now I don’t know where he is, he probably is with Excalibur now with that box he had…” Zero then became serious. “Excalibur is a threat to all living things in this world, he is trying to create an army of Diclonius…a group of people that have horns, which contain some sort of super natural power, from seeing it first-hand, I would say that their power is some sort of invisible hand, a vector you could say.” Zero continued. “What their weakness is I don’t know…but we need to stop him before he creates this army, I have heard that he has a facility where they are using them as test subjects…where it is though is a mystery, which is why I need your help, you have a better chance finding this facility then I do.”

For Zero, finding Excalibur has been his mission since his ‘rebirth’ two years ago, and if it meant getting help from higher power or not, it did not matter as long as he found Excalibur and bring him to ‘justice’. Hector is his only chance of ever finding Excalibur since he is looking for someone, being dubbed a ‘demon’, could it possibly be that the people they are looking for are linked?

“I promise that I will offer my full services in helping you, as long as you help me in finding Excalibur, finding him will benefit both of us…but do not worry, once we have dealt with him, you will not have to worry about me, that is if you don’t require my services after…hehe” Zero continued.

Zero gave out a little chuckle before forwarding his hand. “So…what do you say? Deal?”

@drewccapp: I don't mind you using Excailbur, as long as it fits within the story then it is alright

@Reric: Thanks All important characters need a good back story or they would be boring and who would want that? Also I wanted people to see how my character feels about Excalibur and side with him, but I do warn that once my character meets Excalibur, it is not going to be some 'friendly' chat with each other...well it will be 'friendly' for Zero, horror for Excalibur in terms of what my character will do when they see each other again...

From his current position, Kenshi had a good angle on the first machine gun tower. Waiting for the beams of spotlights to pass him by, he jumped and landed between the two guards manning the tower. Before they could react, Kenshi used his vectors to silently knock them unconscious.

“Good.” He thought. “I haven't been noticed.”

Looking at the two men at his feet, he saw these mercenaries were from the Great Order. He wasn't interested in the Great Order at the moment. He wanted to know what the other faction in this base was.

Looking out at the other towers, he saw they were too far to jump into without being noticed. He dropped down to the ground from the tower. Darting in and out of the shadows, Kenshi made his way to the second tower. A 15 ft. chain-link fence topped with razor wire and three guards stood in his way. He would have to proceed carefully. It was much too early to reveal himself yet. Drawing one of his swords, he cut a small section of the fence just enough to fit through. On the other side, he approached the three guards from the shadows. Three vectors quietly crept through the darkness as Kenshi directed them towards the three men. Before they knew what was happening, Kenshi drug them all in the shadows where only a dull “thud” was heard. Three more guards down.

Creeping up to the second tower he came to an open area just before the second checkpoint. He waited for the spotlights to pass before shooting the gap. On the other side, he silently climbed the tower and upon reaching the top, peeked into the machine gun nest. One guard was operating a spotlight, while the one who was supposed to be manning the machine gun was sitting in a chair fast asleep. These mercenaries wore a different uniform than the Great Order. He would make sure to capture one before he left here tonight.

Moving behind the sleeping guard, Kenshi made sure to disable the machine gun. He didn't want to have to worry about it when he made his escape. He decided to leave the spotlight guard alone so as not to arouse suspicion. Making his way back down the tower, Kenshi infiltrated the second checkpoint the same way he did the first. When he reached the third tower he put the next part of his plan into motion.

There was no way he would have a chance at breaching those steel walls if he was having to dodge and deflect machine gun fire. He needed a distraction, and a big one. Drawing both of his blades, Kenshi walked beneath the third and final tower. Each tower had four support beams underneath. Gathering his strength, Kenshi cut the two supports closest to the compound.

“Furotingu-Ken style: Tsuinsurasshu!”

As the two support beams were sliced in half, the huge tower creaked and groaned as it fell to the ground with a thunderous boom. Men from all directions came running and alarm sirens sounded in the distance. While they were distracted with the tower, Kenshi made his way to the main steel gates that led inside the compound. Grabbing each of his blades with two vectors instead of just one, he prepared to breach the gates. He would have to be fast, as the guards wouldn't be fooled for too long. Gathering all the strength he could muster, Kenshi let loose with an onslaught from his blades. Reinforced by his vectors, Kenshi's swords could cut through huge trees like they were nothing. However, these gates were a lot tougher than wood. When Kenshi saw that his attacks weren't going to be strong enough he stepped back. The gates were covered in cut and slash marks with dents scattered in between. It just needed one final push. This was it. He would have to use that technique. He was hoping to use it for the first time against Hector, but it couldn't be helped. These gates were just too strong, and he needed to be inside now before those mercenaries figured out what was going on.

Sheathing his own sword, Kenshi held his late Master Toshiro's sword in front of him. The moonlight reflecting off the edges made the blade seem as if it was glowing. Grabbing it with all four of his vectors, he raised it above his head and prepared to strike.

"This is it, Master Toshiro." Kenshi said to himself. "Tonight, we find out who killed you."

"You don't say?" Hector inquired with his usual smile, bowing his head as he heard the story. "How interesting, so there is a reason for this entire mess then. This Excalibur guy is the reason for these demons roaming the world then.

You bring up some good points though, masked man. Very interesting points that are quite intriguing. Let me think for a moment, this is unexpected." He turned away, walked a few meters and stopped, looking up into the sky with the same fatherly expression he usually wore before returning about two minutes later, apparently having done his deep thought of the predicament.

"Very well then, I will take up your offer, as it may be not only be helpful but you do seem quite knowledgeable." He raised his finger though and pointed it at him, his smile still not leaving his face. "You are still a criminal right now, who I have been searching for. While I iwll agree to working with you, it's going to be in the sense that you are currently working for me. I will acknowledge your statements and allow you to work as you see fit, if so be it with that little girl.

But as long as you are with me you are to obey my direct orders my good friend. The first thing this means is that you will be coming with me back to base. To show my trust, I will allow you to come with me unrestrained.

Please don't do anything foolish on th way there, or while you are there. Now I..." He paused, his radio having gone off. Great did Yama-Boss want something else? But instead of being yelled at by boss, he was instead contacted by, as far most were concerned, his second-in-command Lureus.

"Captain Schlenzanner, this is urgent! The base is being attacked!"

"Eh? Attacked, by who?" Hector spoke out seriously.

"We don't know, but there's already quite an extensive amount of damage taken...we've lost cotact with a few of our men we're not sure what happened...dammit where is Kruger...shit! We need you over here sir, it looks bad."

"Understood, I'll be there as soon as I can, hold the fort steady and keep on guard." He hung up, his smile having now vanished and replaced the expression a true commander would usually wear.

"Our base is under attack, now its time for your loyalty masked man, we're heading over there right now. Look over there, do you see the area of trees there. It'll take about two hours on foot for me to reach there. With your speed, that shouldn't be much of a problem. You'll notice the construct once you get there.

If you truly want to be on my side, then help my men over there stop whoever is causing this trouble. As for me..." His smile returned waving the two goodbye and letting them off, heading back into the city at a hurried pace. The first thing he did though was re-contact Lureus.

"Captain Schlenzanner here, Lureus. I've run into the masked man and the girl who was with him. Right now we've come to a deal, he is supposed to be helping us and is on his way there. As long as he behaves and remains on our side, do not attack him. But if he doesn't, you have the authority to shoot to kill."

And now to find what he needed in the city. There on the side about to get in was a small bespectacled man about to drive away before Hector caught the closing door and pulled it up. He was understandably, quite freaked when seeing a 2 meters+ tall man with an axe just as large peerign over him. The massive smile did not help one bit.

"Oh! Ooooh! Please don't kill me, take my money! I've got a family and two kids!"

"Calm down buddy, my name is Captain Schlenzanner of The Great Order, specialized international police. I need your vehicle, get out now."


"Get out...now." He repeated.

Pressing the pedeal down hard, Hector drove off to his destination. It still didn't compare to the speed of the masked man, who's movements were almost invisible to the eye, but it was certainly quickly than running to the destination. Nonetheless, it would take another full 30 minutes or so before he actually got there. Right now, he would have to hope that his men could hold out log enough until he got there. Still, an opponent to cause this much trouble.

What if it was him, the demon they had met?

His heart started to race with excitement. He broke the curve, hit a trash can and increase the speed, breaking through the wooden gate because apparently going the normal way was out of the question. Now on the field, he kept his sights on the area where the fortress was located, pressing hard on the pedal to increase maximum speed.

"Guh! Damn small car..." He thought heftily, his entire figure scrunched down into a small space. Now he knew why he never went around and drove. Well truthfully that might also have been because he had no idea how to drive beyond turning the key and pushing the pedal, but sometimes you needed to make certain choices.

"Everyone get ready, have all weapons in stock." He indicated to two of his men. "Go to the areas where we lost contact with the others, they may need help. I'm going to head to the main location of where the problem is!" Lureus ordered.

He turned, taking his weapon and narrowing his eyes so that they appeared as near slits. "More than likely, Kruger has probably already been made aware of the situation and is over there right now. If so I suppose it’s for the better, anything that can cause this much problem shouldn't be ignored.

Come on Captain, I don't know why but I think we're going to really need your help. And this masked man, I hope your right sir, I hope we can trust him."

OOC-We are about to get into a battle!

Hector had agreed to the deal after some thought, he pointed his finger at Zero and said that he is still a criminal, this did not matter to him, he got his help so it he didn’t care what he called him. Zero’s first act of loyalty was to head to base with Hector, but an urgent call from someone had changed that plan. Hector then told Zero that their base is under attack and if he was to show loyalty then he would go and help the men at base. Hector pointed to the woods and said he will see the structure.

“As you wish…hehe” Zero said, giving out a chuckle before grabbing Suzuki’s hand and speeding off into the woods.

Zero sped through the woods with ease until he saw the structure, and was met with some of the soldiers. The soldiers pointed their guns at him as a reaction before putting them down.

“Are you the man that Hector said about?” One of the soldiers asked, sounding a bit scared, possibly since they don’t know who they are facing.

“Why yes, yes I am…hehe” Zero replied, giving out a chuckle and a bow. “Now could one of you tell me what is going on here?” Zero asked.

“Our base is currently under attack; we don’t know who it is, but whatever it is…it isn’t human” The soldier replied, looking at the damage the intruder left.

“Interesting…” Zero said, as he looked at the damage caused. “Well if the intruder is in the compound, then you need to block all exits so he doesn’t get away, get some men to block all exits and only let the people you know through” Zero ordered the men, to which they replied “Yes sir!”.

“You two come with me, I want to see the man in charge of this place and with an intruder in the compound, it would be a bad idea for me to just wonder” Zero said to the two men.

The two soldiers escorted Zero through the compound, guns ready, checking each direction for they don’t know where this thing is. They reached a room that had a few men in it, one of them called Lureus by one of the soldiers; he looked like the man in charge.

“So you are the masked man Hector was talking” The man said.

“Indeed I am…hehe” Zero replied, giving out a chuckle then a bow. “I am here to help, so do you what is attacking you?” Zero asked, hoping that the man in charge has a better idea of what is going on.

“Sadly I do not, but I do think I might know what it could be, for what has happened here could not be done by a human…no whoever this is has some power…” The man replied.

“Really? Interesting…well then I better wonder through this compound to find him then…hehe” Zero replied to the man, giving out a chuckle then a bow before grabbing Suzuki’s hand and speeding off. The speed shocked the man.

“Just what did Hector find?” He asked himself as he looked on.

Zero continued running through the compound, going past corridor after corridor, checking room after room, he was having no luck until he saw a shadow like figure in the distance.

“Could that be the intruder?” Zero thought before stopping, he walked slowly towards the direction he saw the person, keeping Suzuki close to him. He got to a corner, looked at Suzuki to see if she was alright, to which she nodded, whoever this was, they found him, now it was time to confront him…

OOC: I just want to let everyone know that the appearance of Zero and Suzuki are different. By that I mean that Suzuki is now wearing Zero's cloak and a mask that Zero gave her. Zero is now only wearing a black sleeveless shirt, black wristbands that go from the wrist to his elbows, black trousers and black shoes. Also the colour of his blades are blue and silver (the blades he has used since being with the Azure Knights). Zero's mask is still the same from before (when the right eye area broke off) I might decide that as the story goes on, the mask slowly breaks and breaks, revealing his face and what the events has done to him.

Just wanted to let people know.

Yuki's pain was turning steadily into pleasure. She had always been able to do that. This wasn't the first facility she had been held in, two years and three months ago she was a prisoner in a Great Order Compound, although she didn't know which one. How she escaped was from the purest of dumb luck, one of her guards slipped and openned all of the cells. She was the only one they didn't catch, at that time her name was Izanami Haruno.

She knew now that dumb luck wouldn't come around this time and resigned her fate to torture. Sometimes they injected her with serums of various sorts. Each one of them affected her in ways she couldn't explain. One of them even gave her halucinations. She had no intention of giving them what they wanted though. They could take everything away from her, even her sanity, but she would never give them anything.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kenshi saw a figure approaching him. It didn't matter. He'd probably be blown away from what was about to happen. Preparing himself, he raised his master's sword above his head. It was time.

“Furotingu-Ken Style: Shogekiha o Suraisu!!!”

Using all four of his vectors, Kenshi swung downward with all of his strength. The blade moved so fast it cut through the air itself and, traveling faster than the speed of sound, created a shockwave as the air collapsed in on itself. The shockwave moved blinding fast as it hurdled towards the compounds steel doors. Upon impact a sonic boom was created as the steel doors were bent and torn inward. Once the dust had settled, Kenshi saw a hole, about twice his size, had been torn in the doors. Perfect.

Not wasting any time, Kenshi hurried inside. Looking around, he saw many long corridors filled with multiple rooms. Turning to the left, he started down a corridor. He checked each room, finding most in this corridor empty. Most of the mercenaries were outside distracted by the damage. As he turned right around the next corridor he saw 2 mercenaries standing there. Both were from the mysterious other faction operating at the compound. Upon seeing him, they both raised their guns at him and slowly approached.

“Hey you!” one of them said. “Who are you, and what are you doing inside the compound?”

The other guard turned and looked at his partner. “Ryu, what are you stupid? The base suddenly comes under attack, the compound has been breached, and now there's some stranger in here and you have to ask who he is? Its obvious he's behind this! Who else would it be?!”

Kenshi didn't have time to mess around with these fools. He sent two vectors out and grabbing one of the mercenaries, threw him aside. The other opened fire, but against vectors his bullets were nothing. He stood there in awe as his bullets just floated in mid-air before dropping to the ground.

“What... WHAT ARE YOU?!?!” he shouted.

Using one of his blades to cut Ryu's gun in half, Kenshi approached him and grabbed him with a vector, lifting him into the air.

“You... what faction do you belong to? You are not part of the Great Order, so what are you?”

Ryu just stared at Kenshi with a defiant look in his eye. “I'm not telling you anything!”

Seeing he was getting nowhere, Kenshi lowered Ryu down to eye level. Gazing at him with his cold, crimson eyes he exuded an extreme amount of killing intent.

“O...oh...Okay!” Ryu said as he broke down in fear. “We're from an organization known as the D.E.F. That's the Diclonius Extermination Force. We're deployed all around the world in order to search for and eliminate the diclonius threat to humanity.”

“The D.E.F..... Those soldiers from 12 years ago... It was you!! It was the D.E.F.!” Kenshi had finally remembered a fragment of that night from 12 years ago. His eyes went wide with rage and a hint of insanity.

“Who is your leader?” Kenshi demanded.

“I... I can't tell you that!” If I do, they'll kill me!

“Well you can be certain if you don't talk, I'll kill you as well!”

“I can't! I don't have a choice!” Ryu said, breaking down.

Drawing a blade from his back, Kenshi held it up to Ryu's neck. “You have two choices. 1. Don't talk, and I slit your throat. 2. Talk, and die as a traitor by the hand of the D.E.F. Either way, you die. You might as well tell me.” Kenshi said leaning close. Whispering into Ryu's ear he said, “Trust me, your death by my hands will be much more painful.”

Resigned to the fact that he was going to die, Ryu agreed to tell Kenshi who their leader was.

“Our leader... he's like a ghost. Always moving between compounds and underground facilities. No one ever knows where he is. His name is Yamamo....”

Ryu began convulsing as his body was riddled with bullets. The mercenary Kenshi had thrown to the side earlier had woken up, and shot his partner before he could divulge anymore information.

“Ahhhh!!! Damn you!!” Kenshi yelled. He propelled himself down the corridor towards the attacker. Destoying his gun, Kenshi grabbed and restrained him with vectors.

“You're coming with me, and you will tell me everything you know. If not, you will wish for death.... but it will not come.”

Wrapping two vectors around the man, Kenshi carried him as he made his way back through the compound. Running down the corridor he turned the corner to head towards the hole he had made. What he found as he turned the corner stopped him in his tracks. Standing there between him and his way out was a masked man and a girl.

Preparing for the worst, Kenshi drew his blades.

“Who are you?”

OOC: Just to clarify, Kenshi is still wearing his hat so no one knows he is a diclonius.... yet. The only ones that might recognize him are Hector and Kruger since they've seen Kenshi before. I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop from this point on.

Lily patiently waited for about five minutes before she decided that whoever it was that was hiding in the bushes wasn't going to be coming out of hiding. She sighed. "Very well, dearie, if you don't want to come out that's fine. If you want to find someplace safe you can come to where I am staying." She then gave simple directions to the mansion she was camping at. Something told her that whoever it was hiding in the bushes wouldn't try hurting her, if they would then it would have already happened. "Be careful, dearie, I imagine those men have resources better than yours. If you're a diclonius you're in an even worse spot than most. I need to be going though, as my brother and his lover are probably in trouble and are in need of me. Best of luck to you. I pray you can find someplace safe."

Following those armed men in her current state would be stupid. Had she had the resources and the time to prepare then fine. However, she lacked the skills required to stealthly tail anyone without the help of her technological expertise. She reminded herself to check in on other groups that have dealings with dicloni. There weren't many so it probably would be difficult, hopefully she'd be able to call in a few favors to get some info. Tonight wasn't the night for that though.

She recalled a group called the D.E.F. that she had also worked with briefly. They had called upon her expertise to create a weapon to use against dicloni. She made about a dozen and they were designed to bypass vectors and stun the target. The biggest drawback was they could only fire once every hour so that shot would have to be taken carefully. However, vectors couldn't deflect the sonic blast produced by these guns. This was the last job she took working against dicloni, and ever since she had worked to try and create a unity between dicloni and humans.

Most of the work the D.E.F. did was kill dicloni as they believed they were a threat. It was a rare thought to believe they would keep too many of them as prisoners without reason.

Her best option might be to call in a favor with the Great Order itself. While they had a generally anit-diclonius attitude at least she could get some help finding her brother, and maybe, just maybe she could do some good helping any diclonius she meets get out of their way. She knew it was pointless to try and change their view at this point in time considering how experience had been a terrible teacher in the fact that all dicloni were enemies to them. She began walking towards Compound 7 expecting a lukewarm welcome at best. She hoped they'd help her find her brother.

The last thing she expected when she got there was seeing a rather large man stepping awkwardly out of a small car and what seemed to be a warzone. She adjusted her backpack, switched hands with the flashlight, and approached the man. She recognized him when she got closer. "Well, Hector, it's been a while. What in the blazes in going on here? And how on earth did you fit in that little thing?" She pointed at the poor little car.

Hector made a note to himself, the first thing was, find a bigger a car. The second and probably more important thing was, never press so hard down on the brakes that your foot stomps right through and destroys them. Stopping had been a pain in the rear end but he had found a way. Thank goodness for that tree that had been right there. His hand pushed through the air bag, clawing his way out before finally, and awkwardly pushing himself out The only thing that didn't leave was his right arm which jerked on something still inside the car. He pulled again, roughly before making a forward motion and then...


The car, already in rough shape, suddenly imploded as if a small bomb had gone off inside of it and the metallic churning of ripped pieces came flying off. Hector finally managed to get his, far too big for his own good, axe out. Starring at the rubble that had once been a city, he had little time to think about anything else before a voice caught his attention.

"Hm?" He inquired to the young lady before sporting a massive grin. “Well! Hahahahaha! Long time no see, my young ample friend, Lily.” Hector proclaimed jovially.

Lilliana, like Kruger had once been a set of hired hands for the Great Order, apparently having helped with many of the anti-Diclonius equipment. There was even a possible chance that she was the one who had helped to create his hectic Crescent Sun Axe, which was, despite his men not have knowing, directly designed for combat with Diclonius due to his structure, power and overall abilities.

That however had been some time ago, and Lily had grown up quite a bit. She had grown up into a fine young woman from what Hector could tell. As far as she may notice of him, nothing would've changed except a few lines across his face due to age.

As she pointed to the car he laughed embarrassingly with his hand on his forehead. "Yeah, long story...but I could ask the same thing about you? The Great Order is under the report of a new employer, but are you working for him as well? I would've gotten the report myself if you were coming to see us, The Great Order itself.

And for the other question..." He gazed up at the destruction happening over to the fortress, his smile growing ever so wider as excitement filled his being, flashing through his nerves, veins, cells until he was utterly jittery with excitement that, unfortunately probably made him look like he was slightly off his rocker.

It would appear that a problem has arrived at base; I'm here to fix it. You should be careful Lilliana, it's dangerous to be here right now without proper equipment. Oh that reminds me..." It was time to call Yamamoto again, let’s hope he wasn't too angry.

"Yama-Boss, it's me, Captain Schlenzanner. Sorry for the wait I got caught up in traffic if you know what I mean. I'm here now and whoo hoo, you've got quite a problem going on at base. Well now I'm here and I'll be dealing with our little problem..." He ended, a shadow falling over his face.

Lureus had split up with his partner, telling him to head off in another direction to help any of the wounded as he took a different route. Seriously, was it really only one person doing all of this, incredible. Anyone with eyes would have looked at the situation and thought an entire army had taken over the place.

"I have a really bad feeling about this." But he had little time to think of his next thought when he turned the next corner and saw two people, perhaps having just run into each other. One was the man in the mask, the very one Captain Schlenzanner had told them about. He had arrived fast, far too fast than any normal person could have, or was he just that much closer to their location? It didn't matter, what did matter was the person they had run into.

He had no clue that the person that was looking at was actually the very one in the woods that had knocked them out, nor could he tell that he had horns due to the hat on his head. But he did know one thing, he didn't wear the same uniform as either the D.E.F or The Great Order, which only meant one thing.

This was the perpetrator.

"Freeze!" Lureus roared, raising his gun and aiming carefully. "Don't move, or I will shoot." It would've been a valuable threat, if it was a threat at all. His weapon did not pack the power to get through Kenshi's vector shield, not that he knew that.

"Drop your weapons immediately." He ordered, having a hard time believing the man had done this much collateral damage with swords. He must have had a few explosions that had he been using. "Get on the ground, hands behind your back. If you don't follow these instructions I will be forced to shoot you."

His eyes caught that of Zero, saying nothing to him but merely noting his presence.

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Lilliana giggled, she was one of the few people that wasn't afraid of his presence. "Well, I'm not working for anyone right now. I actually came to for a favor, but it looks like my timing's a bit off."

She knew no one within the Order knew the full scale of what she was capable of. The only thing they knew was her skill with mechanics and building things was paralleled to none. They didn't know about her ability to negate vectors in a small area around her, and they didn't know just how many things she was capable of. Given a short bit of time she could make some ingenious traps.

She imagined Hector wondering how she knew the Order was here if she wasn't working for anyone. Compound 7 was the facility she worked at least when she was with the D.E.F. however she still memorized every location. She of course swore an oath to never tell anyone where it was once she was done working with them, but that didn't mean she'd forgotten where it was. The Order's database had told her they were working with the D.E.F. again, which left her feeling a little uneasy if Yuki was found without a hat on, but she had to find her brother somehow. There was no chance she'd be able to find the facility that those armed men came from all by herself.

Those men had no insignia to show who they were working for, and organizations with enforcers like that have very secure private networks no one could access from a public network. Her best chance to access it would be to be close to the actual place.

She looked at Hector after he made the call. "Looks like you could do with some help. I might be able to, the last couple years have been a learning experience for me."

She went to the trunk of the car and after some fenangling popped it open. Inside was a tube of tennis balls, tennis shoes, a tennis racket, jumper cables, and a spare car battery. She ripped the laces of the shoes, grabbed the tennis balls and slid the tube into one of the open pockets in her backpack, and decided to leave the racket. The jumper cables and the battery could prove to be a useful trap. She quickly wrapped the jumper cables across her chest, and grabbed the battery by its handle. She wasn't planning on showing him everything she could do, but some things wouldn't hurt, and maybe she'd definitely get that favor.

She turned to Hector with a big smile on her face. "Shall we go? It might be best if you lead the way, sir."

She paused for a moment then continued. "By the way, I found out something you might be interested in looking into after this."

He could hear the alarms go off, in his experience that either meant two things and in the short time he had spent at this facility it had been clear they never did alarm drill at this time. The base was under attack and he couldn’t have prayed for a better moment, he was in just the right mood to kill somebody and if the opportunity presented itself he wouldn’t mind to catch Lureus or some of the others in a friendly fire incident. He laughed at the thought as he grabbed his gear and made sure to have plenty of ammo, it was going to be one wild night.

Setting foot outside he could see secondary explosions had already been set off, it was the perfect diversion he knew from his own personal experience. So far the communication was a mess with garbled messages coming from all sides, he cursed these fools as they were blocking the radio network with their gibberish. Dammit he needed the radio if he wanted to keep in contact with anybody or the captain should he manage to drag his sorry ass back to the facility but with these morons he might as well just turn it off. He had to wonder on why he kept working with these clowns.
Another burst of chatter came from the radio and he had enough of it. “WILL YOU IDIOTS FOR ONCE KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTHS SHUT……. KEEP THE RADIO CLEAR FOR IMPORTANT MESSAGES OR I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF!!!” He yelled as his irritation got the better of him, damn this great order had some absolute idiots in its service. God what was he thinking when he accepted this job.
“I can’t believe I joined in on this mess.” He growled again as he approached one of the fallen towers, troops were standing next to it pointing in every direction or trying to keep the fires under control.

He grabbed the nearest guard at the collar. “What the hell has happened here, why wasn’t this reported by the sentries earlier, what the hell have you clown been doing all this time?”
The man couldn’t even manage to produce a single complete sentence before Kruger had gotten fed up with him. “Just go back to what you morons were doing before I will handle this myself.” He looked back thinking on which route a possible intruder could have taken to get inside the fastest way. Taking down the towers had been a smart move but after that the options were becoming more limited. “Why are you here, what brings you to this place?” He asked as he placed himself in the foot of his prey, the man was bold that was clear to attack like this.
He quickly called in the remaining sentry points, if the intruder wanted to get inside the compound he would need to get past those men and if any didn’t report at all he knew which route the man was taking.
“Sentry one come.” He snapped quickl though he was content to hear the men reporting back, the same went for sentry two to six. By the time he came to sentry seven there was a response at all.
“Sentry seven respond this instance, that is an order.” It didn’t matter to him anymore, now he knew which path the intruder had taken but it was located on the other side of the compound. He had to admit that is was a smart move and certainly one he would have made himself in such a case.
“Allright then you freak, now we are going to have some fun.” With those words he set off in persuit.

“Who am I? A better question is…who are you?” Zero replied to the man, he seemed to be in a hurry, could he be the intruder? “Hmm I could of sworn I seen you before…didn’t I see you near a bakery a few days ago?” Zero asked, thinking of a few days ago. “No matter, judging by your reaction, I’m guessing you are the intruder no? If that is so…then I can’t let you go…hehe” Zero said, drawing out his blades, ready to battle. “For you see, I am looking for a man, and the ‘lovely’ people here are going to help, all I have to do is ‘obey’ their orders, well mostly Hector, since I made a deal with him not so long ago…but anyway I was told to find the intruder and to stop him…and since it is you…I guess we fight…huh? “Zero continued, about to fight but hears a noise from the distance.

"Freeze!" said the man, it was Lureus. "Don't move, or I will shoot." Lureus continued, pointing his gun at the man. "Drop your weapons immediately." He said, ordering the intruder. "Get on the ground, hands behind your back. If you don't follow these instructions I will be forced to shoot you." Lureus continued.

“Ah, the help has arrived, not that I needed it but it makes my life easier hehe!” Zero said as Lureus and his men turned up. “As you can see, you are clearly outnumbered, even if you are strong…you don’t want to die do you? Hehe…” Zero said, looking at the man before turning to Lureus. “What would you like me to do sir? What do we do from here?”

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There was so much blood, and he couldn't feel below his waist. One man destroyed his entire team and he didn't even touch them. Somehow, Vane had managed to drag himself within sight of the culprit. The dizziness was getting worse.

He had to do something to help... something. He had to warn someone that this man was not normal before he died. He cursed his inability to walk, but refused to look down at his lower half for fear it might prevent him from his final mission.

A figure he was unfamiliar with appeared in the blink of an eye and began to talk with the intruder. Is this man friend or foe? Just one man slaughtered his team without any effort, what if this man had just as much power? He dragged himself closer and saw a dead D.E.F. man that he barely recognized.

Then he heard "Freeze!" and recognized Lureus' voice. He had to call out, he had to warn them of the danger. It took him the greatest off efforts, but finally he managed to call out. "Lureus, sir! H-he's not normal!"

Quickly after this he felt himself fading into a deep dark slumber that he would never wake up from. He felt at peace though, because he accomplished that one monumental task of warning his friend and superior. Before complete darkness came he reached into his uniform's pocket and pulled out a photo with a beautiful brunette in a white wedding dress standing next to him in a tuxedo. One thought passed through his mind: "I'm coming, Silvia, my love."

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Kenshi was surrounded. The masked man and that girl were blocking his only way out, and behind him Lureus had a gun to his back. With two of his vectors being used to hold the D.E.F mercenary he captured, Kenshi was severely handicapped.

From down the corridor a weak voice called out. “Lureus sir! H-he's not normal!”

“As if they couldn't tell already.” Kenshi thought. “I guess the man thought he was doing something worthwhile in his final moments. Too bad.”

Kenshi looked around and assessed the situation. He needn't worry about Lureus behind him. He could easily block any bullets fired from his assault rifle with his vectors. It was the masked man in front of him that had Kenshi concerned. This was no ordinary man. They may not be katana, but this man also wielded dual blades. From the way he held them, Kenshi could tell he was an experienced fighter. There was too many unknown factors to proceed without caution.

“It would seem we have no choice but to fight.... but some other time. I've got other matters to attend to.” Kenshi said as he shot out a vector towards Lureus. As his vector made contact, Lureus' gun exploded into tiny pieces. “I'll take care of you first.”

Before Kenshi could finish with Lureus, the masked man appeared in front of him in a flash. His speed was inhuman. He had just enough time to dodge his first strike, but needed a vector to block his second strike.

“You're not leaving me any choice here.” Kenshi said as he drew his own blades. He charged at the masked man, engaging him in battle. Even though Kenshi was handicapped by having to worry about his hostage, he was still surprised this man, a human no less, was able to keep up with his blades. He matched Kenshi blow for blow, easily blocking all his attacks. Kenshi was getting nowhere. Being weighed down by the mercenary he was carrying, and being confined to this tiny corridor, there was no way he'd be able to keep up with this man's extraordinary speed for much longer.

Stepping back from the fight Kenshi said “I have to say, I'm quite surprised to have found such a worthy opponent here of all places. Other than you, there is only one other that could possibly be a match for me in battle.”

Sheathing his swords, Kenshi stepped back towards the hole in the wall.

“I thank you for such an invigorating fight. I look forward to when we meet again, as I want to fight you when both of us are at 100%.”

Using his two free vectors Kenshi slammed them into the ground and propelled himself out of the hole in the wall. Once outside, Kenshi ran for the outer perimeter of the compound. It was time to leave. However, it wouldn't be as easy as he thought. Following close behind was the masked man. With his amazing speed, it would be difficult to lose him in a chase. Kenshi's adrenaline rose even higher when, there ahead of him, he saw Hector standing amongst the scattered mercenaries overseeing the cleanup of the tower he destroyed. Beside him was his loud mouthed Lieutenant and a red haired girl he'd never seen before.

Picking up the pace, Kenshi propelled himself right past them towards the outer gates. Everyone was a blur as Kenshi flew by. By the time the masked man ran past he was sure they figured out what was going on. He didn't have time to look back though. He needed to get out of here, because a certain someone had a lot of questions to answer.

As he reached the outer gates, Kenshi drew one of his blades, cut through it, and made a break for the forest. As he Looked back one last time, Kenshi didn't like was he saw.

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With the gun pretty much exploding in his face, Lureus choked and fell back, trying to get a sense of surroundings. Had his gun misfired, had it been defective? No, he had made certain of its capabilities well before, there was no the gun could have been defective. Which only made the question of why it had exploded all the more unreasonable.

This person could not be human, he had done something beyond the human scope. It certainly didn't help when Zero and Kenshi started fighting at a level beyond his comprehension. He couldn't even see most of the moves and the only thing that designated their hits was the flash of steel that brightened the room.

"Sh-Shit! This is too much for an old man like me! You're right...he really isn't normal."

And then they broke off, racing away at a speed that was far past what Lureus could handle. The only thing he could do is watch dumbfounded as he was left in the dust.

"C-Captain! The enemy is making a retreat your way!" He finally roared over his radio, finally getting his act together."

"Eh? You don't say...let me see if I can..."

And the he saw the figure pass him, and his smile grew wide.

"...Bingo. I found you...my fellow criminal. My young lass I have some business to attend to as you might see." He said to Lily before unsheathing his weapon. The circuits, bolts and gears twisted in the internal mechanism warming up the back end of the blade as he swung it behind him, leveling it off the ground. Then with a slow burst full of great stamina, he made his way through, racing off towards the group.

Compare to his opponent, Hector lacked the sheer speed. But there were two things he had the advantage over that he believed. One was his outright incredible stamina. They might be way faster than him, but he had a feeling he himself could run on for much longer. He already knew their location and as long as he could keep a proper gaze on them he would eventually reach them.

The second reason for his confidence was the very fact that this criminal was on his playing field. He moved his axe to the front, grabbing it to the middle and turning it, facing a small opened spot with a specific button on it. Pressing it, and hearing the designated sound of a buzz that said it worked, he grinned in satisfaction.

Erupting from the ground was a single dome, barely up to the heels high and probably not even discernible to anyone unless they were right next to it. The only thing that emerged was a spherical object the size of a fist with a window. It hovered into the air, zipping back and forth before making target on Kenshin, aiming down with its cameras and giving the pinpoint location of him.

That point was then addressed to Hector.

"Gotcha! Run as much as you want now, as long as this thing keep track of your location, I will find you...and unlike me, it can travel at a much faster distance."

Of course this would only work as long as the robotic camera kept its sensors on Kenshi.

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After seeing the diclonius breeze past them and a blur pursuing after him and the clear hostage, Lily felt a bit like she was in a weird dream or something. A male diclonius. The thought still was strange to her, but after both reading it in the Great Order's reports and seeing it with her own two eyes she would just have to believe. He was launching himself with two vectors and carrying the man with two more. If she was a bit more prepared she could have quickly activated her anti-vector field to make him stop because he did pass them by really quickly.

As Hector began pursuit she followed him. As she followed she muttered to herself. "Brother, I hope you can hold on for a bit longer, it seems like I'm going to be held up for a bit here."

She saw Hector activating a tracker device. "You know, if he ends up going into a crowded area, that tracker might get confused and switch off to the wrong person."

She didn't want to show off her ability to see vectors and create an anti-vector field, so she kept her mouth shut about the vectors she saw on the diclonius that they were after.

She began to make some adjustments to the car battery she had to make it splash acid over whatever and whoever broke it. It wouldn't hurt right away, but it would definitely eat away at the skin of whatever it was on slowly if it wasn't cleaned off quickly enough. She then wrapped to jumper cable around it making a sling out of it. The only time she'd use it would be in self-defense.

Whoever he was, the diclonius had a goal in coming here. If he didn't then that hostage wouldn't be alive right now. Being pursued by such a fast individual as whoever blurred past them would certainly make escape very had unless the diclonius wanted to use all four vectors to run, which would mean losing what was probably the reason for him coming here.

There was no way she was leaving Hector alone until she could discuss her need and possibly make an exchange for it, after all, she was pretty sure that there was something fishy going on considering those armed men that she redirected earlier. She was confident that they'd want to look into it. At the moment those men came to mind she wondered how the person she addressed in the bushes was doing and hoped whoever it was happened to be OK.

“What is Squad Zero's progress? Have they arrived yet?” Yamamoto asked with irritation in his voice.

“Sir, Squad Zero is just arriving at Compound 7. And.... oh my gosh sir. They're reporting that Compound 7 is in ruins! According to initial reports it was the result of a Diclonius attack. Mercenaries stationed there reported that Captain Hector of the Great Order, an unknown masked man and two girls are in pursuit of the Diclonius at this moment. He seems to have captured one of our D.E.F. Mercenaries stationed there as well. Sir, what are your orders?” the assistant asked, knowing what was about to happen.

“WHAT?!?! You're telling me that a single Diclonius infiltrated and destroyed Compound 7 all by herself? Impossible! ...Tell Squad Zero to pur-”

“Sir uhhh... I think theres something you should know...” The assistant said cautiously.

“What is it? It better be good if you're interrupting an order!”

“Well.. sir... the men are reporting that the Diclonius is a male, not female.”

“Preposterous! Theres no such thing as a male Diclonius! Why do you think one has never been seen before? Because they don't exist! Now stop wasting my time with inaccurate reports and order Squad Zero to pursue Captain Hector and assist in the capture of the Diclonius. I want it alive. One with this much power is a rarity indeed...”


“Yes sir, order received. Mission Directive updated. Squad Zero Captain Suigetsu over and out.

All right men, listen up! Our objectives at Compound 7 have been postponed. We are to immediately pursue Captain Hector Schlenzanner and those with him and assist in the capture of a rogue Diclonius. Move out!”

Upon his order, Squad Zero headed in the direction of Hector and began their pusuit of Kenshi. The squad consisted of 7 highly trained D.E.F Mercenaries equipped with Anti-Vector weaponry. In order to become a member of Squad Zero, rigorous training was required, yet it was the final test that decided it all. In order to join Squad Zero, one was locked in a room with a Diclonius. If you survived, you were in. When it came to dealing with Diclonius, Squad Zero was the best.


Kenshi looked back and saw the masked man following close behind, with Hector and another woman off in the distance. He quickly dodged to the side as some sort of spherical object burst from the ground. After darting around in the air for a few seconds, it focused on Kenshi and began following.

“Great, just one more thing to worry about.” Kenshi said with irritation. “I wouldn't be surprised if a whole squad started chasing me too!”

As he ran, Kenshi evaluated all his options. With that masked man possessing so much speed, outrunning him was out of the question since he didn't have use of all of his vectors. Kenshi also had a striking suspicion that there was more to this man than he was letting on.

Then there was Hector. Though he didn't have speed on his side, a man of his stature was sure to have an outrageous amount of stamina. He could probably keep running all day.

Finally there were the two women as well. Kenshi had no idea what they were capable of, so he just assumed they were dangerous. He didn't have many options, and it was if he had his back to a wall.


“Alright men, Delta formation on me!” Captain Suigetsu shouted as he gave orders to his men.

The squad was quickly approaching Hector and Lillania, and Suigetsu moved ahead to rendezvous with Captain Hector.

“Captain Hector, my name is Suigetsu and I'm the captain of D.E.F Squad Zero! We're here to assist!” He said while keeping pace with Hector.

“Koji, since you're our long range specialist you go on ahead! Takashi you go with him and provide support if necessary. The rest of you stay with me!”

Koji quickly moved ahead and equipped his Anti-Vector Rifle. It didn't shoot bullets, but a shockwave that could pass through vectors. Moving to a crouching position Koji peered through the 300x zoom scope and saw Kenshi with a masked man in pursuit.

"Diclonius sighted."

Training his scope on Kenshi, Koji moved the cross-hairs into position and making adjustments for windspeed, distance, and the speed of his target, squeezed the trigger.


Kenshi could sense a projectile moving towards him. He put up a vector to block it, but found himself flying through the air as the shockwave passed through his vectors and made impact. Kenshi hit the ground hard as he landed on his back, his hostage landing a few feet away from him unconscious. For a few seconds, he couldn't feel his vectors. Just what had hit him?

He didn't have time to think. Kenshi got up as fast as he could but, as he stood, he was greeted with an unwelcome sight. There in front of him, was the masked man and the girl that was with him, Hector, another strange woman, Hector's loud mouthed lieutenant, and a squad of 7 D.E.F mercenaries he'd never seen before. It looked like he'd have to fight after all.

Zero began pursuit on the man. “If he thinks he can just get away, then he can guess again” Zero thought to himself, pursuing the man. With Zero’s speed, the man has no hope of escape.

Judging by the events that have happened, from the gun randomly exploding, the invisible force that he used to fight and flee, Zero could tell that this man was a diclonius, but a male one? Zero has never seen a male one before; let alone fight one as the ones that attacked him two years ago were all female, except for Excalibur.

“What are you doing Excalibur?” Zero thought; continuing his pursuit of the man. This man seemed to be the only one who Zero finds as a worthy opponent, but he still isn’t as good as he wants him to be.

As they got further through the woods they ran passed Hector, who seemed to have a red haired girl with him. Zero saw Hector smile, which meant he must have a plan. ”If you have a plan, then hurry up, I am not going to keep running after him forever…” Zero muttered. Zero doesn’t know much about Hector, other than the fact that he is bigger than any other man and carries a giant axe. What the axe does other than being used for battle Zero didn’t know, but he was soon about to find out.

Suddenly Zero saw an object come out of the ground and follow the man. “Was this your doing Hector? Zero thought as the object began pursuing the man as well.

“Suzuki, is there anyone behind us?” Zero asked Suzuki, wanting to know.

“I see Hector, a girl with red hair and some soldiers, their weapons look different to the usual ones” She replied, scouting the area for Zero.

What this man was doing in the facility was unknown, but he had a soldier floating next to him, so it must be important for him to cause so much commotion and damage.

“Special soldiers eh?” Zero said, sounding a bit impressed. “I guess he does know what he is doing” Zero continued. As he was saying this he saw something pass by him, a shockwave of some sorts and it was heading for the man. The thing hit him and the man went down. “Finally, I can stop running” Zero thought as he saw the man hit the ground hard.

The man woke up, trying to figure out where he is and got up, only for him to be greeted by Zero and Suzuki. Not too long later Hector and the others turned up and surrounded the man.

“Like I said earlier…you are surrounded, I would suggest handing over the soldier and turning yourself in, because with me and these men, your vectors are useless…diclonius…” Zero said in a cold voice, drawing his blades. If this man lived or not did not matter to him, if he is with Excalibur then he will suffer the same fate as the other who side with him…

Lily recognized the burst resulting from an Anti-Diclonius Rifle and quickly afterward noticed the reinforcements. The diclonius lost his hat after getting hit from the blast. She noticed he lost his vectors only for a few moments before recovering. How she felt was a mixture of disappointment and relief.

She was disappointed that a single blast didn't take him down for an extended period of time and relieved it didn't kill him. She never got to see any of the results from testing, so she had been concerned ever since she made them that they'd be lethal, but this proved they were non-lethal stun weaponry. She hoped their mechanics and scientists didn't try to accelerate the recharge rate on them, because the way the battery worked would make it so they'd explode in a dangerous way after the second shot due to extreme feedback from both the sonic energy and the battery's energy itself.

When the diclonius lost control of his vectors, the D.E.F. man was dropped. When Lily noticed his was surrounded and saw his reaction her instincts kicked in and she felt compelled to help him. For the last three years she had done mostly jobs that helped diclonius merge with society safely, and succeeded on many fronts. Sometimes their genetic instinct would take over and she'd end up putting them down, but the greater majority of her clients were now living normal lives among humans without anyone knowing their true nature.

If she helped him out in any obvious fashion, there would be no way the Great Order or D.E.F. would help her find her brother. She hated how hateful humans were towards dicloni, because not all of them were bad, and many had reasons for their actions: very good reasons. Also, many of the dicloni she helped seemed to be running from someone in particular; then those armed men flashed into her mind.

Those men were very specific in the fact that the person they were searching for was a dangerous woman. The most dangerous of women were dicloni. They weren't military although they were trained in a military style from their formation and how they held their weapons. They weren't Great Order or D.E.F. from what their uniforms showed. The definitely weren't working for any prison either, even if they called the person they were hunting a criminal. Finally, their intentions seemed to be to capture, not kill.

She chuckled. "Oh, dearie, three years of work and I never noticed."

She stepped next to the masked man and looked at the diclonius. "Take care, even without vectors this man seems to be the accomplished samurai."

She winked at the diclonius after making sure no one else could see the wink. She knew his vectors were back, and was pretty confident that if he took care and used all of them he could get out of this situation. Even so, she prepared herself to be attacked by them and mental prepared her anti-vector field. Again, the memory of a terrible migraine slid into mind.

There would be a lot of action, but she was not afraid.

"Yo...Captain Suigetsu!" Hector proclaimed, making a single motion with his finger before returning to the chase. The tracking device was still in check, no surprise there as there was no way it would've lost the track of the ma this soon. He could hear the orders from the other captain being given a then a shot flew past him hitting Kenshi and seeming knocking him off balance.

"I wonder what that was? That must have been one of those famed anti-Diclonius weapons the D.E.F use that I've heard about. But why are they using such a weapon on...no..." He couldn't help but feel all giddy on the inside, like some child with a brand new toy that he was longing to play with. He felt like that, a child on the day of Christmas having opened up a new toy and wanting nothing more than to test it out.

"Oh boy...don't tell me...the one I'm chasing is...?"

The initial attack from the D.E.F soldier seemed to have done enough to Kenshi to let the others catch up and in just a few more seconds, the rest had corned him. Finally able to slow his halt, the only thing seemed to point out that Hector had even been running was just a very small bead of sweat that he wiped away. As far as his breathing, if one didn't know any better, they would've thought had just woken up from a nap, not run a full speed after a guy.

It was also here that he finally got a much closer look at the guy and he couldn't help it, he honestly couldn't repress the laugh. "Heh! Hahahaha! Hahaha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Interesting! How so interesting, my goodness!" Hector held his side, still laughing hard.

"What an interesting day this has become. Of all the people I expected to meet, it certainly wasn't you. It's been a little while hasn't it...Demon. Were you expecting to head back to the forest? Well I can't say that will be happening now."

He took his axe and moved it back so that he was holding it back at the center, gripping it tightly and moving his body so that the tip of the weapon was moved backwards as well. The circuitry inside was already churning, making the unsharpened edge glow into a golden hue. For a man of Hector who's nature was one of excitement, he may have been the only one who looked as if he was after the absolute time of his life.

"Diclonius...the bane of humanity. I am so excited to meet you my young demon friend. Hahahaha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I wonder are you as excited as me, I can barely keep it in. One of you better hold me back, cause I might just go gung ho right here!" But his demeanor did change for a moment.

"...But before we end this meeting of ours...there is something I would like to ask. What were you doing with girl? The one that was in the forest...the one that was with you. What in the world did you have, to be with a young human girl? And that's what she was, just another human girl, it's really easy to tell when your not wearing any headwear if your horned person or not. Although I admit it's a first for me to see a male Diclonius.

But why?

Why where you with her? What purpose could a Diclonius like you, have for some little girl like her?

There is also something else I want. Why did you come to the fortress here? Certainly you didn't just pass it by, you had this place on your mind from the start. You probably followed my men or even myself and got here. I'll blame myself for such incompetence, next time I'll be better prepared.

But why?

You came to this place for a reason...so what was it? What exact purpose would a Diclonius like you have to come here? Because the thing is, I have a feeling you already knew what to expect here. You may not have expected the weapons such as those anti-Diclonius ones that were used on you, but you must have expected something right? Somewhere, deep inside, you knew what might happen if you came here.

...And despite this you came anyways? Why? Well not to answer my own question or repeat myself but...

for a very simple reason.

You came here for something or someone..." He smiled as he made a notion of the previous D.E.F member that Kenshi had been carrying.

"Now stop me if I'm wrong, but you came for answers right? And you took him as a way to recieve those answers? Well I supposed for you it doesn't matter anymore. This is where your long or short journey ends.

So then...I'm ready to hear your answers...demon.

Oh…and you too Lily my dear, I have nothing against you but truthfully I must know your reasons for coming as well. I’ve kept you around because you are useful and for the most part I do trust you, but since you aren’t part of The Great Order or D.E.F, I must know what your intentions have been since coming here. Cause much like my young friend here, there’s no way you came here just by coincidence. Please be truthful also, again I for the most part…trust you…

But as a man of the law I must take all into consideration.”

Lily turned her head in the direction of Hector without taking her eyes off of the diclonius. She figured she'd answer first to give him a chance to think out his situation. "A few days ago, my brother vanished in search of a lover that suddenly stopped correspondence with him mid-conversation. I followed him to Orisaka, and found some clues on what happened to her."

She paused considering if she should tell them she is a diclonius or not. She knew she had to be careful because her work the last three years would be considered action against the D.E.F. and in tandem the Great Order. "She was a client of mine and the first person that my brother ever had any interest in, I'm pretty sure you've met him once before. I'm confident I know what has happened to her, and probably my brother if he's found her. Tonight, before I came here to ask for your assitance in finding my brother I met a group of soldiers unaffiliated with the Order, D.E.F., or any other organization I can think of - and I know a lot of them. These soldiers were very careful not to directly tell me what they were doing, but I'm pretty sure it was a diclonius they were looking for. I can't tell you the things I've worked on he last three years, but I just now figured out from dozens of clues from many of the clients I've had and the jobs I've done that there is an organization working to gather up unique specimens. This organization has lots of power an influence, and I'm confident it's working outside of the law."

She sighed. "And if it's able to see through what I've done to protect my clients, then something scary is behind it."

She quickly glanced at Hector before returning her gaze to the diclonius. "I have to save my brother before something happens to him."

She was nervous for the first time in years her fearlessness was crumbling to her concern for her brother and the fear that all the work she had done was all for nothing. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she tried her hardest to keep her composure.


Donald stood there staring at the miserable sight that Yuki had become in a matter of days. The torture and treatments they put her through made her an unrecognizable mess. He wanted to embrace her and tell her everything would be better. He had no idea what state she was in, but he had to do something somehow.

His guard seemed to be taking a call using his earpiece. After a few simple responses, the guard looked at Donald. "Would you like to go in there?"

Donald's heart skipped. "Aye."

The guard nodded to the scientist there who nodded in response and pressed the button that opened the door to the room Yuki was locked in. Donald rushed in and raced right up to her calling her name. Just as he reached her and grabbed her hand, the door was closed behind him and over the loud speakers within the room a single phrase was uttering in a booming fashion. "Kill him."

He ducked as fast as he could to avoid getting hit by the debris, damn this fight was going bad he thought to himself. Running as fast as he could he heard the screams in the distance that could mean only one thing. There was a fight going on and a pretty intense one as well judging by what he could hear. Damn he was still stuck several minutes away from the gate and he was certain the fight he was hearing could be nothing other than that somebody had caught the intruder before him, it was infuriating that some mongrel had gotten lucky.
“Damn bastards!” He said through gritted teeth as he upped the pace, he couldn’t allow anybody else but having the glory not the mention making the kill tonight. Getting closer now he could recognize one of the screams he was hearing, it belonged to that old fool Lureus and part part of him felt joy in knowing that the scream had been one born from pain, the thought of that idiot getting what he deserved brought a smile to his face. Yet he also felt his hatred of the man rising knowing that he had managed combat before he could.
“Don’t you dare to defeat that intruder, his head is mine alone!” He spat on the ground as he rounded the corner, he was almost there, just a few minutes now.

The radio burst alive. "C-Captain! The enemy is making a retreat your way!" Kruger cursed as it seemed that fool allowed the intruder to escape, at least some good news was that the captain had arrived back at the compound it seemed though it didn’t make much of a difference to him, they man was likely to get in his way as well. Judging in which direction the intruder had fled he turned into that direction hoping to link up swiftly then with the captain. More chatter came from the radio as other troops were reporting other unknown people were inside the compound as well, the masked man and no less than two females were in pursuit as well alongside the captain, what the hell was going on here.
Leaping over the small wall he nearly caught up the captain. “Well sir this is another fine men you left us in, I thought security of the great order was at the very least competent!” He snarled as he noticed the woman running along the captain, she didn’t look like much with the way she looked “And who may this wench be?” He pointed at Lilly, women would only cause trouble in his experience and unless she was gifted fighter she would likely be a liability to them. He did have to admit that she had some good stamina to keep up with the ground eating pace they were making but they had to in order not to lose the intruder.

More men approached them it seemed although judging by their uniforms they didn’t belong to the great order, was this a rival unit or where these allies, he had better keep his guard up.
“Captain Hector, my name is Suigetsu and I'm the captain of D.E.F Squad Zero! We're here to assist!” The man at the front said, Kruger was becoming curious at what exactly DEF stood for and who they represented but in the manner that their leader was speaking it seemed worked for somebody with plenty of power as the great order worked for him as well, this was becoming interesting indeed though it meant that lines would soon be drawn and he had no intention of getting caught in another double cross.
"Yo...Captain Suigetsu!" The captain had signaled for them as he had released a small tracking device, seemed like somebody had found the keys to the toy box.
“Koji, since you're our long range specialist you go on ahead! Takashi you go with him and provide support if necessary. The rest of you stay with me!” The leader shouted as two men broke from the formation setting up a rather unique looking weapon to him. He felt the backlash from it as it fired but to his surprise there was no round that left the muzzle, no cartridge that was ejected, no muzzle flash as the cordite inside the cartridge ignited. It was most curious to him as in the far distance he could see they had actually hit the intruder with one well-placed shot, the man didn’t seem to falter despite taking a hit. The captain had thrown out the words anti-diclonius, he had sad them before but that had been several days ago, what did they mean with those, what exactly where they following in the mid of this god forsaken night. “Tell me sir, what the hell are we following, what the hell is this diclonius thing as it sounds like bullshit to me!?” But then this person couldn’t be a normal human, no human could move this fast. “What the hell have I gotten myself involved with!?”
They had some interesting weaponry with them, nothing like the AA-12 shotgun he carried but weapons that looked more befitting from a sci-fi movie, he had to keep alert to see if these guns could really prove to a problem or not. If they let down their guard he would be certain to acquire one of these weapons himself. The shot had done the job of slowing down the intruder allowing them all to catch up with him, it had been an exhausting chase he admitted but also a very exciting one. He pulled his gun from his back as they confronted the person they had been chasing, even outnumbered and certainly outgunned it would be a mistake to underestimate him at this point. The man or whatever he was had proven to be a resourceful soldier and if it was either luck or skill this man had it in spades to have done so well.
“Captain, what are we going to do with this thing!?” He asked as he kept the gun trained on the suspect.

When Kruger questioned who she was, Lily wasn't surprised he didn't remember her. After all she was only technical support that one time they worked together and he seemed the type to not care about such people much less remember. She remembered clearly working on his AA-12 shotgun a couple times to fix it up, she saw he still had it and remembered even then how much he loved it. There were more important things to worry about right now, like the current situation and how Hector would respond to what she confessed.

The only thing she had to say to him was. "I see you still have your AA-12, lovely thing it is. Wench is a bit harsh, but that's what you are right, Kruger, dearie, harsh?"


Yuki felt his hand: warm and comforting. It was something beatiful in a world of agony. The last few days had been the worst as she listened to commands and followed them in a mindless blur. Who was this person that held her hand so kindly? It must be a dream. It was impossible for something so beautiful to exist in a world so awful and bleak.

She shuddered violently when she heard the words "Kill him." how could she destroy such a wonderful thing. Those warm hands held her more firmly after the command. Hollow echoing pain flowed through her body as she instinctively readied her vectors for the kill.

"Yuki. No, Rei, don't be afraid, I'm here. I'll never leave your side." Those kind words ripped through her memory.

Before she was Yuki Ryuusei, she was Rei Masaki. When she was Rei, she was lost until she was saved by two kind souls a year and a half ago. Before they saved her she had to free herself from a monster. A man named Excalibur who worked to gather dicloni like herself and use them for his own ends. Then he only had a few puppets.

Brennan, that was the last name of the two that saved her so long ago. Lilliana was the one that saved her existence in the outside world by creating a new life for her, one she could live normally alongside humans and maybe even human-friendly dicloni. Donald was the one that saved her heart and soul. His art spoke volumes to her, and it seemed only she could appreciate it more than even he could. He was awkward in approaching her and talking with her, but she was just as awkward and maybe even more. Slowly, but surely they fell in love, and even though they were physically apart due to Lily's work and his own, they continued to talk every day. Mostly through email.

"What are you waiting for? Kill him." Came the questioning command.

Her vision cleared and before her she saw Donald. He held her hand although they were chained to the wall. She was naked, but he only looked into her eyes; her soul. Staring into his eyes, all the pain and suffering stripped away. The drugs flowing through her system cleared, and the fog of her mind vanished. She had been saved again by Donald, but this time she would return the favor and save him.

She had three vectors that were 3.5 meters long. With a surge of energy, she shattered her chains and freed herself. "Lets go, Donald."

Sirens blared and one goal was set in her mind: save Donald and free him, at all costs.

Kenshi just stood there in silence while the woman, whose name was apparently “Lily”, explained herself to Hector. He had to find a way out of this situation. The masked man, the girl with him, Hector, Kruger, Lily, and the seven newcomers made 11 opponents, many of which were very strong.

“If I talk to Hector, I could buy myself some time to think of a way out of this.” Kenshi thought.

“You want to know why? ...I suppose I should start from the beginning. The human girl... “

For a brief moment memories of Rei filled Kenshi's mind. He quickly repressed them. He had long since removed such distractions from his life. He had only one goal.

“The human girl is of no concern to you.”

“As for me coming to this place you are correct. I came here for answers as you said. I knew full well the dangers, but your men were just too easy to follow. I couldn't resist.” Kenshi said with a smirk.

“You see, many years ago, my adoptive father, who was my sensei and the first human to ever show me any kindness, was killed in cold blood defending me from a group of mercenaries. Those mercenaries belonged to the D.E.F, and I'm looking for their leader.”

Kenshi suddenly had an insane look in his eyes, as he thought of what he would do to that man when he found him.

“You see the day that I find that man, he will wish for death. But it will not come. Death is too lenient a punishment for the likes of him. He will see how much of a 'Demon' I can really be.

And so will all of you if you get in my way.”

With Hector, Kruger, The masked man, and this squad equipped with anti-vector weaponry, he'd have no chance of winning. The only option was retreat.

Kenshi drew his master's sword as fast as he could with all 4 vectors. Using Shogekiha o Suraisu as a diversion just might work. As he was about to swing his sword he sensed a projectile coming towards him and instinctively blocked with a vector. Instantly, his body went into convulsions before he finally passed out onto the ground.

Suigetsu stood over Kenshi's crumpled body holding what looked like some form of taser gun.

“I counted on him blocking this with a vector. This taser gun can transfer an electrical current along vectors and to the Diclonius itself. Quite useful in situations like this.”

Turning to Hector he said “We have orders from Yamamoto to capture and return this Diclonius alive. We'll take it from here.”



“Are you alright? You need to be more careful! We don't need you coming down with a cold now.”

“I'm just fine Mr. Nara! Someone is probably just talking about me.” Rei said with a laugh.

“Thank goodness! Now, I've got twenty orders of pastries and 5 cakes. Lets get to it!” Mr. Nara said as he began gathering ingredients.

“I wonder who might be talking about me of all people?” Rei wondered. She had a strange feeling all of a sudden. She pushed it to the back of her mind. She had work to do.


“Mr. Yamamoto, we have received word from Squad Zero.”

“And?” Mr. Yamamoto asked impatiently.

“Sir, Squad Zero Captain Suigetsu has just sent confirmation of a successful Diclonius capture, as were your orders. However, there is one other thing you need to know:

They have confirmed that the Diclonius in question is indeed a male.”

“A male?!? I won't believe it until I see it with my own eyes. Send word to Suigetsu and the rest of Squad Zero to return here post-haste!”

“Yes Sir!”

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Hand in hand, they charged down the hallways. Donald gave verbal directions as he knew the place very well, and once one of his guards showed him the front door as if to taunt him. He remembered the route they took and made sure they were heading in that direction.

The dozens of guards that tried to stop them were torn apart by Yuki's vectors. Donald was thrilled at how easy things were going. At the door there were a couple dozen guards. Yuki shredded into them and within seconds all of them were dead. Somewhere in the chaos of her attack, Donald felt something hit his shoulder with enough force to make him take a couple steps back, but he didn't feel any pain and was too focused on freedom to care about whatever hit him.

She tore the door off of its hinges and they together left the facility, but as they neared the fence and their freedom two figures blocked their path. Both of them were dicloni.

Yuki shouted. "Get out of my way!"

Over the loud speakers on the grounds, they heard. "Kill them." Donald could tell it was Excalibur's voice.

Yuki reactively launched at them before either could respond to the command and lopped the head off of one and ripped a hole into the fence behind them so Donald could escape. She turned to face the other diclonius and in the process saw her own arm come right off. This one had longer reach than her. Pain tore right through her body, but she managed to keep conscious.

She gasped. "Go, Donald. Tell your sister to end this."

Donald stiffened and then after the briefest moment of hesistation followed her request. "Don't die on me. I won't forgive you if you do."

He didn't look at her when he said that, but she was certain tears were rolling down his face. As he vanished into the brush lining the outside of the fence, Yuki turned to face her opponent and certain death.


That was the hardest thing Donald had ever done. Now he had to find a way to town, but he had no idea where he was. Tears were blurring his vision, and the adrenaline running through his veins was wearing out revealing a pounding pain right over his left shoulder. He was grateful that he was right handed, but he couldn't move his left arm at all and that was worrying.

He had to keep moving. He had to get through the forest. He had to find his sister.

He didn't know how long he had been traveling for, but several times he fell over, until he eventually entered an open field. On the other side of the field was a city. He wasn't sure what city, but here he could find a way to contact his sister.

He stumbled his way to the closest building he could: a bakery. Leaning heavily on the nearest object he could find, he looked around wearily. There were only two people inside and they both appeared to be working until he stumbled inside. At least he didn't make a scene at a place with lots of customers inside.

One of those people was a young woman that looked like Yuki/Rei, and the other was an older man.

His legs felt weak and his body tired. He tried to walk towards them, but he fell over again. A few words escaped his lips. "Yuki. No, Rei. Liliana. Phone. Save her. Love."

Soon a world of black took over his vision.

"Mhhmm ..."

Itoe was slowly comming to her senses and had the terrible headache slowly disappeared. She was in a neglected room in which no one had lived a long time ago or had cleaned up. Confusion arose. Had she not previously fled from the security forces, which they wanted to capture and lock back into the facility? The last thing she remembered was how she had collapsed on the street and had lost consciousness. Then there was only emptiness.

"Wo .. am I here?" muttered Itoe and looked outside. Bustle activity greeted her and she saw countless people that walked through the streets, talking with friends or try to find their way through the people. Opposite the street was a bakery. She had immediately recognized it when she remembered some of the few conversations with some security guards who had not labeled her as soulless, murderous freak. A bakery was a place where you could buy food. Itoe was hungry enough when her stomach as if on command furiously began to growl and she stared with a longing look at the building.

"I'm hungry ..." murmured the girl. She was still dressed in the white colored tight clothes, which the facility had given her. However, they were now crumpled and dirty and offered no respectable image. Her shoulder-length red hair and her two horns were easy to spot. Itoe knew that the horns were a risk but she was too hungry to still care. Instead, she decided to take her courage together and run into the bakery across to get something to eat. The house itself was, after she had been looking around empty. However, it was very clear that she was taken by someone here and that made her worry. Who was her unknown helper and what he or she wanted from her? With these thoughts, she finally went outside.

On the road, she earned some astonished and contemptuous glances. Itoe tried as best she could to ignore this but she couldn´t ignore the bad feeling of Judgement and Rejection which growed stronger. "What's so terrible about my horns that they hate so much and gives them so much reason to lock me up? I never did anything to anyone! It´s not fair!" the girl thought bitterly. It seemed like an eternity until she finally reached the building. When she opened the door, she heard a feeble voice.

"Yuki. No. Rei. Liliana. Phone. Save her. Love."

Then the person collapsed and Itoe winced. She quickly ran to him to see how he was and if he had injuries. If necessary Itoe would use her vectors for the man to heal even if she would be a lot weaker after using them.

"I see..." The large man stated passively over to Lily. "Another group working outside the law huh, I'll have to look into that eventually. As for you..."

He had expected a bit more out of the Diclonius than that. Getting answers is what he was here for and he would get them one way or the other. "Tsk, I don't think you realize the implication of what's happening here...demon. This isn't about what you want or don't want, you will be answering my question."

But somehow getting him to continue on about the girl was not going to happen and he didn't get much time to ask any further question. As Kenshi moved to seemingly attack, Captain Schlenzanner stepped back, his axe poised to attack back before Kenshi was downed by the effect of one of the anti-Diclonius weapons.

“We have orders from Yamamoto to capture and return this Diclonius alive. We'll take it from here.”

Listening to Captain Suigetsu, Hector had to admit to feeling a bit let down. He had expected at least some sort of challenge or at least some decent answers but instead was left with nothing. In fact he felt a bit more empty on himself when the Diclonius mentioned his foster father.

He too had a foster father, a man he looked up to in his youth.

A man too...who long ago suffered under the multiple death filled hands of the horned people. Therefore, the animosity between him and Kenshi was something that could not be departed with just meager words.

Allowing the tracking device to return to its original location, Captain Schlenzanner nodded affirmatively. "Understood, Captain Suigetsu but if you don't mind I'll be heading with you also. I think Yama-Boss probably wants to see me...hope he doesn't yell at me too much.

As for you two..."Apparently there are a few problems going on right now. Lily, if you are to be here you will now follow under my orders and as long as you are here too...masked man, I will have you two working together as partners. You should already be able to contact me. I already know that you..." He motioned to Zero. "...Have some business with some guy named Excalibur, right? As of this moment that's more criminal activity that I can't allow but unfortunately I can't be in every place.

Plus...I think it would be better if I stayed here for now. As long as you periodically stay in touch with me, both of you that is, I'll allow you to take your strides and head out. I have to make sure law and order is forever set in society and the world."

He addressed the members of the Great Order, minus Kruger.

"The rest of you head out, the usual business, you know how to contact me. As for you Kruger, stay here. With a Diclonius in the fortress, captured or not, I want the most capable men on here.

All of you...off to your jobs...as I have ordered." And with those parting words, Hector followed Captain Suigetsu and the rest of the D.E.F.

Lily hadn't expected the diclonius to go down so easily. However, she never expected the D.E.F.'s anit-diclonius weaponry to expand further than the stun guns she made for them. These tasers were something she hadn't seen before. She began to figure out in her head ways to transfer an electric current through meta-physical material.

By the time she came to a conclusion, Hector had addressed her again. She nodded acceptingly after he said "follow under my orders", and had a small look of surprise when she was told to partner up with the masked man and the girl accompanying him.

After Hector was done addressing everyone, Lily turned to the masked man and the girl. "Well, I wasn't expecting to be partnered up with anybody, but I can't complain after all I get to be working with a dark and mysterious man such as yourself, and a rather lovely lady. My name's Liliana Brennan, but you can call me Lily."

She then remembered about her guest at her mansion. "If we're to be working together, I'm going to need to get some of my stuff at the place I'm staying."

Lily was used to taking on multiple jobs at once. The only trouble was when they conflicted with each other and she had to choose carefully what she was doing next. She'd figure something out about this male diclonius later; she felt a bit obligated to help him in his quest after the last three years of her helping dicloni almost exclusively.

She waited for the masked man's response before leaving to go home and help her guest.

“Have you already forgotten my conditions?” Zero thought, after hearing Hector saying that he and Suzuki will be partnering with this woman, even though that Zero said that he would only work with Suzuki. Zero then sighed. “But I did say I would follow your commands…damn it.” Zero continued, remembering the deal.

The woman looked at Zero. “Well, I wasn't expecting to be partnered up with anybody, but I can't complain after all I get to be working with a dark and mysterious man such as yourself, and a rather lovely lady. My name's Liliana Brennan, but you can call me Lily." The woman said. Her name was Liliana Brennan, Lily for short; she looked happy and cheerful even though she knew Hector, who seemed to be the opposite of that. What connection she has with Hector is a mystery, but that did not matter to Zero.

Zero gave a bow. “The name’s Zero and this is my companion Suzuki…” Zero replied. As soon as he finished the bow, Suzuki quickly grabbed on to his arm.

“His GIRLFRIEND actually…and don’t you forget it!” Suzuki said, giving out a cheerful giggle. Zero then let out a sigh.

“Well, with that out the way, where are we heading?” Zero asked.

"If we're to be working together, I'm going to need to get some of my stuff at the place I'm staying." Lily replied.

“Well if that is the case…then lead the way hehe…” Zero said, giving out a sign to tell Lily to lead the way. He didn’t know what Lily is planning on getting at her place, but if it will danger him, then he will be keeping a close eye on her. “Suzuki…keep your guard up…I don’t trust her yet…” Zero quietly said to Suzuki, to which she replied with a nod.

Zero doesn’t know what skills this Lily person had, so he will be keeping his eyes on her to make sure she doesn’t do anything that could danger them or their mission.

Zero could only be an alias, which was fine because she had plenty of her own: Hack/Slash was her most famous hacker alias and was known in most of the world, and Red Queen was her alias for her most notorious assassination jobs. From the way he was equipped, Zero might know the name Red Queen, but nobody ever met Red Queen in person even her targets never met her.

Her skills when it came to assassination were elaborate surprise traps produced by her mechanical expertise. The job she was most famous for was for the American Government. They were having trouble with a cartel drug lord in Mexico and needed to eliminate him and when all of their methods failed they hired her skills to deal with him. She used her computer skills to learn of a trip the drug lord would be taking for a business meeting and set up an trap that resulted in a few explosions that killed the drug lord and a few of his men. She wasn't even in the country when it happened. The job was widely publicized and the CIA moved in and took over the operation. The American Government leaked her alias to the media which was against her contract with them, and the Red Queen became a world-famous assassin.

Knowing Zero's speed meant it would be near impossible to lose him. She was also confident that she couldn't steer him away from the mansion she was residing at against the law. There was no telling how he would react to her possible guest, so she assumed the worst would result of them meeting.

She put down the battery she set up as a weapon along with the cable. "I don't need any of these anymore. Eh... I don't want anybody accidentally hurting themselves with this."

Then she fiddled with the battery and reset it to not explode with acid over anyone that broke it. Afterward, she began heading toward the mansion. "I would like to let you know that I may have a client there, so if anybody is at the place I'm staying please wait outside. I like to keep my various jobs separate if at all possible."

She reached to a side pocket and pulled out the chocolate bar she stashed there and began snacking. She offered to both of them with a lively grin. "Chocolate, either of you?"

It was then she remembered the alias Zero. Not long ago, the Red Queen's email system picked up a bounty for a man called Zero for one million. The email was sent from an untraceable source, so she couldn't tell who made the order, but whoever it was really wanted him out of the way. Money never realy motivated her, so she wouldn't try to take the bounty for herself, but if anybody was looking for him here things would get interesting.

She sighed. "I meet the most interesting of people."

The trip to the mansion was uneventful. Lily quickly discovered that there had in fact been a visitor, considering how the front door was left open. However, no one was inside. She was worried, and hoped that her guest was OK right now. She decided it wouldn't be a big deal if she let Zero and Suzuki into the mansion she was borrowing. There wasn't much to show aside from a bedroll and her few bags full of stuff.

She had a quick meal of glutten-free products and pulled out a few tools to hook them up to her backpack for easy access. She counted out all of her bobby pins and came up to one hundred and thirty two of them. Two dozen of which were in her hair to hold it up in a fashionable way. She took the time to pin the rest of them two various parts of her clothing: her sleeves, pockets, and the waistband of her pants. Partly it was to test the patience of Zero, but mostly because everyone underestimates the usefulness of the bobby pin. Of all the tools she's used bobby pins were one of the most versatile. She could use them as non-lethal weapons in conjunction with her hairbands, they made excellent lockpicks, could jam locks to slow down any pursuit, if she was quick or subtle enough they could be used to jam guns and create misfiring problems, and many other uses.

She pulled out her empty handgun and pulled it apart. She cleaned it up and quickly put it back together. With a few tweaks with the mechanisms, the gun could become armed with a single shot using the firing pin as the bullet. However, the various parts of the gun had multiple uses as well.

She changed her gloves to clean ones as much of the work she had done tonight left the ones she was wearing filthy. She was confident that she'd never be able to clean them perfectly, which meant they would never be worn again. Treating the dirty ones like a deadly substance, Lily tenderly threw them into a waste basket she brought along making sure the outside of the gloves never touched her skin. She wondered what Zero and Suzuki thought of this display of caution, and for the first time in a long time felt a bit self-conscious about her allergies.

Afterward she turned to them. "Alright, so we've got a few things on our plate. There's this mystery organization that's probably working around the law, and has enough power to breach my clients' security to find their true identities. There's my missing brother that is looking for his lover which is one of these clients. There's that diclonius man, which currently is under DEF custody, but I imagine he's resourceful enough to get free and it's really hard to keep a diclonius locked up. We don't have the clearance to deal with the diclonius man, but we can definitely find out about this organization and find my brother."

Lily went through a duffel bag and pulled out a chunk of money. "I'm going to get some supplies to build something to help us out with finding this organization. Anything with as much power as is required to break through my work probably has a private network that I can't access using a public one. Although I don't even know the name of the organization if it has one, so I wouldn't be able to find it easily anyways. I'm sure they've had some impact on the areas they work in, so I'm going to look through recent news articles and older ones to look for patterns that fit what's been happening to my clients."

She paused for a moment. "I know it's a wild goose chase, but I'm going to build a couple devices that'll scan an area for special high security private networks. I know there'll be a lot of false alarms, but if we're smart with our search we might find a clue. I think I'll be able to get the scan area to a couple hundred meters. I'm sure a man of your capabilities has his own sources for information."

Then she recalled those armed men she redirected earlier. She then described them to Zero. "I think those men are working for this organization. If you find any place guarded by such men I'm sure that'll be what we're looking for. So, that's what I plan on doing. How about yourself?"

"The rest of you head out, the usual business, you know how to contact me. As for you Kruger, stay here. With a Diclonius in the fortress, captured or not, I want the most capable men on here.” He heard the captains words but they sounded hollow to him.
“So I am being left out to hang once more.” He growled as he picked his stuff. Being left again in this forsaken forest. “All of you...off to your jobs...as I have ordered." And with those parting words, Hector followed Captain Suigetsu and the rest of the D.E.F.
Watching as they left he could feel how his anger was rising, he didn’t believe a word of the captain claiming to have his best man in the woods, no this sounded more like way for to be removed. Seemed like he would be in another fine and thankless mess soon enough.
Perhaps it would be time for him to reconsider his contract, if the great order wasn’t able to do the job right then perhaps this D.E.F. or whoever they worked for could offer him much more.

Looking over he could see the women whose name was Lily was now paired up with the masked man, resisting the urge to just raise his gun and open fire he bit back as they walked away as well being tasked by the captain for another job. A score still needed to be settled with this man but now was not the right time.
“Soon.” He grinned. “Count your days.” With those words he went on his own path to search for a place to take shelter, he had no interest in staying outside the whole night looking for another ghost.

That reminded him, why where those soldiers so interest in that male, was there something special about these dilonius.

There across the very oceans itself was a land of which The Great Order was located. The place in question, a three tower fortress, smaller in area than the fortress of the D.E.F but of a taller magnitude if possible. Here resided the important members of The Great Order.

For the Order itself, much of military similarity in rankings was given though much spread out and differentiated amongst the rest. They're six specific ranks, from lowest to highest.

Rank 1: Member (The soldiers of the group) those who are spread out amongst the rest and follow the orders of those who lead them.

Rank 2: Captain (That which Hector resides in) There are several captains in the Great Order, all of which report directly to their superior officers above them.

Rank 3: Colonel

Rank 4: Brigadier General

Rank 5: Lt. General (The second most powerful man in the group)

Rank 6: Master General (The highest rank, the one who controls the entire operations for the Great Order.

As a international police force, it is their job to seek out justice and law throughout the world, even if it means forcing their will upon others. For the rankings, all those from Rank 3 and down are sent out by the Order as international police. The rest stay at base or in similar areas, only going out during needed and very dangerous times.

And now at a circular table stood five men and a single woman.

Brigadier General Ivan Cos.

Brigadier General Maxwell Kreinstart

Brigadier General Vastopida Jierroshi

Lt. General Xurtius Zen

and the leader of the entire time, the woman who earned herself the highest prestige. Tall, dark hair and the sternness to match that of any great general of her own day and perhaps even after. A woman who's skills and powers were one of hard work and dedication. To distinguish herself from the others, she wore an elaborate white coat with the mark of the Order placed on her chest.

Master General Elena Squratoli

"The reports, Zen." She said, her voice cold though hardly innapropriate or cruel.

"Aye madam, here." Zen, a man of normal stature was the Master General's closest companion and her most faithful. Dark skinned, his black hair of normal length that was slicked back. He was the only one like Elena who's outfit was different from the others, in this case, a black coat.

"Hmm...so this is the report of Captain Schlenzanner right?" She read it carefully then asked.

"What do you think of it, Zen?"

"...I would say it’s crazy, foolish in all regards and a laughable construct. But...erratic as he may be sometimes Schlenzanner is still a capable man who would never lie. He takes his job very seriously; I know that well enough as do the older ones who trained him."

"Aye...but these reports, of these horned people. Is it really true?"

"I have no doubt, some of the other Captains and Colonels have reported similar sightings, though of course no way to back them up." Zen answered respecfully, giving his input.

"...It seems important, but until more information is given, we will wait until then. Also have you gotten any reports on the guy named "Excalibur." Elena questioned strictly.

"I do no, my lady. We have no clue of where this guy is, what he's doing, we barely even know motivations right now."

How annoying, she clicked her tongue fervently. "Tsk, typical...we have no choice but to wait. If anyone else has something to say, speak now."


"Very well then, you may all leave."

With the members leaving, Zen stopped the Master General and stated privately. "I do havea question for you. Do you trust the man we have given an alliance to. This...Yamamamto...of the D.E.F"

Instead of answer, she spoke under her breath.


...Diclonius Extermination Force...

...Is that not the name given in the report? I feel there are few things we are not being told, or that I'm being left out, which I don't like. There are so many things on Zen, I can't possibly find an answer to them now.

But for your question...do I trust him?

...Well...I trust that he might be keeping secrets away from us."

Zen nodded once.

"And your decision to have Captain Schlenzanner in that area?"

This time a small smile did spread over the woman's face.

"The rest of our Captains and Colonels can do their job just fine, but when it comes to the nature of that man, no better action is more suited. After all there's one thing Captain Hector Schlenzanner has that nobody has in those rankings or similar rankings.

And that's the inability to ever give up no matter what the cause.

Born February 24th, 1965
A member from age 15-26
Captain since age 26 onwards. He's given up several promotions, apparently enjoying the life of “Captain” far more than that of the higher rankings. I don't blame him, it his nature.

His epitaph amongst the people here.

The Man Who Will Never Fall.

OOC: me and my naming conventions. Much like we have Yamamoto and Excalibur as the (unless you guys change it) main leaders. Here we have the main leader of the Great Order.

I'll be bringing out more of these people later and that way we have different places to go and we're not all ganging up on Kenshi and stuff.

Also if Hector was given his real rank, he would fall under Brigadier General, though this wouldn't have an effect on the actual story line in terms of power or anything. But he likes being a captain.

I suppose while we wait for Crane, maybe we'll get a little thing going on with Exacalibur?

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Elfen World (Part I) Empty Re: Elfen World (Part I)

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Inagi waited for another alert from his computer. Ready to set out as soon as it was received. He had set up the computer with the help of his subordinates to send a text to his cell phone as soon as the trip wire goes off again. Then he would move in to strike. Orisaka was where the first one pinged, so he took the earliest flight he could to make it there. Now it was time for the waiting game. Sooner or later his enemy would make another move and he would strike upon an unsuspecting target.

Unfortunately, he'd have to identify whoever it was. He knew his target moved around a lot and probably wouldn't be a local. He clenched his fists as he paced his hotel room. "Brother, soon I will avenge your death. Soon I will destroy the person that destroyed us." His words were so full of anger and hatred he would have surprised himself if it were a few years ago, but things had changed.

They arrived at the mansion, but it looked like someone had broken in, or possibly broke out.

“It looks like someone unexpected has arrived…” Zero thought, pulling out one of his blades in caution. “Stay close Suzuki” Zero whispered to Suzuki, keeping her close.

Upon seeing this, Lily had no problem of letting Zero and Suzuki in, possibly knowing that her client is no longer here. They entered the mansion and all that was in there were a few items. Zero looked on as Lily messed around with what seemed to be bobby pins, she had many in her hair and it looked like she also had them around her clothes as well.

“What is her obsession with bobby pins? Does she use them for other things like locks or something?” Zero thought as he saw the many bobby pins Lily had. Lily then pulled out a gun, empty so it was useless for use.

“Why does she have a gun? Does she use bobby pins instead of bullets? That would be a good alternative…” Zero thought as he looked on. He also noticed how quick and easy Lily pulled apart the gun and put it back together, could she be a mechanic?

“Now I see why you have connections with Hector…” Zero thought, seeing easily dismantle the gun, cleaning it and putting it back together.

Lily then put on a pair of cleaned gloves, replacing the other one and then turned to Zero. "Alright, so we've got a few things on our plate. There's this mystery organization that's probably working around the law, and has enough power to breach my clients' security to find their true identities. There's my missing brother that is looking for his lover which is one of these clients. There's that diclonius man, which currently is under DEF custody, but I imagine he's resourceful enough to get free and it's really hard to keep a diclonius locked up. We don't have the clearance to deal with the diclonius man, but we can definitely find out about this organization and find my brother."

“Mystery organization? This is probably who I am looking for…” Zero thought, he knew a group of people must be behind this and he knew who that leader of the group was. “Missing brother huh? So that must be why you’re helping Hector, just like I am helping Hector…to find someone…” Zero continued, for him and Lily has the same reason for teaming with Hector, and that is to find someone, although the reason why they are looking for them is completely different.

Lily mentions the male diclonius, looking with a sign that she knows that he can escape. “Why does she care for this diclonius so much? What is her real motive?” Zero thought puzzled.

Lily went through a bag and pulled out a chunk of money from it. "I'm going to get some supplies to build something to help us out with finding this organization. Anything with as much power as is required to break through my work probably has a private network that I can't access using a public one. Although I don't even know the name of the organization if it has one, so I wouldn't be able to find it easily anyways. I'm sure they've had some impact on the areas they work in, so I'm going to look through recent news articles and older ones to look for patterns that fit what's been happening to my clients."

She paused for a moment. "I know it's a wild goose chase, but I'm going to build a couple devices that'll scan an area for special high security private networks. I know there'll be a lot of false alarms, but if we're smart with our search we might find a clue. I think I'll be able to get the scan area to a couple hundred meters. I'm sure a man of your capabilities has his own sources for information."

“My source of information is to go directly to the person myself and get it out of them hehe” Zero thought to himself, replying to Lily’s last words.

Lily then remembered something and described people that looked like soldiers to Zero. "I think those men are working for this organization. If you find any place guarded by such men I'm sure that'll be what we're looking for. So, that's what I plan on doing. How about yourself?"

Upon hearing this Zero remembered, the men Zero took out days ago, the ones that was guarding Itachi had the same description as the ones Lily had just mentioned. “Then this is the people I am looking…hehe” Zero replied, giving out a little chuckle. “What I am planning on doing? Well without any location of these people, I am not going anywhere” Zero said before leaning on the wall. “These people are who I am looking for…and since I can get to anywhere in a flash, just give me coordinates and I will head there…” Zero continued.

“Although I do want to know, what is your interest in this male diclonius? You seem to care for it to mention him a bit, as you can tell I hate these diclonius…but I have my reasons…and this group is that reason…their leader being the main reason…”

Hidden from the known world is a secret facility, being led by one man, Excalibur. After the destruction of The Azure Kingdom, Excalibur went in hiding from the world so he could continue his long running project, to this which involved the diclonius, for he and his team of scientists and soldiers are testing the diclonius that they have captured, finding out how they have these powers and how to control them.

“What has happened with the bounty soldier?” Excalibur asked, walking with man in question.

“The men we sent out have not returned, it is possible that they have failed their mission and could be dead.” The soldier replied.

“Hmm, well it does not matter, they were not important to me” Excalibur said with an uninterested voice. “Leave this ‘Zero’ for now, I can’t be bothered to waste more money on worthless people, my project is more important…speaking of which how is the progress?”

“Well sir, some of the test subjects are resisting commands but other than that we are at 47% of finishing your project sir” The soldier replied.

“That is good to hear, keep up the progress or I’ll chuck you in with the diclonius…” Excalibur said with an evil look on him.

“Y-yes sir!” The soldier quickly replied before running off.

“Soon, my army will be complete and I will become the GOD of this world haha and no one will be able to stop me” Excalibur said to himself, gazing out through the window of his test subjects. He then remembered Zero, “who is he? How does he know about me? Just what is he?” these were the thoughts of Excalibur, he couldn’t think of who this Zero is or was but he knew at some point he will find out…

OCC: To be honest you guys have used Excalibur more then me, so I am going to try and change that since he is one of my characters, I'm still fine with you guys using him as long as the motives are still the same: Create a army of diclonius and control them to take over the world to become GOD (this is something that will be revealed later on in my story as well as the twist with my two characters, as I want their to be a reason why I am so fast, why my character has a demonic eye sometimes, why he let Suzuki easily be with him because as you know my character is human...or is he?) .

Also I am surprised Hector, The Great Order or the D.E.F has not made a report on my Kingdoms destruction, considering it was destroyed by the help of diclonius and with the way everyone was killed was not in a human way, something that could be mentioned to help the diclonius theory. Also it is possible for a report about how every known member of my Kingdom, my Queen included (even if the body was not found) is dead, all except Jamie (Zero) and how not too long after a mystery person under the name Zero had appeared. I think this would help with Rerics extra characters, as you mention other sightings, you can use mine for a good example. It's just a thought though you can choose to use it or not.

Also @drewccapp If at any time are characters are involved in a battle with some random people and you feel your character is in a situation where not even the things you have will save you, feel free to use my character to save you, as my character has the weakness of if he sees a girl with red hair and green eyes in danger, he will see Lady Rose and save her, but after the battle he will act in the "I have to keep you alive, nothing else" attitude since he feels that he has to keep you alive if he is to gain Hector's trust, or something like that.

And on another note: Long OCC is LOOOONG.

Lily thought for a moment about what her response should be. Then her expression became very serious as a very darkly emotional part of her came out. "The last three years have been hard for me. I understand the danger in working with and around dicloni. After I left the Great Order when my contract ran up, I had an experience with one. That set me and my brother on a path to learn as much as I could about them. I have my reasons as well, but even despite my first experience with them, I do not hate them. Hatred is too easy to fall back on."

That experience resulted in her working against the DEF and other similarly motivated organizations. The diclonius had been a woman she'd known for two years: the length of her contract with the Great Order. Lily hadn't known she was a diclonius until the day the DEF sent a squad to kill her. She wouldn't have seen the whole incident if she hadn't gone to visit her that night after finishing a small job. That night was the same night her ability to create an anti-vector field awakened. The look of fear on Kiara's face as the DEF squad attacked was burned into her memory. She fell into her role as an assassin and killed the squad before they could cover up their tracks or even contact their superior. Of course it was too late, Kiara was a bloody mess and barely clinging onto life. That night she buried a friend with the help of Donald, destroyed the squad's anti-diclonius weaponry, and burned down Kiara's house. She was responsible for this, she had made that weaponry not knowing what it would be used for, and she would make it right.

Lily wiped her eyes clear after going through that painful memory in her mind. "Hatred is too easy. Justice, however, that is an entirely different thing. I will aim for justice every day."

She cleared her throat and realized the time. "Well, if I'm to get anything done. I'm going to want to be awake, after all I just stayed up all night and it's already morning. Let's go to an internet cafe and get some coffee. While We're there I can look up some things and maybe figure out where exactly these men are coming from. It has to be close considering my recent experience with them. After that I'll make the trackers for each of us, and maybe something will come of that. For now, our paths are similarly aligned, so lets make the best of our partnership."

She paused for a moment. "And, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I think if you're going to come with me to such a public place you may want to take your mask off. I find it rather cool and all, but it's not entirely the most appropriate thing to wear in crowds." Besides, she didn't say, the picture given with his bounty was with him wearing that mask.

"Also, if you don't mind my asking. What is the name of the leader of this organization?"

OOC: Thanks Jamie, I'll keep that in mind.

“Take off my mask? I cannot just simply take off something that has become a part of who I am for the last two years…” Zero said with a cold voice, hearing Lily say that it would be best to take off the mask when in public. “For you see…I don’t wear this mask as fashion…I wear it as a way to possibly forget my past…or so I can remember it every day…it depends on how you see it…” Zero continued.

Zero hated thinking of his past, for it brought him nothing but pain to think of the events that happened. Zero then remembered Lily’s second question.

“The leader? His name is Excalibur, and he is the reason behind why I am who I am now…on that terrible day two years ago, he took away everyone that I ever cared for then…and left me for dead in a burning building…that is why I hate the diclonius, because they were the ones that helped him, they were the ones that made me watch my loved ones have their heads ripped off from their bodies, if they did it by their own will or not I do not care…I will kill the ones that killed them…” Zero started to become angry, his right eye started to turn to its demonic state; this was when Zero then removed his mask…

“THEY ARE WHY I HAVE THIS DEMONIC EYE, BECAUSE OF THEM I AM BECOMING MORE MONSTER THEN HUMAN…” He screamed, pointing to his right eye, which was red and now had a red aura glow around it. “THAT IS WHY…THAT IS WHY I WILL NOT STOP TILL EXCALIBUR IS BROUGHT DOWN TO JUSTICE AND IS DEAD BY MY HANDS!!!” Zero continued before placing his hand in front of his right eye. “I’m…sorry…I didn’t mean to snap like that…” Zero apologized, slowly calming down and slowly removing his hand from his eye, showing that his right eye has returned back to its usual green colour. “I’ll…wait outside…come on Suzuki…” Zero said as he began his walk to the door, Suzuki quickly followed, removing her mask in the process and placing it in the cloak.

Zero and Suzuki waited outside the mansion, Suzuki become worried about Zero. “Zero are you ok?” Suzuki asked, very worried for Zero.

“I’m fine…I’m just stressed that’s all…” Zero replied to Suzuki, placing his hand on her head. “With everything that has happened and how quick it all happened, it has kind of stressed me out…I hope I haven’t scared Lily, because I could use that drink of coffee…”

OCC: My character LOVES talking about his past

Lily was outright shocked. Two years ago, there was a disaster that struck and wiped out the Azure Kingdom. The Great Order had investigated, but found no evidence supporting what happened aside from what appeared to be an extermination. The casualties were one hundred percent, nobody survived, but was Zero a survivor. That'd explain the decapitations of every human there. It was damage that could only be inflicted by vectors. Only because removal of limbs is impractical for a human being that would want to commit slaughter of that scale, removing heads is a hard thing to do.

She now could reasonably guess why that bounty was on his head, and who placed it there.

Lily slipped her backpack onto her back and followed after Zero. When she saw him waiting, she smiled brightly. "You know, you're more human than a lot of people I've met. Lets bring him to justice, it's a most appropriate fate for Excalibur. First, sir knight, let us journey forth to the internet cafe, for breakfast and coffee. I know a good one with gluten-free food."

Lily marched onward to the internet cafe she visited last. Found a table for three and proceeded to order coffee for everyone. Then out of habit she pulled out here laptop and began to check her emails skipping the Red Queen on purpose.


Inagi's phone went off. This was the moment he was waiting for. His heart raced with excitement. He read the text and saw the coordinates were at an internet cafe not far from his hotel. Not wasting a moment, he grabbed his pistol, and rushed to the cafe after concealing his firearm.

He made it there in a minute and after catching his breath casually walked in. He scanned the busy cafe and the first people he saw that were definitely outsiders, were two redheads and a man at a booth having coffee. One of the women was typing away at a laptop.

He cursed his luck. He never expected there to be a team, because the robbery commited against him was done with by a single person. His instincts told him though, that without a doubt the woman with a laptop was his target.

He took a seat and made an order. He decided to watch and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Lily walked out of the mansion and smiled at Zero. "You know, you're more human than a lot of people I've met. Lets bring him to justice, it's a most appropriate fate for Excalibur. First, sir knight, let us journey forth to the internet cafe, for breakfast and coffee. I know a good one with gluten-free food."

“I guess she has never seen how monstrous I can become…” Zero thought as they head to the café.

They arrived at the café; Lily found a table that had three seats and ordered some coffee. Zero took a sip of the coffee and let out a sigh. “That’s much better…” Zero said feeling relaxed.

“Yummy!” Suzuki said, giving out a big smile.

“Oh hey, you got some cream on your nose” Zero said to Suzuki before placing his hand on Suzuki to remove the cream. Suzuki blushed at the action.

“H-hey! What are you doing?” Suzuki asked, blushing.

“Hmm? I’m being a gentleman, can’t I be a gentleman?” Zero replied, smiling.

“S-stop it you’re making me blush” Suzuki quickly said, trying to look away from Zero.

“Making you blush, hmm?” Zero said before he began tickling Suzuki.

“W-w-wait no haha I’m ticklish haha” Suzuki said, being unable to control her laughter with Zero tickling her. Zero then stopped and went back to his drink. “H-hey! I didn’t say you could stop!” Suzuki said, hitting Zero in the chest over and over, to which Zero just gave out a little chuckle. Zero didn’t stop because it was getting boring; If it was just him and Suzuki he would do this all day for a laugh, he stopped because he felt they were being watched. Zero finished his coffee and noticed that Lily was on a laptop.

“I hope you are good at finding these locations, as well as finding them quick, because I have a feeling that we are being watched…”

“How is my ‘special’ project?” Excalibur asked the scientist.

“You can see it for yourself, sir.” The scientist replied, pointing towards a window which led to a white room. In the room stood a girl, pink hair with horns, surrounded by robots, programmed for battle. A siren could be heard and the robots began their movement, but within a few seconds they were all ripped apart like paper. Bullets were fired at the girl but stopped at a distance, falling to the ground around her. More robots appeared, much more than the few from before and surrounded the girl. The girl let out a smirk before propelling into the air with the bullets, began spinning in a cyclone motion and the bullets were thrown at the robots, tearing them to shreds. Another siren was heard to end the battle.

Excalibur was impressed, he picked up the microphone. “Well done, I am very impressed.” Excalibur said, sounding happy by the display.

The girl bowed and gave a big smile. “Thank you daddy, I am always happy to impress you hehe”

Lily had been grinning like a fiend over the scene they had been creating. Trying her damnedest to keep from bursting out in laughter at the adorable Suzuki and her antics with Zero. When Zero told her they were being watched she had been half-listening. The thought that anyone would watch such a scene as a pretty woman and a man in a tickling match passed her mind. Adults behaving like children often resulted in a large audience. However, instinct alerted her to caution and she looked around scanning the cafe and centered her gaze on the waitress so not to draw unwanted attention. She called the waitress over and ordered an additional drink: hot chocolate.

After the drink arrived Lily commented. "Ah, blessed be the things known as caffeine and chocolate, and how fortunate I am to not be alergic to them."

In here scan she noticed nobody familiar, although she did spot a familiar uniform. Well, only she would call it a uniform, because it was the typical streetwear of a member of the Rosary, a cyber crime organization she had worked with a couple of times as Hack/Slash. However, the only person to have ever met her in person was their leader and that was seven years ago, this guy wasn't him. Had he broken the contract they had with each other to keep her appearance secret?

Whatever he wanted from her, it would have to wait, because she had more important matters to deal with. The news articles she was looking through for clues on this Excalibur and his organization were impossible. The search parameters she was setting up for 'strange murders/deaths', 'horned people', 'Azure Kingdom' were turning up nothing new.

She looked Zero in the eye and closed her laptop. "I'll have to give it to him, Excalibur's good at covering his tracks. Also, don't worry about the man watching us, his interest is only in me, and it's probably to give me a job offer that I'm going to refuse. Although for them to send someone in person it must be serious on their part, because they have my..."

She trailed off as the strangeness of them not contacting her dawned on her. How did they know where she was? Did their leader put a tracer on her somehow?

She reopened her laptop. "Hold on a second, I need to check something."

She found the Rosary's typical forum and began to decifer their cybercrime cant. Apparently a new leader rose the ranks recently. He is focusing their goals on a single target. She dug deeper into the source code of the site and found a message that seemed to be more of a reminder than anything. It said, "Vengeance for my brother will be mine, for I shall never forget how we were destroyed (insert date that is 1 1/2 years from today game time). I shall make the individual that did this pay." Her own computer's internet signature was posted in it afterwards.

She exitted out of everything and turned her laptop off. She began to laugh for a little while. When she stopped, she looked at both Zero and Suzuki. "Don't worry about him, he's just a child trying to play an adult's game. HAHAHAHAHA! He's so out of his league he has no idea what's going to hit him. HAHAHAHA!"

Lily calmed down and stood up. "Lets get that equipment shall we? It'll take like an hour to build one for everyone, then we can start the real hunt."

OOC: I'm loving this interaction between our characters Jamie, lots of fun


Inagi heard loud laughter coming from the woman with the laptop. He couldn't pick up what she was saying because of the noise of the cafe, but she was laughing about something. She stood up and the three of them began to make their way for the door after paying for the drinks and food they ordered. He left a sizable tip and followed after just as the exitted the cafe. That laughter had been a bit unsettling for him as he felt that maybe his presence was known, but he had been very careful, and this woman had never met him before so there was no way she knew him. He shook off his feeling of caution and followed after anyways.

Near the Mansion...

Nr. 40 or Vanessa, as she gave herself the name to get away from the damned numbers the stupid apes were so keen about, saw the mansion from far away. She was hungry and tired and needed another hiding place to continue her search for the one traitor, she so eagerly wanted to kill off. This girl, once a friend in a time of misery and depression was now a much hated human loving traitorous bitch, who didn´t deserve to call herself a diclonius. Vanessa cringed at the memory of her pathetic visions and naive thinking. Humans could never change. Diclonius could never change too. They were destined to kill each other. That´s why they were caged and beeing tortured.

That´s why there would only one species win at the the end. Vanessa would make sure that the apes would extinct and fade of like a bad dream. But to reach her goal she has to rest. The Police was investigating her last hideout again. The frequent murders made them suspicious. She barely came free thanks the help of some other diclonius. They made it clear that she wouldn´t get another chance.

Success or death. It was so simple like that.

Without much problems Vanessa managed to sneak to the mansion. She had short red hair with pink tones. Her horns were visible to all. A thing she was proud of and wich she refuses to hide. The apes should learn who was to fear.

The mansion seemed to be empty. The owners probably went away to do something. They should enjoy their moments of peace because when they returned home, Vanessa would be the last thing they would see before death.

With these thoughts in mind Vanessa hid near the entrance to wait for the owners to come back. Breaking doors only made sound and attracted Police and other unwanted guests who she would be forced to kill. For the moment Vanessa needed to avoid attention.

Rei was busily preparing the food Mr. Nara ordered her to make. She had become an even better cook than she was before since she began to focus all her time and energy into her cooking. She had needed something to occupy herself since he left, and cooking fit that role perfectly. Mr. Nara had helped her recover from the emotional trauma the she had endured, but only time could heal wounds this deep.

With the next order of bread done, she walked to the front of the bakery to put it on display. Customers were milling about, looking at all the different bread, pastries, cakes, and other goodies they made here. Rei truly loved working here. Seeing the look of wonder and enjoyment on someone's face as they enjoyed her cooking brought here such happiness. That happiness, however, was interrupted as a tired, dirty, and ragged looking man stumbled through the door. He barely made it inside before he collapsed onto the ground.

“Yuki. No, Rei. Liliana. Phone. Save her. Love.”

Rei dropped the bread she was holding as she ran over to see if she could help.

“Sir, whats wrong? Are you okay?!” Rei asked in concern.

“Rei. Liliana. Phone. Save her. Love.” he said again.

“What are you talking about? And how do you know my name?”

The man didn't get a chance to answer as he faded off into unconsciousness. Becoming worried, Rei began to check his vitals when she heard the door open. Her eyes went wide in shock. Standing there, was a girl dressed only in rags. But what made Rei's blood run cold was not what she was wearing, but what was on her head. She had horns.

As the frail little girl made her way over to Rei, all she could manage was a weak “Who are you?”

Kenshi awoke to find himself in total darkness, his entire body numb. He could barely hear muffled sounds, but he didn't care. He had a splitting headache.

“What happened to me?” he thought.

He thought back to his encounter with the Great Order and the D.E.F. Against overwhelming odds he tried to attack, but before he could do anything a sharp, searing pain shot through his entire body. Though he did remember the Captain of the mysterious squad of D.E.F approaching with some strange device, everything after that was a blur. Any further attempts at remembering what happened proved nothing fruitful and eventually, Kenshi slipped back into unconsciousness.


Suigetsu, Hector, and the rest of Squad Zero all stood in silence as they rode the elevator into the depths of Yamamoto's underground facility. In the center of the group was a sedated Kenshi. Suigetsu took no chances when he restrained him. Kenshi was bound in a straight jacket, and he wore a steel helmet of sorts that kept him in total darkness. In addition to this, every hour on the hour, sedatives were given through a small IV.

“If the male diclonius were to awake in such a confined space... we'd all be dead.” Suigetsu thought.

After descending ten stories underground, the group finally reached their destination. The heavy doors of the elevator slid open and they emerged into a huge corridor lined with chambers. Each chamber had a large steel door with a number painted on it. Each number represented the Diclonius that resided within. They were soon bombarded with scientists and researchers who quickly stole Kenshi away. It didn't bother Suigetsu at all. It was their job anyway.

After traveling through several hallways, each lined with more chambers the group arrived at Yamamoto's office.

“Squad Zero, you may all retire to your chambers until further orders.” Suigetsu said.

“Yes sir.” They all replied.

Suigetsu turned and opened the door to go inside. Captain Hector followed suit and also entered.

“Captain Hector, I'm afraid I'll need you to wait out here. Yamamoto has requested a private meeting with me.”

Yamamoto stood as Captain Suigetsu entered his office.

“Well Suigetsu, what do you have for me?” he asked in his usual cold tone.

“Sir, the mission was a success. Diclonius target was successfully captured and returned to the facility. No casualties reported. The Diclonius is currently being held in holding cell No. 7.”

“As usual, Suigetsu, you and the rest of Squad Zero fail to disappoint. Now, take me to it.”

“Yes sir!”

The two emerged from Yamamoto's office to a waiting Hector.

“Sorry Hector, but it looks like you'll be waiting just a little bit longer. I'll debrief you when I return.” Yamamoto stated.

Suigetsu led Yamamoto through a series of corridors and hallways and eventually to an elevator that descended 10 more stories underground. As the elevators doors opened, they emerged into a room filled with computers, monitors, and machines of all different kinds and scientists and guards were all moving about. There in the center, was a large one way window, thought the room on the other side was filled with darkness.

“You there, what's your name?” Yamamoto asked a passing scientist.

Surprised to see Yamamoto in the lab, he replied “My Name is Hideki, sir.” as he snapped to attention.

“Hideki, turn the lights on in the main holding chamber. I'd like to see the Diclonius.”

“Uhh, yes sir!” Hideki said as he quickly entered commands into a nearby computer.

The lights quickly came to life as Yamamoto and Suigetsu approached the observation window. The two stood in silence at what they saw. Kenshi was still unconscious and both his arms were chained to the wall. His limp, naked body was only held up by the chains.

“A male diclonius..... its actually real. To think one actually exists! All known diclonius discovered thus far have been female. I doubted it when I first heard your report, but now that I've seen it for myself theres no denying it. This is indeed a male diclonius.” Yamamoto said in amazement.

“From what I saw at compound 7, this diclonius in particular is very powerful. He single handedly infiltrated and disabled the entire compound. It was in ruins. If we hadn't had our Anti-Vector weapons, we would have had a serious fight on our hands. It would have undoubtedly taken all of Squad Zero to take it down. I suggest learning everything we can from this specimen. What we learn could prove vital if we should ever encounter another male.”

“Yes, Suigetsu, I believe you're right. If only one male disabled an entire compound, just think what a dozen could do. We need to strengthen our search for Diclonius worldwide. Now that we know male Diclonius exist, we know there could very well be more....


“Yes sir?” he answered.

“Let it be known that the existence of the male Diclonius is to be kept secret from all outside the D.E.F. I don't want that bastard Excalibur trying to get his hands on it.”

“But sir, there were two Great Order members present during the capture.”

“Well, I want someone watching them at all times! We can't let this get out!” he demanded.

“Yes sir! Right away!” Suigetsu said as he left to complete his orders.

Yamamoto remained, staring coldly at Kenshi's limp, unconscious body. This discovery changed his plans considerably.

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Hector awaited outside, arms folded with his Crescent Sun Axe poised on his back, his eyes closed and a large cigar between his teeth. Although he did not come inside with Captain Suigetsu and the others, he had seen the room before. When the door opened, he was greeted by Captain Suigetsu.

"Captain Suigetsu was it? Quite a day it's been hasn't it? To think we would be attacked so suddenly and by a person such as him. You know I suppose this is as best as any time to start talking.

We...The Great Order...are under a specific contract with you...the Diclonius Extermination Force as ordered by your leader Shuhei Yamamoto.

...Diclonius...that the reason I asked the Master General of The Great Order to assign me into this station and help you out. My men don't know what Diclonius are though they probably have good reason to believe the person currently in that room is not normal. That guy in there, we met him in a far off forest a few days ago. I admit I did not think I would be meeting him so soon again, but that's beyond the point here for now."

Captain Schlenzanner removed the cigar, holding it between finger and thumb and twirling it absentmindedly. His eyes were sharp, serious and not like his usual ecstatic self.

"...The point is...I need you to be truthful with me...Captain Suigetsu. Does Yamamoto have something in mind that he's not telling us? You have a Diclonius in there, a very strong one at that...and I could be wron but...

...It would seem as if Yama-Boss is planning something. I really don't know though it's only a ugess. Now the thing is...while I disagree with this notion, what Yamamoto does with the Diclonius in this instance is technically not breaking the order of the world. But...it's when his actions start affecting others that we...The Great Order...come into play.

Don't forget this, Captain Suigetsu, I serve The Great Order first and then Yamamoto second, and anything that I feel puts us at risk I will be dealing with. So tell me...what, if anything, are you holding back on us? If we are truly side by side here then I need to know everything right now.

...And another thing..." He switched the cigar to the other hand and placed it back into his mouth.

"...I have recieved word about a specific individual named, Excalibur? This guy...some of the...people I have working with me have quite a story with this person. The most we got was something about the Azure Kingdom's destruction with little information beyond that. It's a shame to say that The Great Order could not get any more info beyond that.

Things are become hectic now Captain Suigetsu, a three way line between The Great Order, the D.E.F and Excalibur is being created.

And so...I have a suggestion for you.

We are still in contract with you right? The Great Order acts Yamamoto's private mercenary army. I would like to have the Master General of mine speak with Yamamoto.

Face to face if you will."

Folding his arms back again there was only one thing left for Hector Schlenzanner to say.

I am not trying to be your enemy, but there are certain things I must look into in these circumstances.

...So then...what are your answers...Captain Suigetsu?" Hector ended, awaiting for the man's response.

Lt. General Zen stood outside, the night air whipping his face coolly while Master General Elena Squratoli came up next to him, the wind kicking her hair wildly around as well. They stood at the top one of the spires of The Great Order towers, overlooking the lush foreign landscape. The sky was clear of all clouds, allowing the bright crescent moon and twinkling stars to shine above. Down below specific guards stood by specific sections to the towers, each of them wearing a combination of black and red armor as well as search lights reaching across the fields.
"Captain Vaneu and Colonel Ajiha were found dead along with their men..." Zen stated in a matter of fact tone.

"I see..." It was the woman's only response.

"...What shall we do?"

"...Lt. General Xurtius Zen...as Master General of The Great Order I hereby decree, head out and see what's going on. I have a very strange feeling inside me, that something big is about to happen."

Zen perked his ears and asked questioningly. "May you explain Master General?"

"...It's that feeling you get sometimes...I've felt it before...that feeling of war. It feels like a war is just standing there over the horizon and we're about to get sucked up into it. I have given my orders..."

Zen bowed deeply, stating. "Your orders are my wish, Master General. It'll take about a day to cross the ocean by flight though."

"I understand Lt. General Zen...do as need to."

"Understood...you should head back inside before it gets too cold."

Starting the engine of the single person jet, Lt. General Zen flew off into the sky and went to the world where Hector and the others were. The sound of the engine being the only thing that passed through his ears physically. The jet was slender and pitch black, it’s weapons systems currently offline and all aspects of the control panels in check. This wasn’t the first time he ever flew this jet, the one crafted specifically for him, he had gone through my times in his life soaring the skies in this metallic object. The words of the Master General were still in his head and he couldn't help but feel his chest constrict as he thought about what these words meant. He had seen war before but the way this sounded, if things got out of hand...it might turn into a war much bigger than any of them had anticipated.

But until then, the only thing that passed by him now, was the flash of the stars over the jet window.

OOC: I'll be getting the rankings and points up momentarily, hope you're all enjoying the RPG right now.

Lily found all the equipment she needed to construct the scanners. She found a small quiet park with not too many people and began working on them with the tools she brought. She hated showing off her skills, which she found funny because everything else about her was very sociable. Donald was the one that loved to show off his talents. She enjoyed the company of Zero and Suzuki; they were lively and full of energy. The Rosary man had trailed them the entire way to the park, but for the most part she ignored him. The Rosary was equiped in no way to deal with the Red Queen and if she so desired, she could eliminate it as a whole.

She looked around and realized that this was the park that she met those soldiers in. She thought back to he poor girl that she helped, hoping that she was safe. "I met those men here. There was a squad of half a dozen. They retreated into the forest over there, but I'm pretty sure that they were trained to take an indirect path back to their base. If anything it's something we can start searching, because I'm confident that their base is near regardless of how careful they were in returning."

She finished up with the first device and tossed it to Zero. "Put it on your belt or in your coat. It'll start vibrating whenever a private network detatched from any public ones is nearby. Knowing what I know about this city, there aren't many places with networks like that, so if it goes of we probably hit the jackpot."

Twenty minutes later she completed the second one and handed it to Suzuki. "I know you two are attached at the hip, but just in case you end up separated here's one for you."

When she finished the last one, she clipped it to her backpack strap. "Alright, as much as I like being independent, I'm going to contact Hector as he requested, because I don't like getting on his bad side. I may be one of the few people not intimidated by his presence, but he's one scary man if you've done the wrong thing."

She pulled out her cellphone and switched it to a Great Order frequency. "Hey, this is Lily. Yeah, I know I'm not on contract with you guys anymore, haven't been for three years. You might say I've been temporarily conscripted. Look, just let Hector know that we're about to begin our search for Excalibur's base. I'll make contact as soon as we learn something new, alright dearie? Make sure he gets that message. OK, yeah thanks."

After Lily hung up she turned to Zero. "Alright, would it be better if we split up and searched, or searched in a group? If we split up we could cover more ground, but we also need a way to contact each other if we do that. Suggestions?"

As she spoke, she pulled her gun from her backpack and made the easy alteration to make it so the pin would fire as a bullet would. Sadly due to the limited force the spring could produce it was only lethal and accurate at about 35-40 meters depending on the wind.


Inagi's heart beat with some excitement. He noticed the woman with the laptop point toward that forest and speak to the man and other redhead. If they went into the forest and split up then he could take advantage of that and capture her so he can take his revenge in his own sweet time. Soon all of that waiting would come to an end and the fruits of his labors would ripen.

OOC: Loving it! Of course I am a madman in love with roleplay.

"Who are you?" asked a rather cold sounding voice and Itoe recognized that again her apperance with her horns would spell trouble for her. "I-I´m Itoe. I saw this man collapsing her and went here to help him. I don´t mean any trouble." answered the girl nervously. The bakery lady seemed shocked. She seemed to know what Itoe was. The girl sighed not knowing what to do next. In the worst case it could look like she had hurt the man and was now there to end it here and now. Not too farfetched as many of her kind wouldn´t hesitate to kill a human in the most cruelsome ways.

"I´m a diclonius. It seems you already know that. But I don´t want to harm anybody. Please believe me." said Itoe slowly sounding desperate. If she called the cops she would be hunted again. Her Facility would surely do everything they could to get her. Itoe was tired of running.

OOC: I´m also enyoying the rpg^^
It seems like Lily and Zero aren´t comming back to the mansion^^"

They left the café and found a small quiet park where Lily could get to work. She took out her tools in her bag and got to work. Lily then realised something. "I met those men here. There was a squad of half a dozen. They retreated into the forest over there, but I'm pretty sure that they were trained to take an indirect path back to their base. If anything it's something we can start searching, because I'm confident that their base is near regardless of how careful they were in returning."

“That’s good to know…” Zero replied, looking around the park. He noticed someone from the distance, was the same person from the café? If it is then what are they after? Are they after Zero and the bounty? Or are they after Lily? What could Lily have done for someone to be after her? If they are after Zero then they are foolish and don’t know what Zero is capable of…

Lily finished the first device and chucked it at Zero. "Put it on your belt or in your coat. It'll start vibrating whenever a private network detatched from any public ones is nearby. Knowing what I know about this city, there aren't many places with networks like that, so if it goes off we probably hit the jackpot." Zero placed the device on the left side of his belt, opposite to his mask. Just because he can’t wear it on his face doesn’t mean he can’t wear it at all.

Twenty minutes had passed before Lily had completed the second one and gave it to Suzuki. "I know you two are attached at the hip, but just in case you end up separated here's one for you."

Upon hearing this Suzuki smiled. “Zero and I will never be separated, we will be together forever” After saying this she jumped on to Zero and hold him as tight as she could, to which Zero just sighed. “See? Zero knows he is stuck with me no matter he likes me or not, we’re a couple hehe” Suzuki gave him a kiss on the cheek before letting go.

Lily finished the last device and putted it on her backpack. "Alright, as much as I like being independent, I'm going to contact Hector as he requested, because I don't like getting on his bad side. I may be one of the few people not intimidated by his presence, but he's one scary man if you've done the wrong thing."

Lily turned away and began talking on the phone, sounding like if she is leaving a message. After she finished she turned to Zero. "Alright, would it be better if we split up and searched, or searched in a group? If we split up we could cover more ground, but we also need a way to contact each other if we do that. Suggestions?"

“As much as it would be easier to find our target by splitting up, it would be best to stick together, as whoever this person is, if you find him a threat or not, is probably waiting for us to split so he can strike.” Zero replied. “If we stick together, we can test this person’s patience, possibly causing him to coming out of the shadows and dispose of him…for if we ignore them and they see what we find, it could cause trouble as we can’t let anyone else know about our findings…”

OOC: @Reric it is easy to know that I am enjoying this

@drewccapp I am also enjoying the interaction, other characters can see how kind my character can be, but it looks like soon my character might show his bad side possibly...

@DarkChiyo I don't know if Zero, Suzuki and Lily will be returning to the mansion, if it will be soon or not, but I don't think Zero would want to return to a safe place and find a cute horned girl trying to kill us. ^_^

And lastly @Reric and @Crane I posted my last part and went to bed some time after, I woke up this morning to find 2 big post from you guys, all I can say is thanks, I needed a good read ^_^

Lily grinned devilishly. "As I said in the cafe, he's a child playing an adult's game and will suffer the consequences if he's not careful. He's bringing down the name of an organization of hackers that gathered to fight corruption in governments. I hacked into the source code of their communication channels and found a message pertaining to vengeance upon me. A hacker thinks he can take revenge upon me? He has no clue what trouble he's in."

Her voice grew cold for a moment. "If he ends up learning something we don't want him to, then we can deal with him."

It had been a while since she last killed someone in person, but she was unafraid to do so. She had seen enough death to be desensitized to it, so committing the act of killing another would be easy.

Her voice returned to its cheery self. "Alrighty, so lets journey forth into the forest. At the very least it'll be a romantic walk for the two of you and a refreshing reintroduction to nature for me. I always liked forests."

"I-I´m Itoe. I saw this man collapsing here and came here to help him. I don´t mean any trouble.”

Rei just sat there, still in shock. An injured man just walked through the door and now a Diclonius was standing beside her.

"I´m a diclonius. It seems you already know that. But I don´t want to harm anybody. Please believe me."

Rei could see this frail little girl was a kind soul. She could also see that she was quite frightened.

“Its okay, Itoe, I believe you. There's no need to be afraid.” she said in a soothing voice.

“You see, you're right, I know you're a diclonius because I've met one before. I know that not all of you are the evil monsters people make you out to be. Now hurry, Help this man before Mr. Nara comes to see whats taking me so long. I'm afraid he isn't as tolerant of Diclonius as I am.”


As Suigetsu rode the elevator up back up to the facility, he was alone with his thoughts.

“What to do about the Great Order....” he thought. “Captain Hector and Kruger will have to have someone watching them at all times to make sure they don't reveal any sensitive information. If Excalibur were to find out about the male diclonius, the results could be disastrous. Neither one would agree to have someone assigned to them, so it will have to be discreet. Someone will have to watch from a distance.”

His thoughts were interrupted as the elevator doors slid open. Walking back to Yamamoto's office, he was greeted by Hector.

"Captain Suigetsu was it? Quite a day it's been hasn't it? To think we would be attacked so suddenly and by a person such as him. You know I suppose this is as best as any time to start talking.....”

Suigetsu listened to everything he had to say before responding.

“Captain Schlenzanner, I assure you, Mr. Yamamoto is holding nothing back from you and the Great Order. You are our allies, and as such we have supplied you with all the information at our disposal. No one is doubting your loyalty to the Great Order. Currently our only plans are observation and experimentation on the male diclonius. You have nothing to fear.

As for Excalibur, we already know of him. We've been keeping tabs on him for years. I guess you could say he's in the same 'business' as Mr. Yamamoto and we try to make sure we know what he's up to. Easier said than done however, since the man is ghost just like Yamamoto. They never stay in the same spot for very long.

Your information about the destruction of the Azure Kingdom is correct. Excalibur was behind all of it. However, anything more than that is classified and above your clearance. Frankly, it would be pointless to tell someone like you.

Your suggestion though, is quite intriguing. There is definitely a rift forming between the three factions and I feel the relationship between the D.E.F and the Great Order would be strengthened through such a meeting. I'll be sure to tell Mr. Yamamoto. I see no reason why he would be opposed.”

Suigetsu stood there, sizing up Hector. Suigetsu was a tall man himself, and quite lean and muscular. However, even he only came up to Hector's chest. Looking up into his eyes, he could see that his loyalty and resolve were strong. However, Suigetsu had a feeling that the man was at least a little suspicious. He would be too if he were in Hector's shoes.

“Now, if that will be all, you may leave. I will send word on Yamamoto's decision shortly.

Kenshi's head was spinning as he awoke from his drug induced sleep. He could finally feel his body, and he noticed he was naked and chained to a wall. Looking around, he was in a bare white room. At the other end, he saw what looked like a window and a small cannon. Suddenly, a voice started over an intercom.

*static* “Ahh, I see your awake. From now on you will be known as Subject No. 37 and you will do exactly as we say. By now, I am sure you have seen the cannon at the end of this room. It will fire a small, steel sphere at you at continuously increasing velocities and you are to stop it with your vectors. Try anything to escape and there will be dire consequences. Refuse, and you die from blunt force trauma to the head.... Commencing Test No. 1.”

The small boom from the cannon had Kenshi fully awake. He could sense the projectile coming towards him and easily stopped it with his vectors. However, the shots didn't stop. Each cannonball was fired faster and faster each time. He lost count of how many times he stopped them with his vectors. Soon, it became more and more difficult to stop the projectiles. Each one came closer and closer until ,finally, Kenshi had to start using all 4 of his vectors. The tests were grueling and after 5 hours non-stop, the cannonball's ceased to fire.

Inside the observation area, Yamamoto watched as No. 37 performed remarkably. No Diclonius had ever gotten this far on day 1.

“Hideki, come here!” he demanded.

“Yes sir!”

“Turn the cannon up to maximum velocity.”

“What? But sir, no Diclonius has ever survived that test! And we still have so much more to learn!”

Turning to Hideki, Yamamoto stared at him with those cold eyes he was famous for.

“Did I stutter? Set the cannon to maximum velocity NOW!!!” he yelled.

“Y-y-yes sir! Right away sir!” Hideki all but ran to the control panel and set the cannon to maximum velocity.

“Alright Hideki, fire on my mark.” Yamamoto ordered, with a cruel smile of anticipation on his face.

"Okay. Thank you." answered Itoe relieved and right after that her four vectors appeared and moved right into the unconscious man. Then she concentrated into her will to heal his wounds. most of them seemed to be minor, except for a wound on his left shoulder. That would take longer but would also heal eventually. Itoe felt how her strength was beginning to decrease but continued. As long as she could also prove to the kind woman she wasn´t one of her bloodthirsty sisters, she was more than happy to help other people. When this guy would awake, he sure would felt refreshed.

After some minutes Itoe stopped and her vector slowly dissappeared. The diclonius girl had started to sweat a little and was a bit panting but happy. All little cuts and bruises were gone and the man looked in much better shape than before but he was still out. Itoe got down and grabbed the man. It wouldn´t be any good to let him lay on the entrance. Luckily there weren´t any guests except the three of them.

"Where can I bring him? I also need a little rest too, if it isn´t too much to ask." asked the shy girl. Itoe didn´t want to be a burden to this kind human. Itoe also didn´t want to gain the attention of this Mr. Nara. If he wasn´t fond of diclonius it would be the best for him to not see one...

Meanwile at the mansion (Vanessa)

Vanessa got bored and more and more angry. It seemed the visitors wouldn´t come back too soon and the hunger and cold wasn´t helping to ease her mood. Unfortunately it was too much going on in the environment for her to just break into the damned building. It wouldn´t take long and the police would come to investigate this mess. Vanessa wanted to get a little break and not another session of escaping the cops. "Soo bored. Damned humans...can´t even come in time for their own funeral."

Suddenly Vanessa stopped and looked around with a asking look. She had felt a huge spike of diclonius energy. She would feel this unique signature everywhere but it was quite a distance away. "Itoe...You traitor...he he, you are stupid, aren´t you?" Vanessa whispered grinning. The mansion wasn´t important anymore. She stood up and went hurrily, almost running into the main direction the energy was sent out. Finding her was more important than anything else. She would use a shortcut through the forest to spare a little time, trying to sense her target again and hopefully Vanessa would know by now where the girl would be. A goose hunt but better than nothing.

Vanessa just hoped the place where this girl was, has some food. She became really hungry...

OOC: I wasn´t too sure about Donald´s Injuries. also the left wound wasn´t described. I can change it when neccessary but I hope it turns out okay.

Lily gave a grin that looked devilish in its own way. "As I said in the cafe, he's a child playing an adult's game and will suffer the consequences if he's not careful. He's bringing down the name of an organization of hackers that gathered to fight corruption in governments. I hacked into the source code of their communication channels and found a message pertaining to vengeance upon me. A hacker thinks he can take revenge upon me? He has no clue what trouble he's in."

Lily’s voice grew colder as she continued. "If he ends up learning something we don't want him to, then we can deal with him."

“Well it looks like I will be doing the dealing, since judging by the way she looks and by her equipment, she is not a fighter…or someone who would kill…” Zero thought. “Lily is putting too much confidence that this person is no threat…an act that will be her downfall…” Zero continued, this is why he decided to stick with Lily, it was for her own safety as if they split up, and this person goes after Lily and her confidence get the best of her…it will be her own fault…

Zero knows what this person could be going through, as Zero is on a mission of vengeance himself, so he knows that this person wouldn’t follow without being prepared…but he was prepared for Lily and not for someone like Zero…

Lily returned to her usual cheerful self. "Alrighty, so let’s journey forth into the forest. At the very least it'll be a romantic walk for the two of you and a refreshing reintroduction to nature for me. I always liked forests."

Zero sighed. “Does everything we do have to be romantic for us?” Zero looked a bit annoyed with Lily’s thinking.

“Aw, but Zero, we never have had a romantic walk together…don’t you want one?” Suzuki asked grabbing Zero’s hand.

Zero angrily removed his hand from Suzuki. “It’s not like that at all…” Zero replied with a cold voice, looking like he has become a bit pissed off. “Come on, let’s go…” Zero continued, placing his mask back on and headed off.

“Z-ZERO! WAIT FOR ME!” Suzuki said, running after Zero, placing her mask on as well. Lily follows slowly after.


“Daddy, when can I get out of this room and see the world? I want to see the world that my daddy will take over hehe.” The girl asked.

“Soon…Alice…soon…” Excalibur replied. “Once everything is completed, I will let you see the world…the world that will belong to me…to us…” Excalibur continued.

“I can’t wait hehe! Also I LOVE the dress you got me hehe!” Alice cheerfully said, holding the dress and spinning around happily.

“Nothing but the best for my little girl…my…special…little…girl…”

Donald's world went from black to white to reality at a leisurely pace. When his vision focused he found himself on his back with two women looking down at him. He felt very tired, but there was no time for that, and at least he didn't hurt anymore. One of the women looked like Yuki/Rei, but she was a human. The other was an exhausted looking diclonius. His hand slowly went to where he was shot in the shoulder and found nothing but a bullet on top of its entry point.

Everything that happened to him until now came back to him and hit him like a train. He sat up like a shot and glared at the diclonius. "Are you here to kill me like you did my Rei?"

No, dicloni were viscious killers when they wanted to be. If she wanted to kill him, everyone else in the area would be dead too.

He refocused his goal to finding a phone and looked around to find one on the counter of the bakery. He stood up and rushed over to the phone. "I need to use it, now." His voice was very serious. Donald picked up the phone and dialed Lily's number praying that she isn't so busy she can't pick up.

OOC: His wound was a bullet that Yuki deflected, but not enough to miss him. So the bullet didn't go all the way through like it would have normally.


Lily's phone went off after they had gone some distance into the forest, its ringtone was a classic phone ring. She checked the caller ID and was very unfamiliar with it. "I didn't order any bread."

Out of curiosity, she answered it. "Hello?"

"Sister." It was Donald's voice and he sounded like he'd been through a lot.

Lily couldn't hold back her surprise. "Donald! Where the hell have you been? I've been bloody looking for you all over Orisaka. What happened to you? What happened to Yuki?"

His voice broke. "I found her. I found her and then we got captured by a monster named Excalibur." A chill ran down Lily's spine. "He did these awful experiements on her, and then tried to get her to kill me. We then escaped together, but some of his slaves intercepted us. Rei sacrificed herself to get me out of there. I'm safe for now, but I think I might be followed."

Lily's heart skipped a beat. "Where is the facility you ran from? This is very important. Tell me, and then you use every skill I taught you to ensure you're not being followed and find a safe place. When you find that safe place you know what to do."

Donald then described his journey to the best of his ability and said his farewells. Lily closed the phone shut. Rage bubbled to the surface for a brief moment. She then turned to Zero and Suzuki. Her voice was very cold now. "The bastard had my brother. He killed his lover and my client. He is working against my very goal and turning dicloni into slaves. Now I know where his base is. I only wish I was as well equipped as I was in Mexico, then I could make a real bang. I swear I will destroy everything he worked for. I'll not allow a monster to make puppets out of my clients." She paused a moment. "So it has been decreed by the Red Queen."


Donald hung up the phone and turned to the other two in the room. If Excalibur didn't know now about his escape, then his men were slacking, but staying here was not an option. At the very least he had to take the diclonius with him, it really wasn't safe for her here. She looked so frightened he felt sorry for his harsh words earlier. He looked at the human version of Yuki/Rei. "How quickly can you pack up? It's not safe here for either of you anymore. I'm sorry to have brought this on you... Both of you."

Itoe swallowed when she heard the hard words of the man and looked downcast. It wasn´t that she didn´t expected anything new here. A little anger was also there but not enough to overcome her shyness. "No...I didn´t...I hadn´t plan to...kill you. I treatened your wounds." answered the girl and looked to the other girl. When she listened to the call she recognized that this guy went through a lot. Was he a dangerous killer? He seemed to know what diclonius are and what they did.

"What are you going to do now? What is going on here anyway?" asked Itoe a bit lost. It was certain that there was a dangerous business going on here with him and probably the other kind girl. Had they killed other people and were they hunted down?

"Are you okay? You passed out before and I just healed some of your wounds but it may need some time before you are really ready to do whatever you do...urgh."

Itoe sank to her knees when exhaustion took the better of her. She was feeling a bit dizzy. It would take some times, maybe 10 minutes or so, for her to be okay again. She wasn´t used to her power yet. The people in the facility were more interested to bash iron balls in her head and not into exploring this ability of her.

In the Forest

Vanessa needed a little break and was breathing hard when she heard a female voice not far away of her position. She didn´t care much about her. The task was more important right now. The energy of before dissappeared fast and soon she would lost the route of her. The town was too big for much guessing. Vanessa was getting frustrated. Her goal of killing a traitor to gain the trust of these people was harder then she first thought.

The voice of the woman irritated her more and more. "Why can´t she just be quiet?!" Vanessa thought and looked from the distance to the reason of the disturbance. The woman looked different from the other humans. There was also a masked man and a girl. An aura of strength seemed to radiate from them and Vanessa got a bit nervous. But still, they were only humans. Not able to match a diclonius in fighting. When she got a bit nearer, she broke a branch of wood which was good to hear. "Just great." Vanessa thought and sighed.

“I can’t believe those bastard just left me here to rot in the middle of this god forsaken jungle in the middle of god frikkin frakkin nowhere!” He cursed just like he had been doing for the last couple of hours. Stopping at what seemed like a cross section he looked at the options that were before him, either to continue with what seemed to him a rather pointless chase or go back and keep an eye on the masked man and the two unknown women.
“This is just stupid.” He moaned as he looked at the compass. “I shouldn’t be out here in this hellhole while those bunch of low lives get to go wherever they please.” Looking up at the sky he tried to see if there were any stars to see but a he expected with the dense canopy that nothing but darkness above him. “Well at least it seems like we will have a dry night, it rains way too much in this shitty country.”
Taking the canteen he had been smart enough to refill during his brief stay at the base he took a large sip from it, damn the stuff tasted like shit but then he did expected it and having spent some time here he had grown used to it. Besides he had to drink far worse during some of his previous job and compared to those this wasn’t that half bad.

Flipping a coin he watched as it landed at his feet, the side up said enough to him. “That settles it then, all right then masked asshole we have a score to settle.” Turning on the spot he started o increase his pace to make up for the lost time as he knew they had a considerable head start on him but if they had stuck at a normal walking pace there was a good chance for him to catch up in a matter of an hour. He grinned as the thought of getting payback brought a smile to his face, imagining so many ways for him to fuck up this person he almost had to howl with excitement.

“Lilly, Lilly, Lilly.” He kept repeating the name in his head as he was certain he had heard it somewhere before but the memory didn’t surface. It was frustrating to him as it meant he had forgotten a crucial aspect in his job, never forget a face for it could be the one of your undoing. “Lilly, Lilly, Lilly.” Repeating them again slowly but steadily h started to recall some parts of her, yes he had seen her before but that seemed like a long time ago where he had made a previous visit to the great order, damn that must have been over 5 years ago.
“So I do seem to know you bitch.” He moaned as his hand reached out for the tobacco, all of the recent action had denied him the pleasure of it and right now he could use it to soothe his mind. Taking his first bit he enjoyed the raw texture and the rather rough flavor this brand had, damn this was some good shit and he took a mental note to pile up before he left this region. Still it was a pity he hadn’t taken more of it with him when he left, those bastards back at the base had better no dare to go through his stuff or steal this tobacco. He would wreak a bloody havoc on the fools that tried.
“Those damn retarded mongrels had better not push their luck.”

An hour had almost passed but he was making good progress, the path they had come was becoming better for him to read and right now he was tracking their footsteps. Just like he had anticipated before they had kept to a normal relaxed pace which made gaining on them all too easy. Judging by the trail they could be no more than 10 maybe 15min ahead of him. He sets of ahead as in the distance he could already start to hear their voices, couldn’t these idiots at the very least try and pretend to make a quiet walk. Damn it was way too easy to follow them at night if they kept making this much noise, basic training had early on told him that sound always travelled louder and farther during the night, especially during cold nights. He could clearly make out the sound of a man though he wasn’t fully confident if it was the masked man or not, Lilly’s voice was clear to him and with some effort he could also barely make out the voice of another third person, it sounded female though softer and the one from Lilly.
Listening better it sounded like they had an argument of some sort, the reason for it escaped him not that it really mattered in the first place. Then he could hear the girl shout out loud

So that was his name, he would remember it well as he set off, just up ahead of him he could make out their figures. He unslung the weapon from his back as he check the magazine, it was fully loaded and ready for some heavy duty action. Staying to the shadows he crept closer but then as he looked he could clearly hear the cracking of a branch not far ahead.

Hector gave him a long quizzical look at Captain Suigetsu and then nodded once. "Understood, you know how to contact me, tell me what Yama-Boss's answer is to talking to the Master General. Until then..." He ended walking away, though not before peering over his shoulder to see the general area of where the Diclonius was being held.

Not long afterwards, he recieved word from Lily. Good, he had instructed that they keep in contact with him periodically. "Understood relay this information to them I want all information they find on Excalibur directly inputed to the Order databanks. Liliy should be able to do that with her techniques and techcnological abilities."

And now he had just one more person to look for, one who wasn't even in the area anymore.

"...You don't listen to orders well do ya...boy?" Hector thought heavily, bringing up his radio and dialing the number.

"Yo Kruger ma boy, what cha doing outside the fortress? The order was stay here and be on guard with me in case anything happened. Don't forget this boy, I am currently in change of you right now, my order is law.

Now return here immediately, I have some important things to discuss with you right now."

Inagi had followed them a good distance into the woods when his target's phone rang and she answered the phone. It seemed something serious was going on and the tones of her voice got really scary. He was hiding behind a tree and they didn't have line of sight to him.

After she was done he heard a snap to his right. He looked over and saw a young girl with horns poking out of the top of her head. Inagi thought he was seeing things, except he saw them look in the same direction. He pulled out his handgun and cocked it. It made a loud clicking sound and he winced. Any essence of surprise he had if he had any was far gone now.

Somehow, he had a very bad feeling from the girl, and he wanted to be ready.


Lily heard a snap and wiped out her gun and aimed at a diclonius girl. She had a hunger in her eyes, it was something she had seen many times with dicloni that had given in to their genetic instincts. "Zero. This one has already fallen to her instincts against humanity. I won't tell you to be careful, you've already seen what they can do."

She readied her ability to produce her anti-vector field, because this time she was confident she'd need it. She heard the clicking of somebody cocking a gun and assumed that the Rosary member had seen the diclonius too. That meant he'd seen too much, but he might be useful before she has to deal with him.

OOC: We're gonna have a firefight!

Before she could react all people were aware of her. Even a gun was pointed at her and a loud clicking sound of another handgun made her look to the direction of the guy who was also pointing in her direction.

Without hesistation the girl let her four vectors out to defend herself and also to prepare a attack of the human and human lovers out there. It worried her a bit that tere was so many hostiles around her.

"Humans." she growled and was watching every move of them. She didn´t want to die because of a stupid mistake. "Your guns are useless. It would be better for you to just surrender and I give you a quick death."

The rosario guy was the one she could reach first. She had three metres length. With a quick run she charged at the human and attacked him with two of her hands going the direct way to slice him in half. The other two were ready to deflect any bullets. A grin could be seen as she was more than happy to spill a little human blood.

OOC: Plese don´t kill her off, ok? ^^"

Inagi followed his instincts and dove behind a tree in the direction of his target. He had a very bad feeling when the girl launched herself at him and he was right, because the tree behind him splintered as she closed the distance between them. What could allow a little girl like her do something like that without even touching anything. He fired off two shots, but neither of them hit. How? He aimed right at her.

He rolled as he hit the ground, but didn't stop on his feet. He scrambled away from her, afraid.

The bullets were deflected easily and Vanessa saw how the human retreated. The fear was all over him and she knew that he wouldn´t stand a chance against her. Her grin widened and she approached him slowly. His gun was useless. A fact he just now recognized. Why hurry?

"You know now that you won´t stay a chance against me, human. Your weapons are useless and you will pay for your crimes you did to my kind!"

Anger was in her words and maybe for the first time she was able to vent it against somebody she detested so much. The possibility that the guy never worked in a facility or might never be involved in torturing her kind, was not important nor did she care. The feeling was intoxicating...overwhelming. She wouldn´t stop now. Never!

"I hate you and your kind so much! You don´t deserve to live! Just die!" the girl said with venom in her voice and hatred. The other girl and her companions were long forgotten. Now she only wanted her revenge on a human. Her vectors prepared to attack again. This time she wouldn´t miss. Vanessa was sure of it.

Inagi was unprepared this time, but he was surprised when the woman he had been following stepped in front of him.


Lily stepped in front of the man that had been following them. She saw all four vectors reaching towards him and at the last second turned on her anti-vector field. It would be about ten seconds before she would get a headache. Twenty until the migrane truly started and at most a full 45 seconds before it would incapacitate her. She had to stop this and stop it quickly.

Before the diclonius could react, Lily kicked her back and then charged her to keep their distance close. She then aimed her pistol at her target's shoulder and fired the pin at point blank range. A gun pin in her shoulder should be enough to slow her down and suppress her vectors for a little while.

Dicloni however, had an extreme tolerance for pain, so the wound wouldn't stop her forever. Lily didn't want to kill the poor girl. "Such a child. After all the work I've done. There are still some blind to hate."

OOC: @Reric Ah I wasn't keeping count. No problem though. I understand that I won't get any points for it.
@ DarkChiyo I'm sorry, she's really scary when dealing with aggressive dicloni, at least at first... if she doesn't end things quickly then things tend to go bad...

Vanessa was unprepared for the attack and hissed at the pain it caused. Another human saved the man before she could finish the job. She had trouble building up her vectors and stared hatefully at the other opponent.

"I see." she said with a cold tone when she got up. It doesn´t matter. If that was all she got then Vanessa would kill her off too. She would kill them all if she had to!

She prepared to strike again. She wanted them to feel the pain she had to endure so long ago. The iron balls, the experimentation, the drugs and the mistreatment. This girl didn´t looked scared like the human man. It seemed she was prepared for her. "Your kind tortured me long enough, human!" Vanessa hissed. It bugged her that her vectors didn´t work properly. It was her only weapon and shield. "What did you do to me? Why can´t I use my vectors probably?" Vanessa asked frustrated with a hint of uncertainity.

OOC: No problem. There may be a lucky shot or something to end it soon. I´m sure we figure something out^^

"Shuhei Yamamoto...Excalibur...just who are you people..." Elena though, sitting at her desk with only the flicker of a candle to give her light. She had three books from her vast library currently situated on her desk and to say the least, she was frustrated that the information was...uninformative.

Nothing on anyone named Yamamoto or the Diclonius Extermination Force. Not a single thing from the today's date to over 50 years ago, the name and person was a mystery. This man he was an enigma to her and really she didn't like that. She didn't like working with a person she had little knowledge with and had it not been on trusting Hector she might not have done it herself.

There was also nothing she could find on Diclonius except for some weird scientific things on extinct creatures and she doubted that was it either.

Aggravating! It was beyond her scope to work with such limited resources.

"Shaa...what to do...nothing on Yamamoto...nothing on Diclonius...nothing the D.E.F. Hector you've placed me into a very damn fine predicament right now."

She flipped the next page, the only four books she had on the Azure Kingdom didn't give a damn thing to her on Excalibur either.


It was so irritating!

And to wrap it up all, she to deal with dead members. One Captain class and one Colonel class along with their team had been killed, slaughtered by the report she had read. To beat anyone of those caliber would be designated nothing less of a Class 4 Criminal Threat. The Order was composed of some of the finest people, anyone who could be a threat to them were to be taken very serious.

"...Who are you people...what's going on here? I want some answers..." Elena thought heavily, breathing out of her mouth once before closing the book. It was getting late now, sleep would be much appreciated now.

While Hector waited for his crazy team mates response, he couldn't help but think back to what had happened back there.

“Captain Schlenzanner, I assure you, Mr. Yamamoto is holding nothing back from you and the Great Order. You are our allies, and as such we have supplied you with all the information at our disposal..."

But was that true? Hector definitely doubted it.

"As for Excalibur, we already know of him. We've been keeping tabs on him for years. I guess you could say he's in the same 'business' as Mr. Yamamoto and we try to make sure we know what he's up to..."

But again...was this the whole truth?

"However, anything more than that is classified and above your clearance. Frankly, it would be pointless to tell someone like you".

If he had to put his word to it, it sounded more likely a reason not to let certain things pass through. He also understood that he had been holding back important information himself, from his leader and his men. It was time he made contact with the Master General again. He would have to wait for Kruger a bit later, instead he found himself a secluded spot and made the dial.



"Hello Master General..."

"Oh...it's you Hector. You know it's late at night here right?"

"Hm? oh time zones...yeah...forgot about that. Listen up I hope you're not too tired because I have some important information for you...ones that I've been holding back. I admit this, but until now the situation never got serious enough that I felt it would be needed. I apologize for this."

"...Go on..." She stated sternly.

"...I'm going to talk to you....about Diclonius."

Now he got her attention.

She wrote everything he said down. now she had something, some information that she didn’t' before. If she had been there and she wasn't a strict overbearing individual, she might have hugged him.

"Very good Captain Schlenzanner...you know with this you could be promoted to..."

Hector declined the offer as he usually did. "Nah! You know where I stand on that..."

"...Yes...I know. But I must reprimand you for keeping this information away from, we've already had two deaths which match the description of the abilities these horned people use."

Now Hector was confused.


"That's right Captain Schlenzanner. Two members and their teams were found dead in the country you're in, I've sent Lt. General Zen to check it out. Considering your surprise I doubt you knew about this." Elena replied.

"One more thing, I've asked that Shuhei Yamamoto be allowed to meet with you in person."

"Ah? That would be good, I want to see the man I'm currently allied with because I have a lot of questions for him. I hope to hear his answer this morning..."

Hector questioned.

"...And if he doesn't...?"

"...Well then I'll be taking things into stride myself and I'll get some answers one way or the other...whether he wants to tell me directly or not."

And with that...the conversation ended.

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Elfen World (Part I) Empty Re: Elfen World (Part I)

Post by Reric on Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:16 pm

OOC: lol Sorry for all the OOC's but @Reric: I don't mind at all if you interrogate Hideki. Do whatever you want with him. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Remember, as of my last post Hideki is still with Yamamoto and is in the middle of conductings experiments on Kenshi. Once he's done there you have free reign over his character.

OOC: I will give free reign for you guys to kill Inagi. Lily knows he's out for vengeance and only protected him out of pure reflex and the fact she hates seeing dicloni kill. If he can't avoid the attack and it's in character then have at it. It would be interesting though if he somehow survived and ended up being useful to us later though.

OCC: Thanks @drewccapp While going through this I thought my character was going to be left out.

Also my character has something to say to Vanessa, as she has been saying things about inflicting pain to the human kind so we can feel her pain...well my character definitely has something to say about that...

EDIT: Here we go, Zero's response to all this. You better get ready for this (Especially Vanessa)

“You will pay for your crimes you did to my kind…” A voice was head in the distance from the battle. It was Zero. “I’m sorry that a few bad humans have caused you pain…BUT THAT GIVES YOU NO RIGHT TO KILL EVERY HUMAN FOR IT!!!” Zero screamed, getting angry.

“JUST BECAUSE A SMALL GROUP OF HUMANS TORTURED YOU DOESN’T MEAN THAT EVERY HUMAN WILL AS WELL…” a red glow was appearing behind Zero’s mask, it was his eye. “You think you are the only one to experience pain? To be pushed to the brink of insanity? YOUR KIND KILLED EVERYONE I EVER CARED FOR!!!” Zero screamed. He removed his mask to show the eye that had become demonic. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE? TO WATCHED YOUR LOVED ONES BE TEARED TO SHREDS RIGHT IN FORNT OF YOUR EYES? YOUR KIND TURNED ME INTO WHO I AM TODAY…a monster…because of your kind…I lost every one that I loved…” Tears started to fall from Zero’s face.

“By what has happened in my life and yours…I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO INFLICT AS MUCH PAIN TO YOU AS YOU DO TO ME!!!” Zero breathed in heavily. “So don’t you dare say we don’t deserve to live…YOUR KIND IS JUST AS WORSE!!!” Zero screamed once more, showing the anger the diclonius have caused him. “You diclonius, you people live on instincts…like you are doing right now…killing anything in your way…WHEN YOU DON’T LOOK TO SEE THE PAIN OF OTHERS…let me ask you something…what has that man done for you to kill him?” Zero asked the girl, his voice getting colder the more he spoke. “NOTHING…HE HAS DONE NOTHING FOR YOU TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL HIM…and Lily? What has Lily done for you to kill her? NOTHING…WHO IS THE EVIL ONE NOW HUH? WHO IS THE ONE KILLING INONCENT LIVES BECAUSE A FEW BAD PEOPLE DID THINGS TO YOU?” Zero screamed, questioning the girl even more.

“Instead of helping your kind…you are giving us humans more reasons to kill you or capture you…” Zero coldly said to the girl. “Lily…Suzuki and I here…we are trying to find these facilities where your kind is being tortured…and kill the man who is trying to play god…” Zero becomes even colder in his voice. “Don’t know if you know this man…Excalibur…but he is the one who has your kind captured…for he wants to control you people and use you to take over this land…this world…” Zero continued. “If you kill me, Suzuki and Lily here…then you have killed your kind as well…”

Zero waited for the girl’s response, to see what she had felt about all of this.

Vanessa wasn´t prepared for this talk. She stared at the masked man and felt her confidence going away under his glare. He did suffer under her kind? Somehow the --victory-- of these facts felt hollow. They searched for these facilities and tried to find the monster responsible for all this? Why should Vanessa believe them? Had she any reason to do so? Any proofs?

No she hadn´t but the words created a huge impact on her and she hesitated for the first time in finishing her kill. The human was there. The girl also was in her reach and it didn´t seem she could defend herself any longer. Why couldn´t Vanessa do it now?

"I...I don´t know..." Vanessa began and stopped. Considering the masked man spoke the truth, he would have every right to kill her as well. "I don´t know what to feel about it, okay? My feeling says me to kill him, you and everyone out there but your words...I can´t do it...dammit." She buried her face in her head out of desperation.

"I want this to end. A safe life and no more fear of getting into this hell again. I´m tired of it."

She would loose the opportunity to get into the protection of her kind. They would view her as traitor. Then she would be hunted by both. Humans and diclonius. She didn´t want that. When she looked at the masked man again there wasn´t any malice or hatred. Fear and cluelessness what to do now.

"I don´t want to be hunted by my own kind. They would mark me as traitor! I would have nowhere to go anymore!" answered Vanessa with a troubled look.

Lily's eyes softened along with her voice. "Don't be stupid. That's a lie."

She turned off her anti-vector field just before her headache started. She kneeled over the injured diclonius, and embraced her slowly and comfortingly. "I have spent the last three years of my life working for some measure of symbiosis between dicloni and humans. The last three years they've all been running from the same thing. You aren't the first to have attacked me, and you aren't the first I've helped find a safe home and live happily. As he said, we are going to destroy one of the facilities, and this one is able to get past my measures to keep your kind safe. It's the only one that has done so."

She took a breath and let go of the poor girl. "So what I'm saying is you won't be alone. There are many of your kind I've saved and none of them are hunted by their own. Some of them have even begun small communities to help each other in this mostly human world."

She took the girl's hand. "I can help you, but only if you want me to."

She still kept an eye out for vectors, because she wasn't sure if they were out of the danger zone yet.

Vanessa´s eyes widened when she felt the embrace of the other girl. A person she would have slaughtered merciless seconds ago. But now she couldn´t do this act. The words sounded sincere, soothing. She hoped Lily wouldn´t lie to her. Communities of free diclonius. Living without the constant danger of abusement or capture.

"And you are telling the truth? You don´t lie to me?" A pleading tone was in her voice. Then the trembling girl hugged the human back. Her vectors were gone and she had no intentions of attacking her. Maybe this opportunity was better then the other. When there were symbiotic diclonius groups out there then maybe there was also a future for Vanessa and the other girls.

"I don´t know why. I honestly don´t but I trust you and..." Vanessa stopped. She wanted to apologize but she felt that she couldn´t do it honestly. Too much resentment was there she had to overcome yet. Maybe later, when she lived long enough and the tellings wouldn´t turn out wrong, she would be able to do so. But not now.

"As...a sign of trust...I have to warn you. There is another group of diclonius. They freed me, gave me clothes. They didn´t tell me much but they were all diclonius and they hate all of humanity. They are also lead by a queen." Vanessa told Lily with a serious look. That was it. She open turned traitor on the group she thought she would join and fight for. A dangerous decision but when the group continued growing then even the future this girl told her would be in danger.

Inagi stared at this entire exchange not knowing what to do. The little girl was terrifying. The fact that his target, Lily, had charged into melee with this girl and beat her was even more terrifying. He clutched at his gun for some safety, but somewhere in the confusion of his scrambling away he tossed it somewhere. Inagi was so scared he couldn't even find his voice, so he just stared wondering what was going to happen to him next.


Lily sighed at this news. It wasn't really surprising that dicloni were grouping up and taking the offensive out of fear and hatred, but for her it seemed like one thing after another was piling up. She thought a moment and then said. "Well, first things first."

She slowly reached toward the girl's shoulder. "I'm going to take the firing pin out of your shoulder. It's going to hurt, but if it stays in there you'll probably end up with an infection. My name's Lily by the way, what's yours?"

After she removed the pin, she cleaned it off and turned to the Rosary man. "And who are you, man of vengeance?"

Kruger watched as the fight unfolded before him, he had no reason nor any motivation to get involved so he just watched and took notes on each contestant. So say it was an interesting change of events was an understatement as each fighter displayed rather unique powers.
“Do show me what you possess, show me your strengths and your weaknesses.” He grinned as he took a fresh slice of the tobacco, he might as well make himself comfortable as he watched the show unfold.

His interest shifted to Lilly who deployed more of her rather unusual technology, he wondered where she had managed to acquire them. Yet he couldn’t argue with their results. He was amazed to see something he could only describe as an energy field appear in front of her just before something that he couldn’t see hit it with the full force of a freight train. Damn what kind of person could wield such power and the spotted the girl, it was a young one it seemed but what grabbed his attention instantly where two bony protrusions on each side of her head. He cursed as he realized this was another one of those horned whores, another freaking dicloniuus. What the hell was wrong with this damn country, how many horned people were on the lose here anyway. Just his kind of luck to get stuck in the middle of another infestation or epidemic.

The masked man stepped forward and he looked at him closely, he had to find out what this man’s weakness was if he was ever going to beat him. He was surprised to say the least when the man didn’t fight but rather tried to reason with the girl, not his kind of strategy but it seemed to work as the girl halted for the moment. He could make out most of their conversation though he really would have wanted a recording mike with him, this information could provide him with a considerable bonus if he offered it to the right man. Would the captain know of this and if he didn’t he would certainly pay a price for such information. Off course if the good captain didn’t want it chances where those assholes from D.E.F. would likely pay even better. He had to chuckle thinking about it but just at that moment the radio burst alive with the captains booming voice.

"Yo Kruger ma boy, what cha doing outside the fortress? The order was stay here and be on guard with me in case anything happened. Don't forget this boy, I am currently in change of you right now, my order is law.
Now return here immediately, I have some important things to discuss with you right now."
He cursed as that idiot blew away his cover with that loudmouth of his, not wasting anytime he ran as fast as he could. He had hoped that the rest of the group was too busy dealing with the girl to have noticed but he knew not to depend on such a fickle thing as luck during battle.
“Damn you captain, If I make it back we will indeed have some very important matters to discuss you arrogant son a bitch!”

Vanessa was to busy coping up with the new experience to recognize there was something near them. The pin was removed and the pain dissappeared not that she was very aware of it but she was grateful to had one problem less here.

"My Name is Nr. 40, I mean, Vanessa." the girl answered. The other man she attacked earlier was frightened to the bone. For the interrogation it would come handy but she has lost the interest on him. It would be better for him to just leave than staying there so she would wait until Lily has things sorted out with the guy. Vanessa looked several times to the masked guy. quick glances. He went trough a lot without getting into a hatred spree like her. Why?

Vanessa wanted to ask him that but in the same tame she stayed silent. Maybe later. First she had to make sure to get into safety. When the others found out about her actions, she would be in grave danger. Her mission in finding Itoe didn´t change one bit but now only to sort things out with her.

Inagi scrambled into a revering bow. She knew all along he was after revenge, and now he knew he couldn't beat her. "My name is Inagi Itaru."

Lily then asked. "What are you doing following me?"

Inagi shuddered. "I-I was waiting... I was waiting for the right moment to repay you for the suffering you caused my family a year and a half ago when you stole from my brother's bank."

Lily remember that job. It was the last time she had come to Orisaka. Her target was indeed a bank. The brother he was talking about had been using the money his customers placed there to bribe officials. It was actually the Rosary that hired her to do the job.

She sighed not knowing what to do. "I'm not going to waste my breath by explaining what your brother was doing with the customers of that bank."

She looked at Zero. "So, what are we going to do about him? I'll not let anything happen to Vanessa, but before we end Excalibur we need to deal with this fool."

Inagi was terrified of her tone and was just as scared of the man she spoke to. He couldn't figure out which of them were scariest. He weakly managed to plea. "Please don't kill me."

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Zero saw Lily get close to the girl, the girl hugged her. It looked like what Zero said had got to her. “See…not all humans are evil…” Zero said quietly, calming down and placing his mask back on. He then would look at Suzuki. “I’m sorry about earlier…”

Suzuki hugged him. “It’s ok…but we are still going on that walk right?” Suzuki asked, giving him a wink.

“Yeah sure…” Zero replied, giving a little chuckle.

Zero walked over to Lily and the girl. Her name was Vanessa, or Nr. 40 as the facility called her.

“Nr. 40? I guess you won’t let them use their own name you bastard…” Zero thought. “How dare Excalibur give them numbers, they are just as human as we are…”

Zero looked on as Lily questioned the man that was following them.

"What are you doing following me?" Lily asked the man.

The man looked like he was struggling to speak, but eventually he replied. "I-I was waiting... I was waiting for the right moment to repay you for the suffering you caused my family a year and a half ago when you stole from my brother's bank." The man said. Zero didn’t know what Lily had done to this guy’s brother to make him try to kill her, but judging by the look he had when Vanessa turned up, he doesn’t look like any threat now.

Lily turned to Zero. "So, what are we going to do about him? I'll not let anything happen to Vanessa, but before we end Excalibur we need to deal with this fool."

The man looked on with fear, worrying for what could happen to him. All Zero could hear from this guy was “Please don’t kill me”. Zero smirked, used his speed to quickly grab the man and hold him by the throat on the tree. “Listen well and listen good...now I am going to give you the only sign of mercy I have ever given a worthless excuse of a human like you” Zero coldly said to the man. “Now what you are going to do is that you will leave Lily alone, got that? If I ever see you again, I will kill you where you stand got it?” Zero threatened the man, holding up one of his blades with the arm he wasn’t using. Zero then let go of the man and the guy ran away. Zero turned around to Lily and Vanessa, both showing a sign of worry. “See, we humans don’t always kill someone for what they did, some of us give them second chances, it could change them, possibly for the good…” Zero calmly said. “Although some people are far from saving…”

Zero then kneeled to Vanessa. “Hello Vanessa, My name is Zero and this is Suzuki. It is nice to meet you”

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"Ah there you Kruger my boy, always running off on your own...always disobeying orders...silly boy. But I did call you for a reason though so do listen carefully..." He silenced his voice a bit, wanting only his hired mercenary to hear him out.

"...I was originally going to send you out and see if you could get some extra information for me on Excalibur but things have changed now. I have received word from The Great Order of a few new...happenings if you will. Some things have come up that need to be checked on as soon as possible.

As you should know G.O. is composed of several factions , led by the higher ups. These factions are sent out into groups and spread out as international police. Recently though we received word that two members of the Captain and Colonel class plus their group was killed. Of course what makes this scenario truly inspiring is that the evidence of their kills comes from...


He raised his hand as if giving a poetic tale and contineued on.

"Now these attacks may be the work of this unknown guy we call Excalibur, but I'm wondering if there is something more out there. These attacks weren't random and even without knowing about Diclonius, it is not easy to kill a Captain or Colonel class member of the G.O. Which may indicate that we're facing a group of intelligent opponents."

He took one of his cigars out, large, thick and lit before offering one to Kruger.

"...Which is where you come in." He stated with a grin upon his large face. I know how you feel, being stuck in a room with the boss doing nothing and just being bored as hell. So here's your chance to relieve that boredom and do some things. I'm sending you out to find any information you can on this, anything at all.

and also...the Order has decreed that anyone found subject to have killed these members be given a status of "Surrender or Die." Which as the term might mean is as such...anybody you feel is guilty must come into questioning for The Great Order to be given punishment for their crimes. If they voluntarily give up, we allow them to come and be questioned...

But if they refuse...if they fight back at some point, they give up that right. And under the orders of the Great Order and of myself, Captain Hector Schlenzanner...I hereby decree.

Kruger...seek and search! Find all the information you can and relieve it to me post haste. And if you are attacked upon delivering the protocol of "Surrender or Die"...

...You may kill.

But...there is only one order though along with this." Speaking back, Hector presented a small object, a specialized radio with a very small lens to it. It was a specialized micro-camera with microphone capabilities that would attach around the ear with the camera itself protruding outward and facing forward just slightly.

"...When in interrogation I am requiring that you use this. I want to see and hear all that is being said for it's much easier to get information that way. Had the energy required to use it not been so low I would have required you to use it at all times. As such is not the case though, keep it off and save the energy until said interrogations begin.

...It's also a way for me to keep track of your actions because under the orders of "Surrender or Die" any member sent out alone must be given specific watch over their action. Different aspects are used for the actual members and the elites as well. You see its not that I don't trust you...

...But you are a bit...obsessive sometimes you know. And if by the off chance something does happen...I'll have to know." He continued to give that same big smile as before.

"...Well that is all, here are the coordinates of the location I want you to seek out. One of the higher ups, Lt. General Zen is heading to a secondary location, I'm merely giving you a heads up on that. Follow this direction and these specific points unless you feel that there is definitely more information you can find in these unmarked areas. However if you do so, I will require that you also relay this information to me via the camera and microphone."

And then to finally conclude, Hector stated with his hands now folded into his pockets, chewing on the large cigar.

"...You've seen what these Diclonius can do. Lureus and the others don't have the capabilities to take these girls on, I've even given them a secondary order later on to retreat if they run into one. It is beyond their capabilities right now...

But not you...you're different Kruger. You have the knowledge now of what they can do along with expertise of a true soldier. This is why I hired you, not because you’re a crazy blood lusted son of a bitch with a fine way of telling good stories..." He started cracking up on the last end. Apparently Hector had somehow found out about Kruger's little story from one of the others.

For himself, it was seemingly quite amusing to the old man, as if hearing a very good joke or watching a decently funny movie.

"...I hired you...because you've got the skills, capabilities and actions to get this job done.

That is all, so tell me Kruger...do you accept?"

“Cannon is ready to fire on your mark sir. Just give the order.” Hideki said with dread in his voice.

“Never have we had in our possession a Diclonius of such awesome strength. Now, we will see just how powerful No. 37 really is... “ Yamamoto said with aniticipation. “Hideki, FIRE!!!”

With a powerful boom, the cannon fired at maximum velocity. Kenshi was almost caught off guard by its sheer speed. The entire room shook as the cannonball and Kenshi's vectors met with incredible force. He put forth all of his energy into his vectors, trying to keep the heavy steel ball at bay. But with each passing second his vectors were weakening. The repeated experiments for the last several hours had left him exhausted, and it was beginning to show as the cannonball inched closer and closer. Inside, Kenshi's anger began to rise and the ball was mere inches from striking him.

“Is this really it? Is this really where it ends? After all these years of training and searching... No. My revenge is still incomplete. I won't let them keep me here. I won't. I won't let them!

YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME THIS EASILY? YOU THINK YOU CAN KEEP ME LOCKED IN HERE LIKE AN ANIMAL? WELL THINK AGAIN!!!” he yelled in rage, as his hatred slowly made its way to the surface.

“IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO I WILL KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!” His crimson eyes were glowing now and he had a strange aura about him.

As Kenshi's rage exploded he felt a sudden surge of power as his 5th vector emerged. Using the added force Kenshi stopped the cannonball and lobbed it full force at the observation window, shattering it as the ball went crashing through, destroying part of the lab in the process.

Yamamoto just stood there, watching No. 37's awesome power as the cannonball burst through the window and whizzed by his head. Debris and smoke was everywhere as scientists rushed to recover what research they could from the chaos.

“he...hehe.. hahaha.... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Yes thats it No. 37! Show me your power! You're exactly what I'm looking for!” He said in a maniacal voice. Stepping through the destruction, Yamamoto opened the door and went inside the testing chamber. He made sure to stay well outside Kenshi's vector range.

“You're the one I've been looking for No. 37!” He said with an insane smile. “With you that fool Excalibur won't stand a chance! I'll crush him!”

“Who are you?!” Kenshi demanded.

“Who am I? That's of no concern to you No. 37. All you need to know is that you belong to me now. You are nothing but a tool to be used at my discretion.”

“I am no one's tool! Why don't you come a bit closer and I'll show you just how much of a 'tool' I am!” Kenshi said trying to provoke him.

“You are a fool No. 37. I know coming any closer would mean certain death. I know more about you diclonius than you think. But for now, I'll take my leave. You'll be hearing from me again soon No. 37.” he said, turning his back to leave.

As soon as Yamamoto had turned his back, Kenshi used his vectors to cut the chains from his wrists, freeing himself in the process. As soon as they were cut, however, Kenshi's body was electrocuted. A safety feature to make sure a Diclonius didn't escape. However, through sheer determination, Kenshi pushed ahead. He willed himself forward, step by step towards Yamamoto. When he got close enough to strike, Yamamoto suddenly turned holding an Anti-Vector Taser gun.

“Did you think I would come in here unprepared?” He said, firing the taser needles.

Kenshi just stood there, as the needles pierced his chest. He couldn't move.

“You're just full of surprises aren't you No. 37?” Yamamoto said with an evil laugh. “However, I won't be dying today.” as he said this, he pulled the trigger sending 500,000 volts of electricity coursing through Kenshi's body. Yamamoto's laughing face was the last thing Kenshi saw before he blacked out.


Suigetsu wasn't expecting the chaos of a destroyed lab as he emerged from the elevator. Everything was in ruins as scientists scurried about trying to salvage what they could. In the testing chamber, he could see Yamamoto standing over an unconscious No. 37.

“I see you can still take care of yourself Mr. Yamamoto.” he said jokingly.

“I may be old, but I know how to handle a Diclonius.” Yamamoto replied. “Have you dealt with Captain Schlenzaner?”

“Yes sir. Though he did have a request.”

“What does he want?”

“He is requesting that you meet face to face with the leader of the Great Order. Personally, I suggest you take him up on his request. Meeting the leader of the Great Order could strengthen our relationship with the organization. Its no secret that the Great Order is beginning to have suspicions about our activities.”

“Yes, I do believe you're right as usual Suigetsu. Send word that I have agreed to this meeting. Tell them to name the time and place.”

“Yes sir!”


"How quickly can you pack up? It's not safe here for either of you anymore. I'm sorry to have brought this on you... Both of you."

“For the time being we can all stay at my house. I have two extra rooms you two could stay in. But we need to hurry and go before Mr. Nara comes looking for me. Let's go!” Rei said.

Rei became worried when Itoe fell to the ground out of exhaustion.

Looking at Donald she said “Are you well enough to carry her? We must hurry!”

Donald was a bit surprised at how well the human doppelganger of Yuki/Rei took this. It was clear she was surprised about what was going on and quite a bit confused, but she seemed to accept it. He looked at the poor frightened diclonius that had helped him. He knelt down and picked her up gently.

He whispered to her. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you."

He turned to the Yuki/Rei clone. "Lead the way. My name's Donald by the way."


Lily calmed her cold rage toward Excalibur for the moment thanks to the action that just happened. She realized two things: One she used her most dangerous alias around other people, and two she had shown off her abilities in front of another person. She hated showing off, and she wasn't certain how Zero and Suzuki would react to her revealing herself as the Red Queen. So much happened after her announcement that she didn't think they had time to react.

She needed to call up Hector and inform him about Excalibur's whereabouts. However, her better judgement told her that it would be a bad idea with a diclonius as a part of their group. The three of them would certainly be enough to cause permanent damage to his work, especially with their skill set. However, calling in for reinforcements could just deal with the problem. She was uncertain how to move forward.

Vanessa was surprised when Zero kneeled to her. A human never did that before. All they did was experimentation. Diclonius had to knee before them and not vice versa. "You...don´t have to do this...um...nice to meet you, Zero." the girl replied a bit shy. She never was like that. "Get your act together, Vanessa!" the diclonius thought. "Nice to meet you too, Suzuki."

Vanessa recognized that this humans were far from defenseless. If she would have continued in her rage she might have been killed by them. It would have been a hard fight at last. The diclonius shivered a bit when she thought about it and tried to think about something else. "I will try to keep that advice in my mind. It is easier to to stay in this hatred. I still find it hard to trust you to full degree. But I´m glad you give me another chance." Vanessa said. She had to think about the danger, which lured in the shadow. The group of diclonius with a queen. She had killed with them before. In the past she had felt glory and satisfaction but now it felt so empty.

"What now?" Vanessa asked. She was glad the guy dissappeared. If he ever decided to attack Lily she would kill him right away. Lily, Zero and Suzuki were the only people who could help her now. She wouldn´t let them die.


Itoe smiled weakly. "I´m sorry. It happens when I use my vectors to heal other people. It is exhausting. My name is number 12...I mean Itoe and don´t mention it. It seemed that all humans seems to hate us. The diclonius hate humans too. I refuse to believe that you all are evil." the girl said with soft voice. She was a bit happy to see that this human wasn´t rejecting her at the spot. She felt weak right now. It would take a little bit for her to strengthen up again.

Donald held Itoe closer as a couple tears fell down his cheeks. The truth of her statement plus all the events that happened to him until now had hit him. He simply hurt, his physical pains weren't any big deal at all, but his emotional pains were agonizing. He wasn't able to save his love, but maybe he'd be able to save Itoe. "You aren't alone in that sentiment. Although, I would say that we humans mostly fear your people and that's why we act the way we do. We've always tried to destroy things strange to us. I can't hate your kind, after all I was going to propose to one, but..."

He trailed off. The pain from seeing his lover enter into a hopeless fight with running away as the only option hurt more than anything. Normally what he'd do to relieve the pain would be create some art whether it be a painting or a sculpture, but that wasn't an option right now. Much of his artworks depicted the suffering that humans put others through, and more than ever his art needed to be used to show how cruel humans were being to the dicloni. He wanted the cruelty and fear to go away. It's why his sister and himself started their mission to save them and help them create communities where they could survive happily amongst people. They were human too, just slightly different. They still had feelings and dreams and wishes.

He looked deep into Itoe's eyes. He could tell she had been through a lot of suffering, and more than most needed the comfort happiness could bring. "I'll protect you, don't worry."


Lily looked at Vanessa after she asked her question. "What now you say, dearie? Now we end the monster known as Excalibur, but first we need to scout out his base and come up with a plan of action. Revenge is best served cold, calculated, and deserving. He held my brother and killed his diclonius lover, one of my clients. I'll show him you don't mess with my family, while Zero here gets the fun pleasure of ending him personally for reasons from the past. You, dearie, get the fun of helping. It'd be nice to free those dicloni not beyond saving, I imagine a lot of them have been heavily brainwashed though."

Itoe recognized how serious Donald sounded. There was more to that and it was painful. Nevertheless she was happy and sad. Happy to find another kind soul who would help her and sad that he had endured so much. "Thank you. I hope you´ll be okay. I will also help you as much as I can."

Her beliefs may be a bit naive. Not every human meant well. Actually most people wanted them dead or locked away but there were some who were willing to help them. Now only her own kind had to get away from the voices and the hatred. She wouldn´t say it but even she had heard the voice. How it wisphered to her, seduced her to give in into this anger. In dark times the voice was very charming, direct and so loud it was maddening. Itoe didn´t know exactly why she resisted it so long. Desperate wishes and the hope it would get better? She still wasn´t sure how she got out. The memory was a blurr and hardly to grasp.

"I really wished there were a place for people like me. I´m getting tired of living in fear and running away from those labs. I´m glad I could escape my facility and I can only partially remember how I got out." There was something. An attack. Sirens. But nothing more. Itoe feeled frustrated about it, but she didn´t want to show it in front of Donald. Not, when he was feeling bad.

A life in a place where she would be safe. That was her biggest wish but it was soo far away like a dream.


Vanessa listened to her. Brainwashed dicloni to serve a man? A human??? Stupid and arrogant. She could feel the rage inside her building up and noded. "I will help you and free my people. I just hope there aren´t so many dicloni who are hateful to humanity. Maybe whe should let Zero also yell at them. Worked with me." added the girl with a slight joke. Excalibur...the name sounded familiar. Very familiar to be honest. "I heard the name several times when I was caged there. It´s a wild guess but maybe the facility I was in is runned by him. I...I could bring you to this facility, if you want but I don´t know if he is there."
Vanessa looked away. It was a wild guess and she would break a promise she did to herself to never ever visit this hellish place again. It could be for nothing or even a trap. She might meet some of her diclonius friends, who would be hostile to her. After all, she was a traitor to them. This was the moment she made her decision final. "I will lead you there, if you want. I want also answers from him why he did these things to me and my kind."

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“Now she’s got jokes…” Zero said, giving out a little chuckle before patting Vanessa’s head. It’s funny, if Zero never met Vanessa, then he would still hate the diclonius and want them all dead, but after seeing how Vanessa acts and the pain she has endured, he now sees that not all diclonius are evil, they are only evil because of the humans who found them, who tortured them and made them the monsters that have become…just like Zero. Zero has also help show Vanessa that not all humans are evil as well; hopefully Zero could learn more about her kind, and maybe create a bridge where humans and the diclonius could co-exist and live together, but that would be easier said than done. “I’ll let you guys make all the questions you want when we meet him…but when you’re done I want to ask him some of my own…and to end him myself…” Zero said, holding out one of his blades, sounding cold as he said that. Zero knew he wasn’t going to ask Excalibur any questions, the minute he would see him, he would take his dual blades and inflict as much pain as he could while still trying to keep him alive, just so Excalibur can feel the pain he has endured, also so he can make his revenge just as sweet.

Vanessa mentions that she might think that Excalibur was behind her torture and the facility she was kept in.

“If you know where this facility is, then please lead the way…” Zero said to Vanessa, hoping to that she knew and would lead them to it. Vanessa thought for a second and decided that she was going to lead them to it.

Zero got up; still keeping out the blade he took out a few seconds ago. “Then we must hurry and find that facility…before it really becomes too late…” Zero said with a fighting voice. Zero wants to end this quick, so he can live a fun life…and that she will remember him after all this…

He listened closely as the captain resumed with his speech, damn he sounded almost like those thrice cursed drill instructors always giving a preach right before a mission.
"...You've seen what these Diclonius can do. Lureus and the others don't have the capabilities to take these girls on, I've even given them a secondary order later on to retreat if they run into one. It is beyond their capabilities right now...” Like he needed to say that again, the troops stationed here had proven just how incapable they were. Like the bunch of amateurs they had allowed a single individual to enter and leave the facility as it had seen fit causing plenty of damage in the process. Either way it was of no concern to him.

“But not you...you're different Kruger. You have the knowledge now of what they can do along with expertise of a true soldier. This is why I hired you, not because you’re a crazy blood lusted son of a bitch with a fine way of telling good stories..." He started cracking up on the last end. Apparently Hector had somehow found out about Kruger's little story from one of the others. Still it didn’t bother him in the least, if one of those shitheads wanted to go and spill every little thing to the boss then so be it. If he got back for this little side mission then he would find the person and have a little one on one chat with him. Besides that he was going to take his sweet time to enjoy being away from these idiots, a nice moment to also clear his lungs of the disgusting smell of that old senile fool Lureus. Perhaps he could also spent some moments with some of the locals and enjoy their hospitality. He almost had to laughed at the thought of what he could do. So many surprises this day was showing to him and each one was offering something new

"...I hired you...because you've got the skills, capabilities and actions to get this job done.
That is all, so tell me Kruger...do you accept?"
Off course he would accept, finally a chance to get away and to do what he did best. The thought of having the carry that annoying camera on him at all time was even tolerable given he would only need to employ it when he was questioning a man but then he could always after have some private time and have some fun himself.
“Well you certainly provide me with an interesting offer, tell me are you interested in some bonus information for starters.” He grinned as he took one of those big cigars, even if not using it now he might at some later point. He could tell him about how he had seen that the whore Lilly and that accursed masked man had taken in another little horned freak. What would the dear captain say if he found out about it.

“There is a price attached to it though, I don’t work for free.” He watched as the captains jaw stiffened, yes he had indeed hit a nerve by demanding a price for the information.
“Come now sir, wouldn’t you like to hear what those lowlifes you have allowed to just simply wonder off into the forest, aren’t you a little curious what they stumbled upon?”
Still no response from the good captain who remained there motionless after having made such gestures during his little speech, what he would give to know what was going on in that little head.
“Well sir, aren’t you curious what you pet Lilly and mr. Masked fuckface came across in the dark parts of these accursed woods, I think you would really want to know.”

Lily decided she would wait until they got to the facility to call up Hector for reinforcements. He'd want to know where Excalibur's facility was and it'd be nice to have somebody causing damage at another part of the facility. It would mean that there would be less time to save the prisoners. Also, if the Order and DEF discovered she was trying to save the dicloni there would be hell to pay. She hated how there seemed to be a no-win situation for her position.

Lily sighed. "It'll be easier to follow you to the facility than to follow the directions my brother gave me. I'm glad at least he escaped."

Her heart ached about the fact that Yuki had died. She knew how much Donald cared about her. She was also her favorite client. She would bring justice to the man responsible for her death and the imprisonment of her brother.

Vanessa inhaled deep. Now it was starting. The little journey to the most hated place in her life. "Okay. It won´t be hard to get there. It isn´t very difficult to sense the other diclonius." the girl said with a dark voice. After that Vanessa took the lead and the rest followed her. The journey went to the southern border area of the town, a little distance away so the place couldn´t be easily visited by curious strangers. Strangers, who could ask unwanted questions. It took them 20 minutes to get to the border area and Vanessa was silent during the whole trip. Every step the group take the diclonius girl got more nervous. When they reached the forest, Vanessa knew they weren´t very far away.

"The facility is ahead of us. Whe should be cautious. I knew from my escape that they had towers with snipers on it. Maybe the security got even more tight." Vanessa warned. The bullets these guys shot, were impossible to stop, even with vectors. One good hit and it would be all over for her. Vanessa´s eyes were fixiated on the grey and unwelcoming structure ahead of them. She had her vectors ready the moment they were in the forest area.

"What do we now? We can´t run in directly and I had help when I broke out." Vanessa asked worried. Was Excalibur really in this facility? What was he doing with the dicloni? Vanessa did remember that some dicloni seemed changed when they went back into their cells. They lost their rebellious and angry behavior and were even happy to obey every command the humans told them. Back in these days she thought they were traitorous but now she saw it in a new light. It just was too quickly. These dicloni even stopped talking to her and other unchanged dicloni. It was as if they only waited of something else eagerly.

"Lily huh...and the masked man..." Hector spoke softly, taking the cigar out of his mouth and twirling it absentmindedly still a bit off put, if only in a comedic sense with the idea of having to make more payment to a guy who basically ran his banking system through the roof with the last purchases he made.

But if something was going on with them, then it was his responsibility to know exactly what that is.

"Well Kruger, I hope the price isn't too steep, but tell me, what exactly do you know about these two? Apparently it just happened now so I'm very curious on what you might have to give me about them so soon. You seem eager to tell me as well, Kruger."

He placed the cigar bag into mouth, rolling it around with his tongue and looking forward to the answer. As he had already mentioned, it was his responsibility to know what was going on with the Great Order and that meant for people working with him or in some way assigned to him. In fact any information that would be deemed important needed to be given to him."

"Master General, we have received word that Shuhei Yamamoto has agreed to the meeting." One of the Brig. Generals said aloud. The woman's eyes narrowed suspiciously, she had honestly hoped for him to decline the offer. It would have given her more of a reason to suspect him.

"Very well, call the D.E.F back and tell him the time and place, I'll be leaving soon. And we'll see where exactly the true loyalties and actions lie..." She said with a determined strictness in her voice, looking at the world map that hung on the wall where a small dot was placed with a note on it. At this point Lt. General Zen would be arriving or coming close arriving at his own destination although he could contact her at any point regardless of her own location.

"So then...let's see how this meeting goes...Yamamoto." She thought.

Lureus lead his team through the field, checking their surroundings until they came to a lone wooded area, rather small in size but still large enough to hold the few trees.

As the four men took their rest, Lureus had the sensation that they weren't alone. As if there was someone, or multiple people in the area besides them. But he couldn't exactly put his word on why he thought that, maybe it was just overall tension.

Zen flew the jet down to the designated area and got out, as far as he could be concerned the only thing he could do was keep the jet tightly locked and return back to it later. Besides if someone took it, unless they had gasoline themselves to put in it, they wouldn't exactly get far in it. The first thing he would do is make contact with Elena.

"This is Lt. General Zen, reporting that I have arrived at the destination. I will be reporting back in at least 24 hours from now." ending it there he made his way, keeping his eyes peered for anything suspicious while carrying a single gun by his side, customized to hold 10 .45 caliber bullets. After Hector had spoken with Elena, she had reported this to him. So these so called "Diclonius" were true, and if what she had told him before, those bullets wouldn't be much use to him now. But by the time she had gotten this information Zen had long since left. He knew by his own knowledge that if he ran into one of these so called girls, until he could get properly equipped, it would be unwise to try to face one.

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Wooded Area, somewhere in Japan

Several knacks could be heard when shadows went out of the trees, not bothering to hide behind them. Two, three, four dicloni went out and there was something off about the last one. She had a very light pink hair, almost white but what was really terryfiying were the eyes which seemed to slightly red glowing looked at them with a mixture of sadism and amusement. She radiated a special diclonius energy and an aura of authority. She was a queen diclonius. A smile went through her face. "My my. Another fly went into our trap and I thought your idiotic great order-guys would finally learn it."

The other Siplets were also grinning, her eyes shining with bloodlust. They killed before and this would be no different. "But where are my manners. Allow me to introduce myself, little soldier. I´m queen Midori. I already know who you work for and I will now serve justice to our captured kind."
The smile was gone now and replaced with a frown. Five Vectors went out, ready to strike with deadly precision. The other ones also prepared for the assault. As with the other ones, no one would survive this slaughter. They would kill as many as possible until there would be no more. A world free of all humans for the dicloni to prosper.

"Prepare to atone for your sins, little humans." Midori said and with these words all diclonius, include her charged at the team and attacked with their vectors to slice them all into pieces. Another team of the most hated enemy would fall victim to the only race worthy to live. Soon they would be ready to face them and to wipe them out in one big strike. Midori was certain of it.

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"Okay. It won´t be hard to get there. It isn´t very difficult to sense the other diclonius." Vanessa said, before leading them off to the facility.

“Sense others? Can diclonius sense each other?” Zero thought as they walked. “If they sense each other, will that blow our chance to sneak in?” Zero continued, as they reached closer and closer to the facility.

20 minutes had pasted since they began walking, Zero did wish it was just him and Suzuki, as he could just carry Suzuki and use his speed, but he doesn’t think he could also carry Vanessa and Lily, he also thinks Suzuki might take it the wrong way carrying Lily or Vanessa in his arms.

Throughout the 20 minutes, Vanessa stayed quiet; Zero thought it must be because of the pain of having to head back to the place that was a hell to her, Zero couldn’t even imagine what kind of things were happening at this facility and he probably thought it was best if he didn’t.

Vanessa began to spoke after being so quiet. "The facility is ahead of us. Whe should be cautious. I knew from my escape that they had towers with snipers on it. Maybe the security got even more tight."

Snipers won’t be a problem for Zero, he has the speed to doge them, but the problem would be the others, Vanessa seems worried about the snipers even though she stopped that man’s bullets earlier, could the sniper bullets be too strong for her? There was also Lily and Suzuki, Zero would make sure she is safe and with Lily, what could she do? She must have something up her sleeve; she seemed to stop Vanessa’s vectors from working, judging by Vanessa’s response. “What else can Lily do? What is she hiding?” Zero thought. Even though he can dodge the bullets, he won’t know who the bullet would target towards. This is what annoyed Zero the most, one bullet, four targets, on idea who it would be for, Zero could save one of the girls but be the wrong one and one of the others would be hit. Zero tried going through this over and over but just couldn’t figure out what to do.

"What do we now? We can´t run in directly and I had help when I broke out." Vanessa asked.

“Well with snipers, I won’t have to worry as I have the speed to dodge the bullets, but you guys don’t so I don’t know what we are going to do…What do you think we should do Lily?” Zero asked.

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Lily wondered how Donald escaped then realized that Yuki had probably sacrificed herself to allow him to get out. "My brother escaped them recently, so I'll bet they've stepped up security measures the best they can. He only got out because Yuki, his diclonius lover sacrificed herself."

An idea dawned in her head. "We could use the Great Order as a distraction to get in. Of course that would probably give us a time limit to save the dicloni in there."

From how Zero spoke earlier, she felt she could trust him. "I don't really have any questions for the bastard." She said referring to Excalibur. "I just want to make everything he's worked for colapse before him just before you deal with him."

She looked at the facility. It was well guarded, but she found it surprising how close it was to the DEF facility and the Great Order base of operations. They'd have to strike from the opposite side they were currently at, but that would create the much needed distraction to allow them to get inside. "I'm glad I brought all of my tools with me. I'm confident I can cause a lot of havoc in there for all of our enemies. We need a plan of action though. I bet Excalibur is going to use his brainwashed dicloni to defend the base along with whatever human soldiers he has against the Great Order, if we use them to create a distraction. That's not going to help our position as far as the DEF and Great Order's opinion on dicloni."

She took in a breath. Lily knew she talked a lot, but she seemed to be doing a lot more than she was used to lately. "Before I call in the calvalry, suggestions?"

It felt as if Kenshi was floating in a sea of darkness, lost in a void of nothingness.

“If you would just let me take control, I could make all the pain go away...” came a voice out of the darkness. It sounded so enticing.

“Who's there?” Kenshi answered.

“It's me. Don't you remember me? I've been with you since the beginning.”

“I don't know what you're talking about... Who are you?”

“Who am I? Why, I'm you. The real you, that is.”

“The real me? But... I'm me. And no one else.”

“You are nothing but a lie!” The voice called. “You are a Diclonius, yet you act like a human. Let me take control, and I'll show you what it means to be a Diclonius. All your pain and suffering will fade away. We will make a new world together.”

“I don't need you... I only care about one thing. Revenge. I don't care about this 'World' you have to offer.”

“But you do need me! I can give you your precious revenge. Trust me....”

“You can help me achieve my revenge?”

“Oh yes, and so much more. Our revenge will be much more complete than you could ever imagine. I will grant you revenge upon the entire human race for what they have done to us... They will know suffering.”

“No. Only one man deserves my revenge. I don't care about anyone else.”

“You naive fool! What has been the cause of all your suffering so far? What has been the source of your pain? HUMANS! They will stop at nothing to destroy you and all our kind! “

“Ahhhh! Get out of my head! I don't need you! I will get my revenge on my own terms, not from you!”

“Fine... but remember this. I will always be here. I've always been here. Waiting, and watching I've seen your life unfold. I know the hate that fills your heart. Keep your guard up at all times, because the moment it drops I'll be there waiting. Waiting to take control.....” the voice warned as it faded away.

Kenshi awoke with a fright as his strange dream ended. Only, it felt real.

“Was that really only a dream?” he thought to himself.

Looking around, he was in a new room. It was much larger than before, and the doors were heavily fortified. He seemed to be in a cage suspended in mid-air. Inside the cage, Kenshi was restrained against a flat rectangular table positioned vertically. He was shackled to the table by his wrists and his ankles and he was wearing some sort of steel helmet device. Looking around, Kenshi saw that he was surrounded by guards in all directions. He wasn't going anywhere.


“Yamamoto sir, we've just received word from the Great Order. Their leader is traveling over-seas to meet us, and she will arrive in 3 days.” Hideki said.

“Excellent.” Yamamoto said as he sat at his desk, smoking his usual cuban cigar. A perpetual cloud of smoke was suspended above his head.

“What is the current status of No. 37?” he asked.

“No. 37 has just awakened and seems calm. Status normal sir.” Hideki replied.

“Very Good. Schedule the experiment for tomorrow.”

“This soon sir? Are you sure No. 37 will be ready?”

“I'm positive. No. 37 is the most powerful Diclonius I've ever had in my possession. I have no doubts that the experiment will run smoothly.”

“Very well sir. I'll notify the surgeons at once.”

Yamamoto let an evil smile of anticipation spread across his face. He would soon be one step closer to his objective.


“This way Donald.” Rei said as she lead Donald and Itoe through the city to her house.

When they arrived she unlocked the door and let them in.

“Well here we are. Its not much, but I hope it will do for now. Donald, I have one extra room for you to stay in. Itoe can stay in my room for the time being.” she said as she showed them around her house.

“Now I have one thing I need to ask, Donald. What do we do now?”

Donald had been thinking ever since they left the bakery about what he should do. He needed to help Lily. He needed to keep Itoe safe. She had told him to do what he was trained to do in order to stay safe when being tracked. He understood the reasoning, and he knew she was good at what she did which happened to be a lot. He was better than her at two things: art and maintaining connections. Sure Lily had her small circles of people that she regularly dealt with mostly because she had to, but as soon as she was done with a client that would never need her to work for them again she never kept in touch.

He looked at Itoe, who he carried the entire way. She looked famished, tired, and uncomfortable. "First off, we should feed you. You look like you need food." He looked at Rei. "Then you should introduce her to the bath and get her to bed. She needs rest and probably could do with the relaxation that a bath can give you. I need a computer and a phone, because I need to help my sister somehow, which means I need to get in touch with people that'd be willing to help her. Will you help me? I will repay you any way you wish."

Donald was surprised at how much he had been speaking lately. Mostly his words were few and far between and often direct and rude. His throat was sore from using his voice too much, and it was clear in the sound of his voice that he didn't speak too much.

His intuition may have been on the spot but his luck was from good. The first soldier, that which was closest actually couldn't tell what had happened at first. Hearing the commotion, he got up, gun raised instinctively before a sharp pain hit him in his gut. That pain like a dagger being slid across his belly both ways increased before all the feeling from the midsection down disappeared. He legs now without feeling bent backwards and with the motion of that force, the upper half of his body slid off in a spew of crimson red.

"...Wh-What...?" He couldn't even register what had happened, hitting the ground hard the legs still wobbled before collapsing themselves.

Lureus and the others were in chock, they had been corned and were now being picked off like rats. The second of causalities hit then. One guy just like the others had attempted an attack, only to feel the arms split off as if a sword had sliced cleanly through. Screaming in agony, he waved the stumps around and then stopped, contorting on the spot as he frothed from the mouth. HIs head diagonally split from the top to his chin and slipped off, exposing blood and brain matter, he too fell twitching and involuntarily shuddering.

"...This isn't good..." Lureus thought..."I have to..."

Screaming, the sound of horrendous screaming as one guy who's adrenaline kept him conscious started holding the entrails of his own body, gargling on the vomit and spit and crying miserably. "Shit! Shit! Sh-Shit! What the fuck is this!? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?

And then he too died.

The last one, trembling with fear felt his vision split...then his entire body, diagonally sliced from the center of the head down, the sickening sound of the splitting motion for his body rang in Lureus' ears. The lines of red, were ripped apart, revealing the still beating organ, trying to pump uselessly as the matter fell pathetically to the ground.

"...This...can't...be...hap....hap...ha...h..." It was his last thought, the head of the man fell from his shoulders, the retinas staring blankly rolled before stopping once, a head forever etched with his face in shock and his tongue hung out. The eyes starred in opposite directions and a line of blood slipped from the right side of the mouth.

In only a moment, Lureus and the other men were nothing more than a pile of broken meat bags, slaughtered without a note of remorse.

The General Master stood at the waiting area of The Great Oder air space. While Zen had taken a private jet, the same was not true for Elena. Her ride consisted of a semi-large jet liner, all of which composed of which could only be described as first class. It was one of her things, she often didn't travel that much if she could help it but when she did, she liked to travel in style.

On her, she had one gun, a five round 50-caliber pistol and that was currently poised on her back. As far as the spear went, it wouldn't do much good against the horned people as she had learned and she only had a limited number of bullets as well. Those would be coming with her would be four General Brigadier members.

"We're ready madam, is there anything you need?"

"...No, take off." Elena replied sternly. With those words the jet took off as the woman sat with her legs crossed, cold strong eyes piercing forward. Waiting for the faithful meeting between herself and Yamamoto.

Zen had arrived at a small town just west of his location and gotten some rest, needing it after the several hour long trip. Waking up, he first thing he did was visit a small bakery in the town. It was apparently cheap and the bread from what he had heard was very good. With little need to work on an empty stomach, what better way to start out a job then to fill up the belly.

"Hello." He called out, arriving at the front of the bakery with his hands in his pockets. "I would like to make some purchases." He spoke aloud, looking at the different breads on sale.

While it was completely conincidential that he was there, the uniform that Lt. General Zen wore would a dead give a way of his affiliation to The Great Order.

OOC: You killed everyone Chiyo...you're gonna have the whole international police on you now.

All of Vanessa´s thoughts came to an abrupt halt when she heard a dreaded name out of lily´s mouth. "Great Order?!? You...are working for the great order?!"
The girl bakened away and stared at the girl with wide eyes. This group...they hated the dicloni even more than the humans already did! Was all Lily had said maybe just a trap? To lure her into security and then lock her away? Vanessa prayed that she was wrong. Lily had sound so sincere. Zero, too! Her gaze shifted to the masked man. "And you are also working for them, don´t you? I...I trusted you! You said there were communities for people like me but the great order doesn´t build up such communities. they hunt us down and kill us! I saw it! I fought them!!!"

Vanessa was shaking. Everything she hoped was true, now was questionable again. Tears were visible as Vanessa looked to all three of them. "Was all you said before a lie?" the girl asked again her voice almost a whisper, almost devoid of emotion. Vanessa had killed these guys. They wouldn´t hesistate to kill her on sight or lock her away for all eternity. Desperation was on her face as she didn´t know what to do right now.


Itoe nooded. The idea of food was very charming to her as her stomach reacted with a loud growl. A good bath and a nap afterwards would surely do his wonders to her and so the girl didn´t have to say much except "That would be nice. Thank you." The girl was tired and just wanted some rest. After that she would plan her further steps.


Midori was satisfied with the outcome. That was the third G.O.-Group they had obliterated. Again nobody had survived to tell their supervisors of their failure. She looked to the other dicloni in her team. "We go back to our hide spot. We aren´t ready to bring the fight to them. I hope they will send someone important next time."

Midori needed Informations. She knew of the facilities but not what they are exactly researching. What the exact reason for the suffering of her kind was. Not that there was any legimate reason to bash metall balls into their heads for free. She and her group had saved other dicloni, tested them, sorted the weak and unloyal out and took the devoted and strong in. Her group growed stronger and stronger. But strength and numbers only brought them small victories. They wouldn´t win the war with it and Midori was not ignorant to the powers of the humans. They needes the weak points of their opponents. Midori would strike at them, cause maximum damage and deaths and leave before they could react to it.

"Maybe we get some vital informations. Listen to their radio and don´t miss a thing. If there shows up something important, inform me right away."

"As you wish, our queen" a little girl, maybe 14 years old with the name Irene said, eagerly to fullfill all of her wishes.

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“Working for the Great Order?” Zero replied. “The truth be told, I never heard of this group until now…If Hector is a part of this group, then you could say I am sort of working with them.” Zero continued. Was this ‘Great Order’ the group that Hector was working for? “But I am telling you this truthfully…my agenda was not to kill diclonius…I was telling the truth when I said that I was looking for revenge…revenge against Excalibur and every single pain he has caused me…” Zero continued, sounding colder and colder as he spoke.

“My opinions of your kind changed when I met you…you have showed me that not all of your kind is heartless being, killing anything that they want…” Zero said to Vanessa. It was true, his opinions of them have changed, he sort of wants to save them rather than kill them, but If he finds that one that killed his Kingdom, that girl with pink hair, cheerful mood to her, then he would kill her no matter what his opinion is.

Zero then turned to Lily. “I can now see how you have connections with Hector…If he works with the Great Order…then you must be working for them too…so is it true? Were you really planning on saving the diclonius? Or are you planning on killing them?” Zero asked, drawing out one of his blades. “You mention these communities for them…was that a lie? Were you lying so she didn’t kill you?” Zero continued. Zero didn’t know who to trust at this moment, but he wanted to know what Lily thought of this and what her intentions are. Is she really helping the diclonius? Or is it something bigger than that.


“Sir, we have successfully gained control over 5 more of those things.” The man said to Excalibur, to which he smirked.

“Good work put them with the others.” Excalibur replied. “How is the progress going?” He asked.

“We are now at 68% sir; a few bugs with the device have appeared but should not be any worry.” The man replied.

“Good to hear it…now get out of my office” Excalibur ordered to which the man did. “Not so long now…once it is complete I will unleash my daughter on this world again and together we will take over this world…” Excalibur said to himself. He got up and looked out to the window, the white room where his daughter was sitting in. “Alice it is not long till the device is complete and you can be free again...” Excalibur said to Alice.

Alice smiled at him. “I can’t wait to go out in the world again; it’s getting boring in this room…” Alice replied, slowly looking bored.

“Do not worry, just wait a bit more…although…” Excalibur thought to himself. “I have a feeling someone from the Azure Kingdom survived…and I think he is getting closer to this facility…” Excalibur said to Alice, thinking of who it could be.

Upon hearing this, Alice looked much happier. “Really? I hope it’s that guy we left for dead, he looked SOOOO cute hehe” Alice said, looking cheerful.

“I got of feeling it’s him….Jamie you must have escaped…you are better than I thought…” Excalibur thought to himself. “Alice, his name is Jamie, but with the reports…it looks like he now goes under the name ‘Zero’ and pictures show that he wears a mask…” Excalibur said to Alice, describing the details to her.

“Jamie…Zero…I don’t care what his name is, If he gets here can you catch him? I want him hehe” Alice asked Excalibur, looking very cheerful and blushing a bit. “He looked so lovely and handsome, and I can’t think of any other guy I want…so can I have him please please PLEASE?” Alice continued, begging her father.

“If that is what my daughter wants…then I won’t kill him…I will catch him for you…” Excalibur replied, showing a little smile to Alice.

“YAY! Thank you daddy you’re the best hehe” Alice said, giving a big smile.

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OOC: I should probably note that The Great Order, doesn't hate Diclonius, though with current things going on, they're thoughts about them aren't going to be too high.

Diclonius are a pretty new thing to them right now.

Hector, a member of the G.O does have his own reasons for disliking them though. But the entire group itself is relatively new to the term right now. Not to mention that the G.O have to remain relatively neutral on things unless it ends up hurting law and society around them. They're in their most basic terms a police force really,making sure law and order is achieved through the world.

Just bringing this out because I think it's become incorrectly assumed that G.O and the Diclonius are just bitter enemies (Which they might end up being) when in fact this whole Diclonius thing is stil pretty new to them.

Lily didn't flinch when Zero drew one of his blades. She understood his mistrust of her. She was a bit surprised about Vanessa's reaction to her use of the Great Order. She hadn't really been keeping tabs on them, but she was very well aware that they had almost no experience with them until recently. She kept her expression calm, she had been threatened many times before, so Zero's blade didn't scare her too much, and she could defend herself if Vanessa attacked. "Aye, I once worked for them five years ago. Until recently they've been blissfully unaware of diclonius."

She looked at Vanessa. "I've spent the last five years of my life working with my brother separate from any group. I've mostly worked to create communities for diclonius because unlike most people I see your kind not as an enemy, but as a friend. The D.E.F. or Diclonius Extermination Force killed a good friend of mine after my contract with the Great Order had finished up. I destroyed that squad and buried her that night." Her voice grew very murderous as she began to talk about that night. "She was a diclonius; the first one I ever met. It was then I started working to save the dicloni."

She paused a moment to collect herself. She was partly responsible for their problems. If she hadn't made those anti-vector guns for the DEF six years ago while she was working with the GO then none of this would have happened. She had to fix the damage she helped cause. "If I were to be found out by the Order as to what I've been doing and how much I knew, they'd tag me as a Type Four criminal at least. I don't work for them. I haven't for years. However, I'd rather have them thinking of me as a friend that knowing I could be an enemy."

She pointed at the facility. "That is our enemy right now. The Order is somewhat aware of Excalibur now, and they're either aware or going to become aware of the dicloni soon. When the Order becomes aware of the dicloni I want them either to have a good impression or be confused enough that they'll have to do more investigating to discover the true nature of all of you. If they're confused then we can work to make sure they see your kind as a good people. Right now we have a few choices. We can use the Order as a major distraction so we can get in and free as many dicloni as we can. Or we can try and infiltrate by ourselves and do as much damage as we can."

She had instensified throughout the entire time she was speaking. She would fight and die to save as many dicloni as she could, but she also wanted to make sure that the right organizations saw them the way she did. If she could get the Great Order: an organization made to promote justice and law, to see them as a people then that would be a great victory. "I need to be in good standing with the Great Order or else I won't be in a position to get them on our side. They're a reasonable group. I don't know what your history with them is Vanessa, but you might be mixing them up with Yamamato's Diclonius Extermination Force or Excalibur's facility. I have to do everything I can, for my brother, for Yuki, and for every other diclonius I've fought for these last five years. I can't afford to make any mistakes. I need to do this right. I can do a lot, but I need your help, all of you. Please, we need to make a brigher future for everyone." At those last two sentences her tone grew softer and more weary.

She had to believe that what she said would get through to them. She had to believe that she could save the future. She had to believe she could fix the mistakes of her past. She would fight to her last breath to do so.

Vanessa calmed a bit down when she heard lily´s explanation. She also saw her slight surprise. "All right. I´m not too sure but I believe you. The Facility is our enemy along with Excalibur." The great order would kill her when she would be spotted. But as long as they could use the distraction there would be a opportunity for her to slip trough without beeing detected and maybe she could survive the whole mess.

"We...should call them. I hope they can get the attention away from us. We should do this quick. They´ll kill me when they recognize I´m here." And you might also be in danger. the girl thought. At last she didn´t want that. Lily was a kind soul even when she had helped them. Zero indeed was someone Vanessa could trust. She didn´t know his whole reasons to fight against Excalibur but he had the same enemy.

"Sorry. I have overreacted. I just heard the name and thought you would be one of them. I went into panic." Vanessa explained. Then her gaze shifted to the facility. Years of torture could finally come to an end at last for one facility and all the prisoners there. The brainwash thing made her worry and also the problem after the rescue. Many shared the same hatred Vanessa had. Simple words couldn´t wash that away. Maybe they could be forced to terminate them all. Vanessa winced at the thought of that.

“…Ok…I trust you…but if I find out that you are lying…then you better run…” Zero said, responding to Lily. He could tell that Lily was speaking truthfully when she talked about helping the diclonius, so it was a matter of everyone having a common enemy. “Ok with that out of the way…it’s now with the facility…” Zero continued. “We all have a common enemy…Excalibur…Vanessa…you want revenge for all the pain that he and his soldiers have caused you…Lily…you want to help free the diclonius who were captured by Excalibur…” Zero said with a cold voice. “And me? “Well…you girls already know why I hate him…despise him…want him more dead then you two could ever imagine…but I better stop before I give away our position haha” Zero said, giving out a little chuckle. “But even though I am helping freeing the diclonius…there is one that I will kill no matter what you girls say…for she was why I hated them…” Zero continued, now sounding cold at the thought. “I only know her number…Nr. 7…I remember the words he said to her…’Nr. 7…kill her…’” Zero looked down. “When I find you….I will kill you…bitch…”

Zero looked back at Lily. “Using them as a distraction would be the best idea, it would make getting in much easier…”


“AH CHUU~~” Alice sneezed. “Is someone talking about me? I hope it’s Jamie hehe!”

Lily gave Zero an odd look when he mentioned she better run if she's lying and he finds out. "If I'm lying then you can kill me." Her tone was irritated.

She pulled out her phone and began dialing the numbers to directly contact Hector's radio. Suddenly something dawned on her. If she spoke to him well enough about the situation she might be able to get an ally within the Great Order. Hector was reasonable if not anything.

"Here goes." She said as she pressed the send button. She knew what she'd say, but she feared his response. Of course a cell phone wouldn't be able to pick up his response from his radio. "Hector, It's Lily. We found Excalibur's base. I was also just contacted by my brother who managed to escape. Excalibur is using it to enslave the dicloni. I know about the DEF and its mission, but your mission as a member of the Great Order is to ensure peace, justice, and order, right? Well, don't you think it would be better to instead of having a war with the dicloni we could work together? They hate us and fear us because of the things that Excalibur and the DEF are doing to them. How is there any justice or peace if frightened, angry, and dangerous people are being persecuted all because they're different?"

Lily then gave the location of the facility still impressed by how close it was to the base of the Great Order and DEF. "If we're to make a just world then we need your help to stop Excalibur, here and now. He is probably going to use the puppets he has under his control to fight you and I understand that you'll probably have to kill them, but there are still those that have their minds. They're full of hate, fear, and sorrow, but they can be talked to, calmed down. They don't need to be slaughtered, they aren't animals, they have feelings just like us. You are the only one in the Order I trust to be reasonable, so please help us. We need reinforcements if we're to win against Excalibur."

She closed the phone and turned back to the others. She knew she was going to have to come clean eventually with the Order, and suspected after this she'd have some explaining to do to Hector about everything. He was the only one she trusted that could get stuff done and have it done right. "Well, I called for reinforcements. I have faith Hector'll do everything in his power to bring the reinforcements. All we have to do is wait."

The large man heard Lily's response, unable to give a reply back and perhaps not wanting to even. After hearing Kruger's response on what had happened, he was left looking morbidly cold. There was no need to speak to Kruger anymore he had his duty and if he had something else to say, he could speak now.

Firstly he would contact Lureus and the others.


Of course there was no answer.

"Come in Lureus, this is Captain Schlenzanner."


"...Do you read me? Make contact immediately right now."

It was then that he realized something was very wrong. He tried to make contact with the other men, the same thing, nothing, not a single one of them were apparently able to answer his call. Without realizing that the perpetrators had one of the radios, he ceased the call and spoke out.

"Inform Yamamoto that I am heading out..."

OOC: Of course Hector doesn't know that Yamamoto wants him and Kruger to be watched


The response back to Lily would be a while so what their plans were until then could only be guessed, but as he arrived to the location, his heart fell. He saw them, bodies that only remotely resembled humans, sprawled out in a pool of their now drying blood. He stepped through the carnage, looking at each men, each part before coming to Lureus, his head in the same position and expression as he had died.

Well, don't you think it would be better to instead of having a war with the dicloni we could work together?

Five men had died today, murdered by these so called horned people. With his axe at hand, he charged it up, hitting the ground and making semi-large holes until five stood at a pattern. He began to cut pieces of their clothes off, allowing for wraps and tying limbs and heads back to their bodies to at least give them some respect.

How is there any justice or peace if frightened, angry, and dangerous people are being persecuted all because they're different?"

He closed their eyes and their mouths, and placed them into each hole. He had known these people, known some of them since they were children. He took the time bury each one, covering them with dirt and then placing their weapons upon their chests.

They're full of hate, fear, and sorrow, but they can be talked to, calmed down. They don't need to be slaughtered, they aren't animals, they have feelings just like us.

And then after standing there with his head bowed, giving the respect to his fallen comrades, he made the call to the Great Order. On the order given by those during war time, the call that every one of the G.O would hear.

Each person, every member, captain, colonel, Bigadier General, Lt. General Zen and Master General Elena would hear. It didn't matter the location, it was that kind of specific call. Each one hearing the response knew the voice, each one listened for baited breath.

"This is Captain Hector Schlenzanner, specialized operative of The Great Order. I here by give this call, war is among us. A man named Excalibur of whom some of you have become aware of have set his sights on using the horned being as Diclonius as war potentials. As of now you should all have been made aware of such a thing.

Location of his base is as noted..." He gave the direction.

Another voice spoke out...

"This is Lt. General Zen..." He said, having heard it taken the moment to speak. Now Rei and everyone else would know what was about to happen. "...I have heard, what is your suggestion Hector?"

Everyone listened intently to this.

"This is the Master General, decree upon war with Excalibur has been noted. All members, captains and colonels are to meet at this location. In the name of justice we shall purge those who seek to defile it."

And at last Hector gave the final order.

"As decreed by the Master General, responsibility given to me, Captain Hector Schlenzanner do state. The defeat of Excalibur is now in motion, for the sake of justice and the world peace, fight!

and...in aspect of the horned race...Diclonius I now give this order.

All Diclonius...

...…Are to be killed.

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Kruger made sure he had everything on his checklists and that he had plenty of it with him, where he was going was likely no place for getting extra supplies. No doubt he would dropped into yet another shit stained hellhole but then there was a considerable price involved, against from that he was looking forward to the chance of being allowed to kill people. “Well thank you kindly captain.” He grinned as he hoarded more of the better stuff.
“Time to put this away for safekeeping.” He had been lucky that his personal supply of tobacco hadn’t been touched yet and with having the chance he grabbed as much of it as he could. Grabbing some extra cash wouldn’t hurt either and he had been provided with a nice extra sum courtesy of the good captain.

He cherished the look on the man’s face when he told him that the bitch Lilly and the masked man had come across yet another diclonius in the woods, a young female at that no matter.
The news that she was part of a group had clearly pulled a string and no doubt would even now be leading him into taking action. “Yes you go and do just that, mean time I will have a little chat with some people.” He looked at the other lists that Hector had given him, these were names that were suspected of being to provide him with answers.
“What a shitty name you have.” He cursed as he looked at the first name, it sounded like a woman’s or so he thought as he tried to read it out loud. No doubt if it was a woman she would be an ugly one. Still she lived close by so the trip to her likely wouldn’t take too long as no doubt the captain also wanted answer sooner than later.

He hauled over an extra set of batteries for the radio and the camera as well, no doubt these would both come under heavy use in the coming days. “Well that seems like I am fully packed and ready to go out hunting some people.” With extra ammo he grabbed his shotgun as he flung it across his shoulder, the machete was strapped to his leg again. Grabbing his cap he put it own though he felt no need to wear his glasses just yet.
“I do wonder how that old fool Lureus is doing, boy wouldn’t I mind to kick his sorry ass one more time before I leave.” He coughed as he walked past the man’s quarters but much to his surprise there was no response. Irritated he took a few steps back as he peeked inside the room, what a disappointment to have the damn room empty.
“Ah well I guess you’re lucky as I would have beaten you senile old man.” He scoffed further thinking about that old pain in the ass but the thoughts of being able to exact his anger on others quickly made him forget about it.

"This is Captain Hector Schlenzanner, specialized operative of The Great Order. I hereby give this call, war is among us. A man named Excalibur of whom some of you have become aware of have set his sights on using the horned being as Diclonius as war potentials. As of now you should all have been made aware of such a thing….Location of his base is as noted..." The message was followed quickly by a set of coordinates, would he travel towards it or to his first and original query, oh the suspense was becoming so exciting as he listened further to what was being said, he could hear others voices as well.
No doubt these were higher up royal pain in the ass officers, just great he thought to himself to have people meddle with a case and make it needlessly complicated. Unless they were going to say what he wanted to here there was no further point to listen to their dribble.
Then came the last part of the captains transmission:
"As decreed by the Master General, responsibility given to me, Captain Hector Schlenzanner do state. The defeat of Excalibur is now in motion, for the sake of justice and the world peace, fight… and... in aspect of the horned race... Diclonius I now give this order… All Diclonius...
...…Are to be killed.” He stopped for a moment as that last word kept ringing in his ears, killed… killed… killed the man was giving a standing order that now it was okay to kill every single horned person they came across.

He laughed hard at hearing this, finally this job had become enjoyable as now he could what he wanted whenever he wanted to any freaking horned abomination that he came across.
“Well sir you have just made my day, I salute you for that but don’t think it will change a thing. This is still a job and I expect my payment so make sure you don’t die in this war of yours.” He grinned as he grabbed some of the tobacco, this needed to be celebrated. Still with what had been just declared he considered making a small detour to the armory to acquire some additional supplies and weaponry, after all diclonius were dangerous and not to be underestimated. He set off knowing full well that this world was going to end up in flames, he rejoiced in that knowledge as he wanted to see this world burn to cinders.

Meanwhile in an unknown area somewhere in japan...

"Our queen! We got interesting news on the radio." Irene said. Midori´s gaze shifted to her. "Speak."

"A human called Hector Schlenzanner, gave the order to kill every diclonius on sight. They are planning on attacking an facility where our kind is held and experimented on. We also got the coordinates."

These news made the queen smile. They had a facility, a movement of their most potent enemy and much to win if they would success in this operation. The diclonius, they would free, would strengthen up Midori´s power and she would be one large step further in reaching her end goal. "Excellent. They seem to take us for serious. Prepare the other dicloni. We will head out and rescue these poor souls before these apes can kill them!" Midori ordered and stood up. They had themselves hidden in a large empty warehouse complex. The place was said to be cursed, with evil spirits and ghosts. Mostly the saying of the population but the decent manipulation of the dicloni under Midori had helped to fuel this beliefs. They didn´t kill to avoid police investigation but some floating things and strange noises was enough to scare away too curious wanderers.

"Hurry. We don´t have much time." Midori said. Irene bowed

"Of course, my dear queen."

When the little girl left, Midori was deep in thoughts. Now they had prepare to get into war. Their enemy wouldn´t let them a chance. She was confident they were strong enough but there were still doubts. Midori wouldn´t say this to her troops. It would be bad for the moral. "Of course you will succeed. Your mind and your strength combined with your numbers will obliterate them all" her voice replied. Midori closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Yes, they will die. I will free the dicloni and we finally have our peace." the queen mused. Soon after that the girl left the room to prepare herself for the journey to the Facility.

Meanwhile in front of the facility

The group couldn´t do much except to wait for the troops of the dreaded great order. Vanessa was nervous as hell. She didn´t know what they could expect in the passages and test chambers of the facility. She also was worried to fight against her kind. There were some dicloni, she had befriended. What if they was also under the control of Excalibur?

"I hope there is a way to free my kind of this mind control thing. I would like to avoid killing them." Vanessa said. She thought about the pin weapon, Lily had used against her. Her Vectors didn´t work properly after that. She turned to the girl. "Lily? Do you have any weapons to paralyse dicloni without killing them? Maybe we could use it to prevent too much deaths? If they are brainwashed then they are not responsible for their actions." Vanessa asked with a pleading voice.
OOC: I don´t know if the audio of Lily is loud so I post it this way that Vanessa had not heard of the extermination order or that it didn´t reach Lily yet.

With her cellphone being a one way only way of communication with Hector, Lily had no idea what his response to the whole situation was. The phone was new so she hadn't had the time to alter it to behave exactly like a radio, but making it one-way was an easy trick to handle with the coding of the signal. She wanted to be prepared for the worst, just in case his response was unfavorable considering recent history with the dicloni as well as the fact that the Order is working with the DEF. The DEF may have already corrupted the views of the Order. She winced at that thought. "It's going to be a while before they arrive. I want to be prepared for the worst and the best when they do. The most direct route for the Order to take to get here is going to lead them to the other side of this facility. When they show up and begin their siege I want to get in there to save as many dicloni we can before the Order breaks through their defense." She pointed at a well-guarded hole in the fence not far from where they were hidden. "My brother escaped through there. When the Order gets here I think it'd be easiest to get in through there. It's going to be all out war here and I want to get as many of the dicloni out without the Order seeing them."

“I want you to check the radio signals” Excalibur said to the man.

“Why sir?” The man replied, confused by the order.

“With the recent escape of a few prisoners, I want to know if any other groups of organizations have spotted them.” Excalibur said.

The man turned on a switch; it began buzzing as if it is searching, though it wasn’t long till they found something.

"This is Captain Hector Schlenzanner, specialized operative of The Great Order. I here by give this call, war is among us. A man named Excalibur of whom some of you have become aware of have set his sights on using the horned being as Diclonius as war potentials. As of now you should all have been made aware of such a thing.

Location of his base is as noted...” The location was given.

Excalibur gave a smirk. “So…you have found me…”

More talk was heard. "As decreed by the Master General, responsibility given to me, Captain Hector Schlenzanner do state. The defeat of Excalibur is now in motion, for the sake of justice and the world peace, fight!

and...in aspect of the horned race...Diclonius I now give this order.

All Diclonius...

...…Are to be killed.”

“What should we do sir?” The man asked.

“Simple, you fight…tell all soldiers to prepare for battle, the device must be safe and moved to my castle…prepare the ship, I will be there soon.” Excalibur replied. The man said ‘Yes Sir!’ and headed off.

Excalibur then walked to a room and opened the door. “Diclonius…come with me…” Excalibur said to the group, to which they did. “Head to the ship and wait for me there, now go.” The group all headed off to the ship. Excalibur then picked up the microphone. “Alert to all soldiers, prepare for battle, a large group is heading for this facility and will try to destroy everything we have worked, do not, I REPEAT DO NOT LET THEM IN AND GET THE DEVICE, I want the device placed in my ship as soon as possible understand?” Excalibur ordered.

Excalibur then proceeds to head to the window of the white room. “Alice…I am heading to the ship, the room is unlocked…when he arrives capture him.” Excalibur said to Alice, to which she smiled.

“Don’t worry daddy, I won’t let you down hehe” Alice replied smiling. Excalibur smiled and then headed off to the ship.


“What?” Zero thought, did he just hear what he thought he did on the radio? Did Hector really just said to kill all diclonius?

Zero pulled out both blades, in anger to this. “HECTOR YOU FOOL!!!” Zero screamed, Suzuki, Lily and Vanessa hear him and look at him.

“Zero what’s wrong?” Suzuki asked, scared.

“WHAT’S WRONG? HECTOR HAS JUST DECLARED WAR ON THE DICLONIUS, THAT’S WHAT’S WRONG” Zero replied, getting angrier. “Suzuki…stay with Lily and Vanessa….I’m going in….” Zero ordered Suzuki before speeding off, going past the hole that Lily pointed out, taking the soldiers down in the process.

Zero had finally reached into the facility, being greeted by soldiers, readying their weapons, but was too late as Zero zooms past them cutting off their arms so they couldn’t stop him. The rage was building inside Zero, how could Hector just decide to declare war? And, to choose to kill all the diclonius? This pissed him off badly. Zero kept pasting corridor to corridor, taking out the soldiers that got in his way, until he found a door to which led to a white room and finding the girl he was looking for…

“Oh, you made it, I have been waiting hehe!” Alice said to Zero, with a cheerful smile on her.

“Waiting?” Zero asked.

“Yes waiting hehe” Alice replied. “I’ve been waiting for you to turn up, so you can come with me hehe!” Alice cheerfully said.

“I am not going anywhere…especially with you…” Zero said with a cold voice.

“Oh? Is that so? Well then I’m going to make you come with me hehe!” Alice said. Once she said that, she used her vectors and propelled herself towards Zero.

“What the?” Zero shouted, pulling his weapons ready, guarding himself from the attack. Once Alice was close, Zero could see that she had a weapon, a blade shaped like a hula hoop.

“I’m going to make you like me, no matter if you want me too or not hehe!” Alice said to Zero, giving him a smile. Zero pushed off Alice’s circle blade but forgot about her vectors, to which she used to pick him up and then chucked across the room. It was no use; Zero was weak compared to her, she matches up to his blade skills and had the vectors to her advantage. Zero began to start losing conscious.

“No…I must…fight on…” Zero said, trying to get back up, but fell back on the ground.

“Sleep my prince, once you awake you will be in a better place hehe!” Alice said to Zero, getting closer and closer to him.

Zero’s eyes slowly closed and he fell unconscious.

“YAY! I DID IT HE IS MINE HEHE!” Alice cheerfully said, jumping up and down. “Now to just get you on the ship hehe!” Alice continued. Alice used her vectors to pick up Zero and made a dash to the ship.

A few minutes later she arrived at the ship. “Daddy I have him hehe” Alice said to Excalibur, holding Zero with her vectors.

“Good work Alice, now hurry and get into the ship, I have the device” Excalibur said to Alice. “I have also activated the bomb located in the reactor room, to which will set off in one hour…I have no use for this facility no more since I have this device…and now I have the perfect test subject for it…” Excalibur continued, looking at Zero.

They got in the ship and turned it on. Excalibur pushed a button which opened a secret underground exit and began speeding off. Excalibur then pushed another button which caused an explosion at the exit, causing rocks to full in front of it, blocking any chance of being followed.

“Wait what was that?” one of the soldiers said.

“That sounded like an explosion…” The other soldier said. “And it sounded like it came from the exit…SHIT WE ARE LOCKED IN!!!” He screamed. A door then opened, to which a group of angry diclonius walked out. Judging from the state of them, it was the ones who resisted being brainwashed and they looked angry. “Aww shit….” The soldier said before being ripped apart. The angry diclonius were free and are thirsty to kill.

OOC: It's a long one, to which I haven't done in awhile. I would like to apologise if anyone didn't like the outcome of what is happening, I wanted Excalibur to escape, with Zero in possession as well as making it work with the plan I had so sorry if it has gone too far.

Also now the facility is full of angry diclonius, Lily, Vanessa and Suzuki can still be there before they were free, while I think Hector and the Great Order will arrive when the chaos is happening (You know blood, body parts and stuff)

I hope I haven't annoyed you guys with this. This is my characters facility so I do feel I am free to choose what happens in the procees and I haven't controlled any other characters but my own so don't worry about that either.

Zero dissappeared before Vanessa could say anything. She was left dumbfounded when she had to let the horrible truth sink in. A war? Extermination for the dicloni? HER kind?! Vanessa swallowed after hearing that. The great order was strong and dangerous. She had recognized it in her first meeting with them.

Not long after the masked man entered the facility, there was a explosion which left the young diclonius with a bad feeling. "He isn´t coming back." Vanessa said darkly. Then she sensed movement. Her eyes widened. "I can feel the others. They are moving around. The dicloni are free!"

That wasn´t good. They would kill all remaining staff in the facility. Not that Vanessa minded it much. They were jerks and sadistic asses anyway but when they left the facility there would be a terrible slaughter. The fragile relations would turn from messed up into totally screwed and ready for war. Not to forget the great order.

"We have to stop this madness somehow!" Vanessa slightly panicked. The girl had no clue how to avoid the comming massacre. Vanessa didn´t want to kill her own fellow prisoners and friends but it seemed she woldn´t have much of a choice.

Lily stared as Zero speed off. It was impossible for her to keep up with him, but then instinct kicked in and she chased after him. If she couldn't help, then what use was she? She armed herself with her modified pistol and the pistol that Inagi had tossed in his scramble to escape Vanessa.

She followed the bodies he was leaving behind. Some of them were still alive and clearly in mortal agony. Knowing what they had done to her brother she was fine with them suffering before their deaths. What she had to do was find and help Zero.

She ran into two guards inspecting the bodies of their fallen comrades. Before they could react to her she fired two resounding shots killing both of them. She tossed her modified pistol aside, now that the pin had been shot twice the warping from its being shot would render it useless. She quickly unclipped the handgun from his belt. It was a .45 ACP one of the higher caliber pistols, which made sense considering it would be harder for a diclonius to deflect this.

There was then an explosion and time slowed for a moment. Was Zero in that explosion? Was he alright? She pulled a flashbang and a frag grenade from the bodies. Soon she heard screaming and lots of gun shots. Was this Zero's doing? She turned the corner to see a squad of guards firing at a diclonius and backing away slowly. Lily recognized her as one of the clients that she had helped and cursed angrily. How had Excalibur managed to see through her cover-ups? It was infuriating that he was able to do something that no government not even the Great Order could figure out.

She stepped from the corner and shouted out. "Nala!" Immediately after she put bullets into the backs of each and every member of the squad. All ten of them dropped, but now she had only two bullets in each gun. She approached slowly and picked up two more of the squad's handguns slipping them into easy to reach pockets in her backpack.

She stared warily at the still approaching diclonius, Nala. "Nala, it's me, Lily. I'm here to help."

Nala stopped when Lily said her name a second time. Tears began to flow down her cheeks. "Lily. How did they find me? How?" Her body shook violently. "It hurts, it hurts so much."

Lily embraced the crying diclonius. "We need to get all the others to escape. It's going to get even more dangerous here soon. I'll find a safe place for us all, I swear it on my life."

She would save them all and then end this place of horrors.

"Hector Reidswood, let me ask you something." The young boy, age eight years old sat jovially on the log as his old master and father figure sat down on the larger rock. He was man in his late seventies, faced lines with age, his hair grey and balding at the top. He wore a black suit and white tie and thin pair of glasses that magnified his tiny black eyes.

"What is it, teacher?" the young boy asked curiously. He always enjoyed teacher's stories, they were filled with excitement and also education. Every time he heard a new from the old man, he learned something new as well.

"Do you believe in demons Hector?"

He shook his head, somewhat confused at the question. "N-No teacher, demons can't be real. There's no such thing as a demon...although...they're all bad people right?"

He nodded once. "That's right Hector, they're all bad people, maybe these are what we call demons. You see a demon is a horrible term to use. But when I think of the term demon, I think of something specific...what do you think?"

Hector thought for a moment and then mumbled. "...Something with...fangs and long horns?"

"Hahahaha! Is that so?" The Master guffawed and rubbing the boy's brown hair, causing him to giggle. "I suppose some demons look like that, but I don't think that's always the case. I think a demon can look like anything."

"B-But then...how do we tell?"

"...I think a demon, is someone who can never change their ways. They deny themselves, the hope and salvation that they could earn. They are truly incorrigible creatures."

Hector asked softly. "Can they change? Can they change for the better?"

"...I don't know..."

"I think they can!" Hector yelled, getting up and waving his arms around. "We have to get everyone a chance don't we? If we don't give people a chance, how can we call ourselves justice? We have to figure something out to make it work out for everyone."

"...That might be true...I hope your words hold as true as the meaning you wish them to hold."

The Great Order. A specialized international police force who's head location was in Europe. It had been established over 100 years ago and had grown in great numbers. It was the police force of the world and had made a name for itself in the past years since its creation.

Hector as well as well as four other guys and a girl, the oldest of them no higher than twenty stood ready in front of their leader. That leader being, his very own master.

Captain William Schlenzanner.

"Is this supposed to be our leader? Old guy, you sure he isn't going to keel over?" Max said. Hector gave him a disproving look and articulated angrily. "He might be old but he knows what he's doing. Believe me I wouldn't trust anyone other than him."

"Is he that good?" Katherine questioned.

"I've heard it too." The other member Brutus stated. "Apparently he's technically not even supposed to be a Captain anymore. I've heard stories that if he wanted to, he could be a Lt. General and I've even heard that they've requested that he be the next Master General."

Hector wasn't surprised, having been raised by this guy since he was orphaned, he had nothing but respect for the old man.

As the one thousand new recruited members stood in line on the field, the Master General appeared out from the large main doors along with his wife.

Hector along with everyone else put their hands to their chest and stated in tandem.

"For the sake of justice we serve, law and order throughout the world be made! For the sake of justice we fight! For the sake of the world order we fight! We come here by choice, come here by reason and wish to see that the world becomes a better place.

..."Pro Iustitia est omnis!" (For Justice is all)


It was five years later that everything changed. Deployed to a small island for point of their usual duties, they ran into a problem. Apparently a crime gang was making problems through the area and they had been deployed there to stop it.

Old Man Schlenzanner as well as two others were dispatched to figure out the problem. Hector, Max and Katherine were left to stand guard until they received a call that sent shivers down Hector Reidswood's spine.

"Hector! Max! Katherine! We need help...we need...oh shit! Oh shit, no fucking way how is this...hurry we need back up! We need help right now! Shit! Sh..." The radio went dead. It had been one of the members and whatever had happened it had been bad.

"...What are you all waiting for, let's go!" Katherine Merilums yelled. Although she was the first to act, Hector was the first to get there. He had to help them, his leader, father figure and team as well. He would fight until his last breath to save them.

Through the streets he turned through an alleyway and then...out in the open he got to it. People were already gathering and with his orders he moved them out of the way. Only for him to see nothing but a pile of red.

Bodies, or what might have been bodies were piled together.

"..." He couldn't say anything, the only thing he saw was his father figure and team slaughtered.

"Everyone back away, this is the Great Order, specialized international police force, we we'll handle this, understood!? Everyone move away please!" Katherine again ordered. Hector himself was left dumbfounded, just staring at the face of his fallen father figure, his expression blank and meaningless.

"What the hell did they do them? Those bastards..." Max growled angrily.

"...Do you hear that?" Lost in his own sorrow, a sound had broken through Hector's mind. Maybe it was them, the ones who hurt his father figure and team, the ones who killed them. It didn't take long for the others to hear it as well.

"Max, stay here and be on guard." Katherine said follow Hector who had already made his move to the sound. Doing her best to keep up with his large strides they cut through he next alleyway and saw...

...a girl. A girl no older than seven years old, in nothing more than a tiny white dress covered in blood and two pairs of easily distinguishable horns on her head.

"...Ah...poor thing." Katherine muttered, seeing the blood on the child. Her eyes at first did deviate to the horns but then took on a more proper setting, the child itself. "She must have been there as well, poor thing must be traumatized."

"...Hello, my name is Hector Reidswood and this is Katherine Merilums. What's your name?"

The child sniffed looking at them with scared eyes and whispered with her finger to her mouth. "...Iree..." Her voice was timid and obviously scared.

"...Where are your parents..." Katherine asked.

She shook her head pitifully. "...I don't have any..."

"...What should we do?" Hector finally inquired.

Katherine who looked at her knew that for someone like her, the only place that could be of worth was an orphanage or something. But maybe something else could be done.

"Iree..." She had a feeling it wasn't her real name but rather a shorter nickname that had been given to her. "It's alright we aren't going to hurt you. You must be very scared right now but it's alright. Listen...

...would like you to come with us?"

She starred at them for a while, and then nodded her head once, tears still streaming down her face. As for Hector although it would mean a lot of changes to be made, he really had no qualm in doing so. Maybe this child could also be taught the ways of law and order as well.

The bodies were buried that day and a service was made especially for Captain Schlenzanner.

On that day...Hector finally took the surname of his old father figure and he, Max, Katherine and now Iree continued with their lives.

OOC: A post on Hector's history, it'll be a few posts before Hector, much more The G.O itself arrives to Excalibur's base.

OOC: @ John, your post may be something entirely different but I just want to point this out. The call to extermiante the Diclonius was only heard by the G.O or people who can somehow get in contact with the G.O. So unless one of your characters soehow got in contact with that, they shouldn't know about the G.O's objective.

Suzuki could only watch as Zero speed off, Lily following after him but too slow to catch.

“Wait Zero no!” Suzuki screamed, seeing Zero vanish into the facility.

It wasn’t long before an explosion was heard coming from the facility and some dark words could be heard from Vanessa.

"He isn´t coming back." Vanessa coldly said.

After hearing this, Suzuki’s world came crumbling down, was she telling the truth? Is Zero not coming back? Is he really dead? Suzuki fell to the ground, tears flooding off her face, she couldn’t believe it, and she didn’t want to believe it.

“YOU’RE LYING, YOU’RE LYING…PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE LYING” Suzuki cried, tears coming off her face. “ZERO CAN’T BE DEAD…HE JUST CAN’T” Suzuki kept hitting the ground in angry and sadness. She didn’t want to believe it to be true, she knew Zero couldn’t be easily killed, she knows what he is like.

“WHAT AM I GONG TO DO?” She asked herself, she didn’t know how to fight, or to protect herself, Zero was always there for her when battle had happened and he would deal with their foes without any worry. So how is it different this time? Who could of matched Zeros’ ability and possibly beat him?

Vanessa watched as Suzuki felt to the ground and cried. She felt empty. Different from Suzuki she always only had herself to fight and solve her problems. Be it the experimentation or the the cold cell which would greet her afterwards. The girl never looked to anybode else and found it hard how depending the girl was on Zero.

"Get it together. You are not alone, okay?" Vanessa said more cold than intended. Lily was gone, rushing to the facility. With Suzuki in her state, Vanessa couldn´t leave her. "Maybe he is only late. He´s too strong to be overwelmed." Vanessa tried to comfort her but she wasn´t very good at it. Vanessa would guard the crying girl until Lily and Zero would return to them. At last Vanessa hoped they would return.

Vanessa didn´t know what to do next to help the girl and she had not much motivation to do so.

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Elfen World (Part I) Empty Re: Elfen World (Part I)

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Lily and Nala tore through sqaud after squad. Lily tried to follow to where she heard the explosion. Things were getting chaotic though. They came across two dicloni she wasn't familiar with when a few grenades went off and killed both the dicloni and the squad fighting them. Shortly after the hallway they were fighting in collapsed. Finally she made it to where she assumed the explosion was from. Most of it was a pile of rocks, but from what she could tell there was supposed to be an underground airfield here. She looked to her left and found a dent in the wall about the size of a human, but not much in the way of blood.

Nala put a hand on Lily's shoulder. "What now?"

Lily turned around and left the damaged area. "We save those we can and blow this place to hell."

She pulled her backpack off and pulled her laptop out. She turned it into tablet-mode and began quickly working away at it. "I'm going to find the blueprints for this damned place, so we can find all the cells and then the reactor of this facility. We don't have much time."

She found them after about two long minutes and took off toward the cells with Nala following close behind. They found two more wandering dicloni as they were finishing off a squad of men. A few of them broke off and began running, but were intercepted by Lily and Nala. The two girls were only young children no older than thirteen. It broke Lily's heart for them to have to commit and see such carnage at such a young age. She called out to them. "You've suffered long enough it's time for you to be free of this pain. Come with us and we'll lead you to safety and freedom."

They hesitated a moment, because they could tell Lily wasn't a diclonius, but she was also with Nala which was somebody that they sort of knew being prisoners of the same facility. They followed but maintained a level of caution a soldier in war might exercise. Lily didn't blame them knowing some of the things they'd probably been through.

Lily led them through the facility as it was beginning to get quiet. Much of the soldiers defending the place were probably either dead or outside. Lily rounded the corner and found a dead diclonius woman that she knew and another old client of hers crying over her body. Around them were dozens of guards torn apart from the six deadly vectors that still whipped around her. "Silvia." Were the words that came from this diclonius' mouth, over and over again.

Lily then called out to her. "Irene! We need to get out of here!"

Just how many of her clients did Excalibur find? Irene gave Lily a death glare. In a rage she screamed. "You killed my Silvia. My love!" She then blindly charged at Lily. Nala tensed ready to react, but Lily waved her off. In an instant she activated her anti-diclonius field and in seconds she returned the charge and pistol whipped Irene. Lily put a little too much force into it and knocked the poor girl out. As she turned off her field the headache started, but it was bearable. Lily turned to Nala. "Please carry her."

All that was left was to find the reactor. She figured it would be best to go alone, so she gave the dicloni directions to Vanessa and Suzuki. She told them that she'd follow after she made sure the place would no longer exist and turned and ran to the reactor. When she got there she saw a timer on it. It said 10:15. 10:14. 10:13... Lily blinked surprised and then turned tail and bolted for the exit. It would take her five minutes to get there and another minute to get to the group.

Vanessa didn´t know what was happening in the facility. The sounds coming out of them only lead to a bad outcome. Suzuki still cried and didn´t respond to her talk. Not that the diclonius was very surprised. Some time had passed and Zero still wasn´t back. This lead only to two outcomes. He was killed or still in fight. Vanessa hoped for the last one.

"There is someone coming." Vanessa said suddenly when the feeling got stronger. Her face darkened. "Dicloni are coming in our direction. Be careful, Suzuki!" the girl warned and prepared her vectors. Not too soon after her warning two slightly injured diconi came to them.

"Finally. We´re free." one of them said. She had shoulderlong dark pink hair and was around the age 16 while the other one was a girl Vanessa recognized. #27 or Miriam and Vanessa remembered she one of the most strongest will and unfortunately the most passionate hatred against humans.

"Hey, look." Miriam said and looked direct to Vanessa. "Looks like someone had also made it from this hellhole. Oh..." Her mimic darkened when she saw Suzuki behind her. "Vanessa? What is this human doing here?" the girl asked. "Didn´t you swear to slaughter them all? What happened to you?! Don´t tell me, you were going soft..."

Vanessa looked to both of the girls. Miriam had only two vectors but these were stronger than hers. The other girl was unkown to her. "I can explain it to you if you let me. I used to hate them as much as you do but-"

"And now you are telling me you turned traitor!" Miriam interrupted angry. The other girl also looked at Vanessa with cold eyes. "I don´t want to hear your stupid ape-loving shit! You were so great back there but now I can hardly recognize you!"

"They said there are communities for dicloni like us. We can peacefully live with them! Believe me! This war won´t help us!" Vanessa tried to argue but she has to jump backwards when a vector was thrown at her.

"Shut up! I rather die then living with these traitors who forgot who did this to us! And I will kill you, too!" Miriam responded.

"If you want this, then I have no choice." Vanessa said with a sad look. Back to these days Miriam was one of the dicloni who was a friend to her but her hatred was very deep and was only fuelled by a voice. A voice, Vanessa also knew but refused to listen now. She wouldn´t stop now. The other girl brought her vectors out. It was also two vectors but other than that Vanessa did know nothing about it.

"I won´t let you kill her." Vanessa declared.

Near the facility

Midori could feel that something was wrong with the building in the distance. Were the great order already here? That would mean that her kind would get slaughtered. She was here along with 20 dicloni, all devot to her orders and ready for battle. There would be casualties but when they could free their kind it would be worth the effort. Also this war would need more troops.

"We are near. Prepare for the battle and be cautious. We save our prisoners and go back before the apes shows up. Every human who shows resistance, is free to kill but you can also kill them anyway. I don´t care at this point." Midori explained. They had to restrain their lust for killing far too long for her taste. It would be glorious for all diclonius and a destructive loss for these foolish apes! Midori concentrated to let her royal signature grow so that all these dicloni could sense her and feel the sensation of a nearby queen calling to them.


A hard fight had broke out when Vanessa and the two dicloni begun their fights. Vanessa was faster and had more vectors but was outnumbered and weaker than Miriam. She was sweating and breathing. The unknown diclonius had some scratches but was otherwise unharmed. Vanessa couldn´t bear to kill them. They had suffered too much together. It couldn´t end like that.

Suddenly the two dicloni and also Vanessa perked up. They could feel a strong energy signature in the distance. It was calling them. "A queen?" Vanessa murmured. That wasn´t going well.

Iree was a girl that for all sakes and purposes only appeared normal and acted normal. Her horns which she apparently hated were kept hidden under ribbons that Katherine had given to her. With no home to bring her to, the girl became almost like a mascot or better yet, a sign of hope for them. Obviously she was too young to be enacted into the Order itself but she stayed with them the entire time.

They allowed her freedom as much as she wanted when they were at their own private base and told her to stay when they were required to leave for missions. Since the death of their original team, Hector was made honorary Captain and took charge throughout the new group which consisted only of Max and Katherine. Their location was a small one but worth it and for them, Irene was like a little pile of hope each time they got back from certain missions.

Then a year later, it all came crashing down. Who knows what caused it, maybe something in her head, maybe something her thoughts, like a virus the insatiable urge to kill. Hector first found out about it while alone and the day his cold feelings for the horned ones would be created forever...

"In the eyes we see, our faith and powers to make a world a better place. Single time we strike, double time we take, thrice we breathe and thus we start. Link our way to the path of rightness, expose ourselves to death and seek salvation. The world of justice is what we week, all that we know is bent to this way..."

Hector stated to himself, walking up to the location, pulling back his large weapon of mass destruction.

"...Fear not the sins of this world, only to enact that they be fixed. Our duty, our pride, our responsibility to change the hell-bent ways. Let us mark this day upon my slate, to change everything for the better.

Pro Iustitia est omnis..."

And then he finally arrived, an overbearing individual with his axe raised right above Vanessa's head.


And swung it down hard.

Nala led the two girls and carried the unconscious Irene. She learned that the girls were named Ariel and Alana and they were twin sisters. Their numbers were 52 and 53 and they were the newest dicloni captured.

"Why were you following that human?" Ariel interrogated. "She could betray us all."

Nala returned that question with a glare. "She saved my life a few years ago. She saved Irene here too, except we were captured again. It's like Lily to try and find us to save us though."

Alana stared at Nala intensely. "Why would she go out of her way to save us? We aren't even the same species."

Nala responded with a short shout. "Shut up! Do things like that really matter? She saved me, and she's done it again, and she'll do it again. Lily is the first person to fight for me and she will continue to do so for all of us until her last breath."

That seemed to stop their questioning. A few minutes passed and Lily caught up to them, she was heavily out of breath. "Hurry, we've only got a few minutes. This way." Lily ran as she led them all outside to freedom.

She returned to the place she left Suzuki and Vanessa to find Vanessa fighting two dicloni and Hector was behind her with his axe raise above his head. She had only a moment to think, so she tossed the flashbang at them and then fired several shots with the .45 ACPs to divert the direction of the axe.

Nala dropped Irene and stormed towards the dicloni. She felt the presence of the queen and was certain all of the others could feel her too. She launched one of her vectors at Miriam's face to "punch" her. She hissed. "You would fight those that would be our saviors?"

It was clear that the twins were still uncertain as to how to react now that they've seen a human protecting a diclonius and a diclonius fighting her own kind to protect the same diclonius the human was try to save.

As it swung down, Hector could feel the shots ram into the, pushing his arm back and throwing him off balance. The weapon flew backwards but with his intense strength and grip he kept a hold on it, stepping back to give himself balance before glaring over at her.

"...What are you doing...Lily?" He said strongly, his voice expressing not so much a question but a strict remark. He poised the axe, holding it by the end of the pole and holding it out so that it faced the young woman, the mechanics of the weapon began to churn, powering up the blunt edge.

"...Stay out of this woman, this is now under the jurisdiction of The Great Order. I've already heard about what's going on here, I already know and with your answer you should know already. Cease this pointless banter of yours and step aside.

...Because if you don't...I will see this as treason and view you as an enemy to be cut down."

It had been on that day that Hector ran hearing the screams of Katherine on the radio. It had reminded him of the day when his father figured had died along with his men.

He had to hurry, to that location he had to hurry and help them.

And when he got there, he was subjected to the same scene as before. Katherine and Max were dead, torn apart with their eyes still starring was the young girl Iree, a strange wind around her. There were other dead people around her, local police it had seemed. Around the ground and wall were hand prints as if something, a hand as it would be, had pressed hard down on the floor to create the indentions.

"Iree! Wh-What are you doing?"

Hearing his voice, she cracked and spoke timidly.

"I have to kill them, I have to...it keeps telling me. I'm sorry..."

"What are you talking about?" Hector asked.

"...The voice inside my head...always speaking...I'm sorry."

And now he knew...what had really killed his mentor and team that day.

Vanessa tried her best to calm Suzuki down but it wasn’t helping. Soon two shadows would appear and the worst was thought for Suzuki. Two diclonius turned up and looked happy to see Vanessa, but that happiness went when they saw Suzuki. She feared for her life when they talked about why this human was here. Would this be the end of Suzuki? Would Zero be dead and then her? Did these diclonius do it? Did they kill Zero? No, Zero couldn’t be easily killed by these could they? Suzuki looked on as they two diclonius were classing Vanessa a traitor because Suzuki was with her.

“You guys are more of the traitors then Vanessa will ever be!” Suzuki thought. She thought it was best not to say it out loud in case the worst would happen to her.

After the chat, a battle between Vanessa and the two diclonius happened, but not too long after she could hear someone else.

"...Farewell...Demon..." and then an axe was swung down.

"Three... Two... One..." Lily counted internally as she covered her ears and closed her eyes just before the flashbang went off. She knew Nala saw he throw it and probably would react appropriately. The twins were too far away for it to really affect them other than making them flinch.

She had a few moments to act before he'd recover. "Nala ignore the dicloni. Get Vanessa and Suzuki out of here!"

Nala nodded and decided to give one warning before she did as she was asked. "There's a queen coming."

Lily hoped the deafening sound of the flashbang had made it difficult for Hector to hear that exchange, and that the blinding flash would be enough to help the others escape. She looked back at the twins. "I'll let you decide what to do, but if you follow them, please help Irene get to safety and when she wakes up. Help her calm down."

With that she used her precious moments to throw the now empty guns at Hector. She knew she was hopeless in a fight against him in close quarters. And while she'd be able to outpace him, his endurance was far superior to hers. However, one thing she had available to her was extraordinary trapmaking skills. If she was smart about this and quick enough she could win this. More pressing matters than this fight were at hand, but the fight was what she could react to right now. She whipped out the second to last ACP and got ready to give him a run for his money. "8 Shots" she reminded herself.

"Damn! How interesting...girl, you sure haven't changed much have you..." Hector said,s miling despite himself as he covered his face. He could hear voices but the flashbang had rattled his ears too much." By the time he got his senses back, he was alone. The girls had escaped but Lily was well insight.

Going after the girls were pointless, besdies there was a good chance they would run into other members of The Great Order. As for him, he now kept his sights on the young woman and began to follow her. She had already gained some distance on him before his legs bent and he charged, axe swinging behind him with a glint of chaotic excitement in him.

Man, woman, child, friend or foe...it did not matter. Anyone who obstructed the law of the world would have to be put down...


...No matter who they were.

Her last words at Hector before she dashed into the forest in the opposite direction of the others were. "This is your form of justice, Hector? To slaughter the oppressed? How pathetic the Order has become." The words were harsh and angry a tone she rarely used.

This would take every elaborate skill she had. She remembered exactly what she had in her bag to use as tools. She also knew that axe very well, after all she was the one that built it. She had another .45 ACP that she picked up from the guards inside the facility. She had the frag grenade she picked up as well. There was her laptop and her set of tools: a hammer, screwdriver, mini-sawzall, and a multi-wrench. She also had a multi-tool. Her flashlight was still mostly charged. The tennis balls she kept from the wreckage that Hector was driving earlier. She had a one hundred foot spool of steel wire (the really thin stuff that's hard to see). She had a bar of chocolate for later. Last but not least she had the sensor she made earlier and could make quick alterations to make it explode. The worst it could do though is stun somebody as tough at Hector.

Other tools she had that weren't in her bag were multiple. She had the facility that was about to erupt in less than a minute. She had the surrounding forest that had many tools to offer. She had the cellphone in her pocket. She had the massive amount of bobby pins and hairbands she owned.

She had decided that she wasn't fighting to win, but to protect her friends and the dicloni. She wanted to give them time to escape and then escape herself. She regarded Hector as a friend and still an ally, so she would do what she could to keep him from dying, but if she had to, she would injure him.

She got out the tennis balls and began dropping them one by one. After that she tossed aside the tube and pulled the great spool out and quickly wrapped the wire around one tree and then another to make a trip wire at the end of the line of tennis balls. Thus the first, and probably the simplest trap was made for this battle.


Nala stopped after some distance of running with Suzuki and Vanessa. She put them down and turned to see the twins behind her carrying the still unconscious Irene. "Ariel, Alana, please help them escape. Hector is a monster when it comes to fights and I don't want you all to be involved."

Ariel tilted her head curiously. "What are you going to do?"

Nala took a deep breath. "There's something I need to do back there. I don't think it'll change anything, but I need to stop running from it."

She launched herself forward. Before she met Lily, she had a different name, and was hunted by two different people. One was Excalibur, but the other was Hector. She didn't know if he thought she was dead or not, but she didn't care. Before she was Nala, she was Iree. She was a slave to her voice, but Lily saved her. Saved her from herself, and she could think of only one thing to do, and that was save Lily. She owed Lily her life, so she would give it if necessary. For the last several years, she had been running, but she wouldn't run anymore. She would accept whatever fate was given to her, especially if it was given to her by the man she hurt the most.

Hector returned her remark with one of his own.

"Justice? Oppression? Silly girl, do you really think justice and law is as that simple? Justice and law changes all the time, different meanings, different points, through the decades Justice has always been part of life. So that's what I follow, the justice of today.

Nobody said it was fair, nobody said it was quaint, nobody said that law and justice was fun. But without that order the world ends in chaos. The horned girls may not have deserved this fate, but this fate is not something that I control.

If you want to blame anyone, blame whatever sadistic creator gave them life in this world we live in.

Do not question me woman, on the meaning of justice."

Getting through the tennis balls rather easy, he had already slowed his motions down, knowing that there wasn't too many places Lily could go now. Most of the balls were merely crushed under his boots until he felt jerk around his legs and stumbled, only barely catching his balance and stepping backwards.

"Hm!?" He bent down tracing his finger along the line of the trip wire. "I see...there is certainly more about you than meets the eye, I'm impressed." Although it didn't make him fall, it did falter him enough to bring a little more time for her. But this time Hector continued his way, picking up speed so that he was now walking a brisk pace, axe still poised at the read.

He knew, or rather at least assumed she had more tricks up her sleeves and that this was nothing, just a simple trap that meant little. All he had to do was endure through all of it and then reach her, and then he would win. He could tell now, maybe she could also that this fight between them was one of distance. She had to remain away from him because they both knew that in direct combat, she wouldn't stand a hell's chance against him.

He had stood there with a gun out, powerful one at that which though he didn't know at the time, could've killed her especially at that distance. There was so many mixtures of emotions inside of him.

Hate, regreat, sorrow, sadness, confusion.

But the gun was steady as he pointed it at the girls' head.

"...So this is where it all comes down to, the reason for all of this. Inhuman abomination, who forsakes justice and delivers hellish sin upon this world. I gave you my trust, we all did...

Do you not remember, the trust we gave you? Do you not remember how Katherine gave you hope when you were all alone? But now I've seen it, the inhuman impossibility from you.

Now I know what a demon really is..."

He pulled up the gun, aiming at her forehead with the finger on the trigger.

"...Everyone is dead...my father figure...my team...my friends. Do you understand that...demon? Do you truly understand what that means? You killed them, in cold blood, dashed their bodies apart. I knew them well, they were my friends, comrades and most importantly my father figure.

Do you remember their names? Do you remember the people you've killed? For what reason did you do it?"

He didn't really get an answer and honestly he didn't think he'd wait for one.

Aim...and fire...that was all he had to do. She wouldn't block it at this range and the bullet was too powerful even for her to do so. His voice had not gone up past a guttural growl.

"...I think everyone deserves a chance, if they can make it better, why not try?"

But how many chances did he have to give?

He lowered the gun and turned around.

"Leave girl, cease your appearance and head to somewhere lonely and forgotten. This is your only warning, I will not give your any of your kind another warning, another chance, you will be seen forever as my enemies.

...Horned girls...demons...

...Diclonius...the ones they call you. I will never forget this day, I will seek the end of turmoil and seek true justice...and I will never let another person stand in that way again.


Be gone...forever from my sights." Hector ended hate dripping from his voice.

Lily checked her watch. Five. Four. Three. Two. One... Like a volcano, the facility less than a quater mile from where she stood erupted in the largest explosion she'd even been close to. Anybody still alive in there probably wasn't, and any guards just outside of the explosion didn't have long to live. A gust of hot wind blasted at her, and probably any of the others close enough. Several trees were torn from their roots and she was prepared enough to be behind a boulder when it happened. One tree landed right on it, but the branches just missed her. Her heart pounded with excitement. The adrenaline blew her headache away. Everything was clear.

Hector probably survived considering the distance they were from the explosion, and he was a mountain of a man that could probably stand through the blast. She hoped that maybe he got hit by a couple trees and maybe got incapacitated, but she didn't count on her luck being that good. She counted on him being distracted by the explosion though, something like that was hard to miss, and harder to ignore especially if you're close enough.

Much available cover close to the facility was blown away, and Lily could see Hector's silhouette in the light of the explosion. It was almost like staring into the sun the light was so bright. His response had pissed her off, and if she didn't have the discipline she had, then she would have given her place away by responding to him.

Her next trap required her to remove the bullets from one of the clips all the way down to one. He hadn't fallen from the previous trap she set up which meant he was walking. This only proved how careful a man he was. This trap would only go off once, but it was also a simple one. Sometimes the simplest ones work the best. The wire was tied around the trigger of the ACP loosely, then the gun was carefully stood up at the base of a tree and tied there by a separate wire. The wire around the trigger was then loosely pulled across a path Hector might take so when he walked into it, the ACP would fire and hopefully hit his lower leg to severely slow him down.

She then continued on further down to make what she called spiderweb traps which were designed to entangle targets to slow them down at the very least. Skillfully weaving with the wire around the forest making sure to take advantage of the explosion's distracting power and whatever cover she could find, Lily slowly but steadily found her way deeper into the forest. And possibly closer to a different danger: the queen. She had about 40 feet of wire left when she was done.


The explosion had caught Iree slightly off guard. She had no idea when it was going to happen, and originally had planned to be long gone by the time it went off, except plans changed. She remembered that day Hector spared her life and was grateful for every second she had afterward. She didn't kill anyone again until today. Her voice taunted her every second of her life, but she found a new voice: Lily's. It was kind, it was motherly, and so warm. The queen was getting closer, but to her that voice was unimportant, for the only queen in her life was Lily. She didn't care if she was human, because Lily was able to calm her voice. She had a way with diclonius that settled everything down.

Iree had managed to use her vectors to stop the debris from the blast from hitting her and now was within sight of Hector. Lily was nowhere to be found, probably playing a dangerous game of hide and seek. She stopped twenty feet away from Hector and waited for the noise from the explosion to settle down. She felt calm and ready. At peace really. Today was the day to end it all. To end her true pain: the regret of what she did to Hector.

She knew exactly what she wanted to say. "Hector. It's been a long time, Hector. We haven't seen each other since that day. The day I ruined your life. I spent every day running. I didn't kill anyone until today. I felt, lost, hopeless. Every day that voice haunted me, and every day I struggled against it. I struggled until three years ago when I met Lily for the first time. She has this way... This light that I wanted to reach for. It soothed me. Freed me." A few tears fell from her cheeks. "Freed me from everything except one: my regret. I killed everyone you loved." Her voice broke. "I killed Katherine and Max. I killed your father. I took everything you had and you let me go. I won't ask for what I don't deserve. I'll die here... Lonely and forgotten. Except I am fine with that. I'll die protecting somebody that can save the world from itself. I'll die to give you some peace. I can't bring them back, but I want you to at least know that you've brought justice to the monster that slaughtered them." At this point she fell to her knees, tears freely flowing down her face. "Thank you, Hector Schlenazer Reidswood for everything you gave me that day." She opened her arms and closed her eyes. "I give it all back to you today."

With the wind blowing his large coat around, Hector stood there, feeling the heat and dust and keeping his balance. His axe swung only once, slicing one of the large uprooted trees in half as the pieces soared by him, crashing loudly into the ground. He stopped, looking over at the flaming debris where once stood Excalibur's base and narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

Clearly Excalibur was no longer in there and anyone else was dead. Usually he would respond back to the G.O but as of now, that seemed unimportant. His main goal was the woman, traitor, Lily. She hadn't responded back to him either, a lack of answer, or just a refusal to give one? There was no point in trying to ponder it in this situation.


He was unprepared for it, the shots to his legs, blasting through and covering the ground with red. His posture was lost, falling backward and then with he stepped back, putting force on his own wounded legs to keep himself from falling. He stood there, motionless with his legs bleeding and bent down to check them. He had been shot by a gun, the type he of course didn't know for certain. Pausing for a moment, he finally picked himself up and continued his movements.

Was he unhurt? That was an impossibility, he was bleeding, the skin, sinews and even bones had been shot through. It was without a doubt that Hector Schlenzanner was hurt now, what kept him walking was not some strange thing with his health or special medication from the order. What kept him walking, ignoring the pain and ignoring the blood loss, ignoring the pressure, was only his sheer endurance and conviction.

"Is this all you have girl? I can't fall from such a thing, I can never give up...no matter what the cost." He would reach her and then he would end her. It was not for his own enjoyment but for the sake of justice that he had to commit this act. He had spent his entire life in this, he had seen his friends and comrades live and go, and he couldn't falter even for this.

Then his Crescent Sun Axe swung, the blade just reaching the nape of the neck of the horned girl before abruptly stopping. At long lost he saw her, she had grown since that time, so man years ago. She was a young adult now, rather beautiful at that.

"Iree..." He said softly, not removing his axe. Instead of attacking or even speaking, he listened to the words she had to say.

"...Hector. It's been a long time, Hector. We haven't seen each other since that day. The day I ruined your life..."

That's right, she did ruin a lot...they all did.

"...I spent every day running. I didn't kill anyone until today. I felt, lost, hopeless. Every day that voice haunted me, and every day I struggled against it. I struggled until three years ago when I met Lily for the first time..."

Running? Killing? How could he believe that? How could eve trust that when his very soul said differently? And Lily again...more about that woman that even he didn't know.

"...I killed Katherine and Max. I killed your father. I took everything you had and you let me go. I won't ask for what I don't deserve. I'll die here... Lonely and forgotten. Except I am fine with that. I'll die protecting somebody that can save the world from itself. I'll die to give you some peace. I can't bring them back, but I want you to at least know that you've brought justice to the monster that slaughtered them...."

That's right, she did kill them. She murdered them and his hatred for her and her kind had grown. But for the sake of himself, for the sake of his own thoughts he had let her go. He had let her go because as much as he hated for what she did, he wanted to give her that chance. Everyone deserved a chance, every single person in the world.

He had let her live for the sake of herself but as he grew older and learned more about the Diclonius, learned more about their destructive ways, learned just how truly dangerous they were he had made a vow to him. He would never spare another one, not out of revenge, that wasn't justice, but out of the safety of the world. Because he knew some of these girls may be able to change, some of them might be different, some of them may be saved.

...But this wasn't different, the dangers that these horned people possess was somethign that went beyond the normal scope of the term "danger" They had the power to destroy humanity and he had to stop it.

Maybe it was cruel and unforgiving. Maybe it was arrogant to choose one over another? Didn't these girls have the right to live as much as anyone else? Wasn't it plainly unfair that the good ones die just because others followed the wrong path? Of course it was...but then again...who said life was fair?

Life was never fair. Life was a cruel world that you had live by. So he had lived by it, knowing he couldn't change that, knowing he couldn't reverse the law of the world by himself.

Cal it cruel if you want, but in the end he was human. He was proud to be human, because there was only one thing that truly made a person human and he was willing to destroy the lives of others if it meant saving humanity as well. If humanity destroyed as well, he would do his best to stop it.

But he knew which side he would always choose.

"...Thank you, Hector Schlenazer Reidswood for everything you gave me that day..."I give it all back to you today..."

He lowered his axe, but what did not change was the seething amount of hatred in his eyes. There was no doubt that he would have killed her. What stopped him could only be guessed, but it was not love, kindness or even regret. His heart did not sting, his eyes did not water, but for whatever reason he would not attack.

And it didn't matter...for in that moment, Iree was blown off her feet. Blood spewed from her head, spreading through the air until she landed pathetically on the ground face upward. Her eyes still holding that same look as they had before. Hector never once moved his eyes, the location she had been was where he kept his sights and he didn't even blink or move, make a single expression.

"What stalled you, Captain Schlenzanner..." Finally hearing the voice he turned to approach it.

"...Lt. General Zen..." He stated in a matter of fact tone.

The Lt. General walked out, carrying his gun which was still smoking. "Who was that?"

"...The girl?"

"...Aye Hector..."


"...Just another horned girl Lt. General Zen."


"I see, the base is destroyed as you already know, I only got here recently. What's going on?"

"...Don't know..."

Zen looked at him strangely but instead of insisting answers he merely shrugged his shoulder's indifferently. "I understand, do you have something to do?"

Hector looked onward and muttered...

"...I suppose I do."

"Understood Hector, the other members should be arriving, do as you wish and I'll take it from here. I'm going to the base itself and see if there's anything I can do."

"Understood Lt. General, be careful in there."

As he walked away, Hector returned to the body of the good. Bending down, he closed hte eyes and the mouth and said in a low tone.

"For the sake of justice we live, for the sake of justice we die. Spread now through the hopes and dreams of the world as we wish to seek...

...Pro Iustitia est omnis..."

He then continued to follow the girl, axe in tow, his eyes burning with determination.

"So tell me Lily, did you see it? Did you see that girl who died before my eyes? Did you see that girl who clearly knew you? Do you understand now what justice is? Justice isn't something that is meant to be equalized.

Bad things happened to bad people, good things happened to good people, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. The only thing I am in this world is a tool, just a simple tool for use.

And if I must live that kind of life to achieve that goal...then so be it."

OOC: Both me and drew were using Iree but now she's dead.

@Crane: Also obviously Zen had left the bakery but how the shop owner reacts and stuf is all up to you.

Lily had seen Nala show up and begin speaking to Hector. When she fell to her knees and opened her arms so he could swing at her, she winced. Her eyes opened wide when he hesitated, and she saw what happened next. She almost cried out, but she covered her mouth. When the other man appeared and began speaking with Hector, Lily used the opportunity to retreat. Nothing more would be gained here, just lost. She set up one last trap: a simple tripwire hooked up to a grenade. The idea wasn't to kill, but maybe to maim. She then quickly ran in the direction of the others taking advantage of Hector's distraction with the other man. She used the cover she had to the best of her advantage. Lily would continue fighting, but here and now was not the place. She would not give up on her cause. She would find Excalibur. She would save Zero. She would do so and never give up.

She swore to herself that she would live to save those she could. She had to find her brother. She had to bring those dicloni to safety. She had to help Suzuki. Now she'd have to topple down multiple organizations set to end the diclonius race. She would do it on her terms, and she swore to win.


Alana and Ariel stared as Nala vanished into the forest. They could feel her getting further and further away. Neither of them understood why she was doing this. Sure she had explained she had been saved by Lily, but they still didn't understand the severity of that statement. Something about the way she said it told them that they'd never see her again.

The presence of the queen was getting stronger as she called for them. They resisted pretty easily. This queen wasn't important to them. She wasn't their queen. They had always been their own, even now. The only reason they were with these other girls was because it was safer for them. It still felt strange to be traveling with a human though, but she hadn't taken any action against them, and she was clearly distraught over something. They didn't know what to do about her, so they for the most part ignored her. They understood pain, but they didn't owe anything to this girl. There was something admirable about the desire to protect that the other one that was awake had. There was so much chaos introductions were needed to be had, but now was not the time.

Vanessa was escaping along with the other dicloni and with Suzuki. The girl was important to her as she wanted to protect her. Vanessa had more trouble resisting the charming voice of the queen. She was the one leading the people who have freed her. A big explosion happened behind her backs and Vanessa startled a bit. "The facility is down." the girl thought. A place, responsible for her misery and the misery of many others was destroyed. It eased her mind a little bit but they had paid a huge price.

"I hope Lily and Zero are ok." Vanessa mentioned and looked to Suzuki. If she heard her then she did not show it. The axe-guy was gone also. Vanessa clearly remembered the shock when all she could do was looking behind her back and almost feel the axe slowly missing her. then her world went white and disorientation hit her when the flash bang went off. How did this gigantic guy managed to sneak behind her? Hopefully they wouldn´t meet again too soon.


Midori saw a gigantic explosion before her as the facility was blown up. The dicloni signals vanished and she and her dicloni stared in shock and anger as her mission failed right before their noses. The apes had destruct the place, killing all dicloni in the progress. But these apes were still there. The uniforms of them were the same like the ones they had killed in the forests. The great order.

"Kill all of them. Do not spare anybody and revenge our fallen dicloni." Midori said with low hateful voice. She would also search for any of the human people and would start the killing. Ripping them apart and let them scream in agony before finishing them off. "Irene, Anja. You two will come with me."
"As you wish!" both girls responded serious. They were also eager to hunt some Humans.

The other dicloni separated. Each of them fighting as three-people-team to prevent them from getting overwhelmed too easily and helping each other out in delicate situations. Midori didn´t want deaths in her groups. It was clear not everyone would make it home after that but the lesser the losses of her side the better.

Soon her gaze went to a huge Human with an axe. This guy was taller than her by almost two heads and looked strong. Midori would kill him without hesistation. Now a grin was on her face when she fixiated her gaze at the new victim.

Hector knew that the fight between him and Lily was over, for now at least. There was not point in following her anymore. Maybe another time they would meet, the chance of that may not be soon but it defintely seemed very possible. Instead he was more occupied with the new people.

"...So, what do we have here?" He said, putting on his small smile and looking over at the girl with horns along with the others that arrived. The first thing he had to do was make contact with the G.O itself and tell them what had happened.

"Listen up, Excalibur's base is destroeyd and the Diclonius in it has either escaped or are dead, though we can't be certain. However a new group has come, more horned people." And now he face the girl walking up to her with his Crescent Sun Axe in tow, lifting it up and swing it behind him so that he held it behind his back.

The wounds in his legs did little more than just annoy him, the excitement in his heart overriding the pain in his body.

"You arent part of this facility are you...demon? And that group that you've just brought in are also quite different. I've heard about a Queen that may possibly be around here, the one capable of reproduction. You must be her then, you can almost feel it righ tnow, an aura. I can't describe it but I'm sure you're here.

...well then let's not waste to much time, for the sake of justce, I shall end your life."

Lt. General Zen go thte call and turned to the doorway, or what may have been a door way of the destroyed facility and looked outside. He could already see the girls coming, multiple of them.

"...So be it then..." he said, pulling out his gun and stepping out to greet them.

"You are all Diclonius right? To be honest, I'd rather not have to deal with any of you. Killing children and the young really isn't my thing, I had to kill someone just recently and it's not easy. Why don't you just turn away now, retreat and let us never meet again."

Midori grinned when she saw the huge brute talking to her. "My my how confident we are, aren´t we? It would be boring if all people would beg for their life like that pathetic commander of yours." she responded while five vectors went out and preparing for a fight.

Irene and Anja also prepared their vectors, but didn´t say a thing. They were confident her queen would handle this beeing just fine. "As you easily guessed I am a queen, ape. You can feel honored to be killed by someone like me. You like the other humans will atone for your sins!" Midori coldy said and her vectors attacked directly, along with the other two dicloni. A total of 10 vectors were attacking the tall man. (5 vectors of Midori, 2 of Anja and 3 of Irene)


The other dicloni recognized the one male human, a soldier of the great order and immediately scowled at him. Anger and Hate wer shown, mixed with confidence as her queen was nearby.

"We won´t show any mercy as you humans did not with us!" a young girl declared and several dicloni were charging at the soldier, wanting to spill his blood at the ground.

They were here to kill humans and they would not go home without some blood on their hands. To avenge their kind and to teach the humans a lesson.

He watched with excitement as the explosion went off, damn that was some good fireworks.
Laughing hysterical this was what he wanted to see, dead and carnage on such a scale was beautiful to him. He grinned as he moved closer, this was something he wanted to see up close and if it could be also very personal.
People were screaming and the sound of battle was already greeting him, fuck the search for the people on the list, here was the action and he would get his slice of it.
“How much I have missed such slaughter, let’s hope that tonight will be a good night.” He almost howled as he stepped across a torn three.
“So much destruction, it almost feels like home. Damn I love this scent.” He joked as he looked at the corpse of a man or what once had been man.
“So unfortunate that you already had to die, a pity otherwise I would have had some fun with you.” He continued as he breathed in the scent and the chorus of cries.

Up ahead he could see a group of men fighting against little girls, how disappointing that must have felt to him. The sorry bastard were even losing so it seemed. “Such rodents don’t belong of the fields of war.” He cursed as he unslung his weapon and raked the arming slide.
Then he noticed something on the girl, pink hair and something that looked like…….. horns.
He was laughing as he realized these were diclonius, how wonderful and what a great opportunity for him to exact some revenge on these horned freaks.
The girl was too busy fighting to take in her immediate surroundings, such a fatal mistake to make as even now Kruger was creeping closer as he slid in a special shell for the gun, just something he wanted to test on these horned freaks, getting closer he was just 20m away from her when he jumped up and fired a 3 round salvo at her.
Too busy fighting the men she didn’t notice the rounds flying towards her until it was almost too late, she blocked them at point blank range but the shell were heavy. They were the heaviest she had experienced but then she began to notice something, she could smell a disgusting smell and then an even worse feeling. It was starting to get hot and as she reached for her neck she found to her horror that she was on fire, her clothes and hair were burning.
She screamed out loud as she tried to put out the flames at which point Kruger jumped up to place another short burst at her, the flames were getting bigger.
Her skin was burning now as well, she screamed for all it was worth, this had been worse than being fired on by steel balls as her vectors were useless. She dropped to the ground trashing around in a vain attempt to smother the flames, she wanted to cry so bad but the fire was to intense. By the time the fires had gone out the damage had already been done.
She watched as a foul looking man approached her, still holding the weapon with which she had been attack with. “Guess you didn’t expect that did you freak!?”
She wanted to speak but she didn’t have the strength anymore.
“Seems like incendiary rounds work just fine against you freaks, you can stop bullet but something that ignites on contact is a different story.” He gently caressed her burned check. “Don’t worry I won’t let you suffer any further!” He smashed her head against the nearest rock, cracking the skull wide open. He laughed out loud as he watched the life drain from her ruined eyes, such a perfect moment, the thrill of ones skin against another person as their life vanished. “Thank you for such a wonderful gift.”
He looked at the rest of her head and in particular her horns, how they intrigued him. “I guess it is time for a little souvenir.” He snarled as he reached for the machete and started to hack them off. He marveled at them. “What a pleasant memoir of you.”


Hector's body was flung backwards by the force, blood exploding from his shoulder. Of course he had no way to actually see the invisible arms of his opponents. The force of it was enough to have knocked a man out, maybe even more than just that. Hector's balance was thrown off as his feet slammed into the ground only for him to be hit a second time.

*SMASH* This time the blow was at his chest, sprouting more of his blood into the air. He could feel the arms digging into him. Under most circumstances the hands would've split him in two, but with his body mass and endurance, his remained at least intact. Maybe there was something more to it but at least for now he was still alive.

But who knew how long that would last.


The Next one hit him straight in the head, blowing his body around like a rag doll.




Struck again and again with no way to defend himself, he could only gargle on his own blood, the body of his own being smashed by the hands of the wicked girls. Harder, more viciously he could neither attack nor defend and the last blow to his body sent him reeling. He collapsed forward spread out so that he was on his knees, still holding the axe firmly, he laid out spitting up blood.

"Kuh! Guah! Haa...Haa...Haa..."

He was sure his arm was broken and a few ribs shattered by that not to mention the damage to his legs from Lily's previous attacks.


It was invigorating.

"Haa...Haa...Haa...interesting. You really are...interesting. Gah...guah..." He pushed himself up, forcing himself up, ignoring the pain in his arms, ribs and legs and ignored the blood spitting from his jaw. He ignored it all, he had to ignore it all as he picked up his axe.

"SHA!" He attacked, he couldn't wait any longer. He put his energy into the swing of his blade, aiming for Midori's midsection as the blood flew around his body, his very own blood.

Zen looked at them disappointedly.

"So be it, follow me if you wish..." He beckoned them into the destroyed facility, understanding that it would be dangerous to fight them head on like this.

A change of scenery would be well needed.

OOC: You're so cruel Dreachon...

Turning around he could already see another girl in the distance, again here it seemed that she was standing her ground against other people, he was anxious now to get himself a second pair of horns, briefly he wondered how many these would go for on the black market. Then again they would look wonderful in his private quarters next to a diclonius skull, yes that was exactly what he would aim for now, a full skull with the horns attached.
Keeping low he managed to close the distance towards her while keeping out of her sight, now he was planning on using the airburst round to make sure she would be distracted before moving in using the armor piercing round, with its caliber it would likely go right through her.

He looked up just as the last soldier got torn to pieces, he cursed as he really could have used the distraction, still there was no time to waste as without a doubt she would soon spot him. Jumping up he fired a 5 round burst over her head, they detonated just as he ducked behind the nearest debris. The girls upper body was pierced from all angles as her vectors couldn’t cover her entire body, by sheer mistake she had also looked up allowing some of the shrapnel to pierce her eyes. The girl screamed even higher than the one before and Kruger reveled in her misery and pain, he hadn’t had this much fun since killing all those people at the bar.
She yelled and taunted for him to come out.
“What is the matter, have you lost your precious eyes. Don’t worry you won’t have much need of them once I am finished with you.” He took aim with the AP AMMO as he shot off he left arm, the girl cried as she reached for the bloody stump that used to be one of her arms.
A few shell saw her losing her other limbs and as she lay there on the ground trying to move she could hear footsteps closing in on her.
“What a poor sight you are.” Kruger laughed as he pulled his machete. “Don’t worry, your miserable existence will over soon.”
He slashed open her throat and watched as she desperately gasped for air, he looked around trying to find others that could satisfy his need for blood and dead but it was starting to become quiet in his part of the battle, no doubt the center was moving to a new position.
“Well time for my trophy.” He simply tore off her heads using blunt force, her neck snapped as did her spine as it came lose in a shower of blood and gore.

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The human took some hell of a beating and Midori enjoyed every blow she could deliver to him. More! More! More! More! the voice inside her head raged and her grin widened. "Where is your cooky acting now, human? Tell me, where is your talking about justice? Do you like my version of it, do you? the queen taunted and hit him several times. Her two followers also were intoxicated by the rush of delivering the torture they had to endure so long to this human. Tenfold back. When he was on his knees, gripping for the axe like his life dependend on it, the beating stopped for a moment. Midori slowly walked to him, followed by her two siplets. "I had hoped for a more exciting fight. Are you the best, your organisation has to offer?" Midori asked again. Then the guy suddenly striked at her with a speed which startled her slightly. Midori crossed her vectors to stop the attack. "Oh? The human want to fight now?" the queen taunted.


The girls judged his winking as offensive and were more than eager to follow him into the destroyed facility to surround him and kill him in the most cruelsome ways possible. They had already faced losses when a girl burned down miserably screaming. The backup of the great order was coming and they wanted to hunt down this human along with the other which walked to them with a machete. "You three! Get this moron with the knife! We will hunt the other down" a older girl ordered angry and three dicloni dissolved from the main group and were charging at the lone wanderer directly with bloodlust in her eyes.

The blade clashed into the vector, sending sparks into the air. He had specifically had the weapon created so that it couldn't be destroyed by any conventional means, or even that of Vectors. But it could still very easily be blocked. Hector with his grin plastered on his face, used his weight to push against her.

"You know I've heard a lot about justice, and maybe that girl had a good reason for it. But you...you just seem like a mad little girl in need of your elders to smack you around." Hector mocked. His strength was strong but for a queen like her, there was probably little he could do to keep her on the defense using his own human strength alone. But that didn't matter and perhaps this next part would catch her off guard.

He threw the axe down, let the sharp end imbed it into the earth. It could only be guessed what kind of crazy idea the massive man had in store.

Anyone with knowledge on the girls would keep their distance. Anyone who knew a thing about them would have used long distance weapons. Nobody would stand this close to the death filled hands. Diclonius were terribly vicious opponents that had to be fought with care and precision.

But then again, nobody was as full on nuts as the Captain.

His broken arm reached out and grabbed the girl by the scruff of her clothes, forcing her forward and launching his own fist at her face. If Hector was feeling any pain right now, it was nothing to the excitement that burned through his heart.

The man who would never give up.

Zen swarmed into the room, the only light given to him was that of the broken entrance and hid himself. The best option for now was to keep himself hidden and take them out by surprise. He had a 3 bullets, he would have to make each one of them count.

As he saw the first one come, he made sure to get at angle so that it wasn’t easy for his weapon to be deflected. Apparently these girls could deflect such things as bullets, but if they didn't notice it, that was a different story.


He fired, aiming for the first one's head to take her out quickly. Of course once he did he could only hope he hit her and that his location would most likely be known by that point.

OOC: Yes...Hetor did just thow his axe away and try to punch Midori...cause he's crazy awesome like that.

Midori was looking confused at thim when the madman threw his weapon away and charged directly at her. A giant fist was attacking him and she used a vector to catch it. Was this human out of his mind or didn´t take her seriously? "You know, I´m stronger than I look like!" The girl scrowled. "You are getting on my nerves!" She used her other four vectors to punch him into the stomach. Of course she could kill him just now but she was irritated by his mad actions. He made fun of her and Midori wouldn´t allow it! Anja and Irene just watched the battle...if they could call this sorry excuse of a fight a battle. The man was broken and shattered. He just didn´t know it.

"Are you so arrogant that you think you could hit me with your bare fist? Are you stupid or just overconfident?!"

Midori punched him again several times. If necessary she would beat the daylight out of him just so he would admit that THEY were stronger and superior to them. When he would beg for his life, she would end it the most cruelsome way she could. Not any second sooner.

"...My body is in tatters, my bones are broken...my blood is spread out on the ground. How much have I lost?

Not enough apparently, I'm still standing here, I'm still alive. That is all that matters to me, just mysel, my duty, for the sake of justice I will alwasy continue on. Even if my friens and comrades die, they who lost their lives to this girl, I can never give up. No matter hte pain or agony that my body feels, as long as I contineu to breathe I can't give up.

I just can't..."

His thoughts ended there stepping back with his head low. The amount of blood he was losing was astounding, only a madman would literally still be up after those attacks.

There he stood, breathing heavily and then...he smiled.

"Hehehe...hehehehe...hahahaha! So I'm getting on your nerves now...am I demon?"

"Are you so arrogant that you think you could hit me with your bare fist? Are you stupid or just overconfident?!"

"Sorry, it was the mood, I just couldn't help it. Things don't get this exciting for me that often..." He picked up his large weapon, the gears still churning not once having stopped even when he laid it to the ground.

Can't give up! Can never give up!

"...It's just that...you really aren't all that." Hector mocked at her.

Midori was growing more and more upset. This human was mocking her. She had beat him several times, pushed him to ground, tortured him and he still was mocking her?!

"You are quite strange, human." the girl admitted with a low and cold voice. Her gaze was fixiated on his mocking face. "You are mocking me despite being in such a shape. I didn´t even have to use all my force and yet you are near the death. It just is stupidity, after all you possess. Damned human scum!" Her voice got louder as the realization hit her this guy wouldn´t give her the satisfaction of begging for his life. "I will punch this stupid grin of yours out of your ugly face!" Midori yelled, hardly keeping herself from rage. Rage wasn´t fitting for someone like her. She had to be cool and calculated but damn, this idiot was giving her a hard time.

She saw him picking up his useless weapon again and sighed in frustration. "You are just too stupid to recognize that your useless axe won´t help you." the girl said angry. In a normal case she would have let her girls finish him off for good but this human was hers to kill off. Maybe it was the best to do so now.

"Okay, fine. Since you are begging for it this desperatly. I will kill you and move on! You wasted enough time of mine, human trash!"

All five vectors were out again, striking for the lethal area in his body. She would rip his heart out and put it into his mouth literally!

Irene woke up and found herself suspended in the air by vectors. It took her a moment to register her surroundings. She felt the presences of several dicloni. It was distant now, but she felt a queen off in the distance, although there were two right under her. She then remembered her loss. Silvia's death. She remembered charging at Lily in anger, and then begin hit by her. Her head still ached from the blow. It was then she started crying again. "Lily. I lost Silvia. Lily please help. Save me. Lily, where are you?"

She repeated herself several times and curled up into a ball as she cried.

The twins noticed she was awake and put her down. Ariel and Alana didn't know what to do to comfort her. They felt Nala's presence disappear, she probably died. The queen's call got intense for a brief while and stopped, although her presence was still easy to feel. Alana spoke up. "Shut up. Lily's not here."

Ariel agreed. "No, she's not and it's not safe here. Not with a war starting over there. Now, get up Silpelit and come with us."

Before Irene could respond, Lily burst from some bushes not far from where they stood. She looked exhausted, and her face was heavily tearstained. She panted heavily as she fell to her hands and knees to catch her breath. Irene saw her and rushed to her side. "Lily, I'm so sorry I attacked you. I lost her. I lost my Silvia. What do I do? I don't have anything left. Please, help."

Lily looked at Irene and embraced her. "It's OK to be weak, dearie, but I need you to be strong for now. We need to get to safety. We need to regroup and prepare for our next step." Lily looked at Suzuki. "We need to get to the mansion and get there realitively unseen." She then looked at the twins. "I see you decided to come with us."

Ariel nodded slightly. "For now. We're curious to see what's going to happen next."

Alana smiled. "Don't expect us to help you. We aren't on your side."

Ariel took Alana's hand. "No, we're not on anyone's side."

Lily nodded. "Fair enough. I hope that might change later, but I won't complain."

Ariel smiled. "Good. This is another queen's war anyways. I'll be interesting to see who comes out on top."

Lily shivered at how cold these girls were, but she couldn't sense any hatred from them. They didn't even have their vectors out. No, these girls were only going to watch for now. They weren't completely wrong about it being another queen's war, but they also weren't right either. There were more things they were unaware of. "For now, what are your names?"

Ariel put her hand to her chest. "My name is Ariel Gatos. This is my twin sister, Alana."

Lily looked back to Suzuki and Vanessa. "Shall we get going? Before I pass out, please."

"...You really should, stop looking down on us humans..." He swung the blunt edge of his weapon outward and connected with the vector. His bladed edge was meant for cutting, but the blunt end was his secret. The controlling mechanisms which he had been churning for the entire time had now hit their maximum level of power.

And when the vector struck, an explosion like that of a small bomb went off. With such pressure the hands were blown back from the sheer force, the light of the blast almost blinding. The smoke was everywhere until his axe swung out and blew it away standing there with the broad smile on his face. He looked absolutely ecstatic right now.

"What's wrong, can kill dozens of men, but one man here is too much for you? Hahahaha! Is this what a so called Diclonius queen is capable of? You may be strong girl, but there's something you'll never understand about us. If you really think humans are so easily dealt with, then you know nothing about us.

There's only one thing that truly makes a person human. And it's not about strenght, speed, or anything like that. There's just one thing that truly makes humans what they are...

Something you'll never achieve...demon."

...And then...as if he could not mock her any worse than before, he put his weapon away, took just a few steps back, and took out his cigar. Wiping the blood from his mouth and catching his breath before lighting it and placing it into his mouth.

"...It's over...so called Queen, I've won." He stated confidently, arrogantly smiling at her. And with that he pointed behind her, or rather what turned into a half circle. Standing with their weapons raised, at angles that would make it impossible for them to deflect the bullets in all directions, stood the members of the recently arrived G.O.

Men and women, armed and ready to fight, as the woman known as Master General Elena came out, with her spear in hand and gun in the other. Her eyes could express nothing short of cold determination as she looked at the Queen Diclonius, personally hoping to aim at her.

"Sorry..." Hector stated, breathing out the carcinogenic smoke. "I had to let the time pass a bit to let the others get here, so here we are.

"I don't like having my destinations change in the middle of things, but it seems I go here just in time, though it looks like I might be late with meeting Yamamoto." Elena said. Then she finally turned her attention to the Queen Diclonius.

"...My name is Master General Elena, and under the order of The Great Order and before we end this little fight...I have some questions for you...horned girl."

Midori was silent. Her two siplets raised their vectors but she stopped then with a short shake of her head. The fight was over. The human...had won. Anja and Irene were mad but obeyed. This would only end in a suicide and it was too much at stake for them. Also Midori knew she wouldn´t be a prisoner for long. A smug smile was on her face. "So you captured me, big deal. I won´t be your guest for a long time." She put her hands up slowly and her vectores dissappeared. Her siplets didn´t say a thing although they stared hatefully at Elena for showing so little respect to her beloved queen. "What do you want...human?" Midori asked coldly. Her forces would save her later. For now it was the best to retreat for them. She let her energy out to give the signal to them. Luckily for her all these apes couldn´t send a thing. At last no more dicloni would be captured by these humans.


The dicloni attacking the facility already lost a girl to the stupid human who used coward tricks to take them out when the signal hit them. "The queen! She is captured?!" the girl in charge mused and the others also were slightly in panic, anger and confusion. "Get yourself together! You know what to do! We retreat and save our queen later! Come on!" the girl shouted. Some of them hesistated but in the last all of the dicloni left the facility. They would come back later and finish their business. The cavalry was there and they were not enough to fight them yet.


"We should go. It would be best to leave this warzone." Vanessa said. She had sensed another signal of the queen. Retreat. But that wasn´t the only one which kept her busy. These twins. There were also queen dicloni. Vanessa didn´t like them much but she had to admit that she always found it hard resisting queens in general. They just had this charming autority which invited her to stop thinking much about the orders and simply following them. "Lily. You didn´t find Zero in the ruins, did you?" For Suzuki´s sake she just had to ask. She also wanted the masked man to be safe.


Itoe grimaced. A faint feeling of energy had hit her twice, followed by an explosion before. She knew right away what it was. A queen was nearby. The explosion couldn´t mean good things. The diclonius didn´t know what to do right now. She needed something to eat and to rest. After that she could hopefully do something to investigate these things. "I felt the presence...of a queen. It is faint, but I know there is one out there." the girl said mostly to Donald. "That may be a problem."

Lily frowned. "Zero left the facility. I found an underground airfield. I think he might have been captured, but we'll save him. I promise you, Suzuki, we'll save Zero."

The twins looked at each other as she finished her declaration. They were certainly interested in this human, no other human tried to do as much as she did for diclonius. They did not say anything, but they had a good idea what the other was thinking. They would definitely watch closely.


Donald bowed his head as Itoe told him the news. "Now I really need that phone. I really hope Lily is OK."

"Zero left the facility. I found an underground airfield. I think he might have been captured, but we'll save him. I promise you, Suzuki, we'll save Zero." These were the words that comforted Suzuki the most, the fact that Zero is alive and the explosion didn’t kill him made her happy. Although she was still upset that Zero was captured.

Suzuki hugged Lily, crying of happiness and sadness at the same time. “Oh thank goodness, he is still alive” Suzuki cried.

This was it, Suzuki had to get stronger and learn how to fight if she wanted to save Zero from the clutches of Excalibur and for them to live the happy life that Zero promised.

Vanessa watched as the crying girl hugged Lily and let it all out. She kept silent, not knowing what to do or to say in this moment. She also wasn´t sure of the future. This queen she had felt earlier and these twins wasn´t something she was looking forward for. Her own goal of finding this one certain diclonius girl was also delayed to infinity it seemed. Do I really belong here? She has already enough trouble just because of us. Of me.Vanessa thought. A image of Itoe, angry and sad at the same time, appeared in her mind and she fought the urge to sigh. They had lived in the same factory for a little time. But even back then Vanessa couldn´t understand how easy Itoe was forced to obey the humans. First she thought the girl was scared or afraid and just wanted the pain to end. Many diclonius girls went this route. But later she discovered that Itoe really believed she would be awarded if she continued beeing submissive. That the humans would see not all dicloni were ruthless killers and psychopaths.

After that, they argued. It heated up more and more to the point Vanessa swore in deep hatred to crush the naive ideals the stupid girl had and to force her to accept the truth. Even when this meaned to kill her at the end. Itoe argued back, not less adamant but she said Vanessa would be the one, imprisoned by her hatred and her refusal to let the chance happen. The chance, of an end of this eternal nightmare. Back then Vanessa only felt resentment and fury for Itoe. Even now she had a hard time getting it even when Zero and Lily proved her otherwise.

Maybe it should be better to leave and to continue the search for her. They might get into another danger if I´m staying here. I don´t have this much power like these queens nor do I have the tools like Lily. Vanessa thought depressed. Zero was gone, the one masked man which had enlighten her with his scream. She wished for him to be here so that this mess wouldn´t look so worse. He would have left up the spirit for sure. She wasn´t able to do this.

I´m waiting until we reach the mansion. When Lily is safe and Suzuki in better condition...I will search for her. I won´t be another reason for them to risk a life.

That was her plan. Not a very good one. The great order knew of her. They would kill her on sight but maybe she could even distract them so that Lily and Suzuki would survive. That was another good reason for her to do so. Her gaze wandered from Lily to Suzuki. A tiny smile appeared before it vanished again. When she finally found Itoe, she would see what would happen next. Vanessa never was a really good schemer after all. "I wished it would have lasted a little bit longer." Vanessa hardly whispered to herself.

Lily accepted Suzuki's embrace. She then turned to Vanessa after the embrace was finished. She hugged the poor diclonius girl. "You did well keeping Suzuki safe. Keep up the good work, dearie."

Right then, her phone when off. Lily checked it, again a number she was unfamiliar with. "Brother?" She answered.


She smiled brightly. "Found a safe place I hope."

The response was hoarse. "Aye. We've a problem. A queen has appeared."

Lily nodded. "I know. That's not our only problem though, and certainly not the most important."

"What do you need me to do?"

Lily grinned devilishly. "We prepare. First I need you to get a general call out to our co-workers to search for a man called Excalibur. Also, we need our hacker friends assaulting the Great Order's network every day non-stop. I want to give those bastards hell. I need you to get to the warehouse and get everything ready for war. I'll meet you there with everyone with me now."

She heard him sigh. "I told you I saw this coming. Aye, I'll get everything I can ready."

Lily hung up the phone. She was going to dedicate her efforts on Excalibur and saving Zero, but there was also that male diclonius the DEF had. If she could find out where he was, she'd save him too. Any allies she could get, she'd take.

Irene stood up after composing herself. "I will help. I don't have anything but myself, but I will help."

The twins remained silent and unreactive, but the both of them were impressed by how much pull she had with diclonius. Ariel then asked. "How do you think you're going to be able to stop them?" The question was asked in a flat tone.

Lily grinned. "If I really tried I could topple governments."

With that she began the journey back to the mansion to prepare her journey back to the warehouse she owned under a company name called Mira Thorn Investments.

Vanessa cherished the warm of her hug. Her plan just felt harder to do but it was the best option right now. She didn´t trust the both queens with Lily and Suzuki. When they tried something funny there would be trouble for them. But they could also have attacked right now. Why should they wait? Was Vanessa beeing paranoid because she was worried about the two girls?

"I will try my best." Vanessa answered and tried to smile. It had hurt her to lie to Lily but it was for the best, was it?

"I wished I could have your confidence but after this mess in the facility I´m not so sure anymore. I don´t want you to be attacked by them." Vanessa said. "Maybe it would be the best to...ah forget it." Vanessa stopped. Lily would stop her if she knew of her plan and Vanessa knew she couldn´t bring any valid arguments to convince her in letting her go.

"Perhaps not..." Elena relied back smoothly, holding her firm gaze on the Queen. "...Because besides a few questions I want answered, there is very little keeping you alive right now. By the time this is over, I may just end you here and now.

...And trust me girl...if the most you can do is throw around so called invisible hands, then there isn't going to be much of a fight here." She raised her hand to make sure that the members kept their weapons raised, eyeing in the distance a figure coming out of the facility.

"Zen..." She thought, only having seen him left and not seen the girls leave as well. Instead of coming over though, he kept his distance, perhaps understanding that in this predicament, if something went awry it would be better for him to stay in a further location and act when he needed.

As for Hector, the most he did was massage his shoulders and stand there, still smoking idly on the cigar. Some of the other members looking at him strangely, mainly because he was drenched in blood and one of his arms was clearly not supposed to bend that way. Something he wasn't even aware of until he looked at it and...


snapped in back into place. All of which earned nothing more than a low "Ouch..." From the man.

"Firstly girl, who are you? What is your purpose? How are you able to use these abilities of yours?

Lily heard Vanessa start to say something and turned her head to listen. She heard. ".....Maybe it would be best to... ah forget it."

Lily smiled. "Best to what? Be a part of the family? Come on, dearie, we're going to a safe place for now. Then we're going to my home away from home."

It didn't take too long to get the the mansion, about an hour actually. Lily took care to take a route no civilians would be taking. She was grateful that the mansion was so secluded from the rest of the neighborhood. She let everybody in and made sure they weren't followed. She was exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. She dragged out her sleeping bag and colapsed into it. "I need to sleep. Sleep, then work." It didn't take long for her to fall into the darkness of sleep.

Irene watched over for a while as Lily fell asleep, but soon after all the pain she felt came pouring out and she cried for a long time. She curled up not far from Lily and wept. Silvia had been the only reason she resisted Excalibur's device. Now she was gone.

The twins watched Lily as she fell asleep so easily given the circumstances she was under. Ariel was the first to speak. "She has this way with our kind."

Alana smiled. "Yes, it's impressive. Almost like a queen, yet different." She looked at Irene. "This one looks up to the young woman."

Ariel nodded. "Nala fought to save her. Sacrificed herself."

Alana nodded in agreement. "Yes, this human is special."

They both pointed at Vanessa. "You keep her safe. She is an interesting one, and maybe she can help us achieve our goal."

They dropped their hands in unison and Ariel continued. "We will return, there is something we need to investigate."

They left the building together and found their way to the nearest house. Using their vectors they opened the door and found a hat stand. If they were going to be traveling into a city then they'd want to cover their horns for safety reasons. They found matching straw hats and put them on.

They had felt the presence of another diclonius, a Silpelit like their traveling companions. She was alone, or at least she was the only diclonius in the area other than those they just left. There was another queen, so they needed to consilidate some strength just in case she decided to attack them. If this Silpelit wasn't with her then they'd try to get her on their side.

Ever since their vectors appeared thirty years ago they only had themselves and their victims. It took fifteen years for them to realize that as much as their voice told them to kill humans, in order for the dicloni to survive as a race, they needed humans. It was the only way for them to reproduce. If they wanted to survive there needed to be some unity between humans and dicloni otherwise they'd go extinct. Lily could be the catalyst to the change they needed to survive.

They let their presence be known to this stray Silpelit, but did not call to her. It wouldn't be long before they were where she was, but it would be inconsiderate not to alert her of their presence before arriving at her location. They stopped shortly at a door, the Silpelit was in here. They considered tearing the door down, but thought better of such an action and simply knocked.

OOC: This stray is Itoe. The twins may look 12/13 but they're actually 38 years old. This is because of a genetic defect that keeps them physically young looking.

Midori listened quietly to the questions without saying one word. Anja and Irene simply glared at the soldiers but didn´t dare to speak one word. Otherwise they might get killed and they didn´t want to disobey her queen anyway. The soldiers were tensed as were the dicloni. "I´m Midori, queen of this dicloni you fought. I think you know what a queen is so I doubt I have to explain it to you. As for my...abilties...don´t you have your reports of your damned facilities? You should already know how we use them." the queen explained calmly. She eyed the big brute who snapped his arm back and wondered what guy she was fighting. No normal human should have been able to pull off such crazy stunts. She would kill him for sure. "Besides you are only able to ask questions because I´m tolerating it. You wouldn´t stay a chance against us. You just simply didn´t realize it yet, human." Midori was smiling now. They didn´t have one clue about a queen and how powerful such an individual could be. Would it only be her, she would have already ended this. But then Anja and Irene would be killed. They weren´t ready yet for this many soldiers.

"What are your goals and why do you keep torturing us for appearently no reason? What purpose have these facilities? I will free my people and then I will let you all pay for your sadistic crimes against us!" Midori said with a very cold tone. She wasn´t afraid. These morons were no match.

Vanessa nodded. *Their goals?* she asked herself in her mind. After that the girls left the mansion and Vanessa looked to the room Lily was currently resting at. She abandoned her plans one more time again. Lily was exhausted and defenseless. Although Vanessa doubted there would occur any trouble soon she wanted to be on the safe side. Later when Lily was refreshed again, Vanessa would ask the queens about ther intensions.

A big family with her beeing a part of it? Vanessa liked the idea. A nice dream which was unfortunately at risk at the moment. *A family would be nice. I wanted to protect that. I don´t have much to do anyway. Sorry Itoe, maybe we met each other again on a later time but for now I have something to do.*

With these thoughts in mind Vanessa made herself comfortable near Suzuki.


Itoe was glad to finally have eaten and to be clean again. There was some confusion when she suddenly took out her clothing in front of Donald. She was never educated in the proper etiquette and simply didn´t understand the shocked looks on the faces. After some explanation and pushing into the bath, she took a refreshing shower and relaxed for the first time after her escape. "That is soo refreshing." Itoe smiled and closed her eyes. When she finally was finished, she went out into the living room and thought about what to do next. Donald had talked with his sister and seemed to be busy. The faint feelings of a nearby queen still lingered in her mind. What was the meaning behind it? Suddenly a strong feeling appeared in the Siplet and catched her off guard. "More queens? They are nearby!" Itoe said confused. "They are coming to us!"

After that a faint knock could be heared from the entrance door and Itoe gulped, not sure what would happen next.

"...You foolish little child." Elena stated simply, shaking her head as if she had never heard such a ridiculous thing in her life. "The Great Order has only recently heard of your kind, such things as torture. Your so called lives that you've lived, the so called terrible things you apparently have gone through, all of that is new to us.

And under normal guidelines we would have stopped such things. Imprisonment of the innocent, tortures of the innocent, all of that is against the law of justice. Even Hector here, who clearly hates your kind, knows that. If what you say is true, then we will stop the madness of this so called atrocity.

But all of you are dangerous, your kind is a danger to humanity and we, The Great Order, will do anything to stop it. The order to kill your kind here was directed under the point of the dangers that you all possessed. But for me personally, this has nothing to do with the way you were treated or the dangers you my possess. As far as I'm concerned right now, that is meaningless to this entire situation.

She raised her hand as the guns were raised.

"...If this had been just about your tortures and dangers, things might be different. Maybe somewhere in my heart, I'd have given you all a chance. Maybe somewhere deep down inside of me, I would understand your plight. Maybe somewhere, at some point, you faced horrible consequences and deserved to be pitied.

...But not anymore.

...There's only one reason I'm going to have you all killed...and that's because you struck at us first."

And she waved her arm down. The guns went off, firing at the two Diclonius girls in a hail of firepower. Even if they could block some of it, it would be impossible to block it all as the formation of it kept them from keeping track of all the soldiers and their firing. The two Diclonius girl, Irene and Anja were killed. Maybe it was quick maybe it was slow, but there was no pity in Elena's eyes the moment she threw her hand down.

Now she stood there, staring coldly at the Queen Diclonius and said firmly.

"Don't you even dare try to throw your bullshit excuse of a sob story on me. Because here's a little fact for you. You aren't some Queen or Diclonius or whatever. You're nothing more than a pitiful little girl crying for attention and thinking the world revolves around her and then bitch moans when things don't go her way.

Do you understand...?

You are a little...pathetic...human girl.

...And nothing more."

OOC: Chiyo's allowed me to kill the two Diclonius so just pointing that out here.

Midori watched in horror when her two loyal girls were gunned down for what she thought pure enjoyment of this barbaric woman. They defended herself in the most brave way possible but in the end they died a miserable death. She could only hope, their deaths were quick. "And that´s...were you are wrong...bitch!" Midori hatefully answered. She had just killed her for fun. To prove a point and to rub it into her face. These girls didn´t do anything. They never even killed someone here and they were gunned down!

"I will hunt every human down, ripping them into shreds and killing off their families one by one! I will kill you the last. Before...I will make you see your family die...your friends...your children...anything you hold dear...I will crush it before your eyes. And then...when you are nothing more like an empty shell with a crushed soul...

...I will rip you apart slowly." The queen threatened. Rage had builded up and now she didn´t give a damn about restraint anymore. They had to die! They all had to die, except for this stupid little excuse of an ape. She would be spared to watch all she ever had believe, crushed. Her Horns growed and her vision turned red as she allowed her voice and her hatred to fully consume her. She let out a murderous shrilly scream and felt her powers increase dramatically. A furious frown with two almost glowing red eyes were fixiated on the leader of the great order when suddenly and without any warning four light beams were shot at the group raising up dust all over the area. Three beams went right through some people, burning them down to ashes and creating an opening for her escape. Without thinking much she speed up as fast as she could to rush trough the opening and confusion before the group could get what had hit them. When she was past them she looked into their direction and fired another two beams before she was running into the town.

She would have to hide somewhere before her dicloni would be able to find her. That was all what mattered right now.

Donald was the one two answer the door. He was cautious and didn't expect to see two young girls with straw hats on their heads. Were these the queens that Itoe had mentioned?

Before he could say anything one of them said. "You aren't the Silpelit. Let us in, we have need to see her."

Donald was wary. "What do you want?"

The other repeated. "We want the Silpelit. We will see her."

They said in unison. "We have no interest in causing her harm."

The first one continued. "Nor do we wish to hurt you, human. In fact we are offering her protection. Protection from the other queen and sanctuary for those that have need for it."

The other finished. "We have no interest in human matters, only those diclonius. Again, we order you to let us in to see her."

Donald blinked. If they were queens then it was certainly a fact that they could tear them apart. The fact that they didn't meant their intentions weren't to cause harm. He looked over his shoulder and called out to Itoe. "Itoe, what is it you wish to do?"

Zero slowly began regaining consciousness; all he could hear was a strange noise.

“Yes…yes…ohhhhh yes Zero!!!” Zero quickly opened his eyes and found out that it was Alice playing tricks on him. Alice realises Zero is awake. “Hehe Zero thinks I’m a pervert would take advantage of him while he sleeps hehe” Alice cheerfully said to Zero, who was chained up, just like the diclonius Excalibur had captured before. Alice slowly got her face close to Zero’s. “Don’t worry, if I was going to do something like that, I’ll make sure you are awake so you could enjoy it too hehe!” As she says this, she kisses Zero on the lips.

Zero couldn’t believe it, the daughter of the man that destroyed his kingdom and everyone he cared for, was kissing him on lips, and judging by the way she is doing it, it wasn’t a normal kiss.

Alice stopped the kiss, blushing and breathing heavy. “I’ve never had feeling like this to someone…or do things like that…I can’t till we are alone hehe!” Alice then turned around happily. “DADDY HE IS AWAKE”

“Thank you Alice” A voice was heard from the speakers, it was Excalibur. “So Jamie…It has been a while…”

“Yeah…it has...” Zero replied. “Hmph…I haven’t heard my real name in a while…” Zero said, he hasn’t gone by his real name since the destruction. “But I wouldn’t be using a different name…IF YOU DIDN’T DESTROY MY KINGDOM YOU BASTARD!” Zero shouted, showing anger, trying to move but being hold back by the chain.

Excalibur just laughed. “You should be blaming yourself, for showing kindness, for showing pity for Itachi when he looked like he needed help…oh how you regretted it later on haha” Excalibur said laughing.

“I made a mistake…but no more…no more will I make mistakes, I WILL BRING YOU DOWN AND DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR!” Zero shouted, making it his goal.

Excalibur then smirked. “But who is the winner now? I have one of the most powerful diclonius in the world, my daughter Alice here…and now I have the man that was the only thing stopping me from world domination…you” Excalibur said. “You were the only thing stopping me, you and your unnatural fighting ability…no matter the odds, you were always able to surpass it, getting someone to gain your trust and to betrayal you was the only way for me to attack you when you least expect it…and it worked” Excalibur continued. “But now…now you survive and have gained amazing speed…what happened in those two years…ANWSER ME!!” Excalibur shouted pushing a button which released electricity through Zero, causing him to scream in pain.

“…I’LL NEVER TELL YOU HOW I GOT THEM NEVER!!!” Zero screamed, refusing to tell.

“Hmph…then I will make you tell me” Excalibur said, pushing the button again, inflicting more pain into Zero. If he couldn’t get him to say it, he will break him till he does. After a while Excalibur stopped. “That will be enough for today, I don’t want to kill my latest ‘toy’ haha” Excalibur said, giving out a chuckle before walking away, leaving Zero to Alice.

Alice was happy and began jumping around. “YAY! Daddy left Zero for me by myself hehe!” Alice then looked at Zero. “What should we do first hehe!” Alice wondered.

“Why do you still call me Zero? You know my real name…” Zero asked, trying to speak.

“Hmm? Because it sounds awesome hehe” Alice replied. “And because you chose to have an alias, so I thought I would at least stick with it.” Alice continued.

Zero looked a bit angered by that. “You know why I have given myself an alias…BECAUSE YOU KILLED MY KINGDOM!!” Zero shouted at Alice.

Alice got upset by this and hugged Zero, crying. “PLEASE STOP SHOUTING AT ME ZERO< I ONLY DID IT CAUSE DADDY TOLD ME TOO WAH!!” Alice cried even more.

“…Ok I’ll stop shouting…” Zero said to Alice. Was she telling the truth? Was she really doing all this because of Excalibur? What lies did he feed her to keep her on his side? For now Zero was chained up, so pissing off Alice was a bad idea.

“Really, you mean it? YAY!” Alice looked happy again. “Your mask looks awesome!” Alice said, picking up the mask with her vectors. She had ten vectors, all which could reach up to five metres, a deadly feat that you wouldn’t want to cross.

“Yeah…it kind of is…huh?” Zero said, who then realised Alice has jumped back on him. “W-what are you doing?” Zero asked, seeing that Alice is blushing.

“I-I have been thinking about you since the day I saw you…I hope you survived…and now knowing that you did made me feel happy…and I have been very lonely all these years in this room…” Alice replied, getting closer and closer. “And I have…these urges…” Alice continued getting closer. “No…I can’t…I don’t want to force this on you…I want you to feel the same…or I won’t be happy…” Alice moved away from Zero and sat a little bit away from him.

Zero was confused by this girl, was she really just a lost soul looking for help? Or was she trying to get Zero on her side for Excalibur? Zero didn’t know, but he wasn’t in a situation to find out.

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Elfen World (Part I) Empty Re: Elfen World (Part I)

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“Scalpel.” the surgeon ordered.

“Scalpel.” the assistant repeated as he handed the scalpel to the surgeon.

“Making the incision now. Beginning surgery.” he said through his headset to Yamamoto.

“Excellent. Keep me up to date on your progress Dr. Noda.”

“Very well sir.”

Dr. Noda began making the incision into the back of Kenshi's neck. After several precise and careful cuts, Kenshi's spinal cord was exposed.

“Alright everyone, this is the most delicate part of the procedure. If the calculations are off by even the tiniest fraction, the patient could be permanently harmed. Let us begin.”

Reaching over to his table of supplies, Dr. Noda retrieved the control harness. Carefully, he placed it onto Kenshi's spinal cord.

Pressing the button on the back of the harness, 4 needles were inserted into Kenshi's spinal cord to secure the device and give it a direct link to his brain.

“Everything is going smoothly so far, Yamamoto.” Dr. Noda reported.

“How much longer until the procedure is complete?” he asked.

“Not much longer sir. The device is secure and in place. Stitching back the skin now.”


Back in his office, Yamamoto was contemplating his next move when he was suddenly interrupted by Hideki.

“Sir, we've just received a transmission from Hector! Playing it now!”

“This is Captain Hector Schlenzanner, specialized operative of The Great Order. I here by give this call, war is among us. A man named Excalibur of whom some of you have become aware of have set his sights on using the horned being as Diclonius as war potentials. As of now you should all have been made aware of such a thing.

Location of his base is as noted...”

“Bahahaha!” Yamamoto laughed. “So they've found Excalibur's base huh? Well I do hope the do the bastard in! It will just be less problem I have to deal with!” he said with another laugh.

“Sir, receiving another transmission.... It's from the Great Order Master General Elena!”

“What? Well play it!”

“This is the Master General, decree upon war with Excalibur has been noted. All members, captains and colonels are to meet at this location. In the name of justice we shall purge those who seek to defile it.”

“It looks as if they're really going all out on this.” Yamamoto stated.

“As decreed by the Master General, responsibility given to me, Captain Hector Schlenzanner do state. The defeat of Excalibur is now in motion, for the sake of justice and the world peace, fight!

and...in aspect of the horned race...Diclonius I now give this order.

All Diclonius...

...…Are to be killed.”

“Hideki, keep monitoring all communications coming from that area. I want to know what's going on at all times!”

“Yes sir!”

“In the mean time, mobilize Squad Zero and send them there to support the Great Order. I imagine the man will have quite the army of Diclonius.”


Suigetsu almost couldn't contain the anticipation welling up inside him as he and the rest of Squad Zero made their way by helicopter to Excalibur's base. It would be the ultimate challenge for Squad Zero, an army of Diclonius.

In the distance, Suigetsu could see a huge pillar of smoke billowing into the air. As they got closer, he realized it was the smoldering remains of what used to be Excalibur's base. It looked to have been destroyed by an explosion of some sort. He hoped he they hadn't arrived to the battle to late.

Descending to the ground, the squad could see the Great Order had surrounded three diclonius, two of which were already dead. They landed just in time to see the remaining diclonius go mad and shoot what looked to be beams of light into the surrounding Great Order soldiers. They were vaporized on contact. With a gap in their lines she raced past them to make her escape.

“Come on men!” Suigetsu shouted as the helicopter's landed. “We must assist the Great Order! We will rendezvous with them and plan our means of attack accordingly. Move out!”

As they approached, Suigetsu could already smell the stench of burning flesh. Whatever that attack was, he was glad he wasn't on the receiving end of it.


After Donald was done using the phone, Rei approached Itoe.

“Itoe, I think its time we give you a bath.” she said with a smile. “After all you've gone through lately, I'm sure a warm bath is just what you need.”

Both Rei, and Donald began blushing as Itoe began to remove her clothes.

“Not out here Itoe!!! Take your clothes off in the bathroom!” Rei said.

“Come in here, and I'll show you.” she said, motioning to the bathroom.

After Rei had prepared a bath for Itoe she got in.

“This is so refreshing.” Itoe said as she sunk deeper into the warm comforting water.

“I've found that after a long stressful day, a warm bath is just what you need to relax and just let it all out.” Rei said. “Well, I'll let you enjoy your bath. The towel is right there when your ready to get out.” she said pointing to the towel.

After preparing a meal for Itoe, Rei sat patiently in the living room as Donald worked busily at the computer. After what seemed like forever, Itoe finally emerged.

“Enjoy you're bath Itoe? Come over here, I've got some food for you. You'll love it!” Rei said.

Rei watched as Itoe devoured the food she had prepared.

“They must hardly feed these girls judging from the way she's eating...” she thought to herself. “Hehe, it kind of reminds me of when I first made food for Kenshi....” she thought as the memories poured in. “I haven't seen him in so long... I wonder where he is right now....”

Her thoughts were cut short as Itoe suddenly became alarmed.

"More queens? They are nearby!" Itoe said confused. "They are coming to us!"

“Queens? Itoe, what do you mean?” Rei asked.

Suddenly, a knock was heard at the door.

Donald moved to answer it. As he opened the door, they saw two girls wearing hats standing there.

"You aren't the Silpelit. Let us in, we have need to see her."

Donald was wary. "What do you want?"

The other repeated. "We want the Silpelit. We will see her."

They said in unison. "We have no interest in causing her harm."

The first one continued. "Nor do we wish to hurt you, human. In fact we are offering her protection. Protection from the other queen and sanctuary for those that have need for it."

The other finished. "We have no interest in human matters, only those diclonius. Again, we order you to let us in to see her."

Rei just stood there and watched, not knowing what to do. Just where were all these diclonius coming from? She looked over to Itoe, watching to see what she would do.


“Yamamoto, this is Dr. Noda reporting.”

“Ahh, Dr. Noda. What's No. 37's status?”

“The surgery is complete and No. 37 is back in his cell recovering. I suggest coming down here so we can begin the test. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.”

“Very well, I'm on my way right now. Have No. 37 ready by the time I arrive.”

“Yes sir, Yamamoto.”


“Yes sir?” Hideki answered in his usual timid voice.

“Keep monitoring all communications from Squad Zero and the Great Order. Let me know if anything comes up.” he said moving for the door.

“Yes sir!” Hideki replied.

Yamamoto headed towards the elevator leading down to the Diclonius holding cells. With every step he could feel his excitement rising. His ultimate weapon was complete.

There were only three people that didn't go into a state of absolute shock and horror when Midori went wild.

Hector seemed more interested in the girl himself, expressing what could only be described as absolutely joy on his face. He may have at that moment taken chase, his weapon of mass destruction already out and at hand. He had even bitten so hard on his cigar that he snapped in cleanly in half. Despite his tendencies to go wild sometimes even he knew it would be better to stay. He kept his axe at guard, ready to take on anything that came his way.

Zen himself remained as calm and collect himself. It would be wrong to say he wasn't surprised but there was no point in putting in such emotions. He could only stand there and watch as the men were butchered on the spot.

And finally, Elena did not move, nor blink, nor or expression change. The only thing she did was naturally move her head to the side when she felt the beam hit against the far left side of her face, sprouting blood through the air. The blood ran down her face and she was now completely blind, her eye having been burned into uselessness. Despite that she made no emotions of fear or horror even as another beam came to her. Spear in hand, she twirled it majestically and then swung it downward, letting the tip clash against the beam.

There was a moment of push as she had to put her strength behind it, the power of it incredible and maybe not even the person's best, but with her intentions strong, an explosion of unnatural light lit up half-seen vision before the particles dissipated. By the time the smoke cleared, there was nothing left but a few dead bodies of both side, the Queen had escaped.

Hector was about to rush out, the exciting rush through his heart, passing through each vein would've made him chase for hours, maybe a day if nothing stopped him. But something did, the woman's hand which rested on his chest. Hector paused and looked down at her, awaiting her answer.

"Let's wait, there's no point in going after her now."

"Understood Master General..." Hector said, returning his axe to its holding spot.

Zen who of course was not in the location could easily see Midori making her escape and aimed, quickly averting though as he knew trying to shoot from such a location was pointless, improbably even. it would be better to go back to the others.

"Deal with the bodies, we're heading out now." She ordered, not even bothering to deal with her wound right now. She had far more important things to deal with.

The Master General could still feel the sizzling of her skin, the shot having barely missed at taking off her own head.

"...I will hunt every human down, ripping them into shreds and killing off their families one by one! I will kill you the last. Before...I will make you see your family die...your friends...your children...anything you hold dear...I will crush it before your eyes. And then...when you are nothing more like an empty shell with a crushed soul..."


"...Then the solution is very simple..." She said softly to herself. "I'll just have to kill you first."

Hector hearing the sounds of helicopters gazed up into the skies, his eyes narrowing as did the others. "Diclonius Extermination Force?" Elena asked.

"Aye, looks Captain Suigetsu just arrived." Hector said calmly walking up to meet them. Lt. General Zen arrived as well, his calm expression and this time, Master General Elena came along as well. The rain was already falling hard now, drenching their bodies but at least helping to wash some of the blood off of them. The young woman was given a makeshift eye patch by Zen until proper care could be given as well as some ointment which was also given to Hector. Zen wasn't sure why he gave it to Hector but it was more or less probably due to habit.

"So you are Captain Suigetsu eh? And you work for Yamamoto right?" Elena stated firmly, her single blue eye staring coldly. "This may not be of the best places, but I guess some introductions are in way, right?

My name is Elena Squratoli, Master General of The Great Order. I believe I have meeting with your boss."

Suigetsu stared back into Elena's one remaining eye. Though she had only one eye, her gaze was no less powerful. It even made Suigetsu stand on edge.

“Yes you're right, some introductions are in order.” Suigetsu replied. “I am Captain Suigetsu of D.E.F. Squad Zero. We specialize in Diclonius containment and/or termination. We were sent here by Yamamoto to assist in any way we can.

As for you meeting, Yamamoto is expecting you and eagerly awaits your arrival.”

Suigetsu turned from Elena to take in the carnage surrounding him. Bodies, or what was left of them, were scattered all around the battlefield. The bodies consisted of both human, and diclonius remains. They had arrived to late. The battle was already over.

Turning back to Elena, he said “Now that the introductions are out of the way, what are your orders regarding the diclonius that just escaped?”


“Right this way Mr. Yamamoto.” Dr. Noda said as he lead Yamamoto to Kenshi's location.

“How is No. 37 Dr. Noda?” he asked.

“See for yourself.” Dr. Noda replied as the two walked into an observation room.

Through the observation window, Yamamoto could see Kenshi lying on a restraining table.

“Here, take this.” Dr. Noda said as he handed Yamamoto a special headset. “Use this to talk to No. 37. Tell him to get up.”

Putting the headset on Yamamoto said “No. 37 this is your new master speaking. I order you to get up.”

Compelled by the harness on his neck, Kenshi stood up. There in front of him on a table was his belongings. His clothes were neatly folded and both his swords were lying next to them.

“Get dressed No. 37. You have work to do.”

With an almost lifeless look in his eyes, Kenshi mindlessly followed the orders he was given. Once he was dressed and his swords were in place the door in front of him opened. From out of the doorway, two diclonius stepped forth.

“No. 37 do you see the two diclonius in front of you? I want you to kill them.” Yamamoto cruelly ordered.

Drawing his two swords, Kenshi charged towards the two diclonius. He easily dodged their feeble attempts at guarding themselves with their vectors. In less than a minute, he had penetrated the first one's defenses.

“Furotingu-Ken Style: Tsuinsurasshu”

Kenshi's blades sliced through the diclonius girl like it was nothing. Bifurcated at the waist, her torso fell to the ground, as torrents of blood was spilled onto the floor. The bottom half just stood there for a moment, before collapsing to the ground spilling even more blood.

Seeing the other girl killed so easily, the second diclonius fled to the other side of the room. She cowered helplessly in the corner.

“Noooo! I don't want to die!! Please!” she begged.

“No. 37, kill her.” Yamamoto ordered once again.

Kenshi turned and slowly walked towards the girl, with that same lifeless look in his eyes.

“Why are you doing this?! What did I ever do to you?? I don't even know why I'm here! I'm scared and all alone!” she cried, tears streaming down her face.


In a panic the girl sent her vectors flailing in every direction. Kenshi easily dodged the misguided attacks. Soon, he was standing right in front of her.

“Pleeeeeaaasseeee!!! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! I don't want to-”

“Furotingu-Ken Style: Sokushi”

In an instant, the girls head was rolling on the floor, the same look of fear still plastered on her face as the blood drained from her decapitated head.

Yamamoto couldn't tell what had just happened. No. 37 had drawn his blade so fast his eyes couldn't follow it. It was if he just stood there and the girls head fell off on its own.

“Amazing!” Yamamoto exclaimed. “No. 37, you are everything I could have hoped for!!” he said as he laughed maniacally.

“Dr. Noda, restrain and send No. 37 back to his cell. I must prepare for my meeting with the leader of the Great Order.”

While he waited for Itoe to respond, Donald turned to the twins. "I have one request, if she decides to go with you, let me come along. I promised I would protect her, and I have every intention to follow through with that promise."

One twin looked at the other. "Another odd one."

The other nodded. "What do you think you can do to protect her? We're diclonius, if you know what we are then you should know we are more than capable of defending ourselves."

Donald shook his head. "You can fight, but you can't deal with everything. Humans far outnumber you, and many fear you. You need our protection as dangerous as you are."

They both said. "Very well. We won't stop you."

They were both impressed with how directly and fearlessly he could speak to them. It reminded them of Lily a little, but he was slightly different. He even had a similar accent though. Perhaps this was the brother that she spoke with on the phone before bringing them to the mansion. Today was a day to meet interesting humans.

“Why do you help him?” Zero asked

“Because he is my dad” Alice replied.

“Even though he is causing pain to both human and diclonius?” Zero asked.

“What do you mean?” Alice replied. She looked confused by what Zero meant, does Excalibur tell her what he does? “Daddy promised me that he will take over this world for me, for us” Alice continued.

“He is lying to you Alice…he only wants to use you to take over the world…he has been torturing your kind so he could control them…just like he doing so with you…” Zero said to Alice. Although all Zero did was piss Alice off.

“HE IS NOT USING ME; HE IS GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD FOR ME!!!” Alice shouted. All ten of her vectors shot out and headed towards Zero. Each vector hitting him in the stomach over and over, Zero began coughing blood. Alice stopped and realised what she had done. “OH NO I’M SORRY ZERO…LET ME CLEAN OFF THE BLOOD” Alice cried before quickly running up to Zero.

Zero expected that Alice would use a tissue or towel to wipe off the blood…but he didn’t expect this. Instead she was using her tongue to lick off the blood around his mouth before then kissing him again. Zero couldn’t understand this girl, one moment she was all lovey dovey towards him, the next she nearly killed him, now she is lovey dovey again. This was the first time that Zero feared for his life, Alice could kill him in one fell swoop and he would be helpless to do anything.

Eventually Alice stopped and smiled at Zero. “See? All gone now hehe” Alice said to Zero. “Don’t worry Zero, I won’t let anyone hurt you, not even my dad…I will kill anyone who tries to get in our way hehe” Zero feared for life even more, not for just his sake, for the others as well. Lily, Vanessa and most importantly Suzuki was not safe if Alice stayed near to Zero. What would she do if Suzuki wanted to hug him? What if Vanessa or Lily just wants to get close to Zero so they could talk to him? Alice would probably kill them for just looking at him. Zero had to break free while he still could.

“Oh would you look at the time, it’s time to sleep hehe” Alice cheerfully said before giving out a yawn. “It’s a good thing I can do this hehe” Alice said, walking towards a part of the wall that had a button on it. She pressed the button and it released Zero from his chains, but Zero couldn’t move, his body seemed lifeless; the only thing he could move was his head and that wasn’t going to help him in the slightest. “I sleep on a single bed, but I think I can squeeze you in hehe” Alice cheerfully said to Zero, picking him up with her vectors and carrying him to her bed. She then hugged him like he was a teddy bear. “Sleep tight Zero, I hope you have sweet dreams hehe” Alice said to Zero. “I know I will…because they have become true hehe” Alice continued before slowly falling asleep.

This was becoming hell for Zero, free from the chains but he couldn’t move, which meant he was stuck in the arms of Alice, who showed no signs of letting go. It wasn’t long till Zero also fell asleep, hoping that this nightmare would soon end.

OOC: To be honest this is going to be fun and weird to write, the relationship between Zero and Alice is weird and will only lead to more weird things to happen. :3

Itoe knew they were refering to her and walked out to see them. They were both twins, young looking but with an air of mature which looked out of place. Both gave out the unique signals of a queen each siplet would recognize right away. "How can I help you?" Itoe asked a bit worried. She didn´t like attention much. In most cases it had caused pain and suffering to her. When the people found out about her unique ability they tried to research it with nasty and painful methods.

Donald asked them if he could follow and protect her which warmed Itoe´s heart. She didn´t knew any human who would do that. Dicloni were stronger and had their abilities while humans...well, they were inferior in most cases. Even Itoe had to admit that and she didn´t want to sound arrogant. She simply had watched it.

"It depends in what you are planing. I don´t want to harm or kill humans." Itoe answered respectfully in front of the queens.


Midori panted. Again and again she had the pictures of her two loyal dicloni, gunned down mercilessy by these humans. They had do nothing. They weren´t even provoking and yet simply killed off. She had hide in a small house, simply killing the little family, a mother, a father and their son, off. Their deaths had been quick as she simply wanted to rest and to go back to their own family. Bounded together because of what they were. Desperation and with no future as long as they would be hunted down by the human race. She gave them hope and in return they gave her a place to belong and to help. That´s why she gave them the signal to retreat. The losses in a fight with so much great order guys were simply too high for the young queen to bear. But she would stand by her promise.

"Elena...for what you have done...I will kill you even if I will lost my own life while trying it..." the queen hatefully muttered. For now she would stay low and rest. Tomorrow would be another day and she would reunite with her group. After that there would be hell for the humans.

Elena gazed off at the direction of where the Queen had run off to. "That's up to you to decide Captain Suigetsu, my business with her is not finished, not until one of us dead and I don't plan on being on the bad end of that kind of stick. However it might be good if you did track her down anyways, whether she calls it cowardice that I don't face her myself is her proble m, when and if we personally meet, that when things will be decided. But if I just let her go like this, I risk too much for the sake of others.

Go off and find her, if you do, you of course have my permission to kil her.

"Kruger, we're done here, head back to the base until further instructions." Hector ordered over his radio.

Zen gave him a quizzical look and said darkly. "Kruger huh? The hired mercenary right? I saw his actions today, what he did to the girls. The man may be skilled in his own rights but his personality is twisted. He doesn’t care about justice or helping anyone, he only cares about himself and his own actions. What he did out there on this field of battle is something we should be highly alert of.

"What do you think?" Elena questioned her second in command.

"He's under Hector's jurisdiction and his actions, deplorable as they were, did fall under the guidelines we had set today. To kill the Diclonius. But that's not the problem, its where his loyalties lie. I can trust that it doesn't lie with us, as I said he only cares about himself. This may end up being a problem later on, especially if he tries to go against us."

"And do you have a suggestion?" Hector asked.

Zen looked over at the carnage, he could almost see their bodies, torn, ripped, shredded, no dignity of anything. These kills were not meant for the sake of justice or law, it was nothing short of pure murder for the enjoyment of the person itself. Kruger was a man who didn't seem to have morals, it was a like a time bomb that could go off at any time. His actions may be oriented to their group but how long that would last was anyone's guess.

At the very least though, Lt. General Zen did not trust him.

"He's your responsibility and so I'll let you handle it as you see fit Captain Schlenzanner. All I ask is that you keep a proper eye out for him."

"I know what you mean, your concerns have not left me. I knew the moment that I hired him of what I would be getting into. I personally had it that he would have to contact me in certain situations. Whenever I send him out, if something happens and there is not a good reason for it, I will know and I will deal with appropriately."

Zen nodded affirmatively.

"You are going to meet Yama-Boss now right? Should I come along?" Hector asked.

Zen stepped in and replied. "There will be no need, I will come with her."

It had been quite a battle and now the others had gone their way. The members of the G.O were sent back out while they dead...all of them...were properly buried.

The place for the meeting was a fine restaurant of the top class. It was separated into an upper and lower floor while Elena sat a two seat table, resting her chin on her folded hands. She wore her usual Great Order uniform and this time, a black eye patch hung over her face, hiding her recently achieved wound. The only thing at her table was a glass of water, not even bothering with any alcoholic beverages, she wanted to be wide alert, that and she had a hard time keeping her liquor down.

Zen was by her side, standing there stoically with his hands in his pockets. Today was the day for the fated meeting. Elena patiently waited for the arrival of the leader of the Diclonius Extermination Force.
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The twins both looked at Itoe as she appeared. A silpelit that didn't want to kill humans? This was a new occurence to them, but it didn't change their mission. Ariel was the first to speak. "We have no real interest in killing unnecessarily. If we were slaves to our instincts we'd be nothing more than animals and he would be dead along with the human woman over there." She pointed at Donald and then Rei. "No, we have a higher purpose. There is another queen waging war against the humans, and that will be bad for all of our kind."

Alana spoke next. "While it matters not to us if she lives or dies it is much preferable that we can salvage a way to survive as a race among humans."

Ariel continued. "That queen is a raging child that quite possibly may destroy our race." She extended her hand to Itoe. "We come here offering sanctuary for those that have no interest in a future where we are extinct."

Alana finished. "Our goal is simple: we wish for our race to survive. In order for that to happen there needs to be some peace between our kind and the humans."

They were right. If they would have wished for, Reina and Donald would be already dead. Itoe didn´t have the power to stop them. A peace between humans and the diclonius race. Was that even possible? Itoe wasn´t too sure but she would do everything to archieve this goal if possible. "I would also want to have peace between humans and our kind." Itoe answered. She wasn´t sure what to think about the stoic twins. It would be dangerous to take on another queen. They usually had their followers and it could create a bloody fight between dicloni.

"If peace is what you desire I will help you. I´m not a good fighter. My abilities are more for protection and healing but I can defend myself if necessary." Itoe explained. She would have to find a way to avoid loosing too much energy but the silpelit was certain she would find a way.

"Do you want to kill this queen you mentioned?" Itoe asked.

Ariel frowned. "Her death would not change things now. However at this point her life is not important either. She may end up dying by someone's hand, but we have no interest in killing our own kind unless necessary."

Alana nodded in agreement. They way they agreed with each other was like it was natural for them. "We have no desire to kill her. Should we cross paths with her and we can not educate her about her error, we may end up killing her. However, the damage has already been done and killing her would do nothing to ease the situation."

Donald was speechless. He was amazed by how calmly they spoke of their plans. It was almost as if they weren't actually 13. They wanted peace with humankind, but only for survival of their entire race.

Ariel smiled. "We have no need for fighters, for that we have many. We need those of a fairer disposition. It seems we are indeed lucky to have found you."

Itoe wasn´t sure. Her gaze quickly wandered to Donald and then back to the queen twins. What could someone like her do to be of use for them? What the real intentions for the peace were, wasn´t important for Itoe. Only that peace would became a reality without them beeing captured and experimented on again. The rest didn´t matter.

"What do you mean with that and what are your next steps?" the sipilet asked. She was unsure how she could fit into their big plan but it was better than doing nothing and end up only beeing a burden to this kind humans who had helped her. Donald would also come with her so she wouldn´t be alone in this.

Alana gave Itoe a serious look. "Our next step is strictly for us to know only and there is much to prepare for. However, your unique disposition is of great import, for when the time comes it will be key to settling a peace with the humans, or at the very least a truce."

Ariel gave an accusing look and picked up some tones of emotion. "So, if you decide to join us in this it will be imperative that you set aside all feelings of doubt and insecurity. Either path you pick will be filled with dangers of varying proportions, and important decisions will be made in the near future. These choices must be made with a clear mind. One free of the fog that is doubt and worry."

Alana's face relaxed. "This is not a one time only offer. Should you refuse we will go our separate ways, but if we find each other again under similar terms then we will extend to you the same offer as we do now."

Itoe kept silent and thought about the offer of the twins. She could do more than here. The motives were almost the same and she wasn´t alone in this. What else could she do at the moment? Nothing. Itoe took a deep breath to free her mind and to get all the doubts and fears away. She had to get stronger and more confident about herself or she would fail.

"I understand. I have cleared my mind and I will follow you." Itoe said. Now there was it. Her decision to do what these queens want her to do. The only thing she would be adamant of was her refusal of killing or harming but they already said she wouldn´t be needed for that.

"I´m ready to leave if you want to." Itoe said with a serious look.


Vanessa wasn´t too sure what to do right now. Lily was sleeping, the twins were gone to do whatever they had to do and Suzuki...she hadn´t spoke much after their arrival. Vanessa was a bit worried about her. She had taken the capture of him the hardest of all of them and looked like a ghost to the diclonius. "Suzuki? You haven´t spoken since we arrived here. Can I get something for you?" Vanessa slowly said. She had recognized that this mansion was the same she had as target earlier. When she was still the hateful silpilet before. She had want to kill the owners of this building. There were only hours between the change and yet Vanessa felt uncomfortable. The silence was getting on her nerves. It always did. Vanessa always thought of something bad happening every moment when she felt this.

"If you want someone to talk, well, I´m there for you. If not, then it´s fine too." Vanessa slowly added. She wouldn´t wonder if Suzuki would snap right away at her.

The twins smiled. "Excellent."

Ariel pulled the ribbon off of her straw hat, Alana followed suit. "Cover your horns with these. It is not safe for us to travel freely without coverings. Not yet at least."

They turned and began to lead them back to the mansion. "Follow us." Was the only thing they said the whole trip.

Donald looked back at Rei before they left. "Thank you for everything you've done for us. It probably would be best if you continue with your life as normal. I wouldn't want somebody as kind as you getting hurt because of us." He was certain she hadn't been seen by anyone hunting them and that she would be safe for now.

They all traveled to the mansion in silence. When they arrived the twins turned to Itoe and Donald. "This is our sanctuary for now. This will change in the near future. It is safe from those that would hurt us for the time being."

As they entered the building Donald was surprised by the sight before his eyes. Sleeping in a bedroll was his sister. Curled up in a ball was a diclonius and another one stood protectively over a human girl. They all looked like they'd been through a lot.

Donald walked over and sat next to Lily and smiled. "Sister." His voice was soft and loving. It was at this angle he recognized the diclonius curled up in a ball as Irene or Hillary which was her original name before she met Lily.

The twins nodded at each other. They had thought that the human man was Lily's brother. They removed their hats and sat next to each other with their backs to the wall. Now, all they would do is wait, and watch. Their next step would only be initiated with proper timing and intelligence.

Not long after Vanessa´s attempt of talking to Suzuki the two queens came back together with another human and...her. Vanessa´s eyes widened as did the other diclonius girl and the atmosphere turned cold suddenly.

"You." Vanessa said with a deadpan voice. "It seems so." Itoe answered quietly. Both were looking upset. Much things had happened in her past which wouldn´t be resolved by a few simple words. "I didn´t expect you to be here, along with humans. Weren´t you all about 'Slaughter them all' when we last met?" Itoe said with a cold voice and Vanessa sighted.

"I know. A lot of things have changed. I got some 'help' whith recognizing the real truth. I was angry and blind, okay?!" Vanessa defended. Itoe´s eyes softened a bit but she was still cautious about her. Vanessa could understand it. The last time they had met, things wasn´t going too well. Harsh words and insults were the rather harmless things on this meeting.

"I won´t lie to you. I searched for you because I thought you were a spineless traitor and a powerless excuse for a dicloni beeing. It took some yelling for me to see that I was wrong." Vanessa explained with sorrow. She still thought that Itoe wasn´t very strong. She was easy to intimidate and had obeyed every wish of the whitecoats in the facility. Vanessa had always hated that.

"And now you are here, with the same humans you swore to kill so eagerly. I´m happy you have changed your mind. Let us put our problems aside. There are more important stuff to do." Itoe replied. She was still angry at the other diclonius girl but they could solve this later. When Itoe was honest to herself she didn´t want to solve this mess right now.

"You joined these queens, didn´t you?" Vanessa asked. "That´s none of your business but yes." Itoe coldy responded.

"Look, Vanessa, let´s just get along while we are here in the same building. I don´t have the nerve right now to deal with our problems." It was unusual for Itoe to react this hostile but she could feel the anger building up slowly. When Vanessa didn´t say anything, Itoe took this as sign and decided to go to Donald and to see what he was doing right now. Vanessa sighed and went back to Suzuki, also downcast and a bit angry. Out of all dicloni she was expecting to see it has to be Itoe. One of her very few true friends back in the facility before Itoe was transfered into another one.

"Suzuki? You haven´t spoken since we arrived here. Can I get something for you?" Vanessa slowly asked Suzuki. Suzuki had not spoken since arriving at the mansion. She stayed quiet until now.

“…I-I’m fine…I just need some sleep…” Suzuki quietly said before hiding in the cloak that belonged to Zero. The cloak was all she had left of Zero at the moment, she prayed for him to be ok and to make it back safe, for she only worried that everything is going wrong. Suzuki let a few tears fall down her face, but the mask kept it hidden. “Please come back Zero…I miss you…”


“Where am I?” Zero wondered, he last remembers being in that room with Alice, but now he seemed to be in a black room, it didn’t feel right.

“You are in your mind Jamie…” A voice was heard, and it sounded exactly like Zero’s.

“Who’s there?” Zero asked.

“Why me of course Jamie…It’s me Zero haha” The man appeared from the shadows, laughing, it was another Zero. “I am surprised you are so shock…I mean I am your other side haha” The other Zero continued.

“Yes…and you know why” Zero coldly said.

“And you should give up, Suzuki can never replace the hole that Lady Rose left in you, she will never be like her…just give in” The other Zero coldly said to him. This angered Zero.

“LIAR!!!” Zero screamed, punching the other Zero, but he disappeared once he made contact. “She isn’t a replacement…Suzuki…Suzuki is…SUZUKI IS HER REINCARNATION!!!” Zero screamed. This brought the other Zero to look shocked. “I’M SURPRISED YOU ARE SHOCKED…I MEAN YOU WERE MADE BECAUSE OF THIS…BECAUSE ON THAT DAY…ON THAT DAY TWO YEARS AGO…I MADE A DEAL WITH THE GODS!!!” Zero continued to scream. Two years ago, Zero made a deal with the gods, in return of becoming their test subject, they granted him back Suzuki. “But at what cost? People say I am human…I look human…I feel human, I even act human…but now…now I am far from it…I am a monster created by the gods, this speed…these telekinetic powers…this right eye…all here because of the gods…” Zero continued. “They told me I could never be human again, that I have to keep these powers and be the TRUE evolvement of mankind…but I agreed anyway…because I wanted Lady Rose back…I was willing to give up everything to get her back…and now that I have her back…she doesn’t remember…she doesn’t know my real name…she doesn’t recognise me even though I took my mask off…” Zero started to look upset. “What happens if I beat Excalibur? Will she get her memory back? Or will she be like this forever?” Zero wondered. “No…no matter what she is alive and that is all that matters” Zero calmly said. “Now be gone other me…you don’t scare me at all…” Zero ordered the shadow.

“Very well then Jamie…but remember…I am always here if you need me haha” The other Zero let out a laugh before disappearing.

Eventually Zero faded away from his mind and would soon wake up.

OOC: Well that was the twist that I was talking about over and over again...and to be honest I feel like I might have over hyped it maybe but I'll wait till you guys see this first :3

Also what is more dangerous then a Yandere?
Elfen World (Part I) YandereAlice
A Diclonius Yandere!

"Don't worry Zero...I will protect you..."

Yes that picture is what Alice will look like. I couldn't find a Elfen Lied version of the Yandere meme   So I found one that I liked and used Photoshop to change eye colour, hair colour, dress colour and lipstick. As you can tell she has red hair and green eyes, Zero's one and truly weakness with girls. Also the ribbon is to hide her horns :3

The twins noticed the tension between Itoe and Vanessa and watched the entire exchange. They wondered if they should interfere in it, but decided to wait until it was over to say anything. Alana got up and nodded to her twin who responded with a curt nod. She then made her way to Donald and Itoe. "We don't know your history with that silpelit, but you may wish to clear up whatever differences you have. We don't know what's happened in the past between you two, but she has fought to save that human in the corner over there against two of our own kind." With that she returned to her twin and sat back down before she could get any response from Itoe.

They wanted any difficulties between their subordinates to be dealt with so they'd all be working at their best when the time came. They'd help Lily only when she acted to help the diclonius race as a whole.

Even among the many people inside the crowded restaurant, Yamamoto could easily pick Elena out from the crowd. She had a certain air of authority about her that people noticed, and gave her space accordingly. Not to mention she was in full Great Order Uniform and accompanied by one of her ranking officers. Yamamoto greeted her as he approached the table.

“Ahh, you must be Master General Elena.” he said matter of factly. “I am Yamamoto. I'm very pleased to finally meet you.”

As he took his seat, Yamamoto couldn't help but notice her newly acquired eye patch. He wondered what could have caused such an injury.


Mr. Nara couldn't help but feel worried as he walked through the city on his way to Rei's house. Another one of those brutes from the Great Order had come into the bakery today. Fortunately this one didn't search the place like last time. However, he couldn't help but overhear an order given to him on his radio. An order the specifically mentioned the killing of diclonius. He meant to ask Rei about it, but she had disappeared the night before, and the bakery was too busy for him to just up and leave. So here he was, after work walking to Rei's house to get some sort of explanation on her disappearance.

As he approached Rei's house, Mr. Nara noticed three girls and a man he didn't recognize leaving her house.

“Just who are they?” he said to himself.


"Thank you for everything you've done for us. It probably would be best if you continue with your life as normal. I wouldn't want somebody as kind as you getting hurt because of us."

Rei just watched as they left, not knowing what to say. As she closed the door, she turned and put her back against it, leaning on it for support. She had so many questions and no way to answer them. Meeting all these diclonius had just made her think about Kenshi more and more. She wondered if he was okay, where he was right now, and what he was doing. She just wanted to see him again...

It was at that moment she decided. She would see Kenshi again no matter what. She would find him if it was the last thing she did. And what better way to find a diclonius than to travel with other diclonius?

Quickly turning around, Rei opened the door but was surprised to see Mr. Nara standing there as if he was just about to knock at her door.


“Rei! Thank goodness you're okay! Once again you had me worried sick!”

“Sorry Mr. Nara... I... I had some important matters to attend to.” she replied.

“Just try telling me next time when you're going to leave okay?” Mr. Nara said scolding her. “Now, if you don't mind I'd like to come inside. I have some things to discuss with you.”

Rei desperately wanted to leave and catch up with the others, but she couldn't just leave Mr. Nara like that.

Once inside, Mr. Nara began. “You won't believe who was in the bakery earlier. It was another one of those brutes from the Great Order!”

“What?! What did he want?” Rei asked in concern.

“Fortunately, this one only wanted to eat. However, its something I overheard on his radio that has me worried.” he said. “On the radio, I heard an order addressing all members of the Great Order. There was talk about some man named Excalibur and how he was using diclonius as weapons of war! Who's ever heard of such a thing? Finally, the transmission concluded with an order to kill all diclonius.”

“Kill all diclonius?” Rei asked in disbelief. “But... certainly you must have misheard something... right?”

“Oh no, I know exactly what I heard. If you ask me, I say good riddance. The world would be a better place without those horned freaks.” Mr. Nara said with disgust in his voice.

“You're wrong Mr. Nara.... You're wrong! Not all diclonius are freaks! Not all diclonius are violent monsters! In fact, I think its because of humans that they turn out the way they are! We discriminate, bully, and look down upon them all because they are different! Some people even torture them! If you ask me, WE are the monsters not them!

As she said this, she ran out the door going in the direction of Donald and the others. She found her way around by asking people if they had seen a group of two girls wearing hats, one wearing a ribbon and a man pass by. After asking what seemed like hundreds of people she was finally pointed in the direction of a large mansion she had never seen before. Rei had never seen such a beautiful home before and wondered who could live there. Walking up to the front of the mansion, Rei quietly peered through a window.

On the floor she could see Donald sitting by a woman in a sleeping bag. Next to them curled up in a ball was a diclonius she didn't recognize. Standing next to them was yet another diclonius and a human girl wearing a mask. On the far side of the room, Rei noticed the twins sitting together with their backs against the wall. Near them, Itoe was standing with an irritated look about her. Rei had never seen so many diclonius in one place! Standing there outside the window, she pondered how she should approach them all.


Suigetsu and the rest of Squad Zero traveled with caution in the direction they saw the rampant queen make her escape. It would take the entire squad to take down a diclonius that powerful so everyone was on full alert with weapons drawn and ready.

Squad Member No. 4, Seth, was in the lead. He held the tracking equipment and led the squad towards a faint signal registering as a diclonius. The trees were beginning to thin as they approached a small town. As the signal began to get stronger, Seth held up a clenched fist signaling the group to stop.

“All right, this signal indicates the diclonius target is somewhere in this town. Lets begin out search.”

"So...he's the leader of the Diclonius Extermination Force..." Elena though, gazing sternly at the man as he sat down. He was old, older than her for sure and much like her, he carried himself with the same air of authority that she did. But there did seem to be a difference between the two, something Zen wsa quick to notice.

Elena carried herself with authority much like Yamamoto apparently did. But the difference, something few people could see without proper instigations, was that there was a secondary air that seemed to radiate around Yamamoto.

The air of arrogance. It wasn't to say that Elena too didn't have it, but it was suppressed, and the woman never tried to exert herself in such a way. Maybe Yamamoto didn't intentionally mean to do it either, but right there, Zen could already tell that something was off about this guy. He wish he could truly put his money on it, but whatever it was, there was something completely untrustworthy about the guy.

Having known Lt. General Zen for most of her life, in fact since she was a young lass, the Master General could also see Zen's anxiety. But despite the feelings, Yamamoto hadn't done anything wrong yet so there was no reason to get upset.

"A pleasure to meet you too, Yamamoto." She said, bowing her head respectfully." She took a sip of her drink and then went down into business.

"You may have already heard but an incident at Excalibur's base has happened. The issue is...still at hand, for lack of better word. I met up with your people and sent them out to search for a Diclonius calling herself a Queen. As a supposed expert on these horned beings, I was hoping you would give me some answers to a few questions I have. The last time I asked them, my recipient wasn't very...cooperative.

...What exactly are Diclonius? What are these abilities that they have?"
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"A pleasure to meet you too, Yamamoto." She said, bowing her head respectfully." She took a sip of her drink and then went down into business.

"You may have already heard but an incident at Excalibur's base has happened. The issue is...still at hand, for lack of better word. I met up with your people and sent them out to search for a Diclonius calling herself a Queen. As a supposed expert on these horned beings, I was hoping you would give me some answers to a few questions I have. The last time I asked them, my recipient wasn't very...cooperative.

...What exactly are Diclonius? What are these abilities that they have?"

“Getting straight to the point I see.” Yamamoto replied. “Well I'll tell you what they are.

Diclonius arose from a genetic mutation in the brain causing the pineal gland to enlarge to several times the size of a normal human. The result of this enlarged pineal gland was two horn like protrusions on the head and the manifestation of lethal, invisible arms which we call 'vectors'. These vectors are the main weapon of the diclonius, and can cut through almost anything.

Now, is there anything else you would like to ask?”

"I see, so that's what they are...what they can do." But something was amiss on that one. The Queen had shot visible beams, capable of burning not cutting. Was this a difference between Queens and normal Diclonius? Rather than asking that, she felt it was better to further her next important question.

"Captain Schlenzanner has informed me that you captured a male Diclonius and have him captive. I find this very interesting...because you see I've been hearing a few things. But we'll go to those later, I first want to ask is...


You are the leader of the Diclonius Extermination Force right? You're duty if I recall correctly, is to kill Diclonius. So why would you bother with capturing one and keeping him?

The twins saw Rei first, they were facing the direction she was in making it pretty easy. By now it was evening and the sun was setting, but even with the light getting darker it was easy to spot the young woman. The both of them silently got up and walked outside. The mansion was far enough away from society that they didn't bother putting their hats on. The approached the girl after she hid away probably in the same place.

When they found her, Alana used one of her vectors to pick the girl up and force her against a wall. Ariel interrogated. "You followed us. Are you spying on us? Do you plan on telling our enemies our location?"


Inside, Lily woke up to see her brother and a diclonius she was unfamiliar with standing over her. Irene was laying down nearby, it appeared that she had been crying, but was now done for the time being. She felt sorry for the beautiful young woman.

Donald's hoarse voice was welcoming to her ears. "Sister. It's good to see you."

Lily sat up. "Aye Brother."

She then stood up and announced. "Alright, we leave tonight. If we stay any longer we risk the great danger of being found by the DEF or the GO and we don't want that. Brother, you'll have to introduce me to this lovely diclonius." She waved a hand at Itoe.

Donald nodded. "Aye, this is Itoe. She saved my life."

Lily smiled brightly. "I'm glad. Now everyone we need to pack up. Go to our closest neighbors and borrow their van. We're going to be taking a trip."

She was glad that she prepared her spare plates for carjacking. It was then she noticed the twins were gone. "Uh, where did the twins go?"

Behold people! I give you the craziest, off the walls nuts badass grandpa of this RPG.


Big Papa Captain Hector Schlenzanner!!!

Hope it came out alright...

OOC: Looks good Reric! To be honest though, I always imagined him being bulkier. lol

Also while we're at it, for those who didn't see it, here's what Kenshi looks like:

Thanks and now here's an updated version.

Bulked him up a bit, changed his hairstyle and of course overall position.

"Captain Schlenzanner has informed me that you captured a male Diclonius and have him captive. I find this very interesting...because you see I've been hearing a few things. But we'll go to those later, I first want to ask is...


You are the leader of the Diclonius Extermination Force right? You're duty if I recall correctly, is to kill Diclonius. So why would you bother with capturing one and keeping him?”

Yamamoto let out a small chuckle at Elena's question.

“You fail to realize the magnitude of our discovery, Master General Elena. Have you ever heard of any other male diclonius?

I didn't think so.

This is the first male diclonius ever found, and we have it in our possession. Code named No. 37, initial tests show vector strength is 20x stronger than a normal diclonius. No. 37 actually destroyed the cannon and the lab we were using to run the experiments. Its power is beyond belief.

Now, I understand that my actions may seem to contradict the purpose of the D.E.F, but I assure you that is not the case. You see, the discovery of a male works favorably into my plan. We just recently fitted No. 37 with a harness that suppresses its mind and allows one to give it direct orders. A form of mind control if you will. I plan to use No. 37 to eliminate the diclonius threat to mankind.”


Rei ducked into cover when she saw the twins get up. She hoped they hadn't seen her. She wasn't sure what to do yet. She considered waiting until they all came out, but before she could finish deciding what to do, she was suddenly being lifted into the air by an unseen force.

“AHHHHHH!” she screamed. “What the.... oh its you two..” she said as she saw the twins standing below.

"You followed us. Are you spying on us? Do you plan on telling our enemies our location?" one of them asked.

“No no! You've got it all wrong! I'm not a spy!” Rei pleaded. “You see, I followed you because... because I'm looking for someone.” she said as a hint of sadness filled her eyes. Thinking about Kenshi tended to do that.

“He's a diclonius like you and... well I figured I'd have a better chance at finding him if I traveled with other diclonius...”

The twins saw the honesty in her eyes. They had spent twenty years seeing the difference between liars and the honest, and had a good feeling she was telling the truth, even about the male diclonius. Alana put Rei down carefully. "A male diclonius is hard to believe, but seeing your eyes are as truthful as they are we'll believe you."

Lily and Donald came dashing out after they heard a scream. They both stopped as they saw the twins putting down Rei. Donald walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Are you OK?"

Lily was a bit shocked at how close she looked to Yuki. "You look so much like her... but you're human. You must be close to the same age as her too..." It was difficult to rattle her, but seeing someone that resembled one of her clients minus the horns was almost like seeing the dead come back to life. Donald gave Lily a sharp look, warning her to be careful with her words. "Sorry, Brother." She lowered her head regretting the carelessness of her words.

Donald gave his usual short response. "Forgiven." Everything else would be left unsaid, because she knew everything he meant just by his tone. Things were always like this with him. He spoke few words, but the meaning behind them was often more than enough to tell everything he wanted. These last few days were strange for him as he was acting so much out of character by talking as much as he did on the phone with her. It only showed how serious things really were.

Lily gave Rei a smile. "Come on in, dearie. We're going to be leaving soon though."

As she led them all back inside, Lily asked the twins. "How do you know about the male diclonius?"

Ariel responded. "We don't." She then pointed at Rei. "She does. She said she wishes to come with us."

Lily looked at Rei. "I'd like to know everything you know about this male diclonius. I met him briefly under unfortunate circumstances. Now, probably isn't the time though. You can tell us as we drive to my warehouse."

“You fail to realize the magnitude of our discovery, Master General Elena. Have you ever heard of any other male diclonius?

I didn't think so.

This is the first male diclonius ever found, and we have it in our possession. Code named No. 37, initial tests show vector strength is 20x stronger than a normal diclonius. No. 37 actually destroyed the cannon and the lab we were using to run the experiments. Its power is beyond belief.

Now, I understand that my actions may seem to contradict the purpose of the D.E.F, but I assure you that is not the case. You see, the discovery of a male works favorably into my plan. We just recently fitted No. 37 with a harness that suppresses its mind and allows one to give it direct orders. A form of mind control if you will. I plan to use No. 37 to eliminate the diclonius threat to mankind.”

Elena listened carefully, not saying anything but only nodded her head until he finished.

"Mind control huh? By using this device your so called plan is to kill the rest of the Diclonius? But what happens when all the Diclonius are dead and this, so called powerful one is at hand? What happens then Yamamoto?"

Another sip of the cold water, her strong single eye now glaring with animosity at him. She raised her hand and pointed it at him.

"Do you have any idea about what I stand for? I stand for justice, for the sake of peace and law throughout the world. The order to kill the Diclonius for me came by the point of their extreme dangers to humanity as well as their attack on my own people.

But now that I've heard this, I think its safe to say what my point on you is now. How funny, I was hardly off it seemed." She clenched her hands together and put her elbows to the table, head low so that she now gazed upon him upwards between the locks of her hair.

"Capture, imprisonment, mind control, forcing this being into your weapon. I don't care about the Diclonius really, but what I do care about is the multiple amount of ethical laws and orders you seemed to have broken already under my watch. It is my duty as the leader of the Great Order to keep balance and order throughout this world. It is our very nature to keep it like that but we also know that what we do is not meant benefit us, but everyone.

When we kill, it for the sake of keeping the world safe. That is what we do...but you? You took somebody and turned him apparently into your little toy.


Give me one good reason why I shouldn't have Lt. General Zen here shoot in the fucking head you low time piece of shit..."


"Hector was back at the base, sitting calmly in a large arm chair while the smoke from his cigar wafted around him.

"...Thank you, Hector Schlenazer Reidswood for everything you gave me that day..."I give it all back to you today..."

He sat there, sulking and looking quite off until he got up and went out to meet someone. Kruger was by all means somewhere else, he hadn't spoken since he had given that order, he didn't even know when he arrived or if he had even arrived back at the base. All of his men were dead, though of course he'd be given new ones, the relationship he had made with his previous men was something that could not be broken so easily.

"...So...my old man...what would you do in this situation?" Hector thought heavily.

"If you were still alive...what would you have done in this situation. How many chances do I have to give? I know what these people are capable of, I know the dangers they possess. But if I let them live, I risk the lives of the people living in peace.

I can't save everyone..."

Maybe it was time to get some questions answered.

And with that he met the good doctor.

"Yo!" He presented himself to Dr. Hideki raising his hand. "Mind if I have a few words with you...good sir?"

"Mind control huh? By using this device your so called plan is to kill the rest of the Diclonius? But what happens when all the Diclonius are dead and this, so called powerful one is at hand? What happens then Yamamoto?"

“What happens then? Well, we kill it of course!” Yamamoto lied.

"Capture, imprisonment, mind control, forcing this being into your weapon. I don't care about the Diclonius really, but what I do care about is the multiple amount of ethical laws and orders you seemed to have broken already under my watch. It is my duty as the leader of the Great Order to keep balance and order throughout this world.”

Narrowing his eyes, Yamamoto said“You can drop the high and mighty act. You and I are exactly the same. We both have the same goal, I just happen to be working towards it in a different manner. You talk of breaking ethical laws, yet you yourself ordered the genocide of an entire species. The same species, I might add, that I am trying to exterminate.”

“When we kill, it for the sake of keeping the world safe. That is what we do...but you? You took somebody and turned him apparently into your little toy.”

“Keeping the world safe? What do you think I'm trying to do? The diclonius are a threat to humanity and I am trying to get rid of them once and for all. No. 37 is just a means to an end. The ultimate tool of diclonius destruction. He is the key to ridding the world of the diclonius threat!”

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn't have Lt. General Zen here shoot you in the fucking head you low time piece of shit..."

“How about the fact that you'd be committing murder, and in broad daylight no less. Ahh, I can see the headlines now! 'Leader of the Great Order executes man in broad daylight'. Hows that for some publicity?” Yamamoto just laughed at their threats.

“The Great Order has killed many Diclonius already. Why not use one to finish the job? Not to mention follow the order you gave?”


Hideki was busy with his research when he was approached by Hector.

"Yo! Mind if I have a few words with you...good sir?"

“Uhhhh. Uhhh yes sir... whatever you need sir...” Hideki answered in his usual timid voice.

He had no idea what was in store for him.

Zero woke from his strange yet real dream, but was still in the clutches of Alice. How is she able to keep hold of him throughout the night? Zero tried moving; his body was working now, but with Alice holding him, he wasn’t really going anywhere.

“Oh yes Zero…don’t stop…feels so good…” This was all Zero could hear from Alice.

“If she wakes up now she might want to go through again…but for real…” Zero said in his thoughts. He tried moving about but all it did was land him on top of Alice. This is when Alice wakes up.

Alice opens her eyes and realises Zero is on top of her. She then blushes once she notices. “Z-zero…I didn’t know you wanted to move on so fast hehe” Alice said to Zero. She let go her grip on Zero and placed her arms on the bed and closed her eyes. “Oh Zero…please be gentle…”

Zero saw the opportunity when she closed her eyes to try to escape. He got off the bed but his body would work properly, causing him to fall over causing a loud thud. Alice hears this and opens her eyes, she notices Zero try to get away.

She laughs at this. “hehe Where do you think you’re going?” Alice cheerfully said to Zero, getting off the bed. She used her vectors to grab him and place him on the bed. “You’re not going anywhere without giving me a good morning kiss hehe” Alice said to Zero, now placing herself on Zero. She gets close to Zero and begins to kiss him. It would a good minute or two before she stopped. She then got Zero back on the chains and not too long after the speaker would go off.

“Hello Jamie…Did you get some sleep? haha” Excalibur asked, laughing. “No matter…Alice I have sent the device to the room…I want you to place it on Zero.” Excalibur said to Alice. Alice walked over to the door and picked up the device. She then walked over to Zero and tried placing it on him. Zero did his best to stop her but the chains were in Alice’s favour. Alice connects the device around Zero’s neck. The device looked like some type of collar, but it was no ordinary collar.

“Now Zero…OBEY ME!” Excalibur orders Zero, pushing the button to activate the device. A shock hits Zero, making him scream in anger.

“…No…” Zero responded although weakly.

“Up the control…” Excalibur said, turning a device and then pushing the button again. Another shock goes into Zero, much stronger than before and is slowly taking over.

“…Y…No…” Zero said again.

“PUT IT ON FULL POWER!” Excalibur shouted, turning it to full power and pushing the button again. This sent a really big shockwave to Zero, causing too much pain that he had ever received.

Zero could no longer feel control anymore. “…Yes…Master…” Zero said dropping from the chains.

“…Good” Excalibur said, looking pleased. “Now that you are under my control…I have a job for you…I am sending you back to Japan…I need someone killed…she has been a thorn in my side for a while now…I have found that she has helped make Anti-diclonius weapons, which would be disastrous for me if used…you might know her…or you might not, it doesn’t matter.” Excalibur said to Zero. Zero had a bad feeling who this could be, but with this collar on his neck, he was powerless to do anything.

“…I want you to kill Lillian Brennan…” The words that come out of his mouth caused shock for Zero, kill Lily? He couldn’t do that, but with the collar on him…he didn’t have much choice.

“Very well master hahahaha” Zero answered, laughing like a maniac. Excalibur smiles, he has finally got control of his enemy, and he wasn’t going to waste his time not using him.

OOC: Now it looks like Lily will have a new enemy...If you could call him that

"Exactly the same? Are you really trying to compare your silly excuse of an act to The Great Order? Maybe my words didn't get through that head of yours, so I'll say it again.

We the Great Order, provide law and justice throughout the world. When we murder, we do so in the act of making sure that law and order is in place. I have to keep in touch with all major world governments whenever I act, after all it's very hard to keep an international police force in check. It's a hard part of our job because we're in line to follow the rules of each country we visit.

But when the international welfare of a place is in question, we will act. We are given strict rights to commit even murder and we have the ability to back up our claims as well. You know why that is...because we have certain eligibilities that if we commit something as murder we need to have a way to prove our reason."

And it was there that she smiled lightly and snapped her fingers. Zen walked over to the table, bringing out a semi-large screen and set it down for Yamamoto to see. It was even an HD kind of device, so that the old man could see every last detail.

"Upon coming here, I made sure to have my camera and microphone ready." It must have been strange for whatever she was talking about because if she was wearing it now, it certainly didn't look like it. It was only when she flipped one of her earrings that the truth became clear. The screen turned on and the images of Excalibur's war filled area was in turn.

Bodies being shredded, bodies being ripped apart. The horned girls laughing, screaming, yelling and all around bloodshed. The screen skipped to the point where Midori and herself were talking up until her escape.

"You see, the very evidence to show my reasons...plus more than this, of why I ordered to kill the Diclonius. Tell me, is the D.E.F allowed to commit such acts as killing these people? Because we The G.O, actually do have that right. We had to fill out...A TON...of paper work and ethical guidelines with multiple signatures each time we entered a new country and these guides were changed whenever the rules of that society changed.

Murder? Sure, we'll call it murder, just like war is murder, but in this case, we have a reasons for it. But of course that's not enough to kill you over for...though I'm itching for Zen to pull the trigger.

Do you remember what I said before? I'm going to give a list of all the laws you've broken right now.

One...an undocumented, unrestrained and partial point to killing a group of people. I don't care if they have horns or abilities, that is besides the point. Nothing gave you the right to kill them. I would love to see the paperwork on that and considering how rare these Diclonius seem to be right now, I really doubt you ever did.

Hector knew this as well I think, he knew your actions went against the law but he also knew the dangers of the Diclonius. At the very least your punishment would have been...lighter in such a case now that we do know the dangers they possess.

But that hardly diminishes the rest...

The second point, imprisonment. Your job was extermination, something already deemed illegal under ethical, moral and more importantly law of Japan. There is no law in japan that allows you to just take in somebody against their will and hold them without having specific reasons. Not to mention the moment you did, you would have contacted the Japanese government itself. In fact knowing this, you would have contacted the Japanese government the very moment you decided to create this D.E.F and learned about the Diclonius which would of course been given to us.

But that didn't happen now did it.

Third point, shall I slow down or am I going to fast for you?"

She sipped on her water and continued.

"Mind control..." It is an unethical, law breaking order, to force someone to do something in Japan against their will. You never had the right to do that, no matter what the case is. This go against human rights which you have broken multiple of...and yes, I do see them as humans. Diclonius is just a pitiful little term really, they look, speak, talk and live as humans. They just have some extra traits and it is because of these traits that we deem them dangerous to other people.

...Life isn't mean to be fair, we know that and if we are hated for what we do, we will accept that...who knows, maybe one day we'll find a way to live in peace with them.

Now about your previous statement, let's change up that headline.

Great Order has leader of unethical and law breaking force killed. With a nice good front page on it...maybe even with pictures." She finally finished her drink and got back up Zen following behind her.

"I'm heading to your place now, and I will personally see what is going on there...and if I don't like it, the moment I truly find something wrong...

I will crush you..."

"Well my good sir, it seems you've been very busy in there, but here's my first question...

...Why do you work for Yama-Boss?"

OOC: Evil Excalibur is evil! And Elena just laid down the law and she's heading to your place, whether you like it or not. What will Yamamoto do this time I wonder?

Itoe smiled warmly and introduced herself. "I´m Itoe. It is nice to meet you. You must be Lily, am I right?" She had heard Donald mention his sister some few times. Lily didn´t look like a very dangerous human but the first sight could be wrong as Itoe knew. What she didn´t show in physical apperance, she did with the determination in her eyes and a form of kindness which made Itoe fond of her the very first time she had met her. Before she could say more, Lily and her brother went past her and announced they had to pack soon. This place wasn´t safe for long and Itoe remained silent. The order of the two queens ringed in her head but Itoe wasn´t very motivated to fullfill it. It wouldn´t solve itself with a few talkings. She ignored all weak attempts of Vanessa to provoke something of a conversation. It wasn´t polite and friendly but the young diclonius couldn´t help herself. Not too long after that some commotion let both dicloni in a state of wonder and when they went outside Itoe became uncomfortable.

"This woman isn´t a spy. She helped me without any reason. Please don´t hurt her!" Vanessa said nothing as she didn´t know the female stranger. She just wanted to know what would happen next. "It seems we can run a motel soon if any more people are showing up..." she mused and sighed.


Midori looked outside the window when her slight paranoia kicked in. She had woken up several times when she remembered about the two deaths of her companions. Irene had been one of the most loyal sipilets and one of the few she had freed herself in person from a facility. Soon her sad eyes filled with hopelessness, sparked to life and she gave herself to the goal of creating a home for all outcasts and all dicloni pursued by the damned humans along with Midori.

And now she was dead. Midori felt her rage built up again. Stupid humans. Killing off some weak sipilets who didn´t even do something to provoke their death. If they would have tried to kill her, it would have been a thing the queen could understand. It would have been laughable, yes, but they would have attacked someone able to defend herself at last.

"I will revenge you and all other fallen in thes conflict." the girl said once again. She had felt the energy of two other dicloni queens. In normal circumstances she would have used her energy to call her loyal dicloni to collect her but in her state Midori couldn´t risk getting the attention of the unknown queens. If they were hostile, Midori would be in trouble. She was sure the great order was searching for her. Grim determination displayed on her face. The death of Irene demanded some deaths in return. It would only be justice balancing it out.

Taking a deep breath, Midori stepped out and looked for the soldiers who searched for her. This time she wouldn´t be fooled again by such a tactic. If they were stalling time, Midori would flee from the scenery.


OOC: Some Pictures of my two heroines and the villain

Itoe: http://s955.beta....e.jpg.html

Vanessa: http://images2.fa...97_298.jpg

Midori: http://wallpaper....0x1600.jpg
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As she brought them all inside, Lily looked at Donald. "I'm going to be getting transportation for us."

With that she began walking to the nearest neighbor's house. She knew they had a van, and with it being as late as it was they'd be home and busy making their dinner. She'd have the time to replace the plates on it and hotwire it. It took her five minutes to walk there and as she had hoped, the van was there. The lights were on and she could see the family eating dinner quite energetically. The van had only one plate and it was on the back. This made it easy to replace the plate out of sight of the family as the back of the van faced away from the house. She then snuck around to the driver's side of the van, which again was facing away from the house. She tried the door handle and discovered it was unlocked. She was pleased at how careless this family was, it made it so she could more easily help her clients and those helping her. She was a little disappointed when she found out the key was one of those remote one's but she had a special magnet tool that would work to hotwire it without any trouble. The van started up and she quickly pulled it out of the driveway and drove to the mansion before the family could get out of the house to see what was going on with their van.

It would be a rough fit, but everyone could fit in here if all the seats and the trunk were used to fit everyone in. It would be cramped, but she was confident the two bags she brought could be put in as well.

She got out of the van after she arrived and quickly went inside of the mansion. "Our chariot has arrived."

It had been a wonderful night, he couldn’t recall the last time he had so much fun in a single evening. So much death and destruction and yet he was still amongst the living, his bag of trophies was a sign of this, no less than 3 of these diclonius he had killed. With two of them he had taken their horns while the most fiercest he had taken the entire head. Looking at her lifeless eyes he couldn’t wait to have it hanging at his persona quarters though he would need to clean the skull of all the flesh and the muscle not to mention that ugly brain inside. After all what good would a trophy be if it started to rot or smell.

“Ah what a fine night this has been.” He laughed as he stretched himself and enjoyed the warmth of the campfire, the smell of roasted meat was making him water. It was sheer luck that one of those girls had killed the deer, it saved him precious rounds and offered a kill that he didn’t first have to clean in order to remove all the bullet fragments.
“Time to get some chow.” He pulled the nearest stick to him, the meat felt right to him and he took his first bite, damn it tasted quiet good. “Here is to you captain, may you have gotten yourself killed.” He raised his flask in a toast to him captain, how much he loathed the man and yet he like his warrior spirit. Not the kind of officer to cower behind a desk and let other fight for him. “In the unlikely case you survived, may you have had a good stinkin fight.”
He was laughing out loud while enjoying the grilled deer, it seemed he finally was going to enjoy a good night in this freaking country.

The radio burst its message and as he looked at it he could already hear the captains voice, so it seemed that the old fool managed to survive.
"Kruger, we're done here, head back to the base until further instructions."
Now he began to wonder what he would do first tomorrow morning, would he go and visit the first person on the list or would he head back to base. It would be a good moment to place his trophies in a more secure location but then with the recent damage it had taken that didn’t mean much more either to him.
He grabbed the radio as he pressed the button to give his reply.
“Well sir it is an unpleasant to hear that you have survived, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. But to be honest could you kindly explain to me what the frikkin hell you want!!!!
First you sent me off to find these people on your fancy pancy list, then comes your order to head to the enemy base and just kill every horned bitch in sight and now all of a sudden you want me back !!!!!??” He took another sip of the flask as he throat was starting to feel a little hoarse to him. No doubt he had been yelling and shouting too much this night. Pressing the button again he gave the rest of his message.
“You make up your mind and let me know in the morning, don’t bother calling sooner as I will just unplug this piece of shit anyway!!” He dropped it as he went back to his dinner, the first piece had tasted good and he was mighty interested in the other pieces as well.
Still with the entire deer open to him he certainly wasn’t going to starve this night.

When Vanessa saw Lily disappearing she thought of a way to solve the mess with Itoe. She had done some terrible mistake in this argument, something she now knew, wasn´t something which would be solved with some words but the queen twins were right. If they didn´t concentrate on the task they would most certainly die. Itoe was nearby Suzuki who sat on a couch and looked at the room with some interest. Vanessa also knew that she did that to avoid any contact with her.


The girl ignored her but what Vanessa couldn´t see was how her face darkened and her mimic became more stern, almost angry. "I knew, what I did was -" the girl begun but she was interrupted by a sharp and cold voice, something very unusual and rare thing to hear from the otherwise kind and sweet dicloni. She still had her back faced to Vanessa.

"Quiet! I don´t want to hear something from you, especially if you areordered to do it!"

"I don´t do it because I have to but because I want to! If I had knew earlier, then M-"

Suddenly Itoe turned and grabbed Vanessa. Not with her vectors but with her own hands. A furious look was on her face and her voice was low but filled with venom. "Don´t say his name! You don´t deserve to say it or I swear you´ll regret it!"

The tension between them was becoming very serious but Vanessa was holding the glare Itoe was throwing at her. "We´ll die, if we let this grudge stay between us. We don´t have to be friends. If you want to slap me, do it! I earned it. After this problem, we part ways and you never have to see me again." Vanessa responded with determination. After a few moments Itoe released her grip and went outside without saying anything. She needed some fresh air to clear out her mind.

When Itoe standed outside and looked into the heaven she tried to get the dark feeling and the pain out of her heart and mind but she soon found out she simply couldn´t. She felt like crying but tried to hide it. Tears meant weakness and weakness was rewarded with violence and mean comments. So she just stood there sorrowful. When Lily went inside, she went inside, staying silent the whole time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
OOC: That was before Lily went into the mansion

When Itoe went out, Vanessa watched her until she had closed the door behind her. Then she simply sat next to Suzuki and buried her head into her hands. That was going to be a long and difficult route if she wanted to clear these things out. She even doubted it would work in the end. Maybe Itoe would hate her for her whole life and she couldn´t even be angry with her because of that.

Suzuki just sat there as Vanessa and Itoe battled each other in verbal combat. “Why do they hate each other so much?” Suzuki thought. She didn’t think that two diclonius would be mad at each other, what happened for these two to hate each other so much? She didn’t really want to ask in fear that she could get hurt, but with what is happening at the moment, how could it get worse?

“H-hey Vanessa…what is…going on…between…you and Itoe?” Suzuki quietly asked, worried Vanessa might hurt her. Vanessa looked in a bad state, just like Suzuki was; she wanted to see if she could cheer her up, just like Vanessa tried with her, although she was worried that Vanessa could be one of the ‘don’t talk to me when I am upset’ kind of people.

Vanessa looked up tired when she heard the timid voice of Suzuki. Normally she would have snapped at anyone but she couldn´t right now. Not to Suzuki of all people who had it pretty hard.

"I...messed up. Badly." Vanessa answered. "We...well, we knew each other since the facility. She was in the same as I and we became friends during that time. She was kind and forgiving even back there when they tortured and drugged her. Itoe just did, what she was told to do. I never understood it. Even less when she told me not every human had to be evil and inferior. I was a lot more angry than now."

She remembered these days in the cold cells. It was designed for small groups of them. What the purpose of these facilities were, was unknown to the diclonius. The faces of the guards never really changed and it was a wide variety. Some of them were jerks. Almost all of them. Two sides hating each other. The humans, protected by their walls and bars and the dicloni, united by their hatred and the underground bonds.

"Back these days there were some guards who were kind to us. I didn´t want to see that because it didn´t fit with the image of the despicable human. I thought it was a trick but Itoe liked him. She even had a crush on him later."

Images of the joyful voice came back to the young diclonius girl and she sighed. They were acommodated into small rooms. One person for one room next to each other. Only in group experimentation or - with high security measures in small groups - while eating or washing they were able to see each other.

"This human guard, Mike, tried to help us without attracting too much attention. I have had some nasty and bad arguments with Itoe before. I called her traitor, scum and other stuff, I shouldn´t have."

Vanessa lowered the head, unable to look to Suzuki any longer, clearly ashamed. "Mike heard of it, thought it would be the right thing to put us two together into one room. To clear things out. It came to another argument, more heated. Itoe and me, we even got into the point in attacking each other with vectors. Mike came in, trying to stop this mess. He was too close to us - to me. I suddenly saw red and..."

Itoe saw with shock and horror when red liquid splatted on the ground and Mike, saw down to his torso. A vector going trough the lower half of his body. Vanessa, with a furious look, had penetrated him without even wanting it, just reacting on instinct. "He will betray you and kill you the moment he has the opportunity! We are just soulless animals to them!"

Itoe screamed and put her vectors out, pushing Vanessa into the wall. Then she ran to the heavy bleeding guard and put her vectors on the wound. "You get okay! Please...P-Please don´t die! Oh god, p-please s-survive. WE NEED HELP!"

"After that something strange happened. Before the paramedics could arrive, she seemed to concentrate and his wound...healed. After that she collapsed and lost consciousness. One day later she was brought into another facility while I got punished - severely." Vanessa told Suzuki. She never had told this story to anyone.

"I thought she was naive and blind. I´m a idiot." Vanessa felt dirty now. She couldn´t bear to look at Suzuki. She was sure she would be disgusted by it. Everyone would be after this. Unable to talk any further Vanessa got quiet.

The twins took a seat right next to each other just behind the driver's seat. There was space enough for one more at that seat. Irene placed herself in the trunk because she expected to be alone and didn't want to be in the way of anyone. Donald placed himself on the passenger side next to Lily at the front. After everyone piled in Lily started the van up and began to drive to her warehouse. Of course stopping the stolen van in front of the warehouse was a stupid idea, so she'd find a parking spot walking distance away and lead her entourage the rest of the way on foot. The worst part of the trip was it would take eight hours. "If you can fall asleep, I suggest you do, because this is going to be a long drive. We're going to be going through two towns before we hit Masaka's warehouse district and my current home."

Donald nodded off steadily. Sleep was a welcome thing. The dreams that accompanied it not so much. The twins held themselves close to each other in a rather adorable fashion and fell into a steady peaceful sleep. Irene took as little space as she could as she steadily fell into nightmares.

OOC: OK meet the twins:  


Haven't found a good one for Lily yet.

Suzuki grabbed Vanessa and holds her close. “You made a mistake…everyone makes mistakes...the thing about them is you learn from them and become a better person…you learned your mistake that all humans are evil and now look at you…you have become a better person because of it…because of Zero…” Suzuki let out a tear. Zero helped Vanessa snap out of her mind set that all humans are evil, because of this Vanessa is becoming a kind person, but without Zero, trying to calm her down and help in this situation became difficult.


A ship was flying to Japan, it was Excalibur’s, and inside was Zero, looking out from the exit. The mission was: head to Lily’s warehouse, the location given to him by Excalibur and kill her. Zero didn’t want to do this, as he might kill Suzuki and Vanessa as well which he would hate to do, but with the collar around his neck, he is being controlled to do this. A few hours had gone by before the ship reached Japan and dropping Zero off only a bit away from the warehouse, to make sure that Lily wasn’t already there and get noticed. Zero walked off the ship, wearing his mask and carrying his dual blades and sword for some reason. About 20 minutes later Zero arrived at the warehouse, he jokingly knocked on the door to see if anyone would answer, but it looked like no one is home. Zero then hit the door, breaking the lock but not the door itself to not give himself away and entered the warehouse. Just as he thought, it was empty but had objects and belonging that looked like they were Lily’s.

“Well Lily…not a bad place haha” Zero said to himself, giving out a maniac style laugh. He then walked a good distance from the door and got a chair to place, facing the door. Zero then sat and awaited for them to come.

OCC: Here are my characters:

Zero Masked (Sorry for the bad photoshop, if anyone can do better please let me know   ):  Elfen World (Part I) ZeroBad

Zero Umasked:  Elfen World (Part I) Zerounmasked

Suzuki (With the Sword that Zero has now got with him.):  Elfen World (Part I) 21844Suzukifight

Excalibur (The bastard  ):  Elfen World (Part I) 26

And Alice   : Elfen World (Part I) YandereAlice

OCC2: @Drewccapp Donald looks evil and perverted xD
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Elfen World (Part I) Empty Re: Elfen World (Part I)

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Vanessa wasn´t too sure about it herself but she nodded weakly. "Thank you for listening to me."

A sound interrupted her. It was Lily. Itoe was next to her and she avoided eye contact to the diclonius girl.

"Our chariot has arrived." Lily said and everyone got up to enter the vehicle. They would go into a new hideout and operation base to plan their further steps against the queen and the forces of humans who wanted to destroy them all. "Suzuki? I will help you to find Zero no matter what. We will sort out this mess. I promise that to you." Vanessa said with a serious expression. It would be a long travel when Lily exclaimed: "If you can fall asleep, I suggest you do, because this is going to be a long drive. We're going to be going through two towns before we hit Masaka's warehouse district and my current home."

Vanessa sat in the back of the van unfortunately near Itoe who didn´t comment anything and looked at the window. Vanessa could feel the tension of her but thought it would be better to just let her be.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Itoe wasn´t too happy of Vanessa sitting almost next to her. She listened to what Lily had mentioned and was left to herself thinking about this unfortunate event. The twins, now the queens she would now serve, wanted her to set peace with Vanessa but she couldn´t do it. The memory of her act, her crime, was too fresh and just by allowing it to get into her mind again, she felt the rage building up inside of her. She wanted to lash out at Vanessa, to show her what she had felt when she just had hurted the person Itoe had cared most for. Itoe was glad he had survived but after that things had changed.

The security measons for all diclonius got more strict over night. Not too long after that she got transported into another facility...away from Mark...away from the few friends she was able to make. They wanted to research her ability. The ability to heal other people and something only she had and no one else. Itoe looked at the queen twins. What were they planning in the future? Would that help all people or only benefit them and their followers? What was with that other queen in the town? "What a mess..." Itoe thought. Not too long her eyes got heavier and heavier and she had fallen into a dreamless sleep.

He yawned as morning arrived, damn he had managed to enjoy a rather good sleep despite how crap his bunk actually had been. “I really hate mornings.” He groaned as he opened his eyes again. The sun was clearly coming up though he wouldn’t have minded an hour or two extra. “Well guess there is little to do now but to get some frikkin breakfast.”
Rolling over he looked at what he had eaten the night before, luckily he seemed to have plenty left and with some of the supplies he had taken with him it would be decent breakfast.
“Damn I could really use some coffee about now.” He moaned as he looked around with a hazy stare on his eyes. Was he glad that he had at least some instant coffee with him, sure the stuff tasted awful but it was the best he was likely to get out here in the middle of nowhere.
Pulling open the lid the coffee wannabe like flavor greeted him, yeah that was the frikkin stuff alright.

In the distance he could hear the sound made by a couple of birds, damn they were annoying this early in the morning still it sure sounded a lot better than having to listen to those idiots of the great order during the morning canteen moment. Setting the burner ready he used it to boil some of the water left in the flask.
“Time for a well-deserved breakfast.” He joked as he started to munch on the pieces of meat and extra energy bars. It wasn’t that good but it was passable for him given he had worse.
Looking at the radio he decided to turn it on should the good ole captain decide to give him a call, he wondered if the old fool had bothered to contact him during his rest but then he figured he couldn’t give a fuck about it. He was in no mood for hearing the man’s voice anyway since he list message so it wouldn’t have made a difference at all for him.
He gulped down the last bits of the breakfast as he started to pack his stuff to get further, he still had some distance to cross before the captain needed to make up his damn mind, if he got there early he could take some rest and perhaps find some decent refreshments.

Keeping his current pace he was making good progress though it helped there wasn’t a single thing on the path he had taken, he halted as he reminded himself he needed something to relax his mind a bit and a big slice of the tobacco would likely do just that for him.
It tasted good and with that he resumed further, the extra bag on his back holding the trophies was secured tightly as he didn’t want to lose them. He had fought for these and he would keep them to prove h was better than others.
Briefly he wondered what had happened to the other associates the great order had employed earlier, the masked scumbag that had ruined his weapon, that bitch Lilly who had apparently betrayed them or the sniggering little whores that accompanied them. It would be nice if he would be allowed to go after them instead of working down the list or just going back to base and bore himself to death. Looking at his watch he was surprised to see it was still relative early, seemed like he would indeed be well ahead of schedule reach the cross section.

He reached what seemed to be the outskirts of a small village, just what he needed as he wasn’t really in the mood to see other people but still if he just kept walking they wouldn’t bother him. Doing just that he was finally stooped. “Ohayou gozaimasu, can I offer you a quick shoe polish, only 1000 Yen.”
He looked down on the kid, not an annoying voice he admitted but really the way he pushed himself to him. Kruger then cast a quick at his boots, he did have to admit that they were pretty dirty but given the mess he had been in that was to be expected.
“Okay then but I want them to look like new.” He mumbled while the boy took to the task with what seemed delight, Kruger was kindly led to a rather simple looking chair but then he didn’t mind sitting down for a while. Leaving his belongings on the ground he made it damn clear that nobody if they valued their lives where to touch them.
“Tell me kid what is your name?” The kid at first didn’t looked up to meet him but eventually he did. “Ah I am Ibuki Youhei.” Kruger looked surprised but he needed to remind himself that this was the common way for people in this country to introduce themselves, last name first.

About halfway there Lily received a text she took a quick few moments to look at it and was surprised by what she saw. The text was from her emergency system that she set up around her warehouse. It was designed to keep an eye out for any intruders while she was gone. She got a simple image of a shadowy figure. Whoever it was knew how to keep the light out of his face to prevent his face from being seen by her system. Whoever it was she'd have to be careful. She decided to tell the others after they made it to their stopping point.

By the time they made it to the parking garage she wanted to get to the sun was going up. From here they could walk to her warehouse. She woke everyone up. "Alright, we're going to be walking from here. We don't want the officials seeing a stolen car in front of my home. We have an intruder in my warehouse, just the one, and he hasn't come out since he went in. It's possible he could be a client or even someone I've worked for or with, but until we figure that out I would like us to be careful."

Donald spoke up. "Could be help."

Lily could tell from his tone what he meant by help. "Aye, could be and I'll want to know everything you did to get people searching for Excalibur, and messing with the DEF and GO, but right now we've this to focus on."

Irene had pulled herself out of the van. He legs were cramped and her back was sore. The fact that she had nightmares didn't help either. Right now, her only light was Lily, and if that was to go out she didn't know what would happen.

Donald decided to carry the bags. They weren't all that heavy since they were mostly clothing. If whoever was there ended up in a fight, he wouldn't be much help.

The twins followed Lily as she led everyone to the warehouse. It was a ten minute walk, but they made it there without incident.

Lily turned off the security system from its remote point outside of the warehouse. She drew the last ACP .45 she had and steadily approached the door. She opened the door and stepped inside, to her great surprise the person she saw was Zero. "Zero?"

Something felt off about him.

By the time they had travelled to the warehouse, Vanessa also got sleepy and first woke up when the van stopped at the parking garage. She yawned and streched her limbs before she left the car along with Itoe who looked refreshed and was happy to leave the car. Vanessa felt similar too. Her back was sore and she didn´t like long travels anyway. When Lily walked to the warehouse Vanessa joined in to see their new hideout. "I´m glad we finally have arrived." the girl said still a bit tired. She watched as Lily turned the security system out and approached the door. But what happened next was something the young diclonius never would have never expected. Zero was inside and looked at them.

"Zero? What are you doing here? Did you manage to escape them?" Vanessa asked unaware of the different aura Zero was giving out. She was happy to see the masked man. Suzuki would be cheerful too. Finally good news.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When Itoe watched Vanessa follwing the human girl she throw a hard stare at the diclonius. To distract herself her gaze felt on Donald, who agreed to help carrying the bags up to the new supposed hideout. "May I give you a hand?" Itoe asked more polite and friendly. There were dark clouds in her head but now wasn´t the best time for her to dig into them. She had heard of a intruder and felt insecure. What if they would be hostile? Itoe didn´t want to fight.

Zero could hear people near. Was it Lily? Well he was about to find out. Zero saw the door slowly open, it was Lily, and she was holding a gun.

“Zero?” Lily said to Zero. Zero got up from his chair and pulled out the sword. He then chucked it towards Lily, to which missed her and hit the wall close to her. As soon as he did that he laughed and ran towards Lily and then stopped close to her.

“Lily…help…me…” Zero quietly called out to Lily before the collar took control again. Zero then pushed back, laughing even more. “I will kill you Lily dearie haha” Zero said to Lily, laughing maniacally. “And then I will destroy this world…and the people in it haha” Zero continued laughing more. They were shocked, this wasn’t the Zero they know, and they didn’t know why he was acting this way.

“Zero what are you doing? Lily is your friend” Suzuki said, she didn’t understand what was going on. Zero attacking Lily? Why? At this point she noticed something on Zero’s neck; it was a collar of some sorts. “That collar…MAYBE THAT IS WHAT IS CAUSING ZERO TO ACT THIS WAY” Suzuki thought, as Zero continued to laugh. “LILY, THAT THING ON ZERO’S NECK…I THINK THAT IS WHAT IS CAUSING ZERO TO ACT THIS WAY!!!” Suzuki shouted to Lily as Zero connects again.

“My, my…my Suzuki is smarter than you think haha” Zero said, giving out a chuckle. “Although, you will all be dead before you can get your Zero back haha” Zero continued, he tried to go back towards Lily again, but he didn't move. “Oh look, Zero is trying to fight back…shame that it is too late…” Zero continued. “For you see I am his other side…created when he made a deal, but was kept back by his own will…but thanks to Excalibur…I have control of this body… and Zero now is the one who is kept back haha” Zero laughed. “Because of this, it will be so much fun to kill you all knowing that Zero will be watching hahahaha” Zero continued laughing maniacally.

Before Vanessa could react Zero attacked Lily with his sword and talked about things she couldn´t make sense of. Destroying the world? Killing Lily???

"LILY, THAT THING ON ZERO’S NECK…I THINK THAT IS WHAT IS CAUSING ZERO TO ACT THIS WAY!!!" Suzuki loudly declared and Vanessa glared at the thing.

"Let Zero free!" Vanessa demanded. She wouldn´t let Zero, the man who had opened her eyes, kill his own friends. She would rescue him and set him free from this cursed device and then they could be reunited! Her Vectors were out and she charged directly at the masked man. It would come in handy he wasn´t able to see them. The diclonius would destroy this thing and revert him back to his old self.

"I will free you, Zero." Vanessa said with fierce determination. "For Suzuki´s sake and then we will get to Excalibur and kick his stupid ass!"

"I will free you, Zero." Vanessa said with fierce determination. "For Suzuki´s sake and then we will get to Excalibur and kick his stupid ass!"

But it was to no avail as Zero glowed with a blue colour and Vanessa floated in the air. “Foolish girl, Zero cannot be saved, you are wasting your breathe haha” As Zero says this he chucks Vanessa across the room, causing her to hit the wall, possibly knocking her out. He then glowed again and the others except Lily floated in the air as well. “Do not interfere…for you see you guys are mere spectators of the battle, cheering for the one you want to win…shame she will not haha” Zero laughed. “This collar is giving me more power than that useless Zero could ever have…” Zero continued. “And as for you Lily…I am your waiter…and I am about to serve you up some death haha”

Lily had noticed the collar, and as Zero attacked the twins pulled her out of the way before he hit. They didn't know anything about this man, but he was a threat that had to be eliminated. They saw he glowed blue as somehow he sent Vanessa flying.

Alana spoke curtly. "You will not harm our asset."

Ariel promptly followed up by throwing rocks and debris from the outside of the building through the door at Zero. They were moving with incredible force.

Lily fired a shot at his legs and dashed into the building. "Don't kill him! I'm going to do something about that collar."

Donald knew he'd be useless in this fight. Itoe had offered to help him with the bags earlier, and he had responded with a simple but soft "No". Now he looked at her and nodded at her. "Protect." Were the words that came out of his mouth. He was certain she'd understand.

Irene saw the collared man attack Lily and as soon as the fighting began she curled up into a ball and began to cry again. In low tones she repeated. "No, stop. Not Silvia. Please."

Lily knew Zero's speed and with this new power he displayed she knew she had only one hope in this fight: her computer's EMP device that was velcroed onto the side of her desktop's tower. One press of the button on it and within 5 seconds any electronic device in a range of 5 feet would be rendered useless. The problem was she needed to get to it first.

Itoe saw the whole fight. Vanessa was sent flying and probably knocked out cold. She swallowed nervously but understood that Lily was in trouble. She was no trained fighter but maybe she could give Lily some precious time? She came closer to Zero and raised her vectors while watching his every move.

"You won´t defeat us." Itoe stated and started her attack. Two of the arms were arming at him, trying to push him into the wall while the others would stay for her protection. She readied herself in case he would also throw this weird attack after her.

"Lily. If you have any trick you could use, it would be nice if you use it now." Itoe said. She was certain she wouldn´t last very long but maybe long enough to make the difference.

Zero dodges the debris and rocks chucked out him, as well as the bullet that Lily had tried to shoot at him. “Why bother with throwing objects at me? My speed makes things like those useless…” Zero said to Lily and the two girls outside. Were they diclonius? They must be if they were able to chuck so much judging from their look.

Lily dashed into the building, but Zero dashes in her way. “Where do you think you’re going haha” Zero laughed getting in Lily’s way. Zero then dodged the attack from the sword. It wasn’t Lily who did that? Then who did? As Zero looked it was Suzuki, and she was holding the sword. “Now, now Suzuki…do you really want to hurt the one you love? haha” Zero asked Suzuki, laughing at her.

Suzuki looked angry. “You are not the guy I love, you are a man who is controlling the one I love…and I will do my best to set him free!” Suzuki said to Zero, looking focused on the task in hand.

Zero laughed at this, but was soon being attacked by another girl. He was being pushed by her vectors, but she wasn’t trying to kill him, more of slowing him down as a distraction. “Foolish!” Zero said. He then glowed blue and pushed the girl back. This gave Suzuki a chance to attack him. Suzuki ran towards Zero and the sword connects with his blades, they would engage in a battle. Blade and sword making collisions with each other as Suzuki tried harder and harder to aim for Zero’s collar. Zero laughed. “I didn’t know she could fight Zero? You and your little girl here amuse me haha”

Suzuki continued attacking. “SHUT UP!!! I WILL STOP YOU AND SAVE ZERO!” Suzuki shouted. She then turned to Lily. “Lily find a way to stop him…please…”

Lily heard Suzuki's command and made an affirmative sound. She made it to the computer and found the EMP exactly where she last left it. The problem was she'd have to be uncomfortably close to get it to work on him. Since she was clearly his target he'd probably let her get close, but she wasn't sure if she'd survive. The sound of blades clashing was audible throughout the entire warehouse.

Ariel threw Alana towards the ceiling which was about thirty feet in the air and Alana took a sheet off the roof and threw it down at Zero aiming to incapacitate him.

Lily charged him after putting the EMP in her pocket. When she got close enough she pressed the button to activate it. In her head she counted down five terribly slow seconds as she moved to tackle him. The EMP went off with a low pinging sound and she hoped that it was close enough to work.

Itoe was pushed back and blinked as she had felt the strange feeling of this sort of attack. She recognized, she wouldn´t be able to win this fight but with all these opponents Zero was facing, Itoe was sure he couldn´t overwhelm them all.
The queens were trowing debris from the roof into him. Suzuki was fighting him with the blade and Lily was charging directly at him. Itoe had to make sure she would succeed into her try.

"Are you sure of it?" Itoe challenged but deep down in herself she was afraid. The Girl raised her four vectors again but this time she used them all to attack or to be more precise: She aimed at his limbs and tried to hold them into place to slow him down long enough for Lily to came near. Itoe would have used all her concentration and willpower to hold him into place if the vectors managed to grab him. But before her vectors would reach him, Lily was already in position and activated the EMP. Hopefully it would destroy the device and freeing the man from this madness.

As the battle between Zero and Suzuki continued, Zero suddenly heard a loud rip, it was one of those girls, and they had ripped off part of the roof and thrown it towards him. Zero quickly turned blue and pushed Suzuki away from the object and also moved out of its way, but moved into the direction of Lily. A low ping was all he could hear and suddenly the collar went haywire. It began buzzing and smoke started coming out of it. Zero then put his hands on his head. “No…I…Won’t…let…you…No...This body…is…mine…no…I will…not…” The collar exploded and Zero collapsed, heading mask first into the floor.

“ZERO!!” Suzuki quickly ran towards Zero, checking that they didn’t kill him. She checked his pulse, it was still beating, he was alive. “HE’S ALIVE, WE DIDN’T KILL HIM, I AM SO GLAD” Suzuki shouted before crying onto Zero, holding him close. Zero is back, safe and sound, but is he back to normal?

Alana landed safely and stood menacingly over Suzuki and Zero. Both of them had their four vectors out and ready to kill. Lily saw this and quickly put herself between the two pairs. Her look was fierce and deadly. "You will leave him be."

Both twins spoke in unison. "We will not allow a danger such as this one to kill you."

Ariel continued. "You are our best chance for peace with humans."

Alana finished. "We realize that if we continue as we are now we will go extinct. Whether we die because of humans exterminating us, or because of our own evolution preventing us from procreating without humans. We wish to survive, and that means we must for a truce with human kind."

Lily was surprised at their response to her, but gathered her own response quickly. "Regardless of whether he attacked us or not, this attack was controlled by someone. Probably Excalibur." She looked directly at Donald. "Donald, get the old moving truck. We're relocating again. I don't want Excalibur to know where we are. It'll take a couple days, but we're packing everything here up. The old hospital building is where we're going next."

Donald gave Lily a look of surprise. She hated that place. The only reason she ever used it was because it wasn't in any records of any where, and the locals though of it as cursed because of the lack of records and some nasty rumors. He nodded though and moved quickly to the place where they had parked the van they bought to move here. They hadn't touched it in six months, so he expected it to not start up too easily.

The members of the G.O consisting of the Brigadier Generals and other members specifically stationed at their main headquarters were working fervently upon the computers. A large screen was in place most for the Brigadier Generals to see while a smaller screen was set up for each computer that the lesser members worked on.

Maxwell Kreinstart twirled his mustache absentmindedly while gazing at the screen. He played it over three times until he had to come to the conclusion of what he had seen had been true. These horned girls were not human, or at least they had something the other horned people did not. Reports from Captain Schlenzanner indicated that their abilities were similar to invisible hands, the image of a ghost like feature popping into his mind was the best he could imagine.

But this new one, the one calling herself a Queen, her powers exceeded that of her subjects. The only thing he could be glad about was that her attacks this time were at least visible, he could only imagine the trouble if those beams had been unseen by the naked eye.

"None of this was edited...right?" Vastopida Jierroshi asked.

It wasn't a legitimate question, Vast already knew that what he saw was the real deal but it was so amazing that he couldn't help but ask it. Maybe he wanted true clarification but when nobody answered he had to take it as the truth.

"What are we supposed to do about this?" Ivan Cos remarked, folding his arms and tapping his foot as if impatient. "How do we deal with these...what did they call them again?"

"Captain Schlenzanner referred to them as Diclonius." Maxwell replied. "As for your question, I think its too much risk sending our members out to search for them. You saw what happened, our members aren't ready for these girls yet and we've already lost a few to this Queen. Right now the best person for the job to handle these girls is Hector, Xurtius and Elena.

...The only thing we can do here is provide back up, which is exactly what we've been doing."

"Aye..." Vast answered, bringing up the next point. "Our scientists and technologists have been working on something for Hector. It's still on its way though but once its finished one of us will have to travel over there to give it to him.

A specialized weapon which soul purpose is to fight these horned people."

The work continued on as did the members.

OOC: Got a bit boring around here so made this little post for fun.

@drewccapp since Lilian wants to "mess with the G.O" I thought maybe you could use this as a way for Lily's group to mess around with the G.O's online stuff. Hacking and what not.

As Suzuki cried on Zero, the twins walked up to them, with a look like they were going to kill Zero. “WAIT DON’T HURT HIM, HE DIDN’T MEAN IT” Suzuki cried, shielding Zero with herself. “THIS WAS ALL EXCALIBUR’S FAULT…HE DID THIS TO ZERO”

Lily also came to the save, getting in the way of the twins. "You will leave him be."

The twins replied in unison. "We will not allow a danger such as this one to kill you." One of the twins continued. "You are our best chance for peace with humans." She then finished. "We realize that if we continue as we are now we will go extinct. Whether we die because of humans exterminating us, or because of our own evolution preventing us from procreating without humans. We wish to survive, and that means we must for a truce with human kind."

Lily looked shocked by this, Suzuki as well. "Regardless of whether he attacked us or not, this attack was controlled by someone. Probably Excalibur."

“Yes…Excalibur did this…” Suzuki quietly said, looking at Zero. The pain he must of felt, helplessly watching his loved ones being attacked by him, he must have cried at the thought that he might have killed them.

Lily turned her direction to Donald. "Donald, get the old moving truck. We're relocating again. I don't want Excalibur to know where we are. It'll take a couple days, but we're packing everything here up. The old hospital building is where we're going next."

“Moving again?” Suzuki thought, we only just got to here, but with what has just happened, it’s probably a good idea to get away from here, especially if Excalibur knew of this place. Suzuki then remembered about Vanessa and quickly ran over. “VANESSA ARE YOU OK? PLEASE WAKE UP!”

The Rosary's second-in-command hadn't heard from the boss in a while, and wanted to get to work, so he decided to check the usual sites for jobs and found one that looked to be worthy of a Rosary member. Username Hack/Slash had a request for all hackers available to cause system problems within two particular organizations: the Great Order and the Diclonius Extermination Force. He had suspected that there were problems with the organization, and he never paticularly like the secrecy the the DEF had as an organization. If Hack/Slash had a problem with them, then there was good reason to pull an online assault on both of these organizations. He started by sending a DOS attack towards the GO in order to stop all of their internet functions. This would certainly be good bit of fun.


The twins backed away from Lily out of respect for her fearlessness. "Very well, we shall leave him be for now, but should he become a threat we will end him."

Lily turned her attention to Zero. She picked him up and moved him to the bed. It would be a far more comfortable place for him to rest than the floor. She took his mask off his face and placed it on the end table next to the bed. "Rest well, sir knight."

She made her way to Suzuki and the unconscious Vanessa. She checked her pulse and then looked around for any serious injuries. "She's alive." Lily's voice was calm and reassuring. "Lets get her to a bed so she can rest. She'll be OK, she just needs rest." She hugged Suzuki. "You are a brave woman. You did well today."

“I-It’s nothing really…” Suzuki replied. Lily hugged her. It felt kind of her. Suzuki was just doing her best to save Zero, which she did thanks to Lily, although she didn’t know how she was so good with the sword that Zero brought with him. Why did he bring a sword? Zero only uses his dual blades; did he want Lily to fight back? Was the sword even for Lily? Did Zero have some control over what he did? Suzuki tried not to go too far into it. She got up and picked up the chair that Zero was sitting on when they arrived and walked towards Zero. She placed down the chair near him and sat on it, placing her hands onto his. “Please wake up soon Zero…” Suzuki quietly said to Zero before giving him a kiss.


“It looks like the device has been destroyed…” Excalibur thought to himself, looking at the screen, which kept track of where Zero was. “Although I would have got a signal of his death…this can only mean…that he is not dead. Did you know this person Zero? Or is she that kind?” Excalibur thought to himself. Did Zero know this woman, or is she really this kind to everyone? “Hmph…that will be your downfall Lily…” Excalibur quietly said before grabbing the microphone. “Alice, the device on Zero has been destroyed, but he is still alive…which means that Lily must have saved him…”

“What? My Zero is being taken by some bitch called Lily? I’LL KILL HER” Alice shouted before releasing her vectors into the room, destroying some of the stuff inside the room.

“Do not worry Alice, you will meet her at some point…and Zero will come back to you…but I am not letting you out just yet, let’s see what Lily is doing first before we do anything. At most she will probably move again if she is smart to know that I have her current location located.” Excalibur said to Alice, to which she gave a smile.

“Ok, but if she tries anything on my Zero…I will have fun cutting up her body hehe”

Lily went to a secret compartment in her warehouse, a cellar actually. Inside were all the explosives, triggers, motion sensors, and other such equipment she used for her assassinations were stored. All of it would be going into the moving truck. She began moving the containers of claymores she had to the ground level. The move would take two days. She hoped everyone would be safe in that time.

Irene had finally calmed down and she made her way to Lily as she was moving equipment around. She felt so frail and weak, useless even. "I-I'd like to help." She doubted it would be accepted, but she had to ask anyways.

Lily smiled kindly at Irene and nodded. "It'd be much appreciated. Come along there's a lot of equipment in here that needs to be moved, dearie."

Irene followed Lily into the cellar and was amazed at the amount of weapons she had. Most of it was explosives and things to set them off or set whatever other traps she might make off. There were a few high caliber rifles and hand guns in there too, even a shot gun or two. All of them were designed to be used easily for traps as well as by hand. Lily directed her to a case with some motion sensors in it and she began to help carrying them with her vectors.

The twins simply observed, not taking any action because they didn't feel the need to as the enemy was currently taken care of and the process of moving was none of their concern. At least one of them kept an eye on Zero at all times.

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Vanessa heard a distant voice and stirred slowly with a nasty headache. Itoe was also there with a worried but still distant look on her face. Lily and Suzuki were also nearby and she slowly opened the eyes. "Ugh...my head." the girl lamented and hold the pounding back before she tried to stand up. Dizziness hit her and she closed the eyes to get herself together.

"Is...Is Zero okay? The last thing I remembered was me flying against the wall." the girl asked. Itoe kneeled down to her, her voice beeing firm. "Zero is himself again. You should rest." Itoe was silent for a short while. The girl seemed to think about something and it seemed she made up her mind. Vectors appeared and went to her wound. "Hold still. I´m going to treat the wound a little. You´re going to get better sooner but I can´t heal it completly."

She had seen her motivation and her actions to humans and she recognized her will to change for the better. Itoe still had a huge resentment against her but this wasn´t the time nor the place for something like that. To prevent herself from draining her stamina, she acclerated the self-healing abilities of the diclonius-girl. "Thanks." Vanessa weakly responded to wich Itoe didn´t answer. Instead she helped her getting up to her feet. "We still have to sort this out. We aren´t friends yet." Itoe softly warned with determination in her voice.

A few hours and the injuries would be gone...Vanessa was glad they didn´t lose someone and she was even more grateful she wasn´t killed herself. The outcome of this devices were horrible. They needed to free the other trapped dicloni more than ever.

All Zero could hear was mumbling. He slowly opened his eyes, and saw Suzuki holding his hand, crying into it looking down. Zero smiled. “…It’s nice to wake up without chains this time…” Zero quietly said. They wouldn’t understand by what he meant by that, but that didn’t matter to him.

Suzuki looked up and saw that Zero was awake, she looked shocked. She then jumped on him crying. “ZERO YOU’RE AWAKE” Suzuki cried, landing on top of Zero.

“H-hey careful, you might knock me out if you do that…” Zero happily said to Suzuki. She just jumped onto him, like she hasn’t seen him in a long time. Zero placed his arms around her and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry what happened here…” Zero quietly said to Suzuki, sounding upset as he spoke.

“IT’S OK ZERO…AS LONG AS YOU ARE SAFE THEN I AM HAPPY” Suzuki happily said as the tears fell down her face. Zero sat up, Suzuki still holding him.

“That’s good…” Zero said, looking happy. He then turned his head to the twins, who were still watching him. They were planning on killing him rather than helping him, even though the others had noticed that he was being controlled. Zero didn’t care if they were friends of Lily or not, he wouldn’t trust them. Zero then turned his head to Lily. “Hey Lily…thanks…”

Vanessa was hearing the overjoyful voice of Suzuki and walked as fast as her condition allowed her, to the masked man and her girlfriend. She smiled weakly to Zero when he watched him beeing slowly suffocated by Suzuki. "Nice to see you awake again, Zero." Vanessa said quietly. "Are you feeling better now?"

Vanessa wasn´t sure if he had any memories or not. She didn´t want to bother with these questions just yet. Later, when he would have recovered, she would ask him about it. For the moment it was great to have a friend back again. The control device was destroyed and Excalibur couldn´t control him anymore. The smile lessened until it dissappeared completly and left her with a thoughtful expression.

They had to stop Excalibur or the few communities of friendly dicloni, Lily mentioned, would be in danger. Vanessa wanted to avoid that at all costs. She hoped that the twins knew what they did but her loyality remained to Lily.

Lily put down a case with a .50 caliber sniper rifle in it as she heard Zero's thanks. She smiled. "Good to see you're awake."

He didn't appear to have any severe injuries and it seemed he was himself again. "Do you remember anything from what happened? You were really scary there."

She was worried for him. He was a good man and if there were any dangerous side effects from that collar she wanted to make sure they'd be safe. Unfortunately, she had no way of testing if he was completely in control or not.

The twins continued to watch silently. They would only act if it was to protect the future of their kind. Alana broke the silence. "Take care, Zero, for if you should act in a way that will destroy our kind we will end your existence."


Donald pulled the keys from the grill of the moving truck. He always thought putting them there was stupid, but he didn't stop Lily from doing it considering he had spares made. He unlocked the truck and got into the seat. It was oddly comfortable for a moving truck, but then again Lily made her own modifications to it. The seats were one of those changes.

He stuck the key into the ignition and turned it. The engine revved, but didn't catch. He tried again and got the same results. He remembered how much he hated the disagreeable machine. It only worked for Lily easily and gave everyone else a hard time. He tried again and pumped the gas hoping the engine might catch. It took a long ten seconds and then the accursed thing came to life.

He put it into drive and moved five feet forward before the damned thing puttered out and stopped. He sighed frustratedly at the truck and tried again with no success. He knew he'd be there for a while working on the problematic truck.

“It’s nice to see you awake as well Vanessa…sorry for what I did…” Zero said to Vanessa. He looked on, as his controlled self chucked Vanessa across the room like a rag doll. It was upsetting to watch. “Yeah…I could guess I am myself again…whatever my real self really is…” Zero continued. Zero then turned to Lily. “Yes…I saw everything…my bad side can be really scary when it happens…” Zero said, looking down. Even thought he was controlled, he still could act like that sometimes. It was something he couldn’t stop happening, it has had a bad effect on him, and if it keeps happening, it will probably get worse. He looked back up. “That device…belongs to Excalibur…he had it placed on me by someone…that person…I believe I can save…” Zero continued. This person he was talking about was Alice. She seemed like she only listened to father, which is probably why he kept her from the world, so he could corrupt her mind.

Zero then heard one of the twins talk. "Take care, Zero, for if you should act in a way that will destroy our kind we will end your existence."

Zero looked at them with an angry look. “The same goes for you as well…I saw what you guys did…you knew that I was being controlled…yet you were trying to kill me…” Zero said to the twins. He wasn’t going to trust them. “If you try to kill me again…I won’t hesitate to kill you…I don’t care if you are a diclonius or not…anyone who threatens me will get what they deserve…”

The twins smirked. They respected him for having such a direct response. Ariel responded her voice was prideful. "So long as we have an understanding. We wouldn't expect any less from you considering what we've seen."

Hand-in-hand they walked to the far wall to keep an eye on everyone from a distance.

Lily saw the intensity between the two groups and sighed. So long as nobody was actually violoent towards each other she wouldn't intervene, but she didn't like the lack of trust between everyone. She saw Irene was still pulling her weapons from the cellar. She had forgotten exactly how much equipment she had for her traps. She hated that so many people could see her hiden life. This equipment was supposed to be top secret, only Donald was supposed to know it existed. She felt nervous about it all and it probably was showing.

She looked at Zero. "I don't suppose you might be able to tell us where Excalibur ran off to? Seeing how you saw everything while you were under his control."

“Aye…I do know where he has run off too…” Zero said looking down. “He has run off to where it all began...between me and him…back in England…” Zero thought Excalibur would have moved location after all these years, but it looks like he was wrong, he stayed in the one place Zero never thought he would have to go back to. “I can’t remember the exact location of his castle, but I know the area, as it is in the same area where my…home…use…to be…” Zero continued. Tears fell down his face. “The bastard…he knew I didn’t want to go back to that place…” Zero quietly said. He looked up. “If I remember correctly, his castle should be the only place with a roof on it…or anything for that matter…” Zero said to the group. Excalibur destroyed his kingdom and everyone around it. Nothing was left but burned down buildings and ripped up corpses. Zero would be surprised if anything was built after, considering the government said they weren’t going to pay money to fix it.

Zero then remembered Alice. “That person I believe I can save…her name is Alice…she is Excalibur’s daughter…” This brought shock on few of the people. Why would Zero want to save Excalibur’s daughter? It didn’t really make sense. “She is a diclonius…but much stronger than any you have faced… even stronger than you two…” Zero said, turning his head to the twins, who have now distance themselves from everyone. He then turned his head back. “She was able to take me out in one move…no one has ever done that…she was why I was captured…but she didn’t want to kill me...when I woke up…I was on his ship…chained up like he does with the diclonius…in the same room as Alice…apparently because she wanted me in her room that he kept her in for all these years…” Zero then remembered her personality. “She is a cheerful kind girl…who is being controlled by an evil father…she would be ‘too’ kind to me…and then if I say something she didn’t like…she would attack me…but then apologize for it and act ‘too’ kind again…” Zero continued. “She believes her father is taking over this world for her…but he really is just taking it over for himself…” Zero looked at Lily. “Please Lily…help me save her from that hell…she needs to see what her father is really planning…” Zero continued. “Although when we get there…it is best if I try to reason with her…as she will only listen to me and her father…she would kill all of you, as she would think that you took me away from her, as since she has been kept in that room all this time…her emotions are something…I am the only other person she has seen, and she has feelings for me…even though she was the one that killed my loved ones.” Zero looked down. “I know, it’s weird, but she admitted to me that she likes me…so we can try to get her on our side and end Excalibur…” Zero then looked back up again. “So will you help me save her? Just like you do with any other diclonius, she needs saving…so will you help?”

Lily listened calmly and nodded occasionally. She didn't hide the look of surprise on her face when Zero revealed Alice was Excalibur's daughter. However it was not unheard of for a father to do strange things with his diclonius daughter. Irene was a prime example of that. Her father kept her, but caged her up feeding her from a bowl. He ended up being her first victim, then her mother was the second. Lily was still impressed by herself in how she managed to pull her out of her hatred, but then again Silvia was the key to her success.

England would be a long trip. They'd have to take a boat to bring all of her equipment. It had been a decade since she was last so close to home. This, however, confirmed what she had been thinking for a while now: that he was a member of the Azure Kingdom and probably one of their knights. It would take a lot of time and bargaining with some of her contacts to get this to work. This would change their destination in two days completely.

Lily took a step forward towards him and then bowed deeply. "You have my services, sir knight." When she stood back up. "It will take two days to set up the required travel plans, but it'll be done. How do you feel about boats?"

The twins had faced opponents more powerful than them before and won. They certainly hadn't gone all out against Zero, not believing they needed to. Individually they may not have had a chance against the few opponents they've had, but together they believed they were unstoppable. Another odd dicloinius with feelings for a human. They were beginning to get used to the strangeness of the dicloni here.

“How do I feel about boats?” Zero asked. “How do you think I got into Japan? After the events that happened in England…I had nowhere else to go…so I took a boat to Japan…it was the only way to get away without being noticed” Zero said with a cold voice. “That was why I wear this mask…so I could just forget what happened, start a new life…because no matter what I do…I can’t bring back the ones I love…” Zero continued, picking up his mask and looked at it. The mask was a chance to forget his past and look on to his future, but it looked like the past wouldn’t forget him.

Zero then remembered that Lily keeps calling him ‘Sir Knight’. “I’m guessing by how you continue to call me ‘Sir Knight’ must mean that you know who I am or was, if not then you will soon find out…” Zero said to Lily. “Although I find it cute that you call me that, but remember I belong to Suzuki…” Zero said to Lily, letting out a chuckle before holding Suzuki tight and giving her a kiss. Zero then got up from the bed and placed his mask on. “I’m going to head outside, get some fresh air” Zero said before walking out the door, Suzuki tried to follow, but Zero gave her a sign to say ‘no, stay here’, to which she did. Zero shut the door and then sat down, leaning on the wall. “As much as it would be nice to go back home…It is a shame I have no home left to go back to…” Zero said to himself, looking into the sky.

Lily had followed Zero outside only for a brief moment regardless of any signs he gave. "I call you, sir knight, because of the way you behave and the fact that you've earned my respect. I only recently began to suspect your true origins, Azure Knight. If I had known what was going on, I would've been there to help stop the carnage. I doubt I would have succeeded." She chuckled a little. She found it amusing how he thought her calling him 'sir knight' was cute. "You misunderstand the meaning behind my calling you that though. You aren't my type, you are of the male persuasion. I'd be more likely to kiss Suzuki than you." She chuckled again. "As far as home goes... don't you think you could make a new one? I'll leave you be for now." She reentered the warehouse and headed to her box of disposable phones.

She dialed in a number that went straight to an answering machine. "This is Fenix Ryder, I'm not available right now. Leave a message and I won't get back to you."

She smiled at his message. Fenix always amused her. He was the guy that shipped people and equipment around under the law's ever watchful eye. No one did the job better than him. It was typical of him to not ever call anyone back, but give him the proper information in the proper way and he was the most reliable transporter available. "This is Lily. Two days. Masaka port. Ten people plus cargo... A lot of cargo. I'll pay cash up front. Typical ferry plus tips."

With that she tossed the phone into a disposal unit with high-powered magnets within it to destroy electronics. She then continued to pack up. "Rei, care to help?"

Rei nodded politely and followed Lily to help carry some of the cases and boxes up from the basement. The amount of weapons she had was startling. "Wh-Where did you get all of this?"

Lily made an uncomfortable sound. "I'd rather not talk about it. You said you were looking for a male diclonius? Kenshi, right? Tomorrow night I'm going to break him out of DEF prison. If you want to come along you'll have to do everything I say. I imagine that they'd want to keep him alive to learn everything they could about male dicloni." She was confident she'd be able to find their facility. She actually wouldn't be surprised if the compound the GO was at was the facility they used. The DEF liked to keep one facility per certain area of mileage. Too many would be suspicious.

As Lily climbed the stairs, she looked to the twins who had moved to the door where Zero left and were clearly listening outside. She suspected they were powerful, but they wouldn't be able to fight against the DEF's anti-diclonius weapons. If they found out about her mission to save Kenshi, they'd probably want to come along. That was not a risk she'd let them take.

Lily followed Zero even though he made a sign not to and made some statements towards him before going back into the warehouse. “You’re a lesbian? Well I be damned…” Zero thought. “Well nobody is kissing Suzuki but me…” Zero continued, giving a chuckle as he thought that. Zero then could feel the presence of the twins, possibly trying to overhear his conversation. “I know you are there twins…” Zero said. “Where we are going…will make your kind useless, as they have weapons capable of stopping you…” Zero continued, getting up and then opening the door. “This is why you will need me and Lily, as those weapons will be useless on us and we have the capabilities to beat them…” Zero said to the twins with an angry look at them. “But if you think I will be trouble…do not worry, because once I kill Excalibur…you will not hear from me again…”

Zero then walked past the twins and turned his head towards Lily “And Lily, whether you were there or not…you would have died as well…I was not able to match Alice’s ability now, and I have become stronger since that day…so I am lucky that I am alive…although there are some days where I wished I died with them.” Zero said with a cold voice, but he then sounded a bit more happily soon after. “Also I think you misunderstood by what I meant as ‘cute’…I find it cute of the way you say it, mostly because of your Irish accent when you say it.” Zero said, giving a chuckle. “I knew a man from Ireland once…Paddy O’Brien, he was a good man…and a good knight…”

Zero then remembered that Lily called him ‘Azure Knight’. “So, you know my past possibly…yes I am an Azure Knight…the last to be more exact.” Zero said, looking down. “I was one of the best, had the respect of many knights, from my group and others up to a point where I was the best of the world…but in one day…I lost it all.” Zero then remembered what Lily said about home. “One cannot possibly just make a new home after how much the first was about to become for him…” Zero continued. The kingdom was going to become his as he was going to marry Lady Rose, but Excalibur took that away from him.

Zero then took off his mask. “And about your…preferences…Even though you have some of my favourite features…I too would likely kiss Suzuki then you, as I like my girls around my age rather than older than me haha” Zero said to Lily, giving her a wink before letting out a little chuckle. Zero was taking a jokingly jab at how Lily looked a bit older than him.

Suzuki looked confused. “What was that about me?” Suzuki asked.

“Don’t worry my lotus flower, it is nothing.” Zero replied, walking up to Suzuki and giving her a kiss on the lips. “Now Lily, do you need any help with anything?”

Lily let out a hearty laugh. "Well at least we can agree on something. I'm not that old though..." She paused. "Your help would be pretty nice. You remember that male diclonius? Well, I plan on getting him out of his prison tomorrow night. I'm going to do a quick hack to confirm, but I'm pretty sure that they're keeping him in the compound that Hector is stationed at."

She glanced at the twins, who were nearby and clearly listening. "The DEF has weapons that can bypass your vectors. You will not be coming."

Alana responded. "You are foolish if you think we won't come. Our vectors might be bypassed, but we will not be taken down by silly toys such as that. We have never deflect with our vectors unless we have to, so long as we have other materials to use we will be safe."

Lily glowered. "You arrogant bitches, you think you can just waltz into the center of the DEF and still be standing? They will slaughter you! I'll not have that happen if I can help it."

The twins flinched. Ariel nodded. "Very well." They then turned and walked to the other side of the warehouse.

Lily returned her attention to Zero. "Anyways, as I was saying, I am not in a good position as I am now an enemy of the GO. However, we need as many allies as we can get and Kenshi, this male diclonius would be a great help in the fight against Excalibur. We'll be doing this tomorrow night with Rei, I can keep an eye on her, so don't worry about her. We need to infiltrate the facility and release him."

She looked around. "I suppose until then you can help by putting my equipment and Donald's stuff into those boxes over there." She pointed at a pile of broken down cardboard boxes that she had ready for whenever she ended up moving out again.

“Do I remember the male diclonius? Of course I do, I battled him before he got captured…although I wasn’t on the helping diclonius side at the time…” Zero said, replying to Lily’s question. Zero then turned his head to the twins. “And before you get any ideas, I had my reasons to hate your kind…but thanks to Lily and Vanessa…I now want to save the one that caused me to hate you…” Zero said to the twins.

Zero then headed towards Lily’s equipment and started putting them in the boxes. Suzuki helped as well. Why Lily has this amount of things is beyond Zero, but it was probably best not to ask. “You’re now an enemy of the GO? To be honest, Hector classed me as a criminal before I made a deal with him” Zero said to Lily. “But with what is going on, it’s not that bad disobeying his order, considering I made the deal so he could help me find Excalibur, but since I found him myself, with your help, I no longer need his services…so I could class this as the end of our deal Hector haha” Zero continued, letting out a laugh.

Zero then thought about the male diclonius. “Who is exactly heading towards the prison? Because if this other group is like Excalibur, and they probably are…that male diclonius might become trouble to free…” Zero said. He remembered how Excalibur controlled him, but would it be the same with the other group? “Who is exactly going on this mission? None of the diclonius girls could go; it would be suicide considering the weapons they had. If I went, I won’t let Suzuki go, I don’t want her to get hurt. This left only Lily, but she isn’t made for combat. So will it be me and Lily? Me for combat, and Lily for surveillance and hacking?” Zero thought in his head, they didn’t have many options and Zero was the only one here who knows how to fight that won’t have a disadvantage. He has battled the male diclonius before, so if he is also controlled, then it won’t be that bad.

He waited for what Lily’s response would be.

"Sir, we seem to be having some technical difficulties." Someone from the monitor said, typing furiously and clicking around before shrugging. He got up and checked the computer, turned it off and then back on. Once it started back up he tried to connect to the network again.

"Damn! What's going on?"

"I've been shut off!"

"Same here!"

Hearing the commotion, Vastopodia rushed over as the entire network of the G.O went into chaos. Everything was being turned off, ruined, it was now impossible for any of them to make contact with the network again. Vast hit the screen in frustration, asking for a total reboot and hoped everything would return to normal. He would only dream of such things and there was no changed when the monitors returned back.


That was the message on each screen. "Get one of the backup computers, try that!" He ordered.

"We can't sir, it's down as well. All of them, the entire place's network has been completely shut down."

All of it? Every last one had been shut down? Vast and the other brigadier generals knew damn well that this wasn't a coincidence. Someone, somewhere was hacking into their network and they were doing a fine job at that too. "Is there any way we can get back online?"

"Sorry sir, not sure about that..."

"Then we need to find the source of this problem ourselves." Maxwell muttered coolly. "...Do you think this is because of those horned people?"

"Hell if I know..." Vast groaned, sitting in his seat and clicking away uselessly on the mouse. "...The source huh, how do you suppose we do that? Our online is completely off, we have no way to connect back to the network right now."

"...We can't connect here, that doesn't mean we can't connect somewhere else though. I'm heading off, I'll keep in contact with you as soon as I can, wish me luck." Maxwell muttered, quickly leaving to head to a new location. It would make things 5x more difficult using a computer that wasn't part of the G.O but doing nothing would leave them defenseless. He'd have to find another computer, laptop separated from the G.O main base and use that.

"...An attack on us, a hacking expert or experts...so you want to pick a fight with us eh? Fine then we'll take your challenge...bring all you got. I’ll show you what happens when you mess with The Great Order."

OOC: G.O's on the fritz right now.

Vanessa watched as Lily and Zero leaved the room, probably to talk about some serious things. Soon the diclonius queens also got out, probably to listen to them. She sighed and glanced at Itoe who was glancing at the queens without saying anything. Out of all dicloni Vanessa never expected the quiet and shy girl to join a queen. Had she not detested murder and the whole hatred thing? And now she had joined two dicloni queens with unknown goals? Sure, they said they wanted to coexist with the humans but Vanessa saw they didn´t give a damn about humans. Were they really the best allies? She still wanted to see these communities Lily was talking about.

Itoe still avoided to directly look at her former friend. She couldn´t forgive her these actions. She simply couldn´t. After the whole accident she never saw Mike again. The only thing she was sure of was him beeing okay. He even didn´t got scarred after that. Her abilities had prevented that but then the people got interested in her and she had to endure even more pain and hurt from these humans. They ripped her from all her self-confidence and most of her optimism and managed to scare her soo much that she was more than willing to obey each of their commands just to prevent them from hurting her.

Was this all worth it? Maybe the dicloni queens could manage peace and equal treatment of the diclonius race. Maybe Lily and this masked guy could stop the great order of committing genocide. She decided to go outside and also to listen to Lily and the masked guy. It wasn´t polite but she refused to obey every command a human wanted to give her ever again. So it didn´t take long for her to get a few bits of the conversation of them. It involved a prison and freeing a male diclonius. Itoe was surprised about that. A male diclonius was rare and a very important ressource for their kind. Her queens got cought in their eavesdropping and she was sure she would be as well so she stepped out and looked directly at them, a firm expression in her otherwise soft face.

"I heard about your next plan. I want to support you there. My ability to heal you and to form a vector-shield might be useful for you. I´m also a siplet and not so important like the queens. Let me come with you." Itoe said. She was sure they would flatout decline her request but she was tired of not doing anything except for beeing afraid and weak. Itoe wanted to do something that could mean a difference. This facility was propably well guarded and they surely could be hurt. If they get killed, who could help them? The resistance, if Itoe could call their little group that, would break apart. She wouldn´t take no for an answer. Not this time!

Lily gave Itoe a careful look over as she thought about the girl's request. She didn't want too many people coming along. Three people at most would be the most that could do this without being detected quickly. Not only that, but the DEF had weapons that would make Itoe's vector-shield useless. "I need you here for now. The DEF has weapons that will render your vectors useless. I cannot bring too many people with me on this mission."

Then an idea popped into her head. Nearby, there was a community that she had set up. It was within an apartment complex. Six dicloni lived there with their human counterparts. It was a successful community that lived in peace and harmony. She wanted to make sure that they hadn't been abducted or disturbed in any way. She looked at Itoe more seriously and then transferred her gaze to the twins. "There is a community of dicloni in downtown Masaka. I'm sure you can feel there presence." that last sentence was directed toward the twins. "I want to ensure that the integrity of that community is still intact. They are all peaceful and living with humans, so it would be best if you didn't aggravate them too much, but please check in on them. With Excalibur and the DEF being in the area it is possible that they've been discovered and taken. I need to prepare here, but I would like you to make sure things are well over there."

Lily's gaze returned to Itoe. "Also, Itoe, you should value yourself more than you do. You are just as important as anyone else, even queens."


Donald continued working on the stubborn truck. He had managed to get it started two more times and it stalled again two more times after he made it a few meters toward his destination. It was frustrating how tiring it was to get this thing to move.


The twins thought for a moment about Lily's suggestion. It was a good chance for them to increase their influence. She was right about them being able to feel other dicloni. They were within a few hours of walking. The male dicloinus was a top priority, but so were the silpelits not far from where they were.

Alana closed her eyes in thought. "You provide us with an interesting diversion."

Ariel kept her eyes open with a serious expression on her face. "However, it is an important one. You say that they are a peaceful community."

Alana continued. "It could be a valuable learning experience at the least for us to see this community. For you as well, Silpelit Itoe."

Ariel finished, taking the hand of Itoe. "We could learn much and see what it would be like for our kind to live in harmony with humans. Speak with the other silpelits, we wish to see if they wish to come along as well and experience this community. You do not have to come along with us, but do at least deliver the message to your sisters."

Itoe´s gaze softened when she listened to Lily´s advices. "I´m worried about your safety. Please come back healthy and alive, okay?" She couldn´t do much about it even when she was growing frustrated about her role in this. When the queen took her hand she nooded. "I would like to go with you. I wanted to see how humans and our kind lives together." Was this even possible? Itoe only learned about the hatred of these two species. Even she was doubting the truth of this statement. This meant her try to get into this mission was failed and over. She had hoped to learn more about herself and the reason why she was in this facility. Itoe had heard Excaliburs name several times and about his interest about the dicloni race.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Midori was tired of waiting and decided it would be the best to continue her journey to her people. She had a lot of work to do. Elena had to pay. They all had to pay for their crimes. The G.O had to be shattered but she couldn´t do it alone. She had to get to their people and then...Midori grinned when she thought about that. She used her vectors to travel trough the air, simply propelling trough it and hastily jumping from roof to roof, with the attack forces in her back. Midori was certain she would overwhelm them but she wouldn´t take any chances. When Midori died, the only hope for the dicloni would die too. There were other queens, faint and far away, not enough to pinpoint them wich was a good thing too, otherwhise they would have detected her also.

When she arrived the outer areas of the city, she felt safe enough to let her energy flow more freely, sending a signal to her dicloni fellows. She was near a forest, where she could hide in case of hostile groups who was near her. "Soon I will be reunited. Took long enough." Midori thought and held her eyes open. The little girl couldn´t need another surprises.

The twins went back inside the warehouse and approached Irene. Ariel pointed at her. "You should come with us to visit the community here."

Irene blinked a couple times before she connected the dots. "It would be nice to see my other sisters. If they're still there."

Alana smiled. "They are, we can feel them. We're surprised that you cannot."

Irene frowned. "I can only feel everyone here."

Ariel also frowned. "Disappointing."

Alana nodded. "Yes. We will be leaving tomorrow morning. It will not be too long a trip."

Ariel finished. "Make sure you have a covering for your head."

The twins then dismissed themselves and approached Vannessa. Alana pointed at her. "You should come with us. We are going to investigate a diclonius community in this city."

Ariel finished. "We are leaving tomorrow morning. If you are to come with us make sure you have a covering for your head. We do not wish to attract unwanted attention."

With having to wait a few days before they can go save the male diclonius, Zero began to get bored and annoyed. “I’m going to start going insane, if I don’t do something…” Zero coldly said. Zero then headed towards the door. Zero also took off his mask. “I’m going to head to the town, maybe get something to eat”

“I want to come to!” Suzuki quickly said, heading towards Zero. “If that is ok with you?”

“Of course, I’d rather have you safe in my hands then theirs…” Zero said, before giving a cold stare to the twins. He doesn’t trust them, and he wouldn’t trust them to protect Suzuki. “There shouldn’t be many people in town, the shops should still be open” Zero continued before turning to Lily. “Don’t worry; I’ll make sure we are not followed…” Zero coldly said before leaving, Suzuki as well.

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“You should really check your facts before you start your accusations.” Yamamoto said with a low chuckle. “Yes, its true I never contacted the government. But you see, thats where you need to dig a little bit deeper.They contacted me. In years past, the Diclonius had only been a small threat and were easily contained. There were only a few incidents every 5 years or so. But recently, their numbers have been growing. Hospitals have been reporting babies being born with horns on their heads at an alarming rate, and more times than not when those babies become older, they kill their parents and everyone around them. Something needed to be done, so a certain high ranking individual in the government, who won't be named, approached me and a few others. He offered us funding to start facilities for the capture and study of Diclonius. However, as time went on and we captured more Diclonius, I saw what a threat they were to mankind. Their only purpose in life is to infect as many humans as they can until there are none left.

Thats why I formed the D.E.F. What I am doing is trying to save humanity! You talk of laws and government approval, but tell me this. How many people will care that I received government approval if they're all dead! In times of crisis, bureaucratic bullshit only serves to hamper progress! Thats why I acted out alone. The others like Excalibur only wish to use diclonius for their own personal gain, but in the end it will get them nowhere.

So come. Come to my facility, and I'll show you why every last one of them must be killed.”


"Well my good sir, it seems you've been very busy in there, but here's my first question...

...Why do you work for Yama-Boss?"

Hideki was normally a timid man to begin with, but with Hectors hulking mass standing before him, he could barely form the words to speak.

“Well.. I … uh... I sp.. specialize in... in human biology... I was... hi.. hired to study the.. l..l.. link between.. Humans an.. and Diclonius.” he managed to say.

Hideki just stood there trembling, waiting for Hector to reply.


Rei slept almost the entire way to the warehouse. As she awoke, she heard Lily say something about an intruder. She hoped it was nothing serious. It wasn't long before Lily pulled into a nearby parking garage. Everyone slowly got out, sore from the long drive.

"Alright, we're going to be walking from here. We don't want the officials seeing a stolen car in front of my home. We have an intruder in my warehouse, just the one, and he hasn't come out since he went in. It's possible he could be a client or even someone I've worked for or with, but until we figure that out I would like us to be careful."

Rei walked quietly along with the group headed towards the warehouse. It took only 10 minutes for them to reach their destination. Turning off the security system, Lily opened and stepped through the door. There in front of her was a masked man. Rei vaguely remembered him from somewhere.

Stepping up beside Lily, Vanessa also spotted Zero.

"Zero? What are you doing here? Did you manage to escape them?" she asked in suprise.

The masked man, evidently named “Zero”, stood without saying a word and quickly threw a sword at Lily. It flew by her at an incredible speed and became lodged in the wall next to her. As soon as he had thrown the sword, Zero charged at Lily with super-human speed and murmured something to her. Rei couldn't hear what he had said but in an instant, he pulled back laughing maniacally all the while.

“I will kill you Lily dearie haha” Zero said to Lily, laughing maniacally. “And then I will destroy this world…and the people in it haha”

Everyone around Rei was in shock. It seemed they all knew this man, but to her he was a mystery.

Suddenly, the girl called Suzuki stepped forward and said “Zero what are you doing? Lily is your friend!” It was obvious she was very worried and upset. Rei could tell she cared for Zero very much. It wasn't long, however, before a look of realization spread across Suzuki's face.


Rei had noticed it too. It looked like some sort of collar on his neck. “That device must be what is controlling Zero” she thought.

Zero responded explaining that the entity in control was not really Zero. It was really his other persona, created when he made some sort of “deal”. Rei had no idea what he was talking about. But at the moment, she really didn't care, because Zero started to laugh manically and threatened to kill them all.

Rei stood back next to Donald. She knew that, as a human, she was useless and would only get in the way.

What followed was one of the most amazing, if not scariest, things Rei had ever seen.

"Let Zero free!" Vanessa shouted. She charged at Zero, vectors at the ready, only to be blown back as a blue aura surrounded Zero. She flew threw the air and slammed into the wall, falling to the ground unconscious. With Vanessa out of the way, Zero charged at Lily next. If it wasn't for the twins quick thinking, Lily would have been Killed by Zero's lightning fast speed and his dual blades.

Together, the twins used their vectors to throw rocks and debris at Zero while Lily fired a shot from her .45 asp. She warned the twins not to kill him. With his speed, Zero easily dodged all of their attacks.

After seeing Vanessa knocked unconscious, and now this, Itoe moved forward much to Rei's suprise. When she had met her, she had seemed like such a frail, sweet little girl. The look in her eyes right now, however, said otherwise.

“You won't defeat us.” she stated before starting her attack.

At the same time, Suzuki charged forward wielding the sword Zero had thrown earlier.

“You are not the guy I love, you are a man who is controlling the one I love…and I will do my best to set him free!”

The two kept Zero busy while Lily headed further inside the warehouse. Itoe worked to slow down Zero's movements with her vectors, while Suzuki was locked in bladed combat him, trying to strike at his collar. He blew the two of them back with his blue aura.

Meanwhile the twins were now inside. One threw the other up towards the ceiling where she grabbed panels and threw them at Zero. He was being attacked from all sides when Lily emerged from the back of the warehouse, running towards Zero. As she came closer, Zero's collar started to malfunction. He put his hands to his head, struggling to gain control before the collar exploded and he collapsed to the floor.

Rei just stood in shock. She had never seen anything like what she had just witnessed. A battle of epic proportions between a man with super-human powers, diclonius, and two determined humans. She didn't know what to think, she was just glad it was over.


Its was sometime after the battle that Zero and Vanessa as well had awakened. Suzuki was overjoyed to have Zero back to normal and everyone was also glad that Vanessa was alright. Regardless, however, tensions were high amongst the group. The twins were wary of Zero, and Zero wasn't exactly trusting of them either. Some, especially Suzuki, weren't too happy that the twins tried to kill Zero, and there still seemed to be a rift between Itoe and Vanessa. It seemed that the entire group was on edge as Zero explained Excalibur's whereabouts and expressed his desire to save Excalibur's daughter. Things definitely didn't seem to improve after a terse exchange between the twins and Zero, with each vowing to take the other's life if they so much as made the wrong move.

After establishing Excalibur's location in England from Zero, Rei stepped out of the room. What had she gotten herself into? With the group threatening to tear itself apart, they wouldn't survive for very long. Not like this. For a split second her resolve waned, but when she thought about Kenshi she regained her composure. She had to find him no matter what the cost.

Zero emerged from the room first, followed shortly by Lily. The two had a light-hearted exchange, casually joking with each other. Rei couldn't hide the surprise of her face when Lily revealed she was a lesbian. She hadn't seen such a thing coming but, at the moment, it didn't really matter. There were more important things at hand.

Lily grabbed a disposable phone and made a quick call, before moving over to her equipment and started packing.

“Care to help Rei?” she asked.

Rei nodded, and started to help carry the many boxes and cases up from the basement. The sheer amount of weapons and advanced equipment was astonishing.

“Where did you get all this?” Rei asked in amazement.

"I'd rather not talk about it. You said you were looking for a male diclonius? Kenshi, right? Tomorrow night I'm going to break him out of DEF prison. If you want to come along you'll have to do everything I say. I imagine that they'd want to keep him alive to learn everything they could about male dicloni."

Kenshi was in prison? And what was this DEF Lily mentioned? Rei didn't have the answers to these questions but if Kenshi was in danger, she'd do anything to help him.

“Of course I'll come along! Count me in!” she said with determination. To think she would finally get to see Kenshi again.

Lily proceeded to tell Zero as well.

“You remember that male diclonius? Well, I plan on getting him out of his prison tomorrow night. I'm going to do a quick hack to confirm, but I'm pretty sure that they're keeping him in the compound that Hector is stationed at."

“Hector?! I hope its not the Hector I think she's talking about...” Rei thought.

Before she could finish her thoughts, however, Lily and Zero noticed the twins were eavesdropping. They both warned them of the D.E.F.'s anti-vector weapons and how they would be useless in this operation. The twins argued, bet eventually relented. Rei wondered too, how she would of be any help in this mission.

After quelling the twins, Zero responded to Lily.

“Do I remember the male diclonius? Of course I do, I battled him before he got captured…although I wasn’t on the helping diclonius side at the time…”

It seemed Zero had met Kenshi before, and fought him much to Rei's surprise. She would have to ask him about that...

“And before you get any ideas, I had my reasons to hate your kind…but thanks to Lily and Vanessa…I now want to save the one that caused me to hate you…” he said to the twins.

All this information was almost too much to handle for Rei. To think that, not too long ago she was just a girl working in a bakery. Now, she was traveling with a group of diclonius and extraordinary humans. It was all a little surreal. Not to mention that, tomorrow night, she was going to see Kenshi again and rescue him from his tormentors.

Rei continued to help pack equipment, mentally preparing herself for what was about to happen.

Meanwhile, Lily discussed the plan with the rest of the diclonius and while they couldn't be of any help because of the anti-vector weaponry, she asked them instead to check on a Human/Diclonius community she had started some time ago. It seemed the group would be splitting up for a little while.


Kenshi just sat there, chained to the wall of his dark, cold cell with that lifeless look in his eyes. His mind was cloudy and he couldn't think straight. All he could do was wait for his next order.

OOC: Well its finally done! Other than Yamamoto's reply to Elena, not much going on to advance the plot but I had to get Rei caught up to current events somehow. Thats also why this post is so long. Lol

Itoe nodded. She would love to see other free dicloni communities and wanted to give herself a reason to do this whole stuff. Maybe she would also live in such a community but she wasn´t too sure if she would do that for the rest of her live. "I didn´t know there were such communities out there. I thought the humans would hunt each one of us?" Itoe asked with a concerned voice. Maybe these people were already in danger. Itoe hoped she was wrong about that. But they had to check it out first.

Vanessa almost literally burst into happiness when she heard the offer and agreed so quickly and excited she trippled herself over the propably confused queen. To get some clothings for her head would be the smallest problem. Lily surely had some stuff out there they could use. "I always wanted to see such a community for ages! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!" Vanessa said with a big smile.

If Yamamoto had given her a paper with multiple references and citations from reliable sources, the mere fact that it was given to her by him would've made her doubt him. But she was at an impasse now and whether or not Yamamoto would admit, or could even admit what she wanted as beyond her. The man could've told the outright truth and Elena wouldn't have believed him.

Call it arrogance or pride or just plain irrational behavior, but the moment the man stepped in, the moment she even got a lick of his name really, that trust in him was almost entirely destroyed. Truly, without a single doubt in her mind she just didn't like this man. Who knows, maybe it was the fact that less than 24 hours ago, some punk girl had just tried to kill her. She wasn't exactly known for her caring and hospitality.

"If the government is really behind this, then we've been kept in the dark." Elena thought, forced to take Yamamoto's words as truth until she found some real evidence. Getting up she returned back to Zen to consult him. He gave her a fleeting look and said in a low unheard tone that only she could hear being so close to him.

"Do you believe you overreacted there, Master General?"

"I'm rather irked right now Lt. General Zen, you should know that." Elena muttered darkly. "But I have no more choices, I'm running out of options and there's little for me to grasp. I want to see exactly what Yamamoto has in store for us."

"Understood." Zen replied. "Another thing, I've gotten word that there seems to be someone of multiple people at least hacking into the Great Order Databases and Networks. It's causing quite some strife as the Brigadier Generals have recently told me over the specialized radios. They're currently trying to get that under control but we're not sure how its going to turn out. The woman said nothing but took it all in then turning back to Yamamoto, Elena stated in a cool tone. "Very well then, let's see how much trust I can have in you then, Yamamoto. I'm going to head over to your facility now, and if what you say is true, then I may take away what I have said about you."

Outside of the building, Elena took several deep breaths while sitting down, legs crossed and trying to keep her head together.

"Lt. General Zen, I have a request for you to do. Hector is currently stationed at Yamamoto's facility so right now I need you to do some business for me. Yamamoto's so called Anti-Diclonius group, the ones lead by that Captain Suigetsu if I recall his name correctly are currently looking for that Queen Diclonius. Whether you feel that you should join them or remain by yourself I will leave to you but...

...I will not that brat go against me without retribution. She wants to pick a fight with the Great Order, then so be it. I will not be looked down upon by a child like her who thinks just because she thinks she’s something special. I want you to search for her also if you could as well as maybe any other information you can find."

"I understand, leave it to me." Zen proudly remarked, bowing before the two went their separate ways. It was now time for Elena to get to Yamamoto's facility.

Let see where answers head then.

Hector smiled at him and folded his arms, leaning against the wall and gazing up at the sky. His antics might have been someone confusing as he didn't reply until after a few seconds of massaging his shoulders and neck. "Human and Diclonius biology eh? Sounds like you have quite the job there...Dr. Hideki. A man of your intelligence has to be so well respected." Whether this was actually the truth didn't really matter, Hector was just yammering inconsistently at this point.

"...Dr. Hideki, that is a nice remark but I'm afraid you didn't really answer my question. Perhaps my question was unclear but I don't want to know what you do. It's nice to know, very important to me really, but it isn't what I wanted to know. I apologize if my question wasn't very clear."

Hector placed the hand on the side of his neck, getting rid of what was an irksome crick.

"What I mean is, why do you work for him? What does Yamamoto provide to you that makes you work for him? What importance do you get from being with a guy like that? For example, I work under the leadership of Master General Elena because of the respect, authority and pride she has both to her job and to us.

She is strict, overbearing, ruthless sometimes. She will not hesitate to pull the trigger if she feels it is the right thing. She is a spectacularly dangerous woman. But I respect her, we respect her, not of fear or retribution but of the mere fact...the very mere fact, that she is a leader we can always look up to.

It's not money that keeps us together either, there are plenty of jobs we can get, but we chose this one. We admire that woman from the very bottom of our hearts.

Pride, admiration, respect, so much that holds our group together because of that woman.

So I again ask, why do you follow Yama-Boss? What does he offer you, that will make you work for him? I have given you my reason to why I follow my leader, that wonderful woman Elena. How about you, what does your reasons say?

Maxwell was hardly getting any luck on his part, typing away furiously the only thing he could be glad about was the fact that he could get on the network. But considering the massive amounts of password protections and the jazz of G.O network security, he wasn't going to get anywhere in a few minutes, maybe even a few hours.

And even now whoever was hacking into their systems was doing a damn fine job at it even at this point.

It was, without a doubt, incredibly annoying.

OOC: Whoo! Back in business here. Nice to see you back Crane, for the hard work I'll count your 2,000 word post a 10 pointer. Don't expect it often though, not that I expect you to do 2,000 words often.

Zero and Suzuki headed to the city. It was quiet, but the shops were still open so Zero could get a drink. Zero could use a coffee; he was thirsty, although he wanted one that wasn’t gluten free. Not saying that he didn’t like the one Lily got him, but he preferred the proper stuff. Zero bought a coffee; Suzuki didn’t want one but was hungry so Zero got her a cookie.

“I guess we should buy some food for the others, as well as some for the journey to England” Suzuki said to Zero, thinking of Vanessa and the others. Some of them looked hungry and she didn’t want them to starve.

“Yeah, I guess we could get some food for them, as well for the journey. Better make sure to get some gluten free food for Lily” Zero said to Suzuki as they picked out items to take home. After picking up all the food, Zero paid for them and left. As they left the shop and began the walk back to the warehouse, a few men appeared out of the alleyway and stepped in front of Zero.

“Well look what we have here, for someone who has a bounty on his head, you sure don’t hide Zero” The man said before giving out a chuckle. “Takado isn’t pleased that you destroyed his desk and brought three bounty hunter heads to him” The man continued. “He may of liked you then, but now he wants you dead and to claim that bounty, so that is why we are here” The man then smirked. “Maybe once we kill Zero, we could have some fun with your girlfriend there hehe” The man said. Suzuki quickly hid behind Zero in fear.

“Touch her…and you will be begging for a quick death…” Zero said to the man, giving him a cold, angry look to him.

“Ha, come on boys; let’s show this pipsqueak why we are the best…huh?” The man confidently said before feeling a huge pain around his stomach area. He looked down and his face looked in horror. Zero had placed both his blades into the man’s gut, looked to the man in anger and then pulled the blades up, causing blood and the man’s organs to spill out.

The other two men shivered in fear and tried to run away but Zero stopped them in their tracks. Zero then slit their throats, their blood spilling out on to Zero. Their blood now is all over Zero. As he looked at the dead bounty hunters he gave a cold statement. “Anyone who wants to claim the bounty on me is signing their own death wish” Zero coldly said.

“Zero, don’t you want to get the blood off you?” Suzuki asked as she walked up to him.

“No, I wash when we get back to the warehouse.” Zero replied, to which Suzuki just smiled and both made their way back to the warehouse. Zero made sure that they took a path to which they couldn’t be followed or give away their location.

Zero and Suzuki made it back to the warehouse and as he opened the door, everyone looked at him, he was covered in blood. Zero gave them a cold look. “Don’t ask…” Zero said. “I am going to wash up…” Zero continued before heading into the other room to wash. Suzuki stayed in the room with a happy look on her.

“We bought food for everyone and for when we go on our journey to England” Suzuki said happily. She then sat down on the chair and waited for Zero.

Some time had passed before the door that Zero went in opened. Zero walked out, wearing nothing but a towel from his waist down, dripping in hot steamy water. He looked at them, his body wet, showing the muscles that his clothing was hiding. He looked at Suzuki. “Suzuki, my clothes” Zero said to Suzuki, to which she nodded and chucked the clothes at him. He then walked back into the room, showing the big tattoo that was on his back. The tattoo is the crest of the Azure Knights and has been on Zero for a long time. A little time after, Zero walked out again, fully clothed. These clothes were not different from what Zero was originally wearing; in fact they were the exact clothes he had before but new. He then looked at the others. “I’m going to head to bed, today has been troublesome…” Zero said before heading upstairs. Suzuki got off her chair and followed.

"...Dr. Hideki, that is a nice remark but I'm afraid you didn't really answer my question. Perhaps my question was unclear but I don't want to know what you do. It's nice to know, very important to me really, but it isn't what I wanted to know. I apologize if my question wasn't very clear.

What I mean is, why do you work for him? What does Yamamoto provide to you that makes you work for him? What importance do you get from being with a guy like that?”

Hideki took a moment to regain his composure while he listened to Hector explaining why he followed Master General Elena of the Great Order. By the time he was finished speaking, Hideki thought he was ready to give a response.

“I apologize for the misunderstanding.” he said. “You want to know why I work for Mr. Yamamoto? Well I'll tell you then. I work for him because he is working to save humanity. You see, the human race is in mortal danger Captain. Through many years of research we have established the main objective of the diclonius as a species. They live solely to infect as many humans as they can, until there are none left. Do you see the implications there? You know how powerful a single diclonius can be, seeing as you've fought one before. Imagine, not a group of dicloni, but an army ofthousands. There would be no stopping them. They would slaughter every human being in their path, until none remain.

That is why I work for Mr. Yamamoto and the D.E.F. We are working to rid the world of the diclonius threat and in turn, save humanity from imminent extinction.”


“Get up No. 37.” A voice ordered.

Kenshi complied, slowly rising to his feet. The chains that bound him to the wall were gone.

“Walk forward No. 37.”

Again, Kenshi complied. With slow, deliberate steps he moved to the front of the cell where the heavy steel door began to open. Outside the cell waiting for him was Dr. Noda.

Wasting little time, Dr. Noda had two guards chain Kenshi's hands and feet together. He was then bound in a straight jacket and put into a coffin-like containment device in which only Kenshi's face was visible. The device had wheels on the bottom, so that it could be moved in an upright position and slot in the back so that Kenshi's mind-control harness could be accessed.

Opening this slot, Dr. Noda did a quick check to make sure the harness was functioning properly. At first glance it was a rather simple device. It had only two buttons. One could instantly suppress Kenshi's vectors, while the other would sever his spinal cord, killing him instantly. Of course, Dr. Noda had remote control of these buttons. It would be foolish to think one could operate them manually in an emergency.

After confirming the device was in full working order, Dr. Noda closed the slot and ordered the guards to take Kenshi to “Level 0”. They had to be ready for anything, seeing as the Master General was about to make a visit.

"I see..." Hector stated slowly before getting contact again by the G.O. He soon found out that his leader would be coming over.

"...That's all for now, I was just curious, it seems my boss is coming here and so I need to greet her." Hector waved Hideki adieu and went his way, his heavy boots echoing loudly with each step as the golden sheen of his axe visibly shined in its place. Perhaps the next thing he should do is make contact with Kruger while he was at it.

"Kruger, this is your Captain calling, how has it been? The last time I talked to you threatened to unplug the equipment. Well of course that's not going to happen, considering I'm the one who writes your checks. Master General Elena is coming now, I am off to meet her. For the sake of things I need you to come and meet her as well.

She'll probably want to speak to you as well..."

Hector's voice dropped, losing its jovial tone.

"Listen well Kruger, I don't really care how you act around me as long as you get the job done. But in front of the boss, I need you to act in accordance. There can be no toleration of bullshit you might try to pull. I don't care how you feel, in front of her I expect nothing but respect. Afterwards by yourself I don't care what you have to say about her, but I know you Kruger...

...and whatever you think now means nothing to me. As ordered now you are to come and you are to follow the instructions I have given. Hector out..."

With that out of the way, it was time to meet the young woman who lead him and the entire Order. He met he about half way towards the facility itself, his large grey coat hovering in the wind as he raised his left hand to greet her. "Good to see you again, Master General. You look rather sour, is something the matter?"

"You could say, Captain Schlenzanner, is that the place?" She asked, looking over at the fortress away from her.

"Aye, that's it, where is Yama-boss?"

Elena shook her head simply. "We went our separate ways but if he hasn't gotten there yet he will soon. I sent Zen out on in search for that Queen also, there is also some trouble going on with G.O, hackers."

"You don't say?" Hector replied. "Anyways I have also called Kruger over, I had a feeling you would probably want to meet him yourself."

"...Certainly, I have head quite a bit about that man. I'm hoping at least half of it isn't true. Enough chatter though, take me there." Bowing respectfully Hector marched on with Elena in tow, through the area as Hector and Elena finally entered into the front gates. Perhaps Yamamoto had finally arrived and if not, then they would just have to wait for him.

After parting ways with Elena, Yamamoto headed back to the facility in his personal Helicopter. During the flight, he made sure to send word to Dr. Noda to prepare for the Master General's arrival.

Yamamoto had always been a cautious man. It was for that reason that he always had a contingency plan in place. He had prepared for just this occasion quite a while ago when he agreed to meet with Elena. In the event she wanted to search his facility, he had trained his staff to delete all research contained within the compounds computer network and dispose of all diclonius save for one. Of course, this was only meant as a last resort, for use only if the Master General happens to dislike what she finds. It made Yamamoto no difference either way. He had backups of the research data in his other hidden facilities, and he could always find more diclonius to study. However, the male was different. A one of a kind diclonius that Yamamoto wasn't about to let fall into the wrong hands.

As the helicopter touched down, Yamamoto emerged to find Elena and Hector waiting for him.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. If you will follow me, I'll take you inside.” he said as he turned and began walking towards the entrance. All that was left now was to see how the Master General reacted to what she was about to see.

Without speaking the two follow the old man in, thus Elena was greeted by the base. She took a moment to take her surroundings in, curiously. It was as far as it looked, not much different than any other facility. It was apparently heavily guarded as noted by the men she had seen while coming. But right now she had little care about seeing the decorations.

"We already know why I'm here, Yamamoto. I want to see exactly where you have these Diclonius. I want to see the purpose of this facility that you have with them? Most importantly, I want to see what this so called male Diclonius you have with you is really like?"

She, as best as she could without outright glaring at him, gazed in his general direction and waiting for him to make the next move.

OOC: Finally had time to draw and upload Rei. Here she is:

Lily stepped outside after witnessing Zero's blood-covered return with Suzuki. He told everyone to not ask about what happened, but she already had an idea. Excalibur probably didn't care if he lived or died and probably kept the bounty for him up. He probably actually preferred Zero's death. She'd have to find some way to remove that bounty from the boards after they dealt with Excalibur.

She sighed heavily at her situation. It was then she saw Donald and the Moving Truck creeping their way around the corner and she burst out into tears of laughter. She didn't think he'd have so much trouble with it, although she should've expected he wouldn't ask for help.

She walked over the the truck and as he saw her coming he rolled the window down. "You need help." She stated. It wasn't a question. It was a fact.

Donald groaned and put the truck in park. "Fine." His voice was irritable. He pulled the keys out and stepped out of the truck. He tossed them to her. "Get it done." With that he walked to the door and went inside the warehouse.

Lily giggled again before she got into the truck and began tinkering with the ignition. After she was done with that she put the key in and turned it. The stubborn truck came to life without any difficulty. She then took it the rest of the way to the loading zone where all the boxes and equipment would be going into the back.


After Donald entered the warehouse he began moving the boxes in the center of it to the loading zone. His expression was a mixture of frustration and disappointment. It was pretty clear that he had been defeated by the truck. Irene began to help him after she noticed what he was doing.

The twins were amused at the Silpelit's excitement. The shortly after returned to watching the moving of goods, but eventually grew weary of it and went up the stairs to what was pretty much a barracks. A dozen beds were lined up here. Zero and Suzuki already had taken one. The twins moved to the bed on the opposite side. They had to move around a section of the floor that had been removed by them during the fight earlier today. Tomorrow they'd see what living among humans was like.

Lt. General Zen

Captain Hector Schlenzanner (Re-vamped and in color as well)

Zero and Suzuki reached the bedroom, a barrack that had lots of beds. They take one of the beds from the far end, away from the destroyed roof caused by the twins. Suzuki was very tired and went to sleep first. Zero choose not to sleep, he lied about being tired, he just wanted to be left alone. Unfortunate for Zero the twins soon turned up, Zero gave them a cold look before heading towards the window and looked outside. The twins moved around the broken section and went for a bed on the other side. Zero wasn’t going to sleep if the twins were going to be in the same room, what if they tried to kill him in his sleep? He wasn’t going to take that chance.

Zero continued looking out the window, enough space on the window for him to sit on it and lean. “I guess that bounty is still on me…” Zero thought to himself. The bounty that was placed on him by Excalibur is still going, but was Excalibur the one who kept it alive? Or was it Takado? Zero didn’t really leave on good terms with Takado, a broken desk and three beheaded bounty hunters. Not something you would usual do when you leave your job.

Zero then looked Suzuki. “Is her memory coming back?” Zero asked himself. “I mean, she has remembered her sword training…” Zero continued thinking of a while ago. Suzuki battled with Zero and did very well, which shocked Zero, as he didn’t think Suzuki would have remembered her sword fighting so quickly, but it was why he brought that sword with him, to see if Suzuki would use it and help him.

Zero decided not to continue thinking about it and returned gazing at the stars outside. As he looks out he waits for night to be over and the day to begin, so he can begin his preparation for their trip back home.
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Elfen World (Part I) Empty Re: Elfen World (Part I)

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Wonderful he thought to himself, not only did he have to report back to the captain but now whatever hot-headed donkey was running the show expected to see him as well.
Yeah sure he would come and he would do his best to make a smile for the lady, perhaps even if he could force the words out of his mouth without choking the nearest the person he might even offer her a complement if she looked even semi decent.
“Frikkin no good for nothing general, god she had better not look like a road-kill run over by a semi, god it is even a woman.” He went on further ranting on how this was going to end up in an unmitigated disaster. Next time he would just likely rip out the damn batteries and leave it at that, then he wouldn’t have to listen to any more suicidal ideas by rich dentists or suits or whatever these pricks looked like.

Well at least the kid had done a good job on his boots, at least some in this god forsaken region knew their place. He had felt rather generous as he had offered the kid triple on what he had asked. People did deserve to be rewarded for a task well done which was more than he could say for others. Making sure that his prized trophies still remained in the bag he knew that he could make a short stop at an old acquaintance of him. Still it was going to take time before he would reach the base.
“I must be out of my frikkin mind to even listen to that old bullcrap.” He coughed as he grabbed more of the tobacco, given he wasn’t likely going to enjoy in the good general presence there was plenty of reason to use as much of it that he could.

Several hours later he arrived at the outskirts of the city, great now it was be another 30min before he would reach that pile of ruins the great order called their base. Still he had no intent on going there yet, no he needed to go somewhere else first.
Looking carefully that nobody followed him he took a side-route into one of the darker alleys, the men he was looking for would be found here.
“You are a long way from home stranger.” He could hear a man remark behind his back.
“I am close enough to rip off your arm and choke you with it.” He scoffed as his mood had gotten sour. “Now quit with your bullshit and you had better known where the black lotus is situated or I will snap every bone in your body.”
Another man approached him. “Still the same short fused temper as always Kruger, how it warms my heart to know you still stalk this world. Tell me are the rumors I have heard true, you working with the piece of shit great order.” The man had spat the words, no he wasn’t a fan of them either.
“It is only a paycheck, I couldn’t care less about their supposed ideals. If you ask me they are just a bunch of naive fools who think they can bring world peace.”
The man laughed. “And what would a couple of honest warmongerers like us, we both know that war is what makes the world rotate, still I wouldn’t mind seeing another great war erupt.”

Laughter erupted from the other men. “Come my old friend, let us have a drink and discuss a few matters, I have received a most intriguing offer from a certain man.”
“Tell him he can go and skullfuck his own corpse.” Kruger grinned as she spit on the floor.
“Just tell me if Mistrall is still in the works, there is something special I want her to prepare?”
“Ah.” The man remarked. “Does that mean you have trophies?”
Kruger opened the bag and held the severed head of a dilonius for them to see.
“Seems that girls like her are making a bloody mess, I have killed 3 of these witches and personally I would like their horns as a memento except for this one, I want her entire skull cleaned.”
“Ah fascinating example, I am certain that the good doctor wouldn’t mind getting his hand on such a specimen, could you arrange that for me?”
Kruger smiled. “If the price I right I could provide with several specimens, just asks him in how many pieces he wants hem.”
“I certainly will but be assured that he would want most of all a lie one in prime condition, you know how much he enjoys his little experiments.”
“Then it would seem we have a deal, now take me to Mistrall so I can dump these here and nobody had better dare to touch them.”

He had been satisfied, delivering the head to Mistrall would certainly turn it in to a wonderful trophy, after all she was the best in her profession.
“So tell me are you up for a little drink, I have managed to procure some examples. Some of them you should remember from the old days in Africa, ah those were some fine times.”
Kruger laughed as he picked one of the glasses. “Ah yes we made a wonderful mess of things back there, still it was nothing compared to what those idiotic politicians did.”
The man nodded as he sat down. “You of all people should know how ugly war as a business can be, and then off course there is the rest of this world.”
Kruger snarled at hearing speak. “Fuck all these limp-dick layers and chicken shit bureaucrats. Fuck this 24/7 internet spew off bullshit and celebrity bullshit.”
“Fuck the media. Fuck all of it” The man cried in joy, taking a sip from the nearest drink he handed one to Kruger. “You still haven’t lost those fires I see, I have been away for too long.”
They spend the next hour telling old tales though some rumors of a new change was being spilled, it caught the full attention of Kruger.
“So Outer Heaven is making a return?” He gulped down the glass. “If that is so then this world will finally become fun again. “ They laughed as they knew what it would mean.
“You still want the see the world in flames do you?’
Kruger rebuked. “Off course I do, what else is there for me.”

They received a call that everything was ready. “Well comrade it is time for us to walk our separate ways again for now. Just be certain to come back soon as I might have some interesting news for you.”
“I will keep my attention focused on the G.O then, the fools have no idea on what has set into motion provided off course what you said is true Sergei.”
Picking his belongings he was escorted outside again, it seemed there was once more a purpose in his life. Ah yes he was going to enjoy it for all the spoils it would herald.
“The world is diseased.” The man next to him remarked. “Rotten to the core.”
He liked the way this man was thinking. “You can thank those spine-less politicians and fools like the G.O, there is no saving to it.“
The men sneered in agreement. “All there is left is for it to be pulled out by the roots, wipe the slate clean.”
Kruger almost roared the next part. “BURN IT ALL DOWN!!” It only earned him more approval, it felt good to be counted amongst his kin again.
“My brothers I bid you farewell, until we meet again.”

Making good for some of the lost time he finally came to what remained of the outer compounds of the G.O’s base, still in the same mess as he had left it a few days ago.
Coming close on the entrance he was stopped by what remained of the guard detachment.
“Ah it is you, I’m sorry to inform but the captain is currently not present.”
“I am aware of that, your precious captain had request I came ASAP. Still with him gone for now I will take my time in the mess hall.”
“I am sorry but nobody is allowed in or out of the base until the captain returns.”
“I see.” He lashed out, breaking the man’s nose in the process. “Like hell I am going to let some rookie tell me what to do.” Keeping the man held for long enough till he ran out of air he dropped him on the floor. “Take a rest.”

Alice sat there on the bed, cuddling the teddy bear that had a picture of Zero on it. “Where are you Zero…Why won’t you come back?” Alice said to herself, letting a tear go down her face. She looked alone, in this big white room, the only communication she has is with her dad, but lately he has been distant, and sometimes she doesn’t want to talk to him, but someone else…someone who wears a mask. Alice turned towards the wall that had a window. “Why have you not brought him back daddy?” Alice asked.

There was some time before the response. “Please don’t worry Alice, he will return soon…” Excalibur said to Alice hoping it would calm her down, but failed.

“I DON’T WANT TO WAIT, HE IS SOMEWHERE IN JAPAN WITH SOME BITCH CALLED LILY AND IT MAKES ME MAD” Alice shouted, throwing objects across the room. “What…what if he likes her more than me? What if he doesn’t want to be with me?” Alice asked herself, letting her paranoia get the best of her. “Daddy you have to let me out and get him back, PLEASE!” Alice begged.

“No Alice you are too valuable to me to just go” Excalibur said to Alice. This angered her.

“Daddy…either you let me out…or I’ll do what I did the last time you made me mad…” Alice threatened her father. The last time she was mad was 10 years ago, took Excalibur 2 months, and 2000 men, but he was able to calm her down, which is why he keeps her in that room.

Excalibur thought about this for a second. Either he faces the fear of losing Alice, or fear the losing of Alice, all his work and himself included. This was unwinnable battle so Excalibur gave in. “…Fine…I will let you go get Zero…”

Upon hearing this, Alice jumped in joy. “YAY THANK YOU DADDY HEHE” Alice smiled; she would finally be able to leave the room and go get Zero. She turned her attention to the door. “Don’t worry Zero, I’ll save you from that evil bitch Lily and her evil clutches hehe”

OOC: With the RP being a bit slow, I thought I would add something from the Excalibur side, so Lily and the others (Mostly Zero) get ready for Alice ^_^

"We already know why I'm here, Yamamoto. I want to see exactly where you have these Diclonius. I want to see the purpose of this facility that you have with them? Most importantly, I want to see what this so called male Diclonius you have with you is really like?"

“Patience, Master General Elena. You will get to see the diclonius soon enough.” Yamamoto replied. The woman was quite the impatient one.

The three walked the rest of the way in silence as D.E.F guards milled about on their usual patrol routes through the facililty. Yamamoto could sense that Elena was already in a foul mood. He would have to tread carefully from here on out.

“Ahh, here we are.” Yamamoto said as they approached an elevator with large steel doors. On either side were two men standing guard. They snapped to attention as Yamamoto approached.

“Stand down men. I'll be taking some guests with me today.” As he said this, the two guards activated th