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Post by NyuuX on Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:04 pm

Walking with Ragnar, the group noticed just how tall he was. From a distance, he was large, but up close he would almost qualify as a giant. With the fact of knowing he was a Diclonius made him more dangerous.

As they were led outside, a limo was there waiting. The mere sight of the limo made Nyrumi feel like a star. “Oh wow! Is that for us?” Her face was ecstatic, showing joy for something other than killing. She was so excited she dropped Avery flat on his face. She was the first one inside the limo. The others could still hear her going on about how spectacular it was inside.

Cy helped Avery, who was semi-conscious, back to his feet. His words were softly spoken to Cy as if not to be heard. “She always thought she was hot. She is, but her ego is just out there.” Cy helped Avery get into the back of the limo and turned his attention to Ragnar. “I'm only going to say this once to you for your own safety, so listen to each word and let them sink in.” The tone in his voice was grim, to get the message across.

“You may not know what a Diclonius really is, but you are one of us, like it or not. You live this seemingly perfect life, which begs the question, why? Why were out on that battlefield?” As Cy started to get into the limo, he turned to Ragnar once again. “There isn't much room in here for us to trust you, so I suggest you sit as far as you can get away. Oh, and one more thing, if you try anything funny, we'll kill you, just some food for your thoughts.”

Mika was the last to enter the limo. She stood, hesitant to be in such a confined space with 3 Dicloni that she now had problems with. Not to mention the largest Diclonius she had ever seen. She looked at him wondering how safe it truly was. The only thing she could go by was the fact that Nyrumi could've easily slaughtered her when she had the chance but Cy didn't allow it. Mika could only hope Cy still had feelings for her and protect her if the time came again as she joined the 3 in the back of the limo. “Come, sit with me Mika.”, Nyrumi winked while gesturing, patting the seat next to her for Mika to sit.

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Post by Ragnar-tyrson on Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:45 pm

While walking Ragnar started singing under his breath a song he had known for almost as long as he lived, and even while singing it under his breath his singing voice was deep.

“Krummi svaf í klettagjá,

kaldri vetrarnóttu á,

verður margt að meini,

verður margt að meini

Fyrr en dagur fagur rann,

freðið nefið dregur hann

undan stórum steini,

undan stórum steini.

Allt er frosið úti gor,

ekkert fæst við ströndu mor

svengd er metti mína,

svengd er metti mína.

Ef að húsum heim ég fer

heimafrakkur bannar mér

seppi´ úr sorp að tína,

seppi´ úr sorp að tína.

Öll er þakin ísi jörð,

ekki séð á holtabörð

fleygir fuglar geta,

fleygir fuglar geta.

En þó leiti út um mó,

auða hvergi lítur tó;

hvað á hrafn að éta,

hvað á hrafn að éta.

Á sér krummi ýfði stél,

einnig brýndi gogginn vel,

flaug úr fjallagjótum,

flaug úr fjallagjótum.

Lítur yfir byggð og bú

á bænum fyrr en vakna hjú,

veifar vængjum skjótum,

veifar vængjum skjótum.

Sálaður á síðu lá

sauður feitur garði hjá,

fyrrum frár á velli,

fyrrum frár á velli.

Krunk, krunk, nafnar, komið hér,

krunk, krunk, því oss búin er

krás á köldu svelli,

krás á köldu svelli.”

Ragnar has learned little from where he remembers the song. Everytime he sang it he got a scene in his head, him as a little child, being carried someone through the snow, singing that song. Everytime he had asked about it no one seemed to have been able to answer his question of why this scene comes up in his head. No one recalls him ever being carried by someone when it was snowing when he was a little child, and on top of that, no one else had heard this song before he sang it there.

Since then he has learned he had been singing an old Icelandic folk song, called krummi svaf í klettagjá. It alone was enough to make him want to learn Icelandic, which he did. He has yet to find many uses for having learned Icelandic since then though with the exception of learning more Icelandic folk songs and reading on some viking stories.

The voice in Ragnar´s head finally started talking again and said “Why are you taking them with you? What gain are they for you? They are worth nothing for you, they are a threat to you. You heard it yourself, they will kill you, they do not trust you, they will give you nothing but pain and misery for their cruel joke, for their fun. If they do not trust you and you have done nothing bad, why should you trust them even though you have heard that they will kill you. You don't want to die after all, what does it matter that you survive with some bloody fists?”

Slightly annoyed and tired by the voice in his head Ragnar responded “I am not going to kill a group of people just like that, I will and have never given into killing, what makes you think it is gonna stop now? If they do not trust me it is their problem, they will spend too much time worrying, and if they attack me, well, then their lives will be the first one I am forced to end. I choose to take them in for reasons that neither I or you can and would be able to explain.”

The voice responds once again “You seem to be very content of brushing things off as madness when you want to and sometimes act like it is normal. You are inviting a group of killers to stay where you lived and even offering medical help to one of them, and you do all this for a reason you can not explain, yet you do not claim that its source is your madness while dismissing my voice, your realist and sensible side as simply your own insanity. This world is kill or be killed, and at this rate you are gonna be killed rather than the killer, unless you start listening from now on”

Ragnar once more spoke in his head “This world is not the same hell as you claim. It is not hell of inevitable betrayal but the hell of anarchy with people who desire both order and freedom. And I do not have to explain my actions to you, you do not even exist, you are not even a true part of me, you are just something that got stuck. The individual is the monarch over his body, I choose what I do. And what explanation do you think would be good enough for that feeling that has made my decision to help them? That I just like the looks of their breasts? I swear to god you are the only thing that I wish to kill, too bad you are only a god damn voice.”

The voice in Ragnar´s head then said “Just if you were the Bastard prince self instead of a merchant's son self” Ragnar suddenly said in his head back “And what is that supposed to mean? I am me and I am like this, call me a merchant's son all you like but there is no bastard prince in me” The voice interrupts him in his head and says “you act as if there is only one true you, yet there is a you in you willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. Someone wise enough to kill his future killers instead of inviting them to his home” Ragnar responded “It was only once before I had gone berserk and I killed no one, I know it was unusual for me but it does not mean I was a different person. It is just another mental illness I carry like you, I swear I do not know why I even listen to you, heck, not even the illusions that seem to derive from you or with you bother me anymore.”

The voice then says “You are a coward and lack anger, ferocity and rage, you only fight to get out of a fight instead of winning or killing what makes you think you have the ability to go berserk like a true viking berserker?” Before it could continue very suddenly it got interrupted by Ragnar saying in his head “I am a not a coward! I am the son of Týr! I am no simple merchant! I am a great and powerful viking!” The voice then said “No! You are a merchant son, when a man claims to about to kill you you start talking to him to get ´deal´ instead of fighting him and killing him! You could not even stand the sight of blood, guts and gore there without almost losing what you ate” suddenly different sounds start coming in his head and Ragnar simply says in his head “...No, do not do it, do not even dare start what you are about to start!” The voice suddenly starts singing “Bravery, As we have all seen on TV, Explosions and swords, Hot girls in reward

And in the games you play, You are the hero of the day, But outside that land, Your head is in the sand

And you think you are bold, and you think you are brave. When push comes to shove you know it is a feign. You are better off if you choose to abstain. Your fear is your true grave.

Turn your head, From all the things you dread, It will keep you alive, At least for a while

And all your sympathy Is like the flowers and tea Sent by the man Who betrayed your clan

You have covered your eyes, you have covered your ears, So easy to hide from confronting your fears, Sooner or later it will all end in tears, The cry that no-one hears”

Ragnar suddenly yelled in his head interrupting the voice in his head “STOP, NO, I AM TIRED OF YOU ALWAYS TRYING TO USE SONGS THAT I LISTENED ONCE TO CONVINCE ME TO KILL SOMEONE!” The sound stopped and song ended, the voice said “yes, get out your anger on someone, hit something, kill something”

Ragnar sighed and stopped listening to the voice in his head, he was getting tired of always hearing what it kept on saying, especially since it kept on trying to convince him to go on a killing spree, again and again and again and etc.

When Ragnar and the others, Nyrumi, Cy, Mika and Avery, got to the limo he got surprised by Nyrumi suddenly dropping Avery and then saying “Oh wow! Is that for us?” Ragnar was not expecting her drop him all so suddenly over a limo, he guessed it was a nice limo and not usual to have one but just so quickly and without hesitation surprised him as he thought they were very close or something.

Ragnar then heard cy say “I'm only going to say this once to you for your own safety, so listen to each word and let them sink in.” and Ragnar suddenly gave him his attention, listening to every word he says.

“You may not know what a Diclonius really is, but you are one of us, like it or not. You live this seemingly perfect life, which begs the question, why? Why were out on that battlefield?” As Cy started to get into the limo, he turned to Ragnar once again. “There isn't much room in here for us to trust you, so I suggest you sit as far as you can get away. Oh, and one more thing, if you try anything funny, we'll kill you, just some food for your thoughts.”

Ragnar was surprised by some of the questions, in particular his question of why he was out on the battlefield, though he was not surprised about the killing threat.

Ragnar waited after Mika had gotten in before stepping in himself, though he did not sit down in a normal seat. He said "Driver, I am in the back now" Which soon got the respond from a speaker "Roger Ragnar" His limo driver pushing a button and a special spot opened up, as a seat folded down and under another seat. Ragnar sat there on the soft ground, though there was a seatbelt there which he buckled, it was clear his head would be touching the cieling if he didn't do this. Ragnar then said "Also give the guests some drinks and food that is in storage" His limo driver pushing another button revealing fridges of delecasies, ranging from incredibly expensive champange to caviar. Even then when these were clear in sight Ragnar simply grabbed a large soda bottle, about two liters worth of soda and picked up a book, the book was the prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. He was re-reading it.

While the door closed and the limo started driving it would take one and half an hour to reach his mansion at maximum speed.

Ragnar often had read the book and regretted that he neither had the gut nor the heart to follow the teaching of the book, but he always felt something inside of him that was able to do all of these things, but he did not know what that feeling was, it felt like a different yet also the same person. Someone that is part of him but so distinct from him.

Ragnar had the cunning of a fox and the body and power of a lion, but he had the mentallity of a sheep. He only fought to avoid or escape battle almost everytime.

However, knowing that it made it difficult for Ragnar to actually think of an answer for Cy's question. Ragnar finally answered "I do not know why, just some inner feeling I guess, I wish I had a better explenation of why"

Eventually he asked "What is unique about a king and a queen diclonius, and how do you know you are one?"

Ragnar wanted to know, especially since he had certain things planned when he got back, specificly something that his research group had found.


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Post by Jamie Dark on Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:17 pm

"So, where did they land?"

Zero looked at the device and also let Ariel see it as well. A red dot appeared on the device, moving at a quick pace. Zero has not seen a plane that could move this quick, it was something that actually shocked him. Eventually the red dot seemed to have stopped moving, has it landed? Zero checked the location of where the dot was.

"It seems we are going back to Japan..." Zero then placed the device in his pocket before waving at Alice and Suzuki as they fly off in their helicopter.

"Come on we need to hurry" Zero said to Ariel as he got into their helicopter.


The helicopter landed near a house that was a good distance from the town, it was also a good distance from a location that was full of fallen down buildings, it seemed there was a kingdom here.

""Keep it running, this won't take long" Suzuki said to the pilot as she and Alice step off the helicopter. The pilot nodded and waited for the two to return.

The two took off their masks as they approached the door, Suzuki pulled out a key and opened the door.

"We're home" Suzuki cheerfully said. As she spoke she was a few seconds later grabbed by two little adorable children.

"Mummy!" The two kids, Ethan and Alicia happily shouted, hugging Suzuki and Alice as they walked in. The smiles on their faces, something that showed pure joy that their mothers had returned after a long time, brought a tear to both Alice and Suzuki, as it had been a few months since they last saw their children.

"Ethan you have gotten taller since I last saw you" Suzuki cheerfully said to her son. Ethan was Suzuki's child, while Alicia is Alice's. The two were born at the same time, so they consider each other as twins, even though the two didn't have much features to look similar. Ethan was just a normal human, with blonde hair and green eyes, while Alicia, she also had blonde hair and green eyes, but what was noticeable on her was the horns on her head. She was a diclonius. Even though she had horns on her head, Ethan never thought of her as a freak, instead he found it cool and was jealous. He would sometimes wear his horn headband that he made so that he can be the same as Alicia. Alicia would always smile at this.

Ethan smirked. "Yep and it won't be long till I get to train and be better then Dad" Ethan said with confidence.

"That's cute..." No.32 replied in her usual monotone voice as she walked towards the group from the other room.

"Was that a compliment?" Ethan asked.

"No..it was sarcasm..." No.32 replied.

Ethan looked annoyed by her comment. He never could understand what No.32 was saying, but it was not her fault as her voice stayed in one style, and that was her usual emotionless sound, you wouldn't know if she was happy, or if she was telling you a joke, she would have to say for you to know.

"Speaking of Master...where is he?" No.32 asked.

"Yeah! Where is Daddy? I wanted to see him" Alicia said, showing puppy eyes to her mother.

"Your father is on an important mission..." Suzuki replied to her children.

"And he thought it was best that we continued our search for Excalibur while he deals with the new threat..." Alice said.

"We wanted to come here first though, as it had been a while since we have seen you..." Suzuki happily said to her children. Suzuki then looked at No.32. "No.32 I would like to speak to you alone"

"Understood..." No.32 replied and the led Suzuki into the other room while Alice happily played with the children.

As Suzuki closed the door, her face become serious. "So...what is the update on Alicia?"

"She has shown no signs of danger at the moment..." No.32 replied. "When she found out she had vectors, she was only confused and has not used them at all"

"I see..." Suzuki said.

"How is Master?" No.32 asked.

"We just found out that Excalibur has made two cyborgs that look like our fathers and have diclonius powers..." Suzuki replied with an unhappy look.

"I see..." No.32 said, she showed a slight look of a frown. "Is there anything that you require me to do?" No.32 asked Suzuki.

"No, at the moment I would like you to continue to look after the kids, I will call you if I require your assistance" Suzuki replied.

"I understand" No.32 said, bowing.

Suzuki and No.32 walked back into the living room, where Alice and the kids were happily having fun.

"Come on Alice, it is time to go" Suzuki said to Alice.

"Actually...I want to stay here and look after the kids" Alice said to Suzuki. The kids were happy when she said that and cheered. "I am tired and I want to take a break..." Alice continued.

"Very well...No.32, it looks like I will be needing you assistance after all" Suzuki said.

"Understood" No.32 replied.

"Ok then Alice, take good care of the kids while we are gone then" Suzuki said to Alice with a smile.

"I will hehe" Alice cheerfully replied.

Suzuki and No.32 then headed out after No.32 changed into her battle gear and walked back towards the helicopter.

"Who's this?" The pilot asked.

"Don't worry, she works for me, she won't do anything unless me or Zero tell her to." Suzuki replied to the pilot. He simply nodded. Suzuki placed her mask back on before getting onto the helicopter. No.32 also hid her horns with her ribbons before getting on. The helicopter then began to rise as it took Suzuki and No.32 to their destination.


"What is the update Itachi?" Excalibur asked, comfortably and evilly sitting in his chair.

"The group took the bait, when I went back, they were all dead and the USB was gone" Itachi replied.

"Good...and how did Zero take the information?" Excalibur asked with an evil grin.

"From what I saw, the information was shown on a projector...and Zero did not take it well at all..." Itachi said to Excalibur with an evil smirk. "He punched a hole in the table before throwing it across the room in anger"

"Haha! Good, that is how I want him to be! I want him to be as angry at me as he can, only then will our final encounter will be good and my plan of taking this world as mine can begin..." Excalibur laughed as evil as you can get, griping his chair with his robotic arms. After Zero's failed attempt at Excalibur's castle, Excalibur escaped, but at a price. Zero was able to cut off Excalibur's arms and his left leg, while Itachi was badly damaged from the battle, which was why he agreed to be used in the resurrection of Project D.C, although Itachi would be the only one from that project that would not receive the diclonius powers, but this was because of choice.

"Sir! There was also something else that happened as well" Itachi said.

"Hmm? And what would that be?" Excalibur asked, sounding a bit intrigued.

"Well...Lester has returned...and it seems that he kidnapped some boy that was in the same room with Zero" Itachi said to Excalibur.

"Hmm, so Lester has decided to show face again? Interesting..." Excalibur said to himself. He remembered Lester well, a crazy goof ball who believed that magic would help humanity.

"It also seemed that he had some men with him, some were using something that looked like magic, Zero was fighting one of them and the guy just barely got away from him...it seemed Zero was able to cut off a bit of him before he flew in the air..." Itachi said to Excalibur. Itachi had never seen this type of power and didn't understand how they were able to do it.

"So the thing with magic was true then? Ha! If I remember correctly, not many of the kind exist and the best ones are even rarer, he isn't a threat to us...for now..." Excalibur said with a smirk. "Itachi...continue with the recon mission on Zero...continue to follow him and gain more and more info on him, find his weaknesses and try to find out how he is able to use his abilites"

"Understood sir!" Itachi replied. Itachi saw the helicopter that Zero was in and fired a tracking chip into it. He then looked at his arm, which presented a screen, marking the helicopters location and began to follow.

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Post by drewccapp on Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:46 pm

Ariel stepped into the helicopter. She knew it would be some hours before they made it to their destination, so the sooner the better. She still puzzled herself over how the plane managed to move as fast as it did.


Lester bowed slightly as Hector dismissed himself. "I look forward to our future meetings."

After the man left with his servant, Lester returned to his laboratory to which his blood tests came up.

Levi Ryuugen: AB+
- Magical Capacity Unknown
- Magical Potential 100%

Unknown? Did that mean he had unlimited capacity or it was simply unknowable? He had to test this out, but the boy had no idea how to use his powers which would make this extremely difficult. The other methods he knew about to test someone's capacity were painful and could even result in death. He had wanted to avoid them at all costs.

"Sir." Another interruption? Lester glanced over his shoulder to acknowledge the interrupter. "We found a tracking device on the plane and are currently holding it there. What do you want us to do?"

Lester growled of course, they probably were already on their way. "Fly it to another part of the country and destroy it. If anything that'll buy us some time before they come back here and start to look for the base. Knowing their tenacity we may very well have to abandon this base for now.

"In fact begin to send the extermination squads out. They are ready and it's about time we began phase two anyways."

"Yes sir!" The man moved off to spread the news and follow through with his mission.


Maya practically obsessed over Levi for the entire time she wasn't watching him. She thought over their conversations. His questions. She had finally decided what she wanted to do and when her watch finally came around she would tell him.

Her turn came just as news came around about the start of phase two. This was exciting news, however, she would not be leaving for missions until her job watching Levi was over. She stepped into his prison to trade places with the previous observer with whom Levi had completely given up conversing with.

Levi smiled at her, by now he appreciated her company as much as she appreciated his conversations with her. "Hello." He sat next to her on the couch. His umbrella leaned against his knee.

She looked directly into his eyes. "I found out what I want." Her voice and gaze were intense with excitement.

Levi blinked surprised at her sudden vigor. "Oh? What?"

She grabbed his hand. "I want to keep you safe. I fear you'll disappear if you stay here any longer."

Levi gulped, his heart skipped a beat as she grabbed his hand. "How are you going to get me out?" He kept his voice low so no one else could hear.

She pulled him towards the door hastily. Levi barely grabbed a hold of his umbrella as she did. "No one can see us so long as I keep us shrouded. Besides, you always have a shroud up, it's incredible that you can keep it up all the time."

The girl's right. The umbrella commented in his mind in a matter of fact way. You could simply walk out of here for the most part unnoticed. Except for those keeping an eye out for you and looking real well.

Levi whispered at her. "I don't really understand how it works, but lets do it. I don't want to be here anyways."

The betraying of Lester was exciting for Maya, and scary. She knew he could be a terrifying force, but she couldn't let him keep Levi here against his own will either. He gave her freedom after all, why should he take someone else's away? With that thought, she pulled Levi out by hand and shrouded the both of them. Since he was willing this time, things would be easier than at the G.O. headquarters.

Before he knew it, Levi had been lead through Lester's base and outside through the Rusty Screwdriver's front door. He saw many squads mobilizing and leaving one at a time in intervals. He had a bad feeling about them. As he and Maya passed over the threshold of the door, he spotted Inagi, the man that helped kidnap him entering the other side of the double doors.

Before long they were running through the streets on their way to somewhere. Levi had no clue where she was leading him, perhaps she had no idea either. "Where are we going?"

Maya glanced back at him. "I'm taking you back to the Great Order. They should be prepared against future attacks by Lester, and I'm pretty sure they can keep you safe."

Levi stopped completely and Maya stopped with him, still holding his hand. "I don't know."

This decision is yours, but I suggest you make it quick. The umbrella sent an urgent feeling his way. Time is short and the both of you should be out of this city by the time Lester realizes you're gone.

Levi thought for a while about where to go. He wasn't sure he felt safe at the G.O. headquarters especially after what happened while he was with them. Perhaps for now he would be safer by himself.

Maya urged him to keep moving. "If you don't want to go back to them we can get to a place I know that's a good hiding spot. It's an abandoned hospital in the outskirts of a nearby town. We'll need to take the train though."

Levi nodded. "Lets do that." It would give him time to decide.


Inagi passed through the door and caught a glimpse of some figure passing him by, but he thought nothing of it as he noticed phase two had begun. He had rushed his way back through magic and technological means. He returned to Lester and waited for him to acknowledge his presence. Things were busy, and he could wait for his orders with ease. The last three years had taught him much about patience.

Lester received another message, this time from Hector and smiled. He had agreed with his proposal this would make some steps within this phase much easier.


Victory1 nodded as he received the next message. This was certainly agreeable. Not perfect, but it was agreeable. He typed up a response conveying that feeling within a few moments.

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Post by NyuuX on Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:17 pm

The group settled inside the limo. Avery was laid out on the left seat, his head resting on the armrest. While the limo moved she couldn't help but look over at him. The feeling of pity overcame her, but at the same time she was glad he was alive. Overhearing the words Cy directed to Ragnar, she wondered those exact questions herself. “There was no reason for him to be out there.”, she thought. She didn't feel right at about this Ragnar. She just couldn't find it in herself to trust him.

Cy sat on the very back seat, facing forward. He slouched back to try and relax but couldn't. He wondered to himself if running away was the right decision. For all he knew, Hector and Uleus could be slaughtering other Dicloni. He started to think about the past again. He remembered the community of Dicloni he was introduced to. He struggled to imagine what could've become of them. The one that would know what happened would be Mika, after Cy left her in their care. It gave him some relief thinking if she was still alive, then there was a good chance the others were too.

When Mika got into the limo, she turned down Nyrumi's sarcastic off to sit next to her. Cy took the opportunity to ask her to sit with him instead. She agreed without hesitation and plopped to Cy's left side. “Mika... what happened 3 years ago? To that community we found.” Cy's anxiety started to build waiting for her to answer. “Mika?”

She didn't take her eyes off the floor as she answered his question with sorrow in her voice. “Destroyed...where we were, was destroyed. As soon as we were attacked, they started to evacuate everyone. It was the scariest moment of my life, I felt so helpless. The panic is burned in my mind, the screams echo even till this day. We went down this, I don't know, a hidden tunnel I guess and we ended up at a hospital. After all of that, I slipped away and went home, as if nothing had ever happened.”

Not wanting to push the issue any further, Cy gave Mika a comforting hug. She kept her head down while in the embrace and did not hug back. Nyrumi stayed silent and as she watched knew neither Cy nor Mika were comfortable. She was intrigued about this 'community' they were speaking of though. She held her tongue knowing it would've been an inappropriate time to ask.

After letting go, Cy looked away awkwardly and Mika still kept her eyes down. “I'm glad you made it out of there live.”, was all Cy could say. It got Mika's attention, but showed no physical reaction to it, but on the inside, she was happy he had said that.

When Ragnar got into the limo, he a special seat for himself. Cy watched him almost hit his head on the ceiling after all, he was too large for the normal seats. When he instructed his driver to give them food and drinks, compartments opened up. Cy, Nyrumi and Mika were all hungry. Reaching for the champagne, Nyrumi popped the cork off and got drenched in it. Her already tight short cut shirt was soaked. The shirt tightened against her breasts, the outline of her nipples visible. She made no attempt to cover up as a normal girl would do. Instead, she giggled at the fact she was wet. She wanted to break some of the tension between Cy and Mika, she called over to them. “Hehe, I'm so wet! Can you both come and clean this off me please?”, the way she sounded left both Mika and Cy blushing.

Opting to take her up on her offer, Cy started making his way over to Nyrumi. Before he could reach her, Mika grabbed him by his right Diclonius horn, pulling him back to his seat. “B-but that's a once in a lifetime chance!”, Cy exclaimed. Mika was having none of it, looking away from him with embarrassment. “Hey just cause you won't doesn't mean I can't.”, He tried once more to make his way over, but once again Mika held him back.

Giving up, he watched Nyrumi finally start drinking for the bottle. His face full of disappointment, he leaned back again. He noticed Ragnar drinking soda and reading a book. “What's that book about Ragnar? You seem very focused on it.”

"I do not know why, just some inner feeling I guess, I wish I had a better explenation of why"

“Hm?”, Cy was confused at first to why Ragnar said this. “Oh yeah, what I asked you before about being out there. What do you mean 'inner feeling'? What do you feel?”

“He probably means he sensed Nyrumi, Avery and you, Cy.”, Mika jumped in the conversation. Cy realized this is what he could've meant, but he wanted to be clear about it. “You mean he sensed Avery and myself. You can only sense Nyrumi when she wants to be sensed.” Cy paused knowing Ragnar must've had another question.

"What is unique about a king and a queen diclonius, and how do you know you are one?"

Mika looked at Cy because she was also curious about it. “Well, hm...”, Cy paused thinking of an exact response. “Best I can put it is that male Dicloni, like Avery, you and me are rare.” Cy stopped and remembered the male Diclonius the others from the community called Kenshi. “Our species is made up of mostly females.” Cy looked over at Nyrumi who was now becoming quite drunk, chugging on her 3rd bottle of champagne. “Even though she's a terrible example right now, Nyrumi is a queen Diclonius. She can reproduce as others known as silpelits can't. Also, queens are much stronger than silpelits, and usually have many more vectors. Understand?”

After hearing the descriptions of kings and queens, Mika looked at Nyrumi. At this point she Nyrumi had a glazed look in her eyes from consuming alcohol. “How can something so deadly act so weirdly.”, Mika thought. Nyrumi noticed Mika staring at her and put a smile on her face. Leaning forward, she showed some cleavage to Mika. “I see you checking me out. Naughty, naughty Mika. hic I know you want me, but you can't have any...” She leaned closer until she was right in Mika's face. “...at least not yet. Hehe” Mika was blushing and couldn't wait for this limo ride to be over.

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Post by Ragnar-tyrson on Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:02 am

Ragnar listened to what their response was gonna be. First he heard what they said about his description of that inner feeling he had. He was not expecting one, but heard them suddenly talk something about it so he listened to know what they were talking about.

“Hm?”, Cy was confused at first to why Ragnar said this. “Oh yeah, what I asked you before about being out there. What do you mean 'inner feeling'? What do you feel?”

“He probably means he sensed Nyrumi, Avery and you, Cy.”, Mika jumped in the conversation. Cy realized this is what he could've meant, but he wanted to be clear about it. “You mean he sensed Avery and myself. You can only sense Nyrumi when she wants to be sensed.”

Ragnar was amazed hearing that, but the same time slightly disappointed. he was amazed that this was some incredible biological ability to detect others of his own kind, it could be used in so many different ways. But on the same time it took something away from the wonder of it, knowing what it actually was did not help holding the same amount of wonder then just thinking that it was coincidence or simply fated that he would sense them and then find them, to start this great epic tale.

But now he knows that it is not so, it is just something that is normal for his kind. There is no author trying to direct him, trying to give meaning to his life, no epic tale to be told, no songs to be sung, no legends to be propped up, just another normal event in his world, just another natural result of combinations of mutations, environment and timing. There was no one above to make sure he would grow as a person, there is no man to test what he could do, there is no man that will remember what he does or what had happened to him above himself. His insanity was not something that another person could see and find compelling, it would just be seen as an example for him to go to an asylum, nor was there any man that could understand why he was a coward, no one would find it admirable, he would simply be seen as a coward with no guts and no glory worth remembering.

All of that was distressing for Ragnar, that life had no true meaning, that their was no one who was giving it meaning, at least nothing to be seen yet. Yet, on the same time it was a relief to him, he knew that meant what he did was by his choice, that he had choice to do something else, that if he wanted to he could try to improve himself, what he did is what he wanted to do, not something he was made to do.

Ragnar does take notes though that Nyrumi can choose to be sensed or not, thinking that could become important later.

Ragnar then thought for a while, he said to himself in his mind “what was ever so special about me?” Almost as soon as he had said that to himself in his mind he heard something in his head
He was confused by this, and before he realized it he could hear noises like a song was starting in his head and suddenly it began singing

“Waking up at the start of the end of the world,
But it's feeling just like every other morning before,
Now I wonder what my life is going to mean if it's gone,
The cars are moving like a half a mile an hour
And I started staring at the passengers who're waving goodbye
Can you tell me what was ever really special about me all this time?

I believe the world is burning to the ground
Oh well I guess we're gonna find out
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come
Well I believe it all is coming to an end
Oh well, I guess, we're gonna pretend,
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come

I think it turned ten o'clock but I don't really know
And I can't remember caring for an hour or so
Started crying and I couldn't stop myself
I started running but there's no where to run to
I sat down on the street took a look at myself
Said where you going man you know the world is headed for hell
Say your goodbyes if you've got someone you can say goodbye to

I believe the world is burning to the ground
Oh well I guess we're gonna find out
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come

Well I, believe, it all, is coming to an end
Oh well, I guess, we're gonna pretend,
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come

It's gone, gone, baby, it's all gone
There is no one on the corner and there's no one at home
It was cool cool, it was just all cool
Now it's over for me and it's over for you
Well it's gone, gone, baby, it's all gone
There is no one on the corner and there's no one at home
Well it was cool cool, it was just all cool
Now it's over for me and it's over for you

I believe the world is burning to the ground
Oh well I guess we're gonna find out
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come
Well I, believe, it all, is coming to an end
Oh well, I guess, we're gonna pretend,
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come”

Before Ragnar even realized the song started it was over and he was left confused. He was about to just act like it was just the voice in his head that did that but then suddenly it dawned on him, it could not have been the voice. He was ignoring the voice the whole time and there was no reason he would suddenly notice it now, further more it sounded different from usual voice in his head. But the biggest piece of evidence was that it was not trying to convince him to kill, nothing in the song seemed to be convincing him to kill. It kinda fit to what he was thinking at the moment but he was not thinking of that song before it started, and the voice in his head had no reasons to do that as it more made him think about what he was thinking moments ago but not towards killing anyone. Rather it made him feel more confident, but now confused. “Have I gotten another voice in my head? Has my resistance to the voice already in my head just made it adapt to adjust for the resistance? Or do I just randomly think up songs that I heard long time ago in less then a second? No, the last one is impossible, but that just makes this more troubling of a situation” he said to himself in his head, worried over what this meant. “At least it was a nice song” he thought.

Ragnar thought this would have to be thought about, investigated and dealt with later, especially since now he was about to hear the answer to his question about what a king and queen diclonius meant.

“Well, hm...”, Cy paused thinking of an exact response. “Best I can put it is that male Dicloni, like Avery, you and me are rare.”

When Cy stopped for a second Ragnar started thinking about that. “So, I am of the rare gender of a rare species that is at the moment in a car with four others of my species and two of them are of the common gender and the other is also part of the rare gender, while in a limo. Did I just unknowingly plan out a re-population effort? Or at least it would be easy to convert it into that. Holy shit I think I actually just did. Hmm, actually that would not be so bad” His mind paused itself for a second before suddenly saying to himself in his mind “What the hell? Why did I just think of that, it does not sound right. I never planned on picking them up to have sex with them, why am I thinking of that now? Especially right after the thought of reproduction, in other words. plans to have descendants, I have never thought or planned that before, why is it now popping up in my head. Maybe it is just biologically normal for dicloni to want to fuck each other. No, that can not be right, if that were the case I would have thought about that earlier when I was going after them to offer them this ride. Then what the hell is wrong in my mind now then?” He finally stopped thinking about that as soon as Cy continued.

“Our species is made up of mostly females.” Cy looked over at Nyrumi who was now becoming quite drunk, chugging on her 3rd bottle of champagne. “Even though she's a terrible example right now, Nyrumi is a queen Diclonius. She can reproduce as others known as silpelits can't. Also, queens are much stronger than silpelits, and usually have many more vectors. Understand?”

Ragnar finally looked up from his book to see Nyrumi as he said she was a terrible example right now to see this.

Nyrumi noticed Mika staring at her and put a smile on her face. Leaning forward, she showed some cleavage to Mika. “I see you checking me out. Naughty, naughty Mika. hic I know you want me, but you can't have any...” She leaned closer until she was right in Mika's face. “...at least not yet. Hehe” Mika was blushing and couldn't wait for this limo ride to be over.

Ragnar after a few seconds of looking said “My dick disagrees that she is a terrible example”

Ragnar was unsure whether he should have said it aloud, but he felt like he could not hold back from saying that. Ragnar also wondered whether he should tell them that there is a camera recording all of this, he decides not to. Ragnar knew that it would be another one hour till they would arrive at his mansion, and already it was getting clear that this was gonna be one of the more interesting limo rides he has had.

Ragnar then thought whether it was actually such a great idea to say that do a drunk queen diclonius, since what would follow would either be her attacking him for saying that, and since queens are supposed to be powerful that is gonna be pretty bad in such an enclosed space, and the other possibility is she starts trying to hit on him, maybe only while she is drunk or maybe even after. This worried him because he actually does not want to cause trouble like that, especially since she seems to have had some relations with that injured guy from how she seemed to care for him so much, and he assumed they also had vectors, meaning that small drama could result in a lot of death.

Though he thought it would not be so bad if he actually got a relationship, especially with a queen of his kind. Ragnar was also sure he was a king, as his doctors had never mentioned him being infertile, and he is pretty sure that would have been mentioned at some point if it had been the case. It would also be very unlikely that he would actually be getting aroused from Nyrumi being wet and barely in  any clothes with big tits if he was infertile. Though he was not fully sure, since he had no baseline what counted as being powerful for a diclonius.

Ragnar finally decided to relax a bit from all of this worrying and just let what happens happen, he was sure he could handle whatever would happen. After all, there was no writer that was about to make him have a big life changing event, least of all in a limo.

Ragnar decided to use one of his vectors and moved it right behind Nyrumi´s back and carefully cut off the back of her shirt quickly with a smile. He then waited to see what would happen next, knowing that whatever would happen next, he would be happy it was all being recorded.


Soon enough the limo would drive off the road, half an hour later it looked like it came to a dead end as it drove up to a mountain with no path up it and with a thick forest around, it suddenly drove up the mountain through the rough terrain till arriving to the mansion. The mansion was massive to say the least, on top of the mountain surrounded by a thick forest. Steam seemed to emanate up from the ground there as it was warm. The reason for it is cause the ground was being warmed up by geothermal waters being travelled up by big and long pipe network.

Many workers were around, most were either servants or maids though there was an occasional exception to that, including several doctors, one of which ran up to the car and opened the door saying “I was told one of you was seriously injured” while the doctor witnessed what had happened there a couple other medical workers ran over to there, ready to help carry the one that is injured.

Meanwhile deep under the mansion a research group was contacting about the status of a special delivery. “So it will come today? Yeah, good, good, remember, do not let anyone find you or the cargo you are carrying, if you lose that cargo you will wish to die any other way. Huh? You are asking now whether this is legal? Dude, you have been doing these things for ten years, if you are caught now then there is no way for you to escape the punishment at this point, let us worry about the legal and moral implications for now, you just worry not fucking this thing up, our boss wants us to deliver something great, and he trusts us that we know what we are doing, so, get the cargo and do not get caught, understood? now go and get it already you fucking idiot” said the head researcher with a voice that would curl the blood of the bravest of men and beasts. They had recently discovered something special in the black market that they knew their boss would most likely be interested in. Ragnar had always asked them to do what they had to do for research, money and morals were not to limit these men. Most of them had been kicked and banned out of the scientific community for inhumane experiments of many kind or simply that they lacked money and had resorted to other criminal acts. You would not find people that better fit the description of the crazy geniuses.

While Ragnar’s research group were busy doing that other workers, specifically servants and such were preparing everything for Ragnar and his guests. They prepared the sauna, the pool, the feast hall, the party room and many of the numerous bedrooms for Ragnar and his guests to enjoy.

Meanwhile Ragnar’s limo driver stepped out of the limo and took a small smoke, one of the doctors that had come to help move Avery to be taken care of said “you really should stop smoking, your heart is gonna die from that, if the cancer does not get you first, heck, did not your father die from cancer” the driver scoffed at that and said “can not a guy get some small time of peace to smoke a cigarette for once in his life without being reminded that I am gonna die like everyone will one day, hell, at least I am being happy drinking and smoking, how does it feel being sober and always stressed out?” The doctor scoffed back and said “I feel perfectly fine, not always coughing, not always depressed when I do not smoke, and always having plenty of time from those few decades that I am not losing to smoking and drinking” The limo driver then said “could not be so great, you are only able to say how better you are then others, yet you are not able to say anything without comparing yourself to someone else” the limo driver then finished his smoke and went to check the recordings of what happened in the back.

Message soon went down to the research group that Ragnar had arrived, and with some horned friends. “huh, interesting, why would he be bringing someone over here” said one of the researchers, another quickly answering “one of them apparently got injured badly, had his ass handed to him by some guy who hates horned people” another then says “why do you not just say diclonius instead of horned people” the man from before then said “god damn it stan, I was about to make a joke that they were horny” Another one saying “does not matter, it would not be funny regardless” the head researcher then said “there is nothing said that he plans on bringing them down to experiment on, so i do not see why we are so concerned about them coming over to this mansion, they will never find their way down here” but then one of them says “but what if they also have those things called vectors and that voice our boss has in his head” another one then says “worse yet, what if they do not have the same brain divide as our boss has” the head researcher then says “do not talk about that, we do not know what that means yet, it may be perfectly normal for all we know and can find out”


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Elfen World (Remake) - Page 5 Empty Re: Elfen World (Remake)

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Big ass post here. read at your own risk.

Maxwell received his message from Victory1, reading over it. He sent in one last message.

“Thank you, I knew I could count on you my friend. I’m hoping you can help me with some other things too. Something that could probably be a bit easier than magic. We’ve been keeping track of Schlenzaner and his moves and gotten a few bits of details about Excalibur.

However, there is one man that has eluded our capture for a long time. Is there any way you can find out some information on Yamamoto. The D.E.F isn’t exactly here to promote Diclonius equality as you know.”

As Maxwell typed his message, Vast was currently on the drawing board…and one knew it was drawing board because Vast had made a large crocodile with wings on it. But beyond the strange need to doole, Vast held his finger to his chin and jotted down remarks and numbers as well, which every so often Maxwell would insert into his computer.

“Hey Vast, do you remember the first time we met.” Maxwell called over.
“Yeah…” He replied simply. “We were just orphans along with Zen, Ivan and Elena…being raised by Hector.”

“Yep…” Maxwell replied. “Sometimes, I wish we could just go back to the good old days.”
It was a brilliant and hazy sunny day, the temperatures were scorching and the humidity sweat drenching hot. Overall it was an absolutely miserable day as a young boy, large and overweight as he coughed through the terrible dust of the broken town. It had been three weeks now, he didn’t know where to find food and all the water was gone. His arm hurt something terrible and his lungs also felt like they were broken. Each cough sent a spasm of absolute pain throughout his body that made standing difficult. He wasn’t sure how it at all happened. It was peaceful, humble and then the bullets had started to fly.

He had known there had been a civil war going on in his country. The classes had taught him that, the sirens that rang had told him that. Hell, every so often he would see the flash as the bombs exploded in the distance. A frightening experience no less, but he had never thought it would come to this level. It had happened three weeks ago, on a day much calmer and nicer than this scorcher of a weather.
On that day, when everything changed.

“Hector! Stop eating all that food or you’re going to get even fatter!” Someone yelled at him in thick Dutch. Hector turned, seeing a scrawny kid running over towards him and sporting a mocking grin. He chucked the donut at him which he avoided.

“Shut up Adalbert!” Hector yelled, feeling incensed. Another kid, bigger though nowhere near as rotund as Hector came up named Heinrich. Mocking as they were, all three were friends who stood close together. For years Hector Reidswood had known the two, ever since he was a child who could walk. The boy, named Hector had lived his entirely life in the Netherlands, the son of a Dutch woman and an American father. But life was good for the most part, until the civil war had broken out about two years ago. Laws were passed, curfews set but life went on as usual. Then about a month earlier before all things went to hell, he and his friends met a very peculiar girl. She had log black hair and tight ribbons around her head that one might have thought was meant to hide the strange bumps protruding from it. Except it did a terrible job at it and in the end was probably more for decoration than anything else.

“Hello!” Her Dutch was thick and accented which indicated that she was probably from another nationality. “My name is Keiko. It’s good to meet you all. My family and I had to move closer here because of the war.”

“What are those on your head?” Heinrich added, looking rather unnerved at them.

Keiko curiously touched the tips of her horns and sighed, shrugging her shoulders.

“I’m not sure, I was born with them but they’ve never bothered me.” Her face however shrunk, as if she was hiding something.

Heinrich gave her a displeasing look. “Eh, they look kind of gross.” His antics earned him a good punch in the shoulder that sent him reeling. “Damn Hector, what was that for?” The girl named Keiko looked affronted as she puffed her cheeks out and turned away.

“That’s incredibly rude you know!” She yelled at him while trying to hide the tears from her eyes. But just as she was on the verge of crying she actually came up, raised her hand and smacked Heinrich so hard that it was hard to tell how much of it had been an actual slap and if she hadn’t somehow punched him as hard as she could. It was enough to send him reeling as she slid across the ground before she finally screeched at him.

“Who gave you the right to tell me how I am!?” She was angry, infuriated almost and it was clear Keiko had taken the remark rather seriously. One had to think that she had been spoken like this before and it was definitely obvious that this wasn’t just some. At once Hector attempted to calm her down.

“We’re sorry! Heinrich’s like that, he’s an idiot.” He pushed him roughly to get his point across. “He was just shocked was all, I mean its not like we’ve ever seen horns before. They’re not bad, believe me!” Hector cried, trying to get the tense situation under control and giving Heinrich a dastardly gaze. Seriously, it was strange, even Hector had to admit it, but that didn’t make it disgusting or anything. He had seen pictures of those who had leprosy and compared to that, having two little horns on your head was practically normal. Heck, if he hadn’t known any better he’d have thought they were some sort of strange design she wore.

Keiko turned away, holding her hands over her horns and refusing to look at Heinrich who at last realized his mistake and offered a few apologies. Still clearly hurt by it, Keiko offered a quick glance into why she had been so upset in the first place. “Are you really sorry?” She asked in an uptight tone, wanting the apology to be as legitimate as possible. When it became apparent that Heinrich was indeed sorry, Keiko admitted to why she was so infuriated before.

“Do you know some of the things that people have said about me? There’s nothing wrong with me is there?” It was a rhetorical question but they all nodded, notably Heinrich who didn’t want to get smacked again. “They would make fun of me, call me horrible names but it isn’t true. I’m not a horrible person and my horns aren’t horrible either.”

“Of course not!” Hector yelled. “Only an idiot would think that. Listen, I don’t think we’ve introduced ourselves. I’m Hector Reidswood.” The others introduced themselves as well and from that point on, they thought they had found a cool new friend. Someone friendly and unique who they could meet up with every so often. She was a tough girl for sure, action filled and not too feminine which made her fit well enough with the boys. On that day Keiko was proud to have made some new friends and it didn’t take long before she warmed up to Heinrich as well after he practically pleaded for her to forgive him for such atrocious remarks.
Keiko arrived at her small cottage home just outside the city district and stepped inside the darkly lit room, dancing around in a splendid disposition. “Friends! Friends! Friends!” She cried out, so much that one to wonder if this was the first time she had ever had such a thing. Perhaps she was always in a good mood. She quickly found something to eat and strolled through her home, whistling jovially as she skipped upstairs. Truth be told she wasn’t sure if she was going to make any friends, not after the last ones had called her a hideous looking freak. It was a tense moment when Heinrich said those things, she had almost lost herself.

Almost lost herself, like she did that one day. Almost lost herself, on a day she would never forget. What would they think if they found out that it wasn’t just her horns that made her different? How could they possibly react with nothing but disgust and shame if they found out the real truth. There were four doors upstairs, one lead to the bathroom, the other to her room, the other to her parents room and one was a linen closet. The very first thing she did was held her breath and opened up her parents room.

Instantly, a decaying and rotting scent wafted through her nostrils, nearly making her gag. She held her breath, came in and closed the door so that the stench wouldn’t get out. Across the room, two things were splattered against the wall. One was the body of a full woman, well nearly full. Her decomposing head had rolled a few meters away, eye sockets having burst and several front teeth either having been knocked out or fallen out by unknown means. The mouth was opened in a perpetual scream.

Whatever had happened to her had been incredibly brutal. There were bruise marks across her body and though decapitated, there had been another slash across her throat as if someone had firstly slit her throat and then finally taken her head off. It wasn’t clean either, it was more like some force had wrapped itself around the woman’s head and then forcibly ripped it off messily. The last thing that woman must’ve felt was undeniable fear.

But that had to be nothing compared to her father. At the very least, her mother had a body, part of it, but a body nonetheless. Her father was just a smear against the wall. There was no way to tell what the emotion was at the time of his death because his face had been literally ripped apart, exploding the muscles, bone and tendons as the brain leaked out. The worst part about that was that this wasn’t what killed him. No, he had gotten his face torn off, his brain leaked out and he had not died from that. Horrifically he had remained cognitive and consciousness.
Having his organs ripped out did not killed him. Having his ribcage split open like blooming flower did not kill him. It was only after he had been split from head to crotch and the rest of his entrails splashed the walls until the entire room was dyed red. Only then was he allowed to die.

Keiko came up to them, still covering her nose and yelling at them.
“See!? I’m not a freak!” She yelled, kicking at her mother’s head and watching it roll around. “You were both wrong! I made some new friends and you could’ve met them too but…but…” Her eyes watered before she viciously kicked her father’s ‘body’.
“Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” She roared, running out and closing the door behind her. Heading to the linen closet, she stuffed the bottom of the door with several towels and sprayed them appropriately to block out the stench. It was getting a bit too much, maybe she should take the bodies elsewhere and bury them. Far away from her home before anyone else found out. Soon enough she’d have to do something, someone was bound to find out eventually.

It had all been their fault. Her father was abusive, her mother was abusive.
And it all started because of that.

A punch that sent her reeling down the stairs, her father’s fist upraised, Keiko tumbled down and felt something fracture. Crying aloud, her father drunk with rage and anger stepped down and picked her up by the throat.

“Bitch! Nothing more than a freak bitch!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” She didn’t know why she was being punished. Wasn’t a father supposed to tend to his child’s needs? Why instead did he beat her so? Her mother was a the other end of the room, looking at her in shock and the young horned girl reached out desperately. If a father could not take care of his daughter, than most definitely a mother would right?

Her mother stepped forward, reached out and then fell to her knees and made a face that would make anyone cringe. Spit ran down her mouth, eyes bulged out and starred in opposite directions and finally she made that most ungodly sound ever.
“UUURRRRRRRFFFUUUUURRRGGGH!” Groaning and yelling at the same time, she scratched at her throat and face, leaving long blood lines across her face. Snot ran down her nose, mixing in with the blood and spit from her face and dribbling down her chin.

“OOOOOH! WHY!? WHY WAS I CURSED WITH SUCH A DEMON!!!!??? OOOOOH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OHHHHHHH!” Now she began to spasm, convulsing madly. She foamed endlessly at the mouth, choking on her own spit as Keiko finally got lose from her father, screeching in terror as she ran upstairs despite her wounded leg. It would’ve been better to have run outside, far away from this terrible home. But in her anxiety she had not been thinking straight and instead ran up to her own room.

Her safe haven! She ran into her room and hid inside the closet, cowering and hoping her parents would stop. “Go away…” She thought. “I’m not a monster! I’m not…” She wasn’t a monster, just a bit different from others that was all. But the sound of footsteps were coming up. The roars of her father and the shrieks of her mother.

A father shouldn’t say those words. A father shouldn’t speak to his daughter like that. Meanwhile her mother was apparently in her parents room, mumbling dementedly about saviors and the exorcism of evil spirits. Then with a crunch, the door handle was taken off by sheer force of strength and the door ripped open.
What kind of face her father made, one could only watch Keiko’s color flush away.
“No! No! I’m sorry father! I’m sorry! Papa! Papa! Please! Please!” Grabbing her by the hair, her enraged and sickening father taking her to her parents room despite how much she cried and kicked. Pinning her to the floor of the other room, her father became speaking some sort of gibberish that she couldn’t understand and her mother.

“Deliver these evil spirits away!!!” In her hand was a knife, as long as her neck and thicker than three fingers.

“Ohhhh! Oooh! Deliever these evil spirits away and cast this demon into the depths!”
This wasn’t happening! This couldn’t be happening! Her parents were not about to kill her? Maybe they were a little sick. Sure a doctor could see them but they weren’t so cruel as to actually kill her? “Stop! Please stop! I’m not a demon! I’m not a monster!” But begging would do nothing.


And she plunged the knife down.

Awakening, Keiko felt like she had been running over a mile. Had she fallen asleep? Certainly sleep didn’t make on so exhausted but what was she doing on the ground. There was nasty stench in the air, kind of like blood but on a much grander scale. Rising up, she looked around to see what it was and saw the chaos. Her parents were dead, smashed to pieces all over the place.

“Oh…yeah…” She mumbled as he realization hit her.

The knife had fallen and in in a state of absolute chaos and dread, she had attacked. It was the first time they had ever appeared and with concentration seven sets of elongated, strangely corporeal hands emerged around her. They were so easy to control, as I they were part of her own body, she could move each finger, bend them in ways her normal arms couldn’t. What strange abilities, she found herself grinning devilishly.

It had been easy. It had been so easy that she was surprised she hadn’t done it before. Well obviously not, she hadn’t realized she could do it until now.
But…that didn’t make her a monster now did it? No, they were the monsters.

“S-See!” She yelled at their corpses. “I’m not a monster! I’m not a demon! You both are the demons!”

Trapped inside that house. Trapped inside that horrifying hell hole, at long last she felt free. Maybe at long last, she could finally do something with her life. Make some real friends and live a happier, more productive life.
Every day Hector and his friends met up with their new friend and each day, they never realized her ability. Not once did they ever find out about her secret. But Keiko wasn’t a girl who could keep secrets well and one day as she played with her new found friends, she paused in their frivolous joy and stopped with her hands clasped together.

“Keiko?” Hector asked as their friend went quiet. “Is something wrong?”

“Hey ummm, you all don’t think I’m a freak or anything right?”

“What?” Al yelled in disbelief. “Of course not! Heinrich did you say something again?”

“No…it wasn’t him. I was just wondering that was all.” Keiko replied, her head bowed low. For the first time, she had found true friends who she could trust. It had been months since she had murdered her parents, though she wouldn’t have called it murdered. You can’t call self-defense murder, especially when you kill insects. In fact, she didn’t believe she had killed her parents. Good parents didn’t treat their daughter like scum. A good parent didn’t try to kill their own daughter. No, she had butchered some real demons. Even still, she couldn’t help but think that keeping it all locked up in her heart was wrong.

Truly these friends of hers would understand. But at the same time, she wasn’t sure exactly how to tell them.

Would they understand her? But maybe they wouldn’t, maybe they’d call her a monstrous murderer.

“Is this…strange to you?” And for the first time, she released those strange hands and let them float in front of her.”

“What’s strange?” Hector finally asked perplexed.

“Huh?” Now it was Keiko’s turn to be surprised. “These? These right here!” She waved all of them in front of them but still they looked at her as if she was going crazy. She put one right in front of Hector’s face who still gave a look as if a deer was caught in the headlights. Bringing them back, she looked at them herself and wondered. Could they really not see them? To her, they looked like ghostly hands, slightly transparent but even in the bright sunlight it was easy for her to see them. But for the oddest reasons they couldn’t see them.

She retracted them and smiled. “Uh, just joking! Heheheheh, you’re all so silly! Silly! Silly! Silly!” She nudged Al who wasn’t sure what was so funny. “Come on guys, it was a joke. You’re all so serious but can’t you take a joke well? It’s funny right? Come on!”

Hector laughed nervously and looked at the others.

“I’m sorry, I…I need to get going!” Keiko abruptly stated, running away before Heinrich chased after her. “W-Wait!”

The others weren’t sure what to do. Hector thought maybe there was some family problems going on. He had no idea how on the mark he was on that. “That was strange…” Al remarked. “What was she talking about?”

Hector shrugged his shoulders.

Meanwhile Heinrich caught up to the young girl and grasped her shoulders. Once more oddity struck him. She was crying, trying to briskly rub her tears away and put on a fake smile. “Keiko, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“C-Crying? That’s silly! I’m not crying!” Keiko lied.

“That’s not true, please tell me what’s wrong.”

Keiko looked at him nervously and turned away. “You know, when you first said those things about me when we first met? When you said those things, you have no idea how much they hurt me. I wanted to…” Her broke down into a silent whisper that the boy couldn’t hear.

“I wanted to kill you.”

“Huh?” The boy called out, not hearing her. She smiled pitifully and shook her head. “N-Nothing, I was just mumbling was all. Hey Heinrich, do you think you would be angry with someone if they knew something?” She spoke strangely so it was no wonder that Heinrich gave her a quizzical look. She continued on. “If I did something, sort of…terrible, would you be angry with me?”

“Angry?” He asked a loud. “I’m sure there’s nothing you’ve done that could be bad enough to make me angry.”

“Alright, I want to show you something.”

She was bottling it up all inside of her, her emotions and fear. If she didn’t release these pent up emotions, who knows what would happen. The trip to her cottage was long, mostly because she was dragging her feet and holding her hands together close to her face. Heinrich was a good person, caring nice and he had apologized beforehand. She had started to like the boy a bit, so he would have to understand her when she talked to him. It wasn’t like she had murdered her parents or anything, she had tried to protect herself. Anyone with a heart would get that. Still, she slid her way across the ground, her feet pushing the dirt along the way until they finally arrived at the cottage. She feared almost randomly about how it looked. Ever since she had killed her mother and father, the entire place had fallen into disarray. But still, Heinrich was a good person, he would understand. As Heinrich came in, the inside of the house was just as musky and dirty as the outside. He kept quiet and felt a chill run down his spine that had nothing to do with cold air. Keiko brought him upstairs and she did, something swept itself into his nostrils. Something strange and unpleasant. Pushing away the towels away from the door, the smell grew stronger and at long last Keiko opened the door.

Her parents were still there, rotting corpses.

“I’m sorry…” She said, knowing the smell must be awful. “But you have to understand, I had no choice. They were…they were trying to kill me and…”


She shouldn’t have been surprised. How else was Heinrich supposed to act when some girl brought him upstairs and showed two dead bodies to him. He instantly turned tail and ran only to be grasped by something around his arm and pull him forward. “Please!” Keiko cried. “You have to understand!”

But he couldn’t understand. He couldn’t understand why there were two dead bodies on the ground. He couldn’t understand what was pulling on his arm. The only thing he knew was that it all belonged to that girl before him.


“Ugh?” Those words had hurt.


So…it was all a lie then? Heinrich wasn’t a caring boy who would understand her plight. It destroyed her, broke her heart and spirit to hear those words spoke at her. In the end, he was no different than her parents. She found herself gripping his arm tightly, her eyes glazed over as it all hit her. Friends? Familiy? What a pointless and disgusting thing in the world. He should’ve cared! He should’ve held her tight, and told her that it would be ok! He should’ve stroked her, put his fingers through his air and whisper soothing words into her ears.

Instead this? This face of horror and disgust at her!?

Absolutely unforgivable…

With a sickening crunch, the girl tore off the arm from the very bone itself and splattered his organs against the wall.
Heinrich nor Keiko ever appeared again. Hector nor his other friend ever saw them after they had left that day. The days went by, the weeks went by and finally the months until at long last that faithless day arrived. It was a simple day, rather cool with a  nice breeze despite being the middle of summer. Hector hadn’t planned on doing anything significant, meet up with his friend and do something. What that was he didn’t know. He never really knew. But today was going to be the last day he ever saw his friend again as above him the roar of the planes flew by and in one swoop, the bombs fell.

Burning fire engulfed his vision as for one hour, the bombs dropped, exploded and send the world into a frenzy. Once it was over, Hector’s entire world was nothing more than a smoking crevice. He had been knocked unconscious for the most part and it was only a miracle that debris had not fallen on him and killed him. Groaning he entered into a world of suffering. For the past three weeks he tried to make by with anything he could. Food, water, he avoided the dead he had already seen the body of Al and nobody else had come. Did they all die? It made him think about Heinrich and Keiko. Were they dead as well?

What had happened to them?

He was thin and weak now, scrawny and any longer and he would die from starvation. Why now did it have to be like this? Hector fell to the dirty ground outstretched. That blazing sun as going to cook him and he would die.

“Someone’s here! Give me a hand!”

A voice? In this desolation? Hector had to wonder if he was hearing ghosts. Opening one of his eyes he noticed hazy figures walking their way towards him. They had to be ghosts, ready to take him to the other side. Perhaps he’d get to meet his friends when that happened. However instead of the fingers closing their icy grips around his throat, they instead were warm, lifting him up gently as an old man slowly tipped a canteen into his mouth.

“Drink this boy, please…”

Water. It had been so long since he had tasted water so fresh and cold. For the first time ever, that very first time in his life he realized that he didn’t want to die. Not out of fear or regret, but out of sheer determination. He suddnely realized that there was so much else he wanted to do and seeing this man walking through this destruction trying to help others, Hector wanted to know him.

“Who…Who are you…?” He asked slowly, his mind still dizzy.

“It's alright boy. We’re part of the International Police Force, The Great Order.”
Great Order? The name rung a few bells.

“My name is Captain William Schlenzanner. Damn I can’t believe those idiots did that here. Seriously do they not know anything about international law? This is what happened when civil war breaks out. The next thing to enter his mouth was food, delicious, scrumptious food.

This was the day that he met the man he would call his father.
There was nothing more important to Hector than his father figure William Schlenzanner. He was raised by him ever since he become an orphan and one day, when he was about eight years old at the time and his father sat him down on a large log in the woods as he sat upon a huge stone, elbows against his knees. Despite his age, he still had enough oomph inside of him, one could hardly guess he was in his seventies now with the way he acted.

“I would like to ask you something Hector. Do you believe in demons?”

“Demons?” He asked perplexed. “Demons can’t be real, but there is…terrible kinds of people.” Hector mumbled.

“True but if you could imagine a demon, what do you think it would look like?”

Hector thought for a moment and said. “Something with fangs and long horns?”
His father laughed jokingly. “I guess that would be pretty frightening, but I disagree. I think demons can look like anything. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover Hector, because sometimes it isn’t that easy. Sometimes a demon can look like a normal person, they may even look like me!” His prodigy instantly declined such a thing. There was no way his father could ever be a demon. Calming him down, William patted the child’s head.

“I don’t think it matters what a demon or person looks like. To me, a demon is someone who can never change. Someone is evil, dark and cruel with no sense of righteousness in him. Do you think they can change?”

Once more the boy had to think and then he smiled. “I think anyone can change for the better if they truly believe they can! After all, what of justice would we be if we didn’t give everyone a chance. Who knows what would happen if we didn’t give some chances every so often. That’s why…” Hector continued as he looked up at the sky, the sun twinkling in his eyes. “I want to be just like you father. I want to be a strong and courageous man who will protect justice and law throughout the world.”

He has lost his family. He had lost his home, he had lost his friends. He had lost everything including the will to live until that remarkable day where his father arrived and he finally found the will to live. Nay, he found something more than that. The one thing that even to this day he holds with more pride than anything else. It is that very thing that keeps him moving forward despite every wound he receives. It is that thing that keeps him up despite the pressures put against him. One single attribute that he has known ever since he was pulled out from the rubble. An attribute that follows him to this very day through his self-created war.


At the age of around 17 years old, Hector Reidswood enlisted himself into the training regime of the Great Order to fully prepare himself for the ordeals that would lie ahead. The very first thing he did, one of the very first thing he would always remember, was running a full five miles nonstop across a mountainous area. Determination kept him going even as others fell before him, he was neither fastest nor the strongest but his endurance kept up even as the baking hot sun cooked his face. His brown hair was wet with sweat and his legs were hurting something terrible.

But he persisted until he was practically crawling. But even he had limits to his body, especially at that time and age where he finally collapsed just short of the five miles that was expected.

“Haa…Haa…Haa…” Breathing heavily, someone peered over him.

“Here mate, have some.” A young boy about the same age as himself threw a bottle of water which Hector thirstily consumed. “Names Maximillion Yerus, but call me Max.” Helping him up, Max finally realized that the kid he was trying to help was taller than he was. “Damn, you’re a big guy.” Sporting small talk, they were met by a young woman with light tan hair and well built figure. She wore a pair of a shorts and black bra and that was it. Her hair pulled up into a pony-tail, Max blushed and looked away, trying to hide his face.

“What’s up with you?” She said. “You never seen a girl before?”

“Most girls I know don’t run around in that outfit.” Max mumbled.

She retorted back. “What do you expect? It’s burning outright now. At least your lucky, if it ever gets too hot, you can at least take off your shirt.”

“Maybe you should take off your bra.”

It happened faster than Hector could tell. Well Max did sort of have it coming but even then Hector hadn’t expected the girl to grab Max by the neck with her legs, spin around and slam him face first into the dirt, kicking up a cloud into the air. Yelling painfully, his shock answered by the girl’s angry voice.

“Say that again pervert!”

“Damn! Guh! Sorry girl, you didn’t have to take it that seriously.”

“Bah…” She let him go and stood up, finally looking over at the two. Hector kept his mouth shut, he was afraid that if he said anything, she might toss into a lake.

“Ugh…damn…” Max muttered, picking himself up and brushing the dirt off. “Well you kick the crap out of me, can you at least give me your name?”

“Katherine Merliums.” She introduced herself.

“Hector Reidswood.” At the same Max introduced himself as well. Along the way another boy, older than all of them named Brutus Venetrus finally entered into the story. All of them just training on this one specific day, Hector enacted a friendship with all of them. Each one of them was eager to be part of the overall status of the Great Order. Max had lived in poverty all his life, Brutus was sold into child slavery and Katherine had been imprisoned as a child as well. In short, all of them had gone through suffering of some sort and all of them understood the importance of law and justice. By the age of around 20 years old, each one of them were now official members of the Great Order and it was time to have their leader selected.
Members were placed under rule of two categories, Captains and Colonels. The more advanced members were often under the rule of the Colonel which was why Hector and the others knew they were going to be assigned to one of the Captains. He couldn’t have been happier when he found out that his old man, now in his 80s, and still kicking, would be the one to lead them.

“Isn’t he kind of old to be our leader?” Max remarked.

“No way, you have no idea how good he is.  Trust me, he might be old but he’s still good.” Hector wanted to give out as much praise to his father as he could. Max and the others might have been skeptical at first, but after a few missions, they began to respect William Schlenzanner just as much as Hector did. It was amazing for the large man to finally have such a purpose in his life. He loved it when he could help others, free the weak and defenseless, fight for a cause that he thought was righteous. More so, he had the helping hand of several others.

But, every so often, his mind would travel back to his old home in the Netherlands. His mind raced over to his old friends and to that girl with horned on her head. The last day he had seen her, she had acted so strangely. Obviously she was dead now, the bombs had taken care of that and afterwards no other bodies had been found. He was literally the lucky one to have survived that horrendous ordeal. If only he had said something before, stopped both Keiko and Heinrich then this might not have happened. Maybe it would be those two standing by his side now, attempting to pass order throughout the world.

A hooded woman a few years back had once been nearly butchered by her own family. When she thought she had discovered friends, she was betrayed mercilessly. Keiko had survived the ordeal and was now standing there with the hood over her head to cover her horns, looking at the debris of her home. She had killed a lot of people there. Her family and that boy Heinrich. She couldn’t’ feel any regrets for her parents. That bastard and bitch had everything that came to them. She smiled, a knowingly evil grin as she thought of how they had screamed.

But Heinrich? She imagined that maybe she had gone too far on that one. Of course he had been scared, showing off dead bodies like that. But at the same time, she had been just as frightened as he was. She had acted without thinking and butchered him on the spot.

War had torn everything apart and nobody could tell that the bodies found in the reckage, hadn’t been torn apart by the explosions. Keiko never knew what she actually was, the term “Diclonius” was something that only emerged much later in the future. She didn’t know that her invisible hands would be later called “vectors” nor that she was unable to get pregnant, not that she really cared about the last one too much. It wasn’t like anybody would ever want to make love to a monster like her. Despite all of this, her fraility with her own species, she had discovered something relatively quickly, almost on accident and surprising.

Whenever she passed her vectors through the body of a male, any child that he bore with another woman had horns just like her. Not merely physical mutations, the children all were like her…and they butchered their families. Long ago, this would’ve shocked her but murder filled her head. Keiko had started to hear strange voices inside of her head. If she hadn’t thought she wasn’t crazy before, she definitely thought so now.

A voice inside of her head, telling her to kill people.

And it was horrifically easy.

She lost count of the number of times she infected men, a dozen, two dozen, she probably hadn’t gotten to fifty yet but really, who was counting at this point? However it was because of her that one man would give birth to a horned girl that would end up changing Hector’s life forever.

A small girl, named Iree.
Seven years later, a 27 year old Hector Reidswood stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the bodies piled everywhere. He didn’t care about them, he couldn’t find it in his heart to care when the dismembered corpse of William Schlenzanner laid out in the open, drenched in blood. The others arrived and clasped their hands over their mouth and Katherine was visibly shaken. But how could their emotions compare to Hector who had lost his father. Someone had killed his father? Some bastard had killed him and tore him apart. What kind of madman would do such a thing? A sound slipped into his ears, a cry from the side that he instantly followed without haste. Katherine followed suitly behind where they first discovered the girl named Iree.

“You poor child…” Katherine mumbled, gently wrapping her arms around the blood soaked girl. “You must be terrified, oh you poor thing. Did you see what happened?”
She shook her head abruptly.

“Hector, I think we lost them.”

“Yeah…” Hector admitted angrily. “My father…”

“I know…” Katheirne mumbled. “But we have to protect the others and get everything under control. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel and I won’t stop until the one who has done this pays for their crime.”

At the funeral ceremony, Hector stood by his friends side along with the little girl named Iree as they watched his father being buried.  Tears ran down his face, covering falling from his cheeks and wetting the soft ground. Upon the death of his father Hector was made the honorary Captain of the Great Order when he was 27 years old. He also found out that his father had left him a gift. A final parting from father to son that was as tall as himself. The very first thing was a letter given to him.

“Hello Hector, my son. This gift is something very  powerful, one that I have been holding onto for all of my life. I feel that if there is anyone worthy enough of holding this object and using it for the sake of justice and law, that would be you. Please use it wisely.”

Hector attained his gift, the weapon of law and order.

The Crescent Sun Axe Version I. He raised the weapon with awe, the blade crafted with perfection, the mechanics ironed out and set in utter power. He would treasure it and all the forms beyond it as it was the final memory he had of his father. He held the blade aloft and thus decided that he could no longer call himself by his old name.

Hector Reidswood was gone…and Hector Schlenzanner was born.

A year later, Hector would hate the Diclonius race. Katherine cried out over the radio as something unknowingly terrible  began to happen.

“I’m coming Katherine! Just hold on! You too Max!” Brutus had died with his father, but he wouldn’t lose more of his friends. Iree was also there, a young girl, a child who didn’t have to go through the pain of their battles. A good Captain was also there for his group and he put all of his energy to run over to their direction. What kind of shock did he feel when he discovered their mutilated bodies?

Iree was there, covered in blood the same way she had been when his father had been killed. Speaking about things like voices, invisible hands, Hector Schlenzanner was brought back several years. There had been a young girl named Keiko who had been their friends. He laughed inside, it all made sense now. The strange reactions, the sudden disappearances, the butchering of the bodies. To think he had actually be raising a monster, one that killed his family and friends.

“…Diclonius…” He muttered. Yes, he had heard the terms before but didn’t believe them. But the facts were there, in the form of bloody bodies and that horned girl. “So this is how it is, isn’t it? Do you understand what you’ve done girl?”

Iree sobbed as Hector took out his pistol and aimed. “Do you remember them, girl? The names of the people you murdered in cold blood? The ones that took care of you? That old man that you killed about a year ago, his name was William Schlenzanner and he was my father.” Once more Iree kept quiet, like a child being scolded by its parent.

He aimed at her forehead. A bullet that in actuality was too weak to get past her defenses. It would be few years before Hector started carrying the stronger rounds that could get passed vectors. Still, even Iree seemed prepared for her life to end.

“Everything deserves some chance…”

Those were his words to his father one day. Would he be any different than a real murderer if he killed this girl now? It was true that he hated her beyond belief. The mere thought of those with horns cast a dark choking hold on his mind. He wanted to pull the trigger and splatter her brains everywhere. But he refused, for the one time in his life involving a person horns, he showed mercy. Pulling the gun away, Hector glared at her with ominous hate.

“Leave…run away now girl and never return…”  

Of course, history would let them meet one more time…and we all know how that turned out.
Jumping across the air and rolling Hector’s blade swung into the air, smashing into the man before him. That which stands before the way of justice. The man before him, a rapist was sliced cleanly in two. “Come on!” Hector roared over the bullets of the battlefield attacking with a fervent craze. He loved fighting more than anything else and in this warzone he was going to save anyone he could. As he sprinted across the battlefield he saw a young girl surprisingly tense and angry, covering in wounds and partially nude.

“Bastards!” He thought. Even at this range, he could tell that girl had been through some horrible things. The 29 year old man spun around and tossed his weapon as it began to glow directly in front of him. As it connected near the ground at his enemies, a resounding explosion sent them flying, at once Hector dived in, grasped the girl who rather shocked as the sudden saving before they both rolled around into a ditch. His axe was somewhere else and there enemies right before him.

“Shoot him you dickwad!” The girl cried out. Hector was shot in the leg because the outburst from the girl caught him completely by surprise. “What are you doing stupid!? Do you not know how to aim a fucking gun? Give me that!” At to his surprise once more, the girl yanked his gun out of his hand and point blank shot the foe right between the eyes. Dropping herself, Hector watched as the bare breasted eight year old found herself a small cloak and wrapped it around her.

Why are you looking at me fuck nugget?” She asked. “You getting turned on by a kid?”

“No…” Hector mumbled, not sure how to address the situation.

“Let go of me, I can handle myself.” The girl yelled, then tripped over her own feet and fell face first into the dirt. “Don’t laugh!”

“I’m not…” Hector replied with as much of a serious face as he could.

“I’m not weak! Come on I’ll take you on fatty!”

“Listen, nobody is…the hell did you say?”

“You heard me fatty!”

“…I’m not fat.” Hector remarked seriously.


“Shut up.” Hector said.

“Fatty lard ass!”

“Don’t make break your spine girl.”

“You’re a pumpkin.”

Hector held the girl by her head, lifting her off the ground as her tiny arms swung uselessly at him. “Stop being such a coward you bastard! Fatty bastard!” As the situation calmed down, the little girl was finally brought over to the G.O headquarters where many other war orphans were brought together. She was given a small dress and found herself with the same angry face as usual just sitting there with her arms crossed. Almost at once a small kid a few years older than herself came up to her.

“Hello, My name is Zen. What’s your name?” He asked.

Elfen World (Remake) - Page 5 ChibiZen

“Elena, now fuck off.”

He did so, but he couldn’t help but think that perhaps he found someone…he might love in the end. The little girl named Elena continued to sit by herself, angrily glaring at anything as if it were her default expression. Somewhere at the corner, two boys were beginning to argue. One was holding onto some sort of white hat, trying to tug it away from the other boy who gripped it firmly.

“Stop it Maxwell! It’s my hat!”

“Don’t be stupid Vast, you look bad enough with that monocle on!”

“You’re stupid!” Vast yelled, tugging his hat away and giving him an angry look. “At least I don’t look like a reject British sci-fi character!”

Elfen World (Remake) - Page 5 ChibiMaxwell

“Hey!” Maxwell yelled angrily. “This is going to be in style come a few years, chicks dig the glasses.”

Vast laughed. “Yeah, what they gonna dig next, the bowties and fez?” Maxwell abruptly pushed him, sending Vast reeling until he landed face first next to Elena.

“Hello!” He called out happily as he lay there like some sort of fool.
Elfen World (Remake) - Page 5 ChibiVast

Elena was not amused.

“My name’s Vastopida! But most people call me Vast! What’s your name!? Are you the new kid Hector brought? We should introduce you! Over there is Zen, he doesn’t talk much, I think he might be braindead. That guy over there is Maxwell, he thinks he’s the doctor but he’s just stupid. My name’s Vast by the way if I haven’t said so. Ivan’s over there but he’s boring and he doesn’t stand out much> My name’s Vast also! I don’t really like spiders, they’re nasty and…”

“Shut up before I tear off your dick boy.” Elena remarked angrily.

Vast decided it would be best to shut up. Maxwell arrived over there, raising his glasses at her. “How ya doing young lady?”

“Keep talking and I’ll rip your tongue out.” Elena stated venomously.

“Damn, she’s mean.” Maxwell uttered over to Vast who nodded affirmatively. “I know, what’s your problem?” Vast yelled, wanting some answers fast. Elena gave him a glaring look, the one filled with murder in it.

“I was tortured and raped.”

Vast gave her a long, quizzical look. “Why didn’t you just press the pause button then?”

“You’re an idiot.” Elena muttered, turning away.

Elfen World (Remake) - Page 5 ChibiElena

“Yeah well at least I’m not a slut.”

Elena tackled Vast to the ground as Maxwell moved out of the way, cheering loudly. “Fight! Fight! Fight! Hector!!! Elena and Vast are fighting! Fight! Fight Fight!” As Hector walked over trying to break them up, Maxwell insisted he had tried to stop the whole thing. “I swear I told them no but they wouldn’t listen Hector! They kept fighting and Elena kept saying mean words like slut, bitch, fuck nugget and I’m not really sure what this last one means but she also said sploogecummer and I told them that they shouldn’t fight but they did, use your big axe and beat them up!”

As Hector broke the two kids away, he held them up into the air and looked at both of them.

“Now listen you kids, fighting’s wrong. You should work together that way whenever you need to help, you got friends.”

“Says the fatty…” Elena muttered. Hector dropped her like a sack of potatoes.

“Ow! What the hell man!”

“You gonna say something smart kid?” Hector told Vast.

“No sir…” Vast replied quickly.  

“Listen up kids…” Hector replied, setting Vast down and getting on his knees to face them, despite the fact that doing so he was still far taller than both of them. “I know you all have had a hard time. Elena, it might surprise you but these guys aren’t trying to be mean. They’ve gone through some hard times too so you should try your best to be friends with them. At the very least try not to make too much trouble…also I’m not fat…” He added darkly.

As the oldest one there, Elena, Zen, Vast, Maxwell and that one guy everyone called Ivan, were but small children by the time Hector was officially a Captain. Each one would grow up to be something special, some of them however wouldn’t make it until the end. This was why the betrayal of Hector Schlenzanner was so painful to Elena and the others. Much as how the death of William had hurt him deeply, having what they considered their own father figure betray them was just as painful.
That was the life of Hector Schlenzanner.

He watched as the young woman named Iree prepared herself to be killed, her final words ringing I his ears and then…

Opening his eyes, Hector wiped the slide of drool from his mouth and shook his head lightly. The sun was lowering down over the horizon as he sat against his throne, eyes half open while the cold wind blew lightly through the open balcony window. He leaned back, gazing longingly at the ornate ceiling.

“That dream again…huh?” He uttered heavily, taking in a few deep breaths. “How nostalgic, how terribly nostalgic.” Those saddening and happy memories, all those good times and bad times. He had betrayed his own friends and family because he wanted to protect them. Tomorrow he would meet back with Lester to discuss the issue of magic. As if urged to, he raised his hand and gripped it into a fist.

“If I had been stronger, could I have saved you all? Maximillion, Brutus, Katherine? If I was stronger, could I have changed Keiko and Iree? I have to be stronger, stronger than ever and change the world.

If only I was stronger.” He sighed and reached over, his fingers delicately reaching over to the small glass of wine that he sipped calmly and then rose up, his large cape flying behind him as he said down at his large piano. At this point some nice music would be enjoyable.

He always did like the classics.

And then as he played, a thought came to him. Rising up from his seat Hector strolled downstairs into the lab and came to the scientist of Omnimbus.

“I have something I want you to do for me. Something incredibly important.”
A long time ago he had collected the DNA of Kenshi to be utilized in the Azathoth, the one that was eventually absorbed by his loyal dog, Uleus. To this day he still had a bit of that DNA with him, one that remained stagnant because he wasn’t sure how to use it anymore. But now, an idea of something so insane he couldn’t believe he was suggesting it. No doubt his men when he heard him thought their Captain might be getting a bit senile. But the way he looked, the seriousness of his expression said that this was hardly a joke.

As they took the vial as away from him, Hector didn’t bother saying anything else.
“What did he say?” Harry asked, having been on the other side of the room.
“He wanted us to use this vial and…well…he told us that we should try our best to find a vaccine.”

“For getting rid of the Diclonius retro-virus?” Harry asked. That was clearly what Hector usually wanted. His entire point was to get rid of the Diclonius race and what better way than to get rid of the virus that caused it.

But the scientist shook his head.

“Actually…he wanted us to find away…to stop the internal voices inside their heads from trying to kill humanity.”
Hector arrived back at his seat, his throne where a self-created god would sit. He found himself smiling, not fake, but a very genuine kind of grin on his face that he often showed when he was in a very good mood. As painful as it was sometimes, as horrifically awful as it could be, life was sometimes grand. He remembered the first day he met that swordsman in the woods. The day he was only a mere Captain, leading the men who would be killed by the Dicloius. But his mind went to that first day in the woods.

Their battle, his fever as they fought.

“In the end, this war between us will finally have to be resolved.” He thought aloud. “My worthy opponent, my terrible and relentless worthy opponent. I have gone too far to give up now and you can’t give up either can you, demon? Our match will be settled soon, this time I don’t plan on losing.”

There were two things Hector loved. He loved justice and he loved fighting.  That demon could always give him the fun that he wanted. It felt shameful in having to kill off something so proud. Part of him actually wished he could fight the demon for as long as he wanted, never stopping once and just battling until their spirits finally died out. Those battles were always intense and only those who recognized the thrills of the fight would realize how important they were. He wasn’t sure how much that demon cared, but every fight they had was like a surge of ecstasy through his large heart. Whenever their blades clashed, his very soul would vibrate along with the crashing metal.

“Hector what's happened to you? Have you gone soft on me? AHAHAHAHAHA!!!”
Yes…without a doubt fighting him was worth it.

"Ha! Fighting Spirit? If I was not handicapping myself anymore this fight would've ended long ago!

It was only natural that his final battle would be with him. The lonely swordsman who as determined as him. It was only right, lawful one would say that the war between Diclonius and humans be fought between a human and Diclonius.

“Now that's more like it! Come at me just like that!”

Perhaps a long time ago, a very long time ago before Hector knew Diclonius, he would’ve called that man friend.

"Come on Demon, I don't give up so easily..."

It would be here, that he already knew. A top of his citadel, in this very room he knew that his final battle with the demon be set. He would have his axe and he would have his swords. Who knew what else they would bring but Hector already knew that there was no way they’d face each other without their iconic weapons.

Get ready Hector! Consider this payback for earlier!!!”

Hector would not hold back. Whether or not the Diclonius decided to also, this would be their final meeting. He would not give up until the very end so he would give all 100% of power and determination to defeat him. He felt his heartbeat increase and he could almost sense a blade, a sharp Japanese style blade going right through his heart. But would it be that easy? The demon better think twice before that foolishness crosses his mind.

“Hahahahahaha…” The old man laughed under his breath. “Heh…HAHAHAHAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAHAHA! HA! HA! HA! HA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” Laughter that wasn’t evil or cold hearted. It wasn’t the laughter of a psychotic madman. No, Hector was laughing because in all this time he realized that the happiest he had ever been besides being with his father, was the battles he had with that demon. The excitement of their battles was like a vivid picture inside of his head.

“Hahahahaha! I see…” He said. “I guess in the end, we’re not that different are we? But sorry demon, the day of our final reckoning is at hand. You are strong, stronger than anyone I ever faced before. Truly you are a wroth opponent and I tip my hypothetical hat off to you.” He bowed his head.

“But you know what I am. I am Hector Schlenzanner, the man who can never fall.  Let our final match being something for the history books. If you win, you can save your entire race but you know what will happen if I win.

I wanted to save everyone…” He mumbled, sadly this time. “I wanted to save everyone and yet I hate your kind so much. So come my worth enemy. Enter through those doors before my eyes and stand before your King and God. Unsheathe your swords and stand before me like the proud warrior swordsman that you are. Transform before me! Unlock that secret side of you that has brought me to my very knees itself!


Sighing deeply Hector relaxed his body, letting the euphoria wash over him.

“What if they can't control themselves? You threaten to wipe out the diclonius because of the dangers they possess? I can't believe how hypocritical you are! The real threat you should be looking at is humanity itself! How many lives have needlessly been ended through meaningless conflict? Millions upon millions have died in HUMAN wars!! Before you threaten to wipe out another race, maybe you should look at your own before passing judgment! We humans have always feared things we don't understand, or that's different from us, and the same thing is happening with the diclonius! Hatred only breeds more hatred Hector! You seem to think that those who hate the diclonius are few and far between but can you really speak for everyone on the planet? Before we can cure the hatred inside the diclonius we must first do away with our own hatred!” she said in anger, her voice softening as she finished.

“Including you.

Before that happens, I won't be having anything to do with the Great Order. Besides I don't think Kenshi would forgive me if I handed him over to the G.O against his will. Don't bother waiting for us. We won't be coming.”

Those had been the words spoken to him by that girl with Kenshi. A blonde haired girl named Rei.

“Aye…” Hector though as he grinned apologetically. “I suppose in the end, that’s what I’m fighting right now. Rei…right? In the end I guess I was wrong. I’m just an old fool who is acting on hatred. But when you’ve come as far as I have, when you can never surrender so easily…it’s not that easy my friend.

Let us end…this long and everlasting war between us.”

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Post by Jamie Dark on Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:01 pm

The helicopter journey was going to be long, as it was going from England to Japan, the amount of times Zero had to switch between England and Japan was getting ridiculous, he thought he might as well as buy a house in Japan with the amount of times he has gone there, but he also thought that Suzuki would not like the idea.

Zero removed his mask and placed it beside him. Since the destruction of his kingdom, Zero had changed almost entirely, his left eye had fully changed red, with a demonic look on it. The strange thing about it was that it let Zero see the diclonius’ vectors. He didn’t know if this was a gift or a curse, as he would always see their vectors floating around. The way he dressed had changed, no longer the blue and silver armour, switch to simple black clothing. A cloak to hide himself and a mask to hide his face, the only thing that remained from his past was his blades and the tattoo on his back. He even stopped going by his real name, only answers to the name ‘Zero’.

All that could be seen on Zero’s face was sorrow. Fifteen years...fifteen years Zero has been on this mission of revenge...and for what?  The people he has known have died, he knew more about the diclonius species, he is becoming less and less human as the days go by...and it is all because of one man...Excalibur.

Excalibur started this all by killing Zero’s parents fifteen years ago when he was eleven, from that day, Zero vowed to find his parents killer and bring them down to justice, but as the years went by, Zero’s obsession with finding his killer started turning to a point where ‘justice’ was just a word he would use to explain, he never planned on leaving his killer to justice...no he would seek his own ‘justice’ on his killer, only then he would feel happy.

Once Zero found out that it was Excalibur, that was the icing on the cake, that man that destroyed his kingdom, was the very same man that killed his parents. This was the moment where justice went out the window, he now only wanted to kill Excalibur for all that he did. Screw justice, screw what was the right thing to do, Excalibur cutted up into little pieces was all that Zero wanted, and Zero had that chance three years ago on the attack on Excalibur’s castle.

After all this time, Zero finally had Excalibur in his reach, he could finally get the revenge he had been waiting for. He had cutted off Excalibur’s arms, as well as his left leg. He was about to go for the head until the room collapsed. The battle had lasted so long that the castle was nearing it’s end of it’s self destruction and Excalibur was able to escape because of this. The explosion had taken Zero out and he woke up a few days later. When he found out that Excalibur had survived, he was angered, so long he had waited and he failed...and at a cost…

Zero turned to Ariel, his face looked cold, but his eyes were full of sorrow. Because of him, her twin sister Alana had died, because of his blind act of revenge, Alana lost her life in the battle. Zero grabbed Ariel and hugged her. He didn’t say anything, he just kept hold of her. He had to make it up for her as Zero believed it was all his fault that this all happened.


The helicopter finally landed and Zero stepped out. He looked at the tracking device and noticed something wasn’t right. “Something isn’t right...Why has as soon as we land it begins moving away?” Zero wondered. This was then when Zero noticed something under the helicopter. Looking under he noticed a flashing chip. “A tracking chip? Did Lester place this here?” Zero thought. Did they know they were coming? Was this why they began to move as soon as they had arrived? Or was this just coincidence? Zero couldn’t take the risk.

“It seems that our helicopter was being tracked, just like how we were doing the same to Lester...this could mean that they might know we were following them...and if that is the case, then they might have sent someone after us...so be ready…” Zero then drawn out his blades in preparations. “Pilot, I have disabled the chip on our helicopter, find a location that will keep you hidden and find something to do, it will probably take some time so I will call you when we need to leave”

“Yes Sir!” The Pilot then lifted off in the helicopter and flew off to find somewhere off to hide. Zero didn’t know what was going to happen next, but he was prepared for the worse.


“Damn!” Itachi thought as he sees the red dot on his scanner vanish. All Itachi could do know was mess around with his inbuilt scanner on his arm and find out the last known location of the device. After a few seconds the last known location appeared in front of Itachi. “Hmm? So it seems a trip back to Japan then huh? Well it should be easy to reach my master that way…”

Itachi finally reached the pier, unlike Zero, Itachi didn’t have a helicopter to travel in the air, he had to use the boat that Excalibur provided for him. Itachi quickly jumped onto the boat and connected himself to the boat. There was no steering wheel, so no one but Itachi could use this boat as it relies on Itachi’s cyborg body to control it. He then turned the boat on and sped off towards Japan. He had to keep up and not lose sight of Zero, or he will fail his master again.


The helicopter landed and Suzuki and No.32 walked off. “This should be fine here. I will call you when we need you to pick us up” The pilot nodded and then flew off back to headquarters.

“What is the mission?” No.32 asked.

“Find information on where Excalibur could be, that is what we are doing” Suzuki replied.

“Understood” The two then began the walk towards the town. Suzuki hoped that this time, they could get the info they needed to find Excalibur, as this long journey was becoming annoying to her and she wanted to finally live a more peaceful life and look after her children.

You either die a hero...or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...

If the world hates you, when the whole world wants to bring you down, never lose hope...

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Post by drewccapp on Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:57 pm

Lester after giving several directions to others finally turned to the freshly arrived Inagi. "So, I am disappointed in your getting carried away with your vendetta. However, I will forgive you of that. You have been patient for a very long time about it. You still aren't ready to fight him."

Inagi frowned. "I learned that the hard way. What will you have me do now, Sir?"

Lester looked Inagi up and down spotting the damage on his clothing and shoes. "First find yourself a new set of clothing. Then you will be joining Asher's group. Your responsibility will be the safety of Levi's blood and the equipment we shall be using to replicate the boy's power. I have everything of his mapped out. The only trouble we'll have now is synthesizing a drug to begin the steps to our next phase."

Inagi nodded and then bowed. "Right away, Sir." Asher was the prodigy of Lester's crusade. He was the only other mage in the area that had Lester's capabilities. Without another word he made his way to his room and got himself a new set of clothing.


Sara stepped in to take over watching Levi for Maya and looked around the first room where they usually were talking up a storm. "Maya? I'm here to take over for you." She stepped further into the living area. "God, I swear if you're making out with him or something..."

She explored the bedroom. Empty. She cautiously listened at the bathroom door. Silence. Slowly she opened it to discover it was empty as well. She had figured if anyone had a chance of getting him out, it would be her, but she never expected him to sway her loyalty to Lester so effectively. It took her a moment to realize just how serious this was and she sprinted out of the cell and rushed to meet Lester. "Lester, Sir, Levi and Koko are gone."

Lester glared as her bad news arrived. "What? Find them and kill Koko. Bring Levi back to me! We still need him. Get your group together and find them."

Sara nodded. "Right away."


Ariel was too lost in her thoughts to react before Zero embraced her suddenly. "W-What? Wait! What are you doing? Let go of me!" She pushed against his embrace, but finally gave up until he let go of her on his own accord.

She glowered at him with a confused expression. "What on earth are you thinking? Why did you do that?"

“It seems that our helicopter was being tracked, just like how we were doing the same to Lester...this could mean that they might know we were following them...and if that is the case, then they might have sent someone after us...so be ready…” Zero then drawn out his blades in preparations. “Pilot, I have disabled the chip on our helicopter, find a location that will keep you hidden and find something to do, it will probably take some time so I will call you when we need to leave”

"Does he plan for everything?" Her tone was bitter and irritable. She was growing weary of enemies that were ten steps ahead of her.

She then looked at Zero directly with a hard look. "So, where to? I doubt they actually operate from their plane. I imagine he has some hideout maybe in this city. I hate the thought of searching for a hideout in a huge place like this. The likelihood of actually finding the damned place would mean we have some stupid good luck on our side."


Maya never let her shroud down the entire time they were in the city. She knew that Lester had practically made the entire city his. Magic wards had been spread everywhere designed to know exactly what was going on and if any threats had arrived. Thanks to his efforts, Lester had managed to keep this city mostly cleared of dicloni with few exceptions. Fortunately her ability to be unnoticeable allowed her and Levi to move safely through the city.

The both of them were now on a train to the town that ruined hospital that Maya had mentioned. Levi spoke very little, because he felt that if he did there would be trouble. Now that they were on the train he felt he could relax a bit, but still didn't speak until they were ten minutes out of town.

"Been a busy week since my family died." He commented wearily.

Maya didn't say anything, but she gripped his hand harder for a brief moment.


Victory1 read over the message and chuckled to himself. He response was brief. "We've been working on all three of them. Right now, we have nothing new."

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Post by NyuuX on Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:28 pm

Nearing their destination, it was incredibly obvious Nyrumi was drunk out of her mind. Her actions made her look more human than Diclonius. She was giggling like a mental patient when her shirt had suddenly been cut off, fully exposing her breasts for everyone in the limo to see. Cy's jaw dropped in astonishment while Mika had a shocked look on her face covering her mouth.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time, up until that point. Nyrumi had stopped giggling, the bangs of her hair had now covered half of her face. Not bothering to cover up, she could only stare at the shirt now laying on her lap. Silence filled the limo with an awkward feeling. “Th-that was my favorite shirt.”, Nyrumi didn't have an angry tone in her voice. She sounded more upset than anything else. Tears could be seen rolling down her cheeks. It could've been the effects of the alcohol, but it was too strange for Nyrumi to act this way about a shirt.

Without thinking, Mika took off her black sweater she had been wearing and wrapped it around Nyrumi. She never thought she'd see Nyrumi act this way, reguardless of the situation. Nyrumi used a vector to rip the sleeves off of the sweater and zipped it up. “Thank you, I-I'm sorry about what I said before.” The apology caught Mika off guard but what happened next nearly stopped her heart. After apologizing, Nyrumi leaned in quick and landed a kiss on Mika's lips. Cy remained in shock but silent. The kiss lasted around 6 seconds. Nyrumi sat back and closed her eyes. Mika could only blink, looking at Nyrumi wondering why the hell she had just been kissed, or the better question was why she didn't fight her off.

Sitting back in her seat, Mika refused to look at Cy giving him the cold shoulder. Despite being ignored, Cy felt the need to utter to Mika, “Wow, what was that all about? That was nice but why did she kiss you?” No answer came from Mika and Cy dropped it thinking how amazing it was that just happened in front of him. “I wish Avery was awake to see that.”, he thought looking at him asleep.

Cy looked out the window to see they were now in a forest. Spotting a mansion, Mika wondered why it was all the way out here. Before long the door was opened by a man who seemed panicked.

“I was told one of you was seriously injured”

He had a group with him. Realizing they were doctors, Nyrumi pointed to Avery for them to take him. “I'm going with you.”, she told the group of doctors.

Cy and Mika stepped out of the limo and looked up at the mansion. Mika grabbed Cy's hand and held it tight. “This looks sketchy.”, she whispered. Surveying the area, Cy too was a little skeptical about this. A Diclonius owning a mansion on a mountain in the midst of a forest. Who wouldn't be suspicious? He leaned to Mika and whispered back, “I'll watch your back.” The words calmed her down knowing Cy was there with her. It also did some good that it seemed Nyrumi and her were finally on the same page. While Nyrumi would accompany Avery, she thought it was best she stayed with Cy.

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Post by Ragnar-tyrson on Sat Apr 19, 2014 7:59 am

Ragnar enjoyed seeing Nyrumi´s boobs showing, but he enjoyed much more that she looked happy as well. He had problem with enjoyments like these if the other person was not happy, and while he thought, or rather knew, that alcohol was a major reason for her acting like that he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Yes, Ragnar was enjoying it till she, suddenly stopped giggling and the awkward feeling filled up there. He noticed her staring at her shirt that was now on her lap like it was a dead bird that suddenly fell into her lap.

“Th-that was my favorite shirt.”

Ragnar suddenly felt a big bite of regret, hearing her utter those words and with that tone of voice, that sad and upset voice. He may not fully grasp how little the others had, he knew it was less than he had but did not truly know the true difference between them, but the word favourite hit him hard. When something is called favourite it can not be measured in amount, it can only be seen as truly valuable, regardless of the reason why it was a person´s favourite.

When Mika gave Nyrumi her sweater Ragnar felt a little bit better, knowing that at least someone here knew what to do, or had what was needed.

“Thank you, I-I'm sorry about what I said before.”

Ragnar smiled hearing those words, even though they were not directed at him the word thank you and sorry he liked. The words that show you appreciate something and the word of apologies.

Though Ragnar was not expecting what happened right after then as Nyrumi leaned in and kissed Mika´s lips, for whole six seconds. Over those six seconds he could not say anything, he knew she was drunk and acted before all teasing like that earlier before he cut her shirt but this, this just happened so suddenly that he was unsure how he should react. His own body seemed to have made the decision for him, enjoy it and do not ask questions, when it was over he thought that was the best decision, or at least the most enjoyable one.

When they arrived and the doctors came he smiled. He did not like long trips, usually cause they were boring, though this one was an exception to that rule. But the trip ended just as it was calming down and getting a bit boring.

The doctors picked up Avery and started moving, the doctor who was closest to Nyrumi said “alright then, you may follow, we probably will need to ask you what happened if something is unusual about his injuries” The doctors moved unusually fast but stable, it was clear they were very high quality doctors.

Ragnar went out of the limo last. He said to the driver “Can you show these two around the mansion while I, Nyrumi and Avery are with the doctors?” The driver stopped the recordings, just right before the part when her shirt came off and the driver said “alright then sir”

The driver walked over to Cy and Mika and then asked “Now, before we go around the mansion, do you got some questions about the place or whatever else?”

Ragnar followed Nyrumi, Avery and the doctors. The doctors quickly took a blood sample while they were moving and checked for his blood type. Ragnar asked pretty casually Nyrumi “How are you doing?” He was trying to find out whether she was still slightly drunk, and finding out more about her, and also just trying to be friendly. He looked down to her with a friendly smile while walking with her and waiting for her to answer.


At high speed the aircraft finally crosses the borders over the mainland with its cargo heavily guarded. One of the guards asks “why does this cargo need the entire plane to be carried?” Another guard says “I heard it weighs thirty tons” The previous guard who had asked the question then said “Really? It does not look nearly big enough to be that heavy, heck, I am pretty sure I can carry it by hand if it were not so unusually heavy for its size” A pause comes. Only the sound of the engines could be heard as an otherwise silence came to the aircraft. Finally another person asked “what are we delivering anyway?” He and the other guards waited for one of them to say it, but soon they realized none of them had been told what it was, only the pilot knew, and even he did not fully know everything about it.


The underground research group suddenly got a call from the aircraft. “we just crossed over the land borders” The research group responded “Turn on your afterburners now, you can not spend any seconds over land that could be avoided with that cargo you got there” The pilot responded “Roger, turning on afterburners”


The guards suddenly felt the increase in speed as the aircraft´s afterburners were turned on, the G-force multiplying massively.

Despite the increased speed the cargo emanated something, it being able to be sensed  great distances by dicloni as well as those who are very skilled with magic. Those more feral who could sense it felt some attracting power to it.

The speed of the aircraft is supposed to be high to try avoiding others sensing it for too long, and also just to simply deliver the cargo to its destination spot earlier than otherwise.


While the doctors, Ragnar, Nyrumi and Avery were moving quickly to the medical room it could easily be seen many luxury rooms as they passed them by. A sauna, a pool, a massive feast hall and many rooms that would be best described as party rooms. All this is not to mention the numerous high quality bedrooms.

When they passed by the feast hall Nyrumi would be able to see that the servants were preparing a feast. By looking at it it would look almost like they were expecting an army instead of four guests.

When they arrived to the medical room Avery was placed on one of the medical beds, immediately he got a blood pack hooked to him, helping him with his blood loss problem. He got some painkiller drugs injected into him while the doctors were quickly fixing up his injuries. The painkillers that were being used had been specially made to deal with diclonies, since the main person they had to take care of was usually Ragnar. The painkillers disabled his vectors temporarily, though this would not last long, at most lasting for one minute. They always had to be injected close to the brain otherwise it would not work.

One of the doctors said “He should be fine in no time, unless we discover more injuries on him, one or two day is what we are expecting till he is fully recovered, at most a week”

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Post by drewccapp on Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:55 pm

Lester felt it like a twinge in his neck. Zero and Ariel had arrived. He hoped the plane would leave soon to possibly throw them off the trail, but now that they were here, they may not leave until they've thoroughly investigated this city. He made it clear to the others that they were to not engage him unless they had no other option. They had the fortune of surprise on their side anyways. Only himself, Inagi, and Koko were known to the G.O. and their allies, and he planned on keeping it that way until the true extermination began.

He prepared a spell to send a message to Hector. He wrote up the message on a letter and set it within the spell. As he did he received a message from his informant within the G.O. HQ. Hector, we have begun to move and are eliminating diclonius as I write this. My men are trained to not draw too much attention to themselves, thus they will be starting with lone dicloni that aren't attached to organizations like the Great Order. Until I can reorganize my troops to get into a better formation any attack on the Great Order base to eliminate the dicloni and their protectors would be more difficult than we want.

My informant within the Great Order headquarters has told me that only Europe supports the diclonius race fully. If we can sway the other countries to our side that would make our goal that much easier to succeed. I hope I can entrust that matter to you, as you have the charisma that I lack.
He then finished his spell and the message teleported to Hector's location.


Lester's men finally finished preparations for the plane and lifted off with the tracking device in their hands. As ordered they would not destroy it until they landed in the United States of America. From there they would head to the base there and begin informing the men there that it was time to being operations.

Groups of four or five would leave each base everywhere and begin to assassinate dicloni in their search zones. Unfortunately, an army of less than a thousand could only cover so much ground even if they could move more stealthily than a full army could.


Ariel glanced at over the place. This city gave her a bad feeling. She felt like she was being watched, but couldn't find whoever was watching her. It was like the very ground had eyes and ears. "I don't like this place at all." She muttered mostly to herself. "It's like we were completely expected. That tracking device we found has only made things worse."

She hated even more that even though they came to the city to find Levi and save him, they had no idea where to look except everywhere. She eyed Zero irritably. "So, do you have any way of narrowing down our options? I'm terrible at actually finding people... after all it took me three years to find you and I needed a lot of help from other people."

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Post by NyuuX on Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:27 pm

When the driver of the limo walked over to Cy and Mika, he addressed them.

“Now, before we go around the mansion, do you got some questions about the place or whatever else?”

Without hesitating, Mika quickly asked her main question. “Why is this mansion so distant? In the middle of a forest never the less.” Cy watched Nyrumi, Avery and Ragnar walk away with the group of doctors before returning his attention to the driver. “Are they really going to be able to help him?”

While the doctors were tending to Avery, Nyrumi didn't want to take her attention off of him. She wanted to have a keen eye on everything they did. She didn't trust a bunch of random doctors to help, but she didn't have much of a choice. She saw them draw Avery's blood, most likely to get his blood type.

While waiting, she had forgotten she wasn't alone.

“How are you doing?”

She looked at Ragnar somewhat perplexed. “What's it matter to you how I'm doing?” After what felt like a long pause, she continued. “Sorry, I haven't been thinking straight lately. But if you must know, I'm not exactly doing fine. Seeing what that bastard Hector did to Avery was tough enough, but that thing of a Diclonius, that freak Uleus, how does something like that exist?” The flashbacks ran through her mind like wildfire. “I literally tore him limb from limb, and yet, he's still alive.”

Still walking throughout the halls of the mansion, Nyrumi saw just how luxurious it was. One room stodd out in particular to her. She felt like she needed to know what she was seeing. “That's a lot of food for the few of us. Are there others coming?” There was suspicion in her voice when she asked Ragnar.

Getting to the medical room, Avery was attached to blood pack. He was also given some drugs to ease his pain. It wasn't a normal injection in the least. Nyrumi could see it was being injected right into Avery's skull. “What the hell is this?!”, Nyrumi was upset with what she was seeing. “Why inject it there?”

“He should be fine in no time, unless we discover more injuries on him, one or two day is what we are expecting till he is fully recovered, at most a week”

One of the doctors came up and informed Nyrumi Avery would be fine in a few days. She still wasn't sure if they could be trusted or not. She figured it was best if he got his rest. “Where are Cy and Mika?”, she asked Ragnar. She didn't want to leave Avery's side, but she decided to take a chance and trust these doctors. After all, she promised if anything happened to Avery, she'd kill them all.

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Post by Ragnar-tyrson on Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:05 pm

“Why is this mansion so distant? In the middle of a forest never the less.” Cy watched Nyrumi, Avery and Ragnar walk away with the group of doctors before returning his attention to the driver. “Are they really going to be able to help him?”

The driver inhaled a bit from his cigarette and blew out some smoke to his side away from the two. He then said “Ragnar’s father had it build here” He then inhaled a bit more from the cigarette before continuing “His father liked this place. He liked being on top of mountain as it gave him a massive view over the fine country sides here. Made him feel like on top of the world. Also the mansion could get geothermal energy, warm water and heating here like back at where he was born in iceland.” The driver inhaled from the cigarette one more time before throwing it away “The man also liked the forest, mainly for the wildlife, but also he just liked being able to walk in it. On top of all that, he could get peace here, away from strangers, well, besides his employes, but at least he could choose, only one stranger ever made it to here without his request while he was alive. The man who left Ragnar here, well, it could also be a woman, since no one saw the man, just the child the man had left at the door steps here. And do not worry, these doctors have handled Ragnar in much worse conditions, your friend should just be fine. Now, anymore questions or want me to show you around this place?”


Meanwhile Ragnar awaited for Nyrumi´s answer

“What's it matter to you how I'm doing?”

Ragnar was confused and felt a bit insulted over what she said, but he did not say anything back. He was waiting to hear whether she has something more to say, and even if she did not have anything more to say he guessed it was alright, after all she only met him today, it is understandable if she did not trust him, even with some small talk. After a long pause had gone he was about to say something but then she said something, hearing that he immediately stopped himself from saying anything.

“Sorry, I haven't been thinking straight lately. But if you must know, I'm not exactly doing fine. Seeing what that bastard Hector did to Avery was tough enough, but that thing of a Diclonius, that freak Uleus, how does something like that exist?” The flashbacks ran through her mind like wildfire. “I literally tore him limb from limb, and yet, he's still alive.”

Ragnar nodded and said “I understand, must be tough seeing someone close to you get hurt so badly, just to then shortly after seeing a monster that looked like something from a horrific hallucination or a nightmare” The tone of his voice sounded very sympathetic and supportive.

“That's a lot of food for the few of us. Are there others coming?”

Ragnar responded “No, no one else is coming as far as I can remember, the chefs here just cook way too much every single time if they ever hear guests are coming. If I had to guess they do it cause they want an excuse to show off their skills instead of making the junk food I like, or they are never sure what someone wants and just make bunch of different stuff to be sure”

When they arrived to the medical room and saw the doctors working on Avery when Nyrumi suddenly started talking.

“What the hell is this?!”, Nyrumi was upset with what she was seeing. “Why inject it there?”

Ragnar was slightly surprised by her reaction of seeing that and said “it is injected there so its effects start to work right away, in fact one of its effects can only work that way. The effect is very short and temporary disabling of the vectors, if they are not temporarily disabled it could result in the deaths of the doctors if the patient tries to flail around with the individual’s vectors. It does not last for long though, at most a minute”

When the doctor came and informed them of Avery’s condition Ragnar smiled, though inside he slightly frowned also. “I am glad to hear he is going to be alright and gonna recover soon, but, but that means they are probably gonna leave sooner. Maybe that is a good thing, but I would rather be able to spend at least some more time with these people, they seem nice enough, ignoring the fact they are killers and are clearly not ashamed of it, or at least not a lot ashamed of it. But on the same time I respect that, they got the guts and spirit for things like that, I on the other hand, I am too afraid, I do not have the guts to kill another person, heck, I fear that I may lose myself and go on a killing spree. Well, at least I can spend some time with them, some time with someone new, even if it is only for a little while” he said to himself in his mind

“Where are Cy and Mika?”

Ragnar looked around and said “they must still be by the limo, that or exploring the place” Ragnar tried to sense exactly where Cy and Mika were, but before he was able to fully realize their exact location the doctor that had informed them about Avery’s condition said “and are you done taking your pills Ragnar?” Ragnar snapped out of it and said “no, not yet, I think I just ran out of them recently” The doctor nodded and said “I see, you gotta let us know when that happens, we do not want you to lose yourself to that voice in your head that you keep on complaining about when you are not on the pills” Ragnar nodded and said “sorry, I forget sometimes”

Ragnar then said to Nyrumi while the doctor left to keep on attending to Avery in case something happened “So, what do you want to do now?” The tone of his voice sounded very friendly but also surprisingly optimistic over something and for some reason. He had his friendly smile directed towards her as he waited for her answer, though inside he felt something, he sensed something, it was not like another diclonius, but he still sensed it, he still felt it.


On the same time the aircraft was getting closer and closer, in fact close enough for Ragnar and the other Dicloni to sense its cargo from the mansion. It was starting to descend, making it easier for other Dicloni and those strong with magic to sense it and try to follow it.

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Post by Reric on Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:01 pm

Hector perked his ears as an audible snap radiated inside of them.  Looking up from his throne, he saw a envelope enveloped in a strange light as it popped into existence near him.

"Heh, more magic huh Lester?" He said under his breath reaching and grasping the letter before reading the contents. He sighed deeply, smile and crushed the piece of paper as it blew away in fragments of paper and excess magical dust.

"That's the way it is huh? I suppose I'll have to work something out." As he thought about it deeply, he recieved a call from his loyal servant.

"I have good news...master." Uleus whispered as he stood against the shadows of the alleyway. Hector heard something crunching. He didn't bother asking what, knowing Uleus he was currently eating another poor horned girl that had wandered to close to the spider's web. Hearing him swallow, Uleus gladly told him of the new information.

"Oh?" Hector muttered perplexed. "Rei huh, the demon's little girlfriend then. Interesting, and you say you have her number? Well then give it to me."

Once the large man had received the number he gave another order to his loyal dog. "We have a few issues on on our hand. A lot of fools who want to stop us. In particular I want you to kill the Diclonius #44 and her friends that are at the Great Order."

"My adorable little sisters? Can I eat them too?"

"Of course, but picking a fight directly the Great Order is not what I have planned. Which is why I want you bring the fight to them. Zero is no longer at the G.O, if the Level One Diclonius over there leave as well, Elena's greatest defenses will be crippled. Along with Lester, crushing the G.O will readily apparent."

Uleus snickered on the other end. "Very well then, Master. I will give them something that they will never forget! Kukukakakakakakaka!"

Meanwhile, Hector left. At this point the next thing to do would be to visit Lester again and the only other place he knew to go was to the Rusty Screwdriver.

Arriving back at the castle, Uleus held a picture of each Level One Diclonius, sadistically lick them. "Oh, my cute little sisters. I'm going to gobble you all up!" His eyes found themselves narrowing on the spot of the girl who knew no morality. The one perhaps as psychotic as Uleus himself.

"Hello little sister No. 38..." Uleus whispered in his throaty growl. "Where are you little sister? Where are you? Come out and play with big brother Uleus!"

But how to do this? Uleus had powers far different from a normal Diclonius, but in the end in terms of power and range he was definitely outclassed. Well, he had an idea...a very sadistic idea. Contacting the Great Order wasn't hard but in an hour, a certain girl named #44 would be given a choice.

An hour later, three young horned girls were found and captured, locked away behind chains, their bodies bruised, one limb torn off and too weak and afraid to do anything. But unlike the others, they were not killed yet. In fact they were the lucky ones because unlike all the others, they were going to be given a chance.

The screens flashed as Uleus ever contorting face looked down at the members of the G.O. Zen prepared himself on instinct, tensing his body as his wires shot out. "Kuh, looks like we're still having technical difficulties he said."

"It's you..." Elena muttered. "Hector Schlenzanner's dog."

"Hello Elena-sama and Zen-sama!" Uleus yelled with great happiness. "I believe this is the first time I've actually spoken with any of you, I am deeply honored to speak to the ex-leader and second in command of my glorious master." He gave a long and honest bow.

"However my lovely humans, I am not here to talk to you." He glared at her, his mouth upturning in a wide sneer as he licked his lips obscenely.

"Good to see you again, my adorable little sisters! No. 44, No. 31 and No. 20. Cute kitten you got there little sister, it looks adorable!" He leaned back in his chair pushing the screen away until they got a good look at the Diclonius locked away at the other end. The sheer fear in their eyes, somewhat begging to help them was clear as day.

"Let's start with you little No. 20, my cute little sister. How much do you honestly care? I'll give you an ultimatum.

If you kill yourself right there in front of your friends, I will let one of these horned girls go, free of charge. You have my word. But if you don't, I'll force you to watch as eat them one by one!


What's it gonna be...little sisters!?

The sadistic choice...was now given as Elena looked disgusted and concerned.

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Post by Jamie Dark on Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:18 pm

"So, do you have any way of narrowing down our options? I'm terrible at actually finding people... after all it took me three years to find you and I needed a lot of help from other people."

Zero gave her a look of disappointment. “Sadly...I don’t really know what to do either, I have also been looking for Excalibur for three years after what happened...so we are on the same boat…” Zero then looked around the area. While he saw no one in view around the area, he felt like there was someone watching. “I think we both can agree that this place gives us a bad feeling...I don’t like it, but we are going to have to get used to it…”

Zero knew that if they were being watched, then whoever was watching them would soon reveal themselves if they planned on taking Zero and Ariel out, so now it was time to test their patience. Zero decided that they might as well head into the city, that way, whoever is watching them would not be able to attack them, as it would draw themselves out to the city people, especially if they are a group that wants to remain hidden. It would also help them know what they might look like and dress, which could help narrow down the people. This would also be a chance for Zero and Ariel to think of how they will find Levi.

“The only option I can think of is to head into the city, it should be safer there with the people walking around. I’m sure whoever is watching would not like to get there cover blown by attacking us in the city, there would be too many witnesses for them to handle, which is something that they probably don’t like”

Zero, holding his mask, hooked it onto his side, where his belt was. He felt he would draw less attention if he did not wear it. “Heading into the city would also give us more time to think on how we will find and rescue Levi” Zero then crouched down into a piggyback position. “If you don’t want to walk around the entire city, which we will be doing, I will be happy to carry you for the journey until you choose to walk…”


“May I ask a question?” No.32 asked.

“Sure, what is it?” Suzuki responded as they walk towards the town.

“With you having a child and Alice also having a child...when does Master plan to put a child in me?” No.32 asked with her usual emotionless voice, tilting her head and pointing towards herself.

“W-wait what!?” Suzuki asked, shocked by what No.32 said.

“It was a joke…” No.32 replied.

“Oh…” Suzuki said, confused. Suzuki couldn’t understand that it was a joke by the way No.32 said it. Since No.32 joined them, she had always say things and then go ”it was a joke” as she was trying to be funny, but since her voice never changes to make it obvious, she fails at making jokes.

“Here is my real question...has Master chosen a name for me yet?” No.32 asked.

“Oh, well I don’t really know, I haven’t really asked him myself with what has been going on” Suzuki replied.

“I see…” No.32 said, looking down, showing some sign of sorrow. Since joining Zero and the others, Zero said that he would give her a name that suited her, as saying ‘No.32’ was not right to him and that she deserved to have a real name. Everyday No.32 waits for when Zero will tell her what her name will be, but after three years she wonders if he is still trying.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure he is just making sure that your name is perfect for you, he has had a lot going on, so he wouldn’t want to give you an name that you won’t like” Suzuki said to No.32 to try and cheer her up.

“Understood” No.32 responded, moving her head up.

“Ok, now let’s hurry up and get into the town, we need to find info on Excalibur as soon as possible…” Suzuki said to No.32.

“Understood” No.32 replied, giving a nod. The two then continued their walk towards the town, which was not too far for them now.


Itachi finally reached Japan after some time. He detached himself from the boat and jumped onto the land, it was becoming troublesome with this whole ‘cat and mouse’ thing going on, but he had to endure as it is what his master wants. He scanned the area for awhile to see if he could find Zero. After some time he eventually found a helicopter in the distance. “There you are” Itachi said to himself, he believed he had found Zero, as his scan had shown a tracking device planted on the bottom part of the helicopter. Itachi began to quietly make his way towards the helicopter, if he was going to take Zero out, he would have to be as quiet as he could. Once he got near, he changed his arm into a blade and got close to the helicopter. The pilot was standing outside, looking at his watch.

“I wonder how long they will be?” He quietly said to himself, not knowing that Itachi was quietly walking behind him. Without notice, a blade stabbed through his chest, killing him instantly. Itachi quickly ran to the front of the helicopter, only to realise that Zero was nowhere to be found.

“Damn it!” Itachi said, punching the front of the helicopter with his blade, destroying the controls and making the helicopter now useless. He thought he Zero right here, only to find out that he was nowhere near it. “Now where do I go?” He thought. He then noticed a city in the distance. Maybe Zero had gone there? “I guess I better head to the city, Zero might be hiding there...and it gives me the best way of stealth wit so many people around, Zero would never be able to see me through all of them!” He continued, smirking at the thought. Itachi then quickly made his way towards the city as he searches for Zero.

You either die a hero...or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...

If the world hates you, when the whole world wants to bring you down, never lose hope...

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Post by drewccapp on Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:45 pm

Lester felt the twinge of someone murdering someone else and quickly took notice of Itachi as he entered the city. Finally someone that knew where Excalibur might be had entered his city. Right next to the diclonius race, Excalibur was on his list of threats to humanity to destroy. He sent for Inagi.

"Can I trust you to keep your head for this next job?" Lester asked the man as he finally appeared. "I will take you off your current job for this one."

Inagi nodded. "Yes sir."

"Itachi, Excalibur's man has appeared in our city. He is after Zero and Ariel I imagine, who are also in this city. I want you to keep an eye on Itachi's actions, but do not engage unless you must." Lester ordered. "You do not want to fail me again. If you can find out where Excalibur is by watching him then do so. Do not confront him unless you yourself are confronted by him."

Inagi stood straight as an arrow at that statement. "I won't fail you, sir."

No further words were exchanged and Inagi attached himself to the sensors that Lester had set up in this city. He didn't know how long it took the old man to do this, or how much energy it took for him to maintain them, but every time he connected himself to it he was impressed beyond belief. The extra senses were a little confusing at first just like they were every time, but after some time he oriented himself nicely. It didn't take long for him to find where Ariel, Zero, and their shadow Itachi were. It seemed that Itachi hadn't yet found them, but it would only be a matter of time.

He headed out the front door alone and made his way in the direction of Itachi in a roundabout fashion.


Ariel didn't like the lack of options they seemed to have and frowned as Zero knelt to carry her. She blinked at him and changed her expression to one of pride. "I can carry myself. I don't need you to carry me around."

She strutted off in the direction of the city eager to save Levi. She felt insulted that Zero seemed to feel that she needed to be carried around. She had spent three years walking, she didn't need anyone's help in that matter.


Levi and Maya stepped off the train into the town and then she led him by hand towards a bus to another town. "How much longer to get there?" He was curious.

Maya glanced at him. "Next stop. We need to get on this bus now though." She had been keeping her concentration mostly on keeping them from being seen. She knew Lester had eyes and ears everywhere in Tokyo, but they did extend outside that area intermittently in the form of people. She didn't trust anyone outside of the two of them.

She wearing down by keeping up her shroud. Levi's umbrella stated matter of fact. Were it not for your own ability to keep out of notice she would been unconscious right now.

She seems determined to keep us hidden though. Levi thought at the umbrella.

Bah, child, you can do just fine with your own ability. There's no need for her to keep hiding with you here. A wave of irritation washed over Levi.

Levi squeezed Maya's hand to get her attention as they entered the bus and found a seat. "Hey, you can rest. I know you've been doing a lot of the work. I can keep us hidden."

Maya stared at him for a while before she nodded once. "Fine." She dropped the shroud and felt a weight fall off her shoulders. "Next town we enter will be our stop."

Levi nodded. "Right-o."

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Post by NyuuX on Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:44 pm

Now knowing the reason the mansion was secluded was understandable. Cy felt the same as he enjoyed silence. Being away was more suited for him than a part of society. He and Mika began following the driver to show them around. Cy started to have an uneasy feeling he was trying to hide, one as if he could sense something.

Noticing Cy's mood had changed, Mika couldn't help but wonder what was with him this time. “Are you alright?” Cy tried to respond as best he could to keep from alarming her. “Something's getting closer, I don't know what though. But I feel it.” He wondered if he really was sensing it, or could it just be him being paranoid. Only way he would know was if Ragnar, Nyrumi, and Avery could feel it too.

“it is injected there so its effects start to work right away, in fact one of its effects can only work that way. The effect is very short and temporary disabling of the vectors, if they are not temporarily disabled it could result in the deaths of the doctors if the patient tries to flail around with the individual’s vectors. It does not last for long though, at most a minute”

The explanation was enough for Nyrumi to calm down after her sudden outburst. “I see, don't need anyone else getting killed.” She spoke with some concern, when it finally hit her. Her stare became blank yet focused. “What the hell is that?”, she was thinking to herself. She had no idea what to make of it. She did however hear one of the doctors exchange words with Ragnar.

“and are you done taking your pills Ragnar?”
“no, not yet, I think I just ran out of them recently”
“I see, you gotta let us know when that happens, we do not want you to lose yourself to that voice in your head that you keep on complaining about when you are not on the pills”

This somewhate peaked Nyrumi's interest. It brought back her memories of when she went through the same experience. She and Avery both gave in to the psychotic voice in their heads, but regained control.

She can remember clearly as a little girl being introduced to nothing but a cage. The only time she got out was for her strength testing. Like many other Dicloni, that was her life, tests and being treated like a filthy animal, a glorified lab rat. She remembered her one main scientist she would never forget. He was known as Dr. Hyogo. She thought his name was disgusting, but not as much as his work ethics. That's what 'he' called them at least.

After testing the strength of her vectors, she would be beaten mercilessly, as if she had failed. But on top of the beatings she took, she was tormented even more. The age of 11 was the first time she was raped and beaten by her appointed scientist Hyogo. That was the very first time she had heard her inner voice call out to her. The more she would beg him off, the more punishment she would get. It went on for 5 more years until she didn't care about the reprocussions of her actions. Like a normal day of testing, she was dragged back to her room, where Hyogo would personally torture her. It was that day she gave in to her voice, and torn off his limbs all at once. After ripping out his tongue so he couldn't scream, or even make a sound, she had him all to herself. She expected to return the favor to him for all of the years of pain he had caused her. She could see and feel the fear within him looking up at her with nothing but a head and torso now.

She did not kill him right away, she tortured him the best way she knew. Removing what was left of his pants and undergarments, she proceeded to cut off his testicles, but not with her vectors. She wanted a more time consuming process. She used a standard operating knife that was nearby. The idea she came up with next was not just vengeance, but it was as close to closure as she would get. She made him swallow each individual nut one by one. She finally went ahead and removed the final part of his manhood and placed it on his bloody chest. She finally put him out of his misery by splattering his organs all throughout the room, all with out saying a word to him.

When other scientists figured out what had happened, she tried to escape but was recaptured and forced to one of the lower levels and held in an even more hostile territory where she met Avery. It was because of him, Nyrumi was able to stay as sane as possible.

Snapping out of her memory, she smiled about the fact she practically owed Avery her life. She recalled the words exchanged between the doctor and Ragnar and addressed it. “Pills won't save you forever. Best face the voice yourself and the result will depend on your will power. But pills, they only stall the inevitable.” The feeling she had previously was back, the sensing of something approaching fast. “Do you feel that?”, she asked Ragnar.

Still in the medical bed, Avery was starting to awaken. His vision was blurred and he was feeling to weak to even move. But like Cy and Nyrumi, he could sense another entity closing in. Trying to sit up, he felt as if he was paralyzed, but still moving. Reaching an upright position, he looked around for Nyrumi but she was gone. Next he tried his best to stand up, but fell against the bed. He used it to hold himself up and try to walk. “Doc!”, he yelled out. “Help me, I need to find the others. Get me a walker or something damnit!” He stopped and thought to himself about what he was sensing. “I need to be with Nyrumi...”

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Post by Reric on Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:54 pm

The old ex-captain decided that while Uleus was busy with the G.O, it would be time to send some of his men out to do some, work. Contacting some of his members he gave them an order that could be both helpful and harmful to his enemies. Because in a war like this, it was hard to tell who was the enemy and who exactly was the friend. In all honesty, with Hector friend and foe was often mixed together.

"Colonel Trenek..." He called over on his speaker as a soft spoken voice came at the other end. "My king, how can I be of service for you."

"I have a job for you and your men. Reports indicate that right now that masked man named Zero and that adorable little horned child have arrived in Japan. I believe it has something to do with that boy Lester has spoken about before named Levi. However I am not going to send you out to him, unfortunately we both known that you and your men won't stand a chance against him."

"So...?" The colonel began, knowing that the king wouldn't have called him just to say this. "But it would appear that Zero's little girlfriends have made some action in Europe. If my hunches are correct, they are trying to seek out Excalibur and stop him. Take your men, find them and help them out."

"Help?" Trenek muttered, unsure if he had correctly.

"Aye sir, help them. Excalibur is an enemy to Omnimbus who has no point in saving humanity or defeating the Diclonius race. To us, he is only a criminal that can't be forgiven or forgotten. So take a group of your men, attempt to find them and see about seeking a deal with them."

Hector had a good point but there was also issues with it as well. For example the fact that Suzuki and the others would not want to be helped. Hector had only one option to give.

"Than kill them. They are already enemies to us as it is, but even they would have to agree that having a helpful hand against Exacalibur of our caliber would be desirable. As of now Uleus is dealing with the Great Order, Yamamoto's locations are unknown and I am heading off to meet with Lester once more.

Uleus is the only capable of taking on some of the more powerful Diclonius like Alice and those Level Ones and I am the only one who can take on the likes of Zero and Kenshi."

"Sir, speaking of which, have you heard anything about that one Diclonius?"

Hector looked at the number on the piece of parchment currently crunched inside his large hand. "I may have some new information but I will deal with that as time comes. Tell the scientists to continue working on what I told them and head off. I will let you decide the course of action."

"Yes my King..."

As he was about to leave himself, Schlenzanner felt something in other pocket. He had forgotten about it before but it was then that he pulled out the check that one strange male Diclonius had given to him.

"Hm...fool." Hector uttered. "You're just handing out information aren't you..."

Hecgtor smirked his large fatherly smile and stood by the entrance to the Rusty Screwdriver in front of the guards, standing a good head taller than the people themselves.

"Yo...I'm here to meet with the magic man." Hector remarked.

The specialized plane would get to Europe in about six hours from now where three men got off. The leader of that group was a moderate sized man with a short dropped black hair, slicked back and small black eyes that was set into a perpetual frown. A pair of spectacles hung on his nose and he wore a large black overcoat that hid the multitudes of guns that he had on him.

"You know our orders and seek action!"

"There is no need for that sir, I found them." One of his men ascertained. Sure enough, as if by luck so soon in this country, Colonel Trenek saw a bright red headed girl along with a blue haired girl the reports indicated as the one called No. 32. He would have to keep his distance with that one, besides knowing she was a Diclonius who had worked under Excalibur, that was all he had. Two meters was the usual distance that vectors reached, he would personally keep back more.

"Good evening..." He called out in a plain voice, a specific Australian accent set at the tip of his tongue. He looked at them carefully, eying both of them with seriousness as they were probably doing the same. Some random guy in a black coat talking to them, especially when they were certainly busy themselves, a point at all?

Omnimbus didn't wear specific outfits so there was no way they'd recognize them as Hector's men. No need to, because Colonel Jarvis Trenek introduced himself.

"You are the one known as Suzuki aren't you? He asked rather rhetorically...and the one called No. 32 correct?" He made a slight nod of his head and stepped backwards, making more distance between them.

"I am here under the direct orders of the Grand King of Law Hector Schelnzanner to support you and finding and killing Excalibur."

Straight and to the point.

Sometime later, five groups of Omnimbus soldiers were situated about a kilometer away from the location where Ragnar and the others were at. Guns ready, they prepared to storm the area soon and take them out. After all that large Diclonius had been kind enough to give them a check and information of their location.

How many people would die this time?

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Post by Ragnar-tyrson on Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:04 pm

When Avery called for a Doctor instead of a doctor coming came a Nurse. She did not say anything, just simply smiled. She got a wheelchair and helped him on it, it was an electric wheelchair with some unusual options, including an option to make it vibrate. The nurse started to push the wheelchair with him in it, still not saying anything, and despite very little instructions it seemed like she knew where he wanted to go as she was walking with him to where Nyrumi and Ragnar was. While she was quiet she looked kind and nice, not to mention at least caring as well. She finally said something “How do you feel big boy?” Her voice sounded very different from how she looked, almost as if she was trying to seduce him, but nothing else seemed to suggest that.

While Avery most likely did not know why she would make herself sound like she is trying to seduce him, she herself did not realize that her voice sounded like that. It was only her normal voice and way of speaking.


Suddenly the limo driver took something out, it was a small button that was beeping, he clicked it and then put it down into his pocket. He then turned to Cy and Mika and said “we have to go to the roof a bit, something unexpected happened, I am sorry if you do not like that, it is just easier, quicker and overall better solution to the problem then any other way, okay?” before getting an answer he started walking, heading for the roof, expecting Mika and Cy to follow

Just as he started to walk a man with a Tazer, a bat and a pistol wearing a bulletproof vest ran past them, heading out in a hurry. He did not stop or say anything as he ran past Cy and Mika, it seemed that he had no time to say anything to them.


Ragnar was getting more and more uncomfortable with what he was sensing as it got closer. Partly was because it did not feel like any diclonius, though he would have limited knowledge of what was the general feel from a sensed diclonius, but he still felt something was just not quite right. But also he felt something the others did not, an odd familiarity, while on the same time he had never felt it, which understandably creeped him out a bit. For a bit he thought it was his ‘insanity’ playing tricks on him, then he snaps out of this thought and idea when he hears what Nyrumi says.

“I see, don't need anyone else getting killed.”

It was not so much that it had something to do with what he was thinking about but rather he was not expecting her to suddenly answer so politely, he was expecting her to maybe be harsher or less trusting. He was not queit sure why, he just guessed since it might have made her suspicious when hearing of something that practically made Avery defenceless for an entire minute if the doctors or himself planned to betray them. Ragnar was about to get lost back in his thoughts when she then said something that raised his curiosity.

“What the hell is that?”

Ragnar then said “so you sense that also? And I do not know, whatever it is, it feels weird for me, it feels, it feels, I am not sure exactly how to describe it. This is the first time I feel whatever it is, but somehow, somehow it feels familiar in some way, is that normal, do you feel that as well?” He found it interesting knowing more and more that it was not his own ‘insanity’ that made him feel all of that, and just moments later he would learn another thing from Nyrumi about things that were normal and not just something wrong with him.

“Pills won't save you forever. Best face the voice yourself and the result will depend on your will power. But pills, they only stall the inevitable.”

Ragnar was interested in that, he had always thought he was just insane and happened to be self aware enough to avoid the problems it made, but no, it was normal for a dicloni, or at least not too unusual of what he learned. He then responded to her and said “do not worry, I mostly take the pills cause I sometimes get tired, it is not the voice that really worries me.” his voice sounded confident till he continued “the voice is not the problem, no, it is not the problem” he then shakes his head and says “But that is not important, it has not happened since I was a child” the sound of his voice sounded happy and positive as he smiled after that.

A man then came, one of the many servants in the house and handed Ragnar a phone and said “guys downstairs want to let you know about something” Ragnar said “Thanks” and while the servant started walking away Ragnar said to Nyrumi “sorry, this should not take long” Ragnar then said into the phone “can this wait? I have guests here” The head scientist then said through the phone “sorry for interrupting, I know you do not like when I disrupt you when you have guests over, but I did not know since it has been a while, a really long while since then, and also this is important sir” Ragnar sighed into the phone and said “please be quick then” the head scientist then said “it is coming today” suddenly Ragnar froze and eyes widened, he then said “you told me it would not be before next week, why did you not let know about this earlier” the head scientist responded “I was not expecting you to be busy any time soon, plus it was best to get it delivered as soon as possible” Ragnar sighed and then said “okay, but while you are calling now, how is the project coming along?” Head scientist “almost finished” Ragnar “good, anything else?” Head scientist “No, nothing more” Ragnar “okay, see ya”

Ragnar puts down the phone and says to Nyrumi “apperantly one thing that I was expecting next week is coming today, wanna come with me upstairs then to maybe see it-” Suddenly a man ran up to them. He was not wearing a normal servant clothes, it looked a lot more like a swat clothes without the helmet or the words swat on it, he also looked a lot younger than the other servants, about fifteen to seventeen, though it was hard to be sure due to the suit. When he reached them he stopped, trying to regain his breath before saying “Se-sensors are picking up some intruders, and far more than one, Sir” Ragnar sighed and nodded before saying “finally those things are coming to use, see whether those intruders are hostile or not, open fire if they are hostile, but do not aim to kill, aim to maim” The man nodded and then said into a radio “Identify intruders, do not shoot till you confirm that they are hostile, and only shoot to maim instead of kill” He then noticed Nyrumi and said “oh god, this just had to be the day you bring guests, we are already gonna have trouble enough insuring your safety, we are only five men armed with pistols, bats and tazers” Ragnar then said “Let me guess, you are a bit scared about this” The man nodded, Ragnar smiles and says “you can come along than, you will be assigned to follow and protect her, her name is Nyrumi” The man said “good day Nyrumi, my name is John” John already knew that he probably was gonna be at best a meat shield with a bullet vest when it comes down to protecting Nyrumi of what he had heard about diclonies, he still wonders why he was even hired

Ragnar knew very well that Nyrumi was not someone that needed someone else to protect her, least of all someone like John. He knew John was very skilled in finding a way to get everyone to a safe location and he was not too bad with a pistol, but he knew that there were few other reasons why John was picked.

Ragnar started walking, towards the top of the roof and said to Nyrumi and John “follow me to the roof”

While walking Ragnar then suddenly noticed something. Everything was quiet. The voice in his head had gone completely silent since he started sensing that thing that was on its way. He was not just ignoring the voice, the voice simply said nothing. The lack of noise in his head felt a bit unusual to him. He had gotten used to all that noise, all that constant annoyance, had he finally gotten past it? Was it finally over? Or was the voice just taking a break.


The plane with its cargo was closing in, the noise from it could be heard as it suddenly flew over where the intruders were, before slowing down, soon landing on the roof of the mansion as its engines moved to make it land like a helicopter. Inside you could hear the guards saying things like “finally we are here” or “this went better than I was expecting”

The pilot focused on landing the plane very delicately, he knew he could not afford to have the plane move too much as it landed, otherwise the cargo might cause some unnecessary serious damage to the guards and/or the plane. And he was not gonna have his name attached to that. Illegal work demands high skills and high reputation after all to get good paying jobs.

The Guards used the special device that had been provided to help carry the cargo out of the aircraft, it was amazing that it weight thirty tons and needed this special device to be moved out when it was only three meters long and not very wide.

One of the guards came up to the pilot and asked “what is this cargo that weighs so much? Is it some illegal super material? is it something to make super weapons for some terrorists or something?” The pilot responded back “lets not be silly like that, it is just a sword” the guard raised his eyebrow in confusion and said “A sword?” The pilot then said “well, rather THE sword, it is gonna pay a lot this delivery” The guard then said “who the hell pays one billion dollar for a sword? And what type of a sword weighs fucking thirty tons!?” The pilot then said “His name is Ragnar and that is actually something I am not quite sure about, but clearly that sword weighs thirty tons” The guard then asked “How can you be sure?” The pilot responded “do I have to explain everything to you? you are gonna get payed soon anyway so stop asking”


When Ragnar had gotten up to the roof the cargo was right there as well as the guards and the pilot, some of them taking a smoke, including the pilot, and few of the guards drinking a bit. They all had AK-47s and looked far from professional, only five guards and one pilot. Three of the guards were gambling a bit while waiting around. The pilot did not look too notable if he did not look so different from the others, he did not look out of place in the air force, he was european. Two of the guards were from africa, one was very tall while the other not so much, the taller one of the two was watching the other one gambling with some of the other guards. One of the guards was latino, a bit short but looked friendly enough, even when he was gambling. Another one was an indian, who had the same friendly smile as the latino while he watched the game a bit. The last one who was also gambling looked messed up, his eyebrows were missing, his skin looked like it had been bleached white and he had cuts on his face from his mouth and out, giving him a bit of an overbite, he also seemed to never blink or stop smiling, and always holding a knife. The man was also the most silent of the bunch as they were gambling.

Ragnar was not as shocked seeing this as most people would have, he knew from the start these people had reasons that they were not allowed to live in normal society, for one reason or another. Ragnar walked up and said to the pilot “Thanks for the delivery, can you however do one more thing before the payment comes into your and your crew bank accounts” The pilot raised an eyebrow and said “depends, what are you thinking about” Ragnar then said “there are some intruders on the property, if they turn out to be hostile or violent I want you to take me, my guests, whose name are Nyrumi, Avery, Cy and Mika, some of my scientists, some other people that might come up here and get me to my I.L. location” The pilot thought and then said “alright then, but your package is right there” Ragnar turned over to the cargo they had come with and walked over to it, he could feel, he could sense it, he sensed and felt a lot from it.

While Ragnar slowly opened up the package bunch of scientists and researchers were getting up to the roof, carrying a lot of stuff. They had been informed about the situation and were trying to get as much stuff moved as they could.

Ragnar finally opened the package, inside there a three meter long sword was laid, darker than any other sword. While Ragnar slowly reached for it John decided to try to chat up with Nyrumi, as he waited slightly nervously “so, you are a diclonius like Ragnar. That is really cool….” he then said to himself very quietly but loud enough that Nyrumi could hear “fuck, why am I so nervous talking to her”

At that time the nurse had gotten up to the roof with Avery as well as the limo driver and Cy and Mika if they followed him up to the roof. They came just in time for when Ragnar grabbed onto the handle of the sword, suddenly, a massive burst of flame engulfed Ragnar, it was only for a second, it also gave what the other diclonius close by would feel like a blast of what they were sensing, and when it was done he did not look burned nor was anything on him on fire. The guards and almost everyone were not jumped a bit when that happened as it made a loud noise as well, almost like a cannon was shot, the only one not jumping by that being the bleached guard who suddenly raised his hand, saying “Royal flush!” before looking over to what everyone was jumped by. John jumped a lot, almost hugging Nyrumi out of being scared, barely able to stop himself to avoid making a mess or winding up dead cause of her. However, Ragnar was not unharmed. His left hand, gone, blood dripping from it, in the other hand he held the sword, the sword the weight thirty tons. Further more, Ragnar did not look like himself, it was subtle, but it could be seen. He held himself differently, much more confident like, and much more like he was a great man of respectable stature, but also, a lot more like someone that was gonna use that sword to kill.


Meanwhile the other four guards that had been sent out to check on those intruders were closing in on the location, having tasers ready in case it was gonna be a problem. None of them however looked either well enough equipped to deal with the intruders and none of them were neither skilled enough. They looked like sitting ducks as they approached, one of them yelling out “People, whoever you are, go away, you are intruding on private property, please turn away now or we will have to use force, if you are lost we will show you the way out of here” the sound of his voice while being assertive had the hint of how the man actually felt, he felt scared.


It felt like time had frozen, like there was no later and there was no before, only now. Ragnar saw two deals, one offered him to hold onto the sword till someone worthy would carry it and do the second deal, to accept it as something part of himself, something he owned. Nobody told him those were the deals, he had never read about those deals, there was no reason for him to have known those were the deals, he just knew.

The first one would be easier, it would allow him to avoid responsibility, to avoid the hard work that came with the sword, the second one gave him however power but at a price. The first one felt more fitting to him, yet, he could not think of choosing it, the second one was for those who were ambitious, those who planned on greatness, why did he want it?

There was some kind of an urge inside him, something that wanted that power, something that wanted the harder but more ambitious life, a greater life. Even though he had often chosen to try to have an easy, carefree and happy life, there was always something that pushed him towards the other choice. Why did he get a group of illegal experimenting scientists? Why did he pay so much for a sword that would have most likely never been used? Why did he help a group of murderers to escape those that were after them?

Ragnar did not know the answer to those questions, and neither did he fully know why their he decided to take the second deal. For a second, Ragnar Tyrson realized why, as he felt the three people he was, Ragnar the son of a merchant, Ragnar the Bastard Prince, and Ragnar, The Berserker.

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Post by drewccapp on Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:22 pm

Irene stepped off the plane to the G.O. HQ after being asked by Donald to tell them in person that Lily's body had been found and give them the date for the funeral. Something felt off right away. She had been here several times in the past three years, but the atmosphere had this feeling of death. Not only that, but she also felt a diclonius that seemed strange and corrupted. The presence itself almost made her sick. She masked her presence as quickly as she could out of instinct.

She cautiously made her way to the usual meeting place and stopped by the door where she heard Uleus' ultimatum. "Let's start with you little No. 20, my cute little sister. How much do you honestly care? I'll give you an ultimatum.

If you kill yourself right there in front of your friends, I will let one of these horned girls go, free of charge. You have my word. But if you don't, I'll force you to watch as eat them one by one!


What's it gonna be...little sisters!?"

Her heart skipped a beat out of the surprise. Who was this? A male voice. It sounded bloodthirsty. She had to do something to stop him. She opened the door just a crack to see through it. She saw what could only be explained as a hostage situation and the twisted presence was definitely the man. His back was to her, perhaps if she could surprise him the other could get a quick upper hand.

She sent her vectors at him to throw him into the wall away from the others. She knew in a straight up fight she couldn't win alone, but with the others they must be able to take advantage of this situation.


The pair at the rear end of a group of five were confronted by a large man asking about the magic man as they passed through the door of the Rusty Screwdriver. They glanced back at their leader who sat at a booth not far from the door with a puzzled expression on their face. Anyone could easily enter the Rusty Screwdriver and get a drink or two, in fact there were several patrons there that weren't a part of their group.

Lester chuckled as Hector returned to the Rusty Screwdriver and called out for the "magic man". "Glad to see you return, Hector. How may I help you?" Lester gestured to the seat across from him. "You caught us in time as we are vacating this location for the time being. Jamie Dark and a diclonius have come to the city and there's no easy way for us to get rid of him. He's also one of the few people that could actually singlehandedly destroy our operation. I could count perhaps three people in my order that could fight him one on one and live and maybe two of them have a chance at winning."

He took a drink from his glass of iced tea. "Anyways, I digress. I imagine you came here for something. What can I help you with?"


Levi kept relaxed on the bus. The ride wasn't bad and the scenery was fantastic. He enjoyed heading into the countryside whenever he could. Some of his favorite places to walk was a countryside town not far from his hometown. It was only now that he realized that he was holding hands with a girl, something he hadn't done since he was a kid and felt a little awkward. In spite of his charisma, he never actually had an interest in relationships, so he never really thought about doing things like holding hands. He knew the reason why they were doing it, but reason sometimes was overridden by emotion.

He looked at Maya keeping a relaxed smile on his face. She was a pretty girl. Athletic. Blue eyes. White hair... which was unusual, but still pretty in its own right. Her breasts weren't that large, he never really understood why some guys were crazy about them. Their eyes made contact and he smiled wider and closed his eyes.

"What?" She asked.

Levi reopened his eyes. "Nothing. I, uh, just think you're pretty."

She blinked at him not sure what to make of his statement. It certainly wasn't a comment that she was used to. She looked away and then slowly her gaze returned to Levi only to look away again. Her cheeks felt warm and she turned to look out the window which Levi had kindly let her sit next to.

They had an hour until their stop and Levi did his best to be a polite and friendly conversationalist.


Ariel kept in front of Zero as she didn't want to see his back. They had to find Levi which meant he was hidden somewhere in this city. She still couldn't shake the feeling of being watched even in the city. She kept her eyes on high alert glancing towards rooftops and alleyways whenever she felt the need. She didn't feel safe even asking people about Levi because she didn't trust any of them.

This city was huge she felt that they were looking for a needle in a haystack. She rounded a corner to spot a hulking figure talking at a couple of people at the doorway of a place called the Rusty Screwdriver. He was then called in by someone else she couldn't see, but she knew that hulking man was Hector and she fell back to stand next to Zero. "Hector's here." She pointed at the building he was called into. "What do we do?"


Lester's expression became serious when his focus turned to his sensors. "Seems they came sooner than I thought they would. Care to take this into the base? If fighting happens I wouldn't want the patrons to be involved. If they don't see me through the windows here that may buy time that's needed."

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Post by Jamie Dark on Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:31 pm

"I can carry myself. I don't need you to carry me around."

Zero watched as Ariel tried to walk off. "Very well then my princess...lead the way. But just remember that the offer will always stand." Zero then got up and caught up to Ariel.

Ariel made sure to stay in front of Zero as they walked into the city. The feeling that they were being watched didn’t leave them everytime they took a step, and it didn't help that Ariel didn't feel safe asking the people about Levi, as she didn't trust them. Ariel kept on high alert around rooftops and alleyways, while Zero looked laidback doing it. He could not give any suspicious signs, as they didn't know who could be watching.

Ariel walked around the corner and noticed a familiar person in the distance. It was Hector. "Hector's here." She pointed at the building he was called into. "What do we do?"

Zero thought for a second as he watched Hector walk into the Rusty Screwdriver. "Well I know that we can't simply walk in, plus the coincidence that he appears when we are following Lester...could the two be working together? We need to get in there but how?" Zero looked up and saw the buildings rooftop. "I got it!" Zero then grabbed Ariel's hand and dashed up the stairs of the building next to it. Lucky for Zero the stairs lead to the roof, and once from their he got a better view of the other building.

"Ok, so the rooftop currently has no one on the top, perfect" Zero then looked around to make sure that he was not being seen and then picked up Ariel. "Sorry Ariel, I know you didn't want to be carried, but it is only for this bit ok?" Without waiting for a response, Zero used his telekinesis to lift them off the ground and into the air. Zero rarely used his telekinesis, as it was something that he didn't really need to use most of the time, but he knew that it was powerful, and can help him in situations that would push him to his limit.

Zero flew up into the air and landed on top of the Rusty Screwdriver, but before he could put down Ariel and hear her possible complain. Zero's phone went off. While still holding Ariel in his arms, he answered the phone.


"Zero, it's Suzuki, there is something I need to let you know. One of Hector's men had approched us and told us that Hector plans on helping us find Excalibur..."

"What? Why does Hector want to help us?"

"I don't know, but I had no choice but to allow it, as it helps make finding him easier"

"Is he still there?"

"No, No.32 was able to get us to the other side of town in a flash"

"No.32?" Zero seemed confused.

"Yeah, Alice wanted to take a break and look after the kids" Suzuki replied, explaining the switch.

"Ah ok. Well it just so happens we saw Hector go into a bar, and are sneaking in now to reach him."

"Very well, I will leave you to it, bye"

Zero hears the sound of the end call and puts his phone back. At this moment he then notices that Ariel is still in his arms, as he never letted go. He smiles at her. "Should we head inside? My little princess?"


"Good evening..." a voice was heard out. Suzuki and No.32 turned to see the man approach them. They didn't who he was, or what he wanted. They were prepared for what could happen.

"You are the one known as Suzuki aren't you? He asked rather rhetorically...and the one called No. 32 correct?" Suzuki chose not to answer, as she wanted to see where this was heading.

"I am here under the direct orders of the Grand King of Law Hector Schelnzanner to support you and finding and killing Excalibur."

Suzuki let out a short laugh. "Hector? Support? Oh how an amusing phrase I have heard today! After betraying his order three years ago, why would he want to help us now?" Suzuki continued to let out another short laugh before becoming bored. She then pulled out a card with a number on it. "If Hector really is serious about this then find what information you can and call Zero, as he is the best person to notify...as I have become annoyed with this long wasted time searching for the bastard..." Suzuki then threw the card at the man. "No.32, I want to get to the other side of town quick"

"Understood" No.32 used her vectors, and in a flash, the two were gone. No.32 learned how to use her vectors to make her quick and agile. Her speed almosts is close to Zero's, and her 10 vectors help her dodge most attacks.

No.32 slowed down and stopped at the other end of town.

"We should be far from him for now" Suzuki said.

"If you are annoyed with all of this, then why didn't you ask to go in the direction of home?" No.32 wondered.

"I can't let them know where we live, as it could endanger the kids" Suzuki replied.


"Now it is time I let Zero know about this..."


Itachi kept a close eye on them, making sure not to lose them. He saw the two stop and watch as a big man walk into a bar. "Wait a minute...is that Hector? What is the self proclaimed Grand King of Law doing here?" While Itachi wondered, he did not notice when Zero made a dash for the building next to it before it was nearly too late. "Oh shit!" Itachi quickly tried his best to catch up, running past others and running up the stairs. Once he had reached the top, he saw that no one was around.

"Damn it!" Itachi had lost them again. He looked around to make sure, but was unsuccessful. While he was on the roof though, he felt like he was being watched. Since walking into the city, he had the feeling like someone was watching him, but it wasn't until now that he felt like the person that was watching him had also followed him up to the roof. Itachi turned around and waited, seeing if he was right that some one was following him, or he was just paranoid and shouldn't have to worry.

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Post by Reric on Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:03 am

Colonel Trenek sighed disappointingly as the girls vanished, pinching the top of his nose as he groaned loudly. "I really do hate it...when stupid children don't listen." He muttered his coat swishing around as he walked forward.

"Well they went that way men, I suppose we might as well follow them. But before we do...I suppose we'll give their friend a call." The colonel dialed the number that would lead to Zero, and spoke out.

"You must be Zero right? The masked man of the Azure kingdom. Your friends may have already contacted you so I'll make this short. We are here under the orders of the Grand King of Law to help your group in the purpose of stopping Excalibur. Why don't you call your friends and tell them that if we meant harm, we wouldn't have bothered wasting our time with idle chit chat."

And with those words he hung up and put the phone away.

"Sir, what are we going to do now?"

Trenek paused in his thoughts and spoke softly. "We will find them again, hopefully Zero will have spoken to them. We will ask to help them once more and if they refuse..." inside of his coat he pulled out what appeared to a relatively large and powerful gun. The kind of gun that vectors couldn't handle very well but at the same time the size of it would've be problematic. It could only be fired every so often.

"Then we will butcher them like pigs, let's go." He ordered with strictness right before adding. "Don't cause more problems girls, I really don't like having to shoot pretty girls in the head, that's Uleus' job.

"Seems they came sooner than I thought they would. Care to take this into the base? If fighting happens I wouldn't want the patrons to be involved. If they don't see me through the windows here that may buy time that's needed."

"No..." Hector remarked casually, rising up from his seat and heading towards the front door. "They already know that I am here. Unfortunately we'll have to meet up later and perhaps at another location if you will. I'll let you decide on that, for now I will handle the little children."

Grinning proudly, he walked outside, his red cape flapping wildly in the wind as if an ominous gale has suddenly arrived just for him. He walked out further away to the point where it almost looked like he was about to leave entirely.

"Masked Azure Knight..." He muttered while sporting his cocky and fatherly grin. "...And a horned friend as well, you are a real pain to me you know." There he finally turned and with a swish of his arm his large magnum .50 caliber gun came out from the depths of his armor and with it he raised it and pointed it at the roof of the Rusty Screwdriver, his finger on the trigger ready to pull at any second.

"Long time no see, Zero!" Hector roared up at his enemy his gun specifically aimed at Ariel though. Perhaps it was instinct to aim at the horned girls for him. "And you must be that ageless Diclonius who had a twin. Why don't we take this fight somewhere away from the city. I'd rather not have the innocent get in the way of this battle.

Hm?" He paused as a figure out of the corner of his eyes caught his attention. Facing him, the Ex-captain grinned wildly up at Itachi and mockingly beckoned him forward.

"You can come too, dog of Excalibur, or run away like a coward that you are. What will it be, you silly little man?" Hector proceeded to walk away, at this point he knew Zero would follow him. If he didn't, then he would just take the fight to him. People lost their lives in wars and he'd rather not have the fight in the middle of a crowded town. But if he had to, for the sake of justice then he would.

What would Zero's response be and what about Itachi as well?

The Omnimbus soldiers looked at one another and ordered specifically a statement.

"We are here under the direct orders of Grand King Hector, we know you are keeping horned people in your vicnity. Bring the out and no harm will come to you.

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Post by Jamie Dark on Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:22 pm

As Zero finally put Ariel down, his phone went off again, but this time it wasn’t Suzuki on the other end.

"You must be Zero right? The masked man of the Azure kingdom. Your friends may have already contacted you so I'll make this short. We are here under the orders of the Grand King of Law to help your group in the purpose of stopping Excalibur. Why don't you call your friends and tell them that if we meant harm, we wouldn't have bothered wasting our time with idle chit chat."

Zero was angry by the call. The man hanged up before he could respond, so Zero called him back. “And why don’t you realise through your extremely thick retarded skull, that if our enemies men had approached us and offered to support us, ‘promising that you would not harm us’ would be the biggest lie you can ever tell!” Zero was mad, Hector had sent someone to ‘help’ Suzuki, all Zero could think of is that it would be a trap. “If you even lay a finger on Suzuki or No.32, you will be praying that your own leader Hector will kill you before I do...because I will show no mercy on my own kind...and I am sure that Hector has sent you to go for Suzuki, as he knows you stand no chance against me...back off...or die…” Zero then ended the call.

Zero then quickly made a call to Suzuki. “Suzuki! Head back to the helicopter and get out of there! It feels too dangerous to walk around with Hector’s men around, where is the helicopter?”

“Outside our house...we are currently on the other side of town…”

“This isn’t good, if he sees you near the house, then Alice and the kids won’t be safe, I’m worried that they might go after them...it looks like home isn’t safe either…” Zero was annoyed. “Get back home, get Alice and the kids and head back to the G.O headquarters, it is the only safe place I can I think of”

“Ok, we will get there as soon as we can”

Zero then ended the call. As soon as he ended the call, he heard a voice shout from the ground.

"Long time no see, Zero!" Hector roared up at his enemy his gun specifically aimed at Ariel though. Perhaps it was instinct to aim at the horned girls for him. "And you must be that ageless Diclonius who had a twin. Why don't we take this fight somewhere away from the city. I'd rather not have the innocent get in the way of this battle.

He paused as a figure out of the corner of his eyes caught his attention. Facing him, the Ex-captain grinned wildly up at Itachi and mockingly beckoned him forward.

"You can come too, dog of Excalibur, or run away like a coward that you are. What will it be, you silly little man?" Hector then walked away.

“Ariel...continue with what we had planned, get into the Rusty Screwdriver and see if you can find Levi, obviously Hector is trying to be a decoy to put us off, it would be a waste of time if we both went to Hector…” Zero then crouched down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t worry I will be fine…” This was where Zero had lied, his eyes did not show confidence, it showed sorrow, anger and fear. Zero has never battled Hector before, the only person he has fought and was his equal was Kenshi, and no one has heard from him since Hector’s last battle with him, so he knows this wasn’t going to be easy. Zero got up and then jumped off the roof. As he got near to the ground, Zero used his telekinesis to safely land on the ground. He then sped off to catch up with Hector.

Zero finally caught up to Hector, who was waiting out on an open field. “Hector…for someone who supposedly said that they will help, you are not really sticking to your end of the bargain…” Zero spoke with slight anger. “That also bring me to my point, I know that you sent your men after Suzuki, and from the sound of it, it is not good intentions...if you want me to fight you...then call off your men and leave Suzuki out of this...I am your only threat, not them. All you will do from trying to hurt them is make me more mad...I am not a normal man when I am pissed off…”


Once Zero ended the call, Suzuki quickly called the pilot, lucky for her, the pilot was still near the town. She told him to come back to their home to pick them up, and to be quick.

“No.32, we need to hurry to the house…”


No.32 used her vectors to speed off back home, once there, she will get Alice and the kids.

After a few minutes, they made it back. Suzuki quickly ran for the door and opened it. “Alice! Kids! We have to leave now!”

“Why do we need to leave?” Alice asked, confused.

“It’s not safe for us here, just come on, let’s go”

Alice nodded and the two picked up the kids and got out the house. The helicopter reached the house and landed. Suzuki quickly got the kids on before Alice and No.32 got on as well. Suzuki quickly looked around before getting in and instructing the pilot to go back to G.O headquarters. The helicopter rose up and began it’s way back.


Itachi heard the voice of Hector, calling out Zero and the little diclonius that was with him. He was surprised that Hector knew that he was also there, and called him out as well. He said to join or be a coward. Itachi knew that he would not survive in a battle involving Zero and Hector, he wasn’t stupid. He then saw Zero jump off the roof and land on the ground. Itachi never knew Zero could do that, which contributed to the ‘not get involved’ bit. His mission was to only spy and get info. Finding out that Hector is here will help towards that info. Itachi then quickly made his way down the stairs and tried to catch up.

Itachi eventually caught up, keeping his distance from the two, as he did not plan to get involved. Now it was time to see the fight between Zero and Hector.

You either die a hero...or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...

If the world hates you, when the whole world wants to bring you down, never lose hope...

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Elfen World (Remake) - Page 5 Empty Re: Elfen World (Remake)

Post by Reric on Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:52 pm

"Do you know why I sent in Colonel Trenek to seek out your friends?" Hector responded cooly, crossing his arms and leaning back slightly. He placed his yellow shades on his face and was now starring intently at the Azure Knight. Though he appeared relaxed, anyone who knew danger and fighting could feel the killing intent radiating from that man.

"My entire purpose is to protect humanity and defeat the Diclonius race. Excalibur as far as I know both supports that which I am trying to kill and is a danger to humanity. You and your friends are at the very least trying to stop him. Surprising as it may sound, Colonel Trenek and his men are not there to attack them.

Or..." He added. "Attacking them is not his first objective. If it makes you happy Azure Knight, then you have my word that as long as they are attempting to stop Excalibur, my men will not harm you girls. Both humans and Diclonius, or...any children you might be carrying along." It was hard to tell what that last statement meant. Did Hector actually know about Zero's children or was just a ironic statement?

"However, I think you do realize that in the end, they will fight regardless. But even you must admit that it would be better to have them helping your girls for at least half the time than to be their enemy the entire time. Colonel Trenek does not fear death or torture, be it fro your friends or yourself. He will follow the until he is stopped. So Zero, why don't you call your girls once more and ask them to meet up with him. As I already said, for the meantime you have my word as the Grand King of Law that no harm will come to them for now. Much like you, I always want to stop Excalibur. We are enemies but that does not mean we are enemies to everything."

Hector stepped forward, spreading his arms out a bright blue glow surrounded his body before his armor appeared to vanish from the spot. Instead, almost iconic and ironically he wore his old Great Order Captain coat, with the same five starts imbedded on his shoulders, wearing his large jeans and heavy boots. With a tremendous stomp he sent a sheet of dust into the air, his body turned as he raised his hands in front of him, fingers flexed and muscles tightened. There was no point in wearing armor against this man, besides some mobility would be nice if only so much.

The battle between The Blood Zero and The Man Cannot Fall was about to begin.


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Elfen World (Remake) - Page 5 Empty Re: Elfen World (Remake)

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