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Post by Jamie Dark on Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:40 am

Here is the list of the Secondary Characters in Elfen World.

Adam Walker: Zero's best friend growing up. A man that was into technology, has a super powerful A.I called Eve. A cool and calm person, that will get mad when someone starts to annoy him. Uses a futuristic type sword and uses his A.I for battle strategies and other uses. 5"10 Brown hair, blue eyes. 25 years old

Akito: One of the three diclonius sent to contain Kenshi. Head of the Stealth and Recon team of the hidden village of diclonius living in Hokkaido. Because of this he is very adept in stealth tactics, remaining hidden, and suppressing his presence from other diclonius. Skilled in vector manipulation. 24 years old, 5'9". Has Snow white hair and piercing red eyes. When at home he wears the standard attire of his village. When on a mission, he wears a hooded black cloak to conceal himself.

Alex Dark (Deceased): Father of Jamie Dark (Zero), good friends with King William. A knight of the Azure Kingdom while Jamie was young. Killed in his home with his wife April when Jamie was eleven. Zero has still yet to find his parents killers.

Alice: Daughter of Excalibur. One of the stronger Diclonius of the world. Has a crazy obsession over Zero, will do 'things' to him when she pleases. Will kill anyone that will get in her of staying with Zero. Other than that, lovable girl. 5'4" medium short Red hair, green eyes. Loves Zero with all her heart, would crash a ship and survive, just to get to Zero's side. Wants nothing more then to be with Zero forever. Doesn't mind sharing Zero with Suzuki, as she knows that he cares for her a lot and wants nothing more than Zero to be happy. Uses her twenty vectors that can reach ten meters, but mostly uses her circular blade that she keeps with her. 19 years old. (Update: 3 years later, is 'married' to Zero, had a daughter with him called Alicia, 3 years old)

Anna (No.32): Mysterious diclnoius, who killed Lance. Works for Excalibur, although it looks like it is not by choice. 18 years old. Long sky blue hair. Red eyes. Wears a tight body suit. Uses two blades for combat. (Update: Current location, at Zero, Suzuki and Alice's home looking after their children while they are gone)

April Dark (Deceased): Mother of Jamie Dark (Zero), wife of Alex Dark. Wife to an Azure Knight. Kind loving person that cared for her son. She wanted nothing more than for him to be happy. Killed in her home with her husband while Jamie was eleven. Zero has yet to find the killer of his parents.

Ariel and Alana (Alana Deceased): Queen dicloni. Twins that appear to look 12 but are actually in their late 30s. Their appearance is due to a genetic stunt that prevents them from developing further. They are dedicated to protecting the diclonius race even if they tend to look down on their fellows. They'll be the first to declare their intentions and are willing to kill when they believe it is necessary.

Asuka: One of the three diclonius sent to contain Kenshi. She is very skilled in the demonic sealing arts known to her village, and the strongest of the three among her team. After taking Kenshi back to the village, Asuka continued her training and over the 3 years that he has been there, formed a friendly rivalry with Kenshi. 23 years old, 5'8". Has long, beautiful red hair and a slender build. Disliking the standard attire of her village as it restricts her movement in combat, Asuka prefers to wear a skin tight black body suit, similar to the ones worn by the stealth and recon team.

Avery: King Diclonius about 23 years of age that feels the need to cleanse the Earth of Dicloni who have betrayed their destiny of killing humans. Has the ability to discretely send his vectors underground to attack.

Celeste: Diclonius leader of the community in Japan. She is gentle, friendly, and a very good leader. She is respected within the community and most dicloni follow her example.

Donald Brennan: Twin brother of Lilliana Brennan. Same hair color but cut short. Well-known artist and recluse. Prefers to speak using as few words as possible. When speaking in full sentences most people tend to listen. Knows what Lily does and fully supports her.

Dr. Noda: Head Medical Officer of the DEF and Yamamoto's right hand man. He is in charge of all medical diclonius research and is currently the one developing the cure to the dicloni virus. 38 years old, 5'7". Sympathizes with Yamamoto's ideals and sees no problem with the treatment of the diclonius. Bordering on sociopathic, he greatly enjoys watching and performing experiments on dicloni. He hides his true personality under the guise of a weak, timid, and obedient doctor.

Elena Squratoli: (Italian) Age 29, Elena is the Master General of The Great Order and thus the head leader of the entire organization. She is an effective leader and attains the full respect and loyalty of her men, all of whom look at her for support and to support her. She is not beyond fighting for her cause and will take on any challenge no matter how hard or impossible it might be. Her life was one of severe hardships, sold into slavery, abused physically and sexually, she managed to escape through sheer perseverance and crawl her way to the top. Therefore, her personality is often blunt, cold and even uncaring. In truth, her entire motto of her world is to revolve around doing things that she feels is correct regardless of whether or not they make her happy or not. She does however had a deep respect for those who fight their way through and show remarkable determination and cold as she is sometimes, she will keep her word.

Excalibur: Leader of the Legion Of Excalibur. Runs facilities where diclonius are being tested on. Plans to take over the world using diclonius. Zero's arch-enemy. Man that killed Zero's Queen. Everyday Evil bastard. 6'0" Tall. Placed the most expensive bounty on Zero. 43 years old.

E.U Army: Suzuki and Zero's European army, which they have built in secret for the last few years. Unveiled as the backup for Elena in the battle against Omnibus, but the armies true intention are still unknown...

Fenix Ryder and Jessup: Fenix is an old grouchy man that has seen so much he's just about ready for anything. His dog Jessup behaves quite the opposite of the unfriendly man. He is Lily's main transport man as he is one of the most trustworthy people she knows.

Genma (deceased): The strongest member of Squad 0, Genma is a giant of a man rivaled only by Hector. Caring nothing about the goals of the DEF he travels the world with Squad 0 looking for the ultimate challenge to test his strength. 34 years old, 6'8". Taking advantage of his monster strength and his AV Terra-Form Gauntlets, Genma searches for the perfect battle. He lives for the thrill of the fight and will stop at nothing to find a worthy opponent.

Irene: Diclonius, about 22 years old. Suffering from tramatic stress of losing her girlfriend after being captured by Excalibur. Very emotional and easily upset.

Inagi: Corrupt leader of the Rosary, a hacker organization dedicated to philanthropic action and destroying "evil" organizations. Actually wanted to use their resources to have his revenge on Lily for a past job she did on his brother. Currently scared off and not likely to show up again. (still deciding though) (Update: 3 years later now lapdog working for Lester)

Itachi: Traitor to the Azure Knights. loyal dog of Excalibur. Was the reason why Zero was captured as he took him out when his guard was down.

Ivan Cos (Deceased): (American) Age 40, Ivan as a Brigadier General of the G.O is the technical third in command along with Vast and Maxwell. He is the weapons expert of the group, creating most of the G.O’s weapons and would be the first to look into weapons capable of going against Diclonius. His personality is outgoing though sometimes rash in many regards; he is an overall friendly person.

Koji (deceased): Weapons specialist for Squad 0, Koji never goes into battle without a gun in his hands. Receiving the highest marks in the DEF for aim, precision, and accuracy, he is a master with any type of firearm be it Handgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, LMG, or Sniper Rifle. 26 years old, 5'7" Koji is very proud of his abilities with a gun and because of that can be prone to cockiness and overconfidence. These qualities have led to some tension between him and the other members of Squad 0.

Kyousuke: One of the three diclonius sent to contain Kenshi. Age, Height, and appearance are unknown.

Lance (Deceased): Gentleman that was Zero's rival back in the day. Wears a suit and has an umbrella that switches into a blade at a push of the button. Was killed by No.32 as he chose to no longer help Excalibur.

Levi Ryuugen: Descendant of a family of mages, this young and friendly man helped Ariel find Zero and company after three years of her being just behind them the entire time. He has only recently unlocked his magical power and is going through the training he needs for the basics of it all.

Lillica - She was abandoned a short while ago by her father, her mother died tragically when she was very young. About to be assaulted by a pedophile in an alley she was saved by Soren. Although only knowing him for a short while, she looks up to him as her protector & older brother now that she has family. Since being abandoned, she absolutely hates being left alone, and will go out of her way to find Soren. She has sworn that no matter how much danger or trouble he gets in that she's going with him like-it or not. She is very caring towards animals, and anyone else she meets, and loves to be friends with everyone, though she will become very distraught if someone is cruel to her or puts her in danger (including herself). A cute little girl at the age of 11, she has dark blue (almost purple) hair that extends down past her shoulders, with yellow-green eyes, and standing at a small 4'1" tall.

Maxwell Kreinstart (Deceased): (German) Age 32, Maxwell is the last Brigadier General and is the go to man for networking issues. He is a calm man with a bit of an outgoing personality. He has a fondness for computers although he sometimes has his own ego problems if things seem to be going against him. He much like the others is a relatively nice man and is more than willing to help out the Diclonius. But he is also very loyal to the G.O and Elena and despite his kindness to the horned girls, if he must hurt them, he will. He uses a specialized gun that shoots short bursts of electricity.

Mika: is 22 years old with slightly pale white skin, light brown hair and hazel eyes. She took Cyrax in to her home after finding him sitting on a bench by a lake only to kick him out soon after and get back with him again.(typical woman xD) and has been in the RPG ever since. updated:After the disappearance of Cy 3 years ago, she decided to gain some military training to aid the Dicloni in the war.

Mr. Nara: Owner of "Mr. Nara's" bakery and a baker by profession. It was his desire to own his own bakery and follow in his father's footsteps, and now he is living out his dreams. Rei is his star apprentice and he views her as the daughter he never had. 42 years old, 5'4". A short and chubby man, when he dons his uniform Mr. Nara is the spitting image of a baker. Most of the time his is a jovial and kind-hearted person with a smile always on his face. Mention a diclonius, however, and be prepared to see a darker side of the man, hinting at a tragic and sinister past.

No. 12 (deceased): A seemingly normal diclonius from one of Yamamoto's facilities, No. 12 spent her days in agony like many other diclonius. She came to resent her tormentors and swore to escape one day and make those responsible pay for their actions. 14 years old, 5'0". Has long pink hair, red eyes and a scar on her forhead from multiple experiments. Though she is only a level 2 diclonius, No. 12 has the hidden ability to manipulate the memories of those she touches with her vectors.

No. 20: Known for her amazing speed through "vector-walking" No. 20 is very cheerful and outgoing despite the horrors she went through at the facility. 12 years old, 4'6". Has pink hair midway down to her back thats been arranged into a twin tails style and red eyes. Ranked as a Level 1 diclonius she is among the strongest in the world.

No. 31: Quiet like No. 38, not much is known about No. 31. She is skilled in vector manipulation, able to shape her vectors into many other forms, not just hands. 14 years old, 4'9". Has shoulder length red hair and pink eyes. Ranked as a Level 1 diclonius she is among the strongest in the world.

No. 38: crazy, violent, and psychotic, No. 38 gave into her inner DNA voice and insanity after years of endless torture at the hands of the DEF. It is for this reason that she hardly talks at all and strikes fear into the hearts of all who know her. She kills indiscriminantly, humans and diclonius alike. However, after the incident at the facility, she has grown a soft spot for the girls she escaped with. 13 years old 4'8", No. 38 has shoulder length pink hair and red eyes. Ranked as a Level 1 diclonius, No. 38 is among the strongest diclonius in the world.

No. 44: Current leader of the diclonius who escaped Yamamoto's facility, No. 44 is tempermental and has an attitude problem with those she doesn't like. She doesn't like humans and has trouble recognizing authority other than her own. 15 years old, 5'1". Has vilolet hair and pink eyes. Ranked as a Level 1 diclonius, No. 44 is among the strongest diclonius in the world.

No. 52: Known in the facility for her amazing intellect, No. 52 is both extremely intelligent and is wise far beyond her years. She acts as a source of advice for No. 44 and is very caring towards all the diclonius with whom she escaped with. 16 years old, 5'4". She had shoulder length blonde hair and pink eyes. Ranked as a Level 1 diclonius she is among the strongest diclonius in the world.

Nyrumi: Queen Diclonius about 22 years of age that shares the same ideas as Avery. The two are nearly inseparable. Her 23 vectors can reach a distance of 25ft. Also has the ability to mask herself from being sensed.

Rei: Once a lonely girl who lived alone in the city, Rei works at a bakery to make ends meet. She's an amazing cook and draws people from far and wide to Mr. Nara's bakery. Once she met a mysterious diclonius in the mountains, however, that all changed. Through her time spent with Kenshi she has fallen in love with him and will follow him anywhere. 19 years old, 5'9" with golden blonde hair down to her back and emerald green eyes. Rei is a kind and gentle girl who would go out of her way to help others in any way she can. Most of the time she is soft-spoken and timid, but when her mind is set on something, or shes angry, she has a tendency to speak her mind.

Ryuuken (deceased): The youngest member of Squad 0, Ryuuken is inexperienced but shows natural talent and is somewhat of a prodigy when equipped with his vector disruptors. Because of this, he has somewhat of an enlarged ego and is angered easily when his is outclassed. 20 years old, 5'12". He has a cynical and uncaring attitude, and a little bit of a problem recognizing authority at times. Being young and inexperienced, he tends to rush into things head on, makes rash decisions, and is prone to anger.

Seth (deceased): Lacking in combat skills, Seth is the brains of Squad 0.Though he specialized in technology, his tatical strategy and planning skills are unmatched among the members of the DEF. 27 years old, 5'10". Though he looks like a nerd and is rather weak, his intellect can be deadly. Brains over Brawn is his motto.

Shouta: Head of the DEF Technology/Communications Department, Shouta is genius when it comes to computers and electronics. People, however, are another issue. Shy and anti-sociable, he prefers to work in a secluded area away from the other members of the department. As a result, Shouta has developed the odd tendency of carrying on a conversation with himself. Despite this and his personality, he is extremely devoted to his work and won't stop until the job is finished. 22 years old, 5'7". Has red eyes, and is always seen wearing the standard issue DEF uniform along with a hat.

Sophia Rose (Deceased): Mother of Suzuki Rose and was Queen of the Azure Knights. Just like her daughter, Sophia also choose William as her loyal knight then husband when she was a Princess. A lady brought up through royalty because of her parents history, she is kind and loving, she cares about her daughter very much. Died in the Azure Knights destruction when Excalibur attacked the Kingdom.

Squad A: Squad 1 of the E.U Army.

Great Britain: Major Lawrence Knight (Leader of Squad A/Assault) Age: 30
Spain: Lieutenant María García (Medic/Close Combat) Age: 24
Italy: Lieutenant Lorenzo Moretti (Tech Specialist/Pilot) Age: 28
Germany: Captain Leon Hoffmann (Powerhouse/Heavy weapon) Age: 32
Portugal: Lieutenant Santiago Sousa (Stealth/Sniper) Age: 27

Squad B: Squad 2 of E.U Army.

Russia: Major Sofiya Volkova (Stealth/Close Combat/Leader of Squad B) Age: 28
Netherlands: Captain Luuk Schlenzaner (Heavy Weapon/Muscle) Age: 34
Belgium: Lieutenant Thomas Mertens (Sniper) Age: 29
Sweden: Lieutenant Olivia Andersson (Medic/Assault) Age: 26
Norway: Lieutenant Jakob Olsen (Tech Specialist/Pilot) Age: 25

Suigetsu: Cool, and level headed leader of Squad 0, Suigetsu is the best diclonius hunter in the DEF. He has a fierce loyalty to the DEF and his Squad, and will do anything if it means furthering the cause. He tries his hardest to kill as many diclonius as he can, believing he is doing his part in saving the world. 24 years old, 5'9". Has mid-length spiky white hair and ocean blue eyes. A natrual born leader, Suigetsu has no problems staying level headed in the heat of battle and ,as such, has lead his team to many victories.

Suzuki Rose (Lady Rose): Once Queen of The Azure Knights, was killed by Excalibur right in front of Zero, causing him to become who he is today. Brought back to life by Zero, as he made a deal with the gods in exchange for his humanity and to become the test subject of their latest experiment. 21 years old. 5'5" Red hair medium short. Green Eyes. Is a kind and sweet girl, loves Zero very much and wants nothing but happiness with him. Was going to get married with him when she was a Queen 3 months after the destruction and her death. Currently has no memory of her past, only remembers that she loves Zero. (Update: Because of remake, she never died in the kingdom. 3 years later, is married to Zero. Has a son with him called Ethan, 3 years old.)

Tohru Kimura- A single woman, who is the caretaker/landlady for the apartment building that Lillica lives in. She's known her since her birth and is aware of Lillica's mothers death, but is unaware that her father abandoned her. She believes Soren is her biological brother who lived overseas with grandparents, and has come to take care of Lillica, thinking that her father is "away on a break" due to stress. A very warm, and caring woman, she enjoys her simple life of caretaking for the apartment complex she owns, and is friendly to all the residents. She stands 5'2" tall, has long black hair that goes halfway down her back, and is 26 years old.

Takado: Leader of the bounty hunter group that Zero took put in. Not happy with the way Zero left. Pissed that Zero destroyed his desk and killed three of his men and left their heads on his broken desk.

Takashii (deceased): Hand-to-Hand combat specialist of Squad 0, Takashii is a martial arts master and has trained his body to its absolute maximum. Alone, he can take on several average diclonius head on and come out without a scratch. 25 years old, 6'0". A man of few words, he lives only to kill diclonius and nothing more.

Takato (deceased): The fastest member of Squad 0, Takato uses his speed to take advantage of his enemies before cutting them down with his huge broad sword. He loves combat and gets worked up easily, almost to the point of blood-thirst insanity. 23 years old, 5'8". He has a toned body, with short spiky black hair as well as black eyes. His most defining feature is the huge broadsword he carries on his back.

Trenek (Deceased): An ex-colonel of the Great Order, he is a merciless man who is empathetic to others and acts stoic and uncaring. In truth, this is all a mask that he hides behind and in reality is a frightened and terrified man when things don't go his way. He is killed by Uleus on Hector's orders when he begins killing his own men.

The Great Order: An organization founded nearly 120 years ago. It is a self-proclaimed international police force that is composed of several members lead by higher ups. They seek to spread law, order and justice throughout the world. Their actions however are always meant to be neutral, and picking a side only means doing so because it ends up for them to be the most logical choice. They’re job isn’t to save people, they’re job is to keep the world in balance.

Uleus: A male Diclonius discovered by Hector and subsequently saved after he was being tortured and killed in the town he was in. From this, he swore his loyalty to The Grand King. Uleus is highly chaotic to the point of being rather insane. More bizzare, despite being a Diclonius he is more than willing to have the entire Diclonius race and himself slaughter and even believes it is their right to die. He is by no means in the right state of mind.

Vanessa: Vanessa former known as Nr. 40 with short red hair with light pink tone was once hateful of humans but got convinced that a peaceful solution was possible She has 4 vectors with a max range of 3 metres. She is good natured but also sarcastic and blunt sometimes. http://anime-pictures.net/pictures/view_post/86479?lang=de

Vastopida Jierroshi: (Argentinian) Age 30, Vastopida, often refer to as Vast, is a brigadier General and the go to man for operation statistics regarding battle. His personality is quite outgoing, often bordering on chaotic but in a good way. The things he does may seem outrageous and even foolish but he clearly knows what he’s doing…or maybe not, but it gets things done. Despite his personality, he is well adept at taking care of himself.

Vellux - Soren's pet albino fox. At ten years old, he is nearing the end of his lifespan, but is still rather healthy. Perhaps he is an abnormal fox?
Vellux met Soren the day his parents died and village was destroyed, and was there to comfort him as he buried his parents. He is very protective of his owner and new friend Lillica, and will bite viciously if he feels they are threatened, though normally giving off a few warning growls. However if he senses there is no threat, he is relatively very friendly and enjoys to have his fur caressed. While standing he is about 1'4" tall, and about 3'3" long (including tail)

Victory1: Second in command of the Rosary. Completely dedicated to their cause. Took quick and effective command of the Rosary after Itachi went missing. Paranoid and very attentive of his job.

William Rose (Deceased): Father of Suzuki Rose and was the King of the Azure Knights. Good friends with Alex Dark. Just like Alex, William was also a knight before Sophia choose him as her loyal knight, and eventually her husband. When William found the dead bodies of Alex and his wife April, he took their son Jamie to his Kingdom and looked after him as if as he was his son, doing so under Alex's request if he was no longer around to protect his son. Died with his wife Sophia in the destruction of the Azure Knights.

Xurtius Zen: (Portuguese) Age 38, Zen is the Lt. General of the G.O and thus the second in command of the organization. Much like Elena, and most unlike his members, Zen is also quite and stern, though unlike Elena, this is mostly by choice and not by some hard life. He follows through Elena’s ideals with loyalty and also has a deep affection and love for Elena. Although he’ll gladly place order and work over relationship if he must. An accident long ago forced parts of his body to be composed of specialized mechanical wires that he can control mentally.

Yamamoto: Leader and founder of the Diclonius Extermination Force (DEF), Yamamoto's only goal is to rid the world of the diclonius, which he views as a threat to humanity. With facilities spread all throughout the globe, he has soldiers stationed in all known diclonius hotspots waiting for one to emerge. When found, they are taken to one of his facilities and experimented on before being disposed of. He hopes one day to find a cure for the diclonius virus and end the diclonius threat once and for all. 64 years old, 5'9". Yamamoto is a decrepid old man, but full of spirit and hatred. He has a cold and ruthless personality and rules the DEF with an iron fist. He will stop at nothing to elimate the diclonius and no sacrifice is too great to achieve his goal.

You either die a hero...or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...

If the world hates you, when the whole world wants to bring you down, never lose hope...

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